Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on February 13, 1890 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1890
Page 2
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is natarally find Serst- lickly. Hake a lary llth,; 13th,, Itb your attend-' · relations. They tousehold Goods 3 are better than to this Special our Docket.- i ecured, your H(e pocket-book be we cannot spare of onr Store so to see'yontnor- ake care you are rise to-judge by it is safe to say ice to « man's cupants.t What than, the Hall These articles 'Ith a lowering m need most to ese starffroin , ME, THURSDAY MORN tally Cstabll«h«dlSM--Wt»« My iai TBRM* FJ3JJRUARY 13. 189O. ! VOL. I,VII.-T-irJMBER 881' sbiJTn.i* *·«·*. ,,. uOOTBLI*- M tferiTfi.irfTM ^r -r, -r- "--«--·*· dower the win, i s^SsSSwECUs s TM aur -x^--* ^ · »"-«--r.homiwteid, altnstal on Erase* n.tirSnb WFFIflV rniiRIFR BAHGOR WtEKLI COUKII^K ,..TMusHEDBVBBTFBnAT, ' IS POBUSHBD '^.^. ( .^!!^.^?.!F. 1 ?r!?:«l 00 for*«qn*»'.tint Uueiraanii....!".'"... 110 ~--*oa Minus, Utnatunetla UN Dtflj 100 °eL"i«»";5?*7«!*±i-j--"--"r --·· »°° j»riait*iuii4;cBS»B'ttSB.:.":;:i.'.";;: 1 ;";.' iJS Par *oa Hoi; one slaughter. ; de by American Express STATE OF 1IAIHB. .! Court of Probate, VJanuary . » 'yWklJt and Conner, a newspaper to Bangor, in said County, that tSeymay un ot Probate lor said County *« Binirpr, oni - « '.."-. ft$ prayer ot salo* petitioner ahonld noc be .TAMES B. BTJBGBSS, Jmlge. L i CO., Agents.10 Spro«e - -.. .1,. - - i r - - - . continued OW-M MM! »«~»a««««t,olie-h« DOD?. Agent. 365 Waihmgton Street, Entered »t the Fo* as Second iciais Matt|er. AMBHOJEC.FLINT, Special Notice. rWino'S coranaswuibe'fonnd on , W. BEE.. BBEVTEBSEWJS CO.. .Ji. MEKEtLt. ----- 'As tow in Stanley's ixtteri. For sale by . P A. 800DA1E. D.P.TKEAT. H.E.JOSES ·V. i BTCKEB M 31. LEWIS ' 8BBIOCS OHABCIBC AcmhutM Airod Ibuod. . £00 HAKBOB, N. J., Feb. 13. Keelra, sged seventy-two, residing here, bat been arrested on cbarjte oi atteolptlog: to poison hie wife and daughter on Sfindiy evening last. Mrs. Ketlw l« tho old Wn's fourth wife and considerably vonnftfr than be. She state* that her husband put pot- ton npon tbeir food and tried to compel her and her little child to eat It. : XiOOX, Antonio De Nnvarroi Mary Anderson's '" n iher slender Board of Mlwlona, will meet In tbe vestry oar bear 1 OK by the WhUtle, we'beaded fu? of tbe Hamhiotld ttreet church, this after- tfce OfKHMm, We ran unril we thought noon, at 3 o'clock " ' : ' ; P , w*"Ougm to have the reef; but we conld _ . ' , . . ·· ··'.-:. i ' .:." ;, ' not haw tt,'«ad so we decided to go slow- Xlie eleotrlo oars were put on wry ewly ly until we found out where- It was. We yesterday morning, leaving Pearl street Jo«ged «fcng wlthpnr jib to the windward, abb* ^ ^5c k ,^^Vacpommoaau, ·«,' NAVA8SA BIOT CA8£. The Verdict of th« Jury. menwboworkionthelce. :;;/ : oflh¥8i5'^ii^och 8 7'lie^e» B e1waa The regular monthly otiurch sociable, brought around In double-quick time and . . . ,..-* . ._·..· ,f , -,.-.!-.,...:.-..-,,- headed ofl shore. We bad just scraped by .the breakers on the £ucknolds by about ··"" -- ·* -jngtb, We beard notb- ih we must have al- The howling of the ini!- ;··',-' , ' . ' . ' ; l: · j. ··'· .'i wind drowned the sound of: tt entirely. The.type made us state, a few days ago, We scratched off that .shore Uvelyj and, ... ,,,._ »- ,, ,, ,, .,,. ,,. .. sounding, at intervals, got/over under tbe thte morning as to the tfUink ,of S«muel Jwpnsi parlors ., tnw evening, has been ;half the sessel's length, Marsh. The jury finds Edward Smith postponed on accp'unc of thin 'death -of J. Ing: of the bell, though guilty of murder In the first degree* eleven S. Webb, B'd.' "'·' "\ ' · " ' " : --'····"· mostr run. o»er :fr. :;Tbi [others guilty :of manslaughter and fire not iril- ..L * ·'';' ' .. i ' i' ; '· j. ' ~'~" J --~ " '" fenllty.