Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on July 21, 1916 · Page 14
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Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 14

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1916
Page 14
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M.lliai d --Ad\ 01 tisement O C . luh 21 Tho National Gengiaphir sown s war ge oil iphv bulletin on Kove!, issued to- ri iv in \\ashtnston, shows \\h\ this town in the Russian p i o v i n r e of Vol livma. is of such gieat \ i l u e to the czai s forces The bulletin si\s K o v a l . a t o w n of 0.000 people at the b e g i n n i n g of the w i i owes its immense strategic importance to the fact t h a t it is the iunMion point foi rail- loads w h i c h ladiate like the spokes trom t h f huh of a wheel in f i v e di rections To the n o i t h w e s t , s e v e n t v so\en miles distant, is the stronglv ioitifipfl citv of P,iost-Lito\«k, o\er whose possession there was a terufic stuiggle w h e n the (ie'imns were fold- ins t n e Russians back t h m igh Poland after the firs' Slav i i i i \ e eirlv in the w a r To the southeast PigMv fom miles aw T V , is ROMIO, a foitiess w i t h 3 population ot 40,000 at the outbreak of tho war nnrl at that time the heid- r j u n t e r s of the E l e \ c n t n Rtissnn arniv ooips Lublin, w i t h Cj.OOO inhabitants, r u n n i n g to Warsaw 2 nt miles p w a v is 100 miles tint w e s t , on the lailroad Then to thf south s Vlad'mn Voh ns- Ki t h n t \ - f n e m'es distant and to the pa-t runs the line which passes thiough Sarni on its w n v to Kiev In addition to these railwav connections, Ko\el is situated on the banks of the Turn a, one of the tnbuUues of tho Piipct river, whose extenb'vo marshes UP to the north where foiests cover tho land In the neighboihooc of Kove! howevi agriculture is v \ t i ' developed and at the beginning of the w a i f u l l v one f o u r t h of the land con tigtious to the citv was devoted to the pi eduction of cereal crops The peasant f a i m e i s in the district of vvhid Kovel is the capital, like those of '\ ol h v n i a geneiallj, aie more f o i t u n a t than tho peasants in most of the Rus sian piovmces, foi heie thev own n c p i l v 50 per cent of the land "It the Russians continue tneir ad vance beiond Kovel thev will soon b in the v icinitj of the famous battle field of Dubienka, almost due west, 01 the banks of the Bus: and ten mtle south of Doiochusk, a t o w n on th I.nblm-Kovel raihoad It was her that Koscmsko, at the head of 4,00 men w i t h ten cannon offered a heroi resistance to 18,000 Russians wit' sixty guns A f t e i holding the superio foice m check un live davs, the 'hoi of DubienUa' letired unmolested t Varsaw. This hulliant achievement ook place lust nine \ e a i s after a iateful American congress had ofteied ts public thanks to this Polish artil- erj officei, confened upon him the ank of biigadiei geneial, extended urn the pi n ileges ot \nierioan citizenship, and giving him landed estates in appreciation of his distinguished services to this countrv as adiutant :o General Washington dm in? tho icvolutionaiv war ' theThermometoralmost 100 This Sale Should Help Some OFF Porch Swings Couch Hammock Swings iger -Save $40 Indiana with Water Cooler Indiana 100 Ib. Capacity $18 Side leer Indiana Porch Swings $2.50 Four Foot Swing $4.00 Five Foot Swing $6.00 Four Foot Swing $10.00 Six Foot Swing $7.50 Couch Hammock Swing $12.00 Couch Hammock Swing $16 Couch Hammock Swing · $18 Couch Hammock Swing - 121-123 E. Main St. Manson, Fowler and Record Bicycles $22 50, $27 00, $31 50, up to $40 00 ~ Choice of Tues G. 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Motor Servlcs UNDERTAKERS BOTH PHONES NO. 2B, 117 WEST WAYNE STREET New York Magistrate Says He Can See Beneficial Results. New York, July 21 -One of tho New York city magistrates recently said. "In tho Second magistrate's district, which includes Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond oroughs In 1907, when tho total popu ation of these boroughs waa 1,775,000, here were 16,000 arraignments for in- oNication Lftst year in tho same dis net with a population of 2,267,625 here wero only 8.3S2 arraignments for Irunkenness Every magistrate in this ity is eoinnienting upon this remark ible decrease, m intoxication Wo mag strates agroo in attributing this condi lion to education and to the publicity given by newspapers showing the gen oral distrust of dnukers by employers, but principally to the movmg pictur« theaters Tho working man who tor- merly went to the saloon* as the 'vvork- ingm'an's club' now goes to the picture show and takes Ins family This is now the chief amusement of the workingman