The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 10, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1899
Page 2
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^^·UA^sVAM IvwQCr *»*. X.JXWXLL. cBeiiiatT., reaafar.1 . JO taonse yesterday appointed a committee to investigate the charges alleged aad ramors circulated concerning fee official conduct of Judge GJaspeBot ti» Fifth district. The committee was appointed at the request of Judge Glas- pdL The sentiment of the house, as ex- prsaK Jin their actkw on the petition andthereaolntion introduced immediately after if, in the exeeutire the day thia matter first came up, was agaiast any consideration of either matter by the bow-that no injustice be done anyone fay action on IvJXWUi Of W-JUCQ turns by precincts in tabular form has passed the bouse, but as amended the compensation to the oubaaber--25 cents an men-- will not pay the cosfcof composition- The position of Mr. Stereos, Mr. Hale aad others on the measure is strongly contrasted with that of Representative Thomas, who intimated it was a steal--wanted to know what-we paid a doBar a year for a newspaper for, anyhow"--and things like that. It most be that Thomas- who is a very abfe aad in- teffigwit member--has a grievance-- 1 most have been opposed by some paper in some campaign--but that ought not to influence him in this era of good feeling, THK persistence of the Fargo Argus in misrepresenting Bepreseotative Stevens is not creditable journalfem. Mr. Ster- eaa is not faultless by any means, and has made mistakes--who in public hfe has not--but he is able, earnest and sincere. He is a man of strong likes and dislikes and as far as the press is con- corned it hasnt a better friend or champion is the state. It is but human nature to feel aggrieved when correspond- entspe*sist in misrepresenting him and insist on HE BREATHES EASILY *ppetlt» Improved and Hearth Roatonri --That. Tired Feeling Bani*h«d. QBEENLBAPTOJJ, IONS. -- "After Mine otter mndlrinei wttta no baneflt I tried Hood's SeaaparilJa aad I BOW we%a W pound*, my tenner weight being SB poonda. It has cued me of that tired tariinc and I caa breathe easier. I have a food appetite and am feetta* batter tt I hare fora too* Haw null racoon Hood's SaxsapariUa." Fttan Goo. Hood's bis motives. The Hbertiea of the press are so great every iditor shook! strive not to abuse them. hardfr take official notice to the extent of investigation by mmmrttee. It was held ttat the matter waa not one properly to come before ajehonae in thia man- near-- bat the insistence of Eepreeenta- tiveMcHargto eataotiaa the tight of My dtism to petition and hare his pefi- indnced the house ion and appoint the tionheardis to consider the] committee, as the only way to dipose of the matter, which ptotntsed to come up repeatedly, in flie same manner. It would Appear at toe committee occupies: rather noyel ground for a legislative in- committee--which, usually, definite charges before consideration. In this -case, there a nothing before the committee--other than what may be their general knowledge of newspaper 'rumors that may have been, circulated. Had some definite charges been flkd.the case would be different. But phera is lite bOl of particulars? What reports warrant investigation, and what ones are not serious enough so to do? It looks somewhat as though, if no charges were presented to the committee of a definite nature and accompanied with what alleges to be substantiation, the committee THK house amendment to the bill appropriating tSOO to pay the reward for the conviction of the Spker mordents-provides for the payment of the sum to brmer Sheriff Shier of Emmons county. I have always been maca , ,. with the tacUity with which the ficadBaa* of West PoU* or of AaaapoU* doai a tail- sty of thingt la physical mnf idsai aim OBM some of which are perhaps no* always eharaeaHrtsed by the aaaa of athletka, although useful aot only ia physfcal asvei- Ofattat,buia*adfraettthroQcaUfB. She. man wao can ride, aad who eaafwtaa. aad wbo ca dance, anA who ess who can dootber taigseneaae a* Weat Point and Aaaapoas ay dJaBnet hat not only benefited htm period of attainment, butthe i watoa wfll eonttaae toaeaattala a» at beshaO hevatae we of ate I haw loot -of Harvard ought eatnpUshaMata ttmttaa) wttfc, Wert Potataad at tneUaed to think The bin originally