The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 25, 1891 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1891
Page 1
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SWSfr*?; Vi ; T H E rut T H t President. N A T I O N A L ----^ H A N K cashier. THE CAPITAL CAPITAL NATIONAL NATIONAL NATIONAT, BANK B\NK BANK OFFICIAL ItlRECTVKT. State XHUuent. Uovarnor Andrew H. Bark*. Bismarck. Lientenant-Oovernor Boom Allm, Urartoo. Secretory of State John Flittie. Bismarck. TreAnurer--L E. Booker. HiBinarok. Aurlitor-John P. Bray, Bismarck, Attorney-General-;*. A. M, Spencer, JJis- "tkfpermtendent of Public Instractiou^Jolin B I S M A R C K . NORTH DAKOTA, SATl'RDAY. APHH^5. THROWING THEM OUT. . · of laBumnce- A- , v.arey. , , , t l l l r i i e a C a p i t a l . *1,OQO,000 " ,,,.., . . p C - a p H H l - ; . · .$50,000 | H r i ,l g l ,]il on R l l t h R principal citiw C U K U K S H O N D E N T S ,- . . i i c p u t a l Natioual Bank, S f " n N l . A \ V S - - A KI-AV- COl'lEB OK TI«i ' n n a - L A i t EDITION . . or 'I'HE Sb'.SSlON L A W S OF 1-W. - ' U L A H EDITION Commissioner Bismarck. , , . , u CommisHioner of Agriculture and Labor-ii. T. HeljjeBen, Bismarck. t . , Railroad ttominiBeioners--decree -M. vv »'°"' chairman. Grand Forks; tfeorge Hartm.n, Man- dnn - Andrew Hlotten, Wahpeton; M. J. Kdserlej, secrfltary, Bismarck. (C)ltice of boa d nt OHP- ' U 1 1 '.' I 8. Senators-Ron. H. C. Hansbroa^h, Hon. Lyrann H. Case y. ,,, ., , v Membw-of fungi-ess-Hou. H . N . J i . «.m The JudU'iary. DISTHtrr JUDGED. , First District--C. F Templatnn, lirand Forks. Hecond District--1). K. Morgtio, Devil* Laki-. Third District--W. B. McConnell targu. Fourth Uistrict-W. S. Lander, Wahpeton. Fifth District--Koderiok' Hose, Jampstowu. Sixth DUtrict-W. H. Winchester. HitinKrck. C. P. C1BOU1T OODHT. (!£ ^"""jlout^^rK-'a. A l l e n , -l-.-uy, Bismarck. U. S. DIHTKlOTCOfHT. Jnilue- Hon. A. D. Thomas. C l i - r k - J . A. Mout(!«mer'. . U S. District A t t o r n e y - J. r. t w l l i y . U . S . Marshal, A. F. I'rico. St'PHEME COURT.' - C h i e f Jastice--iuy I " . H . 'A?M'-int? Jastioes--Alfred W i i l l i n . i-'iirgo; M. Hartholompw. BiKinarck, ^. . Cltrk of Saprera" Court-'K. D. Hoekinb, 1 mari'k. . Keportpr--K. ^V . ( HJIIP, J n m e t t o w n . , J u d i c i a l - ^ U t l i D i s t r i c t : . Jridi?*^--W H. Winchester. Bifiimrck. I'oart stenographer, ft M. Tattle, M a n d a n . The grip is spreading iu southern Kusa. The ISoston painters' strike is declared off. - St. Louis carpenters will strike May 1st. There were disastrous rains and Hoods iu Peru in March. It is denied that the (ixeat Northern will cut eastern rates. · It is believed the British troops have coerced the Indian · rebels. A mysterious Jack the Ripper murder haa occurred in Now York, the. Evictions iii the Coke of Peiiusylvania Still Uo- iue tm. The sin-riffs niul Deputies P r o t e c t e d 1'V a Company Soldiers. of A S t o r y t el V o ess Wholesale H u t c h - (Inind J. · o S L V ONLY::. c ,,M,y 7.-. CENTS ONLY 75 .CENTS- ONLY 75 CENTS 'ONLV 75 CENTO uowspHper or send U T K 1 H U N K , ISinmarck. N, D. The Pittshurrj hod carriers ^ struck against the^iasoua' lock-out. Pennsylvania foreign cokers d r i l l n i g h t - ly and trouble is anticipated. The WorUl's Fair laborers s t r i k e has been temporarily abandoned. Canadian millers are t r y i n g to i n t r o duce their tloiiriuto Jamaica. ,.. ,. , , · , , man who mi t h Private Secretary Halrord and ilau^li- tcr started for F.iirope Friday. Slavin, Mitchell and Moore, the pii(,'i- liss, arrived at New York, Fridav. s t r i k i n t r Laborers iu I'aiuvma. bail each, for their