The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on April 14, 1870 · Page 3
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 3

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1870
Page 3
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-TOWN AM) COUNTY ITEMS Agents for the Constitutionalist A.U PemocnttH aro autliori/.cil to net M agenti ti jn-ocilro Mib-H-rlbem. lo the CONKTITI'TIOXAUST We veapeelftilly solicit tho kindly aid of every Do moornllo vender loliu'ii'ino "« elreiilution of Ihl paper. When not convenient to visit our ollli-u payment for snlwcrlpllons ean ho sent Uiron*;) niiiili or paid to the following named persons: l. I,. W A I W W O K T H . . . W. II. CBITTKSIIKN .. I I K S I I Y M O N T A H C K . . . . l. T. iirsii CROSS A ItOHKUTSOS . (.·IIKIITKII A.COOI.KV .. Dr. II. A. l.AMiuos.. I I . t t . T A N K Dr. (J. C. I , N U . S . S I I K K K I K I . H Jons SCOTT O I,.*STUIH .. .. T. A N I ' K B W S Oborlln (irnlloii t'onter ltnwioi\vllle Amhei-sl llrownhelm Avon lle-nrletta I.nUl'anKc I'lltsllelil Kipton I'lMlllKllI KoeheslcT its chunglng t h e i r phu-CM ot residence slioultl n o t i t l y n thercot'. AT tho Art Ciillery--new lot ot'pho tognii'hs, colored n'.nl \ilnin. 2Kb "SriMxi! elcnning," is a vcryimportnnt toiic of eonvi'iv.ition now in well resjnliited finnilies. -»·«- -· -- -Tin: lew dnys of Spring sunshine lust week, brought out pnrnwls--first of the season. ;iOOn, TKOK. W.vitHKx, of Oberlin, is giviii} instructions in pcnman.ship to H i t ' s t u d - ents at the high school. J)r. UXDKKIIU.I.. was rc-clcctcd .Ins- lice of tho. IVacc, lor Lii Urangu town ship, on tin.''1th inst. AT Uiioxsox'f Kniporiuni of Art--just opened a new supply of mouldings for picture IVamrs. -9b K. C. P A Y N M . w i l l . in duo linic. open up. over his f a m i l y grocery stoiv, an Ice cream saloon. Tlie rooms aro lo be lilted up Tngood taste. -- . -*·*- WK ace obliged to Muiliody tor a copy u t ' t h o "TrU-nnial (.'ataloguo of Oberlin College," for 1870. '· SHOO FI.Y" ladies' hat*, aro the latest things out. They resemble in form nil elongated beet. -»·«. - -- - I)i*cori!Si:.--The subject for Kev. b'Aisnrifii's discourse on Wednesday I'vening w i l l be, "Law of UcM-ent." Hour of commencing. 7 ' j o'clock. A nwKi.i.iNO bouse on Kim street occupied by J.\ffiu SSVDI'.I:, took lire Iho other day. The* tiro occcurred about and was discovered and e x t i u d before any sorion*- damagcjwas done. JOHN, wlioic sir name is Iliiowx, one of liie BIIOWN family, amused himself on Saturday night by f i r i n g off a pistol in front of Si-Ami'* store, regardless of Hie danger to passet'n-by. Ho was taken care of, or rather the p u b l i c was protected, by placing .foils In Jail. TUB FALL or M A X . -- A t t'lio rct-nc.-! of a largo n u m b e r of our readers In t h i s vicinity, wo print in* this week's Italic tho discourse delivered by Kev. Foit- HUSH, at tho Town Hall on Wednesday evening, tho Cth l u s t . The subject is one of considerable interest to b o t h "saint and sinner.'' Tows WITIII.VT A JrsTicK.--Kidge- villc township, t h i s c o u n t y , at t b N l i m e ·has no Justice of tho Peace. Xury a 'Square. One of the Justices' t i m e has .expired--his commission is dead; Iho ·other one has reiigiicd and moved away. Js'cxl S a t u r d a y a special e l e c t i o n -is lo be held to elect two Jit-nice-.. L.\rn:i. DAY S\ixr-i.--The N a t i o n - i l l Publishing Company, at C i n c i n n a t i , are issuing, what wo should judge (n bo, u very readable book, ''Liln in U t a h ; or, t h e Mysteries and Crimes of MoriMOimiu." Tlio book is promised to contain a ft; 11 and a u t h e n t i c history of the Mormon sect, from its origin to t h e present time. The work w i l l bo sold by subscription onfy. PISTOL AND MONEY. Shooting 1 of Captain Green tint Purported *08O lloblxniy---, Excitement and Mystery. ! Last Wednesday morning; this com m u n l l y was t h r o w n i n t o fevorod mont over tho report that Captain T W. GIIKKX, of Vormillion,' had booi murderously assaulted and robbed o 8080. Tho name of Captain O U K K S It familiarly associated with that of uprightness and honest integrity, as wol as being an extensive lumber dealer a that place. Tho wildest excitement to 1 enrn facts connected with tho dastardly act, and obtain, if possible, somo cliio that would load to the ill) prehension o the perpetrator of so foul a deed, existed in our midst to nn extent that cluir- acleri/.o a people ever alive to tlio prollc- lion of society. It seems that Captain (!itf:i-:s left hi: homo on Monday morning'; went to Sanllusky city, from thence to Toledo and on Tuesday night camo to Klyria, arriving on 8:20 t'. M. (ruin. Aftci taking a dish of oyster.