The Evening Bulletin from Maysville, Kentucky on November 15, 1887 · Page 2
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The Evening Bulletin from Maysville, Kentucky · Page 2

Maysville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1887
Page 2
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in-: w '?'. v. t A trt If DAILY EVENING BULLETIN. . i . i i . ."; i r 0A K, EXCEPT SUfDA Yt 'f ' rosser & McCarthy, Proprietor. UATRH OF 8UBXCIUPTI0N. True Daily Bulletin will bo delivered to Any part ot the city at 0 cents u week, or one year for 8:1. The Daily Bulletin to any postofneo in tho United 8Uit,en, ifstago prepaid, nt twenty-five cent per month or three dollar per year. TUJ3SDAY EVEN'G, NOV., 15, 1887. HONORING THE DEAD. Order of Exorcises at the Unveiling of the Statue to Gon. John 0. Sreckinridge. The fitdtuo erected at Lexington in honor oftGeneral John C. Breckinridge will be unveiled to-morrow, tint! it is ex pectcd that the event will attract a largo rowd to that city from avery soction of the State. The program mo arranged by the Breck inridge Committee is as follows : Exerciees begin at eleven o'clock Bharp. They will be opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. J. J. Bullock, of Washington, D. 0.. who was Chaplain of the United Slates Senate when General Breckinridge was Vice-President. Address by Senator Jas. B. Beck, giving a history of the Breckinridge Memorial Association. Address by Mr. E. V. Valentine, the sculptor, delivering tho statue to the association. Address by Major It. S. Bullock, receiving the statute on behalf of the association and delivering it to the State. Address by Governor S. B. Buckner, receiving the statue on behalf of the State. Address by Senator Jo 0. S. Blackburn upon the life and services of General Breckinridge. If the weather be bad tho addresses will be delivered in the opera house, but if good, on the grounds. Tho exercises will close with prayer by Rev. Dr. J. D. Pickett. . Bright Outlook for tho Democracy. The result of the recent elections in New York, Virginia and Maryland settle? tho Presidential problem and forecasts Democratic supremacy for the next five years. The New York "Republicans had their . best material in the field, and made all the fight they were capable of making, in order, if possible, to wreck the chance of Cleveland's renomination, and thus eliminate from the coming National political battle administrative support. That New York remains the great pivotal State iB manifested beyond question, and New York's enntinuanco in tho Democratic column means Cleveland's renomination and triumphant election for a second term. It appears as if the Republican party had lost that grip and resistless energy which once characterized it, and that the mantle of those men who in tho years past led it to vic'ory had fallen upon the shoulders of inferior leaders who are unable to unite in solid columns the hosts, scattered by the jealousies of Blaine, Conk-lin and Sherman. The result shows that the Henry 5oorge movement cannot shake the loyalty of Democrats to their party, and gives evidence that the attemptsof the Republican bosses to kcop alive the sectional hate engendered by the war have been futile in the fnce of a prosperous and rejuvenated Union, strengthened and voided by the strong arm of