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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Friday, December 12, 1902
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r.DAY REVIEW W. E r-DAY REVIEW TWENTY-FOURTH YEAR, NO. DECATTO, ILUHOIS, PEIDAT EVENING, DECEMBEE 12, 1908. ·EVEN DAYS, TEN CENTS. VENEZUELA ASKS UNITED STATES TO ACT AS ARBITRATOR Appeals Through Minister Bowen for Peace but Goes Ahead Preparing Warm Reception for Invaders. work of the board, of not less than II.- 6UO.OOO. ' The members or the board are not at all disturbed by (he petition for man- damugi Hied yesterday by Mr. Prentlst. They Aiy the assessments they have made this year are just and fair, and that they stand ready to go Into any court and 1 defend their actions, All Men Between Ages of 18 and 50 Ordered Under Arms and Defenses Being Built In tHe mountains, Caracas. Dec 12.--It l» stated on goo.l | authority that the Venezuelan government has a»kcd I'nlted States Minister Bowen to act no arbllrntr In the oon- troversy with Great Britain and Germany. Every one In Caracas believes the situation to bt desperate ami threatens war unless Minister Bowen succeeds In having the matters In dispute submitted to arbitration. It In wild on authority of an or- llclal near to Custm that the president inns allowed Howen lo communicate wllh tho nerlln and I.ondon governments through the »tato dei«rtment at Washington, this being the only hope of avoiding n serious conflict. The Kngllnh telephone office hero has been seised. The reported pl.iti of the nrltlsh and (lermiui forces In to secure the ports of l.aOualra ami Puerto Cnlicllo. The govern .r of Cnracii* has Issued th« following decree: "All Venezuelans living In the federal district between the age* of 18 and Mi must enroll themselves In th,. mllltln Any such persons r efu«init to rii- roll voluntarily us patriotism demands will be declared traitors and sent bo-fore tribunals." M A K I X f t HKFENBK8. The uovernnicin hii.- taken ].reier\'all\v niensiins lit l.a O u i ' l r n . All deposit., or coal at the imvy yard and nil nrlthli ears "" the l.« (iiialn* railroad h.ive li -en tir -ughl here, rendi-rlng lmpo«slhle transportation of the allied troops bv rail. Minister of War Ferrer spent nil il.iy today In choosing spots In the mountain* where tranches are to le diiK. Kcfenslvr- pri-p.iratlons at s t r a t t f t l c pwlnts on th" helRhls back -f I.n Oualrn aro tM^lnit vl«- orously pushed forward. Deposits of pew di-r in the fortresses hava bun I Orent patriotic dcmonatratlons are Ing made ami every one capable of bear- nrms is offering 'his services. YD IT ON OEKMAXV. Britain Say- It Didn't Bink tbe Ship*. Ixndon, Dec. 12.-The British government Disclaims rtisimnslblllty (or sinking Veiw-iueliin vessels off lA Ouarla, which It entirely attributes to German forces. THINKS IT A PLAY By Castro to Make Himself Popular With People. Berlin. Dcd 12.--President Castro's war preparations und pirnllr utterances arc regarded In off leal quartern here as "de- slgwtl ti sii how f u r the tilllcs are willing to gti: as 11 test to fathom the at'.l- tutle i-f the ail'tnlnlHtmtloii ut Washlnit- :in and a U ' V c atl a* efforts lo unite his own people and reconcile tin-in to his dictatorship." FRANCE THINKS tultcil State* »lMtil « 1 · i · Ace for P«»tee. I'nrlK, 1'ec II--The siiggestlmi of Titn;m ,;'%!· It is lime for Kuropi- to spi ak lu the I n t . rest of m i l v i m a l peace enl run h t i n i i - l l i i w l n g "'.i'« 'mi-ill t - ' A i y ft' t i n - foreign nffli'i : "No i-xcl.iinge i'f \ I I - W M has occur Iwi-w-e'i l-'iiri-i" an i»ow nt ciniceriii]'*; la* Vi in ziii'l.iii s ' l i i i i t l o n anilno such exchange Is t i n e n d i d . as It Is d c l l n l l c l ) held thi- nrr.ilr Is one In whlc-h the 1 ' n l t i i States Kh.-iidl lie l« ft frit- to take I n l l l a - r l v e I n t h e n w i l i i i t l o n . " BOWKN KEHOKT8 UEQl'ES'l Washington. Dec. 12-BoWeii cables th. state department today that the \cne xuelan government has requested him ti · to (Ireiil Ilrltaln nnd Herman* ie cJlftlciiltles arising out of claim fnf ·Hegeil ilanmgci* ana Injuries t Hrltlsh iin-l Oorninn subjects during thi civil w u r he submitted to arbitration. COMBINE Jotas Mntu.l Llle and Equitable Life. Bank Formed With Ten Million Capital. New York, Dec. 12.