The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 24, 1900 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1900
Page 4
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to MK Doctor Fierce'* Fit-write PlUClipOOtt tor tbat backache. IXc't. iwfgci: tfatt over biH and Tbcire Tate striking b*t#t maker* »t Ceu- b-iiife bare ret-orned to w jr J: Tae UJJOCC'WG paper* hare · srred oc (bectnkutg J P S I Pi*f»-jra lo ib» pieviwi Rime? m v»f Kaue women'* ail- the eseol TV. Pierc*'* Favorite Prescription. Boot forget thai «F«w«t« Preacnp- t*oa · cere* disease* of women in. their · d v s u c - ' * » o d cbrooic forms; cure* often wijeu all eUe b*s failed. Doat «org« yOQ CT* 1 consalt Dr. Pirrce. bv letter. free. Tell your atoiy ftaakty All correspondence is private Address Dr. R. V. Pierct, Bnf- Sto, X- V. Don't forget to write u Dr. Pierce to-diiv, if yon are sick Iron. diseases which afflict women. ·/ arrif ft' «J«i' February 4. Mn. Lcoa H»! N»i lci T "I «as n c s S . the back of n-- head down to my hcci*. I tad becwrrbAjtc for week* «t » time »nrt «a* ucabir to :t Tnr l-a mlnttte* »l « tirar Von a^twrm! mv icitrf au*£tl tu* w u« vour r-n^criUioD. 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CantroTerv Started Orer Head's Famous Poem. la ranch th» same way that Whit tier's ballad of "BarbaraFrietchie" tas been assailed those that delight shattering pet idols are now endeavoring to show that Thomas Buchanan Rend'u ·Persian of "Shsridan's Ride" pats the great cavalry leader on a pinnacle higher than he deserved, The DO*m in familiar to erery school boy, and the story of how the "stoed as black as the steeds of night'' carried the commander from Winchester la time to tarn defeat Into victory he 3 been accepted as a historical fact. From Boston now couios General Stephen H. Manning, who was ia command of the leader's cavalry escort, to say that Sheridan did not save the day and that the day woald have been saved if the fiery commander and his "steed of n;ght" had stayed in Winchester. "Some poet wrote a gashing song aboat the matter aud that settled it," says General Manning. The verse in the poem that is challenged by this critic is tho one that tells of Sheridan's arrival at the line of battle in these words: "The first that the General saw were the groups Of stragglers, and the recreating troops: What has done--what to do--a glance told him both. And striking his spars with a terrible oath He dashed down the line, 'mid a storm of hnzzas, And the wave of retreat checked its course there, because The sight of the master compelled it to pause.'' "It is absolntely false," says General Manning. "His coming changed nothing. When Sheridan Arrived onr lines had been reformed and were rapidly marching on Early's retreating and demoralized forces." General Manning's utterances promise to awaken a storm among veterans, historians and students of literature The veterans almost to a man will stand by Sheridan, for he was their bean ideal of a cavalry commands; "as, usual, differ, and literary men will be inclined to support Thomas Buchanan Bead, who undoubtedly enriched the ·world of letters with his stirring story. When the criticism was shown to John M. Yanderslice, of Philadelphia, he said: "While I would not for a minute detract from the glory of Sheridan, at tho same time, I think the poet liberally availed himself of his poetic license. Sheridan never claimed to have dramatically checked the roul ·with a wava of his sword. The whole army was not demoralized. The Sixth Corps, under General Wright, was standing firm. The Kighth Oorps had broken and the cavalry lines were re formed after the arrival of the commander. Sheridan did not turn the tide in a minute, and the fight was not won until some hours after his arrival. In his memoirs Sheridan does not claim the glory that is jp«n him in the pDem." J. Harry Holcomb, custodian of the records o? the Grand Army, said: "Controversies of this kind are uuforiuui and I do not think the average student will change his conception cf the battle on account of what General Manning may say. Sheridan is in his grave and cannot make reply. For this reason I ·ay the controversy is an unfortunate one." References to Wright's reports of the Sixth Army Oorps, the Bates' History, and the history of the Sixty-first Pennsylvania Volunteers seem to bear out the statement that Sheridan did not find a totally demoralized army when he came galloping down the turnpike. The Sixth Corps in particular is given credit ia these -works for holding an unknown line of battle. 