*, at tho .oystoi saloon of Mr. '/.. Buss, he went to tho Washington House to remain for tho night. While s i t t i n g in tho otllcc of the hotel ho was uncommunicative--joining iuconversaliou w i t h noono in the room. After retiring for tho night, as Mr. (iiir.KX himself says, it occurrod to him that business at home required hisattcn lion on (he following day ; and, as ho wished to stop a short liniiuit Amhorst, lie determined to get up quite early, walk to Amherst, transact his business, ind (hen be ready to take the morning freight train therby reaeh home to attend uls pressing business. Accordingly ho .jot up at !! o'clock on Wednesday morning, iniulo his e x i t from the hotel w i t h out a t t r a c t i n g a t t e n t i o n of tho inmates, proceeded on his journey towards Am- lerst. When two miles from Klyria, is he was proceeding along the railroad rack, ho was startled, as he claims, by ·ustliug foot-stops at the side ol'the road. Slightly frightened at t h i s interruption, ic quickened his steps. After proceed- ug about om* mile f u r t h e r and when up- ·reaching n point at the t o w n s h i p line where the rail road cro-so* tho public liighway, he was suddenly checked in lis ])i*ogre*-s by an Individinl who, emerged from a secreted place, confronted (flCKKN* Oil iceoMed him , I.- I.- V ' ' LinisAitY.--The Directors of the Elyria Circulating Library have, for several weeks, boon engaged in Cala- logucing several thousand v o l u m e s already received, preparatory to opening the library to t h e public. Miss N'KTTIK Wnr.Ki.KK has been engaged as l i b r a r i a n , nnd in a short time the public will have access to the room. J , ._,. ^+ + ^ _ _ _ - . _ l i U X A W A Y . -- W h i l e Mr. M K U I . U was necross the bridge tho depot last Wednesday, his horse became frightened at an engine on Iho railroad track, A sudden jerk landed Mr. F. on ( h e ground, and ihe horse ran w i t h f u l l speed some distance on t h e railroad track, and succeeded in d e m o l i s h i n g t h e wagon to'which ho was attached. / FAI:M UofSK Pii'itXKD.--Last Sunday evening the farm house of Uvitox Mc- XIKI.,OII B n l l c n n i i I'idge,was destroyed by lire. The lire was discovered about (! ,'iVlock in t h e evening, and i t s spread .was so rapid t h a t in a tow moment t h e ·Jujikling was invelopcd in llames. The Awily succeeded in removing mosl all the 5-wwohold furnituc. The \\\\\A- ing-ivas insured. K.--On Saturday afternoon the iHC of J. C. J'OTTKII, on See- ond stiifftl, took lire in Ihe rooft. Sirs.. if. distto-yraxM] the Jlre and gave the ulnrin. H'Jio jKlim l^jro Company, the Ilottk uutl 3^)»ler Company, and citi- ·/ei»H generally, were promptly on the «pot, .tntl WHeeedcd in checking the Jlames Jjcl/«c itlns entire destrncliou of ihe building. Damage lo the building citiinatcd a(. fiwin WW to $800. In- Mircd. Look bore, rooder., wo do Jiol wish to (ell you that c«iisuii)^lioii can bo cured when the Inttgs aro hall consumed, nor that Dr. Wonderful, or any other follow, haa discovered u remedy lliat w i l l make men live forever, und loavo death to play for w a n t of work. .No, yon have heard enough of t h a t , aiuJ wo do not wonder that yon have by llijs time become disgusted w i t h it. lint, w h e n we. tell you- that Dr. Sago's Cutaarh Itemed/ will positively cure the worst cases of catarrh, we on!/ assert tlial which thousands win testify lo. Try it nnd you will be convinced! Snnlliy mail for sixty cents. Addres K. V. Pierce, M. HX,BiiHitlo, X. Y. For sale by mo-jt dru^'isls cvcryivhci'u, tho track, and sharply w i t h , ''Is your name or words of M m i l a r import. ·Scarcely w a t i n g u n t i l an audible answer was returned, ho was tired upon which ell him to Ihe ground, where ho lay in in insensible c o n d i t i o n while his pock- it was rifled of:S(80 In currency which 10 had rolled up in a small piece of paper ml placed in a side pocket. After m r t i a l l y recovering from t h e insensible talc he got up. went to a neighboring louse and asked for i i i t e r t a i n m e n t , slat- ng at (he same t i m e that ho had been hot and robbed. The farmer notcom- irohonding the MI d u r i n g c o n d i t i o n of he man, and really not c r e d i t i n g t h e oport of his being shot and robbed, vfused him a d m i t t a n c e . (ini-:i:s' then vandcrcd about in a half bewildered tale of mind u n t i l ho reached tho house .f Mr. II. S. I'OWKI.U on the .Stale'road. Jr. J'. discovering the suftbriiigcbndi- ion of the Captain, took him Into a mggy and convoyed . h i m to Amherst. )r ('isnsiK was called to examine the vound aii'.l condition of the Captain, ll-iving luil a lew moment-; time before t h e arrival Of llio t r a i n on wliWi t h c a f - j dieted man was carried lo hi*, home, the doctor was unable to make a thorough e x a m i n a t i o n . H u t , however, on opening tin* shirt f r o n t and wrapper it was discovered t h a t ho had been shot, the b u l l e t t a k i n g effect directly upon and e n t e r i n g tho n i n t h rib, p e n e t r a t i n g to tho c a v i t y of the thorax below the heart, and about, one inch to tho left of the breast bone, which caused extreme snlV- oring and pain. Those aro tho facts as nearly as we wore able to obtain them, were at once put forth to detect t h e perpetrator of the crime. On I n q u i r i n g al tho Washington House Iho fact was made k n o w n that tho Captain had left the hotel w i t h o u t tho knowledge of t h e inmatcs, % and also w i t h o u t paying his bill, having, unquestionably, after retiring determined to leave very early in tho morning. No' duo could be (raced to any suspicious individual. Application was made to Major WU..MHTON, chicfof tho Cleveland police, ami dotedive HOWE was sent hero to "work up 1 ' somo trace of the foul perpetrator. Hut