The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 9, 1924 · Page 12
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1924
Page 12
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i.pi ii^s t'* vfmv \ t i r n i PAGE TWELVE. THE DECATUtt Jtte V 1JW Saturday, February 9,1924. IVo Decatur Units Ready To Go To Herrin Order lo Mobilize Comes Saturday Morniug Follow' ing Murder of Dry Leader. Sixty-four non-commissioned orfi- «er* and men and four commissioned- officers of tbe Decatur units of the i 130th Infantry. I. N. G. are mobilized ·' and in tiheir armories awaiting the order to entrain lor Ilerrln where Constable Caesar Cagle, reputed leader of the Herrin dry forces, was shot and killed late Friday evening and Deputy Sheriff John Laymen and three policemen were badly wounded in a resumption of tfce hostilities between the so-called wet and dry factions In Herrin Friday evening. Regimental Headquarters Co. In Command or Capt. Henry Fulks and toe Service Section of the 130th Infantry Service company commanded by Captain Omer Davenport received order* at S o'clock Saturday morn- Inr to mobilize and t« ready for en- tramraent at a'moment's notice. BATTALION' MOBILIZED. Major John Powers, commander of the First Battalion, 130th Inf. was ordered br Adjutant General Carloa Black to Issue orders for Tils tat- tallon to mobilize at once. The order was received here at 2::0 o'clock Saturday morning and telephonic communication with tho five com- panle* 'has resulted In the mobilization of the Battalion Headquarters company at Sullivan. Co. A «f Pax- ion. Co. F, of Champaign, Co. C of Springfield and Co. D of Danville. At *. late hour Major Powers had not received order to go to Herrin. al- thongn two companies of his command from Danville and Springfield are reported to have received order to proceed to Herrin. The members of the Decatur units. Inost of them ex-service men, were mobilized and ready to- go w i t h i n a few hour* of their call. At T:30 a. m. Saturday. Captain Fulk» reported that he 'had Ills company In readiness to go, .and at 6:30 a. TO. Captain Davenport reported sixty per cent of his outfit In readiness. SUPPLY UNIT. The Service- Section In command of Captain Davenport will act as a supply unit for the troops In- camp If ihey aro ordered out. ar,! are preparing- to take rvrms. clotlilncr, tents and other supplies along. All mem- hers of tho company hare been Issued narrlce revolvers and a supply of rifles will also be taken to be used ss arms replacements and for guard ·use. Regimental Headquarters company is armed w i t h automatic pistols and irill go to Horrln prepared to take ..-are nt the intelligence and communication duties of tho camp a.s | well a.« act as tho a d m i n i s t r a t i v e m:t of the troops already there. MAT NOT CO. Sine* the order was received early Saturday morning, the sentiment among the officers and men Is that the Decatur u n i t s may not "oe ordered out for some time, ^"ith fiva companies of the guard on the scene, the · two additional companies could be of little service. It is expected however, that the Decatur companies may be ordered to Herrin early in the week ·o relieve some oC the companies I hat have been on d u t y there In the recent t r o u b l e a few weeks ago. The men of bot'i companies are 1-reparlnR to lire in t h e i r armories until orders co:ne to entrain or dc- moblltr.e. Both u n i t s have been eat- in*; .it local restaurants, although ;::· Headquarters companv Is prepared to supply its own mess it" it can · ·Main a pas range o te set lip Ir. t n o armory. It the company r e m a i n s i n quarters tons. Captain Fulks hopes t h a t It will be possible to secure the i'sc of a coolclns rango o' same land. EAT AT Y. M. C. A. Arrangements -were marte Saturday rnornlne to have the men of Loth companies to t a k e lunoh in the T. M. C. A. annex where t'.ia women i't the Methodist ch-jv.ihes of the i-lry are holding a big dinner, the --·proceeds to be given to St. Paul's Methodist church. The men were Vcrved at R. separate tables and brought back memories oC w a r - t i m e in Deoatur when ths khaltl was a rommon sight. · Mayor Refuses to Help in East Say» Plenty of Place* At Home. 