-Consolidation of th. National ISank of thu I'nllrd States ami the \V4Ktcrn National bunk with u cap! la) of ten million under the name of the Western Uank. of the. l.'nllid mate* was announced today. The consolidation will lu'.ng Into tmr mony Ihe large financial and Insurance Interests of the MutuaJ Llfc Insurance comiiany. the B«iult«bie T-lfc Assur.ince association and the Morton Trust company The new bank will be under the man agement of V. P. Snyder. president .of the Western liunk. » Saw Tbelr lint Train. Uolcnnda Ills.. Dec. lli.-The. first |ms- NEWS BRIEFS FROM THE WIRES A peacemaker who attempted In will fight nt fiimanehe. I. T.. was oho twice. Hi- then drew his own r. votve ind kllleil the man who had shut him The physicians of Johnson county, Mo. .-.rganUcd an association nnd atlopte- resoliillotiN urging the slate to hiilld n i institution for the cure nf tuber culosls. fjiivcrnor Ooekery of Missouri grants liardon to Mrs. Alva Gentry. 4 who wa serving n term In the penitentiary, i child was liorn t« her In tho prison, an. the governor decided It wa* no place t rulse a bur-v. A cllizcn nf Venezuela, now In the 1'nlt- i-.l Statci, considers that President CaMr,, Ix mentally unsound. Ki-rmi-r Pr.-slileiit Cleveland and Hooker T. W a s h i n g t o n deliver addresses ill Philadelphia .it a me tins ' n aid of · u m a n u a l training school for negroes. Tim National Haelpmclty league nt fielrolt adjourns after adopting resolutions fnvorlng reciprocity with Culm ami Marshal Montfort of Yukon. Okla.. sli..| In the stomach In a (Ight with four WABASH ROAD MAY QUIT PITTSBURG Ramsey Says He's Tired of Discrimination. Can Reach Coal Fields by Another Route. PlttBburg, Pa.. Dir. 12.-The fight be- we«-n ihe W«bn«h ruilnwd and the .·Viniaylvunlit over the Dui|ucsn« way Tossing promlsi.w to develop nomo Inli-r- esclng features during 'lh« noxt few Wcc.k*. President Joseph Ramsey of Iho Wubash irrlved in 'th* city yesterday to personally comlurt the movements of the Wa- i.n-li line It Is understood that un effort ·111, be mndo to compromise the situation wllh the Pcnnsylvwnia. In the event of a 'allure to reach «n agreement su.tlsfnc- ;nry to lioth lines the malNT will bo 'ouirht out. The Htatcmt-nt Ifwuoil by Vice President lames Mt-Creii of thte Pennsylvania lint*, showing li»w It will lie bt-m-llchil rather lian detrlttieiitiil 10 the plans of Ihe \Val;u»li for nn Allegheny line lo raise In- tra-cks as provided In the unu-ndment n tlie iirdlnanec piswd by tho councils. v l l l prol-ably bring forth a reply from P i c t l i U n t Huniaey In a short time. 1'pon hU arrival In 'the city lie wcnn Into con- .-rt-iici- wllli llilef Knglnecr J. \V. Piit- tt-rcon and Cuplulu A. P. Holler, briilKC nmncer. ll I* |nl.ilili t h a t President Ramsey w i l l 11 main In the city for sonw- time. The iintlr.'anecH ap- now In a commit!*^ nf tt-e ivlert council and will protviMy le lirniirlH 11 i fur HUM I dlwusHhrn w l l h l n a iilior, I n. U Is Kild tha't the U'uuiiflh will * t l c n i n i M » l y object lo the iHUUtnge of l h - measures w i t h (he provision for the ·vullon of thi Hacks. Tin- gnitt xtriiB- c for snipn tnnt-y hetwvrn the rival rallrixid Intcrcsix IK said to have Jur b- i»:i, tind i: will I"' .1 war lo tlK- finish. T l l i R K A T K X S TO yl'IT. I'ristdeiu li.unscy m u d - llu- fullowln st H e l m u t : "If t h e I'lt'.sliurK councils In wuiil Hie U'ali,i.-h railroad to cii- li r Hie i l l y all 'hey have in tin is lo say t h e word. VW arc tired of ilils I'onl- I l l K , U l l l l Unless ( l i e c i i l l l l c ' i S | l l i t ( l l H - cr.nilna'tiiig against u» we «'lll leave t h e lly altoitetlK-r. PendliiK t h i i r decision .c will make ni effort 10 oiiirslriicl tlu- l.rld|c- across the Mnnoug«ihi Ki or cnv: .nr new million-dollar d i | K H . \\V cun ·et 1,1 the uuiil anil i"ke tit-Ids if Pi nn- fylv.iniii w i t h o u t rvaililng I'lttsbiirn: anil wi- will (Vi-l.ilniy cut ;hc city ou-t unless we .He tr*itfd fairly." WINTER WflEAT ROBBED OF MUCH WORK Charge of Check Wtlgbman In strike Hearing. Coal Company Denies tbe Figures Git en. Scnmton, Pa., DM- IJ.-Boforo the strike commission toduy John McUlonc. chock wclghman for t'hc union, gave figures which *howed the men nt No. 3 olliery of tho Pennsylvania Coal company mined 17.WI tons more coal from April, 1901, to April, 1902, than they had been paid for. Ho explained t h i n by unylng there was more than 2,210 pounds of clean coal In a miner's ton of 2,7i« poundH. Ho gave figures to dhow the average monthly wagon of mine laborer* was (87.72 and miners' wagon (34.77. The accur.icy of Ms figures was questioned by the inmpany'g attorney, A PAT CROWE TALE. Dutch MinlMer Dead.VM» The Hague, Doc. 12.