Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 20, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1947
Page 5
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with Lou Alustur jiiul His Orchestra (Sundays Exccptcd) DANCING Kvery Ni-ht Dilettante of the Piano ' JACK CAMPBELL, ^YourFavoritc Selections mid BJ5MEMBEB the finest luncheon In with Chef Amato's Special. town Dally It's Melody Lane For Choice Food 23 HARBISON AVE. Waterbury Just Off Loavenworth BUSINESS PERSONALITIES AND Sf R-VICCS Uy i>OZtOT.IIY- M. UK.1N - RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. IMMEDIATE DKMVKRV ON HAZMiTON LKIITGH I'RKMIUM CO A I. nnd KOPPKttS CONN. COKE 1'IIONK YOUR ORDER 5 Church St., Naugatuck Phone 3076 OISCl/SS VOUB PLANS ' ESTIMATES SUBMITTED • NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Office: 103 Rlibbor Avo ' Tol S Art Of Masonry Well Known By Walter Boncal 1H CHURCH ST. GAS _ OIL LUBRICATION PARTS A. A B. SERVICE STATION J7B Muplc Street Entire Stock of MJSSES' AND WOMEN'S HOUSECOATS SclHnR this week at 20% REDUCTION All Slz«t — silk — Cotton — Chenille and Quilted KENNEDY DRY GOODS STORE 188 Church St. — Tol. 3491 ' NauKatuck . WALTER BONCAL Masonry of all kinds SO Full-child St. TcL 5ID8 Lord's Servicenter 'Service for Everyone" LUBRICATION - TIRES RANGE and FURNACE OIL lift N. Muln St. Tel. 4803 Walter Boncal 00 Falrchild street, vho hns been In the masonry busl- •iss for a decade assures his clients of excellent workmanship, It's true there arc many days luring the winter when outdoor iobs cannot he done, but unions the vcathcr is stormy you'll see men rolrtg- about their duties as though :t was balmy. Then too, often <Jur- 'nff the winter months when firc- olaces are put in uso, some trouble occurs and a mason comes In pretty handy. Mr, Boncal is an expert in re- ->airlnp; as well as building flre- -ilacos, and he is also competent in -lesigning and constructing all types if fixtures necessitating- mason work. The local man bus done considerable work on new homes as well •s old ones beinfr remodeled during the' past years, and only recently has he been employed in the art of Tiasonry on many of the houses being erected now. Th most superior type ot ma- ;ons supplies are used by Mr. Bengal In his efficient constructing of walks, walls, chimneys and any f.yue of work employing the method of laying bricks, stones and ,'ocks. Melody Lane Favori ile EGGS FLORA'S POULTRY RANCH ; KMtnhlhhcd 1930 FLORA K, PINKUAM I'lne* HrldKO - Helicon T'tilla ' Duren Roofing Co. Knorlfic - Siding - liiMilatlon 48 RAMONA AVKNUK Wutcrbury — Tel. M-7013 RODMAN Convalescent Home 159 Meadow St. TEL. 335-1 JANUARY CLEARANCE il in — All Departments BOSTON STORE Dry Goods 70 CHURCH ST. TKI.. 5856 Call for Our PROMPT PICKUP and DELIVERY SERVICE D. LIEBERMAN D, Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL KUHHriK AVKNl/JS SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Complete Auto Service Body Work Day and Night Roud Sorvlc* I33S SOUTH MAIN STREET Wiitcrhury Phono 5-1338 Culls - Phone 3-G70H Vic's Smoke Shop , NnwNpuper* Candy, | rn Crntm. Soft Drink* Mujfuy.lncH, TUVH « tllt'HCll ST. 17OOD WAT IN coivnroRT In Our Dining Room TEDDY'lTblNER South Mjiln St. Tel. 4896 Collision Dents Repaired Quickly At Jack's Auto Body We've been havivng some mighty slippery weather of late, and with these inclement conditions come accidents, a number of them hump- er and fonder collisions, which cannot be attributed to anything- except road conditions. But, these slifrht accidents arc annoying, for nine times out of ten there is a dent in your car somewhere, which requires a g-nrag-c repair job. Perhaps you think any nar.ijie will do, but one located in the borough and specializing in body work is Jack's Auto Body, 108 South Main street. It eouki be thnt your particular damapre can ho. repaired in only a tew moments, or there might 'be more extensive work to be done. Whether