'Mayor Elmer Elder 'w.lio Bold tick-, ., r.ts «er the dinner In the "Save St. Panr*" campaign when he opened a letter addressed to the "Muyor, De- .:atiir. III." Saturday at his otfice, ·felt thnt tho l i m i t had been reached In pure a-nd unadulterated assurance on the part of solicitors. It was a printed letter with the picture of a church as part of the letter-head and the statement was mad* that a church In Harve de Gmoe. Md.. had recently been burn-' 'ed and the congregation was asking 1 for mp^ort. The amount written In ' . . ' f o r the mayor o-f Decatur to contribute wa* ten dollars. :. ASSESSED ALI» C · Apparently the committee In charge 0( this campaign to re-build a $:o,Mt etrarah In the 'Maryland small towm had taken a list ot the cities ·ill tram* la tbe United States, ua- ·^ lay· · eeara* vnlde and had asseraed -':·,. Ui« ' aaoant that the committee 'XthOTVht the officials of each city ·'.:· V««M atand. , . . ' . . . ' . : Meedlew to aay the .mayor o£ Decator tit not eend the .ten. ·'£-..-;.'.-· ; "We"hare enterprises ot.-our own ·here at home that 'we can help. '·re oertaleljr not going- to Mary- kety make up fire losses on ·kvohe*.- «ald Mayor Elder mm be prepared to' to. to the T. M. «L A. «··*« to '·ell tickets for. the «I|aer. The.rosters ot the officer* and wen ot the two Decatur units which arc mobilized and ready to go ! to Herrin upon the receipt of 'orders from the adjutant general are as follows: KEGIMEXTAt, HEADQUAP.TERS CO. Commander. Capt.' H. S. FulUs.' Llfut. I. A. Lancaster. SERGEANTS. McGinn. 'U'. J. Osgood. H. K. Bales, J. XV.' Atwood. C. C. Kamsey. James. Pierce, C. TJ. N CORPORALS. Gross, R. L. Pierce, B. TV. Clark, r:. A. TVhifc. J. E, PRIVATES. Myevs, E. F. Long. W. T. Travis. A. C. Shupe, 'William. Bernard, S. R. Cannon. tV. Dunham, _ F . J . Shaw. Miner. Porter, C..L. Dipper. G. Z. Rlggs, T. A. Xewlin, IU A. Mahan, D. L. Sanders, M.. Penner, G. E. Dresser, C. G. Cotes. H. W. Ricketts.. Lcc. Royer, B. Resell. G. Frazee, J. F. Combs. G. E. Murry. Earl. " Scott. Sidney. Carl, B. H. Ob'crfield, M. JI. Lltzenberger, W. H. Goodbrake, Harold. SEHYICE SECTION, SERVIOK CO. Commander. Capt. .Omer Davenport, Lieut. E. TT. Stuart. MASTER SERGEANTS. 1 tVade. F. Collins, K. P.. ' Oldweilcr, \V. I. SERGEANTS. 'White, "Buck." Allen, c. A, Carr, Charles. Plckard. J. II. Davenport. Siiveus, H. B. CORPORALS. P.obb, M. E. Cable, A. Shriver, X. E. PRIVATES. "'' Parr, VT. J. Robb, JK. T. Swift. G. Robb. H. Kelenlck, F. Arnold, Elllj. Robb. C. L. .iualone. J. E. Armentraut, }T. L. V.'ilderman, E. R. \What Did You See? REVENUE DEPOTIES K. C. ^a-w two little bos plajlng marbles oh the Ice. I. B.. caw two :'-womein down Water! street one cold morning. One of the women took a red :stock- irom her pocket and both used t Cor a handkerchief. !-'·' .' "E. .Lv'-.saw a car pulled.down, the treet without tires or a radiator. . A. E. IT. x saw a 'Ford coupe going about fifteen mllea'-ian · a'our run Into in ornamental lipht pole to keep rom hitting a little girl. H. H. saw- an elderly woman out n the street·'yu'ahins- . a. Jiaud cart ·ith a Hverpig in It. . '-.'·' D. -3J. «aa- a tourir.s car p u l l e d ' o u t of a muddy drive way with a tractor. . --t-- What did YOU see-' ; ST. PH'S Expect Total Fed Will Be Near 1500. ' MEETINGS. Tonic lodne, No- 812. A. P. atul .V. 31. --Special Tneetiny at 7:30 Saturday* eve- nlnp in Eldorado Temple. Second degree Decatur Bring It Along. The possibility of the the straightening and deepening of the channel of th» river from whore such work is now being done south of Niantio east toward Decatur Is welcome news. 1he Suggestion t h a t i! this is done that the work be brought to-tho west limits of the sanitary district of Decatur is in line, with w h a t this c o m m u n i t y would lik» to sec. 1'or Decatur is certain some time to clean, deepen and straighten, the channel or the rivet along- its own city front. It will have a place of beauty and pleasure from the cite of the dam to $16,500 IS SUBSCRIBED Tags Being Sold; Also Flowers, Aprons. Decatur turned out a, glorious response to tho call of the three Methodist churches ot the city to come Saturday and cat to help St. Paul's. The Y. M. C. A: annex wa» filled at an early hour and by. 12 o'clock more than 050 persons had been served. Therei was a ,dramatic moment in the midst of the hurry which always accompanies such a dinner. This came when the Service company, Just called out for d u t y at Herrin, filed into the annex, and were seated at tables. A. wave of applauso swept over the-'rooni as"' they; marched In. The Headquarters camo.ln later, EXCELLENT DINNEH. The dinner itself was an excellent one. quickly served and appetising, consisting of creamed, chicken, noodles, mashed potatoes, .rolls., sla-w. coffee and p u m p k i n pie. ' The women were prepared to feed l.GOO people and did so before the serving hour was over. . · At the noon hour JIG,500 had been taken in for St. Paul's without tho dinner money which up to that time