* ; A8 to the hilling of William f f - The,type made us state, a few day s ago, Shea all the defendants were discharged, that the V". p. S. C. E. cotventlon would Shea's body has never teen fpund. George occur In Brewer im tIB 2tth or ;a week .are black. His eyes are black too, and he gives one the Impression of a serious student. He Is a partner with his father and brother, Alfonso, in the law and real estate business. ·Several specimens of the umbrette, a bird of; tbe stork species, have recently been added to the London Zoo The bird is about eighteen Inches long, Its nest' six feet In diameter.' Moreover, with a lux- urlousneas unknown to other birds, the nest Is divided into three compartments; jone contains the eggs, one Is tbe dining, room, and the third a kind of lookout room. i - J .. .: A Philadelphia paper in telling th 4 Henry M. Stanley, when he lived in Omaha murder in the flret in these cases and some others have al- been adjudged gui:ty of, man- ' ' . . _ _ ' BBWTOBK.. Wotld'. Fair Cvnferencc - The'Eark n street prlmpry school now have a flag, which has been obtained by the united efforts ol the scholars and their teacher, Mies Alice Robinson, and quainted with the coast, it would have been hard for us that night." . ' ._. ., , tTM 1 !* ?very ; . blaze, which appears in Path " tlleaem * n « *°r * fire' alarm system is re- explorer's friends Indignantly deny. Although Stanley Is not a marrUd man, he gives no evidence of hatred fo · the other sex,, In 'fact, one of the best friends he has Is a well-known Philadelphia woman, H.T*_Mm.:j». World's * a conspicuous! ^th* school SS£S?tfS'iSfttS l^^res^ufn^po^ve^ 1"O0RI.- ' .' . i · - ; [ ' ' : ' ' '. \ 1 ' OnA~Wlll~-lwi*{nt,raj1ni*w1 £hAW» In ttin Immo_ . ' t-inn .xTnc+ KAWJUW hn «l«..*Mul t_ *·*.« I....-A!,. , . .. . . Fair Conference Committee; at-er a ten minutest executive session- mis morning, adjourned until B o'clock this, afternoon, j one will be Introduced there in tbe irame- ^ ate f « tur «; - tlon. Jutt before he plunged In the jangle in his search for Bmin Bey the last mes- LABOR TBOUBLJK8. FHOM AUGUSTA. . A C*ntn4 M»lne Trottlnc,'pjrcait--Hearing JOBS TBEiT ft SOS.. .«rr"f\--V' K.L.COOK !...·· Attention, la berebyi-alle,! to the tiro Deautlfal Central "prtgbtlpjauo^fortes In. ttte cjnrarlne; room of the v ^ NASHUA, N. H.,Feb: 18. ing new In tbe strike sttua both parties remain firm toG^Feb,;!*. Bep.eseut.tlvea; of TM*?^:?%£ttF33^ t M e«l, part of thVaternoon. , i , the Ah jroscogjsiriHorse, Breed eis" Asso- *? milie 2 f re preparing to leave town for Preparations are igoipg on rapidly for ck.t.on^eAfguU.Driv^Plrkaod.A. ^^S3tt£l£3Z ^1^' °" 8 7^^, oit T' I^r^l proprietor of theFalrtfeld Park, to i give thte strikers tbe use of City Hall Tne^aay evening In City HaU by the-Sei met in b»ls city todajj land estitrished a 'oj a grand mass meeting Friday.; ' room.-; · - . . · - . . ; ·-. j . fi 1 Although U rained very hard for about ·n hnn» cocrcrrton u« n ir Hi^« r ji,TM.,.,., "xao mauvi myswnons nres wnicnnave ,="«·"""»'"· w*. »uy HUB m me uivmzea .an hour yesterday noop, Itldldnjt dampeii- ofienrred In Batti during thepastyear 6ave .world was to this Joyalfriend, and she was the ardor of the Ice workers, however it at last aroused public sentiment u a point among the first to-receive word from him " "" " id that some- ' is an in- , . . , . The many! mysterious fires w|ilch have .sagehesent to.; any one In the civilized , might dampen their clothes, and they were where It Is Is oothi rewarded for keeping diligently at their J - rand work by the lirrabing'awayi of the clouds to' ' by'any one,'and an effort Is run him to ground. The nremen have no- tbese eauseless fires when not long agp be reappeared, with his knowledge of the mysteries! of the great African continent augmented by his, recent discoveries. 'C.W. FOLSOSCi · S..M.STACY, r .: II.'F. L1BBY... 1.1f.bKAKE. C.1I HAYK3,..) ...,· i imiuorviiio. K . M . HAUL...,---J Wlnterport M. A. PARKS-L Sherman Mills W'iBUERILL: "."·- '.Ckrlnna jOfSl STEPHENS . i ..;..(...:..Patten. and In Europe.:.They. pathetic; tone, apo|werfnl, elaat.caad sess -wonder^ol g 1 In tmo. ·' Xrottlne Circuit- tke meet: Qnletat .TM'T 111 'f ~ ^ T i * » Me ' meec - ' HAVERHltlt Mas n w n E room o t e T ; , . i ' AVER lHknoVn eitabilih 1 " togs to J e held here the last; week of June i, w w eaton J One o¥ these -_j n_. J. ^ » T , I Vrl ' at W. W. W .first week of Joly. NnmemujS purses wrUl be cdlered. ISntrles will' bt eloaed a we4k ber'nre the first race. ' , ,-lthfe hUrlng^hefori the governor' and council 6day for the pardon ot Jno. 