The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 4, 1916 · Page 14
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 14

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Thursday, May 4, 1916
Page 14
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14 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAB. THUBSDAY, MAT ft, 1910. ASTERN Millionaire Enlers Two Cars in Local Speedway Race and Will Be at Wheel 'of One. STAR SPORT NEWS RALSTON GOSS, Editor EDWARD ASH, Assistant "t^RQQKLYN Goes to Front Again ·*~* : " National Race--Athletics in Win Only Game Played in American, BERGDOLL ENTERS TWO RACERS IN SPEEDJRIND Philadelphia Millionaire Will Be at Wheel of Erwin Special in . 300-Mile Race. STECHER TO PILOT OTHER EASTERN-MADE RACING CAR Chandler Nominates Three Crawford Cars--Dates for the Elimination Trials Set. BY A. S. BLAKELY. G ROVER BERGDOLL, Philadelphia , millionaire und spoilsman, has entered two cars in the Speedway race May 30. Bergdoll will be at tha wheel of^one ', of the cars, while the second wIlPBe 1 dilven by Eugrene Stcrher The cars are said to be exceptionally fast, as they have been built under the instruction of Bergdoll, who has oidoitd tlut no expense be spared In making them fas,t enough and Btiong enough to go the distance The cars were built by the K i w i n Motor Company of Philadelphia and aie reputed to be the equal of » n v in tho r - u u n U v They weigh 2 iOO pounds and me equipped with four-cjllndfi motois w i t h a t o u i inch bore and l U e and (Iftef n-sl\tepnths stroke This j?nes a piston dlspl iccincnt * of 2985 cubic Indies, just o n e - f i f t h under · the limit presciibed by the Speedway officials. Entered Last Year. Bergdoll was an entry m the Indianapolis race last irar, but failed to q u a l i f y He is quite a dnver, howcvei, for he hat had excellent training fiom lite hi other, ; Erwjn, and also "Willie Ilaupt, the former Bens! stai. Ho built tlneo cais last soa- , eon for the local 500-mile tacp and arranged to hold the wheel of one of the mounts himself With tho two t a i s he has built this season he a s b c t t s that he is sure of a place on the starting line It was announced at the S p e e d w a y ollico that the Erwln Specials will lie shipped to Indianapolis at once for practice and tin- j drivers will a i r h e about the same t i m e Harry Muller w i l l ildo with Bersdoll as his mechanician, w h i l e .Steelier will h f u o as his assistant Thomas E Turicy, , ^ THREE CRAWFORDS ENTERED. E ARLIER in the day thif-e entries wore received fiom Bill C'hondlpr f i o m rj Hagerstown, Md. The rais DTP called Ciaw- fords, and are built by the Craw f o l d Auto , Company of that cltj isothing it. known of the cars or their ability to iate, but they must be possessed of meilt if Chandler sets ' flt to enter them lliey have a piston displacement of 28t cubic inches and w t l g h , 2,260 pounds The motois aio foui c y l i n d e r Duesenherps with a 3%-inch boie and 0 % ~ Inch stroke. Chandler Is an old hand nt the wheel of 1 a lace car and was seen on the Indlinipolla , track in a Braemler Bulldog In 1914 Ho formerly rode with Ralph M u l f o i d The two drivers ehosen by Cbandlei to ttam with him In the race are Lewis and Jolin' son. Neither of thefce men ar« k n o w n In ( Indianapolis as drhers, but a lln on t b o l i ability may be had nftor tb N i u Y o i k 'j race. Chandler expects to Ptitei t h n tbieo i, cars at New York and t h e n b i l t i R t h e m i direct to this city to iret tin rn in Miapo ) for the race on May TO ELIMINATION DATES SET. ·T*WO DAYS have been set aside by tha 1 Speedway management for the icgular ( elimination trials These will bo held on May 26 and 27. Heretofore tha competition hag been keen during tho tilals and this year should piovo no exception The car making the fastest time In the trials BPIH the choice starting position and receives the coveted No, 1. T he others line up In the positions In which they finished In the trials The two davs pievlotis to tho nice t will be free time for the rtilvpis and they s undoubtedly will spend these momenta In getting their mounts in perfect condition for the big event OTHER ENTRIES EXBECTEB.