The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 9, 1924 · Page 4
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1924
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. T H E Saturday, February t. 1924. Decatur Scouts Celebrate National Anniversary Week · ____^___^__ Otwervance Ends Thtarsday with Membership Rally / i---To Honor Wbodrow Wilson. ' XHcatur Scouts and Scout officials teg** Friday. r*b. S to observe the in« «re*k »tt aside ty tl « National -*c«ut Oovactl ·· «n u n n h e n a r y lor (h* toiMdla* at Bcoutinc In the Un t- fct Kate*. On Friday, every Scout fcn* ·((Mai opened th* week s o-bier. »···· y te-eommltttrg himself to th* ·tsMtt oath ana Ian-; a practice MrbMi w«» carried out all over the United States at the iiour of 8 p m Friday was alao troop visitation day, and parents of Scout* In lumbers frlslted th« various troop meetings On Saturday mornlnc, all Scouts hi tha city n h o could posilbly be present fathered at the 1. M C A and started on a hUe to the s't« ·f Lincoln* first home IT Macon County. Th« bodr of scouts left the T M C. A. at » 10 Saturday morning, taking with them enough food to last tT*r on* meal As patriotic eicu-- felon* to th* horn* sites or b u r v l n g place* of former presidents w i l l too takra by many group* of Scouts on Ml* day, Decatur 1* especially fortunate In having nearbj *. »pot that *·«« a clot* connection ·» 1 h the carl} fcUtory of Lincoln's life ·widay Feb 19. 1» cht rch and Sun- fay Bohool da; every bo Scout Is s«ke4 to attend both church and School on that Oav. wearlag uniform. Th* m'nlste-a o.f the churches have been asked to ft *» aptiroprlat* words to the ftsswmtoled on that da, and It much of an Insplra- Mtnro may be g i v e n to th* »m this contact. KMOMIAU "THE BOYS' MAN" t l !· Fefc. 11. I" «o-to-ichc igff Af"'" every scout wearing his ··Ifwm. On this day every ecoJt pay ··special attention to the ob- cf "D» » Good Turn Dalls ' F«b I". Lincoln s birthday ftrtH b« «*pedatly obiened by the ·eout* at ft mass meeting In the evening at 7 DO This will be held at the Lincoln Cab n 1- FuTvlew Park and at the same time t,ne bois w i l l assemble ftboi t the fireplace la the old cabin and Mr C. A Walt w i l l tell them something- of Lincoln s early 'ifo A.t the same time that they are assembled for Uils Memorial to Lincoln there will be a short service In honor of ex-president Wilson w h o was. -luring h's te-m of office hono-ary president of the Boy Scouts of Anie-lca, and slnee that tl-na has been hono-ary vice-p-esldeiu of t i e Bov Scouts The meet ng at Fain lew- Paj-k ·Bill not last much longer than an hour and crery stout la allied to do ,hls utmost to bo present Those Scouts wlio come on the street car can get off at the entance to Dreamland Par* and w a l k straight north to the o-bln which 's situated Ir the south- nest corner of ral-vlew Par* proper Thursday w ill be Round Lp and Rilh. or Ped Tag dnv This w i l l be the last day of Anniversary TV cek and on this diy all those boss who h\ve joined i i j troop w l t t - i n the previous bever d a v s n 11 be g i v e n a Ted Tag to w e a r To fie troop which has the greates* percentage of net increase for that scvo-n-daj pe-Iod w i l l bo given a s i l v e r l o v i n g cup Every troop no matter w h a t It s size has an eciual Chance In this because t-e