--Vice Admiral KruyB, minister of marine of the Netherlands, IB dead. L ROADS* TIED UP Ice on tbe Kail Makei Gotham People Walk. New York, Dec. 12.--Electric service on elevated roads of this city had to be abandoned entirely thin morning because of Ice forming on the third rail, preventing transmission of power to motors. Harrison Gone Hunting. Chicago, Dec. 12.--Mayor Harrison has gone on a hunting trip In Indian territory. iJiRt year he made this trip, but was snowed up for two day* and never drew a bead on anything grcixter than a chickadee. Mayor Harrison travel* In the private car of President Folton of the Alton road. BARRETT DECLINES ftooMvelt's Offer of Minister to Japan. Washington. Dec. 12.-John Ilnrre.U cable. 1 Secretary Hay from Calcutta, declining the Japanese mission, which hud been tendered him. m VAN TIE CARD Important Changes IB Sime 8buwi lucr«asel Aoreaxe and Ulyh Condition. Washington. Dec. ll.-Tho statistician of the department of agriculture estimates tho newly seeded area of winter wheat at about 34,000,000 acres, an Incrense of 5.1 per cent, upon tho area estimated lo have been sown In the fall of 1901. Tho condition of 'it-Inter wheat on Dec. 1 was »9.7. as compared with S'i.7 In 1901, 97.1 In 1901) and 11 nine-year average of 91.4. The following table rtliows for each of the principal slates the percentage of acreage sown to winter 'Vheat this fall as compared with that sown last year, the averages of condition on Dec. 1 of the present year, the corresponding average for 1901 und the mean of the December averages of Ihe last nine years: Brother Says Kldnaaer Soon Uurr«nder. Chicago Dec. rJ.-Stophen--A. Crowe, u hotel proprietor In this city, nnd brother of Pjt Crowe, asserted positively that the latter is In Johannesburg, South. Africa. ' He said f u r t h e r that within the next few weeks his brother may surrender himself to the authorities, according to an agreement wllh Edward Cudahy. when the I2f,»" reward for his arrest was withdrawn recently. TO WORK CONVICTS Ou Country Uoads the Plau lu Adanm Uouuiy. gulncy, Ills.. Dec. 12,-Tlie Ailunis county huiird of mptrvUors has call"d for a county comviillnit to he held here on Thursday. Iec. IK, to discuss the matter of trsliiK ixinviet labor on public roads. Kiic'h towiiHhip In the county Is entitled to .five or inure deli-gales, und the members of the legislature from Adams and julJolnliiM cmintlcK are Invited to be present n n j participate In the proceedings. TOY TRUST Have Two Million-Dollar Capital. Soilth llend, Ind., Due. U'.i-Flaiis for a combination of Hie larger tey factories of the country are about completed, and the South lU-nd Toy works, employing 41K) permns. Is Included in the list. The combination will have about $2.000,0(10 capital. The local factory will not take Block in tho trust but will sell Its plant outright. The effect the Halo will have on th,. f u t u r e of the plant here In not kuown, i Trains. TIME OF THE PAY CAR. Other News of the Railroads and Hen. rotihtrx who blew the pnstofflce safe and escaped w i t h their booty. Mrs. Mnrshall A. Ilarber. wife of n profeSHor In the Kansas university, who ]ls ippcared from her m wly furnished room, wax found In the Kansas river at liawrvncc. Her clothes were placed on Ihe bank In such » manner as to convince those who found them that sh« had com- mltled suicide. John W. Uates, the Chicago millionaire, donates ItSi.MiQ fi.r Improvements of Port A r t h u r , Tex., where he hits u winter home. Missouri leads all other stnleir In the average yield of c.irn |mr acre. The st-nger train ever In Pope county camt- to i t O ( n _ protluetlon was ;»i7,;iim,()iHi bushels. Oolconda bringing . . . . . . road. Many persons In thl* county ad- Judge Hamscy decliles In admit the vaneed In years had never seen a roll- _ n g statement ,,r A l l l e T)oo| at the trial road before, nnd the (rain crew related ,,_. Tona llnnliil- m the charge of mur- many funny happenings that occurred on ' j or a t Aleilo, Ills, th* run between here and Reevesvllle. England may be compelled to abandon Ihe Point where this branch reaches the the Brussels sugar convention or lose 81. Louis and Puducnh division or th* t __^ advantage of the most favored na- Slates. III I -J t n on the new road ye*terday, th(l jnrgcst by 57,onO,iint) In the history of officials of the Illinois Central lha state. IlUnol* Cunlral. tion clause in her enmmerclal treatle*. Jacksonville ChrUtlanHclentteU The British and Herman Porto cancii,,, as w,u consul* at their reiiow- Jacksonville. III*.. Dec. U.