The Dothan Eagle from Dothan, Alabama on April 22, 1949 · Page 2
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The Dothan Eagle from Dothan, Alabama · Page 2

Dothan, Alabama
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1949
Page 2
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-i F DOTHAN EAGLE, Friday, April 22, 1949 7 dless Spinster Fortune In Home At Miami (UP) -- A sma H* well- occupied by a 74-y«ar- who died M o n d a y , friends or relatives" con- i treasure of $130,000 and .* jjjQi-e is hidden away in ;» furnishings, court offi- Verted today, .iderlv recluse. Miss Joh- Bintzen. left a "will" which t w jtnessed and hence can- r considered le^al asking that i o n d s be used to publish a ;*v;ritten in Norwegian b y te brother, Dr. Reidar Bent- u T t searchers continuad her home today, hoping - ·- and more money the funds already dis- era was a cache of $53.570. cash, uncovered in a ped, metal box, tucked at'aiue mounted on a flow- in the dining room. T h e i n c l u d e d eight $1,000 · S500 bills and the (..·PHiy-SlX S-JUU -JU13 ciau Lilt; ainder in W an* $ 20 denomi- ona. 000 ... previously had uncovered oo caih, mor« than $25,000 ecurilies, $4.000 in government , 52 300 in imcashed travel- checks issued in 1923, insur- t annuity checks and policies fia iron safe. temized list kept by Miss indicated she was elowly into cash a l a r g e r^fmm Young Dick Riedel To Get Treatment Free At He; Springs 1::TdeI Fullerton, CaVf.. area, w i l l bring his lO-yea.-c-.d son here"* arthritis OI Riedel and his prrtner. Bill Ear- alre 5 d: * ::roken r l cord ^ ' plan after s ^'^fi more than hours in ti:o air. Joe McEae, pr^/jent of the Hot gs Optimist Club, said that l and his entire f a m i l y 't have to a won pay for anytnms e 11 f jtecuritics willed to ier other brother, Olaf Bent- j "will" aaked that her body in Washelli Lutheran in Ssattle, Wash., where "two brothers are buried and ihe formerly lived, "will" specified that h e r er'i poam. "Marituri le Sao Dei," was to be sent for iwtion to Gyldendal Publish- 'Co., Copenhagen, Denmark, dlitrlbuUd to Scandanavians the world. : e insisted that the poem could be translated properly in any language than Norwegian. ii» Bentzen was a world trav- ind her white stucco r e a 1:i was filled with books, fam- prints, albums, diaries, notes, manuscripts of poems, mostly and her brothers moved to United States during W o r l d I Will Install w Ollicers Today 'ASHINOTON (AP) T h e .gWers of the American Revon prepared to install nine vice-presidents general today, d their annual banquet, then mm xh«lr 58th continental con- but hamburgers" during t h stay here. And young Dick Riedel, -Jr.. will be treated free of charge by Dr, E. H. Meyers of New York, r a - tionally-known authority on arthritis who is conducting research here on the effect of this sitv's famous mineral waters on the-disease. Riedel radioed his acceptance of the Hot Springs invitation yesterday to his wife in Fullerton who relayed the message by t e 1 p- graph to McRae. The invitation itself had been relayed in a like manner. McRae said the Riedel family w i l l be guests of the Optmiict Club, city and national park officials and a local hotel. Riedel and Harris undertook their endurance flight to raise money for the treatment of their sick children. Earlier this week, a petrols TO company presented their w w e s with a $5,000 check in recognition of the fliers' achievement. - T h e Hot Springs offer will e n a b l e Riedel to use his share of the monejr for other purposes. The invitation w a s extend* d jointly by the Optimist Club, Mayor Floyd Housley, Supt. Thomas E, Boles of the national park and Mrs. Rcgina Kaplan, superintendent of the Levi Memorial where young Riedel will be yiven his treatment. A. [ho Pels Blank Mobile; Travelers Ride High By ASSOCIATED PRESS The N e w Orleans Pelicans swept both ends of a doubleheader ' with the MobiLs Bears last night, 6-4 and 10-4, to feature the play in the Southern Association. In the only other game played, the- Little Rock Travelers beat the Memphis Chicks for the sixth time running. Ti o acore was 7-3. The Chattanooga Lookouts were rained out at Nashville in their scheduled contest with the Vols, white the Birmingham B a r o n s were rained out at Atlanta. Memphis squeezed their three runs out of nine hits off M i 1 o Johnson, Little Rock righthander. The Tr-avs stretched, ten.hits off four Memphis twirlers into aeven markers. Little Rock, with six victories against no defeats, remains in the top spot in the standings. New Orleans replaced Nashville in second place by virtue of twin triumphs over Mobila. The P e l s now have 4-2 for a ;667 average. The Vols are in third place with .COO. The Chicks, of course, re- for three year terms main in the ceUar . Birmingham Gertrude S. Carrawav. ,,_,! AII,,-*.