provided that the governor should pay the reward to the person fcoad entitled to receive" it--and it would no doubt pleaae the governor to have the bill ptaaod as amended--as there are several persons who might be applicants for a share Of the reward-and the parceling out of the puts of the appropriation cht light not be it for will have to grasp at shadows in the matter. It is not plain, if tils precedent is established, why any official in any .capacity, if be considers himself misrepresented or maligned by newspaper gossip, has not the right to ask the legislature to investigate him, or give him a bill of clearance--and the legislature would be sitting the jear round. It would seem as though the whole matter were not praperiy before the house--and that the committee occupies a new position--and unprecedented--for a legislative investigating committee, TBS bin proposed by the joint committee on game laws embodies what tile members of the committee believe to be for the best interests of the state. The new law reduces the perquisites of the state game warden, giving him only one- fifth of the fees collected-instead of * third. Last year the fees paid to the state warden aggregated over «2500-- making the position a paying one--at the same rate of coDeetioos under the proposed bfll thereeeipteof the state warden would be about tLSOfe SEWJOB AXES anti-cigarette faffl would do a way not only with the ready made abominations--bat the sate of cigarette paper as wefl--and make it a misfcmeanor for youths to carry supplies of tobacco--striking an effective blow at tile tobacco habit with the youth. TICKERS Foartfe Bkaaial Clearaace Sale of BOSTON theaafeanttyto aw tfcaa be doe* *eh»» --Harvard Gnduatw' CabaU add toceenpy fee tab* place is education among the Ictia-Amerieaa countries, for in each 100 inhabitants ·eaa reed in Uruguay, fl in Argentina, 5 to Oiba,4.TlBJfaleo,4.6ttVenesuela, UteOrifea.liaBnMBlaadi am ' Them an MCTdtOann* varieties of toe tobeatedtaeasei of TSB unprecedented cold weather may bring bounteous crops to North Dakota neit year-the approved theory now being that little snow and deep frosts in tie scQ, leave it moist and in good condition frost gradually leaves the ground. THE temperance committee had the temperance commissioner bill under consideration yesterday and Miss Preston was among those who appeared before the committee to urge the TDL It is understood the committee wiB -recommend the bill with a number of amendments, looking to the reduction of expense-salary of the proposed commissioner 9UKX instead of f2,O»-depnties not to exceed ten in number--65 a month ia- steadof S5--and 1250 instead of $3 a day for shorter periods. There «Q1 also be some amendments of the provisions for druggists'licenses--that no new application shall have to be ffled each year --if tilings are run rightly. THB ways and means committee yesterday considered the Twicheil bill, providing for the taxation of express, telegraph aad telephone lines under the Ohio plan--on proportion of capital stock. General Hughes appeared before the committee on behalf of the companies and Attorney General Cowan argued for the proposed plan--and the contention between these two lawyers wat vigorous--and approached the ex- etting--in their earnestness pro and con. The committee will consider the matter fully again--before maktntc their report. s' bin provid- ingfof the publication of electron re- FACE AND HEAD CeVCMCDWTTH SCALES a Tiblaapaear.1 tt KifM. Half F«RefWMttSee)M. of the honae'are not frequent--being usually held prerogative of th« senate, but section SO of the constitution provides--the si sons of each bouse shall be open unices the business is such as ought to be kept secret. Sudden Drop. This is toe time of the year to took tor a sodden drop In the prices of clothing. It isat because we have charged too much heretofore, hot because we are willing to let the remainder of our winter goods go for less than they are really worth. Winter Underwear, Gloves and Mitts And every other article of winter wear in our store will be . . . sold at astonisnlng!y low prices . . . » _, Mo Trouble to Show Goods^ Semling Hoover. We have enjoyed very good trade the and we wffl show our appreciation ta our ctntemcf* by them 25 per cent discount on suite, overcoats, underwear, colored skirt* aad mittens. ·7.50 Men's sorts Maa's soils *eo Mca'ssatts 86,75 Maa's sails 10.50 Men's suits «9-3S tiJ-SO Mea's suits $10.15 tMO Men's pant* *i.50 Sa5P Men's pants tt.