-The Flr*t countrymen, are arrested, though thote " « nll « r «""" ftl Caracas ar« "released at ln " request f I'liltcd States Minister church of the Christian Bclentlnts /ws» or- ganised here with a large membership. t , Howen. aflrm«t rhHaman ' r 'TM"ce cunslilers that Ihe seizure of a virv MI ^uriBuwu , p rm , c i_. ( , w __ w i VM!W \ by Iho allies at La Chrl*man, Ills.. D*c. U.-Plre. which or. ' ounlra may offer an excuse to demand explanations. Igtaated In the A. J. Scott building, con ·uned Defree's. Scott's, Batch's, Light Bros'., Ashby's and Allen'* buildings, and Lee Mo**' grocery. Tho loss to building* and stock I* placed at 112,000. Killed by a Train. ·helbyvllle. Ills., Dec. U-Oeorge Adams, well known throughout Shelby . . . . . . _ i AL 1*11 t (if I'tMiimmovK U[ iiitr *imc inwru VL S~" t ?-, W .". k "L el ,^±. r !, 1 , n ?"^".""",, w«, pracllcaliy completed WORK OF ASSESSMENT Practically Completed by the State Board. i Springfield, in*.. lee. 11.--The work of all ihe committees of the state board of Clover Leaf road Just e*.t of Cowden j , - r d « - when the capital HWck com»lt- -- . - _ , . - . L I . . ri«ivriiiu wiini inu uuuiini HLVCH wutHii^- ·t a late hour Wcdnrad., n) « h _, A *""J" ice mejand cleaned up a few odds and wa. a cripple and Ud not M« the train ,. ndl) Tho ^^ adturn(t(1 unll , next ta tin* to get out of It* way. H* wa. TlK1Hl mnTntrtg ln orUcr to glv1 the ".»··". » d a " d " n TM rrle ?l, *LS? clerk, "time to write up the record*. - "'fl'TM" '" Cow *«n and Herrlck. . ,, ,,, e , pK . IM ttmt thp _,,,., rworta uoong wbom Is Tony A«m.. th* baw- I . , , , b , . lll)m , etei , nc .. t TuM i By ,,,,.,.,,. Mil «ll«ner. lng Vn(tfT the Iuttf ^^ ^ n 1)e ovw I until the following Thursday morning for i final action. Flat River, Mo., Dec. 12 -Thl* town ha* j The total of the capital Mock aase.*- pfDbably the smallest human being ever menu In the slate, over and above tangl. born. A Httl* girl, weighing Ju«t one bit. will (ar exceed that of any other pMrad, wa* bom Monday to th* wife of' *«wlon of the board. Lait year the total Mward K. Rlfp of thl* plac*. The lit- - exeeu In tbe *tale wa* |21.4T7.»«. This II* on* · apparently itrong a*d heallbr. I yaar In Cook county atone tbe excess I* a*d !· p*rf*ctly formed. Th* llttl* aridget' m,«0*.MO, which m*an* an additional rev. I* Just eleven mches In length. pnue for Cook county, by Tfwtm of «h* Kansas los 95 Missouri 111 100 California 101 iw Indiana 104 na Ohio 99 9S Illinois 106 101 Nebraska 123 97 Pennsylvania 101 97 Oklahoma 114 107 Michigan 90 92 Texa* 118 103 Tcnnemcc 100 ion »2 86 9G 88 75 M 103 V5 Wi K2 ta K3 NEW INTERUFBAN Will Connect Towns of Momence aud Bast Dubnquo. Springfield, Ills., Dec. It--Tho Illinois, Iowa and Michigan Hallway company, with a capital stock of flflu.OOO was licensed to Incorporate by Secretary of State Hose. The principal office is lo bu it Chicago. The object cf Ihe corporation Is to construct u line of road from Momence, In Kanknkee county, In B northwesterly direction through the counties of Kankakee. Will, Urundy, Kendall, Kane, Ue- kalb, Ogle, Ltoone, Wlnni bugo. Bit-phi.-n- ron and Jo Duvlcss to East Dubuque. PULLIAMTHE MAN Who Will L,ook After National League Aft'AtrH. New York, Dee. 12.--Harry I'ulllnm of Pltlsburg wrts elected president, seere- tury-and treasurer of the National Baseball league today. VICTORY FOR THE MORMON House Committee Will Not Report Amendment. Making Polygamy Bar Irom Office Holding. Washington, Pee. V'.-- Tho house Judiciary committee todjy decided not to report to thu hui»c- my Joint resolutions prnposliiK an amendment to the Constitution to dlsiiuallfy persons found guilty of polygamy from holding office and |to prohibit polygamy. , IN TUB HOUSE. tnn, D c. IS.-- This wim private ay In the 'house. The leglslutlve, and judicial iipproprla.tlon bill, carrylntf fctl.l»i,i«iv. was reported today. This IB an increase of JiiWMJOO ovor the current year. Tho house committee on public bulU- ln(ts and grounds today reported favur- nble u bill appropriating seven million fo r the purchase of a, site iind erection of a court of justlCB bulldlnB. also the bill passed by the senate currying 31,800,000 for construction of a new department of agriculture building. AI.LiOWKU 34.IHW KACIl. Washington. Dec, 12.-The senate yesterday voted to allow the members of tho strike commission H.OOO each for their work as arbitrators. Tt* tmmungi r» will ·!·» |M Kllowi-d la oroupy lh» ·l«-'ii»r when Hi ttw rliy of M»»lco, InMWil of (»lnc M hi*. Is. If I1i*y prrfrr. Th» e*pur»l«n «t*nm from It. Wayiw on Feb. 2 iind return* r»b ». . executiv Married at Lincoln. Lincoln, Ills.. Dec. 1!.