- T HB SPEEDWAY management is eypcot- Ing another entry or two today or tomorrow and It Is practically assured that the field will number at least thirty cais Although the entry list closed at midnight on May 1, It Is thought that one or t n o entries may have been deluved In the ma!) Should these arrive and show bv the date that they were posted befoie the entries clOBed officially they will be nen ptert and the cars allqwed to compute From the list of cars now entered It appears that the race Will be tho best f i o m a standpoint of speed Which Indianapolis has ever witnessed Tht- cafs themsfelves look fastei and a number Of them should be fighting It out for first place from start to finish WABASH STUDENT BODY BOOSTS NEW GYMN FUljD More Than $2,500 Is Raised at Meet- Ing In Chapel--164 Subscriptions Ma,de. CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind , May 3 --Led bv the Bachelor, tho Wabash College ntu- ijnilt paper, the Wabash student body raised IX54S.50 In ten minutes In a determined effort to clear away jts pledge to the gym- fund and ort-tho--oanw-tlnitf=a5nron^ the fact that it Is back of the Kjm lgn In dead eainost Enthusiasm spontaneously, and foi an horn college and yells rang through the chapel hfj.ll before tho serious business of raising tho money was taken up There was no second appeal made and no ·wheedling Tho ^purpose of the meeting »a» told and wlthih ten minutes 164 eub- Horlptlons, ranging from $2 to $7o, and total- ng $2,548,60 weie gatheicd In At a former «all »eventy men had pledged amounts yrtilch ran up to $1,127 It IB the Intention that the amount raised today shall bo boosted to $8,000 In tho next fftW days am 1 a committee lifts be(n appointed to se /personally every man who haa hot yet m biorlbtd to the student fund A. number * e absent from chapel toflav Pennsylvania Star Defends Honors H OAVARI) BERRY, the greatest all-round athlete ever developed at the University of Pennsj Ivunla, for the second time won the pentathlon championship at the relay carnival at Philadelphia last week. He won every event. His activities are not confined to the track and field, as he is a good baseball and football player. Many think he la worthy successor to Jim Thorpe, the wonderful Indian, [Photog l» by " derwood Vnt erwooi ) Saylor to Box WhiteJMay 25 "Kangaroo Kid" Will Battle Chicagoan Again in Cincinnati Ball Park Arena. SPORT NEWS NOTES. BY EDWARD ASH. M ILBURN SAYLOR last night was notified to prepare for a siege of training In preparation for a ten-round battle with Chujley White at Cincinnati Thursday, May 25. Promoters of the Broadway Athletic Club, Cincinnati, obtained permission for the match from the Boxing Commission yesterday and wired Bay Bronson, manager of Saylor, the facts eaily last night. White and Saylor have had two battles, one going to Saylor after twelve fast rounds and the other going to the Chicagoan In the first round when he clipped the Indianapolis battler on the chin with a hard left and scored a knockout Saylop Popular Therms. Saylor has a host of admirers In Cincinnati and ha hopes to put up one of his greatest battles when he meets the Hebrew at Redland Field. Queen City promote) s bellevo this bout will prove a blK card and expect to see a recoid fight crowd on hand when the gong rings sending the lightweight title aspirants together The Hoosler lightweight champion Is matched to box Young Brown In New York cltv May 12 and has been piom- Ised a number of matches In Gotham lings if he wins on his first appearance theie. A Cincinnati husky has