The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 3, 1899 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1899
Page 4
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Eendafe's new "Htti^ company will «f»e a grand military baH February 11 Tbe Grand Forks gun dub has organ- iaed and will hold several shoota next a L Osmond has resomed bis duties wto theFaego Fbnun, after a six weeks TISK is the sooth. District eonrt is in sessioo at Graftoa aad a number of blind axud gnttiyandaratenoi FBEAK OF NATURE. PUZ2UNQ AND CONTRA- IMCTORY WtU. «a Ae aa« la tae WJat** ta* to* M*it« aa« tae Wa*e» a«nati WawA A.T. UaUer fe a Gnftoa sum who IM Mtaned from OUaaeraa and nparta the oottntry down there to be t~Sie. . J. A. Winatee, one at tiw oOeiabi ot the Buffalo Exdianga bank ia mMng and Jeawa a large namber ot aazfcm cndnoia. A Bomber at Judge Saoter^ tdenda «*Oj»«toJb«PIajr aarpriied him one mgfat hat weal and preantad himwitn eoatiy leatbereorered Hbrarr cbaira* threamifcstotbe north and a linle to »" «M» of tbe Cheyenne ageaey ia Cweet r, Koa., tea weDfilted with k» that · mach curiosity amottgtheteaehen and of that eeorere rarr a token ot Quit tateem tor aim. OM Sbto, ^e famooa Sooxladian eMel,»dead. fie WM quite a prominent fjaye in the early hittory of SoitfaDa- *** "d tt ia rdatedrfblm that be «eee defeated a band ot Cfaippewaa SOD ateong with 150 men. J.M.Imeir, a Canadian mine expert, to Grand Forks recently and took 1 . . »"· *vr**** ^""""ypi'Hj maa vaof aphisresuience. He was snortiy after monad from bjs wife and married a ^w*«w*OTm» ·· nrmai MM* WUV aTM JXHWj woman in Grand Forks who bad were to secure a divorce. »iwfMpewnearKimbaBPnie at- tap^ to cross the track just ahead rf ^**«-* bound passenger trsin on file njahatl* 4^u3 ·· 11 · i. ^ i i 1. ·»-- A»_ _ . . boywhoTtotta tbe wen has mochtoteD ·ad tatartaWy adraaeca Ua own e ttoa. Many ingenious theories an which tend to indicate that per mouth twthe Dafly. for tbe Weekly. AXClfST OBDXB CfflTXD WOSOOOI ~ · .fl h at and killed, one is reported that the'men were ed at the time. ·U degree. of srieatlfto know w ~ · - --·· --'-t'+*^mm* ai.iaajaiipaj| aa effort to find taeorialatrf -- ^v.^^ _t» »» r^^^^T Bowerer, tbeyaU ThteweQ to within a efthenmnutcf -- r- i ' ' ^^ ««w«Bv0 nWaV C the very e« Gneakat creek, which ST. fifiui. --· · DISPATCH The St. Paul XHSPATCH is tfee beat Twin City daily; it baa no equal in tbeJTorthweat «s to sise or quality. Tbe DISPATCH excella in Northwestern news, having co*- reepondenta in every Horthweatem town. the DISPATCH ia renowned for its complete and reliable market reports; ita market page is one of ita featuxee. TUe newa of the world ia supplied by the Aanc^t^ Press reports, which, apeaita for itaelt The WEEKLY DISPATCH haa no equal aa a weekly and haa one ol ttelbest premium 1»O« ever offered to the public. 