The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 8, 1903 · Page 4
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 4

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1903
Page 4
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^ v i -i WE ',,!* £ jfi. -( llL- ( *" ,,,· * ' ''Tr- s · i THB CHBOKICL* 6ATUBPAY. CHRONICLE DAILY AND WEEKLY OFFICIAL PAPER OF CITY OF ELYRIA 233 ELY POWER BLOCK Cbromcles DAILY 80B8CUPTION RATBS. t c*nt COB* Ijr ctiriet l WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ..6 ·5 cents ... $1.50 cents $IdOO . .50 Telephone Telephone .. J. F. BURKE, Editor WILSON ROGERS, Associate Editor and Manager F, 0. STEVICK, Circulation Manager Call up the Circulation Manager if you don't get your paper. His Home Aone is 118. OUT OF TOWN NEWS AGENTS. Mut Smock Lorain-Amherst Junction "·5*** NorthAmhe-st G«o. HemenwaT Wellington "555 REPUBLICANjTICKET STATE TICKET. For Governor, MYRON T. HERRICK, Cuyahoga For Lieutenant Governor, WARREN G. HARDING, Marion. For Auditor of State, WALTER D. GUILBERT, Noble For State Treasurer W. S. McKINNON, Ashtabula. For Attorney General, WADE H. ELLIS, Hamilton. For Supreme Judge AUGUSTUS M. SUMMERS, Clark. For State School Commissioner, EDWIN A. JONES, Stark. Far Member Board Public-Works, GEO. H. WATKINS, Pike. Xff an ·ccMtonal tfOMtttlmtot In quoting a Chicago judge as saying that he "would not be gor- ernor if he could/' with reference to the proposal of politicians to take the judge from the judicial bench as a "harmony candidate" for gu- bernational honors, the Chicago Record-Herald delivers a number of sound dicta. It says, among other things: "It is not conceivable that Judge Brentano could reconcile his ideas of the ethics of the bench with the acceptance of a political nomination if one were tendered him. His view- is in accord with the opinion of ail \viio nave any conception ot the duties and responsibilities of a judge, that the bench must not be dragged' into political scrambles. "When Judge Brentano decides to run for governor he will do what any self-respecting judge would do --he will resign from the bench." The scrupulosity commended the above is desirable not only Illinois, but in Ohio, as well. It is to be regretted that public opinion in this tate seems to be tolerant or partisan activity-on the part of men occupying judicial positions. If the traditional spotlessness of the ermine is to be conserved: if judges are to retain the respect that properly inheres in the judicial of- nce and which is a concomitant of a dignified bearing, if m these days ot tremendously far-reaching decisions in such matters, for example, as those affecting the relations of labor and capital, the bench is to have the unquestioning obedience of alf clashes, then the judiciary must see to it that they maintain a decorousness beyond that of the perennial legislator and the fortuitous admin- Ktrator At the recent state convention one of the feature;, was th£ contest for the Supreme Court judgeship. It LEWIS EUYRIA, O. Remnant Sale Saturday, August 1st The great accumulation of Remnants, Oddments and _ Lines caused by the tremendous selling during the last three weeks will be put on sale at prices to close them out quick. Remnants of Dress Goods Remnants of Silks Remnants of Muslins ,,» n i of Calicoes, Etc. Odd Pairs of Lace Curtains Broken Lines of Hosiery and Underwear, Etc. D. LEWIS COMPANY HE KEEPS AWAKE WOW. SENATORIAL TICKET. For State Senator, .............. GEORGE H. CHAMBERLAIN. COUNTY TICKET. Bbr Representative, R B LERSCH. For Recorder, C. E. TUCKER. 3or Commissioner, H. C. WANGERINE. For Infirmary Director, WM. C. PRINDLE. Surveyor, LESTER A. FAUVER. ARE REAL WASH LADIES. Tw» Stater* ia an Eautera City Wia , Fame mm* Profit In the Lava- dry Laundering ia not generally regarded fcy women as the most delightful of occupations, but there are some ·ranches of the business in which one ·an engage that are not only pleasant, but exceedingly lucrative, says tte Chicago Chronicle. Two sisters in an eastern city who occupied a tiny apartment and found themselves suddenly obliged to earn thir own support discovered to their dismay that their only remarkable talent was a profound knowledge of the high art ef clear-starching, lace-cleaning and ·a*- ironing. Even this accomplish- aMBt didn't look exactly valuable until a well-to-do friend volunteered to ·end them all the exceedingly fine laundry work that their hands could do and their kitchen accommodate. The sisters agreed to make the experiment and the first week from her i own wardrobe and that of a few interested inmates the helpful friend sent them five do^pn v e ry fine handkerchiefs, a dozen or two sets of sheer lawn and lace cuffs and collar bands "and a set of rarely beautiful doilies. The laundry ladies took the stock under consideration. boiled. blued, ·tarched and ironed the articles and ' were surprised at the piofits of the I week's work. \ At the end of three months their fame had spread far and flatteringly m aristocratic circles. Not only were they overtaxed with