The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 8, 1903 · Page 1
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 1

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1903
Page 1
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j j S r - . - ''.'·''··'"' · ;'".*;:;':. : ' p " ; :':v.-- : -' - · · .r-.vy:^;'-'^.-.;'-;'^ ,....·;" ·'·'·' ·v : '?,!! ELYBIA, OHIO, CAP! SIGSBEE TO BE IN LORAIN COUNTY--J. L. | at Elyria, that I may present wit- YAN ARNAli'S APPOINT. MENT CONTESTED BY E. C. JEFFRIES -- CHARGES IN FULL. The Democrats of this county, are "having a little excitement among themselves as is shown by 'the following dispatch: Columbus, O-. Aug. 7.--A Democratic scrap from Lorain county, ~was appealed for arbitration .to Secretary of State Laylin today, and ·the Secretary has agreed to .grant ·a hearing of the 'case August 18. E. -C. Jeffries, who was a -candidate lor appointment as; a -deputy State ·supervisor of elections, this after- Jefferie's as Judge of Elections Pre;noon filed charges against J. L. Vaji cintt No. i, .Wellington, Ohio, be- nesses and prove these charges. Yours truly, E. C. Jefferies. The Charges Wellington,- O., Aug. 3, 1903. Hon. L. C. Laylin. Sec. State, Columbus, Ohio. "Dear Sir:-I hereby submit the following, charges against Mr. J. L, Van Arnam and ask for his remoVal from the office of Deputy State Supervisor of Elections for Lorain' County. First Unfairness and offensive partisanship. Second Threatening to remove one E. C. George Goodman, who was ed by being caught in a revolvinjt shaft at the Garford works, is improving, and his injuries #rethought to be dangerous, althoij his escape from instanf -death miraculous. When picked up of his clothing remained on except a portion and his shoes. of his underWcar TWO ILL IN A PARTY ACCOMPANY A CORPSE Saturday afternoon a sad case of "afflicaticm was witnessed at the .Arnani, just reappointed by the Secretary of" State upon recommendation of the Democratic county com- -.mittee. Jeffries alleges that Van Aruam has been guilty of sanctioning illegal voting and of .using profane language at the polls. He .further -charges Van Arnam ,\vith -partisan unfairness, with removing fore any reasons · or complaint had been placed before hhn for action: ' Third That he -caused a protest to be written and used for his good offices to secure and did solicit two or - ' · " · ' · ' · ^'";V - · ..: .--. ' ?/".;»? EARL VOGEL- ' · · ^r'fJI SONG SURPRISED Friday evening twenty-five Earl Voglesong's friends, including members of his Sunday school class and teacher, Mr. J. C. Loughry, gave him a very pleasant surprise it "his home on Middle avenue,- After a.- few; liours' spent in music, games serving of light refreshments, ill Departed saying they had spent"aide-: Hghtful evening, and-left as a to of their friendship, an elegant^ of field glasses, Mr. Lougfary^^tfe^ senting the same with a few words in his usual -pleasant rnaiiheiri pi*ke Shore depot. :ompanied by a A man and wife brother and his ily were taking the remains of ir little child to Detroit for buri- At Elyria a child in the brothe's ly was taken from the train in s and Dr. Maynard was called." iifound'the child in a dangerous and the mother also ill. i HERO OF THE BATTLESHIP MAINE TRAGEDY Ttt BECOMK A REAR ADMIRAL MONDAY. arty soon went on to Detroit, | administered at 10 a. m. He little-child tion. was in a critical three names to mailed the same Board of -Supervisors this protest and to the County of Election Jibe complainant as a Judge of -elec- for : himself as a-member to act upon. ·tions without a hearing, and of per- -Mcuting Jeffcies when the latter ,an- mounced that he was after the former's position. HBPHCUL 1TO Wellington^. Ang\ 8-- The i ing letter raal -xharges .have ;been s*ertt to Ihe Secretary of State from : this -state:-- - · " . ,.