Democracy, "f with its gallant and loyal leaders on the quarter deck of tho did ship of State. Amohq tho petit jurors for the Decern-"ber term of tlm United Statea District 'Court at Covington aro: W. T. Dye, of Sardis; J. D. Cushman, of Dover; W. S. E. Belt and J. 0. Waught, of Flemings-burg; B. F, Samuel, of Poplar Plains; Wiljlflui Bell, of Eliraville; Joseph Tucker, of Washington; TUcbard Tyler,' of Augusta, and Joseph W. Cottingparp, of Yanceburg. Among tho grand jurors are: Abraham Salleo, of Augusta; John R. Carpenter of Flemlneaburg; William, Garyey, of Ellzavillc, and Sam. H. Booth, of Sharpsburg. The criminal docket only contains at present about forty cases, but this wjll be sw.elled fully seventy-five more. Thero are two counterfeiters, two postoffice robbers and three mon who will 'answer for violating the pension laws. The civil docket contains several large land and damngOBuiUi. m By almost a unanimous voto the little town of Hlgglnsport, 0 gives $6,000 to have a saw and planing mill eatablisho there. This shows that the people down thero are alivo to their interests. The proprietors of a boot and shoe factory employing nearly ono hundred hands, and a large candy factory are anxous, wo understand to remove to Maysrille. If these two establishments could be secured it would give the city a little boom that would no doubt lead to still better thing. Inventor iMUon's Method of Fin. A reporter casually met ,)Mr. Edlsgp tufa week". aS(I bo lmfSoned td-'bo In moro than hia usually jolly mood and by tho way ho fa apparently iu tho ruddiest hoaltu and best of spirits. To tUo Inquiry If be had anything now Mr. Ediron replied: "Yes, I tanvo mado a frosh discovery of no llttlo iinporrauco a great oavonco in ujuuum art tested lis practicability and realized success; but I will not natno it now. Heretofore when I havo Invented or discovered something and published Its details tho scientific paixjra havo soon after teemed with announcements of anticipations, prior experiments, hints about piracy and stolen thunder, etc According to theso I havo never produced a prototype, nothing but poor, miserable llttlo antitypes. Now, this timo I'm going to havo Eomu fun with tho boys. My new dte-covery is fully recorded, but I will not publish it for six monthsl You may give this formal notice, so that tho bibliophiles and prior inventors may havo tho first chance, with lots of timo to Get tho laugh on mo. As tho oil men say, I'm down to tho 'oil sand,' but proioso to plug tho well and hold it as a 'mystery' for six months. If, meautlme, no claimant appears with a full description of tho 'mystery' Til draw tho plug, and I tlilnk Til bo entitled to nail ray sigu on that property." Electrical Reviow. Tho Canes of tho Dude. Tho canes of tho dudes tako on wondrous forms. Ed Knox, who went over to London this summer, told mo something about it tho other day. Tho stick itself is nothing. It may be bamboo, rattan or witch hazel. But tho hmd is tho thing. Tho real English fashion Is to havo tho head so largo and so odd that no ono olso can havo anything like it. Thoso heads aro of carved and stained ivory or silver. Representations of crocodiles' heads, elephants' heads, turbonod Turks, swarthy negroes, dogs, horses, birds and rabbits aro all brought into uso. Ono cane mado in Iiondon for a special