cup is awarded on the ration of tro members they have now to the number that thev increase In other words If a troop has ten membeis no v and add f i v e row members. It will h a v e a f l t t v cent Increase and tho awa'd be made in keeping w i t h this plan To be counted a near n ember a boj must not have prev loii'ly been registered for the v e a r ID" I and he must be registered In local lieid- quarte's Attendance tit the troop meeting for fiat wee* w i t h o u t being r*giste-»d at local headquarters w III not count per The Mission of the Boy Scouts National ( ommiiulci Daniel Cartel Beard--lie s ml Lmla Dan" to Ins boss--is the grand old man of tlic Amcricau stout movement From coast to const, lie's »const«ntlv traveling, endeavoring to instill into the hearts of "Ins bojs" a lasting Io\c for Iho great out of-doors He is teaching American south to know intimately all God's own creatures And no man is better qualified. I or licard, reired in the Kentucky mountains, has been a scout, an explorer, a pioneer, artist and author Uncle Dan is 71 But he's a hale and hearty as nmnv men of 40 Ily Colta H. PreaMeat. Boy Scaata of America iigCOTJTS' -- "scouting" -- old word* .bursting aad bristling with naw meanings to every boy In all cl\lll«d lards' lie plans to ba a "Scout," for li* tones to b» a real red-blooded, brave, clean wide-awake snappy boy. fall of p'ep knowledge an4 "do Ho wants to cut his n a y to useful forceful and resourceful mahhood by 1 ew alluring paths and experiences that glv e ' 1 ' m a great and broad \lslon oC his ' t o d a j ' lie bailds m Ins mind and plans a future--his ' tomorrow ' Ha will bo the master mechanic of a successful life of service Tha oath, tha laws the pro gram of scouting are fitted psychologically Into the needs of the bo 9 unfolding mind ard I COt-IN L I V I N G S T O N E snowing- body. Playing the games of with all the feast of bis nature, lie la bclnc l«d almost unconsciously into manhood, equipped with «. power of resistance afainat wrong; thinking, nrong actionc, wrong pleasures and e ll aasoclatlons His better self is freed for a successful career of helpfulness and leadership among his fel- loas "Once a Scout always a Scout Is the Inherent slogan, bf thU \ast army of potential citizens of a grreater cUllizatlorf and a mlgMier nation than, we c\*r dreamed of. Othe-,countries--a sco-e a iC » of them--are training their bovltood under this EHIUS tiLt clnatlng program To theTti, It is a. universal league of boyhood and tlia broUi- erhood of man, religiously obej- Ina; the laws of the eternal God, to wihom every Doy Scout In deepest resercnce bows Ills head. HUFF 10 KEEP ' IKS POLICIES BOY SCOUT OATH. ' On riv honor I promise tint x · w 11 do mv best first to- lo my duty to God and mv country, sec ond, to help other people at all times third, to obey the scout law · Four New Troops Since October 1 Scouting en Better Ba»u Than E*er. Slac* Oct 1. 