and not only the magistrates have no ticcd the effect upon the liquor traffic, but saloonkecpeis themselves admit it The Better Films Movement. Interest seems to be growing in a Better Films Movement," which means, according to those v. ho are sponsoring it, motion pictures which mother, father and children can see together with per feet satisfaction The national board ot review of motion pictures has given a big push to the movement b) pub lishuig its "Garden of American Motion Pictuies." Nearly 2500 films, all of w htch hav e been re % lew ed bj the v ohm teers of the boaid and regarded bv them as suitable for the family circle, arc listed m the booklet Special Performance for Children go to tho movies this mornm"'" gets go to the movies this morning''' gel "Yes" for his answer now in over two Wineglassf ul of Tollo Water Will Start Your Liver and Stop Your Headache in Half an Hour. Morning headaches come from clogged livers The bile tubes are choked and force tho bile into tho blood until tho whole sjstem becomes poisoned, which makes tho appetite poor, especially at bieakfast Get a, 15-rent bottle of Tollo Water fiom the ding store and take about a t h u d of n tumberful in a gliss of plain water before bieakfi-st In thlrtv minutes it will stait the liver acting freclv, jour headache will be relieved at once, because it flushes out the bile, reallj bathes tho liver, leaving it clean and fresh Then vou can eat breakfast and really enjo it and there won t be any gas or discomfort afterwards Concentrated Tollo Water comes from Paw son Springs, the famous Kentuckj health resort I! docs not act bv irritation, like calomel and other strong drugs that weaken the svstem but bv dissolving the obstructions and bathing tho liver as nature requires To remove the bile that has been absoibcd into the blood vou should take · vunerla'-sful everj morning for several davs It will clear up the skin, your tongue w i l l lose its furry coat and your natural heaHhj color will return Then an occasional glass before breakfast w i l l keep vour livei clean, your bowels regular and vour appetite good --Advetfsement M a i v , molliei of IbO, is dead 1 M a i v was th? American linei New \ork's famous eat whose progeny, pie 'entecl to travelers by C n p t W J Rob cits, are now in the beot American nnri English homes Born on the New York in mid ocean eight vears ago, Man became the fav- oiite of thousands of firnt cabin pas -engeis, and the idol of the New York's ci ew Two dnjs after the ship left Liver pool on the last trip, Marv died, taking wtli her eight new horn kittens hundred cities, where there are specia exhibitions for children on Paturda) momnps The national ooard of re view of motion pictures has a children' depaitment v h i c h helps communities: organize these performances and selects films which are especially good toi thil dren. Local women's orgivwations a- sist in getting the shows, but thev soon become finnneinl successes w h e - propei ly oignnired The national board which is located at 70 f i f t h a v e n u e New \ork, writes that it w i l l gladlv ad vise and help anv pei=on or organiza tion interested m the inattei The Rev Thomas Jonathan Dent who has been pastor ot the Fust Con gregational church of Aberdeen S P for twentv tv\o v c a i s and a minister to fort}-si\ j e n i s has tlnrtv nine relative who are preachers Pedometers aie worn b\ the girls in the domestic science departmei of the Kansas State Agnniltiirnl rolle; in Manhattan, Kan , to determine ho many unnecessary steps they Ink while preparing meals SUBSEA'UNER IDEA BORN HERfi »/\LFRED LOHMANN In the In un ol Hen LoHiuann Was, bom the daims i'lea of building submarine merchantmen of the Deutschland t v p e He peisonalh 01 s, ini/ed and founded the d e i i n i n Ocean Shipping comptm ow re 1 " of the pioneer suhsea liner, ind i- d n e r t i i i K the ot gamration of .1 subnuuine fleet One t o u i t h ot \ii-.lialii i^ v e t une\ plored Reaches English Port After Two-Years Journey in Strange Seas KLAEHN MELCHING UHDERTAKEBS EMBALMERS 221-223 East Washington Boulovard OFFICE-HOME P H O N E 228 Best of Service at Roaconable Prices MOTOR AMBULANCE. 