wiltten Ray Bionson asking the local fight pilot to manage him. The Ohio youth has won a few lights and believes he has the makings of a future' great. Bronson will look the athlete over on his next visit to Cincinnati. HALSTEAD SCORES K. 0. Y OUNG HALSTEAD. local middleweight, went to Union City last night arid knocked off Jim Ryan, a Union City light heavj weight In two rounds, according to Tommy Dillon, who brought In the repoit last midnight Halstead didn't waste any time, It is said, and polished the native off in a hurty. Hal- Btead Is tialning at the Dillon club and expects to get a number of matches during the summer months. LEWIS LANDS A BERTH. P HIL LEWIS, veteran American Association player who was dropped by the Milwaukee Hi ewers lecently after solving a number of seasons with that club, has obtained another Job In this, league He*has been staying In this citv since the Milwaukee club let him out and jpsteulav ho was notified by the Kansas Clt Blues to join them. Manager Danny CONTINUED ON PAGE 15, COLUMN 4. MUNCIE MAN PA1S $2,000 FOR 2-YEAR-OLD TROTTER Amos Whitely Jr. Outbids Kentucky Reinsman, Paying Highest Price of Sale for Senator O'Brien, 2:29"-Kenney Sale Success and Will Be Regular Event Here. KY WILL GAHAGAN. W HEN THK M uncle horseman, Amos Whitely Jr., placed the last bid of $2,000 on the 2-year-old trotting colt, Senator O'Brien (1), 3:29, yesterday afternoon, the hlehest price realized by a consignor at the big harness horse sale, given under the management of Frank P. Kenney, at the Indiana State Fair Grounds Coliseum, was reached. INDIANS TO HID IN BIG OPENING Tribesmen Will Take Part in Parade and Other Festivities Preceding First Game in St. Paul's New Plant. DODGERS RETAKE TOP WORKS IN THE NATIONAL Robinson's Men Defeat the Giants While the Phillies Are Blanking the Braves. CUTSHAW BREAKS UP GAME WITH A DOUBLE IN TENTH Alexander in Form and Boston Does Not Have a Chanoe-- Reds Win. NEW YORK, May 3.--Brooklyn made It three out of four from New York here today, winning the last game of the series In ten Innings by a score of 8 to 4, Cutshaw's doubje In the tenth scored two runs and his single In the first also brought In two. Hunter, the New York third baseman, was spiked In the 'fifth- inning and was forced to retire. The victory put the Dodgers back In first place. Score: Brkln AB H O 6 1 2 Daubert.l 4 2 1 8 Stfngel.rf 4 1 1 Johnsn,lfi 3 Wheat, If Mowrey,3 3 Cutshw,2, 6 Olson,s.. 5 Meyers,c. 4 Smith.p.. 3 Cheney.p. 0 1 0 0 Coomba.p 1 0 A E 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 8 0 1 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 N. T. A B H Brns.lf... 3 0 Robrtan.rf 6 Doyle, 2 . 6 5 Fletcher.s 5 Merkle,!.. 3 Huntei,3,. 1 McKohie.3 4 Rarlden.o. 4 Benton.p.. 1 'Kelley... 1 Stroud.p., 0 'Keener., Palmero.p 0 ·nousch .. 1 Schauer.p. 0 *Tesreau,. 1 O/A E 3' 0 1 1 1 0 1 2 0 6 0 0 1 1 0 9 1 .0 2 1 0 1 1 0 8 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 38 10 80 IB 2 Totals .40123011 1 ·Batted for Benton In fifth inning 'Ratted for Stroud In seventh inning 'Ratted for Palmero in eighth. ·Batted for Schauer in tenth. Brooklyn , . 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2--(! Now York.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 0--4 Two-base hits--Cutshaw, Daubert, Doyle. Sacrifice hits--Daubert, Stengel, Burns. Bases on balls--Off Benton, 2, off Schauer, 1; off Smith, 2, off Cheney, 1; oft Coombs, 1 Hits and earned runs--Off Benton, 8 hits and 3 runs In 6 Innings; off Stroud, no hits and no runs In 2 Innings; off Schauer, 2 hits and 1 run In 2 Innings; off Palmero, no hits and no runs In 1 Inning; off Smith, 8 hits and 1 run In 7£ Innings, off Cheney, no hits and no runs (only one batsman facecLhlm), off Coombs, 4 hits und 1 run In 2% Innings. Struck out--By Benton, 3; by Stioud, 1, by Palmeio, 1; by Smith, 2; by Coombs, 1 Paisert ball--Railden. Umpires --Byron and Qulgley. Time--2:25. REDS HIT HARD. ST. LOUIS, Mo , May 3.