orders, but they were able to raise their prices and employ a couple of assistants to do the heavy labor and a boy with a push earf to gather up and deli\er the or- tfrs. With handkerchieis. lace col- law, cuffs, doilies and small pieces of extta fine underwear they also admitted babies' clothes until now their Tery exclusive establishment la known «· the babies' laundry. No ex- Fteach or Swiss cleaners can or iron caps and bibs, petti- Ma *»· white dresses as do ***·* *** A"»*rlcan spinsters, who are naw boay training a couple of good 17 ilrli to follow ia their footana: devote artistic thought and ***** *·* §**-·» of the dainty gar- Americaa Oil. Last yer 6o.00u.000 barrels of kerosene were produced in the United States, and it is reckoned that the proceeds from the sale of this and the various byproducts obtained from crude petroleum aggregated nearly $500,000,000. The Jetvn ia Ra»»Ia. Mr. Schalters, of the United States immigration bureau, has said: "One- third of the Jews of Russia already own one-half of the property, although the ratio of Jews to Christians is onlv one to 20." was not a pleasant spectacle to see a chief justice of that "court present at the contention pulling wires as ?s-iduousK as any "mere politician " A^ clothes do not make the man. we *- «· piug--uat uitter- entiate- ? supreme court justice from one ol the common herd at a political contention when both engaged in substantially the %v ork As with the judges of the highest tribunal of the state,%o~ with our county judges If we mistake not it is not so many years ago that the chairmanship of an important partisan committee in this countv was Actor on th»- Road DfdiTt Know 'W here H«- I ante From or 1% here He 1\ as Got n|t. A comedian, when talking with some How the Orient Get* It. Meal. 'iwo v-omeu snail be grinding at the mill." In the east the day's supply of meal is ground each morning by two women, who sit opposite each other ou » large, clean cloth with the small mill- Hones between them. They push the stone are same from one city to another, told of a thing that happened to him when doing one- nighr stands throughout a state, says the Washington Post ','We had actually traveled so much, playing always to one-night stands, that I finally gave up trying to remember names and just trusted to the manager to get there. I was usually worn New Grocery If you want to select something good to eat why not buy from GEO. W. SAVAGE, 3O5 E. Broad St. hole ia one side, both women holdlnc It. They usually gjng as they grind.-Chicago Inter Ocean. for Saw HIM Fin I»». Employer--You talk too mnch your own good. Pat. Pat--Faith, an' Oi know thot, sor. "Then why don't you make it an unvarying rule to keep your n.outh out when we reached wherever we were ( closed? to play, and if we didn't have to gi\e | "EC Oi did thot same it's mesilf as . _ * **· f 1 -'* *v* AAmfiUZ^t. O.O S3WLL OQ W C ocapied by a man who. at the same went to bed and stayed there time sat on the bench of the county court. Of course, if it is proper for one. it may be proper for the other. There are those,, however, who question the both propriety of the action of St. Petvr.ibnrjc'* Centenarian*. The results of the St. Petersburg census of 1900 are now being made public. One of the curious figures is that of the 22 persons who. it is alleged, had reached the age of 100 or over, all were women. Her Forte. Grace--Do you not admit that a woman Ms the best judge ot" another woman's character? The city of Chicago has just finished pumping out its first lake tunnel, built in 1867. for the purpose of inspeition This i-, the second time the \vork has been done On the first occasion, in 1882. the citv caused a bronze plate to be affixed to the \\alls of the tunnel recording- the ract. This plate has secured by the Chicago Society A Chicago paper, commenting on the acquisition, refers to the tablet a« "an interesting relic of Chicag'o'^ early historv " The paragraphers o f the funny- press h a \ e long as-ured us that now been Historical Gwendolyn--Yes, a good judge, but everything iu and about the Windy riot t CIT" O"\ or*n f IJ-^TI GT* C-nt «. ·%+· C* ~* *~- *^ a better executioner.--Smart Set The Stmivberr Plant. A strawberry plant, it set in a patch of dry sand, will send out its runners in the direction where good soil is nearest. City- very, \ e n . new. even to Can't Bear the St«lit. Weary--I can't stand this hobo gam* on the road in the gladsome springtid* Bleary--Why not? "It gives me heart failure to see th» way the farmers have to work " N Y Herald. " " Coaater Propo*itl«». He--We must economize. Suppose, darling, that you try your hand at making your own clothes. She--Oh! George, dear. I never could do that Suppose I begin by trying make yours.--Illustrated Bits. asked Trath COM** Oat. "Are you blind by nature?' the charitably-inclined citizen. "No. sir." candidly replied the beggar. "I'm blind by profession."