appearance at th»' J u n e term of court. They were charged with rioting. ,, ·IU* Street Cur Strlkei". DKTKOIT, April '24. At a late hour rhin iiftemooii the secretary of the city railway company addressed a letter to Mayor Pin^ree accepting his Biitftfestion of arbitrating" thp present trouble between the company and' its employes. The letter, which is ambiguous iu wording, has t h r o w n considerable oil upon the troubled waters and it is thought the strike will be a tiling of the past within the next 48 hours. The strikers an j u b i l a n t at the t u r n | matters have taken and the oity | rnitfs w i t h , their shouts ' as one of ! their impromptu bussedpasssrt from time i to time. The public s nipathy is en! t i r e l y w i t h the uVn and liberal concessions have bi-eii taken iii various parts of the city for them d u r i n g the past days. No trouble is anticipated t h i s evetiiiiK on any of the lines. It in not thought Liarraiiie arrived here. Hi? is the same n u y aftempt to run ears will be made t i l l K i l l i n g IH'fenreleiiK W o r k l u i - l l . I'A.N \ M A . A p n l ·24.--Theff»Howinj,' nro HJP latest mail advices concerning the Chilian revolution: Ou tli.e 4-th Martin . . I t h mst. «aved the work- the committee on arbitration reports. who were on a istrikw'iu liiuniue. At .11. on the nifiruinji of the 3d upwards ion workmen .collected at Pazo Al- T(l SETTLE T H K S T K l K r . . DKTKOIT, April 24. The H t r i k e r H - h e l d a ineetiuj,' this morning at the city hall to appoint a committee to meet repr'e- ,,. . . ' moiite, in or.ler to proceed to ^.j.,..^-, t . r - -- The.propeller Milwaukee C f W »« aud make a formal representation re- sentatives of 'the city railrfn» company HurTalo s'lok in tlie i^etroiL ritri i 11 . . . i ... *,,, ».,,.^,M.,,r.. .it- i n « , j* (scarcity of provision.".. PUBLIC' IXSTITCTIONS. Cftpitol University ins»iiie to morrow niorniu^-at l^j/jflock to ad- j « . . · . ·· - Just their differences. After~V t ) m m l t t o t f · The democratic amendment to the Illi- After they reached tbe works, the mana^ naa boen . lppo i nteit lt was dertd to re- nuis corupulsyry school law has passed er,William Johnsou.^ave them ten uarrels Bllme work to-morrow monnntf.) the house. " , of biscuits and I.IKX) tins of preserves, The Detrojt stree't cars will not run. till which were distributed nmonw the stnk- the authorities can furnish the proper e r s _ They remained there that uisj-ht A Sliort F l f j r l i t ., April '24. -Charles Kem- protectinn. ' "- ~ ~'" f a mfon"the foliowinp day sent some of rnic of this city and James Scully of 'ieo" Freeman of Montana has been their leaders on to N^reiros. 'There \Voonsocket, K. L. fought at tho rooms appointed confidential clerk to the ^com- ' more men wore tl) be collected. Sudden- of the 'Twin City Athletic club for a land office, ): S2(H) to the loser and the Penitentiary AKiicoltnraloollef B i e m a r n k . . . . t-irand Forks S N " M..SKION LAWS SESSION LAWS h n l ! K n l l l l . m i n l . J" 1*1 Honnil, Ja HO l i n t i n i l . $3 00 Half-Hiniliftf:, $'- 5° H a l f - H i n . l i n B , $2 50 Half -Binding, $2 50 batnt, of CONVENTION Two 1 ;.i- nt:!tieiiti4:Rtp4 volnmfl of the n - fur 1-W in the largcet hook of i-H.n LHKT i'vir issnpd in the DR- t h f , c o n t H i n i n R noarly IKK) ^sxgea.. . c r u r j p l i t n t i o n . »nd orsanic act are n!i'l m t h i n volnnie. Bend check |ni-tjil notf. Addroas " T H K T R I B U N E , - " Blflmnrck. N. D T H K TK t V K U Y BCrilNKSS MAN "I- V K K Y KEAL ESTATE DEALEK KVEHY FAKMEB V EVEKY STOCKMAN b H O L ' L D ' K K A I ) CAREFULLY THE '/ - - A UVKKT1SEMEST8 THE T R I B D N E r .IT ia ' H E HS8T DA.ILY NKWBPAl'EK IN THE COUNTRY. AND ONE OF THE VERY RKST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS. ,. , QCICK SALE8 K i . C A R A N T E E D TO THOME WHO CSE i rs noLUms JUDIClOTjaLY. " U K RA.TE8 ARE REfSOJiADLE. THK RESUlra A WW A Y8 SATISFACTORY. RKAL KSJ'ATK M-RN USE THIt Xirnnd Forks Jamestown ...'".'