'H. Feb. 12.'f , --jog's shoe manufactory aie quiet to-day, 'iwsnty-alx cutters are at work. At noon the presence 1 of three .policemen prevented a crowd from aFsem- - lors 1 of the High School, i There will b B tableaux abd statuary, Tvhlch give promise of being very fine, a^c well-known ,,ale^ will take part, aoooiig others" Mre. Helen ojher4re-flebd was found to """"" J ""* '" "-' ' ---- VVInslow Poiter and n . ' · . Sterns' new Ice ho in tlwt Andrews' Orchestra,- fast as possible, almost completed' dh-ect evidence could " Cancelled S-iatapa. .. MAl^ IN NEW| YORK CITp WRf) ] S AWXIOUS TO BCY MILLIONS OF'TH sM. · I · 'Has any one l,00p',000 stamps or i00,000 or 100,000? I The man wholias long been wanted by ( people wbo.-have saved up stamps, and who have I J3alous t y guarded them for'years; has been found. He, actually buys cancelled stamps ijiy ;he, million .esare going up a^ ^WT^S^OSSSf^^ wS 'j*.»? hon ^"^H* "S?: a w ^, i '! SSfiSWWi r««oBlw»r^rhelno. forced to leaTft toivn.TTBrefj,for* thi- the New. Xork Tribune. Tbts cheerful fortnepurS» ...Presqna Isle Plttsfleld. Instrnments !:were .BQlectea with -- i large stock . · ; - . . · ! . - I - - I' '.:!,; ·' _'..*! .'- I dosq Wilton appeared tor McCone.··· The peti- tlonerH \»«re given leave to wlthlravv. . 0f Bahgf r, ftne Penobcot' conn ly ' matter Attempted Hnrder. to [he iurt meeting. to-day i n the charge of I altempting to murder Lewis Henry Isaacs, a member of Parliament. Jsaacs ·C5/ards, JIA15E and T BW IXSUUANCE . O F K , . · . BLOCK, .10. 40HESTMABKET8QDABK. ' (Chartered 'February S3d, 1887.) TUs' Company tH3ura £he most' liberal, Safe andsOpercetudf Klortuary; assessmenta"forre4 teneaceimnladoaB held by the xreasnrer of the sate tor lie bmeflt of the Insured. . ' - | Mpiti · 6m ^ JOHN S.KIMBALL SON, LVSUKAXCE, | ' ,, ' - KKAL ESTATE, ' T AJfi PJ5XSIONS, 'Real Estate Mortgages. Negotiated. Cor* siate and Eiclange sts NEW UPRIGKL PIANC J7S.SIOO, $190, f 27S.-C. , MAINE MEN ' a SchponFt torjjr lv. r4ae^ .; GLOOC^^TEH, MassJ, 'Feb.'r:2, The schooner If=aac A. Cbatman, enraged in |hj frczin lierriig; trade,! whhb sailed frbm here for STew FoundUnd tlw middle Wence of d|f[test D «|ember Is glvtn up for lost w,Ith P ara 'if a; constantly on the loot but for men enough LONDON, Feb. 12.: Elizabeth yint-ent, a to fill up their, crewcj Who can't put in the _..., ..._ W onian, : was. rei; Ice as fast as,wished, i . i .. . : . A horse attached to a [pung, which hail befen stindliig, nliyest Market square, be- seducedMiEs Vincent when! she was, only came frightened :at 't ie' heavy': 108= |teamB tetTiOOa'jfr^Tbe^prlS'TM?* nV^ed 1 goto ^ * y y^^ay jn orning and ran rap Isaacs Into her ''house land .tnen ordered wly a ° I 'V8 3 - lhe bridKe but was caught be- him to sign a number of checks. He re- fore doing any damage. 'It'it 'bad'be^n fused, whereupon she shot him In the arm. later lin ttie lay Wften the bridge Was The bullet was not removed and In eooser! crow ded ' with' ' tp'sirnn ! them ninir qnence of the (wound leatc's ,flngers are| crowded ^'^ '«·»»,..!. there, mpst tew elevator being, forced to leave town. Eeretofore the d it Is expected that »P*«tlqns of these Ihoendlartes have teen they will be able to begin running Friday. . Workmen ar? j . great demand ' a l o n g 'the rlter, the firms . ,, confined to old houses or detached build- Ice on !,,,,£,KirftUMpiUiiriiitM.mntlwaa on ba'rna news i.s given for therbeoefit of those who !^./ e !?