123 four nev S^out troop* hase been organized in De- atur and placed la active operation l y Executive B Ea'le Roberts Ses- «ral Inactive troopa hase been reo-- svanlsed, a number of new Scoutmaster* has* been enlisted In tho mosc- ment and 8coutlnc« National Anni- I veraary week (Inds Scouting in Decatar on a stronger basis-than ever before A aummary of the new and reor- ·ranlsed troops »Ith their rosters, follow*. TROOP Z X*. -I, new troop Scoutmaster Clrde Cawion, a teacher at Rooseselt Junior High School I h U troop rn*eta In the homes of the sarlous new g%1)tem f r t h e p » gs | nK of tests members as t h » j do no- base a room f o r lhose , cov , ts W |,ose scoutmasters Troop 14 and Elmer Lehman taking; charge of Troop 20 Geo-ge E Broman has taken oser thi- Scout- mastership of Troop 1* at. the Flist Presbyte-lan churcili t a k i n g cliargu about the first of Uecen ber Frederic v Schaub has taken charge of Troop 3 In the First Congregationa 1 church and is fast m a k i n g thii a 'hrlslng growing troop 'Uine Parrlsh. a former scout of Troop 10 and w n o Is still registered w i t h that troop Is helping Charles E Carr In the leadership of a-oop 1 at First Bap'Ist church TO ESTU NEW TE8! SYSTEM Plan Bi-Monthly Test Camps for Scouts. ; Scout Headquarters has Installed a I SOME THONG. S u i p r M n g 1 ovv r a p l d l j a thony can be produced from any old pleco of leather (old ahoe top or boot) a j i c k k n l f e and a piece of w 5od H e r o n the w av. a. baU woodsman in Maine demonstrate^ TaUe a si cU sis; inches lo^fe and about one Inc 1 ! w i d e R»duco one end in tl ic^ness to allo v the K n l i^r to i las u i i d f t It 6imgl w h e n the o t f c r ^ n d is held I'tr \v i'h a f e w tacks 3o star' the opeiation make an I n r l b l o n In the* leather t i c dtbired w i d t h of the thorpr and pa^s thl*? end u n d e r the sticl Be s u t c 'a h a v e a (azor-like olpe to the k n i f e Tio the \i fe m pi ico w it i the c u t t l n t r else close to tl e sticl and lit Id H (here Ta-ve lold f t h » end of f » leather and p u l l n* n 1 n ^l^s to t h e "-ticl Tl\e 1 athn cnciilT ih^ju t-i ^ t n r t w i t h w i l l i c v o l v e o f its r \ \ u accord i* sou Keep p u l l i n g out I h c t ^ o n s r llie tli^ni: ^ vv 1J h i a r ^ ^ u latcd b e t w e e n th* p ^ r p c n d i c i Hr eds"f o f ».ho notcl and the cut r ^ edge of the K n i f e of their o w n at school It is com- To*»d of s t u d e n t s of %lie Kooscvc t Junior Ills-h belief l~ w ho are not members of an^ other tr*op The following- bojs a-e the charter mem hers ThomMs Bennett Don rautrat Ned F u r m a n . Howard Harrington Clsde Leonard James Allon Logan I*on Maxes JJonald McNallj James Varsonj Jr. rnoop t ~^o 4, old n u m b e r but n e w troop jneet* mt tho Lllrlcr- school on Mon day afternoons at 3 oclock The bos ha** a (pedal meetlrg room and the meeting Is held during the regular Llan hour Twelse bos* aro charter members of thl* troop The meeting* are conducted under the leadership of Scout Headquarters u n t i l R nultatilo scou^nistpr «nd anotncr incetln*: place Is provided TUOOP C 'iroop 0 old n u m b e r ne v troo Just organ'ied by 1* I Klnlster amongst th* lounger boss In the riret Presbyterian church The following eight bov* are the charter members of the re organized troop .Uasld A%ood Hen A l U c n Anwn Dro»n, r.obert Sploss Nelson Jack, William Ljon, Scldon V olcott, Rooert Rtouffer TROOP ? No. t old number and part of the old troop re-organlrcd under new Meoutmaeter Beaufort Uurcess, a ·tudtnt at M l l ' I I J n Lnlverslts who ha* had p r e v i o u s t-ainlng as a scout In Tr6op 13 and sersed as Assistant ScoutimnUr for a } car and i half with^same troop has charge o tal* group. I h o v meet 11 the