--Cincinnati hit four St. Louis pitchers hard and, aided by four erroia, won today's game, 6 to 5. Schneider was batted from the box, as was his successor, Schulz. In the eight the locals threatened to tie the scoie. After two were out, Hornsby singled, Gonzales walked and Snyder, batting for Jasper, tripled, driving In two runs, Score: The Mt Sterling (Ky ) houseman, James Magownn, who owns tho sensational young speed slie, J Malcolm I'orbPi 2 08, , the contending blddoi, and it was his bid of $1 975 that caused Mr Whltelv to pay $2,000 for tho joungster Senator O'Brien was consigned to tho by the Seattle (Wash ) hoiseman O. A Ilairhon He Is a son of Petei the Gieat 2 07'/4, the oelebiated nice home she owned by StmiRhton A Fletchei of this cltv, and Is out of the gieat biood maie Caiietta, 2 18, a daughtei of Dl- lectrnan, that has tho dlstliu-tlnn of be- iiiK the leading piodueei of yenillnB tiottois, w i t h Silent Hiigdde (1) 2 2SU, (2) 2 1(H 4 , Huldine (1) 2 24%, (Z 2 1 2 , Hester C 1 ( 1 ) 2 2Hi find Senatoi O'Biien (1) 2 29, to hor-ciedlt Fast a,t Lexington. Senator O'Brien atti acted a lot of nt- tentlon at the Lexington tiaok last June, when he worked a half In 1 10»A for Hunter Moodv. After this perfoimance he was turned out and nothing more was done with him until In tho fall, when he was takerL up and given a record of 2 29 with but \ e i y little prepiu atlon. He 13 eligible to practically ~all of tho rlc-h events for youngsteie, and all who have seen him In his woik predict that he will make a great colt. He will bo placed In the stable of Everett Osborn at Muncle be ^,I\en his pi e pin ation_by_tjiat I clever young leinsman *~ I The crack 3-year-old hotting; colt, I Suldlne (2) 2 12, al*)o consigned to the i sale by Mr Hanlson, was struck off at I $1,975, the second highest ptlce of tho sale, and found a new owner In Joseph Klecknei of Philadelphia. The Kentucky horseman, James M^gowan, who bid P JPLOIT your J " - ' personality to in a gnlt of in«. --sueh we de» and product) jfrom latest o! SPRING STYLES NOW READY Frank Royer TAILOR »»tl JXQOR TRACTION BLDG. II $1,075 on Senator O'Brien, was also after Suldine, and again came within $25 of getting one of the stain. Suldlne will bo shipped back to Lexington, K y , wheie he has been-for some- time in charge of Hunter Moody, and Is to be added to the stable of Walter Traynor at the famous Kentucky race track. In 2:10 Class. He Is tho champion 2-year-old trotter over a half-mile track, a distinction that he gained at fr Loulsvllle laft fall, when he tiotted in 2 I3Vi. Suldlne showed himself to be a 2 10 2--year-old last fall, and as he Is In piactlcally all of tho futurities, the young ton of Worthy McKlnney (I), 2 30, hai a good chance to win himself out, and then some, in the coming campaign. The California trotter Rapallo, consigned by Charles DeRydor, Bold for $550 and became the property of Charles Dean, the Palatine (HI ) trainer. Agnes Carter, 2 15^, by Nutwood Wllkes, 2'16%, fiom the same consignment, was bid off at S53Q by W. L, Knyder. Springfield, O. . v big The sale wa«r a bis success. This means that Indianapolis has been put back on the map i£s a sale town by Manager Frank P Kenney and that at least one and probably two big sales will bo held heie each year In the future. Tho following list gives some of the best sales of yesterday: -"- Flhal Day's Sate^ "^ Senator O'Brien (1), 2:29, br. c. (2), by Peter the Great, 2:07%. Amoa Whitely, Munclo, Ind , $?,000. Buldlne (2), 3:18, b, c, (3), by Worthy Mo- CONTINUED ON PAGE 15. COLUMN 2. KELLEY AFTER PLAYERS [Special to 'the Indianapolis Stai J ST PAUL, M i n n , May 3 --The Saints me home and tha baseball lid will be pried off at 3 o'clock tornoriow afternoon In -the magnificent new plant that hds been built nt Lexington