3ome of the smaller histories, however, seemed to have swallowed the poem "hook, line and sinker," and in one of them Sheridan's words to the broken army are quoted M "Turn, boys, turn; we're going back." There Li enough diversity of opinion to furnish a year's argim»Ant at camp fires and his to invite proposal* f x a tollable Harry W TrrayU?. » a»-r«n»ot at j Goldiboro, ha* been itppuiuied clerk to j to* Carolib ooonty SaparvuMr* of Eiec ion. Conioi-vr Wai. C Trai'.t. v! the New YOTK, Philadelphia an* KorfUrk Rail- roa '. heroically saved a pa«eng»r'* life at Salubory The Baltimore County ScBool Board decided to close all kindergarten *chool» of tto county, except at Canton, tltgb landtown and Sparrow* Point Mr. MrtbackS Frost, uf rUttliug*. and Mist) B-Tusdctte A O ri!-ii. daughter of Mr i' J. Cordial, of tcJthwt. « married in Cumberland vmcterday. Tnc MoatK'owry S;i»j»l Hurii na thortxi the f'oident and treasurer to borrow to, WO to p«y tho teachers' ml- an*H for the first half of the summer erai Jeorge W. Sayder, ehairui«i, and .Vutiatn Uo^pw h»ve rf-iiKne-l from th- Republican State Central Committee iu Allegany county. Both are friondb of Senator Wellin^'ioa. Upon inn gnge-tion of S'ate'n Attorney McNabb, of Harford, the case u'. Wtu. ii!»':k, colored, chargfl with a-, i t i u g M t s H Jvauitt Brudfor.l. has bdeu removeoto Baltimore for trial . At a j iut meeting of agricultural nr- gani/.aticns Of Prince Georgo's county ,ho action of the ootumiasioners iu ignoring the road law of 11KK) was de- noauced, and resolutions were adopted to take steps to compel theoi to conform to the law. Gen. II. Kyd Douglas, of Hagerstown, has been appointed chief of staff to the and marshal. Gen. John B. Castleman, of Kentucky, at the aunnal reunion of the Confederate Veterans of the United States at Lonisvillo May 'M. Hev. T. P. Baker, rector of churches atCheraw and Bennetsvilln, S. C , has accepted a call to Grace church at Silver Spring, Montgomery county. Md., and will assume his duties Jane 5. He is a native of Virginia and was formerly rector of St. Michael's church, Charleston, S. C. The house of William Kaiser, an old man who has lived many years alone on KaUie's Knob of North Mountain, near Clear Spring, Washington conuty, was destroyed by fire yesterday. Kaiser is critically ill with a broken leg and arm and an injured back, caused by a fall from the roof of the housa to the ground. About $400 in money was bnrned up with hU other effects in the house. Yr*trriln'« Hnitrbnll Ciniuvn. National League: At Chicago--Chi. »: Philadelphia. 3. At Pittsburg --Pittslmrp. S: Brooklyn. 5. At Cincinnati--New York. 15: Cincinnati, 4. At St Louis--Boston. 3: St. Louis. 2. Atlantic league: At Allentown (11 innings)--Allentown. G; Scranton, 4. At Wilkesbarre--Wilkesbarre, 9; El- m!rn 5 At .TTPPV Pity--Jorspy City, 6; Newark. S. At Philadelphia--Athletic, 2: Reading:. 0. SiiHIn-clril Flrntl Di-tili-f. C'rlrnp. Athens. O.. May 24.--Richard Gardner, suspected of ravishins and murdering little Ethel Long near Frankfort. Ross county, has been placed in jail here to escape lynching. Gardiner denies the crime, and says: "If I killed that little girl I want to be burned alive at the stake." Sir Thoumx I.lpton'n Prize Capa. New York. May 24.--On May 17 Sir Thomas Lipton sent a cable to the New York Yacht club offpring a cup valued at $500 to be sailed for by the yachts of the New York Yacht club. The offer has now been supplcnientprt by another offer, in which he offers a cup valued at $1,000. Shot bjr nn Ambn*hi?cl For-. Altoona. Pa., May 24.--An ambushed foe shot at Frank Myers, 26 years of age, a prominent young man, who was returning from the Wallace circus last night. The ball lodged in his left lung. Myers is iu the hospital in a dying condition, and the police have not yet located the shooter. Prlvnte Rankr-rn Mn»t Pny Tnx. HarrJsbar?. May 24.--Judge Weiss handed down an opinion yesterday in which he decides that private individuals engaged in the banking business must pay the state tax of four mills upon notes discounted by their banks, "Washington. May 24.--HOTTV pension committee yesterday reported a genera! pension bill entirely removing the pension inhibitions against SJcsS- can war veterans in case they served In the Confederacy. VI»l:tt«-I t!.'- ( tiy I.lut- l.uvr. A u g u s t : C a . M.i% ,·! -- [) 15 Dyer, ;is pii'S'ist-ist nt (ht- Augusta Railway and l"!' j c:ri c(inpiny, and E C. Jpf- ft-rsoii. th.