« ,,-« ;« tho -miHriip. daughters, thrown o f f after a stormy session ;crdciy, still had part of Thurs|'s program to run through, inline reports by several c o m- .ecs. the main at'crnoon installation of the yesterday. event officers MUs Gertrude S. Carraway, Sera. N. C.; Mrs. Edward Harrow. Houston: Mrs. D^'or-st Kichards. Chicago;-Grady Jacobs, Scotts'. Ala.. Mr;;. Chester Frederick i«r, Saginaw, Mich.; M r s . :el R. Burns, North Manches- I n d., and Miss Mable 'per Gupton, Nampa, Idaho. Us E d 1 a Stannard Gibson, 'tto. N*. Y.. was elected to a presidential term of t w o . and T.Irs. Mark Smith, Mali Ca., v;as named for or3 year. AVBtBN CAPTAINS R N APJ -- R a l p h senior end, will captain 1949 football squad. Con- Coker Barton, also a senior, be alternate captain. The two 2 elected yesterday by mem- t s of the squad. and Atlanta are in the middle, with .500. Chattanooga' has .400 and Mobile .333. Masons Remodeling Hail At Blakely BLAKELY (Special)--Magnolia Lodge No. 86 F. A. M. is making extensive improvements and remodeling the Masonic Hall on River street. The principal work is being done en the lower floor, wbsre a dining hall is being planned. Blakely WOMAN RESCUES GIBL FROM WELL -- Batty Johnson sits on the lap of Mrs. Norine Jamison who rescued the four-year-old girl from anT abandoned 40-loot well "at Des Moines, la. The child fell, in accidentally and Mri. Jamison was lowered into the well on a rope. The rope broke while woman and child were being pulled to the surface, but Mrs. Jamiion managed to keep Betty ^nd herself afloat in the water until help came. (AP Wirephoto). HULL HOItiE FHOM HOSPITAL -- Covdcll HuU, secretary of state, rests in his hotel apartment at Washington upon returning home from Bethesda Naval hospital. Beside him is Mrs. Hull. He had been a patient at the hospital since September, 1946, The elder statesman from Tennessee was secretary of state under President Franklin D. Roosevelt for nearly 12 years. (AP Wire- t photo). Tide, Tigers Clash In Dual Track Meet AUBURN (AP) -- Alabama and Auburn forge another link in their new chain of athletic rivalry tomorrow in their first dual track meet in history. B o t h varsity and freshman squads will compete. Auburn's Plainsmen, coached by.the veteran Wilbur Huts-ell, are favored. The Hutsell squad defeated Mississippi State and Georgia in its tirst two meets. Alabama, on the Chapter No. 282 O. E. S. is plan- other hand, dropped a close one to " , I rp^ »^ n . A n M A A Twi l * « nv*l ^ nr*«4rrtv«nv**in ning a modern kitchen. TAX NOTICE Tennessee in its only conference test so far. One of the feature races will be NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS COHNTY PROJECTS NO. 108, 104, The Board of EquallaitUon of Houston tfcs 440-yard dash. It's supposed to County. Alabama haa reviewed and vniued develop fcito a duel between a nil property luted In thi^ county Jor ^the ] coup i e o { football backs, Charley " " Davis for Alabama and D i c k i e B?. r lire arc in the office of ihe Tax A«e«or and Flournoy of Auburn. Flournoy ran for public inspection. the 440 in 49.9 in winning at Geor- ·e* 1 L»- UmK-r in-ovialon.1 of Swction 5fi, 1«le «ji, A 4 r 1 ^. 1 July 6. 1915, esi'lftr esnon a. any tance runner, is expected to give taxpayer not satisfied with the value M fhe pjajnsmen firsts in the mile and two mile events. A l a b a m a OI ,,,,,.,... ... «""b«fo« the iwt|coach Tom Lieb hasn't anyone Monday in April or within ten days of wno can pus h the lanky Overton. th* final publication of this notice, E. G. Collins, Secretary Board of Equalization Houston County, Alabama, Apr. 15 and 22 ble breaking under weight Auburn's Joe Pennington, c o n- ferenoe hurdle chainpion. also is rated a near cinch in hit special- , *, · I ties. Alabama's Jumpers are given n e d g e - i n t h o s e events D i c k Clark Hurst are rated a n d Tide's best beta in the broad and h i g h jumps. ESTATE OF MRS. T. J. WYNK SR- IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HOUSTON COUNTY. ALABAMA. Letter! of Adimni»tt»tion upon t b * estate ol saJd decedent, having l**a granted to the unds.