.'.' Biemarck A B i icuiuinu ooliegV i i o c a t w l ) . . . _ , . . . . . . . . . - Fargo Bchool of mines (attached U. university^-,- · -- Normal Bchool (located i · · Doaf and damb afiylam i locti*«rt).... Refoiui school (located! Normal school flocatedl aiajvine Institute f n r fcoble miDded (in connection w i t h aHvlnm'l Jamestown Soldier's horn's '(IbcRtAi)., - · · ·-TM*%TM Blind a^rlnm (!«c»fc-4) - . . ,- - -V embl ??,, c "°.°t* I n d n e l r m l nrhool (located).-... .V hllenilale School ,.f forrwtrv Uocatpd) N. W, part oftot« Scipntifiti -chnol (located) .f.,... \Vnnp*non CNITITI) STATH.H LAND OJFICEBS . E. 8. Keal, reKiptpr. At-a t isher, rceiver. . Jumiw Elton, rpKtMmr. , J. I. Btokfi', reo«ivir. . , j E. i. Hpillman. rfBitt-«r. IVvile Lnkp J ( ) ( ) n iVFcival. rccoivt-r. ·i W Ido M. Pcittpr.-rpRii-lfT, inrtso · - . N. Lfuvib, receiver. ' Surveyor ( i c n e r a l -K. A. William!-. Bismarck. J i i i r l e i ^ h oiuit^-. H h p r i l T - K r n n k Donnelly. TrpnwiriT-.Iolin 1'. Dnnn. K«(fint«rof Diwln - W . ?. Fal'-imi-r. Anditor-A. li. Avery. . . . . . . District A t t o r r i p y - r H. H«;jr1MT. ABBehHor« E M. H c l l a t t i , \ \ i i i . E. Hrcrn, Bib-. erl. VY ( .hhi.r. ' ,Ind«i of Probate E. '. I hnw. binwrintondriit-of S c l u K i l B \ \ . l . t i j r i f c . Oiruner -P- B Webb. · ^ Snrrcyor--ThomaH Hermn. , r!±yVommS,;^WrB Mo"r!,onM.inM J d h n t - i i n , W. K. CiiliRll. p ^, T 1 Jasfci' i- J.JL. t o i l . I - I- » · ' " · ' · . J A. L). ("nrilnBr. ,,· ^ C i t y ol l i i M i m r i - K . M n y o r - W m . \. B.-ntl(v. I rnimarcr -Eil l i r a n f i i T i a n . C l e r k - Ed. Barrott. A t t o r n e y -- N . K. Hoiictior. J n M i c e - K . C. C l i R H f - f ^ h j o f rif fr,lf^f -- M M ^ r c h Street Commie.-iom rj, 1 Fred KribertH. Aldennfen - First ward, .loh. Uietncii. · ' ' · ' · HlatUTy. Sticnnd wiirl-lbos. HinoP, \ % - » . I J P - (friitt Third ward H. W. (jrambs A h. 11,-aly- Fourth ward-T. W. (irilhn. Amos Kobulon. lircains Are v» OIKUTIIII. Dr. Kcid hud a blister applied to his hwid, and .pl.-tstrr w h i c h wax put on after- ward'cau^iii^.' I'M'i-s.^ivi 1 - ]i;iin, hu clriMiued o f f a l l i i i K into i hi- h a m U of Iniluitis and heitiK scalpuil. A whisiti-r in tin: ear i.-, M i f - licieirt Introduce ;i dream, and it is r« la tod of n certain ollicer t h a t his compan- iortw i" this way cuiiductcd him throu.iflt the whole procr-j, of a (jiiarrel, w h i c h endi-.l in :i iliu-1, and when t h e panics wore suppose! to meet a pistol-was put i n t o his hilt*!,-which he lired, and was awakened by the report.--('asst-H's Magaxine. -- \ V i i » and Means. Homeseeker unspectiiiK aflat) How in the world nre pei)]lc to live in such little cubby Jjoles as t the»i'? Asent Ka.-y* enough, m u m . All you ·neeiTis f o l d i n g beds' and camp chairs and self uonblins-Jip tables and a few things like that. ".Humph: I run l i a n l l y t u r n around iu these rooms i n y M ' l f . " "1 sec.mum. It's too bad to be so afflicted, mum. You should take anti-fat.'' New York Weekly. \CaU»« for I i s s a U f a c t i o i i . Merchant Tin: postal service is in a ·wretched condition. Friend Never iroticwl it. "We.ll.xJL/luivc, U.iwmK hi 51 - month I sent out one' hun-Jjrred aptl fifty sttUenient.s of account, w i t h requests for immediate