could not be counted In as no esti 1 mate could be, given on that, but everything taken In was for the ben eflt. of St. Paul's. This · everything included., an apron sale, the sale .oT cut flowers and potted plants, and home made candy. The home of the sewage disposal the location plant. The river can easily be made such and It will be done. That a city the stee of Dcuatur should make of Its own f r o n t yard, its o n l y river f r o n t w i t h fine hills and trees, a dumping ground · for ashes, trash and waste 'product;: from Its packing- houses, is 'nothing less than imbecility, a waste of beauty that nature offers with a generous band, At no very d i s t a n t t i m e ihe improvement of 'this river front will Will Give Assistance in Decatur District. , VISIT MANY TOWNS Four Men to Start Out on ' .G. .. W. Schwaner, Collector of Interna'riK'evenue- f or the Eighth Di»- trlct of Illinois, has arranged for deputy, collector*:, to. -visit various the purpose of asstitlng taxpayers : In preparing their Federal Income tax returns for 1323. - · The deputy's services are absolute-, ly free and the public Is Invited to take -advantage of his .aeslstance." The Itineraries are as follows: t De»atr M. P. CoKelloi Feb. 15th, Mt. Zibn. i;eb. 16th, Dalton City. Feb. 18:19 Maroa. Feb.'20th,'Mantle: ·· ' i Feb. 21et, Macon. Feb. 23rd. Bethany. ' F e b . 25th, Inclusive 'Sullivan.. Feb. 29 and-March let,-Loving-ton, .March 3rd, Blue Mound. "March «th, Argenta. March ' E t h ' - a t Harristown. March th. Bullpit. March 7-8. Klncaid. March 10th to 15th I n c l u s i v e Ie- catur F.evenue Office. / Depar E. H. Enalandl . Decatur Revenue Office Feb. 15th to March th inclusive. March 5th and 6th, lit. Auburn at Illinois Bank. March 7th to 15th Inclusive Decatur Revenue Office. Depntr E. A. rolloitW: Clinton Feb. 15-lGth. Feb. ISth to Ulst inclusive Decatur Revenue Office. Feb. 23rd. Decatur Revenue Office. Feb. 23-26 Farmer City. Feb. 27th. March 1st Inclusive Monticello, at Court House March 3rd, WapelU. March 4 Ccrro Gordo. March 5-6 Bcment. March 7th Mansfield. March Sth, Deland. March 10th .to 15th at Clinton,^ Court House. Deputy O, E. Slnmpf: Feb. 15-10 Bhelbyville. Court House. Feb. ISth, Assumption. ;' Feb. 13th, Moweaqua. Feb. 20 and 21st, Taylorvillc, Revenue Office. Feb. 23rd. Flndlay. Feb. 25-2G, Shclbyville". Feb. 27th to March 1st inclusive at Post Office Pana. March 3rd to 7tlx i n c l u s i v e at R e v e n u e - O f f i c e Taylorvillo. - March 10th to 15th inclusive at Revenue Office, Decatur. JASPER JITNEY NEW STEAM GH RATION Mi Present Play ."Pig's Eye Will Save Much for Manufacturers. PROTEST INSPECTION School," At Meeting. The Mothers' club of '"'· the. : Jasper | school "will;Have 1 -a Jitney supper In the school Friday even.ngr.-MarcJi 1. Thi* was decided ^ In the regular monthly inee.tlhg'.of the. club. Friday afternoon. ' Tib. ^...IK-O gram, for the meeting .was .arranged "byrthe teachers_ arid was on old fashioned play entitled "Pig's : Eye ^School.'! The characters were- as*-follows:' ills* Hlter.m!s»,.teacdi6r :.MIss Smith' Xfae; Ilbgney Meyer Timothy Hay ,,......,....... Absent Halle .L«ijah ..,,.. Dolly Dimple* ......... Minnie Apolis ........ Ima Hogg .... ,,..._.,. Agra Vater .......... Putin-^toff ........... Call Cpa. Ima Nutt Luna .Tick ,. Ela. Phant '... Polly Parrot AMI Gator .. .......Absent ....-Mlse Miller . .-Mi»3' Mead .j.........;. Absent ......Miss Nosier .... ,'v, .... Absent .'..... Absent .... .Miss Monroe r ....Miss Knowles ........Miss Foale ........MI«e: Blair ....... .'Miss Spear COSTUMED. Miss Hitermiss was dressed |old'faS'hioned red.' plaid serge dres« I trimmed with lace, and. her hair was (dressed high on her bead'with corkscrew curls over her ears anJ heavily rimmed spectacles on her nose. The pirplls . were 'attired in various colors and tumeV w itii styles of childish cos- riobons . iwedomtnatinsr. Throughout tho play the many misdemeanors of school .children were shown in an exaggerated way. The school opened with the teacher ringing the bell and th* children filing in one by one. Ijan-truage, spelling and geography lessons were hoard. Miss Hitermiss exhibited a most elaborate and exquisite vocabulary ·wfhicli caused durr.founded expressions on the faces of the scholars. Dolly Dimple was lil-ssed be- ca'Used eho wa.9 teacher's pet. The play ended by the reading: of a letter from tho president ol the United "States, commenting 1 on the well disciplined school and the hlgfli deals which the school ,;had. Tho teacher invited the Mothers' club president to express her thoughts of tho school. After- singlnfT "I^ct Us Put' pur Books Away" tho children were permitted to so out for recess. Preceding the playlet; Miss Kosler Ilaycxl a piano solo and four of the teachers gave a Q'uartet nu-mber. Refreshments were «e-7ved' in the school dlriine room' and the Valentine idoa, was carried out in ttie decorations and in the refreshments. be undertaken on a systematic, care- f u l l y made plan. It has long been i:i the minds of the city planners, of the* members of ihe city council and of others who have studied tbe ground with care. Compared to other things that this community has done the creation of a great river bank playground w i t h swimming and boating .opportunities, ·'safe and convenient. Is easily possible. The building oi a small river level dam somewhere along this river f r o n t when the channel has been cleaned and straightened, the banks- cleared and parked, would, give the community another recreation spot which would be Immensely popular { . With a reserve held in the lake by the water Impounding dam such a stretch, of river, the water in. which could be maintained at bank level, could be flushed and maintained at * steady depth by release of water through the gates of the : b'.g dam. · . 1 Such a project would redeem the riven It would make of whit has been a nauseous and disgusting open sewer a place ot beauty and pleasure. : It would open up for\pleasure and development the pretty hills on botli sides of the river. It would-, make available scores of fine building sites in addition to furnishing a great acreage of recreational epoU with river and forest advantages at the city 1 * ooor. candy on Bale was exceptional as two long tables were devoted to it. "Bveryorie has been very good in offering to mak-e candy." said one o( the women, in ch-argc of n table. -. SF.LL TAGS. Ta;s bearing the words "Save St. Pauls" were sold on the street by a morning and afternoon shift and w.cre. sold d u r i n g the dinner hour In 'the annex. WELL ORGAIXIZED. The arrangements for the d i n n e r were especially wcl| organised. Mayor Elmer Elder. James Allen and A. A. Hilt sold tlckei.3 for the dinner. The serving was done by, the women of the various Ladies' Aid societies with assistance from the youns women's societies ot tho churchos. The tag sale was carried on directed by a committee-composed of Mrs.. Hollin Pease, Mrs. H, F. Powell.-.who ,wcr« assisted by a n u m b e r ,of glrl» of the church. Sunday school classes of the various churches had. charge of. the flower sale aivil the candy sale* rhich did a heavy business throughout the dinner hour. .The ministers of thei three churches. Key. Chcstecn Smith.. r,ev. IT. F. Powell; and' Rev. W. A. Dowson. with; the district perintondcnt, P.ev. A. X.- Wolls. were busy taking; in- checks as -otferings toward the church. · - ' TIFE oim TO JAIL Judge McCoy Sees Need of NewLaws. "tes,". said Judge 'J. H. ^foCoy, after ordering a delinquent husband to contribute $.5 a week to the support of his wjfe and baby, "I have thought for some timo that the laws affecting domestic relationship should be changed; "Xo giH ought lo be allowed to mam' a young man unless Bhe has onough money to support him. Every little; while girls will give up a good job and pet' married., and a little w h i l e she must, begin figuring on how- to support herself, her baby and. her husband. "How old are you. young man'.''' "Twenty-six.". · "Where do you live?" '.'With niy parents." "Tbu'd be in -"awful- shape .It it wasn't for. your parents lo take care o f yo n . -- · · . , . ' . ' . . . - -"Xow^you find-somo.\vay of leaving $5. with tlic" cou'tity clerk every week, beginning Monday. Feb. S. and every 122 NEW PATIENTS Pennsylvania O f f i c i a I s Blame Union. The uew reduced rates "oh : steara coal on the WabasU from Springfield to, Decatur, Is scheduled "now t6 ei Into effect on March 1, according to announcement-'of. the freight department at Decatur.. Local C.M. and-W. officials are .expecting a similar announcement any day from their general offices but so far, have not received the word. . . ' This rate applies only to small or steam coal but at that should mean a saving o't thousands of dollars a year to local consumers for many! cars of coal come.almost every .day from the mines .In the Springfield j district or. close around Springfield.! The Staley company of Decatur, 1 which started the move before the Interstate Commerce Commission f o r ' this reduced rate is a big wser of coal, from those mines. j The freight tariff regulations of the raflroad define "small" coal as' being the kind that wi.ll pass through a