--Carey Helterman nf Mt. Pulaskl and Miss Dora Newcomer of Latham were married Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock In tho parlors of the Hpltly House, by Elder W. II. Cannon of the Christian church. Mr. anil Mrs. Ell Houston of Lilt hit m were witnesses. The newly seeded aroa or winter rye Is provisionally estimated nt 99.3 per cent. of the area sown In the fall of Wll. Tho condition of m-Untcr ryo on Dec. 1 was 98.1. as compared with 89.9 on Dec. 1, 1901: 99.1 on Dec. I. 1900, and 85.7 tho mean averages for tho lust nine years, STILL ON THE SLIDE Dropot Consolidated Lake Superior Stock*. Ph'il,.,'clpiila, Dec. 12.--Tho sensational drop yesterday In Consolidated Lake. Superior stocks continued this morning. Common, which closed at ti',4 yesterday, after a decline of 10% points during tho day, opened at 6 this morning, then steadied at 6%. Preferred was 1 offered a.t 4!i. against the closing price of 50 yesterday. Biff ttroeery Fire. Scrnnton, PH.. Dec. K'.--A largo live- story structure ocruple,] by J I,. Council C".. wholesale grocers, was destroyed by lire, today. Loss, 11*5,000. ICE IN WATER PIPE Causes Famine Among Factorlcn of Detroit. Detroit. Mich.. Dec. 12.--Anchor loe clogged the Intake pipe of the local iwater works system during the night and the city suffertvl from water shortage until nearly noon. A number «f factories were compelled to suspend for the day and it I* estimated 3,000 or 4.000 men were compelled to be Idle and will lose a day'* pay on account of the water famine, FOR CUBAN TREATY Protocol Bai Been Hftfaed at Havana Havanai, Dec. 12.--The protocol ·*' a ootnmerofet -treaty between the UnHoA 8DMM and Cuba waa signed tote ta night. Corbett-McGove.-n Fight. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 12.--Detroit has been awarded tho Corbott-Mcdovern contest. The men will meet here probably on Jan. li, and complete arrangements. ARTHUR ODP FELLOWS Dedicate Their Wew Hall With Ceremony. Arthur, Ills., Dec. 12.--The new I. O. O. F. hall at this place was dedicated yesterday with Imprt-snlve ceremonies In the afternoon and a at night. Past Grand Master J. W. Yanlis of Shei- byvlllo was tho principal speaker und music for the occasion was furnished by the orphans' homo band of Lincoln. Notwithstanding the muddy weather many -out of town visitors were present. Th lodge here, which Is composed of about 100 members, la In a very prosperous condition. Besides the new 44 by (W-foot hall they own two store rooms be n oath and the real estate, a valuation o 19,000. BUMoari Judge Dead. Kansas City. Dec. 12.--Judge John W. Henry, former chief justice of the state supremo court and present judge of the circuit court of Kansas City, died today, aged T8. -«*- Police CommiMloner New York. Dec. 12.--Commissioner of Police John I. Partridge resigned because of 111 health. SAME OLD DELUSION That Assembly IN a Source o Wealth I» Mt Work, Springfield News: Kvery housewife with a room or two to rent and every hoarding house keeper Is nuking the ll- ennlBl preparation for the coming of the cgislaton*. The deception uncovered every two yearn seems never Rrciit enough to llve from one term lo another and thi re Is. every two years, the samr number of wildly enthusiastic people who expect to reap a harvest from the members of tho general assembly. The dream4s as often broken and the sleeper fiwakeng to a realization that the legislature ai a money getter for the owner of the private house with rooms to rent is not a beautiful success. It Is painted in the glories of un Itullan sunset but the paint rubs off. The lenders In .the two houses live :it the hotels. The men of means live at the hotels. The rank and-file who come for what purpose many of them know not, live, almost by their wits, gome of them engage rooms down town and others live first ono place and then another. The number who engage rooms In the residence district and pay for the room by the week clear through tho session In small. In the first place until the tall end of the session t h e assembly is here only three days and sometimes four days a week. More often It Is three days. A majority go home at the end of the third day. It does not pay to engage a room for seven days when downtown there are scores that can be taken for two, three or four days or u week If necessary. The. same thing Is true of boarding housts. The average legislator likes to live downtown wllh tho rest of. the crowd. The