8EHP FOR TXW SAMPLES. The DAILY DISPATCH and, Bismarck DAILY T8IBTJKE. both, one year for $7.0O. TbeWEEBOLT DISPATCH and Bismarck WEEKLY T8X- BtTNE. one year, for $1.75, AddrtasallCo T«t Cores Impoteocy^NigotEmissi IheyfaBaglned eame mysteitow . Tbey bad heard of wonderful adventiuei rf | toeww *ad nndergnoad { and being alone ia tills wOdenee* ----- . -- ,,,-..» __ «- wasting 4teeaaet. alt effect* of tctf-l """"j 1 the ^^d to tnaaine nil numTtfr. * owtopaleebeeksana a e w j m m i t s r f L j i f monntaiu restores tte fire of yootii.}«»ecoPCTBdwlth scoria, whfch has all the V -^~ -- -- mr ^ -- fn~-+ a^«*«a% ^v Ji^»ia«n9 I ; with a wtftteiigimaa- re or refund tbemoa JICRVITA MEDICAL CO. I coal were formed orer-the eastern tMI A jascanbemade. braed as brick are burned in a Mtoa^ _ , jfiasnedthe §corla. Where the heatwa* Leader: Sapt Walker, of 1 S*w»«er and roek and sand were present it health, reports nice deaths melted and mixed with ~ BISMARCK TRIBUNE, To California Witfeout Ctuuifc via "Tbe Milwaukee." OB every Saturday daring tbs winter an elegant Pullman Tourist Sleepervili tee w» Minneapolis (836 a. «.),«. . . , . {8:36 a. m.), and erme Los Angeies, Ca] iforoia, at 8:25 4. m. following Wednesday. VIA -The Milwaukee's" teams «Hed. rich Route" to Kansas City, tbaoea via A most delightful winter root* to the Quicker time is made via tafa between St. Put aad CeHforria than via from St. Pknl «nd Mi UawSt, Pan! and M FYsr bertha, complete rtmtefcawdy ita.8t.Paaf or orad St.Ftal. AjrL, .18Sa, HJUHI4J111IYUVBJB AIE North Dakota. MWNBAPOUS aj* fT. PAUU I lien llMMilimnil nrininlMhifc. i. "HI »ippupna MBIT -SeftDriaks =· sad«lf»rs. * MaioSt-inDaWsOHStani - 7 ^^^^^^TM^^^^^ . rricourt. Herisited «at section last week and is trying to be can stop s e w t e coalaod coal a*B, forminglargB claderlike rocks, which awasmetiiaes mistaken for IOTS. Asthe ou * fram the clay, «»ugui»i« apian wnereoy ne can stop """ ooKen raroscona and melted Into cin- »Pfl nmuies cotomunicaticg witb each i ^^ " broke into «"TMff divisions and f?}i ooerdoring the prevalence of dipther-1 Pfamiacnoualy down into the pits thus **· He sars they do not seem ta nni?«». formed. Volcanic a«h ia fnrmrt Bvttam* _ ·.*« ^r. «. . i.4^^«WO W* %UVUU?C' ITS they do not seem to mtder- ~--»«»»law in yiis regard, and tbat a* Agoing to make an exampte of some of them soon if they do not heed tbe pre- eaations prescribed. Karl's Clover Root Tea as a pleasant "" le bowtes, purifies T to formd ««att«red little Wolf mountains and the eartera portion of Montana. ItmnsfrhaTe iWfledwith the wind from powerful wnp. YOU ABE COBDIAJ.LY Te ·eeesM a Beaker ef tfcs ·f HOME HEALTH CLUB (Cut this oat and fenrard it with etc The Inter OceuiPob. Ox, Odeaco, Ot) THB ISTKB OCEAS PCB. Cat . 'Ita l which, I a member ot , me btaffiellrf the Home Name Town or City. Street Xo State . . J iM«nc«r.A«8nt. st Pro. Mian. , of anyrolcsnte action in Tjcinityof the toewefl. The ^ i m . to make mud pleasant to take. 25 onrta,. Sold by P. C. Bemingtoo, the P.M. Dahlia closing out a line ofnn- daratot^ orercoatB, caps, etc. Choice pattens to select from, His stock is sure to contain just what yon want and beta always pleaded to show Ms goods. Erery member of this SBBHOU must be **£»£to*TM RMP and as it n»nins considerable workto complete it aff who «!22k!2? a Sr ld ? Ujr «n «rty «« their sittings. No charges. W. H. D«GACT. . e ""^ ortKln «· aathebad land bnttes. Their summits, ^^l! *" tb *oa»bn«e» ( hare them the name- of mountains, Imt $r o B g t l y ore* fowfert - **toe we» to be put into the well dwtog the winter, it would keep through- outte mnmer nearly as well as if ttond chance na- eon* away in ordinary toenoues. tmhasformedabnoit the enca «tkms that man has made use of to ·«rw Ice thronghont the hot weather. sbaft U the caTttyia which toitomthe we. The Tolcantcash, finin w»m pnrpose of anrdust tofts * ate T ?* Tall, dense f keeping out the .There win be a regular meeting of Bismarck Chapter No. 11,0. E. S. this ereningstO. A.B. bafl. MABTH. HcoHtt, Worthy Matron, BBJJ A. MOOBX aeeretary. ^ n £^8%*TM* , flniabed at aa early date. . . ·· owly af pcaSbfo at A. 4 *«' D « to *« grrap may be ' BISECT HOTTE TO Canadian Provinces AND ALL POINTS f . · » from beneath. The facts an that is - tbe tops of thebrttai, wlfrwastotoones^ldineaiofic*, Tbe (Tint pabitaUaa Jva.«, in.] Fersdosart Sate. r of Batch. U». to dots no* begin to tOl tbe wintarVtetf "l»"*oa, tttomettedbythebeatof the ^w»», bat dots not begin totS?naS ttsKunmer ti half OTwTln^jai? Ifee van, aad daring the first balSTof tbe wtetsrttis Mffi mehing. ThsweQaMa ss a nfrigerator. U receim tbe ** rtowlysad ttsn gitw it off j»* as *owb». If the earth meetrel aad gareoff beat wd tbe wMert^EKS^S 1 follow neariya moath Of COld yoarfaee. Tbe TM fKnt potCeuioB ..o. =, i DlHu T«rt«rf IM ------- --- ^*-iTT toptvrtto ·semsss though the uemoBMnwB nai Been a mistake. It caa be sssily tested by asiag cmoke, or better itffl, a rstasr besrj colored gUat Again, if one sboakl stand withont tbe etttraace to the car* OB a Tsry warm dsy near eaoogh to feet say d»ft that msyb* rttrrtag, nooe can be felt coming from tbe care. If one sboold ataddlrectly abor* tbe ieewefl on a bet, ttaiday.erea putiagthe fees dowato ttetwy opening into the watt, no npwsjd d»ft of eool atr can be felt, but go down tttotbew«U and one wouldstatepaar- ^ that there ws« an npward dnift cj Beady cold atr --Boston AdrsrUaa, BC»«t · Water «· . Serr Bew has eoOeeted ctatiJtkM la Ba taria and Ben- fotttterg in Sweden which tend to prore that the water we drink bat aa important faftasaeeoa the teeth. Oeriei oriteay in teeth, ft teai oommon Vrtea tbs water to ·' hud" ruiFic «*** Alt**** L+*f#t. W.B.CAIAAWAY *. B. CNDEBWOOB 0«.lUa'« ICinaespoU* oi»oi» tarts Hawafl art Pom Mco QARROW fcwta* HARPER'S WEEJU.V WITH SWOW AM) GKJOrab TBB CONSPBUTOU The LM4w Letter A*lrm HARPBI * MOTHER* Wm. Welton. C. B. Lirrts, Pmtket. P.O. Es»n«ic»,T» PnAdcet. 8. THMCMIMR« CAPITAL, 9100,000 SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TRIBUNE, FINEST TRAINS ON EARTH PROM St Paul TwMct m eraenl B*akic« ffnilin^ THEIHEITORS Et-ECTRIC UGHTED AND STEAM HEATED. ICS . . . OATS . . BRAff . - SffOSTS . Cor. gaeond and Broadwa U N tii BI et bi til m re fa dt fa ve of wl tb sti thi bo % tio hath* the sta tni Rta fux iffl bm in! the lot sen pra Jn wh. mo An ftt he i a Re, OKH IB t s Pto PTOJ its) alt, (eft oot met pen, rvjnj nun) of lati LWSPAPLRl

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