branch library on Ihursday evenings tit 7 o'clock In a. rooix donated to their us* b the library association through the KlnCnrss of Mrs J3van*^ ».id the board TP.OOP 13 Ttoop 1^, now troop v~Ith Pjsscll Aps^leman as Scoutmaster ard Her- ·ckel F Sowers ard Hob t Larth us, ··alciante l l i e y m^.. in the Eng UsH Lutheran church The charter tn**h*ra are E l s w o i t h Dovvinan John Itawnan, tlauilc* Brad). Uarl Derz J«* Olblla. Tuomai h»s. Kbssell Hoe«o:r, Clarence Keck. Alfred K*t*h. Walter Kusch, David McDan- tal. Howard Mochel. Louis White Th»» Uoosi waJ organized with cev- ·!·! wakju* features peculiar to the Lutinran church and Itn **iraD«emont haj been s^evrcd «Htk · 0raat deal of satisfaction b !·· looal acont orcanlzatlon It* »i«a*j»»«X«a and »erro** ha* bean to taa *···· ef · ·*«· experiment r-hlch f 1«««los Into an nntitnndlne cx- for future crpan'satlon* In Maf*JT gCOUTMASTEHS 9m» jttw icaotmnstcr* have been wrcswraeJ tot tk« Tlrat M. K- cliurch, .-'arma «ao«rr taking charge of cannot take bi r r o n t l i l j hikes or for those tests in w h i c h an e\pert c ^ a i i - iner is required As g~oon as the ground Is dried suf-- flcientl for the building of f i r e s In the open tost camps u lit be p«tab- lished w l l c h sv 111 meet t w i c e eac i month the time and place to bo published at I°i3t one week in a d v a n c e of the meeting About three or four adults w l l b- prcseiU at each ". t these tPst camps x eac i man b a s i n g two o - throe teits o v e r w h i c h lie w i l l l a v e comi le*** supers is on fo- t u a t das Then a r bo in the citv sslio wishes to take either a tenderfoot second or first class tes* can brtnir along the neceisari u t e n s i l s find mi tcrlil to t a k e UIP te^t and t h r r c v r l l l be an rxp»rt e t a m i n c r ssakin? for him in tl Is test camp N o t onls w 11 te^li be taken In t In struction s v i l l bo given in the s a r l o i s I tests this latter lelng a new s \ n 01 educating the boy by a c t u a ' rather than bv simple lecture At th s t«?£t camp the examiner svlll demonstrate his method as he explains 'Wherever this Pian lias, been tried it 1 as »een found sers successful and u n d o u b t e d 1 rrany scouts si ill Le glad to a v a i l themselse^ of th s opportunity for more rapid advancement At a Inter dato there s\lll be published the das ^ and places of the ne\t test camp On« alreadj has Ing been held last fall and f o u n d successful Distributed 5.500 Pieces of Literature During January. Dentai Bo\ ^couts ITM c s p e n t 1^0 hours i community scr\lt,e In Dcri- t a *· ncc the first cf Jintiir^ jccord ing to Hie records 1 or t in the head quartern o f f i c e All of this n o r , . ln. been don« l^j tu entj -sl\ bo\ s ni 1 t h e i r ^ o r v his been of - \ a l u a b l e as M ^ t a r t c TO the r o m n u n i t y More than * 000 posters \\^r- \ ** t r i b u t e t l in coopf-ration \\ ith tl Neir 1,ist I cliof co . miUco f J r t \ o This took l i n o hours ·£ add i t on e l e ^ ^ n hour*! \ \ c r o s p o t in he d i s t r i b u t i o n of plctoi i ll nc'w *· I 01 tli? Wont* club I e n e C i t Iio\\ for t i e Bojs Opport\iitt\ Home tho ScoutB Bppnt ole\t,n hours 3rd t 1st r l b j t c d COO posters Duilns" Sftfetj v e e k Scouts put In o i a h t j - f l v a hours in difitnb i t l n g r 000 pieces of literature and posters aoout