one and one-half Inch bar opening or a two-Inch screen, mesh. The present rate on this coal Is 91 cents a. ton but the new rate will be 70 cents a ton or about $10 on a. carload of coal. The Wabash filed a petition for a rehearing of the case before the commerce'commission but this lias now beeii denied. a memorial meeting in Jiotior of the late ei-President Woodrow TVIlson at its regular Monday luncheon meet- Ing In the Hotel Orlando 1 .' Since Tuesday ' le · Lincoln's birthday, that day will be "also observed and Ed Hays, attorney will speak on "Two Great Americans-- Wilson and Lincoln." The Mothers; club of the Durfeo school w i l l have a DURFEE MOTHERS PLAN FOR SALE II. B. bakery sale Saturday. March. 1, in the Cash market on Merchant street. Plans for the affair were made in the meeting of the club Friday afternoon In the school .auditorium. Rev. K. E. Henry was the speaker for -the afternoon, speaking on the Decatur grade schools, the crowded conditions, etc. Musical numbers were'given by Miss Mysch's, Miss · Perdue's and Miss Dages' rooms, and a health play was given by the Health club of the school. Miss Hutchison's and Miss Kinsclla's rooms tied for the/flowers which arc offered the rooir.' h a v i n g most mothers present. About f o r t y mothers attended the meeting. Monday thereafter, or you .will youVsclf in jail."'. f i n d Visiting Nurses. Report a Busy MontK. A total of..122 new patients \ver?.' added to the list, of patients carerl. for by. the 'Tuberculosis and · VIsltlrisr : ' Nurses', association d u r i n g the m o n t h of January. As'J74 were carried from the preceding month, the association found It a very busy . t i m e Indeed. Three hundred ninety-six patients, In all, were.cared for In January. \ D u r i n g ' t h a t time. the. nurses made 104 visits,, considered/ quite some month's work, even by these always busy:young women. .Nineteen mothers and young babies fe, cared for during the month beside the other work, -which Included thU-tyrone · cases of respiratory 'trouble*, twenty-three ee, ear, note and throat cases, beside*. th» .tuberculosis work always cared for; A number ;'of dressing cases, which Included, 1 several severe 'urns,'-were ,coritalned ;: -ln this list Six ; Tiew cases of tuberculosis :w«re reported d u r l r g the month, mak)ng ·M! k n o w n cascs-of pulm.bnary.'jtub*'"- ^nine, other forms--and.'seven- ty-flve eunnects within the borders of Macbn county v Coated**. ' \ Scarltt Fertr-- awtltnr familjv ** Kldotado. FIREMEN GET $10 FROM MALLEABLE CO. In Apprcclntlo.i ot Call There «n Cold Sunde.T Mornlnj. The fire department received a check for $10 from the Decatur Malleable Iron Works Saturday to be added to the pension fund. The check was In appreciation of the :work of A tbe t department- In a. run made'to that plant on one .ot the cold Sunday" mornings last ''month,' The firemen were called' to the Howard residence. 370 West North street, at 5:10 o'clock Friday afternoon. A roast, left !n the own, was b u r n i n g and. "filled .the house with smoke, WINDOW DISPLAY FOR BELL TELEPHONE C»aiderable Rcmodetlea; Wort, was started'- Saturday morn? Inr on the new display window -In the business "office : of the 'Bell Telephone company The display will *how the workings of the telephone service and will be changed month- l y , Considerable remodeling Has been done', In. the office; : -_A lobby has taken the place o* the natron aisle in the office and the' paying T. Indorws and desk* , hive been moVed. The office of the manager has been, enclosed and t* located In the rear of the but- IneiB office. Penn«r Ttotett*. Tl-.e Pennsylvania railroad registered a protest with the Interstate Commerco Commission against the recent rigid inspection made by the federal locomotive Inspectors of Pcnnsy engines in Indiana and Illinois, thereby tieing up many engines and trains of that road, especially some of the high class, extra-fare passenger trains. However, report from Washington Indicates the commerce commission - wild uphold the inspectors. The Pennsy officials complained or. the ground that the work of the inspectors was confined to their railroad and had the earmarks of u n i o n Interference. However, the inspection bureau ot the I. C. C. reports that its Inspectors made «3.GE7 Inspections in 1923 on railroads all over the country and found 41,130 defective and 7,075 of these were ordered out of service. Defects numbered 173,840. There were 1.J48 accidents last year due to f a i l u r e of some part or appurtenance of the locomotive or tender. Including the boiler and as a result of these accidents, seventy-two