--CW- Daily News. ladies hare now their new-found pro- foil year. They have ttbrnt It not only suffices to la comfort, but at presto expand their rery iato larger quarters. » Uwr wffl t* «M« to reap event- tfe* ramfly aapl« profits that are la this 'purely feminine Oa the SAM* Plaae. Foreign Attache--Are they on the same plane socially f American--Oh, yes; they exchange tnubs regularly.--Town Topics. A millaw Dollar . A cathedral of the Greek church, to coet over $1.000,000, is to be erected ia Cleveland, O. The Russian crown is to contribute largely to it Railway Tm.el.. England has 28 railway tunnels ot a mile or raore in length. the degree of freshness The American public, however, to perpetrate something dangerously like an Irish bull, does not take its funny men seriously. But surely these philosophers have written better than thev knew when we are assured by a a performance as soon as we landed f until we did. Consequently I saw little or nothing_of the city, and as for names--well, names never did interest me, and it was just this lack of interest that got me into trouble and was the cause of a whole carload of people believing me a crazy man. We were just leaving some place to go somewhere else. The train being very much crowded, I was grateful to occupy a seat with an elderly and very talkative woman, but I didn'tknow that until afterward She asked me many questions, and as I did not wish for an extended conversation. I made very brief answers, which perhaps did not fulfil the requirements. Finally 1 was startled by her question: 'Where are you going, young man?' There wasn't anything very strange about that; but it was the first time I realized that I did not know, and so I said: ·Really, madame. I do not know.' Of course, her amazement was complete. "'Well, where did you come from?' came back to me. " 'And even that I don't know,' I answered: but by that time she had vacated the seat and the hasty glance I gave the passengers proved to me that she had confided to a few. at least, that she had ridden for miies next to a crazv man. "Since then, I have managed to keep awake long enough to get the names of towns we leave and are to visit." would be aftb^r starvin' rp r oeath Oi'm thinkin' "--ChScftgo Daily News. I AM PREPARED TO DO AH, KINDS OP TEAMING AMD CONTRACTING ON SHORT NOTICE The Liver, Kidneys, Bowels and all secretive organs are kept clean and healthy by Wright's Indian Vegetable Nature's own remedy-being composed of four medicinal herbs. At your druggist*. SB BAN EASON 301 Lodi Street CITY RESTAURANT THE PLACE TO GET A SQUARE MEAL REMOVED FROM COURT ST. TO WEST BROAD ST. REAR OF CENTRAL FRUIT STORE L. F. WADE, Prop. WANT COLUMN ON PAGE 8 staid editor that Chicago i? eagerly collecting the antiquities not of Nip-' R1ee Sonffle Padding. Put one cupful of milk in a sance- the lake years ago! It is said, on pretty good authority, that in the spring time a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. We aspect that m the "good oln summer time" one old man is liable to be forcibly led to a curtain-lecture. Witness this gem by Editor Fificld of thc Wellington Enterprise: "The sweetest thing in purses is when a pretty girl purses her lips. The editor would not know what to do with any other kind of a purse." Or, perchance doesn't the ' Enterprise circulate in the family circle of its editor? pan with a teaspoonful of butter Sfee Cbromcler One case 36 inch t 5c . Madras Cloths, sale price 8 cents yard. The Biggs Everard Co. rice flour with a little cold milk and when the milk in saucepan is scaldec pour it orer the rice flour. Stir anc cook until it thickens into a smooth paste and loosens from the bottom ol the saucepan, then trasfer to a dish to cool. Beat two ounces of butter to a cream, then add alternately the beaten yolks of five eggs and five tablespoonfuls of sugar; add this to the paste; then the grated rind of a lemon or orange and beat thoroughly to mix. Last of all fold in the whites of eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Have a souffle or pudding dish well buttered and pour in the mixture and bake for SO minutes in a moderate OT*B. When done, dnst with the powdered sugar before taking from the OTOB aad serve at once In dish in which It !· baked. Serve with raspberry cream sauce.--Washington Star. One gross fine stock collars, special toe each, 3 for 2 S c. They will not stay at thc price. The Biggs Everard Co. "Three- human lunts lie next oae another in thc anatomical museum at Ed- inbnrgh university. The Drat is that ot an Eskimo, and In mow-white. In life this would, of course be ruddy from the presence of blood. The third ia that of a coal miner and It coal-black. The In* term«diat« one Is that of a town-dwdhr and Is a dirty slate-gray, as are tb» lungs of all dweller* la th« dtiss at thi. t-N. Y. Sua. READY FOR YOUt Open for business with a fresh stock of ., Oils, nters' Tools · » Alt D m . HARDWARE OmU mml **e mm _m WILLIAM HAFHER, next to Boylans' VUltOvr Storn and Ccmpleu Tour Outfit Brooches, Rings, Watches.. Shirt Waist Sets, Hit Pins CHA H. SAVAGE JEWELER AND SILVERSMITH j Corner Washington ave. and Broad St., Elyria, Ohio 1

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