-" '.--. '·;. ··-.· ;'·. Wellington, Q., .Aug. 3, 1903. M-em. L: cCv Laylin, vGohinibus, .· Ohio: . . . ·;.- 11 ."enclose.' you vchargesi ^preferred : against J. L. \Van "Arnam as [deputy of .Elections :: -Sf ·' '..'Lorain ·county. 'I .^g^shifeiis^^ rthal 1 was a candidate for, this office ·myself. 1 -am at - sQn..ewhat of a loss 'how to proceed its the .matter But lhave -written -out the vharges and !*e3.pectJn1y «sk -you rthat ithey I have a ihear,mg sometime in the tnear .future Fourth That :he dicl --Wilfully -and 'knowingly lend 'himself to an illegal transaction as a member of this Board by removing the -said E. C. Jefferies as Judge el. lEleCtkm iin IPrecinct No. i Wellington,'Ohio, :in'the absence of a majority to'f the .imeiribers o'f this Board and -without 'being granted a hearing. path That she 'has -.wilfully and maliciously through the ;good graces of this. offree \whrch ihe -holds, persecuted theisaiii :E.C. Jefferies' beginning at. "the time · that 5the"'saia : "E':'''d: Jefferies announce i 'himself as'^ajcaiid- idate to 'theiofftce·'6T..iDep'.;fSupet^sgT * - v-.: ^ '· -^; ^aBxty v4»-- -^v^,'. That he ;TS iguilty of sanctioning illegal voting.-and ; o f ' t h e :use of profane and vulgar .language .in -the presence of .ladies anil therefore .is not a safe and hold office. proper person :E. C. Jefferies. to CAUGHT IN TWO .SUSPICIOUS LOOKING MEM ASRSSTSD «ERE ON SATURDAY JHOJRNING--ARE WANTED FOR JfcOBBEJCY- WibiJe -s-tanding around the C. S. W wtuting Tiootn a amall ;bw noticed the above young ;men a«d at the same time noticed that Iheir - pockets se««e4 w-eU iftlkd. The .lad tl»«ii ran to Officer Wikitney and told him what he bad seen. N«ne too soon ho»-«v*r. as a Cleveland bound car had jn«t ynlied in ae the officer and boy arrwed -on Ae scene. He immediately boaned ^uc jtlat form of the car and p3»c«d -the two men under arrest. They were taken to the Mayor's office, where they were found to have sixteen waterbes two revolvers, six pairs of -opera glasses in velvet cases "ai*d * Docket knives. They saud th-ey tioaght the goods in Chicago They also saiid that the Hatch-Adam* Carsival company knew who they were.. A telephone message was sent to the Lorain officers, and about 11:30 Chief of Police Bramah of Lorain accompanied by J. H. Parsons and several other men arrived. Parson* who runs a torjife rack at the carnival says his tranfc was forced open at about 11:30 Friday evening and sixteen watches, six revolvers, six opera glasses and two knives were taken. He gave descriptions. of the stuff corresponding to the goods taken from the young men. They had been working around the carnival all the week. One of :Miem had worked for Parsons and knew just where to find the . goods, having helped to pick them. They were known as Whitie and Tom. Both were taken back to Lorain. MOM* :R«om :for Ttflk. "But, papa," repines the beauteonc .daughter ofxheiflnancier, 'flf:i do.not.go to Europe this summer it\will'break;mj ;beart." "The condition (tit -your .heart, :mj -child," answered it he tender -father, "ie : an.object of solicitude^; but the (Condition of any .:purse :-is v also Important. I simply cannot; afford to ^send you abroad agmin;" "Then what will ,1 ;faave to talk:*bout ·this fail? I can't teli 401 aay -frtofide xtotutt the Alps end things." "Don't let that'worry .you. Bou-will fltd that there to vastly more roonvfor imaginative converBatiortal-work ingiv- ing dEhem your reasons -for -staying ,-at borne *11 summer." BOARD TAKING UF ; T WASHINGTON AVE. BRIDGE 'The regular meeting of the of public r 4e.t»ice wa held ·evening. '·"' "\;. .' · ····''·'':'''-·"- A financial ·/statement/^ s ceipts for" month, ^17^ an'd : money turned ewer trrer. Payroll adopted" ·Engineer and solicitor- board has no authority, -to ed standard retirements ftifpr; ^pls She--When you natter a max,, xwlry : ia It called "soft eoap?" He--Besause soit soap «otaiae .so lye.