payment, and, so far (is 1 can learn, not more than ( w o o f my customers received then- letters.'' Exchange: The hardy Finns today have their sweat house in every village, where the weekly 'or semi-weekly bath is taken, till the.bfither reeks with perspiration, 'arxl- the men- rush out and throw ^themselves in tbe snow for relief. They "find by experience that such alternations enable them to bear the rigors of their wirgers, nnd centuries would have shown their error if they were mistaken. An Egyptian scythe is exhibited among tbe aotiquifiesTn tbe private museum of Flinders Petritf in London., Tbe shatt of the instrtu"erit is wood, supporting a row of flint saws, which are secnrely cemented into it. This'sets at rest the speculations which have been 'marie as to how the crops of the land were gathered in ,t he flint and early copper age. There are abont 2,890 cotmties in the Union, with an average size of abqut' 1,000 squAre (Tiilf«, bnt this average is enormously preceded in many instAnees, and is also - ' - -- · - - · · T^avlikgont the of tbe wcKt. the .' * · _· ,'rf '*J»X ,J " '* ^_ ,1 jj lv, however, a' train appeared, loaded purse o The Illinois legislative committee finds I d r e n . the Chicago live stock .exchange has boy- ; cotted the American live stock exchange and its pharges are unrefeonable. , Henry . Shortly afterward, the forces ly was easily knocked out ,n the third forward and killed all the men. | rounu. Meiiuwhi]e m p u f r ( ) m t u e jj e preiros Fred Feffer, a Bourbon, Ino 1 .. farmer, exploded a works, with ez, returned t, their houses, oyrerwfte they micbt also have fallen victims.^ O f Lieutonant ,('a«ey, slaughter took refuse in the nitrate fields, but stump while he stood near witb a oasxet | u -"v '"'K'-"- "=" ""'^ - -· + were much scattered. - , " | took refuse in the ^litrate fields, but ' The trial of Frank Marshell, charpwl | were- subseiiuently followed- up and with the murder of John CUnv, piifiilist. ; killed. A f t e r theses-deeds had been coin- came to a sudden termunation Friday j t t j 8O1UO H'.t.nieu · were arrested, and ·ifternoon bv .Tudk'e Graham niBtructinp i . , ^Uternoon n\ .1 uo^a .^HY i of this number eifc'hteon were mn-njwrftl. jliry to return a verdict of not R r n i L j . - . - r ^ . . , . , . ,, ,, M n r f l l - 1;uh: ..'m w P l e n t y Jlorno nil T r i i i l . 4 K i o r x FALLS. April 2.1.-The trial of Plenty Horne, charged w i t h the murder ipgau to-day. number e.if/hteon were ,jeiiia I.»iario said-ou March l l U h : i C ' l i i l i a n government find Chilian rebe ^,.,. ...... . ,.,/ ; i i n i i a i i L r o \ e l i i i i t i i j i M u t t v ^ » i » ^ u . ^ . / v . . M . i K K K T * itv Tt.Li-.,itAi'H. ^".^ ]} .^ h()th B | Klt 'eevenil per- ousncs-. - _ - . . . -p _.^_.. . » -i . . . . _ * _ : \... 1 r~tf t* nn r l i i a c " M » r U « - t . WIJF.\T NO. 'i. \ open- Hich- J l' (1 « A j i r . il A p r i l Muy J n l y I I ? 1 ! 1 1 'i\ I I I ) 1 - ] I l l ' 111 lUVlV rup- i i i i ··* H I 1 - ! , mi'» » M a r k e t . M I N N K \ F O L I S . A p r . '24. ; ,, tho number was Anihal ! Narnnjo. a government otllcer who was i shot when the relielw retired from Ovalle. | It is Rtated that, .when the government 1 forces retired from Pozo Almonte, tlmy. sinot all the prisoners they hail anil ile-- stroybtl-all- the' nitrate eetahliHhmentB they passed. The number of men who tcivk part fn the ritfht at I'o/.o A l m o n t e on'March 7th is estimated at 4,l)(K) and nearly tbreo-fourtliK of this number were . - . u n d e r orders ot an adjournment wan taken for to-day. H K v i l t i U o i i and M o r u l i t y , E v o l u t i o n a r y philosopher*- . , - i