restaurants and hotels catch nearly all of them. Those who come here attracted by the business of the session live at the hotels with the leaders where they can get at the bell wethers. So that for practical profit of the resldencer who has room* to rent or a board to fill the legislator doe* not fill tho-long felt want. He Is like every other man, he will stand go much and no more. The legislator as a rule Imagines he '« being robbed by every one whether he Is or not. Me thinks he I* paying a big price for everything he get*. This Is one of the traditions handed down from the earliest legislator. It Is the almanac Joke preserved and nicely done up In cotton, t Is unfolded and opened to view every two y^Hi's no matter in whose hands It may be held. A new time card goes Into effect on this division of the Vandalla Sunday. The time of the evening passenger train east is changed, as Is the arrival of No. x. ihe night train from the west, and Ihe de purture of No. 7, the morning accommodation to Peorltt. ' No. IK, the through train from Pcorla, now arrives here ut 8:20 p. m. and leaves at G:40. It Is to be made about two hours earlier and will leave at 4::tO or 4:35. No. S from Ptorla now arrives in Deea- tur at 10:40 p. m. nnd Its time of arrival on the new card will lie 9:3) p. m. No. 7 for the west will leave an hour earlier than at present or at 8 a. m. Instead of a. m. ON NEW WOKK. Edward Sheluli. engineer In charge of the new work on the. Chicago division, was In tho city for a short lime Wednesday. II» says thut most of Ihe grading for the new work '»'lll be finished this winter, but the company will not lie able to lay and ballast all of the new track before spring. The grading at Slbley will ui done tn a week or ton days and will bo ready for the gtvc-1. Kbert fihanahati, sub-ontiactors, have finished their contract and are preparing, to move. \V. B. Carmlehai-l, who has the cin- traet for I'hc stone work on Ihe new bridges, has finished the abutments for three brlilges on t'iiu Lodge work and Is preimrtng t«r move to the Mansfield 'work, j The steam shovel Is still at work nt Mansfield, but the night shift h«s been .ib iiKlniii.i An iiverbind bridge ut V in- Mcler hill will he torn out tom-irrow ti permit the pnssiige of the steam shovel aih| It will then be replaced Then- is t a l k of closing the (iiirlnr work till spring PAY CAR KAK1.IKR The Wali.ish pay car will s t a r t !*· diiyH curlier this nvintli In order to f i n - ish paying before ChristmiiH. The c i r will pay St. l.i)u:s, HI Louis lo Decatiii- on Friday. 12th. doing two duys' work In one. U will not leach 'hire in time, to p i y on Friday, but will begin paying early Saturday morning, paying the office and rond men In the forenoon and going wver to Ihe shops at I o'clock in the afternoon. On Sunday, Dec 14. Paymaster Harrison will miiku another strenuous effort and will go from Deeatur lo Hunnlhal The good work will be rushed from t^hls limn ion. paying the Chicago, Detroit and Kastcrn divisions and returning to Deea- tur on Tuesday, Dec. 23, paying from Tllton l» Decntur and arriving In St. Louis In. time for the paymaster lo buy his Christmas presents nnd eat dinner at home. ONF. FARE RATE. The WatKiHh linn announced a rate of one fare to Springfield on account of the state teachers' convention. Tickets will be sold at this rate nn Dec. 28, 29 and 30, good returning Jan. 1 am] 2. A low rate has been announced by the Wubash t Kan*as City oji account of the meeting of the National Live Stock association on Jan. 13. The tickets -vlll have nn extension privilege till Jan. 31 by the payment of an additional 60 CONSOMNO. Tlio express crews on Wabash train 24 f p ' m St. LoulK yesterday morning worked lu n I ) . L. W. refrigerator ·.ir. When the side door was closed there was n,» light fttvt what came in through the hole made for tthe bell rope and no heat except that generated In their own Ixxlles. They httit the satisfaction of knowing, 'however, that they could not spull en route and thnt their complexions could noi be hurt by tho. sunshine. THIRTY CAK8 HERE. There were thirty car* of hard coal In Deeatur, but they mwre nil headed for St. Louis and were being pushed through as rapidly as the Wabash. people could lo It. They were consigned to a St. I/ouls avholesalcr for distribution In Illinois nnd Missouri, They are only a drop In the bucket, inf course, but they go to show that hard coal can come west. The Wabash Is also distributing hard coal from Chicago. Two cars are enroute to Decntur and are expected