persons were killed and 1.560 Injured, Still, due to rigid examinations, this was a redaction ot 117 per cent In the number of .accidents from the pervious year. LIVCOI/K. Miss Sarali Afark ' Imboden and Mrs. C. ^t. Jack -were tho speakers at the Lincoln school Mothers' club meeting Friday afternoon, tho former speaking on ."The Child of a Wcll- manr.crcd Home" and Mrs. Jack toll- ins of readlnsr matter for .the family. Both talks were greatly appreciated by the members of the club. It was decided to have the election of. .officer's at tho April meeting In co'nncctlo'n."w\lh a business meeting. Miss'Weasel's room won tho picture for the upper grades and Miss Bond's room for the lower grades. There was a good attendance ai the meeting. . . _' , ' OGLCSIIV. J. A. Worsham was the speaker in the Mothers' club meeting in .tin Oglesby school Friday afternon, talking on the subject "Tho League ot Nations." A n ' I n d i a n playlet was presented by Mrs:'HiBdon's r x oom, with Raymond Tackett t a k i n g the part of Hiawatha, and Tlieltr.a May Coffman the parf'ot Nokomts.'· Piano solos were given by Miss Grace .Curcen and Miss Melba Gcngcrke. Miss Wells' room received the picture for having the most mothers present. A nominating committee was appointed and officers' will be elected at the March meeting. At the close of the program refreshments N wcro served. There were ,elxty mothers present. 'PLA..V JBAKERV 8A1.E. ThirtyTtivo motherSj attended the meeting o'f. the Mothe,rs' ot the Ullrich school F t l d a y aCternoon. It was voted- to have a bakery sale -on Saturday, Feb. 23. The committee appointed is composed of Mrs. Heckman. Mrs Hickej, Mrs Adams and Mrs Mills The members also voted 'to.have the next monthly mcetlngMn : the evening and invite the Fathers' club to meet w i t h them That meeting ·nlll be March 1« --Prof Wiilitfm Case^ spoKe to the mothers on the subject ''Problems of Child Training" The serving committee for the next meeting Is Mr« Mills. Mrs McGlade Miss Martin. Mrs Rledel, Mrs Eosanlskl, and Mrs Taylor. , s Railroad Kottm. ^ on t-lio Decatur division Friday showed a.continued improvement over the earlier days of the week, the total loads handled on the division d u r i n g the day reaching 2.3S6 and the empties, l.OGJ. The m o v e m e n t ot loads still continues heavier going north and east, In fact about twice as 'heavy as the movement, so'uth and west. . Fred Vincent, Wabash passenger conductor on the-Decatur^ and Eff i n e r h a m ' r u n . expects to be able to return to-work early next week. He has been oti since the first of the pionth, principally on a c c o u n t of elckness.. Conductor YFalmsley of the Wabash passenger service, who vas reported serious il! in the hospital w i t h stomach trouble, is now able .to be up and around somo. F.lreman Cha.rley. Rhodes . of tbe Wabash 3th. and 13th district freight service, is marked off injured with a'wrciycT.ed back. Engineer Dutton of the Wabas-h north end freight service is' marked laying off. - SCRAPS OF NEWS \ - ATTENDS FUNERAt. Jo-hn Robinson.. West Wood streat. ·an intimate:friends or the" late j. M. Seller*: of Decatur and Qulnoy. attended, the funeral Saturday, .afternoon in Qulncy. BANKS CIXSE TCESDAF. The Decatur banks will ba closed all day Tuesday. Feb. 12. FATHER DIES. Miss Iva: Butler was called to her home near. Toledo, II!.. a, few days ago by the serious lllnesp and subsequent death · of her father. The father'* death occurred Thursday night at midnight, and the funeral was held Saturday morning,' : : NO FUNDS. George Campbell,, wanted in Akron, p.. for issuing a check with no funds in the bank, was arrested by the sheriff's officers In Decatur Saturday morning. The TVILSON MEMORIAL. Decatur Lions clu- will Officers BANK PARTS'. and employes of the Citizens' National bank enjoyed a dinner at the Decatur club Friday evening 1 . Following 1 the dinner talks were given by the officers In the bank end heads, o"f departments. Dancing and music occupied the r e m a i n d e r of the evening. SEEK EOT HA1XES. Mrs. Inez Bender would be glad to have Roy Hainea call at the I!ed Cross office. She has received word from tho Red Cross headquarters In Chicago that the young man passed the Junior Life Savins test at Three Lakes, Camp Minne Wonka, last summer. He will "find his certificate awaiting him In tho Red Cross o f f i c e PAY TAX MONEY TO CITY Will Help Cut Down Inter est Cost. BALANCE OF. $272,000 Payments Coming in Un usually Well. Tax collections for Friday a m o u n t ed to J15.700 and tho dally balance was 127S.200 following a payment of $25.000 to