New York order is the head of a member of tho Old Guard with his lcar skin cap. It is of silver. Another is a globe with a map of tho world, and still another is a cigarette and match box combined. Among horseman tho fashionable thing is to havo a hollow stick Hko a sword cano, from which may bo drawn a measure for tho height of horses. Tho ugly faco of Mephlstopheles is utilized as a cano ornament by a Fifth avenuo saunterer, and some Eugllcliinon carry Ivory buste of Quoen Victoria since tho jubilee, Tho cost of such canes is C33 to STC. Now York Tribune Danger In Flour Dust. Bo careful in handling naked lights around bolting'chefltK Not long ago a correspondent entered a ndll and found tho millor searching for bis hair, eyebrows and beard. Ho was inspecting a bolting chest, using an unprotected light to illuminate tho interior. No sooner was tho light thrust into tho chest than tho miller was startled by a flash and a shock. When ho picked himself up his head was as bdld as a celluloid billiard ball and his Dpwing beard was floating around tho mill In gaseous form, sensible only to tho nose. Fortunately tho firo did not spread and tho nccidont was not reported. Milling World. Chlnodo Immigration .Made Eany. San Francisco, Nov. 15. Tho announce, ment ttiat Uintod States Judge Sawyer has discharged sixty-two Chinese on habeas corpus at tho session of his court on Friday caused u profound flurry and surprisd among customs officials and the public generally. Many of tho coolies who successfully passe 1 the inquisition of the oourc are known to havo been fresh arrivals, without a porticlo of knowledge of the cliraatio or topographical condition of this country. Custouu olllcers state that, in face of evidence gathered by them, the Federal courts havo discharged one petition after another. Pore Collector iluger feels aggrieved that the earnest work dono by his office in attempting to frustruto fraud upon tho restriction act should meet with so little commendation and encouragement as is given by the United States courts. Atciduut-lly al'OU Cincinnati, Nov. 16. George Cumpton, aged fifteen, accidentally ihoc Albert Bowles, aged ten, at MadUonvllle, 0., Sunday aftornoou. Both aro colored. Cuinp-ton went to Albert's house to gee him to go to Sunday scuool. Albert's parents being out tho boys rausaciceJ the house And found a 3'.J-caliber revolver. Albert exclaimed; "Look out, it woa'c stand cocked." But Cumpton thought he know it all, and tried it, wneu it discharged, the ball lodging in Albert's nock. Tuo wouud is a dangerous Hanker and Urokura Aidgn. New Yon, Nov. 15. A. S. Hatch & Co., bankers and brokers, havo juit announced their suspeusion. Brokers say that Hatch & Co. were operating largely on the "bear" side of the stock market and their apa-sion is duo to heavy losses sustainod oy today's rise in prices. It is not thought that their liabilities will b heavy, as they madft sooM private settlements this -xi'. noon, and their outstanding ooutriw n b ec-aap&ratlvaljr av" Died on Hli Wedding Ere. Cincinnati, Nov. 15. Edward Wells, rich young farmer, of Oxford, O., who hod, been in Texas for soma time to recover his health, was on & train near Parsons, Kan., lost Thursday n route to this city to bo intermarried with Miss Elliot, of Mt Auburn. Ha was suddenly missed from tha . train, and a searching party found him lying la a clump of busho near the traokJa a fit of doliridnl. He never recovered oon-bcioum'esj, and died soon after being taken to his home. Texni AsiMitnatloa. Jefferson, Tex., Nov. 15. Some unknown person shot Pater Wright in tho head with a )o 1 of bird shot while ha was in his own house with his family around him Saturday nigbt.i Both doors to his houe werei opeq and tracks showed that tho assassin crept up to within a few yards of the door. N,o cause can be given in explanation of tho deed. This, is tha sooond assassination in tho sam'e neighborhood" within tha last week. ?ooriil Deware yesterday arrested Nathan hilliiis on sui ploloa. Get a Twenty Year Bentenoe. HitEBOTQAN, Wis., Nov., IK. Peter Doecran has been found guilty of idarder in the sooond ' degree. Judge GUson immediately sentenced him to twenty yoari ia the stats prison. 'Ths defense will take an appeal Tones;, bat ttasoally. Libsrtt, Ind., Npr, 15, Joseph McMutt has been fopnd gulltv of horse stealing and wnUaotd to thrM yean la the pealteatlary Q U only twenty n years old and hu Hrred one term irsady la JeffersonvlUe, POINTED gARAQnAH8. Teilo of thrTliuesToive?In ToM if M JW - Ml nd. laploy'MnBHer. a 1 ' Gormans oro again warned not to omf-grate to Aniorica. Tho Buffalo Upholstering works burnod Sunday. Losf SlftyiKH Thirty-five cases of yellow fevor aro now under troatinent at Tampa, Flo. F. W. Bickell, Duluth'bank olork, bos oonfossod the robbery of tho bank. In a freight collision at Averill Siding, Minn., Saturday night, flvo men were killsd. Sitting Bull and Gaul aro willing to help the whites, as they do not caro to take any more scalps. It is stated that Don M. 'Dickinson, of Michigan, has accepted the president's offer of tho postmaster generalship. Peter Wright, living near Jefforson, Texas, was assassinated on his doorstep Saturday night by unknown persons. Tho Ei Paso & Northwestern Rail way & Tetogrupu company, of iexas, has been Incorporated with a oapltal stock of $100,-(Ml. Second7Comptrollor Butler has made his annual report, iu whicn he states that during the year 61.093 olaiins wore pauod upon aggregating $li)7, 481,773. Residenca of S. H. H. Culvor (colored) near Severn station, McL, was burned Saturday, and Quiver, his eldest and his youngest child peri -hod in tho flames. Tho discovery of a mammoth oave in tho town of Shullsburg, Wis., containing thousands of tons of black jack or zino oro, has caused great excitemont among miners. The lu nber output from the Chippewa Valley (Wis ) district for tho season of lbS7 will bo about 0,0-jO,000' feet, which is slightly in excess of the output for last season. The long log cut for tho coming winter is estimated at 000,000,000. A Cold-IMooded Murder. Jefferson, Texas, Nov. 15. Tho most cold-blooded tnurdor ever committed in this county occurred Saturday night, eight milos from this oity. Some unknown person shot Peter Wright in the head with a load of bird shot while ho was in his own house with his family around him. No causo can bo given in explanation of the deed. This is tho socond assassination in the same neighborhood within the lost week. The other victim was Ike Walker. Sheriff Deware arrested Nathan Phillips on suspicion of being the assassin. An Ohio Phenomenon. Akron, O., Nov. 15. Paige Bros., of