_TMA« l ?. t TM*«*' «W oth er bnsuMHB tnat a l cha be lying awake at tbe time pref- · - tlonol these bulldiogs, loss of life. The contract for an 1,100-ton schooner. the |akiun of shipping- on ,ban have cried out for informatior from time to time. ';But 'the' main who auys .them does not expect to see them redeemed, nor is he trying to relieve the sufferings of those who 1 have' carefully boarded the little green uns," the' 3-ceit stamp, and may properly come before them. ·ao30 ' I-EStES DWmEL, Clerl:. · Notice to Fellow Citizens, i stamp, and of all be comfortable and look at yomr beet * you should hand your overcoats and 'Other cloth- Ing to Professor Johnson to. be cleansed and- n- paired and velvet collar put on at 76 Pickering qusro. ' ' octlS] i'a great Industry. There are ia band, some on the stocks tVIIl Wllbdnnr. a ,tore wo, seven m Bn and apasse lg er. The - . a u i r , *eo. iz. uv. ing to tue rescripts last bear4 If rom herJ from Jan. 11, when recently issued fbYEmerprWlMlam regard*. she staitjd from St. Pierre, Miq., for Ing the 'labor qufstion andhiscensurwffof BioUe. A 1 the other vessels that sailed TMe, pbliilcai police, thei Sotlallsts lave . . have been a, collision but! fortunately It was too earl ' " ' ' the have r- scamp-selling are not likely *.o acquire great fortunes In this way. If they have only collected a few thousanc, or even 100,000, they wouI i better became diecour- aged and give It .up, lor tbe wholesale market price; of cancelled postage stamps (unless -for some particular reason they 4 -- are extrinBically more valuable) is 8100 a this summer win he one of great prosper- million. And that is $10 a hundred thon- " 1- sand. . "Why do I buy postage stamps?" said G. B. Caiman, No. 209 Pearl street to a Tribune reporter. "Why[ to sell them, of cunrse," · ' ·-. ' I ' ,· .' , "Who wants them?"' u bless-, some i Uuforseen accident oc JU Aa jimposter has been . round, Lewiston try Ing to collect -water taxes, and tbe Lew- istou journal warns the Citizens to pay doubt will feWaugurated i5ere thissprlng. The IndlcationB are that the number omen who found employment along the river there last TO turner will be nearly doubled the coming Beason. 1 ·' ' ; Wssfe'liitn. · Mrs. Jeanette Wallace, wife of Capr. E. . . . "It people did not want them I certainly should not buy them." "Glye one instance of reasonable de- lonrt tnr HHnm." ] I ^ Indian Oranges, G-RAPBS : ' · 11 :. w^l. OTB , juA/njjun, rw. la* The report ; ^ _.. nell Commission will probably; be lair, on the table tomprrdw. The report Is prac- t cally unanimous, though Judge Day who diflvrs from Judges Hannan and S mitt on one or two points will deliver* a .separate - --·, Kas., Feb. 12. The an- ,,,, ,,,..,,. nouncem snt that Burley Usior, shoe judgment;, tnabufaclairers, proposed topov^ t^ielr en- ' EDgiand vs. tire Ncwburyport bnsInesB to Sprngvale, LONDON, Feb. 12. Maine, (t denied by the firm. They L · _ - _ ? _ ! _ . ' . . ' In the House of haveaMsren years Commons Sir James. Ftr^nson, un* very badly In that town and somewhat on the increase. N . ' I ' ' , OBiinluid. Portland hardware'dealers are to form an association, similar Co the Paint and Oil Club,|and will hold meetings and occasional soppers. ] -'V A company li as been 'organized at port- was awikeoed from sleep one .night- by a noise, in the after cabin. On opening the door of her room she discovered a man wearing a mask In the act pf robbing her trunk. She screamed and the robber advanced toward her with a revolve r. Mrs. Wallace shrieked 'again which aroused tbe mate, who came to ber assistance, and the man wearing the mask rushed out of the factory Organs Marked Down ! .»I8, '$19, $26, «3O, S38, Ac. SEWING MACHINES, \ From f 3 to »6O. I - 1 WHEELDEN CO. ! TO MAIK STKEET, · ' .· Baug6r, Maine. SUNOE SQUARE CO,L PARLOR. iSerrlceBatilnsBeTertl»ltiri.«Co»l HtOTi. : Its de sVarn and ornamentatloii are both unique and arUaSo and It Is admltte I by all to be the mOBfcbeaatlfalanddarable-. I I; . Square Coa Parlor in .the ''market- The' "only' Square Coal Parlor made In the State of Maine. Don't fall to nxamlxe this stov* and tbe KOTAL CLABlOKlBonnd Coa] Parlor 8wve IMPBOVKD for J889. Thes* 'atoveu, like the CLARION RANGES lead all competitor*. i KJunnucnntxD Jaa ro« SAIS BY--^ WOtD, ;BISKO» i If., ', i 1 ' '' ./ BAHtfOR. j / :· "' Also -ferl sale bV JOSEPH 3EMPLTV SSangor; SPARKS, WENTWOIcrH*:WOODBUBY, I ' i 1 ,' - Brewer. ~ ' - - ' ' WptSO · ; . M* T-i . ; ' itrxnaon nm land, With a capital of! ?30.000 to manu- ., - -.- . . . , AffafrL- sjated factniE the h'aj rake, recently :;^viMtedDy; 9*"l °». "J ^l 8 »£«' and escaped, says i.,, ,,,. - ,., _,. . - .... ^ ^-»--~"."g^rhe^A^S Mr-JT^-^^ -! · j bore andi never contemplated proving to Portuguese dispute in relatfin to letrl-*ry. The theory is idtaneed that" M_ recent AK a»-*» ^^/i m^ a Maine. 