it's major or minor John T. Lynch and his experienced crow of workmen will have your vehicle looking and performing- its best in the minimum amount of time. Another pood feature of the gar- ace i'i- that it maintains a 24-hour towing sorvivce, enabling you to return to your home in case you're stranded on the highways out-of- town and at a late hour. The owner says, "no distance too great." Excellent mechanic service as well as g;usoline, oil and lubrication may be obtained at t.'ie grar- Jack Ciimpholl, "Dllletanta of the J'Utnn", who will ln\ triad to play your favorite time with yoiir fuvoriU; cocktail at the Melody Lane, 23 IlarrlKon; uvuniie, Watorlmry, just off Liruvenworth strrcj.. And, there IN dancing nightly nxcej>t Sundays, with Lou Master and h;s orchestra providing music for'your plui&urft. The finest meals in town urc prepared by Chef Amain ht the restaurant. When you are planning parties, big ones, small ones, weddings, receptions, hiinqucts or meetings, the very host Is at your disposal «t Melody L«ne. Brighten, Beautify Your Home With Isaacson's Merchandise There is something very satisfying about gottlnff a new rixluio of accessory Cor the house. It not only beautifies the appearance of u room, but somehow has Uio faculty of giving one a personal "lift." Jt mi^-ht be a new pair of curtains for the living room, a smart bathroom'set or m.'iybu just some chnir covers. Whatever it is, there s a definite feeling of contentment f.nd accomplishmrnt. One of the nicest dry jrootis stores in the Va;ley is Is'iacson's in Seymour, where all types oC merchandise may be obtained to smarten the appearance o!' your home. Not only does the store carry a complete line of blankets, bedspreads, draperies, towels and othoi' accessories, but it also has a full is of wearing apparel for in- children and women. the main feature of its unique .system of you buy." And, that is done the distribution of green the "sav- Bin, ftoro ins a wiih stamps with every purchase that is made, over 10-cents in value. The "S. ,v- H." stamp dividends provi'U you with gift merchan- disi; when your stump book is compSoK:.. fl.'s n. clevrr woman who is forr>sighi.cvl, nncl there mifrht he ..some article th-it you wouldn't feel you could purclviso that will be given to you clue to green stamp collection. The storo is located in the heart of Seymour's business section and is nccDssihlo by car. train or bus. Karbowicz Homes Are Practical And Beautiful There are no two ways about il —house construction will be ont> of I 'he principle businesses for a. num- I her of years to come. Sometime [ one wonders whether there will ever be enough homes to £o around, and the supplies to meet the demands. Looldnp; at .the situation practically, it is doubtful whether the condition will ease immediately, 'iut eventually supplies will begin :amintr. through in adequate quan t.itips and the new home you're looking forward to will be a reality. Of course, the building-trade isn't at a standstill, on the contrary, it's booming as it never did before, with veterans getting preference. However, regardless of whether >r not you will be able to start building In the spring, it is never too aoon to start planning, discuss- ng blueprints and getting estimates on a house. If you've seen some of the new construction done, recently and in the process, you'll know that completed by Matty J. Karbowicz, local :ontractor is of the best quality, '•IJRhly experienced in the business •jf constructing IIOUKCS, his work i« classed among the top in the state ind area. His homes arc practical and yet they have the most exacting beauty and include all modern facill :lics desired. Mr. Karbowicz will be ^lad to Jiscuss your building problems with you, go over plans and sub- nit estimates on the work. Also accomplished by the contractor is eainiful remodeling. Fine Wines and Liquors Imported and Domestic O A WC LIQUOR AT A m 9 STORE 72 CHURCH