- j_i diu-tor In t-liarKi' of the car upon whii-h Alex V.'hitncy. a w h i t e ni:in \v:m killt-il ly a n"tro ten di'.vs ago. unit for whi'-h the p.e^to was sisb- .s;-(;ueruly Jvnohid. have been indicted by th^Rrand jury of Richmoml cor.nty for a!lfs;«»ii violation of the state luw rcfimririK the M']) :r:ition of races on ,,,,},II,- ,-f.»V.y»'r'i,- : OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKXXXXXXXXX) ! r- KTS OK The S2d birthday anniversary oi Queen Victoria is being celebrated in all British possessions tola The supreme council of the Royai Arcanum, at Montreal, re-elected \V Holi Apgar. of Trentoa. supreme re- fecr.1. C H. R. Triebels. of Philadelphia died two days after the death of his wife, to whom he had been married 50 years. The secretary of war has directed Lieut.-Coi Webb C. Hayes, upon bis arrival at San Francisco, lo proceed to his hnirsf at Cleveland for honorable discharge from the STrice. I»x?h?s? fanrfnt b* Cwred br local »3?pl!c«t3oo!, «s they csnaotrewck the JJse»s«dpor!ioTioIthee»r There Is only o=e ^oxitil C'liriilin-i I ' r o l i t l i U l i i u l M t H . Columbia. S. ("'.. May 21.--The Pro- ilbitionistt. of tho state held a conference here aif;ht at which :\ urge n u m l x r of r o u n t l r j \vere represented .i!itl (iiiidod to make a determined fl£;lit against the s-tat»'s liquor iffli. j'nil for pr.h.!)'i:jn. Col. James A. Hoyi. of Grot itviHi-. v,is, n-iminatPd 'or governor :s'ul Col. Jismeb L. Tribble, of Anders.n. f i r lieutenant governor. Nominations for other state offices were not nuule \Vhrelinc. \V V.i. May 24 - The entni! Glris-s 'V-iks. of Vi'lie-!in^. and i he l"istoria (Ihi^.i v.ork's. of Mounds!e. V\". Va.. will, it is cl^tnied. short- y arnaiB.iniate and expand by btiild- another factory at Clarksburg, W. Vn. U is proposed to nnnufaclure all lines of tuble mid decorated \\are. and lo operate in competition with the bleware combine. Au Ancient Belief. The ancient* believe I thnt rheuontljni wus b9 workot n lifiiioa wilinuu mj:i. AI.J one who has badannttnck nt -cUttc or mniani- mntorr rheumathm will neree tbit the 1 · llctlou 1» rtemouiic enuiich to W H r r n n t t f a e e!lef. It hits never been clninifd tbat L h im beM.iln's P»ln Balm wnnlil -»M out demons, mt it will run rhema Ism. nnd b inilriHls bear testimony to thf truth «f this stn'ement. One appliditlon relieve the pnln. and this quick relief which It »ffirtli if »lo · worth uany times its cost. Kor sal- 1 ' 'earre, Does Yo 1 Bones Aei)6? Yoiin's Rheumatic Elixir Positively Cures Hbeamaiisra, Lumbago and Gout. i « i 111 i 11 i m i m i i i 11 i m i m 11 "To think o! Furniture is to Ffciak oi Gaily," Parlor Suits. Deiervei wall-shaped fjol«r**r. · We should like to show you some footwear of that »3.-t to prove that style need not interfere with woufort, nor comfort with style, and that we give the most of style, comfort and durability for your money. See oar swell n«^ Oxford Ties at $2.6O There are social ties, kmdred tie;. And ties in a game of ball, But the UXKUKU 11 ts, weautertUe, Are the neatest ties of ail. We have a large stock of D D. Institute Shoes on hand, all sizes GEORGE A. GILBERTS, Hi North Market Street. BALTIMORE. MD.. Jan. 1. 1900. "i OHX CHEMICAL Co.: GENTLEMEN-I have been a sufferer from Khen. matism for the past It: years: at times have been unable to raise my arm. and never knew wli^t a good n IK tit'; sleep was until the past week, when 1 was cured bv yo'ir Elbdr. I -j.m in my 60th yeuraoJ I te*l better today than 1 have for 16 years. You use this testimonial any way you wish us I appeal to all _ who HTP snfferlne from Rheumatism X to rive your Elixir a trial the same as ·rf 1 did and be cnred. 1 live nt 2ti9 S. Fremont ave.. and am r ome to anyone to speuk of the croo-1 year Elixir has done me. Yours trsly. John W. Whalen. State of Maryland City of Baltimore us.: Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th dny of Jnnnory. 100O WALTER K. SMITH. Jiiftice-of the Peace. 1 N. Pacs St. 25 and 6O Cents YOHN CHEMICAL CO. BALTIMORE. None eesnlue without the sltrnoture. ooc XXMOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOC The Buffalo's Liquor Department hy A. L Belief In Six Hoar*. DlstTESslne Kidney MM! Bladder Disease « lie-red in six hours by "New Nre»t bouth American Kidney Cure.' It I- a ttrwit surprise on account of Us esceedtn* promptness ji relieving Pain In bladder, kidneys and back, in male or female. 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