1 | '|-j :! In South Afrlea would soon be presVuted numerous fires j along! theI waterffBxjt In Ali;, ^orts and Sizes. , to Parllameot and they would, serve to Portland, are Incenditry and are caused, Mary J. Holmes, the novelist, received largely dispel the misapprehension which by some crank who th nks the city needs is causing the ho»Ule feeline now ' - "~- "-^-' -- ' 'J - L "- - ' " ' manifested againrt the English " By Coo^ Demeanor Inrlii|f a. Fire Portuguese. Tbe relations fetw A IP AN 1C AVEBTK them." "Another." . |'{. . ' .,";·'·;. "A certain publication -glve^ a stamp book for so many coupons, -thj coupons going with the papers." |"What kind ot stamps' do you buy?" "All kinds." - '· | i "But who wants common. gr ;en 2 cent stamps? They are not rare." ' . · "Well, tbey are less common n western BulgarU than in New York city. J l buy stamps '.n all parts of Europe ind bring them to America, and I ship American stamps to alliparts of Europe." t ··" J many stamps' do you bn/ a FRUITS, 'HOIKI'SON ! 14 Lnd 16 Central Street. · janie . · ·· , j ' ,'· iva3cra:ec ; | in an Asylum. British and Portuguese Governments said are friendly. i i be is oai^, win e»o*w 'fUiViyv* uivmuci w taiuus __ . _. ¥ __ 1 ^ an InvestigationJ as, they. thlnk v there ; ;is spending his leisure time of late In trans- NEW }_o.EK, Fet. 12. Fh-e in Irje Roman CaElolic orphan asylum i St.irtled its l;50D-ino8tes thle morning, but '.the admirable discipline prevented a parole abd no one «^» injured. : The total less 'will foot up «4,000, half of which wiis caused WHOLESALE PRODUCE MARKET [Correeted semi-weekly by the brocerr* , St.te Law BtgariuteK Weights ami' something mysterious about the flres. Several other towns In the State, believe .they harbor a flre-bngl It seems to be time some of these getit^emen were discovered and called to ace nnt. - lating "ennj French. n's Arthurian poems Into · ' \ !| Saint Joseph, - Missouri^ WATE \ COMPANY, Six Per Cent. Bonds- Guaranteed Principal and {Interest. |itPojiilati(i]i, 1880, was' -· - - %%ta\ """" " , per City · ·· . i- - ' - .. 75.000 tO'85,OOB issuing from the nppr east conur of the south wing. Be notified tbe s stets In charge and then sent out an alarm.. | ' ' i - . . · · ! · -\\\ , ' ] ' · · In the ueantlme the 1,500; cblldrsn bad in the drlls. and they marched out of thp hulI«DK «nd Into the yard) Though atrt)«dac QrsC the cool demeanor of the ·Isters reassured tbe.yonpgsters. It took juet two and one-half mlnntes to accomplish this · Thecause-bf tne fire is. unknown, [c started in the storujre room n nd was probably due to an ore-heated f l u e . ·· ' i . ; ! · " · . ' · ' : The.wsnn, open winter leads Southern cotton icrpwere to fear extensive ravages , ou the crop b^ the caterpillars next season, .-readytor. They roly upon a hard freeze in winter to i. a proba- destroy these pests.' · ' · · ' , · i. such excellent ' ' - ' . I / ' . - ' · " · ' ] ! " ' ' ' · ' " Apricot^ and Apples, the Very Higjiest Tne standard weight of abnahelot p«Laloee, In 'good order'and fit for shinplngyls 6» pounds.! · · /Tne standard welscht or a bnsnefof benns In good order »ad4t tor - - wheat, boots --' Per barrel.......... .....!. :$OOc£S BEANS-- I ' - · - . · T M I ·- J YeUow Eye. per buah...,'.... 8"^ [picked,per 6n«h...T. ..2 per lb.....;;..... MEW Iron Work* XtMTO » which by some cranfe who tc nKs^the city^ needs royalties on 77,000 copies of her books sold , r i l l . . . . ,.,,,»..,,;..,. «· being afire boat and Is tiklne this way of prov- , nlflart . . * , '/· | "I bought over/oO,000,000 last year.'Por by, the ingitii"'fTheIInder.wfiter s,A'ssociatlbn, iti "V^f- . l . ' : 15 years I have averaged about 20(000,000 een the is said, will ask Mayor Melcner to make President Carnot, of France, has been a year." ".I ' · ' · ·· ' ' ' · - - , - . : "What becomes of theoJ'" .' "Think of all the shops where stamps are sold. A great many people make collections; and the stamps are a .1 gathered for themJn this way.' I. · "What do you pay for stampE 0 " ' · , .--*?