-rf-tiwid on the ISth day of April. 1949. by tha Honorable J. A. I.OKUC. Jndse of Uic Probit* Court o? Houston Couutr. Alabama. noUee IB b«re- by Riven, that all persons havinjc claisft* ?.«rainst said estate, will b« wiulred to U»s 5ime withi the time lav.*, or that the saia« will b* barred HAYWOOD WYNN ^ AS ADMINISTRATOR ESTATE OF MRS. T m ,, _ T H E WTVN SK- EXCURSION FARES S. OZEUA WYNN) CEASED. April 22. 29. May t 105 DALE COUNTY, ALABAMA. tiiiiti will be vectlvtU. Uy the Dale County bourd or Commi3* p ioner.; at tffir in ihe Cour: Houue, (; Al::until 1D:UU o'clock A.M. May 9, lU'ia. and at Ifiat time publicly opened for constructing the foilowing listed bridges: pistrlct No. I--Joe Walker iiri'J.-e -Length 2'J5 Ft. -- Pcoject No. 103 District No. i.-- Drtw Bridge-- Lennttt 330 Ft.-- Project No, 101 District No. 3-- Blacfcwood Bridge -Length 150 Ft.-- Project MoL 1U5 District No. 4-- Glenn BriJifa-- Length 165 Ft.-- Project No. 108 Separate bid will be taken for eacb proj- sct and contractom may bid on any one or all bridges. Projact No. 103 shall be complied In 4j T.-orlanc days. Project No. 104 sball be completed la 60 working days. Project No. 105 ah all be completed la ao working days. Projoct No. 106 shall b« completed in 30 working days. The principal items of -work are approximately a* follows: PROJECT NO. US 2030 TJn.-Ft. Treated Timber Piling 31.25 M.B.M. Treated Timber, CrfosoU l'rc--ervative 1 Removal of Old Bridge. PROJECT NO. 104 2S33 Lin. Ft. Treats TimWr Piling 46.65 M.B.M. Tranced Timber. Creosote Prfe-jerative 1 Keraoval of Old BrkUze PROJECT NO. 105 1878 Lin. IX Treated Timb«r Piling 2S.OO M.B.M. Treated Timber, Creosote Preservative G.30 acres clearing and ffrobblnsr PROJECT NO. 1»6 152fi Lin. n. Treated Timber Piling 25.34 M.B.M. ' Treated Timber, Crto- *ote Preservative 1 SUmov»l of Old Bridg* Bid Bond lor 10 percent of bid madt payable to Frank O. Dewe, Chairman mufct «ccorajany each, bid as evidence of good faith. Plans- and Specification* are on file In th« office of life Coonly EnsJaeer tt Ozark. Alabama. Proposals will be issued only to contractors fjuaimed -with 'the State of Alribam* Hi»hway De-^artment, ITbe i-iRht to reject 'any or all bid's 1* Frank O D«eM. Chairman Dale County Board of Commission* / «r» / I April S. U. 23. 29 UOE WILUAMS FIGHTS CLEVELAND (IJP -- . L i g h t weight Champion . Ike WUH-tms was expected to give away ab-ut 10, p o u n d s tpnigfct vrhcn he squares off against Vlnce Turpm of. Canton. O., in *' non-title 10- round bout at tbe arena. THE BX6CUTION DATE h GEM DODSE OFPER6D COMPLETE FREEDOM POR JUST TEUJN WHERE HE HAD LAST SEEN CAPT COLEMAN. SAM DAVIS* CAPTORS 15CAME ATWCHEO TO THEIR YOUTHPUU PRISONER- HIS PLEAD60 WITH HIM TO JUST rr FO* CATHV JkS I PO6S1BLV CAN i TWM.,.W£LL.I WAMT TO CATHV MOST EVES MMSE 1 CAN OUT ANOTHER RFTH WITHOUT DRINK. GK STILL SOUR. STICK IMPORTANT WOtLD WEEK HELPLESS LITTLE DAflWOOO HEY HEAP ITS JUST ME t RXEO MYSELF A SANDWICH BURGLAR DOWNSTAIRS MOTHERS WHO DOWN GATHERING SilVERWRE THERE BURGLAR WUX voo. TO voo TO NOW IN EFFECT NAMA CITY, FLORIDA . -- Trip Adult Fares Good In Coaches (Tax Included) END FARES Good 2 Days . . . Y FARES Good 1 Day · · · - · - *·** AN AM A CITY » DOTH AN - ATLANTA Dothan, Ala. 8:50 a.m. Arrive Panama Ctty, Fl» Panama City, Fla., 5:20 p.m. Arrive Dothw. A!*., 7:» 'v ; .. . · ' - . · * - · FOR INFORMATION CALL 14OT «t THE AY LINE -r. LEADER CLEANING GOTTA JUST RRST PRIZE WAT LAACX VWG4 REFRK3 TEEN TALEMT FAMILY-SI OK MAID RA MONTH CAN WINNER 0051 WANT TONSILS CHOOSE REFR16 ERMOR SERVICE nearod Peebles puce OKAV AHEAD, POSSUM LETAKYBOCT DOVE, BUG5, AND HO FUNKY BUSINESS OR TMSa'll K ANOTHER ROSSUM, VOU , DCtVE SUGS'5 CAR! BUGS ·racers AWAY, THAT) CHANNEL SUPPOSE UNSOLVED MUffDER COM1N CHANNEL NiCW SAM COMING YEAH WHAT THSTCXD WOTEK Mcrr OUT TWC: ENDS LEAVINQ ? OP THE FASHIONED TRACY AND SAM A METAL OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplc OUT OUR WAY ' ' by William* MATES/ ·'·s ·Si. · v ] -.' . 1*

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