t h e c l t j Perhaps the bluest job was the street sxir-ve-v _n hlch his j ist been co r pie ted n l t h o u t r h h u t t h i r f j tout houia w e r e s ent in tins w o r k this tim« nas p"Jt \n b^ a large nuribor SCOUTS' GENERAL Schedule of Games Announced. Ecgmmng next Saturday, the Scout Inter-troop basket' ball tournamei t w i l l ipcn again In full s\\ (af and both major and m f n o r dUlslon tearrs « l l l meet each baturdai !n the Y M C A . annex t o pla\ o f f t h e schedule tl at his been arranged The complete schedule for the games in b o t h divisions has bt*«n announced bj L x e c u t h e Uobertb and s\lll be as follow (.IITEF =COLT bi~OLTS OF of bo\ s u ho n spected c\ t r j st. eet Int c i ^ o c t i o n of the c i t j and noted the (.onditlons of tlie street tlgns Boy Scout is Factor In National Safety Movement Chicago Tc 1 ) 9 -- The Boj Scout Is no« an 1-rportant factor In the ron- ·5cr\ation of human life Tho Scout m o v e m e n t ffcncrillj associated with an edacatlon l woodcraft and outdoor life, and the prln- f l r l c « of rlcht l i \ i n j r has broadened o-- to include a v idcspread p ticlpi. tion in public service 1 ojr modern Boj Scout plajs ar l-rport\nt part in nearH cicry ble clt s t n f f l c educational campalcns iind safety drives He is co operating «ery 'day w i t h the National Safety Council here and w i t h Its local branches throughout the coun- trj - · In many cltlss ho acts rs tr Tic cop. after school hours and H vacations, at corners where regular officers aro not assigned fl« teaches his schoolmates the principle _ of safety In the home and In piny He in -versed In tin art of first all In fact, li* has become the right hand man of the national s ifety movement The National Kafct Council conduct* si year-round educational campaign j»n safety In homes. In Industrial plants and In the streets. ID t i e la»t fc« ^ e i r s I t h i g broadened It* a c t i v i t i e s to I n c l u d e safoU Instruction In the schools It b e l l p \ c s the best Tvaj to o f o r m 'ciielcss Amerlc*\' is throupli the ^ u n r e r colorations And it ib hci o tint 1 1" linj S r r n t Ins ffh en ( i n a l lab e ahl lie is til" e\ x i ^ e ' l ^ t oC sa'ct- LSLFLL n O P K Tn a r^LCiu camai^n conducted n Cleveland O bv the local Safety Council tli«r^. Ioy Scouts di,3tl I JUi.ed 400 000 letters bearing tlfctj rules and admonitions In a traffic cam- piien directed acamst the evil of ' jav w a l k i n g * t h e j paln'cd cross- w a l k s on the clt s streets etenclled huge vvnite feet to s^iow todcstrlans when to cioss Iptersect'ons and tagged every parked automobile with a safety tap . ^ ' The Doy Scout of toda j " u eaj s -- J c l m K Doan scout director In Clovelind. 'goes In less for'the back to nature stuff and m re for activities of a public service nature I t s all In keeping with the demands of modern civilization Tou'll genoially' find it Bov Scout where he's needed, and nothing needs more than the movement which has as I to purpose Jus saving of human live*" M \jott UIMSION C a n i L 1--Troop 17 vs Troop \v 01 L^ Trooo J5 ) C a m e 2--Troop 13 \ s Iroop 2 Oairo C-- Tioop lo v s Troop o Game 4--Troop 11 vs 'iroop 13 OT. ne 5 -- f i c o p 11 v ^ Troop IS Game G--Troop 2o v « w i n n e r ga Gdrrc "-T Ga i e Game m n » r game vv inner S-- " U i n r c r pa me 3 -\ s 'o*e * 9--Loser game - "\s lo*er C.jnie gamo o Game game S Game 10 -- Loser c 4 vs loser j l -- loser game C vs loser 1"--Winner game S vs vv i ner Rime 9 Game 13--\\ I inor game 10 v i v Inner game 11 Game 14--\\irner gime C vs Til ner gime 7 Game lo--v\ i n n e r game 12 vs w i n - ner gane. 13 G - v r e 16 -- (Championship game) \ \ l n r e r game 14 v«" w i n n e r game 15 M I N O I l DIMSION Gan^e 1 -- Troop on by Troop 13 Game 2 -- Troop 1" v Gunc C -- troop 15 IS .s Troop 2 i Troop C ·\ 5 lostr game Game t -- Troop 13 ve w i n n e r gaire lose! 1 Gama game _ Game W i n n e i Scout Movement h Now In Its Sixteenth Year V A a y i m ^ t o n Feb ° -- O i g i m z r l for the irimins: of bojs, b e t w e e n 1° 11 J IS In sell t e l l a n c e n anhood and pood ci Ucnslilp tl e Bov Scout movement vv s b ffu i hi Lnfl ind In 1 'OS l General Sn I.obert fe ^ 1^ lOcr Tow cil S r I o l r t v\ns Imii cssed b y the f a c t tl it I j per cent of the boss, In 1 ngland w era grow Ing up w Ithoul anv k n o w l e d g e of usef il oceiipa.- tlon^ Hi 1 * Idea oC organising t h c ^ o hov s it once r e c e i v e d p o p u l a r s ip por* f ami v\ 1 lin; t \ \ o uid one h n l f j«.ari a f l c " the m o v e m e n t BU.I ted 150000 b j v s li ul been euro leO L S H J L) ST VILS JOINS \ t t i s t i n i D tlicrc v v e i e t w o organ l7atlons in the bulled blates both of w h i c h w t re founded fin tht* general purpose of c h a r a c t e r - b u i l d i n g iisronj, bov One founded bv Lrncst Thompson ^oton vv in cil cd 'vv ood c r n f t I n d i a n ? the other founded bv Dan C Bea c] w a s named the t*ons o D a n l f l I^conc In 1910 bot i merger u n d e r the t tic of Bov Scouts and w e r e I icorpo ntcd In this c l t j The a i m ot the Bo Scouts Is to agencies ^ n l p i o m o t e tite ability of boss to do t h l i g s for themselves an 1 others E icli scout u n i t o- body Is know n as a patrol and se ects a leader from among Us members Sev- "o driven permanently out of power w h i c h 5 -- U inner garro 3 vs 6 -- (Champlomh'P game) gime 4 vs winner game 5 SAYS GUILTY BE No One Should Be Spared, Says Senator. Washington I cl 9--Senato- Borah dccKred that If Secretary Dcnby IB sullty of the acts wl'h whto*i lie 1« charged lie should bo Impeached and thkt It the Republican party Is In capable of dealing drastically ·nltli Iho oil lease situation and It should eial patrols forjn a *roop w h i c h is commanded b an appointed adult scoutmaster J.IIREL CUSSLS Scouts a i r divided into three c isseK Teuderfc^t, second class and flr«t r]a*=s A first--class scout m u r t be able to s w i m jO v a t d s must have at Icabt $5 In a mv Inss bank muse i. e able *o eo oa foot or ron a bolt v c U to a point fe-ven mile^ a v v a j and ret in lie lias to describe or snow the proper means of sav ing Ufa in various Kinds of nccidents must be able t,o cooK various dishes ^iMsMc- torllv, use nn ax and judge distance size and numbers w i t h i n -5 per cent of t - i r r His creed ie honor l o v a l t y unselfishness friendship, courtesy, kindness to animals, ob«d)enc«i to parents, gentleness, thrift and hatred of snobbishness Such Is the Uoy Sdout ORLANDO ASSERTS PACT WAS MADE Rome, 1 cb .9--Formor Preralef t Or. ila,ndo of Jtily ajisrts Uoodrow Wilson agreed w i t h Clcmenceau on the Ttuhr occupatlon^to get Clemeneea.u'» -support