*'"One hundred dollars! for a ^million of COMforma 'any kind. I don-1 care what th 3y are, I will take them. But I pay a great deal more for rare ones, of course. JsometimeB people find old stamps which have been -a-^fj r.rrnp fJarf / nr 7v/»)W7/»ff . - . _ . . . . . . , , . , , . , _ ,, .. _, , - · - . , - . - lying around for years. : Frequently they ' a - na ' *sape IsOO- IsfamOemBS, ~~'""-[" taste in the arrangeujeatof a shop window are very valuable." i M ' , Ju$t~ Received. roUBht In that city that she e -ha8 been, otfered a "Suppose you'get an order to- . ; I ' ' day for 50,000,000 could you fill! t?" -, j "Yes." | ; ' . , ' | · . '. . , . · · '- - - ! . - ' 'Would you buy as many?"' · . · i ·'Yes." · ' ; · ; , [ . · ' , · . · . ·· . · : . ;- ·How do you handle them?" . .' ' ' ! '·Those packing cases there a re full of rheoi. You see the stamps are assorted and put ip envelopes and boxed 'or shipment,'' ' ' ' ' years;,! , bne TOliiam Thoinpsoh was bronB Kllswor m»Blclpid J; co«rik similar position with a-large salary by a upon his complaint. athletic young man; If. tbejE gatherer at !the brBtgeoohi the main | peddler, crossed the »e the assault, going the Island, at wt Ich time he says be teuk, au ~"^-* ·""-"^·' who has been for a long the toll jyroeamonji:theindlan tribes;of Nebraska : *. 8 *'S. nt; a^ai5 ! »kotai :i wlll v -sootf return East with a One of tie BEST MEDICO IS erer fneitai ' ' ' l PAItt AND IHFLAI HAH ON, both External! Y and Internally, , It is safe and certain in its action . For Burris.-i'cisoniiifr, Erysipelas, Jnnamr6ation of the Eyes or Bowels, Earache, Peafneta, Rheumatism, Fains in Sfdc, Back, or I 3hould«rs, Piles, Sore Tiroat,! Croup, 1 or Bron- :hitis. i Price 25 cts. and IK. at all dniggists E. MORC^MAS* Proprtetpr*. , '"**· · ' BELVIIW BE, Feb. 13 The Pequest iron works ba^e' resumed operations 1 a 't«r a total sue Jens Ion of two years;.; Tie -works areownet by Cooper He»itt an 1 employ a large number of men,; It is linuebt tbey will' -nn steadily for some n oaths to Bent DRIED -.perlb. (new)....:. -- Ib.(nefC).»..., ...; vriuble monoraph on Indian music that l [ . .sit: 1 Is that Imrmrlty of tbe blood which produces unsightly lumps or swellings In the ineck; wlilch causes ronnlng cores on the :»nrj, legs, or feet; which develops ulcers In the · eyes, ears, or nose, often Closing bilndnksi or deafness.; which Is the origin ot plmplea, cancerous growths; or "humors;" which,tisten- tag npon, the.tongs, causes consnmptloa «Ad death. It la the most ancient of all diseases, and very few persons are entirely free from 11. How Can It fee 7 1{ - -- -- -- .: ^. taking Hood's Sarsaparnia, whlcn, by remarkable'cores'it has accompltsned^ Has proven Itself to be a potent and peculiar I medlchie for, this disease. If you suffez from scroJola, try Hood's Sarsaparllla., "Every spring my wife and children haTM been troubled with scrofula, my little boy; three years old, being a'terrible cuCercr. Last spring ba .was one mass of sores frcjn · · headtofeet Weail,tookEood'sSaraaptruiiJ and all have been cured of the scrofola. - 3fy ' little boy Is entirely free from sores, ard a u l four of my children look bright and healthy'' · W. BjATtaKBTON, PasEale City, N. J. . i 1. Hood's Sarsaparil a ! SoMbraUdru(t(rt»t3. »l;Blj forSS. Prcpareionlj by C.I. HOOD CO., Apothccftxlea, Lowell, Kau, ;. IOO Doses One Dollar j Executor's Notice. The subscriber hereby gives public notice to all concerned, that he has been duly appointed 'ind fcfa pken upon hIBtseM the toyt ot, an Executor of. the Last Will and Testament of , / . JOHNH. JAMES,tow of Brewer, In the County of Penobccot. deceased, by giving bond as the law directs. He therefore !n.que8-jft »U persons who are Indebted to the estate or ialS deceased, to make Immediate payment,-and thoee who have ahy demands thereon, io present the 'same for senlemerit to him. i' | ' FRANK A-JfrLOYD, Bxecutor. J ' ' ;Brewer;l£e.,Jan.Slst ( 18r- ^ u , . r-- was in charge, nSI'iti'll; M»o C»inplain*n6 ,d · 1 .*7?."! twice, .whereupon the respondent; assaulted Choice itrunir. perlb.......... j.., j*7c him. l The court imposed a fine of 35 and Choicesllcwf....... ..I .]