The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 8, 1903 · Page 5
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 5

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1903
Page 5
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THB dttBOKICIJ ftAtUBPAY. f THE BIGGS AND EVERARD GO. J ·^·W M* m i SATURDAY'S EXTRA i SPECIAL SALE\ · Aug. 15, 19O3. Solo Begins of B o'olook. OFFICIAL FAPCI * THf CITY PBISOIiL UHTION 25 dozen Ladies Fine 75c Colored Dimity Shirt Waists, Choice/each Sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44. Every one Up-to-date and this Season's Manufacture. New, ^·························· Mv i M MHNiMI«««| v S TABLE LINENS 7~ cent Fine Bleached Table Damask now 1.00 Fine 72-inch Bleached Table Damask now 1.25 Fine 72-inch Blcrched Table Damask now]! 1.50 Fine 72-inch Bleached Table Damask now 1 75 Fine 72-inch Bleached Table Damask now .59 .79 .98 1.29 1.49 N A P K I N S 1.00 Napkins ...................................... now 1.25 Napkins ..................................... nmy 1. 50 Napkins ...................................... now 1 75 Napkins ....................................... novv 2.00 Napkins ........................................ now 2.50 Napkins 3.00 Napkins 3.50 Napkins ............ ................. now 4.00 Napkins ........................................ now 4.50 Napkins ........................................ now 5.00 Napkins ........................................... now "The 'Misses ""Smith^* Seward and Cummins spent Thursday with Mrs. R. B. Lersch at her summer home, on the shore. J. T. Bronlcc [5 spending a few days with a sister in Shelby. Harvey Brandau will spend Sunday at his home in Brownhclm. Miss Gertrude Gessner leaves Monday on her annual vacation. Master Ralph Couch of Canton, is visiting relatives in this city. Mrs. C F. Couch is visiting rela- e* "i Bere:i Mrs C W" Gammell of Akron, is visiting C. C Bowers of this city. A E Hale of Oberlin, Elyria Friday. Miss Lisrie Btisher of Harrison street, is visiting friends in Defiance Mrs Nellie Miller and son Donald went to Cleveland Friday to visit relatives. Miss Mary Kent of East Second street, held a party this afternoon for her cousin from Rhode Island. IMfo.JBUB « Water and Boilers for Heating Wen H not for the multitude storks that throne to Karpt winter there would be no living in aome parts of the country, for. after erery inundation, frogs appear in devastating numbers. Tfc* Oimmmmmtm. "What mn awful rota* tbmt aot!" said the manager, who was listening to the throaty tenor. "Call that a vole*," Mid his friend; it's a disease!"--London Punch. Miss Wilhelmina Jktneeon, an Edinburgh teacher, who ha» been appointed English lecturer in Grenoble, is the first lady to receive an official appointment In a French university. was m Dow .79 .98 1.29 1.49 1.69 1.89 2.29 2.79 3.29 379 429 Theodore Freese, who has been spending a few days at Georgian Bay. returned Friday evening Mrs E B Parsons and children, with her mother, Mrs E S Cross, are visiting in Cleveland today F H Foster, with his family, joined the family of his brother-in- law, Mr Pnndle, in a picnic at Glen's Beach, Friday night. Mrs Solan of East Broad street, left today for a week's visit in Sharon Pa Mrs C L Simmons of Fourth St, | and Mrs Herbert Butler of Furnace street, joined a picnic party at Avon Beach Park, Saturday. Don't forget the game between the North and South side of Broad\\ay. Wednesday Get a ticket and help the Hospital fund The Malleable:, of Cleveland and the L A A s of Loram will play G**4 f*r the Co»i»texJ*». Tc _. One day's rest out of seven is said to b« the secret of beauty and will help to prolong it into middle age~Chicago Daily News. Coming Events. NEW IDEA PATTERNS Every Pattern 10 cents. None better at any price DRESSING SACQUES Twenty five dozen Ladies Fine Dimity oOc and o9c Dressing Sacques now 1.00 and 1.25 Dressing Sacques now 1.30 and 1.50 Dressing Sacques, Sale Price 1.50 and 1.79 Dressing Sacq ics, Sale Price 2.00 Dressing Sacques, Sa!c Pr : ce.... .