all vigllcncc, t h u s far at least, has proved UIIMICCOS- ful. There is a mystery connected with (his transaction. Captain G I I K K N did receive a serious wound. Hut whether Iho wound was inflicted by tho hand of a highwayman ; or, for some unaeoiint- ablo reason, by that of his own, Is not so clearly settled in the public mind. There aro stnngo and mysterious circumstances nottod with t h o a u " a i r . ( I t i s c u r r e n t l y reported that Mr, G I I K K N has boon deeply Involved and that his llmiir- dal matters rested heavily upon his mind. This report should be received w i t h a c l i a r l t a b t o ulto-wmice. Tho, fact of his leaving the hotel at tho hour and manner In which ho did ; tho idea of his falling, us stated', insensible from a pis- lol shot which took cfl'cct in tho region of tho lower bowo of the chest, remaining so for somo time, and then getting up and walking several miles; the idea of Iho generosity of tho robber leaving in tho poclcot of the assaulted man a wallet containing money, together with the furl hoi 1 fact that not tho slightest trace, or oven .suspicion, can bo ferreted out, loaves tho w.holo affair so mysteriously sljroudod us to create in the m'inds of the public tho projbabilily..ol' self shooting, . At last accounts covcry ( pf Clip laian G'ltiiK.v wa-i by no moans hopeless CAHKKUW.Y look over the column of local notices--.something; H9-V) ! \ m .!4'} v.-ill always be found Mure. DUST TO DUST. v ; . t. Tnkcg Poison «ud Dies from ity Effect's. ' ·-.;·._.". -.i." .*·?. T-T ^,1 ,··- *-v" H becomes our painful tluty to eh'ron- iuluoiio o f l h o s o m o l n n e h o l y mid hourt- roiulliitf ocowrroMcca that, casts tfloom over H community of neighbors, siuWi-ns tho hoiirtH of friends nml ticqunliitiuious, and distracts fond, ufl'celloiiato and hi- dultfont parent's. '' . ; ' ', On Wednesday, the ISth'instimt, little SATIK JOHNSON, a awoot.iind lovely child, aged six year's ajul foniMnon'tlis, daughter- and youngest ,ehild of Mr. and Urn. N. L, JOHNSON,' of tlM-plneo," was suddenly folded in, tho arma'of death from' the ollucts of poison (hut onnio within her roach. It seems that strychnine had bepn' proem-oil ..for tUo.-piivposo/'bf destroying rats that infant the promises. As a nu-ans of 'wifely, 'and to guard against a possible chance for the poisonous article to fall within reaeh of the' children, a lady relative, itnd member of tho household, was designated us tho proper custodian, and (do only person' to leave in cnro Iho preparation of the article for the purpose for which it WHS brought into tho house. She was thus designated because hcr'caret'ulnoss tnd extreme cautiousness In mutters of this kind, where danger might possibly befall others, were well known. On (he day above mentioned the article was Inkon from its secreted place and a portion jMCpnrod for the destruction of ats. "With a cautiousness t h a t ehanie- .cvlno her natii'.'v, t h e lady, in whose hargo tho deadly drug was placed, Marled to replace it, btii, ut the moment she a t t e m p t e d to ascend tho Blairs homo- hing, she knew not wlml,cnus(-;riicrto ·etracu her steps. In doing so, and, to icr, for some nnaceounlablo reason Iho small package was placed upon thoscw- ng machine stand in one corner of the ·oom through which her 'course lirected. A*. if directed by some unseen power, further thought about the ohon entirely escaped her m i n d , and even the act of placing it upon .the s t a n d she cannot now call to romem- ranco. The mother and. aunt to the leceascd child left tho house about halt at eleven o'clock, and wore absent less han half-nn-liour. During , t h e i r absence litt,le SATIK, accompanied by her "ntimate school mate, l i l t l o K A N X Y J A I I K Y , h a v i n g been early dismissed from school went to SATIB'S home, and ipou entering the room wont directly to the sewing machine, .picked up and indoiic the carefully tied up paper, and astod what proved to be a deadly pois- jn. HIT little school mate, who had iceonipanicd her home, asked to taste it ilso, but little SATIK, although having 10 knowledge of poison, or thatany was n t h e house, as mention of tho article vas s t u d i o u s l y avoided by the family n presence of t h e children, cautioned F.vx.vv not to touch it as it was )oisou, and then carefully tied up the lackago and immediately left the room. In the course of fifteen or t w e n t y ninnies -- Mrs. JOHNSON nnd her sister laving returned to the house -- tho child omplained to her mother of nnconi- ortable feelings. Presently clonic pasins, w i t h violent muscular twitch- ng l i k e those caused by an electric hock was noticed to be the result of the hikl's complaining, and upon i n q u i r y he mother was Informed by the little sufferer that she )md taken poison, 'as she said, from a small paper package which she found on (he sewing machine stand. These spasms were succeeded by a thorough tetanic spasm of all the muscles, during which Iho limbs. were rigidly flexed, the lower jaw f i r m l y llx- ed against the upper, and the body arched. The rigid contraction of Hie rc-ipirating muscles rendered breathing laborious, and the stasis of blood in the superficial veins gave a livid color to the countenance. Tim retracted corners of tho m o n t h