ST. PHONE 61*4 I It's Worth a.Trip to VAJ Market For Finest Food* 51 Spring St Union City Phone yaugtttuck 4070 THE INC. Telephone 2226 PRINTERS SINCE Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service and Parts Factory-Trained Median fen t«7 N. Main St. LEYNARD'S CIRCS' and BOYS' WINTER OUTFITS IJ»e Our Lay-Away plan 170 CHURCH ST. PHIUPPINE VOLCANO IN ERUPTION FRANKIE'S ROADSIDE INN l-'riinkfiirter* • Ilninhtirjfcr* • llur-U-Q • Hlrx Coffen SciUtc.Mt Ico Croum MuliThiir.v-Niiiijfiituck • Conr* Joe's Restaurant »'INK FOOO mill LIQUOR SprfiKl Attantllnn for Wodcllng I'urtlr* 13.i MAIN ST.. SBYMOUR Tel. 2833 DiNAPOLFS RESTAURANT 015 BANK ST. FREE PARKING • TIIK BEST IN FOOD • TIIK BEST IN MUSIC 0 THE BEST IN SERVICE DANCING T1IURS., FRI. AND SAT. WITH TIIK KEN THOMPSON . HAMMOND ORGAN TRIO FLOOR SHOW SAT. NIGHT II,.,, — j-u to IliiimiK'tM unti I'ar- rrxirrntlniiH Cnll 3-llM I Clock-Watching Bird Keeps Regular Hours Minneapolis (U P)—The mo.-i; con firm eri clock-watcher on the Minneapolis Park Board is an unpaid bird. It is a white p'ipteon which arrives promptly at S a. m. and leaves just a.s promptly at noon. The pisreon's favorite employe Chorles Anderson, who said • he "could almost set my watch" on tho bird's arrival and departure. The pi'Koon arrives each morning and accompanies Anderson on hi.s round of duties. When Anderson knocks olT for lunch, so does tho bird—but it doesn't show up until the next day. About 18 civilian workers in defense industries arc needed to maintain one soldier, Hurls Charges George J. Demers HOOFING OF AM, TVPKS H Clruncil, Ropniroil H7 CITY IllLl, ST. Tol. 0003 Fred's Grocery Finest Fnilt.i nnd Vi-ce tables 37 HIGH ST. Tel. 4UD8 V. E. OUSTAFSON — Patent Medicine* — l-tinchnnnctto - It^ Cronm Groccrlr.H . Muguzlnc« '«» Ktihhcr Avr, Phone F • RADIO SERVICE 2(» Vfiirn Experience I'lckup and Delivery 1750 EAST MAIN ST. Hamilton Thcutur Building Wutcrbury — Tel 3-M07 HUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION Lubrlciitlnjr* Spccl»llfit» CAS - OIL - REPAIRING 1*8 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4947 Reading Material, Other Needs Supplied By Vic's Smoke Shop Pi-oliahlv |.hn most frequented story in' any city, town or villas^' arc those dealing in newspapers, mneasiirifis. litora.Uiro in. general •m<l smokes of nil kinds. It m doubtful whether there is a family in existence, which at: some time dur- infr the day doesn't do a little reading. And most nverv family has n smoker of some kind, whether it be cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. Being an up and coming businessman, Victor Poulin. nroprintor of Vic's Smoke shop, kept in mind that his store-has a steady flow of customers frbm tho time it is opened in the" morning until the lock is placed upon its door a-t night. Knowing: that the public is inclined to doins the minimum of shopping he introduced a lovely line of miscellaneous gifts for every occasion. This has not only increased. Mr. Poulin's business is general, but it has been a great risset to the purchasing public. Instead of getting rigs in Vic's nnd going to another establishment for . thai novelty gift, the buying is ! done in just one place. And the children have not been j forfrottcn at Vic's, for there is a i frala display of all -types of comic ! hooks for those ardent little readers, and there is also a vast supply of ice-cream, soda and candy. There is even the ever in demand ; "penny candy," which every child ; loves. Assuming ownership ,-iboiit three ' years aso, Mr. PouMn is now assisted by his .son, Edward, a veteran of the armed forces. Quality DYERS and Our Modern Cleaning Plant Assures You Better Cleaning 5 No. Main St., Naugutuck JACK'S ACTO BODV 106 So. Main St. TcL 1'HON'K DERBY 3489 Walsh's Green Acres Catering: to Weddings, Banquet*, Partlcn, Choice Food* and Liquors | Derby Avenue Seymour I SAVE . . . . As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase. ISAACSON'S i INC. QUALITY DBV GOOIIS SEYMOUR ItENDRYX BIRD CAGES A.VO STANDS Cage* at 54.95, $9.95, $10.95 And All-Chrome Cage $15.00 * at StandN at 54.95, $9.95 and $13.95 JOHNJ. CONNOLEi 70 Grand St Wlbrjr. Tel. 4-7383 i HOME COOKED FOODS fc*er — Win* — Liquor* Valley Grill IS* No. Main St Tel. 4059 Ciyne Glass Shop Table Lamp* *7.W up Bed, Boudoir $3.93 up Gift* of All De»crl|»tlon* RrallRtlc Artificial Flowen Josephine Manrp, Prop. 29 HARRISON AVE. Wntcrbury Tel.