-. 2.-50 Dressing SacqLK-, Sale Price 3.4S and 3.50 Dressi* * Sarv-.u- S de Price .39 .75 .98 1.25 1.48 1.75 2.48 Oak Point tomorrow after- L F. Day of Washington. ball at noon Mrs D C is stopping \vith her motntt, Mrs E C Griswold Mr and Mrs. August Hindert have returned to their home in Illinois, atter a two week's visit with their son and his wife. Mr. and Mrs E G Hindert of 109 Wurst court l o For the month of August we will gne a term of music lessons with each purchase of a piano \ on can select your own instructor 3032 R. M Summers Son. - o Wednesday, Attg 12--Carlisle township Sunday-school picnic at Glen's beach Wednesday, August 12.--Picnic, addresses by Hon. Myrton Herrick and Senator Chamberlain at Grafton. Saturday, August I5th.--Elyria Crescents aga-.n^t Florence Base Ball team ;it Berlin Heights. A-igt ,t 17-;!--County teachers' institute at Elyria Wednesday, August 19 --Loram County Firemen's coinention. at North Amherst. Monday. August 31 --Opening of schools Thursday. Sept 3--County Soldiers' and Sailors* reunion at Well- i ngton Sept 8. 9, 10 and ir--County Fair. September 3orh, and October ist and and, meeting of the Ohio Library Association in Elyria Tuesday, September 8th.--Annual meeting of the Elyria Park Associa- ion, at the office of Johnston | Leonard. By installing city steam heat in several residences in this city we hare secured the steam and hot water boilers which were in use up to that time and are now able to offer them at far below their original cost. We now have One No. 10 Volunteer Hot Water Boiler with rating of 1650 ft. One Morgan Steam Boiler with rating of 550 feet. Both in first-class condition and will be.sold very cheap. Call and see them at our store. The Elyria Hardware Co. West Broad Street FINE WH1T£1 SKCRT EVERY cm: xi:w THIS SEASON. 1.00 Waists , now 1.2.5, 2,39 and 1.50 V ai\i 1.60, 1,75 and 2 00 \Vai-t-* 2.25, 2.48 and 2 "0 \Vuv- 2. 1 »S and 3.00 \V;,^ IN 4.4K, 4 98 and r 0') \\--u. .. . . ,,,, , White Chin.- S k \Vn-,t-. Black C ' u n a S ' k \Vps-t- Pmk ami Bine China Fill \Va .stb. ·x4^ China \V~ists 11OW ·I -'^ China "VV; i-,1- 11(nv 4. is China Waists now 4.'.)S China Waists '. now .now .now tiow I ' V .75 .98 1.48 1.69 2.29 2.95 3.48 Modern Precaution. "Adam would u*ve never eaten th»t apple in these days." "Why not?" "Well, his physicjan would have told him to remove the skin to avoid Indigestion and to remove the seed to avoid appendicitis. By the time he did all this ne would have thought better over the matter and not eaten the apple at all."--Caic:go Daily News. Special prices on pianos for the month of. August at R. M. Summers Son's music store 3032 On o Her Game. "Wei!," sa.d t h ° wife, whose thoughts were en he. =? -r.\ ner bonnet, "I'll forgive and foige- your being out last night I suppose I'll always have to be forgiving something " "Yes, whenever you're for getting something," replied the brute, her husband --Stray Stones. 2.95 2.98 3.48 3.98 WASH GOODS. EVERY YARa OF WASH GOODS MUST GG. ·· Cue Fine Mercerized Checks now Fine Mercerized Plaids now 40c Fine Mercerized Oxfords now ·2"c Fancy Tweeds now "2-c Printed Swiss now 35c Audrey Novelties now 25c Hop Sackings now 35c Printed Swiss now 12^c Piques now 20c Melusine : now Bellatre Boticcle now Lancaster Ducks .now 15c Scotch Oxfords now 15c Striped Modras ,, now 39o 59o 25c 19o 25o 19o 19o 25c 9o 15o So 9o lOo lie Optimist «nd "Of course," taid the opunust, "if a man gets into the habit of hunting trouble he's sure to find it." . REMEDY FOR HAY FEVER. After Trying Other Treatments Hy- omei was Used With Perfect Success. * ~ * f Prior to tii« discovery of Hyomei, the only advice a physician could give to a hay fever patient was to go away from home, but now