this city, owners of the horse Ben Starr, who made such a fine showing on tho track this fall, have just refused $2,800 for tho animal This horso is without a pedigree. He was brought hero threa years ago for track purposes, having been bought for $15 The net proceods for this soason's work foot up $7, 15 . The Weather. Washington, Nov. 1ft. Indications-Fair, weather, preceded by light rains, light to frosh winds, shifting to westerly. FINANCE AND COMMERCE. ' Quotations of the Money, Stooic, l'rodlloo ' nnd Cattle Market for Not. 14. Nkw York Money 4'6 per cent. Ex-chnngo st"tuly. (loverniuents steady. Currency sites Ul bid: tour coupons, 127; four-and-a-half, 10iH bid. Tho stock mirket oponed active with a strong tone at advances ranKing from to 1 por cent, on Satunla 'a closing. Theiouasa good huyincr of Heading, Delaware, I.aoku-wanna .V We ttern, Union Pucillu & Erie during the morning resultlng'ln a further ad-vanco of J.4 to por cent, by midday. Th& m irkot has since been dull but linn. isarA: Ouinov.. ,.1'iJyi MIoh 01 Centrul Richie.... Ot Missouri Paolflo. 89 CO., O. & I ...".. r,Ui N. Y. Central... .111774 Del .is Hudson lUJi Northwestern.. 2.-W Del, Luckds W....UW do preferred Ui lliluuia Contral, ..118 Ohio& Mitts. ... 24 Kansas & Texas. . . 10 I.nko Shore .., ... iGj Louisville &NuKh. 00 Paolllo Mall. ... 31& bt Paul 75 Western Union.. 7U Oinelnnatl. FLOUU Fancy, 51 60i3 70; family, $3 10k W Hi: AT No J red, a76;; No 2. 76l6a77o. CUKN No 3 mixed, ttA&Mv; No i mixed, OAl'a-No 3 mixed, 33ic; No 3 mlxod. ZK&&tX No 3 white. JJnyic. .1'uKa r'.imlly, $ld oiwI3 2i; regular. 12 bfvia$12 7S. ' LAltD-lCuttle, mc POULTRY Oominjm ohlokens, $3 003 a perdo.on: lair to prlmo, 2 50&2 75. WOOL Unwasiiod lino merino, 17Qil8o; one-fourth blood combing, 3.&4c: medium delaine and clothing, ivaJU-; braid, lBtlUo; medium combing. 23-JJo, lleeco washed Iluo raurinoXand XX, 207c; medium clothing, S3:c: dolalno tlcoco, IVS). HAY No 1 timothy, $13 V(J13 BO; No 2, $11 602160; , mixed, lu anaii 01; prulrle, (8 (Xwu UO; wheat, oats and ro straw, $i 60 7 10. OATTLE Oood to oholce butchers. $3 00.& 3 7J: fair, i,U&l 75, commin. $1 0ai 75; stockers and feeders, $2 5J4W (JO. yearlings and calves. $J UOU 00. HOOsi-aeiect buteiiers, 3 CO "5 00; fair to good packing, 8 7Q& 9th fair to good light, jU 252,4 CO, common, 3 0CK3V4 20; culls, $2 $,. HHBEP Common to fair, $2 80iai 15: gool to oholce, $3 SitQih Ki common to fair lambs, $3 So I W, good to ohoico, $i 2ilt 7.'v Uotton Wool Market. Rocetpts of wool daring, the past week have been u,2) bales tttmestto anil MB) boles foreign Males, 2,J 1580 lbs domestid and 2'7.UU9 lbs f orolga. VjuoUttonfli Ohio XX aad above 27i( e'JKo, Ohio X JlOc, Ohio. No. 1 :uaw;" Mlchloran X 8l33c, Michigan No. 1 B6$Mo; ttneOUlo-dolalne 86Jk!oi Michigan delaine 31c, 'JJWi;-uniaeroluinuble AHohlgon ! cfjf un-morchanUble Ohio iittwC; NoulcOmbtag wash Ua;s hc; Keatuoky,threelghts blood uombing UOS310, do Ono-fourth blood oorabUjga)c Texas Hue 12 ,mos. ltiilo, do slxtorelgat months iAX323o, Texas med .twelve months 2&as7c, do six to eight months .