disclosing t h e sot Icctli, tho foam issuing from between them, the staring eyes and the contracted brow, gave tho countenance an expression of anguish mingled with affright. Amidst this horrible array of symptoms the m i n d remained unaffected. The convulsions continued u n t i l all t h e nervous force was exhausted, when the littlo sufferer died almost instantly fi'om asthenia, or exhaustion ; death taking place about forty minutes after tho first spasm. (hotlght. nml aplion,-of that, ohikf as 'if testified by alVwlio¥nbw her? Wha Hoomod to con8l.antly ( tell Jier that ther was not aYn'o'm'out'o'f time" to bo lost-that every moment was a precio.ufl one of her llttto l i f e ? What" induced tho ol'Ud^o tulk^yh, Jior ri))0tl-pr, ( .for tin, flrst'iind only'limc, on' the morning o the din^provioiis to her death about dying ami il'ien remarking that perhaps "I ahall'.dle to-mdrro.w, '(",' What caused tho fatal article, micousclouHly,' us it seems, to bo placed upon a table within her reach, -- overlooked by the earq- I'nlly scrutenrang eyc'ofbo'lh theiiiotli- er and aunt-- their absence from tho house at that parti'eular hour for a few moments, only, and d u r i n g llmt absence the unexpected. and. early return of the child from school?' Wliat induced the child V to,;g9, almost directly, to tho room, tako'up iimlantip t h e package, apply her tongue to llio .contents of Hi 04)11 per, and then' carefully (he it' up a g a i n ? What revealed to her that it was fatal poison, to advise who was Drs. UKKFY were culled to administer to her relief 'when ilrst attacked, but sho was beyond hope of. recovery. ' · ' There is something particularly noticeable and remarkable in all tho 'attendant circumstances which! lead to remove this littlo girl, so much admired and beloved, from this life, that seems 'to place those circumstances beyond mere accident, and really points to some unseen 'power, aoiuo superhuman. agency. Are there not- unsiou · spiritualistic influences that exert power over minds? Littlo SATIK 'was. 'a very interesting child, bright 'hud , .'.Attractive. Her mild and sweet tcriipcr made her a favorite. Sho was a type of purity and loveliness. To her, time was all precious, never losing but always endeavoring to make each moment a useful one. She had treasured up a vast amount of wisdom for one of so tender years. . Sho \ftito ' remarkably nffcqtLonate, find her tender heart always moved her to sit by tho bedside of ilny members of tho family who were sick, and, in tier /youthful way to contribute to tho relief of. tho afllictod ones. , She never tired ,iu, ·lending hci^litllo hands to assist in whatever she could accomplish, or in running errands, jllor.'db;- sires to extend as well as to reeoivo'ca- ressq's and affectionate tokens seemed' to increase as sho .grew older." Such was tlio''purity'and.tcndonbyo'f.'this (·1'iild. . There: arc maiiy 'tiling's th'at'lciid to'b'clicvc tho li.Ulo'cliiia'Jwlibrpwarn** ing Hint her time warshort iir'this^ife. What .induced 'the continual' growth ^1' tender affection, angelic pnriiy'in" every, and what induced ,lior her little school 'mule w i t h her not to touch it, and then at the same time raise the probability that, she might die in school that afternoon ? When firttl iiliackctt w i t h t h e effects of the poison, and in answer. to an inquiry from her mother as to what tho mallei' was, what impressed her that' she had tnkou poison from tho paper on llio machine, when the child had no possible moans to know t h a t there was a particle of poison in the house? When tho physician was ordered, w h a t prompted the sufferer to say she wanted no doctor, but "Send for my teacher, for [ am going to die ?'' What gave her the confidence to challenge the skill of tho physician by telling liim that he could do nothing for her, t h a t sho was going to die ? What induced her to admonish icr almost broken hearted m o t h e r to dry up her (oars, as she wanted to d i e ? These and many other instances connected w i t h her demise are clrciim- slnncci. 1 leading to the belief that her death was/'"' u n t i m c l v , but that by the agency of an linden power, s p i r i l u n l i s tic, or otherwise, her :ii'.',gelic p u r i t y was removed from the grossiiOsS of bodily existence to a purer sphere. The sudden and lamentable death of this l i t t l e child falls w i t h a heavy i-hock upon the parents. Death, t h o u g h it comes in i t s g e n t l c i l form, bearing away the' i n n o c e n t babe, or s u m m o n i n g the aged pilgrim, over ea-ts a shadow ovei the soul and cau«es grief to creep around the heart; but when it comes as a dark cloud, and cuts d o w n in the full bloom of robust heallh, w i t h o u t a moment'- warning, the idol (if the f a m i l y , and tho beloved of /acquaintances, it is terrible, indeed, to c o n t e m p l a t e . The , sympathy and sorrow; jj.vpi-p»s- ed' by" the'.entire village atrtliis sail calamity was spontaneous ami sincere. Almost all the children of tho town visited the corpse of t h e lovely l i i t l c SATIE; ,nvu\ hundred-* of .older people. visited the ulUietud household, nml by words of consolation and many acts of kindness demonstrated the d i v i n e impulse t h a t moves the human heart. The funeral services