Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on May 5, 1922 · Page 21
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 21

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1922
Page 21
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KVfcNlNG . VKll/AY, MAY 5. 1922. INCREASE IN HOlORVEtilClFFEES of th- M n t r « M r t n r \ r^ ]c n t f o r \ I M I | w r r * » 1 « * ") i t « i t i i t T I * I I ' . n \ r - - i J t l l T i n * m »n r i ·-, i n r . ' n j | » i a t » t v * i i i m i t f · ' , r T i l l n il « 1 l " n m m i n n nr I ) I l u m l i i n n l i \ r i ,^0 t h r V I , |r, I , i, , , , i ,, /or $ 4 7 ' i . i ' 1« i i f t i r deduct nr J] ' - ·44 t* tfjirt dent nc If « o «i ' - ka*nti«' fe« and $1 lif j; a* finr* d i ,(o rountlrn ,, A m o r * fi» H»mi mnkinjr up tb- THE LACE SHOP \ l i l r r i » r t nrf 1 »K«I nxrr v r h l r l r i I t n t i a l 11 n 1.11 5 1 1 ' m n i i i l \ r- M i l » n » m l i i i t u n $ 1 . 1 ind i i i \ c m ' l n o n w i i | H 3 4 . ' l l n r w II i f l I r i na i i i n f 1 I l ' I i| I M m |* i in I n I* 3 r 'l COLUMBUS LIGHTHOUSE IS FAVORED BY BISHOP \\ \ ~ H J Ni , I \ M i v j I i- \ u 1 i f p i f t hr ^ 1 1 t i I lominic in I *I I * ] Ifn Mli ^ n IMI Nniic ] I IN « 1( n t \\ I I I i mi t l i V i m ( t, . r, , \ i ] in n n ' t ' MM 39 E. FRONT ST. · I'oriL'lr cndir«ln» th* 1 project ot · K i.i'ii .1 «r H( liKhUioua?, or pharo*. n t i l i r i n t m i u r of thr harbor of Ban l . m i n t - " »· n m e m o r i a l to C^hritto- I I ( ( i | mitm* ll t r j i « I i h l , n » a t t a i n e d con- · l n i l l l i i i n l w a v 11 f e w ) a r * agx, \ \ I K n i f » ( t ruled d u r l n i f t h * w a r MELLON IS OPTIMSl 1C IN REPORT TO HOUSE ' flUd frtll) \\ \ H I N ; PON M a v F -Th«« fl- i m i . i t l i n !· "rapidly crowing b«tt»r" and U now "well on th* way to normal," particularly ai It raUtei to th* agricultural Induitry, Secretary Mellon told th« HOUM bank-. Inf and currency commit!** today. Mellon appeared before,th* commute* to urc* pa*-»|e of the b i l l extending for another year to Jun* 10. 13:j, the War Finance Corporation, w h k h make* Inani to farmer* and l l v r i t o k producer*. A dodlnky IB our linotype broke Thl* la the only email "t" ha we can are, on of he machine Thl« I* ouirl luck for a p r i n t i n g office on I* pr»-n« d a y -- P a o l a ( K a n n a * ) R e p u b l i c a n Seventh Annual Profit-Sharing 4 Sale - Silks of A most unusual opportunity to those who appreciate the most beautiful in dress materials. Buy Now For the Bridal Tro»«»eau, Vacation Clothes and Gen- DICII. BROAD tit 0 NT 818. Af i »-!»- A SON RADIO CONCERT* DAILY Unsurpassed Quality Low Prices Baronet Satins A c o m p l e t e 1 n.. ,,f , i , new i«hiiri \ r \ I i \ q u a l l t j ·!(! 11 hi ^ \\ l i \ slue J1 " } ir 1 , \ i aperisl,. $1^5 Yard Silk Crepe de Chine 46 I n r h p i w IP in V , , , ( and r \ e i 1 n c --ii i i. .- , \ M) I f n t j u a l M K r t ' 11 \ i M I 12 00 \ a r r t ti S , r , , $1 60 Yard. C*ntqn Crepe 4 0 ' i m h n \ \ i l r 1 1 i ' ' j ] llfie nf a ' l r l i r i r \\ c ,,| ^ \er\ h r a v \ i] j I | I T \ l , t r u i i r ^»!u«» J ^ j' ^ , ^ l I .-.nlr i , r i . $2,66 Yard. Satin Metialine -1 nl $1.39 Yard. Charmeiue \ l i l i f f* I I 1 ?· l ' i 1 I ,( i $1,69 Y a r d All-Silk Pongee \ 1 1 u 1 1 i l( r i n - ! } r i \ \ i n i h i v I I - ,,!]