Park, Tho Indians from Indianapolis will furnish the opposition The St Paul team comes home In the se(ond division, |t Is true, but no loyal fan In thla titv believes for ft moment that it will stay theie long The Saints have twenty-five gunes on their home giounita and three in Minneapolis before they hit the load again, and with Walton Oiulse and othei now talent that Manager Kelley will obtain within the next few das, the team seems certain to climb to u, commanding position in the lace before Is begins another trip All of the team with the exception of Manager Kelley, Walton Cruihe, Charlie O Leary and Lefty Leifleld, came In to- nlffht Kellev temalnod in Chicago, Where he hold a confeience with Piesi- clent Weeghmun of tho Chicago National League team. A monster automobile parade through the downtown streets will precede the game. i KELLY STAYS AT Cln AB II O A E Neale.lf . 4 2 0 0 0 6 3 0 0 0 ('base 1 B 2 14 1 Orimth.rf 4 1 2 0 0 Oioh.3 .. 4 2 i 1 0 Her?off 8 2 0 1 6 1 Louden,2 4 1 2 5 0 Claik.o . 3 1 5 J 0 Hchnedr,p 2 0 0 1 0 Dale.p 2 0 0 0 0 Schulz.p.. 0 0 0 0 0 St U AB II O A Besehpr.If 6 1 1 1 Smith of . 4 0 6 2 Betzel 2 B 1 3 2 I-otipr,rf. . B 0 ? 0 1 MIMcr.l Beck 3 3 2 9 2 4 2 2 1 Hoinsbv.B 3 2 8 3 1 f)oni-ale8,o 3 0 2 2 0 Merlows.p f 0 0 1 1 'WIHon 1 0 0 0 0 Wlllams.p 0 0 0 0 0 Tasper,p.. 'Snydei .. Torhan.. 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Sallcc.p... 0 0 0 1 ft ·Butler... 1 0 0 0 0 Totala 35 12 27 17 1 Totals 87 _? 27 16 4 'Batted for Meadows In fourth 'Batted for Jaspei In el^'ith "Ran for Snyder In eighth «Battcd for Smith In ninth Cincinnati 1 2 0 0 2 0 1 0 0--6 S t Louis 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 0--5 Two-base hits--Miller 2, Noale, Groh, Phase Three-baeo hits--Botzel, Snyder Stolrn bases--Clark, Klllofer, Chine Sacrl- flro hits--Herzog 2 Griffith Double plays- Smith to Hornsby to Beck to Betzel, Miller to Beck Bfts»H on balls--Off Meadows, 1 off Jasper, 2, off Dale, 3 Hits and earned runs-Off Meadows, 6 hits, 2 runs In 4 Innlnss off Halee, 1 hit, no rung In I Innlnsr, off Wll| llamg, 3 hits, 2 runs In % Inning; off I Schneider, 6 hits 1 mn In 3 Innlnga (none out In fourth); off Jasper, 2 hits, no runs In 8H Innings off Dale, 4 hits, 3 runi In 4% InnlngB, off Schulz no hits, no runs In 1'6 Innings fetiuck out--By Meadows, 1, by Jasper, 2; bv Dale, 2, by Schula 1. wild pitch--Meadows Passed ball--Gon- zalea.^TJmplres--Klem and Emslle. Time-2 17. BIG ALEX IN FORM. BOSTONTTftass , May 3 --Philadelphia bunched hits off Barnes In the second Inning today and defeated the Braves, 8 to 0, Alexander was In great form and in only one Inning were two hits secured off his delivery, Philadelphia's runa^were made aftft? a ilQublo _play, one of four dining the game, had been made In the Speedy Joe Did Not Leave With Tribe Yesterday--Other Indians In Shape. 'Ihe Indians left thla olty at noon yeater- -day for St--Pairh--where they will open the American Association season with Mlka Kellnv's Saints thla afternoon, Manager Hendilcka'H men stopped off In Chicago la^t night and ^111 not anlvo In the Twin Cltv until late this morning All the In- CONTINUED ON PAGE 16, COLUMN 2. Champion Prank Gotch h Under Care of Specialist CHICAGO, May 3.--Frank Gotch, champion wiestler, today canceled his circus engagements because of stomach trouble which has forced him to remain In care of a specialist here, He has fallen off in weight to 185 pounds, it is said. Charles Comiskey to Be on Hand at the Bender Opening SOUTH BEND, Ind , May 3. S OUTH BEND will witness its fliat Central League gamo In three years tomorrow afternoon when Dayton and the Benders clash in the opening game of the season here. Klaboiate plans have been made to ctlebuue the occasion by the local fans tho enily nea^on showing of the Houth Bend club having cteated much enthusiasm here Cliai!