wore conducted by l{ev, H . M I . ' / J A W D K X , o n ' w h i e h occasion the schools worts dismissed. Tlie,at;tachinonts we had for ihe little firl, together w i t h all the circumstances consequent upon her death, is our apology for giving *o l e n g t h y a notice. UKMAINS 01-- AS- INKAXT While workmen Word engaged in re- mov.lng'tho west lino fence that encloses a 'lot on West avenue, north of tho 'railroad, a box was discovered buried In tho ground just outside UK! enclosure. ,On removing the lid the box was found to contain t h e bones of an infant. Kvidcntly tho box was placed there many m o n t h s ago, as it presented evidences of decay. As usual, the l i t t l e alliiir raises (he probability of infa'rffi- cide. Tin-: BIIIOIIT H I I I B for April', just received, is a rare speejinon of beauty in both its typography and illustrations. Its contend), too, have a peculiar spice, cheerfulness and pith about them which is decidedly relishing to grown people as well as children. The numbers from March to J u l y uro offered free to new subscribers. F i f t y cents a year. Ai,- UBN Co., Publishers, Chicago, I I I . SOCIKTV Kl.KOTION Ol' OKI'C'KIIS.--At tho Annual flrootinicjof Iho First Presbyterian Society of Elyria, A. HBKJIK was re-elected as President of (he Society. Trustees for the ensuing year were selected as follows: II KM AX JJj.y, T. L. NKI.SOS, 11. 15. DUI.I.OCU, JOSKPII SWII-T, and J. L. Com. IMitALD.--Wu have nog loclefl to nidttfion llio fact Hint Hit Cleveland JLerthl Ims recently put on now dress, m m t n n d clean. Tho J/eruh IK a live paper, and devotes especial at (pillion to giving Northern Ohio ncwi a feature that io rclihlied by tho roadinj. public. J-OCAL NOTICKS. JGSyAII the new Bering styles of Hal Illlll I.'IIIIH, nl I I A I . I I U IN, l , A I ' X I l ( ) S t WAXTKD.--A good "id t o JiXOPEMKNT. A Mother Loaves a Huslmml and · her Three Children and Elope.s with a Widower. Klopemenls, divorces, u n n a t u r a l betrothals, ami all the paraphernalia pert a i n i n g to unsnited marital vows, eeni to be leading features that contribute largely lo gratify sensationalists. ^ r ol to be behind other cities pf-lici-'si/.e".".'! importance, Klyria has had a case of elopement. ' -Other communities' have thorn, nnd why should not this locality^ in this age o fun con genial and mismutcd twains, furnish an elopement? Tho conjugal relation 1 ! between a Mr. JIA.VA.NS and his wife,' JUUA. A. had long .been in a turbid slate.' The twain made one," or words to that effect, had become separate in feelings, tastes, habits, inclinations and nature; an estrangement grew up between t h e hearts that once harmonized and beat in'liappy unison. ; ) '. , , ; - - , · i ' ' U ,1 ' i ' j i ' J j j ' i l l " ' . I j ' Several months ago the discontented wife, who could no Ipnger llnd favor in the KAYAK'S eye, and which, to her, had all tho seeming of .ft demon's that was was dreaming, resolved to sot up on her own account. Accordingly a dl vis- iou lof pcrspnoJsQfl'cctB was u'greed.upon. The said JUI.IA A., sought a home in Klyria', and soon found comfort for a lacerated heart in tho smiles and caresses of a "gay gambolior," by the name of War. WAU.AOK, a Canadian, who cast his lot in the KAVAN widow's nest, mid whose "affinity" was of such magnetic influence 1 as 1 to- remove that KAYAK'S bcnk from out hcr.heart. Last week tho Canadian ftnd:his paramour bid adieu .to .associations of those parts, and left fo'r r a nwro congenial clime. JULIA A. had previously left a husband and three littlo KAVANS to take care of themselves; -and now- takes ,up with WAM.ACK and his one child. EKKBCTH OF BAD WHISKY,--JACK [Ei,is death on poor whisky, ami the whiskyiiias a deathly effect upon JACK'S reputation., JACK makes,stated visits-to JEsquiro SMITH'S olllcc to settle up a slight diffpronco between the peace and dignity of the State and his hilarious- nesKi ' JA'cic'wn? picked up on tho street tho other cvoiiihg'in"a terribly demoralized statcy and was invited to take rooms at the Hotel do Peck nntil'his lost'encrgics could 'bo 'recussitatcd. C.uti.--I hereby tendy. u n y : hearty thanks to the Elyria Firo Department, to tile ladies/citizens and ncighbors'for their efforts,to/save,ifrom destruction mv propertvat'lho'tiro on Saturday. ·· . "April IS:', . . ..- J. C. I'OTTEII. , Y.--At Ulack Klvcr, a few nights since, a p a i n t e r mimed JONHS, who resides in Clovehind,bnlcngngcd in his occnr/filion nl I lie former place, was relieved of §00 In money, by a workman w h o m ho hud engaged. Tho t h i e f hud been in the employ of JONKS for two 01- lliree weeks, and k n o w i n g thai his employer had In his possession some money, ho got n p in tho night, abftract- ed the amount above indicated, and ob- scoudcd. S U I O I D B . -- I S A I I K M . K S'J'KVKNS, (IgCll .if) years, rosiding. w i t h her mother at Grafton Center, (his county, c o m m i t t e d suicide a short l i m n since by t a k i n g su- ,'nr of lead and bichromate of potash, She died in a few hours a f t e r t a k i n g the poisonous preparation. At t h e time of t a k i n g the dose she was suffering u n d e r i 111 of i n s a n i t y . ' The occurrence look ilacc several days since, but there seemed lo bo no one in that v i c i n i t y enterprising enough to report the affair to us in t i m e for lust week's issue. do chain ·M 1)1*1- Work lit (III! IK'I'be llOIISt*, ... ,, -. ._»·*_. -- _ #3T Starr lire's Co. ars rccelvln;. olsiil'new giiuils tlii-ii* il;ivh. 1'rlee** tin I In- lo\ 8« 9w A g ork, lniiiioilliiilfy. irl lo do general house s, .VTIMSOK, Wi- llnt.'MK.