& So; Texiut fall line, lbO20o: Texiut fall medium. iW&Xfc: Uoorgla' unwashed 30ilo, California northern spring freo 2&37o, southern do l&f(J3o, California KVilc: t 2bZbXl; Territory lne.l&aiOc. do fine inodlum Durryana aeieouve isioioc, .tree lau i.vcmc, southern do H31 ,, East Qrogoa ordinary lftaaoc, do choice 2123o, Valley Oregon No.l. 68c. do do No. 2. -JUfcl-ic: do do No. iC 2lQ3o, do coarso HJ-xj, Kansas ohoico una SOJxc'lo, do med -ilo, Montana flno to choice SuS-Jo, do avorago IftatOcj tine -medium to ohoioo 23.T&250, do do Average 21Eft23o, medium to choloo 25200, do average 'Ji&tia, do low 2Ua 81c 'Maine supers i22lo, eastern A supers ava.'l7c, II latnbs3y3'o.'westernlumJbsin'(3J, extra 29'l30c, Montevidoo 29A30O, Australian cross-bred itilo, do combing 'Jx&ii, do olothlng Mftbio, Oape2tajio. l'ltttburg. OATTIiK Actlvo,"prlmoto oxtro, 51 B a 75; fair to good, 37 2i; common, $1 25ji2 00; feodors. $i 40 BO; afKikera, $J Iv&l ; receipt, 2, 30; shipments, ,0. HOtJtr-.ti'ilvoi Tocelpts, 800; shipments,-2,'XW; i'hllodelphlnis U)S51); Yorkers, $1 Tv 4 0io; common to fair, 4t)&i 50. 811EE11 Aottvo: rucolpts, -.400: shipmonta 1,000; prime, 54 10 8J fatr to good, i Wv 8 76; common, $1 UJU 00. New York. WHEAT-No 1 state red, 6091o; No 9 red, winter. BleM: OeoomberBio. OOHN-.vlii.od, &l4o; December. 630. OATS No 1 white state, Wo; No 2, 3SO0o. OATl'liiv-sa oms w ' per 100 lbs, lire WHD(rf-$4 6&fcS W por luo lbs. BUKEP-J2 74 afper 100 lbs, live weight. 1 kW ' Kentucky Oentral'siShowing. fr irti I . i flr I .-i ? I- v 1 t jr xno enri'iuKS ui uiy im-iiikcrv vr uirui i Road to tlfe montljTof Oi)obe8bow an! . l'S.5n..n If .l" . Jfc,, incrcaBU oi tu.i-io over tnoso lor mo corresponding month of last year. Tho ffuarcs are: 1887 8101,703 llKG , 82.VWJ Increase, s Beautiful Women nro mado p illiti and unuttratiivo bv func-lionnl irregularitica which Dr. Piorce'a 'Favorite Prestiripliou" will inlutlibly cure. Thousands of teetimonials. by (iriiuglBls. OHIOAQO MABEETS. rORNlHIIKO BV W. A. NORTON. Yesterdays Closing December wheat, 7flJ; May when!, 70; May corn, "!', Jauuury pork:, 113.10. 'lo-day'a Opening December whpnt, 7.Ji; May whea'. "Si.19yt; May coru, 47,47; January pora $ WANTED. WANl'KO A while woman inilo lainily WHKhlug. Apply at'mia OFFICE. WANTED -Ladlei- lor our Full undUhrl't-luusliade, in tako light, pleasaiit work nt their own homes. 81 to S3 per Uy can bo quietly made. Work Kent by mall any ills-i a uce. Puril ulursfree. o canvassing. Ad-ilresantonce, ORhMi.'ENr AKi' CO., 147 Milk street, Boston, Mass Box 5170. iNThNlMNO ADVRRTIS RS should ad-L drew GEO. P. KOWE1.L & OO., 10 Bnrnoe street, Now York CUy, lor select list of I, OJ newspaper. Will bBHeut Ireoonrfppilcatlon. WANTKD-2H.0UU live lurkeys. Highest market p. Ice paid. U&wlmul F. H.TRAXE1 & CO. FOR RENT. FiR RENT A frame cottage, on Forest nvpuue, south side. Apply to ANDREW BUNTEB. Ult FOR RENTAtwo-story fraraeTCottngo With three ronmsund kilchen.on Found ctrtOt, above Plum. Water lurnlsbed. Apply to JOHN CRANE 120 FORAI. DOR 8ALE A Base burner stove, cost J58, " will sell lor m Nearlv new. CallutW. W. Lyucb's shoo store 41 Market street. n!4lot FOR BALE My residence on Wesf Hecond Btrcet. A. H. THOMPSON. FOR BALE OR RENT The desirable residence now occnpled by Mr Sauvary on tno south side o( East Fourth Btreet;ou easy tcrma; possession glvon October 1st. s lad It CHARLES PHI8TER. FOUND. tJiOUND A bunch of keys. The ownai cau ' get thorn by applying to this office. AN MOPNCEMENTS. FOU MAYOR. Wo nro authorized to announce that W. C. PELHAM Is a