^ A Oomis- kc\, president of the White Sox club of Chltago, will attend the name In company with other "Windy Cit dlg- nitaiies In order to see Leo Tamle- hlll, foimer White Sox intieldei. in action. PIRATJTlPROTlEST DISALLOWED. NEW YORK, May 3 --John K Tftier of tho National League nimoum ed today that ho had disallowed the piotott of tho Pltts- ImiRh club npaliiFt a decision of Umpire H j t o n hi tho game with St Ixul3 on April ,!0 I'lttsburgh objected to a ruling of Byion in calling a runnei out nt t h t i d for intci- feienco by ManaKoi Calluhan President Tener since then has Issued nn Intcipnta- tlon of the rule which the umpire decided wnn violated In announcing his deelfilon President Tener iald he personally wltncBned the occurio^oe and that Manager f'nllahan was wained by Umpires Byron and Qulgley not to touch tho lunnor, but ho unquestionably did HO. Bronkie, Wickland, Kelly and Schaiig Doing the Best Hitting *-* *--' |f t^ Tribe's Third Baseman Batting at .364 Clip--New Right Fielder Btill a Consistent Performer. IJTERMAN BRCKKIE, the Tribe's third baseman, is loading the Indians in batting His average is 364 Bronkio has taken part in SMPH Barnes. Al Wickland continues to keep up his good work. He haa got thirteen hits. Ills batting avciage Is .82(ir "Wickland has driven in four runs ami loads in stolen bases, ha\lng pilfered four. Bobby Schangr is another*"Tilbesman to increase his average and now is hitting tho ball at a .804 clip. His hits have been timelj, too Joe Kelly, center fielder, who has been out of tho lineup for a week, Is tho only othei Indian hitting In the select class The followlm; figures will show tho gicat Improvement Jho Tilbo has urideigono since it began its winning streak- O AB R H 2B 3B 1111UDI811 SB T» BA Bronkio 7 22 0 8 0 1 0 'i. a 1 Id .304 WU'tynnd ..! 13 40 0 IS 1 0 0 4^ J 4 14 MR Kelly 0 22 2 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 .318 S« luing 8 23 4 7 1 1 0 2 1 1 10 .804 Colo .../. 5 It 1 3 0 0 0 Z 0 3 8 .278 I^ary 13 44 7 13 3 3 0 3 1 0 18 .373 Uolfin 13 87 B 10 S 0 0 8 It 8 18 .270 Derrick 9 28 4 7 0 0 0 8 2 1 7 .280 K«illey 10 25 2 5 0 0 0 8 3 2 5 .200 Gurter 3 7 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .200 AWrlclRO 8 7 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 .200 GOfrtctt °.l 8 18 2 8 0 0 tr 3 2 0 2 .107 KoBKo 2 6 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .100 Crnmlnll 12 81 3 C 0 0 0 K K 0 K .101 Wawiion S 8 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 ,IM Iffrlkonberg nnd Wills hnvo not bit CapL Larr ot Rose Disqualified for ' Playing "Pro" Ball [Special to The Indianapolis Star ] TERRB HAUTE, Ind., May 3. APT. BOBBY LARR of tho Roso Polytechnic Institute baseball team was/dlsqualitled-today when he admitted"' that he had played professional ball as a member of the Lafayette Rod Sox. Complaint was made today to the institute by Prof. Moian of Purdue, who said ho recognized Lair as one of the players of the Lafayette Rod So\ team of last season. Larr said that players of other colleges weie doing the same thing, but ho declined to file charges since he said they weie not icspon- sible for charges being filed against him. He declared he always played under his right name and rHade no effort to conceal hh connection with the Lafayette team. STIEnFAND TRESTERlo BE OFFICIALS AT MEET GIinBNCASTLH, I n d , May 3 --Coach Jumbo Stlehm of Indiana University will bo tho ntartor and A, L Trestor, nocrotftry of tho Indiana High School Athletic Aseo- clatlon, will bo the icforeo for the triangular track and field meet to bo hold at McKeen Field, DcPauw University, on Scmmlay May 13, between tho Danville, Gal field (Torre Haute) and GrcencftHtlo High Schools Easy of Access! rpHE NEW KAHN salesrooms in -^ the big new Kahn Building are just as easy of access as ever. Immediately across Meridian-street from the old location. Reached direct by three spacious passenger elevators miming from the Meridian-street entrance. Right in the heart of Indianapolis--and ready to serve you well! Y ES, the Ready- f or-Service department is reached in the same manner-it's on the same floor as the Tailoring department. 