to Mr \VIIson's plan to defeat Italv s a c p!rntlons at Versailles C«n«Tn(ul««lnn-s In Order. N e v York World ' I m engaged slid tue tn\l-dilver BS Mrs Dorothv Parker was about to enter the ctb ' I hope j o u l l be very happy.' she said, melllnglv March MoCall't Mapzine OUT TODAY BEGINNING Devil's Dust" SERIAL BT NALBBO HARTLEY The Money Monster (Part II) By ithel M. Dell Th* Shi? of Soul* derUl) by Emerson Hough. jilso other special article* and Special Featum. r f f ' For Sale at all Newstands Monticello Man Is Seventy- Seven Year* Old. lontluello Feb 3 -- M t s Charles bdhmldt gave ft family dinner Thursday at her home In honor of her srbai d s s e v c n t v seventh birthday Mr Schmidt was born In German} and cania to Chicago, 111 when nineteen years of age, later going to Shelby c o u n t v , where be was married to Miss t/Uabeth Kuiter Mr and Mrs SmlUi celebrated tnclr golden vveddlnff anniversary M*rcJi 4 of the Ust jear itr Smith le a gon maker b^ trade And conducted wagon ·'hop In this cit for feev- erat *. ir^ r° irlng from active business, a b o u t ten vears ago lie has beci a i c s l d e n t oC Mouticello a b o u t t h i r f i v e vta s E*oin to Mr and Mrs Ear* W e b - ster 1 eh 8 H. d a u g h t e r Mr and Mrs J C Kuns spent Thursday a f t e r n o o n w th her ulster, Mrs l^ranlc Lovvrj vvjio N a patient In the Decatur and Mncon c o u n t j hos^lt'it Mis Lou TJ fell sometime ago and f r a c t u r e d her hip Mrs E/ra Marquls Is ill o f pneu- n o n i a MO1II1 P.S CLLB PKOGItAM T 10 f o l i o i\s p-o-gram Will bo given at the n«xt rreeiln,j of the *outh fc hool M o t l i e i s c l u b w h i c h w i l l be ncld luesdiy a f t e r 1001 Teb 12, at 3 30 ocloek Piauo solo -- LJcllte IVeddle T.he Cn peTc-i, U n i o n ' ( p l a j l e t ) -- TnlrJ and F c u r t b grade" Ite«ponsib l l t j of P^^e·nts -- MTX \\ G Lee cf Champaign Pro-ptr Food for Growing Chil- drei -- Mt*-s Golda Rhodes Eime-r Gairtson and family have m o x ^ d to v A t l l t e ±feat*i Mr and Mr Arlle Perilous of Lr- bann. u,ji lounge the blrtli of a eon born I cb 3 The mother, former). v v a ^ Mi=i G l a d j s S t i v e r ^ o i oC this ci ^ Mr" CI t. Dill nan his gone- to Springfield tcr a t w o weeks visit w i t h friends Mrs C M Mill-r has gone to California for an "\tende-d v l « l t phone office, taking the p'ace of Mis Tc-n White, who has resigned TO CHICAGO 'Willi-un W a t t « forni-rlv of th city, who has been la the emplos t'i« Illinois Power and Light Cor poratlon In. Champaign, has bee transferred to Chicago Mrs Anna Caldtvcll is the gues of iher mother, Mrs Olenttne In 1) lancj 5frs E. M Moore iviho Is a. p» tlent In tho St. Josep-U hospital Blomlngton Is ImprovlnB 1 Wayne Smith of Chicago H v i Ing hla pare-nts, Mr. and Mrs Ja Smith C H. Wary returned Thursday t the Presbyterian hospital In Chlcag for further treatment for his stom ach Mr Wagy !» Imp-ovSnjr an was able to make the trip alone Moscow. Tcb T -- r ent of the council eclared lie vv ill les of Lcninc R v U o f l preel- o£ eommliiuirs, t n r i y on the poll- "Ntl^s Crussie Kastel has returned from the, 5t Jo^epn hospital In Blooml i(,ton w h e r e bho u'idcrnent in o,eiMtloi foi Roller a few \v«eks ago hc is gettmc: alon£ nice- v lir and M i s vMlllunt Stiverson »pcnt Fril iv w i t h \ath Kcittt and Camllv neii Bond\ Uc Mr and Mrs I Icbard Dlxon have returned from a.n extended v i s i t w i t h relatt es In Hodgcnsv I l l e Ks Mrs To 1ft. 1 nt^land is ill at t le ho ne o* 1 ner t in nts Mr and Mrs Denn s Ucardon Mr~ r C Webster is conf ned to her home I lllne 4 *^ Mrs 1 J L 1 Iclwds "nxiH Tliurs- da in S e v n m i r w i t h hei son v\ . 