dally to arrive. IN THE WHBCK. Thomas Dukoft the Illinois Central bag-| gageman who was badly Injured Wednesday afternoon In the wreck at Birkbeck. was In the wreck wear th* «ame place In August. IfW, when a half dowm W*ons were killed. He received revere in-Juries at t'nat time. Just before «he wreck occurred W«dn«*- dny Dukes had gone Into the ptuMcnger compartment of the comMnrttlon oar to KPt a drink of waiter erel 'he was Juati approaching five door on 'hi* way b»ck when the tralne met. He was hurled through rne door, carrying) the door wlrh Mm. He wa* taken flr*t to Clinton and later to Ills home In Springfield. Engineer Oxley attempted to Jump from Traey W. master Thurwlsy m«Miiln« r-c1vel an snnual pus* w«r 4*v rtlm-«ilitt« Mhort Un. Th» pa«« Is «"·«» i-n nil t«ln« and lo all ««tkii». To ItB- pus* aviUlwbl* It !· llnK n«tHu«iry 1-1 !.,·«!» tbn road, »nd thl* Mr. Itoucluw t» try- tnt Ma b.«l in 1o H* h.ut Irwmrd thst 4lw llnv la flv« milt* (on«. «nd hm» ono vniclne mul four car*, but IK- h«is tun yet been iilile to llsi»v«r whut m.Up »r t e r - ritory Iho llni. Is In. A. K. I'riwa of Bprlnglleld Ml«rn« th- aud J. J. Bollnip-r nm Tho W^ibuKh ..irrrinns for th.- HrM week In I»ec4'nrier Hmounlixl to |*a.«*K. In- er«*se ISK.fioiTT. tlm^l y-«r u llfcember 7, 3K34,7r.(i7. Incr.-iisc. VM.itt W, Superintendent Uravn and Tralnmast- rr MIIKWI-II of the' C., I * W. wen- In the rlty last night. Thcv my that one of thu burdens ,.f their llvea now Is to K et eoniiNinv c- l Tbelr c.wl IK siippllnl from 'lie ItniEll ln.l . field by way of the Vandnlla ami this msl I* 'o rrowd- cil wllh rreliiht '-o the mst end tbat It Is almont Imi to get coiil over II. A letter from II « ' Kupp. chief clerk to Slllierlntellilenl J J l-.illil of llle II U II. ill Alain.IMI Cnlo . «l«le» that his daughter lian In en erltlrslly HI for si-viral weeks « i t h i\|i|ui|d fiMT H I has not .n I | xeii i be ilmuicr point but tliero IB scarcely i» unl if her physician t h l n k doubt about her r' thi art-nun Mr. nnd Mrs. lack of sehi-t|H :il A l a i n K j p p reside at I'm til.i Hi-rmiin ..- i n . \v i Inn Friday iiturnli-K W . M I in the huKpIt il. His iroiil'l. 11. i nm to IM- rheumatism. M « r i i r M«-li.'iiil. ' II IK-«-Kif wiis bvr,. fnim Hprliwlleld l-'i-Mi In wisiilta- l l c i n w i t h Smi.rln: . l . n l Ui.berlniin ulld tike- loctil officials -if UK- mncMnrry d«- puruneiu. I^lln1^'rs lire ut w.' around llu* Wulmsli i ll» ww . no- lir.ikes ln«|i«-lor for tho WilKuth, r. l i n n . . I h'rlday fnim Jef- fcrHiiiivllk-. In.t vili.-i, be hits tM-t-n In- KIM'cilttg Ihe ti- w . n i l - nail.MI -Hrs whlt4t IlK) Wabosh IK !i.n MHI built Dining cur No. iiu got ihnv pair Of new Wfl- I'lK W i l l i e II WIllllvl III IhH'aiur Friday mivniniB; l i wns · ru»n jiiw .mil had' HI be i-iiii|il«^i-«nl In lime f«ir the ear t» «n mil on Us roftular run o« No. 4. _ ______ BAPTIST LADIES H ve » HacMr and Mervo Otu- D«r. The annual f a i r and basaar of the llap- tlsl ladles was nut no well attended as It usually Is but the ladles did a «ood loilio A hot turkey dinner was served today and a good many of the shoppers In Ilk city took dinner with them. The ladles In charge of the tables .ire MS fell-iws. Mrs K U. Alii n. Mrs W. L. ( takes, Mrs. Frank. Uodwln. Mrs. Dlcklnsi'ii Mrs 10. A. Hurwell Mrs. Krlghaiim In -n charge of the kitchen and Mis. W. C. Hlmock IK -narg« of lh« illnlng room. Mrs W. K. Bcruggn. by virtue of her office HI president of the aid has general chart*. Mm. Anderson had charge -if the upron tuble. ' ' I. I Miss I. Illi, in Ciea has an attractive booth where selected candles are sold. Mn. K. A. Oastman has a booth showing fancy goods. ' i Mm, Harry llumiiher and Mis. John Freeman have n taimth of dolls The sale will be contl'iut-d today, clos- Ing thl* «v»nlnt. About W« h«is Blooejr. clewrwl by th« ladle* of th«- ConK"W«Hon«l church as a result of their t«ile tiltun far. The lad«« who worked yesterday are: Mn». U. B. Klnney Mm. Oi-orge Hatch's. Mm. 1. K. Itocon, Mirs. J. 11 (Yary. Mm Kelley. Mrs. Burke. Mrs J. «. BrecouiH. Mr* J. .iwnlngs. Mrs. W. A. C««h. Mm td Seger iind Mrs. Kol»«rt WILL PROBATED. «3OOa Year for Llle to Ihe Widow. The will of the late David Henshle was admitted to probate in the county court Friday. The estate, consists chiefly of real estate and about »*K) worth of personal property. ' » i -U A house and lot In J, K. Warren * Co.'s ntnlh addition to Deeatur Is left to widow, M a r t h a It. IH-nshle, for life. the She l» Incom , . fo to have |*X» » year from lh« of the other real estate and th« END OF CABLE LAID* Ban Francisco, Dec. U.