--Ally Sloper. a Kly Caa A fly is bfcppilj- built; it can stand o* dine leg ao scratch anywhere on it* .body with fiv* Jegs at one time. Salt Wcflrr tor the E T **. It troubled wjtij itcbiag eyes, the best treatment is to use cool, weak salt WA- MT *ash every JGmr hours. A T»«ra mf Glmmm. There is probably in all the world only oie town buiUt of glass, and that i» to be found near YfiUowstone Park, in the United States. ^Tjhe glass is not artificial, but natural. Jbgteg formed by ages of volcanic action. If is dark green or black in hue, bat in every other respect resembles the artificial product Easily cut into slabs and quite impervious to the weather, *t makes excellent building material. A French method of cooking peas Is ae follows: Put lettuce leaves in the bottom of the saucepan aad place the peas over them. Very Ifttte water will be required, as the water adhering to the lettuce leaves aad drawn from then by the heat will be sufficient Warn the peas Are dOM remove the lettuce and season the VMM with salt, pepper, butter and a little WANT COLUMN ON PAGE S deciding- that couiicil should all streets shown on plats. Notice was read " : by city clerk notifying the board that it was up to them to advertise for the Washington avenue -bridge contract. A motion was then passed, authorizing xzity clerk to advertise. A motion ^passed requiring city auditor to furnish -fhe board a statement of balances in .waterworks and public -service fund. -Solicitor reported that board had rio authority :to settie the matter of East avenue paving job with Ayers Asphalt Paving Co. Matter of salaries of waterworks employes referred to George L. efler to ^report -at -next -meetmg. 'Matter of repairmg holes in brick paying was referred to city engineer. The city engineer stated that arrangement of 'his -saslany ($100 per mouth,-) a* arranged in July, was still satisfactory. *'. A .motion was adopted providing fhat ;the board .be represented at the state's .meeting of all boards to be '.held at '.Dayton. Motion passed- referring .matter of an -ordinance regulating private wa- BT ScKipps-lfcRiE PKEBS ASSOCIATION. Washington, Aug. 8--Navy will have two new rear-admirals Monda'v Sigsbee, who commanded · ill-fated Maine, when she was blown up in harbor of Havana, and Captain Colby M. Chester, at present superintendent of the United States naval observatory in Washington, wil be ?e promoted to grade of rear-ad- niral on account of retirement on Monday of rear-admiral Geo. C Remy, senior officer in his grade. Captain Sigsbee Snow* statute at to0 of list of captains as "Extra number" having attained his present rank because of meritorious service* in war with .Spain. Under the law his promotion takes up to the next higher grade the officer ranking next below him, who is Captain Chester. * 1C DOING LICECOURT prali'ce court had an of ; business Saturday e police made two ar- nobn. The following es: two for intoxication erly conduct and sev- two who were later to answer ry. to the Brockman, L for cruelty to an- attorney, who Saturday. The Quarterly Love Feast at 6 p. m. Preaching by G. A. Reeder, at ^ p. in. ler (corabnectwms was referred to solicitor and engineer. o the A new albuminoid subetafcae,? which b** toe** ·amed "maisine," haa been obtained fc/ R. Donard aad H. L«bbe from m*lxe. of which it fonu tour to eroeM. It ia an «trai»«ly Jight flne white jwwdtr. and re»emblea wheat glnteB in appearamoc. but differ* from it in chemical properties. It la insoluble in hot and cold water aa4 saline aolutions, but dissolves ia aloe- hols, acetone aad alkalies. 