| 4-4SM *********************** »**»*^« SPILLING MOLTEN LAVA ti'om its newly formed crater, Mnyon volcano, in the Province of Albr.y, P. 1., is pictured from ;in Army Air Forces plane- shortly after the eruption began. Lava is flowing toward the towns of Liboc, Camalic, and Lefla»pi. (/iiJcrnati07ial Radiopholo) ATTACHMKNT RULICASKI) A CIO loader promises that no dltartmcnts of funds ol 1 four Con- ncclicut firms i:i portal, pay suits will' tic sought. Meanwhile ill Wa- tcrbury, :m attachment against tho -NTattatuck Manufacturing Company has been rclc.iscd. Tho attachment threatened .suspension of ihc company's operations. MOVING nnd TUDCKIVG Moving to All Conn. Point* Peter Moruska NAUGATUCK. CONN. PHOXE 2386 or 5113 Stoves Moved Refrigerator* Moved THK White Meat Market and GROCERY FRCITS — VEGETABLES John Ga«p«r, Prop. 157 niBBF.R AVE. DIAX. 8850 AIRPORT DINER At BcUiiiny Airport Operated liy Kx-G.f. MAURICE .1. .1OI.L.Y Amity Road, Betlnuiy Radlnton Flu*h*d Oil • Gronnlnf Tire Repair • — - MIKE'S 1TAUVL4 i3 lo BRIDGE ST. UNION CITY Against Portal Pay HERE'S WHY PROFESSORS SEE TRIPLE HORNBECKER'S Buck's Hill Tel. 4-8430 Utby. HOME COOKED FOOD Wn Cater to Family Dinners Office Parties, Bnnquetn, . Showcrt*, Etc, * 4*4+f**fff»f*tf+**f*f»f»rffr*»f' PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Hrmlod mid Atitumutlo Screw Machine ProdnrUi IllJIMVER AVE - NAUGATUCK SELRITE Juvenile Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 47(1-172 South Main Mtmet Wutcrhnry, Conn. Tel. 4-47Z4 VALLEY WELDING and Fabrication Works The Portable Wr.ldlnc Service Tel. 5492 BANQUETS WEDDINGF Phone S4M PARADISE INN . Win. I'ottheck^r, Prop, FINEST POODS Clioiep. Wlno - Liquor* IVitkclcc Terrace. Ansonlit, Conn. LOG'S BAR and GRILL 06 BRIDGE STREET Tel. 4807 REPRESENTATIVE Paul W. Shafer (R-Mich.) charges In Washington, D. C., that Under-Secretariei o* State William Clayton and Dean Acheson used their official position* to "Increase their family fortunes." Shafer asked that Secretary of State | Marshall get rid of "multi-million- I Kire diplomats" using U.S. fundt lor tcH gala. .(/nrernaticmal) Photo Courtesy U. of Wichita. If professors af the University of Wichita think they're seeing triple, it's probably the Bait brothers from nearby Augusta, Kans. The 20-year-old friplef*, reading Ted, Joe ond Lee from left to right above, are all veterans of two years service in the' Navy, and studying at the university under educational provisions of Public Law 346 administered by the Veterans Administration. Ted it majoring in aeronautics, Lee it studying dramatics, and Joe is talc- ing a premedical course. J TESTIFYING at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing in Washington on legislation to outlaw portal- to-portal pay suits is Charles R. Hook, president of the American Rolling Mill Co., .Middlctown, OJ He said, "it is absolutely ncccssaryl for Congress to enact a law remov-I ing this fantastic threat to the sol-| vcncy of industry.'.' (.International) Prospect St. Garage At Prospect St. nn«l I.ocur-t Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOC3.S 22 Savings St. Waterbury Tel. 5-2241 The V & H Trucking Company atlnK _ Trucking — Drivown.VK — Rond Con»tructton The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Webbed Screened Sand — Wanned. Crunhed Gravel . Q»mrr|cd Granite Bulldlnn Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2631

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