--Aialdst cheers of thousands of people oit the ocean beach today The San Franclaoo. end of the first oceanic cable connecting the United State* with the Hawaiian Islands was ·uccessfuHy landed by the cable ship - ·' ; gaekane Hotel Bum. Spokane, Wash., Dec. 12,-The Rldpath hotel valued at $80.000, was gutted by flri this morning, No one. was Injured. The shun of Persia has more hard cash put by ttm.ii any other sovereign. In hli palace at Teheran the "king of king*" 1* supposed to have no lei* a sum thai 110,000,000 In gpecle.^ Mr. Relti, formerly secretary of state In trie Transvaal republic, refuses to be reconciled to the new order of thing* and threatens to live in Madagascar. A reward Is offered for Information a* to the whereabout* of Fred SeUer, who left Pontlao *ome time ago. The board of aupervlsors have accepted the new soldiers' monument at Pon- tlnr. The cost Is fl2.1M.fV. rt'Bt is to go tnwnnl taxe« and Improve ments and paying debts of tho estate. At the death of the widow everything goes to a «on, II. H. Henshie, who I* mimed as executor without bond. Rain or Shine Club. The Rain or Shine club met Thursday night at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Strader. Sixteen members were present. Th only one absent was F. M. Webb, who Is out of the city. The hours were from 7:30 until 10:30. GuesalnK game* were played moat of the evening. Ic« cream, fine ^andy and pineapple w«r e the refreshments. I An elaborate New Year's dinner I* being planned by the club. Judge Charles C. Jones of Montctuma, N. V.. Is probably tho most pondcrou* lurlst In the United States. He I* « fc«t Inoh In height and weigh* «6 pound*. Henry Wattcrson Is a fairly good mu-, ilclan and it was at ono time a *erlou« question with him as to whether he should take up music or Journalism a* a profession. Vhe window of his cab and partly out when th- engines struck. H« was thrown out with terrific force. CHASE AFTBJR »2. Engineer Oenung. who would doubtless tell a KXX! story If he we* on hi* way tn true guillotine, relates nn Incident of Whlpple of ihe H02, which 1* one of the Middle division engine* that no* been running through to Peru. The 002 is a good engine and Engineer Whlpple knows It. and with the loyalty common to «. good engineer for a good engine, he thinks 1t about the only engine on the pike. An engineer does not earn to see M* favorite machine In the hand* of another engineer, nmd h* eepedaTly olsllke* to tinvp It go off the dlvMon. Wtien Engineer Whlpple for l-he flnrt time *B,w hi* engine leaving Danville for the eut with ·n Eastern dlvMon hogiheiad at the throttle 4w was broken hearted. H« gave. ensue to the train, following; It to the Mate line, and would have gone farther, but tie lost hi* coat. w*r wet MEN'S eXCTIMKON. R. Q. Thompson. pa**enger and ticket ·gent for the Waba*h at Ft. Wayne. I* arranging for a bualne** men'* excursion from Ft. Wayne to Mexico. The party will con*l*t of men only, and no women need apply. It will be limited to Hwenty-nve peiwon*. allowing each p*r-;i-- _, ·on «. full berth, in the .teener. .Th. fare Hlgheat Thursday The recently organlxcd gun club at II- llopolls ha* a membership of twenty- eight. A new mauga trsgi 1* being used. Dr. Adolp Loreni, th* Austrian authority on hip diseases, ha* examined Dr. Frank Gunsauius, head of the Armour Institute of Chicago, end ha* announced that the lamene** from which Dr. Ounaaulu* ha* suffered for year* I* Incurable. THE WEATHER. Doc. 12.-- The weather In. Chicago. Ills.. Doc. 12.-- The weather In. lcfLtiora for Illinois for twenty-four hours follow: «now or rain night; 8at- utxkty colder extreme couth. WEATHER MAP. The weather map ch»* morning *how« rain* and moderate temperature* Hirou** ItltnoU. Mtawurl und Ohio valtey. It If under wro In the Dakota* end extreme northweni, Th* mercury at 7 a. m.. w«ui 28 below to 2 below «n the extreme north; 28 below to 1« »bpv« In Dakota. and Mlmi**ot«i; 17 to M above In Nebraska and Iowa, and 14 t o » above In Kansas. Mlwourl, Ohio. The weailwr for wh«U, tine extreme* betwem tn« north wide. K I* too warm a~l IOC COTR. . Following 1* th* rang* of temperature u recorded by. Prof***or J. H. Coonradt, United Bute* weather ob**nr*r: 7*. n ....a ....n ·on «. full bertto In the «le*per. » are g e s will be 1140 for the round mp. which ««HI-1 Low«*t Friday UH Mi* pM*«nger to nnt cku* police, I , PiUlmnn rt£p?r nnd mmln «* mute. · Light bicycle Inmps VSPAPEJRI

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