v e excellent preueiH.' fl r healthy aud f u m l u r t a b j e l i v - iuj,-. I J u t these precejits a p p a r e n t l y the man f u l f i l l s , anil thiii .he f u l f i l l s n i l ri K hty- Tbey may talk to him, i n t l u w l , __ jierfect SUI.U 1 . of society lo be some d u y l i r m i K h t about by e t l i i r a l ^ c i e n c t - , in w l i ' n ' l i be w o i l l i l be out. of plucc; but, he, having mil;. o:ie l i f e , U i k i - - the wm Id IIH he finds "it i i n d ' t i u i k e - s the best of it."for h i m self. U ' h y M i m . l d be s a c r i f i c e liirnK-lf to t h e f i i t u i v u f h i i M i a n i t y ? ' K v u l i i t I_DII, beinn a q m u - i m i i - h a n i c a l '"i ( l necessary process, w i l l i i i l l i l l i t s e l f w i t h i j u f e l T u n or sacrifice on his ]iart. A n d t i n - pei-i'eet s u i t e , a f t e r a l l , w i l l te ~" v ,-TT*. ,"' r . n t ^ k ! government lea.lerB. , The cont.Bt n,,Hi D «: No. 1 h H n l . A i . n l . .U- ,."» TM£ ^ ,, 8 n n f f u i n , t r v one and more than 1 .(KM) $ i n * i * l l l : No. 1 N f i t t l i e r n , A f r i l n n c i A l n . 'y^ 5 _ ," _ j. « l l t ' . j ; J u l y . Sl.rJ'.: "n trn.-k. $l.mV".il.W 5 ; No. 'J .VoTWH'rn. A p r i l , Sl.u-: on truck. $1 u*'.i killed and wourfded was the rpsult. ..The Balmaceda forces were routed with a 1 S O i i l t i t h .-Harket. ^, ', U u t t T D . A p r . 24. No. 1 hard. ciMi. $1.11' About TtecH. I wish to 'fesi of all their artillery and a pre.ater r t5\p$ft)er of- ti.^ infantry. The cavalry, i which took no part in the- J o*mbat, joiund · with a few infantry soldiers, who fled toward th west, and w i t h the head of the : Barbosas column, which arrived at i pamps after .the action immediately re- 1 tired toward Camina. The revolutionary army-committed a number of fitroci- commauil.era«.HW'l- "officers , t i arv army^OLLImiLbcu n UULUL^^I ML (iL t ,.i.» EDITOR T u n i r N K : 1 wish to ay a tew ^^ ^y^ t ^ e commauil.era t n«1- "oilteers words in regard to Arbor Day. as 1 Iwe co , { ]j no t prevent. At Pozo, Alrhonte, tree- -hruh-. and and w a n t lo lend the centre'of the Xitrate district, where a h e l p i n g haiiil %f l e a n . Now fn the fir^t"there wer^' about 1,000 inhabitants, and nlaee a, to w h e r e trees s h o u l d he e[ out! of whom^mauy perirfl^d inclildinw v" · ' .. r ... ., -..:.i. i n-nm^rij when the disperseil troops were p, and wherHhe victors com- i n g r o u n d nl i n t e K n i t i o i i a n d d i s i n f u K r J i - tiou, or w t v u t e v e r the wheel of e x i s t e n c e may he eull-'d. Men of greedy nnd d j i r i i i K character who feel t h e i r force w i l l not be hindered f r i i m u s i n t t i t f o r t h e i r .'ijiKriiwl- i/A-ment l y a r n u i u t n t s of the tea tulile. Thcv w i l l ^nt;p, by_ai! t l t o . f n e a i K 1 i n t h e i r power, t be largest s h a r e u t t n i i u i b l e of such enjoyment,-. 1 ^ may f a l l t o t h e l n t o f beings always on. the verKe of i n i i i i h i l i i t i i i i i -- a dniw'l'Kii-k I " w h i c h , b y t l i e w a y , i u pictures of " serulnri.-i' m i l l e n n i u m reference ia seldom ' made.-- 1'rofe.swor S m i t h in Forum. a «padc, and a large hole "· -i-." . - . , rnenceu 1.0 i J i u u u tree i n , :*y three feet across and emhteen ; TM^ J ores . indies deep. Place the tree in the ground v iu the same position as it grew n a t u r a l l y menced to plunder drinking · shops aud. the same side to the north. P'ace. all the fine roots straight. Cut off all the bruised ^arts of the JarRe roots w i t h sharp k n i f e . 