the treasurer of the board of education and of $15,000 to the city ol Decatur by B. F. Coffman, county treasurer. the earliest date This is probably In the history of tax collections itt Decatur when fund* were turned over to either of these accounts. The treasurer is under no obllga- | tlon to pay the . taxes over u n t i l April 1 but he made tlhese two payments Saturday morning to enable the city and the *chool board to cave Interest on that a m o u n t of anticipation, warrants. HELP OTHERS. "If.the. county does not oarc to collect interest," said Mr. Coflman Saturday mornlnar I can at least help the city and the school board to save the raying of interest on the amounts turned over to th'em. "Taxes are coming in unusually early and In a larger amount than usual and by making these payments the interest charges to the city and the school board will be reduced that much'. -Under the" law'I- do not have to turn this money over u n t i l April TWO THIRDS OF : SMETJP60K Boy ScouU Complete Survey of City. STARTLING RESULTS Only Two Out of 18 Uft on Main Street K U L ii'.S j)cr cent of l J c a i l u r « street signs are s t i l l In iilace, accenting to the tabulated result* of lh« survey just completed by nocaliio Boy Scouts who have cheeUud cverr street corner^ In tlio city duriuc th'ti last few weclm uiid notud what *ltf«» w e r e ' » p and their condition. Somo of tlio results are *ia.mi!!g. In one ot the main north and noutli streets, but two tlgns out oC eighteen ar« Kill! in place. Chi oilier ·streets the averacc I* better, but talcing: a general avcraev ot all ot Hie corners .-surveyed, llio porcentug* shows that moro thmi linlf of the street marker* liavo entirety peared or been oblltoraled. COMMUN1TV SERVICE. Tiie work of the Scoutu tit malilntr the survey has been one of the outstanding bits ef c o m m u n i t y wrvlc* among the ronny other (hln*;N th»t they have assisted In d u r l n r t!io l a g ) months. Tlio c i t y Itself and (1» Decatur Realty lionrd have been d e siring such c survey to bo made, but. the Scouts, on- t t i c l r own i n i t i a t i v e have completed the -vvoi-Jc In a thorough manner, and the reuultfi ai"e nov being tabulated In tlio he»d(juarler office and will bo a v a i l a b l e t(» «ll who wish to mal;a us» of them. lENTI DAY COMING AGAIN Time for Love Tokens Near At Hand. Centuries as 1 ?. In the year HO, a monk by the- name of Vafcnllne \v;ui beheaded in a n c i e n t Rome. He wa» *. Christian and C!'.r!btliin« wero not tolerated ot t h a t time. Just beforo the martyr died lie -wrotp 3. Irrter nf love to his jailor's dattglUer ciirulncr It "Tour Valentine." JT'urlrnr the ensuing centuries Love li;i« beoomo uer- fonlfied In L l t t l o Pan Cupid, a HUl» roly-poly fellow w i t h n j a u n t y ·ralU and a ehert^c f»ce. IT'S COMING A G A I N . Soon "Lover's Pny" li,.c)i»lnir. Blecdlnc lic.irlti, j i l c r r ^ i l ivlili arrow · from t!io criirlly K l n i l U l t l e J»n. tell us that the clay w i l l soon Uc !ir«. Lovers from the six \i\ir oldx to 1!i" almost infirm old peoplo wolooine with a w a r m heart tlio d.-iy t^t ni-lrtc for love. ' M A N Y PAHTIUS P L A N N E D Parties n u n i b e r l i i R »1 I n t o Iho V.un. dreds w i l l j n a k o r»c«aHir say C"r » number of flays-. Oli. yen. Lltlle Dan Cupid's day is cominc. l^r^oni wh' have lived to the rljio old ace '·· "in my day" s m i l e a l l t i l n nartly w h e n MARRIAGE LICENSE. Tharlea Eirl Bcott Bt r,oulj ' homain« B Boiler, Mattoon ! R»b»rt F Doe-el Dec»-ti,i 1*z France* Malonej, Decilut ^ L«B. Harry Larrlcl, Decatur . . 80 lien* HJtbriuff, Daealur - .'4 John H. Branaon tweatur . . Ijoelle H«nrt«tt» Havener. Dacatnr ^.. IS . WiHIam Surtc. Ctlntea ..... ' jaUa MoCluro, Mt. Veraoa 4i Expect to Be in Capri By ,'/.'Next Wednesday. · Mrs. %V.if. Bering received a cablegram .Saturday morning from 'fr. Bering:,-who with W. J. Grady and E. B. Hitchcock sailed last Saturday on the Majestic for Europe, stating that they had had a ' f i n e trip and expected to be In Capri, their .destination, Wednesday. .The cablegram was from Paris. ' ^ - - - , · · · · . -.- · - · · - " . . HORSES ARE CHEAP IN COUNTY CLARE Dublin. Feb. 9--OT--So great is the glut of agricultural horses In County Clare that Useful six-year-olds worth J100 some years ago have been sold for $IE or 520, and some fairly good animals have changed/hands at $2.60. they h e a r Cupid's volcclcm of whispering Hint "iMVr'n Dny" l« co'mlnif. and K n y Feb. 54 is not Ill» H, was "when I waa n g l i i . " In olilfn times lovers tool; thi~ day seriously. never nilsRing the tiny l«y "«' "on'llnjr a. lovely, f r i l l y valentl-io to t h e d f n r one of his Iicart. Trnclinr win nl · ways rcmembcrort hy her v d i i n y c u t ·sweetheart In school, nml dml w n u l r t guiltily buy i n n l i i o r a lrR- j u ^ t in j n c m o v y of tli« "\A BORN To"Mr.