an\ one who expects the disease, can, if Hyomei is used, stay at home without fear of the annual attack of sneezing, watery eyes, and other discomfort. J. F. Forbes, a well known western railroad man. whose home is at McCook, Neb., writes. "I have never had relief from any remedy for hay fever, even temporarily, until I discovered the merits of Hyomei. I will always recommend it whenever occasion requires " There is no offenshe stomach dosing when Hyomei is used It is a reliable remedy for the'cure of all diseases of the respiratory organs and is breathed through a neat pocket inhaler that comes with every outfit, so that the air taken into the throat and lungs i* like that of the White Mountains or other health resorts where hay fever is unknown H A. Djkeman, who has the local agency for Hyomei. advises all who are subject to hay fever to begin its W. J, HARWELL Will Open a High Class Tailoring Establishment In Elyria about August 15th at No. 378 East Broad street, Topliff Hotel Block. Everything How mad Un-to.dato Your Patronage, is SoltoHod · : Is your money good? Both "Yes," replied the pessimist "and if . , _ » * ··"«·*» «*. ,..., _ ._, w ^fj ^,,_,, V1-r , M t c * » AS- v x- r- \.\.r L/ V. *C 1 11 ILO avo'idTt iJwVSS hf al ^ ay \ tries t o !use two or three weeks before the avoid it It will find him So what's ihe t ,, t *i i t difference?"-- Philadelphia Press. ? e e annual appearance of this disease and thus prevent the attack. If, however. Hyomei is not You are on the watch against counterfeit com. There are goods that are counterfeit. None of these are on our shelves. We bay only the best. The best is none too good for our customers. CONRY ,STARK Both Phones 567 BROAD STREET DANIEL FREESE MEN'S OUTFITTER A vacation at the Sea Shore. Go on Lake Shore Ry, excursion, August 18. Low rates; tickets good 12 days. Inquire of Agents. 1633 Seton Bros put on carriage tires. ^ ·· LADIES' WRAPPERS. 25 doz. 1.25 and 1.50 Fine-Percale Wrappers, now 9$O 20 doz. 1.00 Wrappers now 7 ft A THE BIGGS AND EVERARD GO. ATTENTION EAGLES! On account of Wednesday, August 5tn. 1903, being "Eagles Day," at the Merchant's Carnivla, Lorain. Ohio, the regular meeting of the Elyria Aerie, No. 431, will be postponed until Friday evening, August 7th, 1903, at G. A. R. hall, at 7=3O p. m. All Eagles are cordially invited to attend the carnival. A. E. Lawrence, Worthy Pres. Chas. H. Stone, Worthy Secy. ·························I KEEP POSTED ·························I WHITE CLOVER HONEY. Fresh, new white clover honey in boxes. Delicious. Try it. REUBLIN'S GROCERY used until the sneezing and other disagreeable symptoms ha\e shown themselves, it is nccessar}- to use the treatment more frequently, at least half a dozen times daily, and Hyomei Balm ahould be rubbed into the nostrils both morning and night The f.act that H A Dykeman agrees to refund the money to any hay fever sufferer who uses Hyomei without success, should inspire confidence in its power to effect a cure. Tablo Hints.*.* A SLICE OF WATERMELON. On Saturday we will cut watermelons and sell you a quarter or half or a whole one guaranteed. THE ELYRIA GROCERY CO. EXCLUSIVENESS Is written all over our display of k NEGLIGEE AND FANCY SHIRTS You pkk from our stock and get what you don't see in erery store about town as we handle the INTERNATIONAL " ARMOR BRAND " of Shirts, Collanla^lufts, noted for perfect workmanship and exdushreness o* *abric designs, but you pay no more than is asked for regular grade* Shirts from $ 1.00 to $2.50 Collars I Sets two for 25cts Daniel Freese 547 Broad St ARTISTIC WALL PAPERS Paints, Varnishra, Enamel and e*,. .Oar large stock embracM aO best colorings and latest designs !· Domestic and Fortign Wan Papers. See our fine before jo« boy. We do Paper Hanging, Frescoing. HOD* and Sign Patettag. 680 West Broad Telephone 695

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