--Kegiilarbonrding rim ill till llnios lio .nlilnlin',1 nl my Iwiiiilliij; IIDI oiii! ilwur south of Mr. Wnllaco'ii cni|ior ilin|i. '·""' ^ A M K H IloMiui WA Ntni--Six ii*,iiil.irlii..|ivlni-4. Apply in iibo J f o u s B TO UI:NT,-- I w i l l rent my brick en .Mnylnl. ,t|. w. I'oxii. KAIU.Y liosi: POTATOES FOK SAI.K.-- vciy iinn ttlii) Immi -{imlrii ^lllllllll mil I'nll lo liliuil (lie i;,irly ROM- I'ntiilo, Kor vile al S5lf lll'NMMITO.V ,t ItllO.VIlWIII.I.'S. flS-" 1 J'rinls, uroiTTSi 10, and J2J.C i'i'lili|H'|-)'linl. liooil lili'iu-lii'il oiltoii, jiifil ulili', !·!,',. (ii)inl In-iivvn i-iiUoii, yiii-il wlili*, 11,';. oilu'i- |iiiilltk*.-C'|imlly luw, liy I I A I . I M V I V , I.Ar.MIDS.t, Nl!l,-l)N, G H K A T HKDIICI'ION I N TIIK I'mci-: OK GlAI..--1 M i l l |IIV|IHIVI til I'lll-lllsll I'Vl'lV lll-M.|-||ltl(lll .ill lit ll Ki'i'ul riNluclluii IVoin riniii-|. prlri'i,. I huvi-nn liunil, ail'l mil I'uiinlniilly rc-i-i'lvliiK, Iliu l)i*rl linilltU-siif coal, wlilrli I inn ilitli-niiliuil iDillfiiDM* (if ill. tin- Inwoi-l |I III-IIH-K, nml n« I II.IM- my ' o.-il *lil|i|H'il illiwl rioin llii mini'*. I c*ini ilify ruin IClltloil. I llMVU II|M (III ll.'lllil ll I l l ^ l i'l.lM|ll.|lll\ nl' rliiii*.i*iKil. I -mi liiiuiiil ID K.|,I|| ,. 0 -il i-lu*':i|ii,|- limn II 1*1111 1«* piirrlniMil hy (In* i*,-n- l ( n,| ami :roiiKlit In Klyiln. ll M i l l II|M | H m ,u r runvi-ii. ii'iil I'm- j i i i i to |imrli,iM- yoin* piinl or mi- liy i c i u l l , ll*, (lien j on rim niTlrn jn-4 iwniiirli iih ynii'n*|iiliv, 1 at Mich Him** as yun wiml ll. rnlfiil my yiinl nml salhfy .vmir-elf, N. W.IUNXK. R3T Stylish Spring Hal*., all t r i m m e d ' fl'om (ilK-ilnll;ir, til .Ml SmUliV. !t Co-l'AKTXKii.-nii'.--,1. Waldeck, laic x'llii* linn of W.'iMirl. ,t llcnilinrli. lini, fon I n iMitnritlillMillli Win.Micnroi*. m (li« oM sl.iud, ivliuiv tin* Viirnltiii'i- liiinliu-ki, In all (In li,i»rliv« will iH-iTiifti-i-In* i-arrli-il cm ululfi- iln* Dim mum* nl'SIKMI-CI* ,*i Wulikvk. 'HID public ni,, iisMircil Icil no pains will In* spinvi) to Mipply tin-in wllli nn-nlliira uf llio liistijiiullly, ami at fiilr pilrv. SI-JUNO TEHM.-- The Spring Term ol the Klyria Schools commenced last week. In (he High School Miss BOYNTON resigned the position she held as one of the lonelier?. The'place has not been supplied. I n (he G r a m m a r de- p a r t m e n t Miss BIIOWN takes tho plncc of Mrs, HAMILTON, as assistant. Jn (he Primary departments Miss TKI-UKI.I,be- comes (cachcr at tho West Primary in place o'f Mis. HAIIT, while Miss WALDO takes tho plncc of Miss HITCH in the West Side Primary. -- ·*«·- -- -K I N K DISPLAY OF MILI.INKIIY GOODS. --One of llio most attractive fen lures in the m i l l i n e r y line, last week, was Ihe display at the m i l l i n e r y rooms of Mi?8 SMYTH, on the opening out of one of the finest slock of goods, perhaps ever before brought to (his market. Their tih'Ow rooms presented a gorgeous appearance'Vthe exquisite display of rich novelties in lints,, bonnets, fancy sashes, elegant'lloWors, and etceteras conncclpd w i t h l h o j i n i l l i n e r y Irudo. The show rooms' so handsomely filled up far this dL-play of goods is situate immediately over her store. Delicate and lovely f l o w e r t r i m m i n g s , representing the f r u i t s , flowers and grnsscs ol Iho Held, arc . c h a r m i n g l y beautiful. Of course t h i s noiice is intended for t h e ladies, lor \v,o assure Iho "lords of creation" that they w i l l hear more about these "just b e a u t i f u l " goods after Ihe ladies have vioitcd SMYTH, the rooms of Miss TiiAxsi-'niis.--Among deeds left at Iho Recorder's ollk-o for record d u r i n g the past week, wore llio following showing recent transfers ol real estate: Hiram Taimai- to Samuel Laudis, Rochester t o w n s h i p , 100 acres--SC.OOO. A. Jones to Nelson Crandall, Rochester village lot No, 4. -$725. E. Hoyd to Win. II. Hoothroyd, Avon t o w n s h i p , 50 acres--85,000. 11. L. Bacon to Jl.M. Crandall, Uoch- oslor village, part, of lot No. 2--§75. Thomas C u m m i n g s to James Jewell, Rochester t o w n s h i p , 110 acres--$5,250. T i m o t h y Doland to Laura Iloti'imiu, Wellington village lots No. 92 and 93-- ssoo. L. C. E lot No. 32 Jlv to 12-i-S-i to F. Snydcr, Elyria village S-tOO. Justin Brockcnrldgo^lo Elcnor S. Hitchcock, Grafton township, 231 acres --810,000. . . .. ; , C. S. Freeman to Win. Franklin, Russia township, 50 acres-- §3,000. "J. "McDowell to S. D'cnxcl, Henrietta township, 40 acres-- S2.