1( down. Cover w i t h f i n e n the roots are all covered", put In two jeis Of \ \ a t e i . Then V f u l l of earth, leaving-it Now that your Op OI me t i e r . j . ^ w * » " r , - · · - ' . _ m^Cy^n '''To do^hKeUeesTouldjThiB'was'donewithont any decided op- " 7 mn , i( . ur ,,f maure: the t.obil lave a box around them, or a Ward,placed pog i t j orj) except an occasional collision beauty, the strength, t h e U-ndernes Stf-iKS! S t,S ^.r?s ' ·'«· ""t .·»"*··_ JS e ::^rs:. ssv^i^ii^rua Tl.- I).-ud. T l n ' i ' e is ;i s u b j e c t , i n . r e l a t i o n l o t h e dead very v i t ; i l i i n.-. . - i l l - t h a t o f b u r y i i K f h e i r m e m o r i e s a w : i v i n u n b r o k e n .silence. V\ e all k n u w I ho.-e w l i i i do t I t i " , who hem ' heni- selve, ~o c l u - i ' l y i n w i t h U i e i r x r " ' l t l i ; i l n o o n i M l u r c v .-.jicau of the dead in t h e i r presence- w h o r o b t h e m s e l v e s - a n d t h i n k i t i~ the grave. Ui.-it d e f r a u d s them. For I he r x c i t ^ n i P i i t I n c r e a h l n j j . ! -Icjvj are i n d e r d t w i c e divid tp .Us \ \ l i e n ·SCOTTB.I.K, Pa., April 24,-There was - their mime^ a,, ,,,,·,, - -^ *'- called, not w i t h - . e n t i m c . - i t . - i l arid i'al.-e eulogy, but n a t u r a l l y , as we w o u l d Rpe.nk h;ul t h e y but j u s t ·jfonc somexvhere for. a -little w h i l e . For we m a k e the dead l i v e iiKJiin w h e n speech of t h e m and t h o u g h t of t h e m become part o f o n r d a i l y l i f e . T h e care-ss a n d a l l t h e h u m a n t o u c h may more excitement at or near-by the coke works to-day,' as a result of the many evictions, than there has been for many months. Deputy Crawford with a large' ' f i l l tiie'hole near- body of assistants, and guarded by Com- C, began throwing out a dozen fam- WHO IS Tlltt Jack thfe .Ripper BeKinst Ifis Murderous Work , in New Y o r k - C i t y - - - A Woman Disemboweled in «· Similar M a n l i e r to the W h i t e - c Impel Victims. * ·" N e v e r Hrlore Were so if any Detect- i v e s iitul I ' l i l u - e m e u Employed ou a S i n ^ l " t'a*e. THr*' M u r d e r e r SITU. N E W YOUK, April 24.. N o w let .the po- lu-e of New York prove their boosted BUI periority over the police of London. ' .Iiu'k tho Hipper ia here, lie lias done ! lus unspeakable work. His victim, mangled a« lie mangled her predecessors in i tlie grim list in London, liea as he left ; her in the lodging house, corner Water Kiid Catharine streets, where the deed was done. J-'urth'er than that, the weap- ou 'iTke.dJiafl'been found and is iu the hand's of the police. But, more than all, Jack the Kipper himself was seen before he did hie blootly work. TUB girl who saw him is able lo give a close and clear description of J i j u j , mid. )/ briiii^ht Ow \ to face with him, can identify positively. | The story of the crime is horrible in its simplicity and iu its familiarity. Under different surroundings and with modifications incident to tlurne surroundings, it is-im exacf repetition of. the horrible . atrocities of Whitechapel. The woman was fully 00 and the man could not liSve^ been over 'U or 'V2. Tlie rfmn gave his name n» C. Nicolai to the c-lprk of the lodging house .where they" went at 1U:1T last uigut. At 10 o'clock this morning u boy whose duty it. was to rouse the tunly lodgeis pushed open the door of No. ,'J1, and there beheld such a BCone of horror as he will not for-' get u n t i l his dying day. Stretched out on the bed, naked from waist down, lying m her ri^ht' side, with both arms twisted and bent under tier, her head enveloped in fold after fold of cloth, the old woman lay ntark dead ou the* mat- trasB soaked with her blood. She