candidate lor the office of Mayor at tho January election, 1888. We uio authorized to announce that E. E. PEAROK, JR.. Is a candidate lor reelection to tlio office of Mayor at the January election, lfeiS. l"OK TKKASUKKIt AMI) OOLLHCTJIU We nro authorized to announce tint F. H. TRAXEL Is a ciudldate for collector and Treasurer at tho oity election to be held the first Mouday In Januaiy, 1888. We are authorized to aunounce that C. S. LEACH Is a candidate for ro-elrctlon to the office of Collector and Treiumrer.'at the Jauuury election, 18-8. We are authorized to announce AU8TIN TIrtT. l.a na . .,, ., .1 1 ,1 a I u f., l?nllontnr mill Treasurer at the Janmry olectlou, 1888. F04t MARHIIAL. Wo aro authorized toannouuee that W. B, DAWSON is ii t dldato for the office of City Marshal, nr thc.laiinarv election. 18 Wear" anlhnitwd to announce thai J MEs HEFL1N ! it o uriidnfe for rHcoMnn to the office ofCliy MarNbul sit titeJ'iiiu rv'ltuilon, 1888. FOR WUARFKAMTKU. We are authorized to announco C. M. PHIS-TERniaoandldatoforrelection totheofflco of Wharfraasternt tho January election, I8?8. OPERA HOUSE, Wednesday, Nov. 16. Enga;ement of the famous Comedian, Sol Smith Russell, In his greatest success, "BEWITCHED" Including all his famous Bongs and Specialties: "Ooose With Bageand inyons," Haldu's L'oveBtory, w.thKong. "fhey Ltxikod Me In,' 'Tbe Bhubby Oontsel," "The Amateur Comic Blngi-r," "Tho Horse'Hhoo,"add "Da-l's Dln-neri'ail "eto.,"up orted by an excellent coni-Banv. PRICES Reserved Beats, 76 cenU; General Admission. 60 seats; Balcony, 85 cents; Gallery, 25 cents. FRED. O. BKROKR. Manager. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE. The only 83 SKAMLKSS Buoo in tno worio. Xlaest Calf, perfect fit, nd wsrnntea. Congfe liattoi ma imx, au styk-i toe. tyusb and durablu' as tbosa .cotUnar UorM W. X. DOtTOLAS W3.AO wiiots excels wo S3 tjliorai nuter- uiea by other mum. lWMdHMtMllMkNM.1 Boys all wear theTCirTJOUGLAS 83 SHOE. If your dealer does not kren thorn, (end yonr name oa postal to W. L. DOUOLA. llrecktoa, Moss. Fn'ralf by, A, Mt KIWKRH.4I Hwtntl Hrf CURED OF 8!GK HEADACHE. W.'D. Kdwardri, Palmyra. O., writes) x l have beB st Kret arrrer rrem CoatlveBeiii) and Sick Ile-dacae, aad ktave tried maay uiedlclneo, bat Tutt's Pills is tke ! eae that gave ma relief. I f lad that eae. pill acta better than threo ef stay ether kind, and does aet weakea er gripe.' JEle-aatly BHs;ar Cwted. Deee saiall. Erleet eeate. SOLD EVERYWHERE. Offlto, 44 Murray &trt, Iff w York. ro . - lJliiiS"r' BHKU a. i iy u hb y-u ixFi: 0 or . ..tii 'r. -y !4W- m f. JT..o4VrJf i r nvJddv r V- t,1L.. MB flP v" mM u4 wnt UNPRECEDENTfDlATf RACTION ! f OVEA-flLLIONlDfeTRIBUTED! CAPITAL PRZE, $300,000. IjsjV ; &; LOmSItlfA'STAtfi LOWER! (MMPUni 'IncorpoMed by the LeglHlaiuro In tttttl'&r oducntlotial aud all irliublo purposes, add. IU Iradchlso uiade a purt ol tho picsont Blate ( onhtllut.oi)', In 1879, by an overwhelming popular vote. " lu Grand flngle Number Drawlnes take place month y, nnd tho Beml-Annual Drawings every six mouths (Juno and December), We do her toy certify that we tupervutfttU arrangement for all the Monthly an4 Hem-Annual Vraunngt of the Louisiana State IM tery Ornpottj, and in perton nianage and een-froi f he 'Drawing themtelte, and that the tamt are conducted with honesty, fairnencnui tn good