-100. Julia .Noble to Win. Converse, Well i n g t o n village ·!.;' acre -- §000. J. Walker, Jr., to Alfred Walker, Avon township, -1!) ncros -- §2,500. II. M. H n n i l i n to II. J. Lewis, Wel- liLgton village lot No. -10-- §1,500. Peter Schneider to Philip Eilcn, Sheffield t o w n s h i p , 20 acres-- SMOO. Al Cunningliam'to'F. Snydcr, Black River t o w n s h i p , !1G acres-- §3,000. ·James Kirk* to Homer Allen, Wellington t o w n s h i p , ,-jj acre-- $.150. Crick lllackwoll to Joseph Haddock, Avon township, 4 acres -- ?GOO. L. C. Linderman ,to J. . Lovcjoy, Rnwsonvillo lots No. 144, 146 and -It-- §1.000. S. L. I F n m l i n to Clias. Collins, Wellington' village lot -No. 129-- §-i5(X N. Q. Iloyt to Geo. W. Crosier, \Vol- linjrton village, part'of No. '12-- §800. Martha Stang to M. E. Cartwright, Bro^wnhcloijtownsliip,-:!.! ncros $S50, :F, Sn.y'dcrj.lo AifCunninglVniB, .Elyria v!lla»6~fot8 No! ,323 nml 324-S2,GOO. ' Ilonry Viols lo A. J. Simpson, Obcr- lin village, part of lot No. 32-- S100. 'lVWober"t'o..JI. ,-N'e'isbaoh^ Avon ' " . Peter Wbbcv, to- J'. P. Weber,' Avon- township, 20 2-8 acre's-- $1,525*. N. Giormnn to J. P. AVobor Avon township SO.ooros -$2,000. . . 'N.'Myors to J.'P. Wcbci,'Avon town- sl'iiii ao'n'cros'-^SlJOO.Y "/ , ' ; , , , , ""Mi" i Krnmor'"to'.'il l .' Ready,' Carlisle townsliip, 15, ac,ros,-r-.S(»00.', . , , . , V : M ) ', -Ac Bitoxsox'B Art Gallor.vylms^ been' received' a ' full''Slock'iotV popular sheet imi-nr. Si:i r.ixf; Ofr AT Cow.--The siih^crib- i-r, Inn-inllnjt In i-lii-c* mil his S-nlilli; :in,l IInl-m.*«s .|IIIA|IIO»I, wnulil iiiftinn tlii*puli||i- llml for Ihu nt-\i llilrly il.ij ri liu w III sell liny arlli-lc In his Mwli AT I'OS'I 1 . TIKIM; ili-irln*; .·iiiylliliii; In ihe s.ulillu n-a,li*, will llml It ifri'itlly to thi-lr nilvitnln^i loonll Immi'ill* ali-ly. K . v n i t V T I I I X C AT COST HO It CASH. All pl-l-Mllls llllll'lllivl (o (|| L . Mlb-lTlluT w ||| |il|, fu , make Inimi'illiili* pnyiiiunt. M. W. I'osii. I will ri'vvlvu prnposiils un II tin* isih Im-t., turn IL-HSC I'or a li-nu*ai, I'm* thcMoii* InilMlii-; mm umiplvil liy mi*. I'mivwlun given May M, 1870. M. W. I'ONII. Klyi'ln, April I.ISTO. S7-S\v NKW JOINKU Suor-.--The nudcrsigncd wliln* lonimnimrii to llii*',iiililli of Klyria nml vicinity, Dial, liavin-*- IVIIM-I! Hit- »lio|i kmiu-n UN (In* old IliiKikK I'lanliiK Knrtory, -.Hnnti'il un Main itivel, iii-ai- l^ilnir^llliiekMiillli lmp, lit* l» pic- paivil toiloall kliiilrior.lolm.'i-amlC'arponloi-Moik, nn i-lioi'l nuiK'u, anil In »!,ljk' llml will uiuilile him to itniiriinU'O MUl»l'ai-(lon. Uvrry klml of llulhlliii; ami np:iirliiK promptly nllomlcil to, nn llln-i'al (·.THIS, . [!M.2inj c. I'AKM;II. RI:AD Tins! RKAD Tins!--IT. K. Klshi'i* A Son linvv romovi-il lo tin- Mlllliur.\ Store OIK* iliHir lva»t of Jlalihvln, l.ailiiilnn Xi-l-on'*.! whi-ri* Ilii'y have mliU'il largely lo their kloi-k of Si-liool llnokh, Illank liooks, ,SlatloiKry anil (ionlV il»K (i«ml«. They liavi* nl»n npni*il a (.'LASS XliWS Dr.l'OT, \\ln-iii IMIII IK* I'otiml all Ihu popular purloiliVah an,I iii,i|[a/,|iut ol'ihuilay. (iivo ilu-in a cull. -.".i;, WAOOXS AXi) UtrocMcs I*'ni* SAM:.--I have on hiiml n lino sloi-1; or ni-w ami nvcoinl-himil ami HiiKK'li'S whli-h I uil'i-i' for Mile on ri'iisuiinlilo terms. ,Th« nlmvii Wnpnis ami ||« K . an) of the very bi;t iniikt*. Miop on M i l l »lwel, below tjuirr'k ntoro. 15 X, W A I I N K R . RKOLAIU, RKCI.AI.M, RI.CI.AIM.--Now l» the timu for llioie who MI|I| wool low Ui pld-li In, ixilen gooils In groal variety nnd ut prli-i.'.s less (lion ever bofui-c'. I.o»k al Hie new ^])l·||)K styles ;il HAI.DWIS, LACMKIN .t XKLSON'S. TO FAKMEKS. The Duplex Mower and Itcapcr. flic Elyria A g r i c u l t u r a l ' \\"orks are rapidly piv^InK to rainplvllon one liniulrcil Mow- ct-H, Ihe llrtt Im-tnllmenl ol' whk-h will bu remly for lellvery aljout Ihe nilililleol' April. I-'or tliepnr. |i4nuorinyliiKl'cfi)ivinir loniU'i-* UienK'rll-i of their nnu'hliui vn print hnlow wmooi' ihe eertlllcalos rurnl-fliul by rarinem who useil Ihe niarhlm- lant year. Tho conmpny Is alku |)i*,-{nM|iiK wllli a llonper to be nttai-heil to (he nuii-lilne, whloh wa nre i-oirtlileiil will hi* equally ns popular an the Mower. CKimi-'ICATKS. SFKNCKK.O. AII«. s 1 ). iftw. I urn ai-qnalnlwl with tho opuralionol' all mower-. IIKCI! In lhl» vicinity; have used anil tested (he IKU'l.K.X, ami coiihliler II onu of Iho bet anil mot-l convenient. IL txeols In mowing loilxeil Krass. roiiKh Mirl'iiiH's, mnl In i',ro?sliiL' dlu-lu-s, 1 huvu dhcoYured no idu draught. H brliiK» no weight. on (he necUof thu team. I U'Kard Ihe clinnK«of motion the 1110*4 lni|)iiruint recent linproveinent In 18 SCU'AP Inov WAXTKD,-- Fwilllfay tho vhl mnrki'l price fin- wrought Iron ornJM. *~~ ' UKAI. KNTAI.K AOKNCY AXI CO'.VVKV- AS«i!ii.-'l*lio miljucrlbcr will kw] u ll»l of Kcul Ks- Into for milo, Ixilh Knrm nnd \l\\n K u |ii*o|)crly. All IM'ivuiHi wMiliiK to liny vr (ell' will llml U k, (heir advnntn;{« t« (five me n cull! ClmrtfiM nmnouubltf tollio»ew;nfifii|{to»oll-nocllfirge!i lo tlHMfl Ing to pnrchiMO. J mn nliiq plvi.nreil toilnurdcciU mnl llce. uii short u'o- 7 " WM. II. TUCKKN, Xotnry Itecoixler't. Olllco, Jilyrlii, A T ' TIIK, UmvcKn I'KICKM!*-- Hurli .t Co. will noil for Uiii noxt ihlriy n (i wci-U'» al llio followlntt in-kei, i 'mi IM-»T \\nmg ny;;,i; re,;;:;.';;:"! -iii'"-'» (,0*1 loiini; HJKOII 'I'Uit \ iw lleiii, i,iinpu\vilii- i KG ,. ;· v iiu ' k :,::::::::::::;: i w ··· ' ,Iapiin i .ju ,, .',' "! 1 ! l i" vl ' l '" l »' 1 »l*l'«vnCulti'i*'.'.'.'. if, ·' iihl (lovei-nim-tii ill,., itujuii.l x ·· " ItloCollVll H I V I I I I I , A T I k l m U C i i i i m v t ' r n i i i i ' s ii'onii'.;'.'." 