! u t i l . \ u i l S i]- p i n i 85c. Y a r d Spring Ho^ $1.00 up 5ALE NOW GOING ON! '·Visit the Home of Silks" The LACK SHOP Tha R i g h t Store On th« Wrong Street" 39 EASf ^KO^r^ ST. 2 Door, We«t of Broad St. Our Modern Corset Department Is More Than Ever Prepared To Give You Expert Service Our shells are stocked with Nemo Corset* and our c o m p e t e n t (.orsetieres are prepared to aid in your selection nf the N i ' i u i ) Corset and Circlet, which are designed to bring out the naturally good lines of \ o u r f i g u r e . There will be daily demonstrations of the newest models, among which is the truly remarkable corset Nemo Jujpul No. 575 "Neither Front Kor It has a closed, well-shaped hark. The entire front is made of Lastikops C l o t h , beneath which is hidden the c l e \ e r l a c i n g device One pull on th'" ends of t l i e lacere and the corset is adjusted. Low top., loup skirt. P i n k c o u t i l : sizes '22 to -!G--$T).fK). New Circlet No. 1110 is more than n brassicrr U c]Uali/.es the bust and shoulder flesh and completes correct setn Fink brocaded mesh, sizes 36 to 4 $1.00. V x , l "It's Easy to Pay the Gately .Fitzgerald- Way" Real Money-having Prices on Home Furnishings at «atcly Fitzgerald's There is Real Economy in G. F. Ice-Saving REFRIGERATORS X/ bettor refrigerators are made t h a n those sold at Gately Fitzgerald's, and we make i t ' o a ^ v fur any home-maker to own one. $17.50 Up s at I o w Trices All sizes, all colors--in Wiltons, A»minsters, Velvets and Brussels. Seamless Velvet Rug?-Room siz^e 9 ft. x 12 ft. Axruinster Rugs ?i// 9 f t . x 12 ft. Brussel* Room ^17.0 M ft. x 12 ft $^5.75 $39.75 $12.75 And many others. Select* of B«b« Sets at Uw Prices Handftome sets, in all the popular finishes and combinations. Many designs. $139.50 4-pieee Ivory Bedroom Set...$110.50 fl98.00 4-piece Walnut Bedroom Set.$1*7.50 r2,'W.. r )0 4*piee Walnut Bedroom 8et.$lT9.50 1275.00 4-pieoe Mahng. Bedroom Bet $119.50 1350.00 4-piece Walnut Bodroom 8et.$«7JO Pl«ty of othtr a«U at low prlotf. Ea*y payments, GATELY FITZGERALD CO, 126 SOUTH BROAD STREET UMflt. ·ATU1DAT Ni '- Bharinf 1«U $1,98 An out-and-out rludlnff b r u e h , muf and ml i ror. m u n » h »ln^' T * h i m s e l f i h i n o r n i n g m i l In 1 hi.ii-11'v I n f a \ u i of .1 l i H O f a m « n i p lik-e t h l i K'rtit h'loor RADIO CONCERTS DAILY \ ENDS TOMORROW NIGHT! Some of the Put Barg~im Saved for the Final Day. JAke the "dessert" of a swell dinner, these last-day offerings will "top off" the big feast. More proof, brimful and running over that between you and high prices stands the RargainStore SaleExtraordinary! 150 Strikingly Smart New Dresses - Salesmen's Samples - at $T / a price to charm and thrill woman-kind Formerly sold up to $2o. The days arc fe«- and far between when Trenton women a« offered an opportunity in any way comparable to these Dresses at $7.80. Dresses for aft«r- noon, street, business or party wear -- women's and misses' sizes Frocks of crepe de chind, canton crepe and taffeta, that in fashion and coloring are among the smartest we have ever ·Jiown. Your choice Saturday, $7.50! $7.98 $20 Tweed Suite Another lot--100 of th«»« nmn- nish. «llk lined aulta go on eale tomorrow at %7M. All the popular shades -- copen rose, brown, tan and periwinkle Amazing value*' WOMAN'S $15,00 are crepe k n i t , canton -repe satin and g^orgrttr H a n d - someb headed and embroidered H a \ e ^old ai high aa H5 iNlles- IM n s samplee Second Floor 3000 Yards Standard Apron Ginghams--Reg. 18c Quality P'ull" 27 I n c h e s w i d e Color fast absolutely jruar- anteei All size checKS an I e \ p r v H i n t e d shade B u \ a.