had ·been completely ditierubowled and tlie terrible remilt of the operation drawn out and HeattereiL? over the entire;' lower pfirt o f . . . t h e bed. The boy, after one glance at this appalling spectacle, Hew away and gave the alarm. Police Captain O'Connor and two roundsmen made a careful search of the room, nnd on .the floor clos. by 4 t h n bed. with ite haft and blade s t i l l wet with ' blood, lay t h V k n i f e with which the deed was ilpne. Tlie inurd-r must have been well-nigh noiseless. Tho adjoining room being i'Uly separatei.l by a tlmi board partition, it would be almoHt possible *o hepr H wbi«per through it-- Yet the mail who slept there heard not a sound. Thfl assassin did Ins work, stole quietly away and Jack the -"Kippers first bloody mark has beonjnade in New ,York. In spector Williams is to-night assisting Inspector Byrnes in questioning the people continually bpiug brought' in to-night by the largest force of central office detect^ fves and policemen ever at work on a single cape in New York. One woman arrested, Mrs. Harrington, who keeps a lotlgidg liouse, gave information whereby the police arrested a man k n o w n in his haunts as "f-Venchy" and who according hr 3Irfl. Harrington v as acijii-tinted w i t h the dead woman whose n n m e she said w s Carrie Browc. 60 years old. The woman formerly lived out at service, but w? ejso mnchjgive:i to riotous lining that, she' acquired unenviable reputation and 'tlius lost her chances of .gaining an honest livelihood. The police would give no info raw ion concerning the man nor would they nive his right name. fe^..»mW°^ VndK [li^at White's, this morning, including ^^-J--^:!;^;^^^^. "^ ^^. u ^^^.^^^^l'^^ ' n ^ notorious-souphouse.' . ^H,!,: that w e k m - w ; H,e'«entlen^ n o b i l i t y , the a of th« hear.U-d miff Warier -Mirt binding fWine.' and in i with irate re.«BJes. me ev 1C nng parry -- watering them find a w aeon box rod; file tben marc-hed'to Morgan's, attended by the friend; the, undaunted candor of Uie'cthild. The spirit of none of these several hundred 5 Strikers. At the v e r y ' can din. If we banish them, it is we who outskirts a JUrmgariak struck one of tbe bereave ourselves, burning the immortal Mthastone. This was followed wi^i the »"' rtjil remains'of those w host, Uddeued and enriched b l u m a f t c l V l d c h e r r y a n d t h e best vines. , niarc ] 8 with a stone. This was followed wi«i trie more*, re,, he wiia grape and bitter sweet. I wish ^ y a B h o wer of stones fro", a crowd of prt-aem-e uluddened ar also to say a few 'he children of | ^ ldren bu f fio ODe was badly hurt by Harper s North Dakota, When some old W ? y tells ,. · The houg6 ^vmed by Me- you we can't grow trees here on account of our winters being too cold, our climate too dry and the wind blowing too hard, yon lust laugh aritw, idea aud plani trees arid you will be able:to show them within fifteen years what can he done. Bear ir. mind, however, that a tree is very tender and as soon a* possible after taking it from the ground sou must replant it. covering the rows with wet sacks..! claim the, greatest cause ot trees dying from be "g replanted is the hot rays of sun falling upon them, absorbing the . moisture and eavinirthe trees to wither and die. 1 am w i l l i n g and ready to help this good work a °Tremain respectfully yours, '_ -Engineer of Water Works. ·Henry O.'Archibald, Lyndbntst, Bergen county, N.J.. writes: ··I have-been'a martyr to rheumatism, ffi h fwWala 1 2.tT!nS d S2SS£ tJon, bin upo-., exammatiorj my A Ciood Way to Keep Flower*. There is nothing bett.e.r than a common the volley- The house occupied by McEnery, a local leader, was soon peached, arid Company C fom'ed a circle abont'it, . i,,eif m m/i-L.,..