45,,,, P ...... hrlirllwr'H AAi5imikliiKTiil»u-ci,,..;;; -«|ier lii' Wn have nfnn.|.irire lot of Sii K niii, which we will null vi-ry low ; almiall uiliur Kow\t In ourlliK* nt 1*0- lm-«il prliie* I'oV ensli. A|*HS vtlMlutnlo »ml i-clull lealei-A In Confeclloiu'ry. Mrs. II. K.l*stio7w'div!ly ^cdciv- n' ln(e-t 1'iirlii ami Nuw 1-»i-k liishloiis, wlilrlixhe l» H-llliijt alKivally reiliWil'i/rtced. Cull mil e\amlin- her Kiock before'lti|f inirclinacs.' SIM) JJKAf, K.STATK KOIt S.U.H.--I Oll'ci 1 for Mill*, nl iviisonablu price, a hoimo nml lot on r.xll Kin-rt, iiM, a niimhor of oilier valuable lot« close :u tin* hiii,|iii-. purl ordii'town. Tllfwe whodoshe IIK|II»H lull, or Mi ronhvelllnic, will Dml there lo bu very ile-tri-nbln ones. (-H] N. WAHNKll. Calf al Miss Smyth's now show room my! M-I- (ln» ele-^anif Mute", Homier, l-'Iowcrs mil 'I'he ilnenl aKsurtnionli ever brought to .hli, mai ki'l. ii. 1 Sl'KCIAL NOTICES. ts )),· AViHHOWTO Youxo MKN.-- ) n i h i ) l ! i i l l i i K l ' a » l o n In Vouth and Karly Mim- IOIKI, u l i h mar n KM- for the errln-r and niiforliin- il'. Senl In sealed lellerenvelopi-h, fivi!0fchnri{e. Vildn*** lloWAiiii ASSOCIATION, llox 1'. riilludel- ihht, I'u. $00(.-- Wanted nn active m:m in nrli Oiunlv In (Iw hiutiis, t leave! nnd lake or- li'i-n liy M.iiniilc, lor TK.\. COKFKI';. nnd Hl'li'ic*;. I n Miilnlili- men wo wlllljtlve n nullify of I!)*) to l.QK) a jviir, .I|M«I li.i\eliiiKmidolhei'e.\penai..s, mil a ivasiniable ennm|i.|r,n on xali-s. Imimsllaio appllcnlloiK mv Millcltii.1 from proper lai'tles. llefereiu-e MM-hiuiKv-d. AppK' Ui. wr ivl- lre«s luiuu-dlatelr. J. 1'ACKKK ,V (·()·,· " Mills" w !W llowcry, New York/ TIIK MBAKETS. mowers. Itgreatlv favorn the team In line. Uilck ami wel Ki'ass, by IncriMU-liiK the inollon of the cutters without ni'KliiK the IIOI-KCS lorwatil, and thu , low motion favors Ihn machlnu In free nnd light --rash, rellevliiK It of tho ttlraln eitnscd by a rapid action ofllie entlci-x, thnn Ininrlni; Us dnrllilllly. I am well ni-iiniiliilcd \vllh the* II|I|II|IMS of farmers In Ihli v l c l n l l v , and nearlv all hohl IheMimoopln- loiib respeolliiK thu UU!'J.i:x with myself. KOLAS', TOWSSANII, ()., AUK. 10, 1W), I h i i v n c u l (likycnr, will) the Dfi-l.l'.X Mowiiil. llfly noresol'Kra», for six dlll'erent farmer*., nnd all assured me they nuver naw n niaehlno »o cnxy on the team. Jn mowiiiK the llfly lu-rcs the machine id not chii; oneu. Thoehnnuc of motion Is almunl au)e, 1 lndl»pens . 1 hnvu H'low walking team, mid i-II|IIK the high Hour, ran mow anygrais wltli- ilwoii'vlntf Uieni. 'I'lifl hlRh K*.*ir In mlapk'il to un, Ihlt'K ami wet uraMi thu low ROIII* to rourun or 1 imm-i'il, wllhutil tronlilc, ilx ncivs , . . l l n l l K l i l , ' l r a u u l i L imichluo. I iiuiwwl «l«hl iif niuitli. i-hiuOi.v trroiinil, unlit l wmown. I t o i i l R i ' l i l K l i inouoii, ill nvi-ry hlo»* iiiicO' - - out w Him, Illlll r,... . - - . - . that enuM notliu cut wllli imotlu-r very popnliil- nuu-hlne. L'IIKKUAN F.I.I.IH. (;A.iu.mi,K, o., AUK. i'i iw.. t luvi.* «'C1 tlio IUPI,I:X Miiwi'.n. am) inn well li'iiHil wltft lHv wny II ilncs K* work. I i'nii*ihler itliuhlilratiKli'' inaHilno. Tlw two iiiolloii» itrr e\i'elutnl In praclk-e, ami thu marlilnu !· well ailapleil lo OVUM nil uuuver MiiTaoes, · - b . O.GAIIHKTT. rMGiiA^x, An». 13, iww. l l i i i v o n n u of llui Urri.xx JIOWBIW, ami hiive mown i-eu'nly itci t ' n « Illi illlilK jwii 1 . · · · · · · * ' piinu i lent jo-of Ihe twin,'iiiui witli'i'mii-o'wijrclV lu'lhe imii-lilne, '" ''" W A K K M A K . AUK. Hi. l«a. live uscil Ihu Dri'i.KX JIOK-KH thin year. It l» one ill' the html Ihu hliilu. H will mow whore oilier nmenlne-i ·wlll-mit. It Is nn em*y run i) I UK- mahlnu. Lean muw all tiny with It, o u l y t u o l l . KI.YHIA.. Mimli. 511H70. 1 hnvc'iiseil (.evoi-iil illllereiil Wrnln of inoweix nml la"I veanHil ni} mowing will) Iho Dn-l.l'X. 1 ~ (lie Inllor nuioninn Ihe i-.'^ii^l \\urklng ami idilno 1 etei' iii-cil or caw ns-eil. ,, A. I'ANOIIOKSB.. . , . Mnivli.itI.lSTO. rklii-t ofMiveral (liner- cut kliiiit. of inowen*. -l.inl year I ineil din l)»i'i.xx iiiul was hotuir mtt^rteil limn wllh tiny I hail ever umiil. i I.foumlUuiilmil-leniollDU ol viilno. ami inowcil loilKCil'clnver, Ism, Ki-ounil. KfllnKiir»iiiilltli«Ilolil,iini(e,H ! . , Iv iiinUiiiml**oniuly,»»iil' Itlmil-lx-'i-n live fUHitlwg ·JraW." This iniiditne works, betler on ifticitvOil »nr 11 : '..!! ^ : '·* " LEtv ! iBu'.f.inilllftV wllli llicwor! l l l l l l l I l l i y ollK'l 1 I (!VCI- "IIW. 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WALL PAPER. have purclia sctl the exclusive' Wo right lo Yeoman's Wall Paper Trimmer In Klyrlii. All pupur »oM by us trimmed free of W F, WOOSTElt. DRY GOODS. DRY GOODS! HOWER HICBEE, 239 SupcHor Street, Cleveland. 0., A lIKoiirnliiKilnllv now nrtJittoiK lo Ihctr blooV 1\. o( wrv Uooits tor tlio EARLY SPRING TRADE, Ami will conllniiB tooffor ItNtraonllnury Imtucc- iienU In SILKS, DRESS qOODS, I'Ol'UNS, SHAWLS, FLANNELS, GLOVES,- GOODS;.* To thiisc liv pui-sii ronllal Invitation to Si. u , ' . NOTIONS ' c:* i , !(, or Dry GoocU, wo extend' n'. eull iiua o; f oxnmlue our Suck or*' IIOWBK HIGBEE;2!W Superior Street. ' ·f [.' i NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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