* m u c h aa \ o u w a n t and it will be cut from fresh, f u l l pieces Ba««nient Out they go! 200 LEATHER BAGS, PURSES and VANITY CASKS $1.35 each I t i« vuperfluoua to cmphnslza the f j 't ( h i t f o r t u n e Is folna; to cait a p a r t i c u - t a r h meojilng umile on t h i flr^t iO(» f i m i n i n c s who/look at these »matt basi $2.25 10 C It- For They Ar« Valn«i -- r^r^e of Vach«tte and Tooled Men! Men! These $1.50 Tome about once In a month of Sundays, t-hare in them, F*motu "Univerail" Pajamas, Suit Salesmen's samples, regular |Z 50 \ n l u e n , and a b s o l u t e l y f l r « t q u a h t j Made of French pprcaln (Hid matlrofl Kornp plain, others w i t h »ilk trogf $2.50 Silk Fixnt Si Front of £» broadcloth backc to match / CurT also of silk A dandy somnTer shirt · **(2.90 Soft Bosom 59c 25c Plain white. In all sizes but IS Bur half a dozen of tbeee at He. «*ch. 30c. Rubber Bella at Serviceable he Ha with attract- i \ n buckle* --to -near on countli lays that are coming First Pkwi Tr Purk» V £ and S*I0 W tailored and shopping; stjlo- in e v e n dettlrabta chade. Kitted w i t h mirror and coin pur»*. All aitk llnetl And the price |145 -- Ul unbeatable' Pirst Floor Boys'$10 Blue Serge Suits $ Splendid «« All Wool Sfrjr* 1 Suits well nude and otrefully tailored Belted models w i t h \oke l)ck and patch pocket* Hieea S to 18 First Floor i'RfMMKD HATS " $?.98 each Worth - at Gay and picturesque models of braid and crepp de cbjne -- c o l o r t u l l j flower and gibbon trlmnjM Chic, becoming poke, mu«hroom. turban, roll brim and off-the-face hats that will win your Instant admiration t'nmatchnbl* \ a l u e g at t' ^B- Come in and try them on No obligation o bu. and Hew Felt $1.96 $2.98. HanA-onwly Bended broidered, $3.98 A -,»«- Second Floor WOMEN'S $1.50 UNION SUITS *9c Fine ribbed and mercerized onion*. TailvAYd top*; tbell knw ; low neck, do sleeve ityle, in all tizes. Bif ralnc at $1,C9 in fleah, Built up bodice 19.40 00 AT Dainty «ilk white and orrhid ityle. W: :V§ fltC H:-* _:-r *» Collar* and MU ·"· Rrmrntry. Me $8.M Beorft, Flr«t Floor $1.95 of USh*t\, A»*her »tHp«B*frt of thoej* chic aA4 tcarf* that are an th* rac*. A l - MioAt *T»ry coocalmbl* cokx and r rp'. romklnattoa. nr»l F»oor UP HOSE, $1,94 at Pull r«*hi«fttl Ml th* lowwt prk* Hi Uw city. ft»!»fart»« ntita a«d ««rr. Data tak III Mask. w»lt% cofd«r«m, ·«· Ban FU11 H pound balls For making bar*, rue* belts, hau. etr In«truct1on therta fre« Floor $1.69 »t- $1,29 8pl»ndld · ho win* of n«w pat' tern*. 8om« with h«m«tlt-hf»d ·caJlopAd ed(«* for crochetlox StM Mx4f Inchit Floor yard. $1,25 IM y*rfe ffo oe U tkla low prto*. 4« inebM WhJU -«4 n««h ih«d*. for wtddlni* or 1» i c*- PlrM Floor Women 'i $4.50 WOOL in With uLite leather cuffs and b«lt. fascinating ihades of moh»wk, orchid, BATJ, p»i- cxk and jockey. A Tonic For Homes - A Tonic Foi Purse*! HJ6 0 «-' «; f/c i «.»tra BM quatlty n»'«qutaMt« with ·till I-ltttb ii Htcrnrd t-t»4. JSi ymrda kw«. IB! whit* and Acra A :fl MtractK* tilrocS j · f»«r lift Tktit ar» M1H fw Hntt* or dmibto worth from tl.M u I 4 M r.i «»8 AWimroi $Ub All r«*.l» «o »wn« Mil. of Mrlpid -1 ·w«l«c diK-k--«.. v* f *(tf. M^llkUri ·· a»k» Ji I t\ ^r. TkiM _' . » t* 41 1 ^III Hi II «» «-H- I .·^t^i^Wd'i* ^* ivt-, ·»*_£. tiL£i_ SPAPFRf

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