..(....... 7)««s coBts,1 which were paid. A civil suit Has {NEWSPAPER M. PA-?SOX * COT Sinkers, . Established 1854, Fon^nd. Maine. - 1m - TuThE __ WATCH7CL03K, ! . EWELRY SPECTAC1.S Native AroostooTc Tur- and CMcJc- / W. L 53 SHOE T H8Jm6rla Has Come ! BUGS-Fresh, laid, per doz.... HAT-- · 1 . . -ii' i : '.. · - I · Beb$loose,pertob..:...:.......l..... · Bert bales...,...;..................'. OATS-; · ! . 4 ' '' .| ; Prime country, new, per basil.. J,. Prime Western:...., .....J. 1 . ..:. i»«20o been B nee brought by altman. 9.00«,0.00 M.oo»;8.oo Demoerstkr Obstraetl " Fleeln« On State. Spokane falls' WashtnBtoD, says dtittt Senator; Becker, met five other Montana Senators there last nishs and they all ^neaped i to Oregon to avoid arrest on ber en war-, rants. T~iey chartered an Ui lot Pacific .train for Xl.OOO in order to faclitate their ,'flight. · ::.:-!,;·; -v-f T : . ! v -.'. · · · ' .1 . I · RAItBOAD NBWS. WNCOBJ,'.KK a.; Eeib. MonBeaT Bailroid wPl beibe^d IB this city, Wedi esday, February 28th, i to act upon the natter of retiring and rr-fundlne the IndebUdneaa of the company a«d pro- vidloe for Imprcvements and additions to Its properly. , ' ; , · ' ' . ' · ·].;..' · ·· '".\~..':"'"·, : . ' ·' ,;i EVBBTDAY THING. ''· ' . - ' . . . . ·a jnB OpIUI WUl Bnylog-, SPOKAKS FALLS, W., Feb. 12v T-ie tale of tbe Sptkane Mil] Company's property to an English syndicate represen Jog the Bank of xmdon ti being negotiated In New Yoraa Th* r*ported price to M,500,000. It i» rumored that negotlatloos sre peodlng tr the Wuhlogton Wate- Company's prooerty by tbe same Englishmen. BIPB OIJ AGH. Oo» Improved. _peri)UBh Beat Canada, whole.................. :BestqoiUlty|,perbasb.jne'w l ..»i..... POBK-- ' i ' - · . ' Round hog;perlb.., POHLIB1-- CblckeDB, ; Fowis ilarkq; OHIONS-- s. .. --. ·· , ·: · , - f . , , Per5bnslu..U ......i. : IJsd'JK i Retail Prices Current. s^x,i-''.': ··" ' - . - - ; . - . ' r Baugor, ground, In boxes, per box..... 'too 4 English Cotter salt. In M1J». bags, per ben . · [ !*. . Two geological surveys of this State have been made and though many of. the 5S»»s 8pecim;qn3 then-collect-id have been lost, enoui%9renMinstO:;;m«ke:av,eryj-i!itisre8t- Ing collection; at Colby tTnlvergfty where they are now presined. As many las could be Idenflfled have been labelled and placed in cases and a catalogae.of them ·,"««Bjus^ been flsnedbr; Prof. W. S. ; Baytey John A."Morris is the pn. eetor. One Jobnstowa mao who was drowned; it was found bad two wives and two' families--one in Philadelphia T»nd another .in Johnstown. In'the .relief -aWard.3 a compromise was made with both. Mls»;Kebekah E., Eoberts has been aSr mitted'to'piwiUcedntheprphaos' court of Pailadelpfcla. This makes* the' second .woman lawyor at the bar of that city, the other being Mrs. Carrie B. Kllgore. ; . , A burglar at' Cincinnati who remained We cafa estimate them by weight^." , . j.r.^..;, ,:';...:' "So. cancelled stamps really have; a market vilUr?" I " v ,: ' · "It they did not,.as I said before;.! sbuilld not bny them: Brlng.'roo Jd a million or two in | boxes or bales, and see for yourself. There are; few;;tbinga In these days that are allowed to go to waste." And be picked up a package of foroign stamps and gave them to the reporter B9 a "nest egg. ·!· ' ' ' , -.."; · ' . . . -..J i ·:··: : - : · : .···' I i . I 25 West Horiet Spare. E. C. have removed their office from M Cei No. 30 Mercantile SquaE, -MJ. O. E. MIChaellE, chairman of the. pulled out, and handed over to, the police.' ..with New "ipglana DeBpatch'Eijress Oonipaiiy. :Sca^S? D o?S2 1 a'A!l^i«:: '«^ llia ^ K/VanderbiU: has just f^ 6Ung *rf a| , K ,,,,,,. . . . . r . ! . » . . . - _ _ · *_i.i __ " _ _ » _ » 1_ »«H»ulnj9 « , AnvT»t n* ·#!-.»· t-kA I Axnnl-tAU «.» n '**' B ***«J^ If ·* · · · - " ^ - »·«·«*· «2 '" ""T v " - 1?Tf. 6t(Jolb;yandP.P,King.astudentinKeolo- * °"W«-; B ^' no , s " TM rema.neu, UB, per lb. I6ai6o jgy. The catalogue of Itself l»lnterestUigia» curled up under a bed for hours, .waiting ^.\^^\"".'.'.":"::.