faith toward all partite, arid ue authirM the Oomvanu to ue thi tertitleate. with rac-ttm- ile of our Hgnalure attached, tn it atXverUtt menu.1 J-ff Co m mfssloBora. We the undrrttgned Banks and Banker wiH pay all Prixen drawn in ihc Louisiana Ntat LeU leriee which n"y be presented at " oountsr. J U.tai.Vsnie,Vren.tM Va oiinl SK P. liAXAVX. J'rfsliltmtNi . itxt'l Dk, A.. HAI.DU is, Mros N. O. Natlounl Ilk. OAKL UOIIM. lrc. I'ulf.u Nat'l Hank. aerGRAND SEMI-ANNUAL DRAWING In the Academy nf MuHlcNewOrlcHn", Tuesday, JUNE H, I887.DAPITAL PRIZE. ISiO.Oe, 1U0.0U0 tlokets ui 110 each; hatvo,10: Ouor-tora, S3; Tnihs, ii; TweuHeths, If. 1 PniZK.of 8300,000 Is. ...300,oai 1 PRIZE of 100,0)0 Is 100.tS 1 PRIZK of 60,000 Is . 611009 1 PRIZE of -.0 0 is. . 23.0M 2 PRIZKB of 10,0 0 are....... . 2i,UJ . 6PK1ZKBQ 6,00(1 are 26,101 25PRIZfcof 1,000 nra 25.00J 100 PRIZES of 6u0are 60 0t 2(0 PR ZE3 ot 80 aro m.... 80108 600 PR1ZEB of 200 are ..- 100,090 APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 100 Prizes of S6w approximating to J3J0.000 Prize aro . COflH 100 Prizes of 130 approximating to , 1100,000 Prize are ................... 30JXB ' 100 Prizes ot. $200 approximating to 150,000 I'riroarc.................. 20vB6 TERUIKAI. PRIZES. 1,000 Prizes of 8110 decided by 8300,090 Prize aro 100JMO 1,000 Prizes of 3100 decided by 8100,000 irrlze Kr6MmttHMHMWM,m 100,099 3,136 Prizes nmonutlng to .....J1,055,00 For Club Raien, or any further lnfoimatloa, apply to the undorxlgned Your llnndwrlttrjg must be dlslluct and signature pialn. More rapid return mall delivery will be asvored far your encoding an envelope bearing your faM address. Bend Postal Note, Express Money Orders, or Now York Exchange in ordinary letter. Currency by Express (at our expense) addressed to M. A. DATJPHIN, New Orleans, La-Or M. A. DAUPHIN, Washington, D. 0. AddrpRs Registered Letters to NEW ORLEANS NATIONAL BANK, Now Orleans, La, ISntHnmltAH that the presenoo of KGm6mD6r Oenemls Reauregard and Early, who ure lu charge of tho drawings, is a guarantee of absolute lalriioro and Integrity, that tho chances aro all equal, and that noonecan possibly divine what numbers will draw a Prize. It Kill t; nil KK that Four National Banks guarantee the pflymeut of Prizes, and that all tickets bear Hie signature ot the PreUdent of an Institution, whoso franchise is recognized in the highest Courts; therefore, bewaro ol anv ImliallotiH oranonymnns scheme. MATCHLESS BARSAINS IN ,m DRY GOODS I 1 ' U V45- J. W. SPARKS & BRO No. 24 Market street, put. e sale thfe day great bargains . Dress Goods, Cloaks, Jacketaf, Underwear, Hosiery, GIovwl; &c, &c. Twenty-five piocea Dre8uGooda,'r8dco4 from 30 centa toflB cent pVryoT- r" V Two hundred Jackets, with Hoods, at an inside price ; r Ladios' fine Merino VsU at 45 andlSt cents; . ,. ' Gentlemen's Medicated Underwear, vory flno, at'$l ; ' Ono hundred Bed Comforta'at75c:; c., $1.00, $1.25 and $1.60 each; - l Five thousand yards of Jeans to be sold at wholesale prices ; 4 4 Floor Oilcloths 25, 30 and 35 cento j Latest stylos Dross Trimmings cKeap:; Big bargains in Flannels,- Blankets, Ginghams, Prints and Muslins; Fifty cento bays tho best white Shirt tn this city. WOnr prices are always thelowwfrV 24 Mwket Stttet il iESSuSji nw; Am3 1 1. SPli

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