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London, Juno 30 --(Correspondence of The Assoiiated Press) -Tho little 23 on yacht "Mana" has arrived safely in an English port after a voyage of a hundred thousand miles Belonging to Mr and Mrs Scoresbj Routledge, the vessel left England over two years, ago on a scionttlu mission to Kastei Island, in the South Pacific. The last stage of the little vessels voyage was from Pan Trancisco which she left five months ago Altogether there wcie eleven persons on board, in eluding two men from Pitcairn Island Mr Koutled«e had some interesting de tails of the vojage ' After leav ing San I rancisco, he said, ' w e came down the Mexican coast Two hundred miles from land we tame upon thiee islands marked as umnhabit cd and I decided to land to trv and get some meat But our landing was de layc'l as the mouth of the cove w a - oc cupied bv two whales who were feeding and who refusal to move until the foi lowing dav On hndmg we found a rough shantv together with a derelict boat and alongside a rough cross evi- dcnth marking a grave In a rift in a cliff we found a soit of cave strewn w i t h old bottles and odds and ends of a camp Nearby was a piece of wood bearing the names Annie Larcn, which from * Rhimirecced sailor who was on the vacht was the name of a , easel engaged in blockade running or jontrabui'd '(here is no doubt that the remote island had been a dumping ground for Mexican revolutionists "There vvere so many turtles that we got tned of feeding on them It was euiious to see these creatures being re carded by the bird" as a kind of float ing island, and to see gulls preening themselves on the turtles' backs 'The 'Mana' visited one small island j in the Gulf of Panama, where clephan ; tiasis was rampant among the people The currents in this legion were v e r y difficult and there was one sailing ship that had been drifting in circles for t h u teen months and had been unable to get out The Panama canal was closed to tiaflic but the American government mdlv allowed the 'Mana,' as the ves el of a, scientific expedition, to go hrough "Some fifty miles from Jamaica w e aw w h a t appeared to be at first a burn ng ship and a f t e r w a r d s looked like moke from a naval action We found ( to be a submarine volcano blowing off The sea flow had been broken and we saw seas breaking in places where the chart showed no land Under the or umstances no investigation was pos sible ' _. ..-..-. , CADOMENE TABLETS LIFT YOU OVER THE WALL NERVOUS DISCONTENT AND WORRY Made Him Duck K v e n t i m e somebody came into the oflice, whenever he wanted to sec the clock or look across the room, Mr. I5us\ man had to duck his head and look over his glasses. When a friend sug getcd MeigV Krjptoks, the double class without seams or lines, his trouble? vveie over-now he sees better for distance and reads like olden times Meigs. the eyesight specialist, Lvnc Theater BWg--guarantees these time savers,. Let him fit vow eyes today. When the sfruclivres of the system are in perfect health they work without attracting attention or causing any alarm. The moment that any part of the system has become inefficient m functioning, or cries out in pain, then you know you have been attacked by nerve and tissue weakness. You become conscious of an unnatural condition, your heart beats wildly after exertion or ex citement, you suffer with nervous headaches, the nerves in the spinal cord, on account of their overtaxed, weakened condition, cause pains in the hack, drawing at the base of the brain, irri tability of temper, uneven mood, sleeplessness, cold clammy feeling, you lack will-power, energy and ambition, Not only is the nervous system the seat of all intelligence, memory, reason or probably of tho very soul itself, but every movement of the vari ous structures of the body depends upon nerve action. Hence, when the nerves suffer from debility or weakness, trouble is instantly felt in one or more of the structures. It is the chronic lack or derangement of function of these various tissues of the body which causes so much alarm, discontent and unhappiness. Close examination may disclose no trace of disease or pain, but nerves and tissues may not be working properly. Like an engine with insufficient fuel, the full supply of nerve force is not forthcoming. Overwork, worry, dissipation, excesses, etc., are the keynote to nerve derangement. A perfectly nourished nervous system might go on in- definitely When CADOMENE TABLETS are directed to the nervous system the cause and oriKJM of the distui banco is reached By the tonic and nutritive action of Cadomono Tablets on the nerve and tissue cells every muscle, nerve a -d structure of the system are brought up to par and naturally restored to accomplish then- normal work. The mmd brightens, muscular tone is increased, all the bodily functions are regulated, sleep is sound and undisturbed, and the excessive wretchedness of nerve and tibsuc weakness, discontent and worry are things of the past. Cadomene Tablets are prepared in convenient form and may be carried around in the pocket or purse and taken regularly. Obtain from any live druggist, in sealed tube, with full directions. N^s

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