^, .,^^~-- ^^ - --- teeoing back the crowd-'that now haa i -potato to keep flowers fresh. Cut one into crown to enon.ions proportions. Mrs. 1 halves and insert the stems into holes in McEoery was' in delicate health, but them bortd for the purpose. 1 hen'arrange when Deputy Dickson Blabbed a chair · them in a low basket or shallow dish and ., ^ ·* . i · . . v . _ i' l*^'_4 ' ^s-,^n.«I f K « n t u K A i n n vttrrpfj* It ** W i t h IGAVPS she his flew head, 'at hi.n, when he lost ' conceal the plebeian vegetable with leavrs drew two bulldog re- ' or moss. There is moisture enough in an after calling h e r ! average sized potato to sustain a flower for Cries ' two weeks. Don't, keep tbe potato bouquet in too warm a room,-however. This volvers, and, ,, a vile name, threatened to shoot. of "Shame" and "Coward" from the m«=.,.., ~», »."... - . . , . . . . . , _ . . . . - . . . . - --- tss?sl£SR'?!i, m s?^ K"»';^Ktt^r,tv ^·sasf^yy^lS. 8s ^m;'Sf TO erv;r SSL a slit for air. New York Times. t on, bntupo-.i examniatiuu ^i ·"yjKfj'i-jr" fonnd to blsparid. I then ascerUinedthat. aa suffering *tth , , 1 Os.»i, which, was so bad; at night that eonldl not sleep. I n«ed aft AHcoetti PJ- . sat dowu amidst her household goods , in the road and wept contentedly. Then |.k the deputies went to, where sis- | teon fan.ilies were unhonsed «jtnont · mnch tronble. Company ^ ariived Dpre ^ fa]gc ^^ trivia, s amost te ns- this evening and went into qnartei s lat tbe r ^^ Qf R ji lffttiiiie TJ) ^ raere U)zht o£ nat , ^ fa]gc In Art. of painting or ,^ m -i a h them from trivial. Is almost the bnsi- t this evenng an wen in qnarei r ^^ Qf R ji lffttiiiie TJ) ^ raere U)zht o£ nat , ar.noiy. Thay are a t'^.f®*; J ut TM I ni'e cAniea ns but a little way, and that are in Kood spirits. Sbenff McOon.nck j ^^ ^^^ diT*ti«m. To see the il not likel be 1 says their services will not likely be needed ajfin nntil Monday, as no more evictions will take place nntil then. Aa- belieroo the Twenly-m'Tte men aitf'fdlHnsr through* pfctaie K a1- in hand, and trying to ad- ..iire what he would at, neglect if-be iiM-td to be Jbonest, is no donbt enongb to ,..ate a · twinteitor ; a itadettt-of painting A Mr.kel rinil in the, Itlark H l l l n . ; _ R A P I D CIiTY, S.. 1)., April 1'i. A find ' of millions of tons of bright green qnartz, from H to 7 per cent of nickel, hao just been made iu the Haruey City district. The ledge is of great-width nnd extends through the heart of the Margaret tin , group. The rock carries a" large atuonnt of white metal pronouncefj^hy experts to t be nickel glands. . Th6 geriuineness of the discovery is undoubted and its im-- portanne is second oiity to tbat-ofthB'" recent silver discoveries-on Squaw creek. Count Von MoUlte Deatl. ' BEKLIN, April 24. Von Moltke, field marshal of Gei'"iany, is dead. Count, Von Moltke attended the session ''of the Reichstag held this aftei uoon. jftis death was very sndden, and the physicians who were enivirnoned announced that it was caused by the failure of the heart... He died at 9:45 p. m., passing away quietly and painlessly. The news of the count's unexpected death has .caused great sorrow in this city. ' An Unsuccessful Strike. ftBMBiA, Mont., April 24--The strike at East Helena smelter inan K xiraled . last Sunday for an advance of 25 cents ga day in wages of all iftep, was settled today by the iiien retni uing. to work at the old rate. . p A Finn to Bio* Up Eric*. j, April 24, InfounTalion was fevthft poBoe. dopU--ent of_th« : 5i««

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