«5 too Mea's pants 13.50 Men's pants 94*0 Mea'a paata 83.00 $4.50 Mea's pants A good fleeced lined underwear at TS cents per »ait Aaae wool fleeced underwear at per 45 cents garment. Reg. $i underwear at 75 cento. Reg. 81.35 underwear, now only ooceats. * Boy's suits ta.SO Boy's salts 3*00 Boy's suits fc.S» «3-5o Bey's sate a\M» Boy's suits «4-50 Boy's suits $3^0 »«xoo Mea's overcoata $7.50 811.50 Men's overcaata 9»j6s fia.50 Mea's orercaats fa^oa Mea'a overcoats" teooa Mea'a overcoats §15^0 Mea's overcoats $1940 *«-St andenraar, now 13. ttaderwear, now $MK. The best all wool seek ever so at 35 cents. Rereembef; Fur coats at actual cost now. Our spring otock derby and fedora hats are now to. We ate setting them fewer than the lowest. R, L BEST CO,, First Nat. Bank Stock, Bismarck. fFirst pnUicatKai Jan. 6,',!*98.} Foreclosure Sate. Votice is hereby sires, that that certata mprtgaaeortrastdeed executed anddeiirerad bjrQeorse Price, smrie mortjragor to Win. 8. iion, trnstee and William F. Baird, benefi- ciaty, dated the SSth day of May. USS. and filed tor record in the office of the register of deed* of tli coonty of 8nrieik aiid tftatA t Nwtii DakotaOTilhe»th day of May. lags aad recorded m took ffi of morteaoes, upon j --·* "ni«ned by the saJdli'iUiamF. j signmentaas bees duly recorded: and whereas 5°f ?*X?*i" t ir vtoetvmmeitoBgs hare been ^dtpODflBrtsalddett or any part thereof, will be foTclcswl by a ,«ale of toe premises in sneb mortgage or wast deed and hereinafter de seribed. at the front door of the ccmrt Ixxuein ttecityofBiMnarckintlweoaiity of Bnrieigh aod state o{ Xortb Dakots, at the boor of two ocJoek, n » the «bd«y of Harch, U», to satisfy the aaxjont doe on rack mortcajeor trout deed on the day of sale. ^^ Tb0prrawni9nebmott|«(«ortrost deed whichwfllb»*oldto.satisfytiwsame, are de- se^Bdjjfrflcnw: The sootli-eart quarter of section K. towaabij 1». north of nngt '75, ooo- t«inin«MOacns.t«an»beinit aad lyS» in UMcocntyof Bnrteu* aod state of XoraTDa* There will be doe on mch ·adfifty Ctsao) dollars!' Jtmtsax Kcraxxs, [Km wia-to"'--- ofM * at ~ CwUeS.a»i"xrE. HTaidToti i, Z and Sot etioo 4, tcrnttopUinatfSl, %»»·»«» faBowiiut witni »n toproT»lri» cnmmniiute, «poo and eottiTatkB of j*«oo, of Ftkooer: o«t Bfortron, of Faleaoer; OliT« Peter-on, of Painted 5ond»r Ote Cbntwjborr, of Painted Wood*. N. D. E. ». LAXB. Btgttttt. Jtatoeoretf. I tev* pctd eatVMof ·MM*, tat (Joel nt aint. J ltSttta,~l wadd atn Ua for Im Oee M^ «« MtfW JMMCmiCTumaHfiM. lSdM«SK JJJJjyjJ* g*B^Midai»e«»fatrtyK»«l»«' K.ICGfgg,Uaoela,VL H. S. FRIESZ, On Third ttrwt ha* pot in a fine law of ·eat, to ·· art Kiev* trf ft*. MtHag «a taert ·stls '"Selling eeeeeeeeeeeeee««e Groceries ·BOBS Of A ···ITS OUR BELIEF THAT THE BEST WAY TO BUILD · up and maintain a good business is to keep the quality of our goods high and the prices reasonable, thereby making many sales to satisfied customers. We are satisfied with" this method. Good goods at fair prices are features of our business, CHAS. KUPITZ. BISMARCK STEAM I flllMDRY laftUllifn 11 0 *%*£"£* LAVSBKSIX THB Cm flARQUETTE Proprietors. s = Career tlftaaatf Ireadway, ^a^fc ^^^^^* ^^·'"w^aW ^aw^ ·· ^^fwff ^B^SH ^Bs^l^B i DeGraff's REMOVAL On or about the 15th inst^ I shall open up in the efcnnt aad commodtons store in toe new Baiter Mode with nearly aa entire stock of first das* up-to-date gent's furnishings, also sundries, notions, trunks, bags, etc* aad"daring the next ten days I shall pat a figure on w : Shoe stock, artics, duck coats, flannels, and sheepskin over* coats, blankets, comforters, pants, overalls, hats and caps, warm gloves and mitts, | ^ 2 · 2 That win clean them out in short order. They will go for what they will bring regardleai of cost. Those that need such, come early. In BO event wffl they last bat a tew days. W. S. DeGRAFF. P. E. BYRNE, Insurance Agent, Waaurek, ft. 0. Witfc tiaatatak eaalu Com'JOaion tt. Y. Uaderwriters: AlUaaeelaaVAU'a of New York. Six Companies, Representing in Cash Over Forty-five riHliotu of ^ i » , , t i I ( » I I ( i 1 · ( *· i « ' ( ' 4 ' ' [ I ( ' ( » Peace and the Parker Pen. - ·t . CAPITAL BOOK STORE, i NEWSPAPER!

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