-and.Mrs. Carl Btlckle, OJT Xorth Union street) Feb.:. T In tho Decatur »nd ·Maeon- County .'hovpttal. a moo. lie h«a been namad Harry Seward. To Mr. and Mrw; E. f . Harrlntton, 8S7 y?eat: Grand."· F«b'. · S. a dauthUr In Decatur .and Bfanon Covnty hoapltel. To Mr: end Mr». 'o«or»«;K«rla, »«T Nortu Monroe. F«b 8, a d*n*hter !»' Dccatnr ena Maeon!' County . hocpltal To"~Mr. -and Mr». Mcllj Svcndsen. 2SOO .North-'Broadw-ay' streets Feb. 7, -vs.. daiisli- te T » . - M r . ; and -.Mrs. - Frank" Elliott.'-:1H8 MTICIiory Btreot, ITcb.'C, a.".daughter. T» t- and Mrs B D 41!e« 1428 North 1 : College- .street; .. Thuraday·. Fcb 1 a dauithter, To Mr; and Mr«. Henry Ralttoc, R. n. 2. r«b. 1, · Baoglittr. In Bt. Mury'a h-a- pital; To Vr aid Hr». B. Mortt Bdwart. r*b. «. «. gt*. x*ry* keepitsl. A. Barne*. CSS STATUS OF mm Mayor Appealed to for An Answer. Pending a report' I o be made b y , Corporation Counsel Lee Boland t o i the mayor In reply to an anonyn-.oua! letter that his honor received recent-] ly. do not assault book agents, per-] f u m e peddlers, aluminum ware- sales- j men or other solicitors and expect the city to defend you should you bt sued for damaeer. Mayor Elder has received a letter front'" A Taxpayer" asking whether or not the city i* prepared to aasumo the derenie of anyone taking such summary : action If, eald solicitors, agent* and the like become obstreperous or numerous and the aforesaid offended owner or tenant takes violent' measures lo eject them. ' ; · ASKS INFORMATION". The anonymous writer--and tl.e mayor ordinarily pai's no attention to unsigned letter*--brine* up the question as, to whether or not an owner who put* up a «Ign "No bills or agents" ha* a.right to take action against these who peddle the., bills or the advertiser* back of him or .whether It is the city'» business to do» that. The writer calls attention to (Jic effect of this distribution of hand bills ha* on the appearance of Decatur and want* to know who** business l| Is to enforce the ordinance against Uttering the etretts and yard*. BOLAND BUST. Since Mr. Boland, the corporation counsel. I* working- both day* ana night* on paving ordinance*, sever ordinance*), annexation jietltIons, and diverse', "and 'sundry other' enterprises and :projects which- are before the city, council It is .not expected that his reply to the question put by the unknown writer of the letter w i l l be favorable. Anyone -whipping a (ollcltor or agent probably will n«*d ta »rly»t» days." Today. 1-Vb. H. rneaiMi » box of candy, isomc lovely f l o w r r n for mo" V O U H R people, nnil t h n ohl f r i l l y entino h.i» bcr.n reloKiilcl I n t5:« p « » t . Comics I n f o r m l l i o u n f i ' l r m l l y pirn" what the iinsiuned pornon (hoiiBl)' of h i m . Vet. no ir.ottcr how t h o d n y obanpos. Frb. M, will menu n III"" of parties, and a d a y «H «B!«I* {···· 'ANTI-SAP MEET Plan Temperance Program for Year. Several D c r H t u r i n l n i i t e r t - a n d l«y» men worn In CnK'mno t h i s wcclt le attend tho I l l i n o i s anti-saloon lr;4- gue convention, which »··» declare* by Rev. Scott MclJrlde, ihe elete en- perlntemlont, to be t h e bent over l i r l r t In the hlelory ot the leniftie, *«i.ilon« wern liclil In A i i d l t o r l i i n i and wuro very I n s p l r f t t l o n n l to t ' i » uclesatfi who w i l l hi'Iji |Mit nt'runsf (Successful year of st«to o f f l c e r r . r.i-v. .lolin II. G"l» den, Huv. 11. \V. K w t i r t ami A. A. H i l l were amoiitr th« llreiitur m e n who attended tli« convention. essful tctuiirrniH'o |n-twr)un llii^ r 111 c o n n e c t i o n w i l i i lh» oli:cllci\ GIVES TALK ON COSTUME DESIGN MU Alice Teujrh ·« Arl« mm* Cr«ll» i;»n«. "Cottuine De»Iei\" w n » the ttitin* of a moct Intcrevtlncr and ln»irui.-ll-.ji talk by Mil* Alice Touifh before ()*· Arts "mud CrattK guild at (In Art I n - stitute Friday evening-. Tlie talk *';· Illustrated by meanii of color ·ketcltcx nncl blackboard chart*, and applUtl (n the wearing tinpare! of men, an · » that of women. Her a n a l y r l n of and tho t b o of (ho various I n d l v l d i i a t l?'|i«- «!?,ert the o p p o r t u n i t i e s offered IH the matter of pcrnonul «dorhin«nt ani^ was in Itself a utronir «ni»«tl far » more reneral te«chlnir aM tlon of th* principle* nf coHUMe I 1EWSP4PERS lEWSFAPESr

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