-::"::.":::: : ^soff isboUng tHei variety 'and plentifuiness jof- an opportunity to: rob' the house, was -- . '·' · · ' , · · , , - , ! - -- 'wnlnaiVkln at fun aa an ft mtiittmlo ImU'tklnn. ! nli1f«rMl t-n~s naoirc: mtton ha'nroa rl tan/VITA ·? - ; i X88Q., ' ' : Harper's Young People.' ; . AMILL'STBITED WEEKLY. · The Eleventh Volume of, HAHPEB'S TOTING PE o-' pr-t- , which begins with the Number for November 5» 1889, #ixfients an attractive programme. -It will**' offer to lts,,rcaders at least four aerials, of the. usual length, and others jln two or three parts* ; " , .namely,. "The Bed .Mustang," by W1X33M STODDAKD; ,« l phll and the Baby," by Prince .tTommy,* 1 Jjy JOHN' VBlnable stonss and mluerals In'Maine. MILFOICX, N. H-, Feb. la. Un. Clarissa Towoe, i1«H|.litiii ol Joo. Holt, pepetirsted bar one boDdredth .birthday here bj-day, Sbe waa born in Coaoord, N. H., and was married W. H., for twenty llear* and has Hired lo Milford ew ainoa. Sbe has all apis and v£SK£S^SS$3Bf IK Txxme umw*tete^er, : |b Ixmaonl»j«r« obliged to sneeze, whea he'was discovered, gustaVbas written^an open letter 'address- awarded a contract for the' erection of a ed to Gen. Luther Stephenson, Jr.,.gover- new stock barn on hia place at Oakdale t» nor of the Togus Soldiers' Hmee in which cost 9100,000. This will make this place he says: Dear Comrade, under-instrue- vwortb, w~th the other .improvements, tlon« from the execut ve comnilttee o* "- -- ~ i ' JSeth Williams .pose, charged with the Arrangements of the lite department en- icampment, G. A. B., t ia my pleasing ''···'-*- iresBito,- i'Ex-Gov. Boutt, of Colorado, isinWash- ingtoBi-He^isa^tout manof flfty s , L Planoand'FnmltnremovlngwIurecelveprompt MdcarerulattenUon. " T". . · . . . . Teleph«iieconnections. ; : - ] · . ' ' ' " ,l\ -,.'-,v.;KespeotfonT, , E. C. DAN FORTH CO. ana ' , - - ' - ' Cemcopy I "'. ' ·' '-tf·'·"_.' _ most potent; oampmenttnesuccess U appear*tab* so generally considered. I am directed to thank yon especially foi the courtesy arid A .»» the;expiration of his term as Governor be met with flnanclal reverses, but he to now worth;«B)]on«,inade to mining An Engliah religions' 'paper publishes the following aaverttiemeiit: "A lady wlabes tq hear ot a apod school for girls, '' A valuable additloa to. Anaerlcan hlstor- Amerlcaq jMiioniti|tj£j by; Freajdent Albhia W. t^all M^Wlbjf^tnl' sioed by tbeJohbs Hopkins Uol : , , F n Hsmontbly pnblieada«. Hembi4MBn Ml tt'"pact rbna ar« VlyB^tedoaato^ifjlK «l TImea office. ntsrlon Crawford has been awarded a ot « thousand fcnnCT %y thePranoh y aoiDowIedgment of tbe of two I take My E t«ke My Beat. AND I AM VIGOROUS KNOU^U TO TAC ANYTHING 1 CAN LAV MY HANDS OH ; " - seut^ _verg, --aieinn rr«jp. ·trc »uiLr j FLC8H ON MY »ONE» ! AT THB RATE Or A FOUND A DAY. T J TAKB IIIUST AI EASILY A3 I DO HIUC. ' ( SUCK TESTIMONY IS NOTHING MX\k. t . , l phll and L.ILLTO; "Prince . t T o m , COBYELL; and "Mother's Way." by HAHQ E. SANGBTEB; two short serials hy E^A UJOBTH BOTESEK. Two eerie J of Fairy. Tales will attract the attention of , lovers of tho wonder- world, namely, the quaint tales told by Howard Pyle, and. so admirably illostrated by him, and ; anotnor series id a different vein by Frank M. BIcknell. There will he ; short stories by TV". I). , Howel'fl, Thomas Kelson Page/ Mary E. WUfctna, , - Tfora Perry. Harriet Prescott Spofford k Bavld Ker. Hezeklah Butterwortb, Sophie Swett, Bichard ' Haloohn Johns son, etc. I ' · ' i A subscription to HABPEB'S YQUN PEOPLE secares-a Juvenile library.- There Is useful knowledge, also plenty of amnsement.--Boston Advev- titer. * i . ·' Terms:: Ptstaie Prepaid, $2,fl[ Per Year. . rol, AT, begins November e, 19S». . \ . \ '· . ' Specimen Copy sent on receipt of a tam^xAttianp.. .^iKauB SuvBEns, Vive Cents bach. *' I ' ! " I - I- Rem loanoes' should be made by Post-office Money Orrter or Druit, to avoid duulce of loss. | ; ^fncspmtfrt arf not to copy this' advcriisanfnt iriMoul tir exprm orrfer of UAHTKE ft BBOTBKBS. A ddreu HARPER 4 BROTHERS, New York. ! .S3. BOSTON. I, Kutern. Fltchbnrc: tf WKlnflM and plaoe* : N«r Boston ind M»ln«, _ and lamU Ocoota, OBMni of 1 of ·DKHflnmnt. HundKomely Farolehni, Homelike aod Comforttble. Kept on the EUROPEAN PLAN. «_,, N'EWSPA'PERfl

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