'cat Kahn Clothes are a good buy right now, for tho woolena in them were bpugbt before the recent sharp advances in price. 1 4 17 Big selections at those * I / two prices-- others $15' 11 and up. tj ft * I M 1 « / \ TMILOQING COMPANY 2nd Floor Kakn BUg., N. E, Cor. Ktriiia* We$h, Smoke a DESCHLER MONOGRAM 5c as a test, and then buy a box. Business will go smoother when there's a box of MONOGRAM cigars on your desk, femoke as many as you like-they don's get on your nerves. Sold By All Cigar Dealer* DESCHLER CIGAR COMPANY Distributors Indianapolis ( J A T E S M F G . C O . 431 N. Cupltol Avenue. Bosch Magnetos Cadillae (I A! A W 0 16 Slrioii Smite Svtlem 37 W.Vir, Fhiiu 3000 Cadillac Automobile Co. of Indiana. 500 Capitol Avenue C O t - E M O T O B C A B C O . Factory 730-740 E. Wash. St. Eiscman Franklin Garford Trucks FOKI) SHOCK ABSORBERS. Motor Hupp Saxon U AVIMAM lDdiiti« Siltireoai N««r York Inarmon ou Phon« mi, r SllnC*. 544N.M(rPliimR3l70H.1294 3402. Motor Vehicle Co.Jndpla. Sub, Branch, ·t/'e-S N.JSapItol Ave, , P. O'Brien , N, Cap. Stutz ~ S T U T Z ~ M " O T O R C A R oo. Tenth and Capitol Ave. TS-^^ I If GS 1IRKSTONK HOOD _^trnnss Service System, 87 W. __Vt. OUABAN ficE TIRE « HCBBEK CO7 2°'' lo South I'linole flt. second inning. Paskert shot a double to right and Niehoff followed ault, the former scoring. Burns was given a pass and Niehoff stole third. ' Alexander hit to center for three bases, scoring Niehoff ana Burns Score: Phlla. AB H O A B BOB AB H O A B Stock.3.. 3 0 1 2 0 Marvllle.s 3 2 3 7 0 Banerft.s 4 0 0 2 0 Ev«rs,2... 4 0 6 B 0 Whlted If 4 0 3 0 0 Colllns.lf , 4 0 1 0 0 Cravth r f . 4 1 2 1 0 Wllhoit.rf 4 1 3 0 0 Luderus,! 8 011 0 0 8 3 4 0 0 Nlehoff.2. 3 1 3 4 0 . . Alcxndr.p 321 Konethy.l 3 112 1 Smlth.3 , , 3 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 Oowdy,o-r 3 1 2--3 0 Uarnes.p , 2 1 0 1 0 'Connolly. 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 rntala .29 62711 0 Totals .30 6 2 7 1 8 0 'Batted for Baines In eighth. Philadelphia . . 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--8 Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--0 Two-baao hits--Paskert, Niehoff, Maran- vlllo. Three-base hit--Alexander, Stolen base--Niehoff Sacrifice hit--Maranvllle Double playu--Cravath to I/tiderus; Stock to Nlohoff to J'Uderup, Konetchy to Maranvllle to Konetchy, Maranvllle to Evers to Knnetchy. BftBes on balls--Off Barnes, 3 Hits and earned runs--Off Alexander, B hits, no runs In 9 Innings, off Barnes, 6 lilts, 8 tuns In 8 Inning?, off Ragon, no hits, no runt In 1 Inning Struck out--By Alexander 2; bv Itagan, 2. Umplies--Rlglor and Eason Time--1 29, cIohnRuskin Bestand! ALL MEN -- COLMEtTDROMEAR. LOUISVILLE. Ky. May 8.--Charles H. (King) Lear, a pitcher, purchased by tha Louisville American Association club last fall from the" Cincinnati Nationals, today was released to Atlanta of tha Southern Association TV'S BROTHER RELEASED. TERRB HAUTE, Ind., Hay 3--Before leaving this afternoon with the Terra Haute Central League Club for Muskegon, Manager Rufua Gilbert announced that outfielder Ted Kaylor has been sold to tho Hannibal (Mo ) team of the Three-I Leaguo and that Paul Cobb, outfielder, had been released outright Cobb Is a brother or Tyrus Cobb of the Detroit Tigers. COATS FOR SPRING AND FALL --and many a chilly summer night--no other garments serve quite so many times in the year. T3UBKHAEDT Top Coats ought 13 to be specially considered-good value In them--good style and wear, too. $20, $25 or $30, and lots of fine ones at-$25.00 39 n. Pennsylvania St. · · I ' !

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