10:00 a.vjih.;J^|fbrning Worship, 11:30 a: ·^^unday School. 6:30 p. 'td.,'.^ ; R S. C E; 7:30 p. rh., Evening Serric*. ' . . Sfc Paur*|Ev*ngelical Church. Rev. N. Lehmann, Pastor, 4^3 Ea«t Third Stre|fc 9:00 a., mg? Sunday School. 1 0:06 a. ,n£' ; Morning 6:00 p. m. Yonng People's Meeting. 7:00 p. mV; Evening Service. i«* f tii St. Andrew's EpiscopaiTMChurch. Rev. J. M. Withycombe, Rector. The Rectory, 311 Middle Avenue. 7-OO a. m. Holy Communion except first Sunday in month. 10:00 a. m. Holy Communion first Sunday in the month. 10 a. m. Morning Prayer. 11:30 a. m. Sunday School and Rector's Bible Class. 4 p. m. Even Song. The evening services \vitl be omitted during August. v All members of the Sunday school are reminded that, work will be re^ sumed oh Sunday at M:3O o'clock Let every one of our scholars, iff town, be present without fail. Teachers and officers will kindly take notice of this announcement. v * Corner Catholic Church. Middle Avenue and Fourth Street 7-.3O a. m. Mass. 10:00 a. m. High Mass. 2 p. m. Sunday School. 3:30 p. v£ Vespers. Alt welcome. of Chifc^Scjen^ '10:36 feXm.» Morning Service. u-:3O a. m. Sunday School.- Rev. Geo. W. Johnson, Pastor. R-es- idence, 215: East Fourth Street. 10:00 a m. Morning Worship. 11:30 a- m. Bible School 6:op p. ;hi. Young Pe9jie's Meeting- 7:00 p. m. Evening Service. 7:60 p. m. Thursday. Prayer Meet- A herd of coats, upon which the scientists at the University of Chicago had been experimenting, was raided by a crowd of mischievous boys the other day, and one lad was apprehended while making off with a "billy" whose system had been filled with disease germs imported from India. Another of the precious animals was full of bichloride of fold, which coat the university authorities |2W. Church of Christ. Rev. John P. Sala Pastor, No. 113 Earl Court. Phone 233. 10:00 a. m. Worship and Comratm- ioh Service. 11:30 a. m. Sunday School 6:00 p. m. Christian Endeavor. 7:OO p. m. Evening Service. Spiritual and Progressive ASSA 10:00 a, m. Morning Meeting.', : 7:00 p. m. Evening Service. . · ------o : INQUEST TUESDAY Coroner French will hold an inquest Tuesday into'the cause of the wreck that caused the death of E. L. Garvin and Win. Gibbons. --o · Her Idea of a Bath. At one of the west side "neighborhood ftonaes" in New yurit J»tb tubs $1,000 DAMAGES I. J. CARPENTER ASKS $1,000 DAMAGES FOR BEING PUT OFF A C. S. W. CAR. I. J. Carpenter has entered sutt against the Cleveland and Southwestern Traction Co He alleges that on the second day of August he boarded a car running from the east to Elyria and that he bought and paid for a transfer from Elyria to Lorain. He then boarded a Lorain car and presented his transfer. Th% v conductor refused to carry hiai'|fuTther than the city limits and wtteu Mr. ^Carpenter refused to get off the car he alleges that the conductor .assaulted hhn, seizing hint by the collar and dragged hhn to tie WEATHER showers tonight anJ Sunday, .wann- % er tonight. ; i " · ' , - * , " " ' - · 3ast feeen put in. A large aign initibe lower hall reads: "Free baths, hours from 10 to 12, etc., free soap and towels." A young lady living In the house was approached the other day by a woman ·who asked: "Do you provide the oath- lug suits, or do we furnish our own." Baths in Swlnn School*. . All new schools in Switzerland now have a portion of the ground floor appropriated for purposes of baths. Each class bathes about once a fortnight, summer ,',ud winter. Soap is used, and a warm bath is followed by a cooler one. Sick children and those having skin diseases are excluded. will preach ia the J. F. Burke morning. . · The C. E. meeting will be held on the park at 6:15 if the weather permits. There will be no evening preaching .The other services of the week will be as usual. Kindig, 557 ixxli, 'cleans watches or 75 cents and guarantees them. See our little Jewel piano. It i* peach and the price is $150.00. Cash or easy payments. 3032 R. M. Summers Son. First Congregational Church. Rev. W. E. Cadmus, Pastor. Study in church. loxw a. m. Morning Worship. 11:30 a. m. Bible School. 6:00 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E. Meeting. 7:00 p. m. Evening Service. Ia»l«t« ·» ParJa* Taxe*. Toronto. Canada's city of churches, possesses one church which is probably unique throughout all the realms of the king. The Jarvis street Baptist ehurch, although legaly exempt from civic taxation, like all the other churches of the city and province, insists upon paying its taxes. . * M. E. Church. Rer. W. C. Endlv, Pastor, 306 Avenue. 10:00 a. m., Preaching. 11:30 a. m. Bible School. 6:op p. m. Epworth League. 9:00 a. m. Class Meeting. 7:00 p. m., Preaching. Sunday services at the M. East Bather M*4«ra. Miss McCall--So that's really your family coat of arms? ,Miss Newrlch--Yes. "What's that queer device in th» center?" "Why-er-that's Pa's'trade-mark. He insisted upon ringing that in."--Philadelphia Press. WILL RETURN SOON. Mrs. C. C. Bowers, who has been visiting abroad for the -past three months, will return by way of South Hampden, on the steamer City of New York, which sails August 15. Mr. Bowers is anxiously looking for her "about August 24 or 25. GONE TO THE SHORE Mrs. Caxl F, Lersci Mirian, leave SatunSay for Cape May. They -will be accompanied by Miss Fannie Boynton jf Cleveland, and will be the guests of Mr. Mrs. Frank Boynton for one MR. CHAMBERLAIN'S POSTPONED The addres that was to have beat given on. ^FrMay evening by HWB. Geo. H. C^atnb«rUin s^t the gooJI roads meeti|i^ was postponed »ntil the next »ieetii»g, Mr, Chamberlam" having been called out of town in the afternoon..- .... . . CURIOUS FIND. Friday morning when making his usual rounds the janitor of,the high school saw something white lying on one of the steps. On picking 'it np it proved to be a ladies' night- own. Now, · it is not an unusual thing to find lost articles on these teps, but this is.the first nighgown and owner identifying saine lave it..-- - · v:---v*r· · . · caa MRS. E. church.. The Lord's Supper will be That old piano scarf is pretty badly faded and out of date. We have just received a large stock of the latest pattern, border scarfs in imported velour tapestry and silk velvet. A new one on your piano will brighten it up wonderfully. 3032 R. M. Summers Son. Saturday's Sale, August ft--50 fine, fancy $2.50 parasols, while they last, oSc. The Biggs Everard Co. THOMAS DBAB COUGHLAH Mrs. Thomas Congfelan of West River street who has Wen troubled with cofuanftkn lor MOM tkac passed to- her Maker ait axx- -o'clock Saturday morning. Mrs. Cougnla* w »* *|«y-««gl»t year* oW- Faaeral : iepnce* win ke held* at the Cathoic church Monday atornmg at 8:30. ' Special Jar, parasols, sate arke tt.tfi Tke it Ev«raH Setoa Kroa. a«t «· cajriaft Aajat

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