1L Richards nml w i f e Tlie Mothers' C i u b o' the Lincoln nchool will bold i islr mcetlnj: Teb 10 at 3 l j p 11 in the school building: M-s J W Hauglin nnd daughter Mrs Jle-ber Ater of CIrcUvllle, Oilo l a v e returnwl to their h o n e after a v M t w i t i T G Baker and family. Mrs Geoige Moore of Chloaen Is ths gucit of h"r parents, Mr and i^s Czra VarqulsT Miss Gladv» Hetlcho* of Bcjn*nt IIAS aco»pted a position at th« tele- MAROA MINISTER TO TALK ON WILSQN Maroa Feb 9--At the Presbj terian chus-ch Sunday eve"ir.({ Res- J T M Knox v 111 preach on Woodros* a,\il- sor Having; k n o w n Mr Wilson personally when both st£re at Princeton u n i v e r s i t y and having: kept In close touch w i t h h i m since that time Ktv Mr Knos. w i l l be In a position to dells er an Interesting sermon TO FARMHR CITY ri ner Sneridan \s ho has been cm- plosed In the Jump barber shop has gone to Farmer Cits wlieTe he has purchased and td.ken charge of a shop Mr Sheridan and w i f e nase been In Maroa tne last two jears. An old tiddlers' content svill be held I if- Maroa Thursday asenlng to je glsen for t h e beueflt of the Maroa f a o department These old fid dlers' contest* are an a n n u a l a f f a i r H Maroa In w.h ci. many peopla are interested George H Tule o* 110 Antl-Salooo League w 11 occups tl e p u l p i t at the M e ' h o d K t Uaurcn Sunday morning and the E r w o r t h League v 111 hase charge of the sers Ices Sundas es«.n- l r K Benjamin Pulliam of Freepo-t "ns been visiting his father here t h i b ·weeK -Miss Grace C'arlv lias peen In Champaign this week attendmtr "idiaol of instruction of t!i« Rebttah lod(fe M-s C F Crum has returned from Springrfjeld. Mo »nere she had been s isitiug; rclati'ves BOr AND GIRL A son was born l"eb 2 to Ljnn Marlatt and w i f e and a daughter w n « born Teb 5 to Robert Tfromas and in Rash, Spread to Body and Face. Cuticura Heals. When my llnle girl was only three weeks old ecjema broke out on her limb*. It atarted at a rath and w»« very red. Later It apreaj to her body and face, and itched and burned to that I/had to put raittani on' her heed* 10 keep her from scratching. She could nol real or Bleep, and cried nearly all th* time. " I read an edvenlietnent for Cu- Ucnr* Soap and Ointment tad aem for a free sample. It helped her to 1 purchased more, which completely healed her." (Signed) Mr*. Edith Doooho. R. R. 1. MacaoUa, 111. Qtve Cuticwa Soap, Olctmemaod Talona tha can of your aUn. A. A. Chiropractor ) \- r r 't T SUFFERED SINCE YOUNG GIRL Wordb Failed to Express Benefit RecehtdfromLyduLPidkhui's VefrtaUe Conpoiud -Greenville. Texts. -- "Word* ctn not express bow ranch good Lydfa E. "inkham's Vege- ible Compound done for me T m o n t h I Ihtve cramps headache, «nd felt like 1 wu |fteesingtodemth. * suffered in this »y from the time II wasm young girt, and all the doctors said was 'opern- Jtion.' For months I had a tired, sleepy feeling all day. and when night Would come I would be so nervous I cooJdn't stay m bed. Our druggist recommended the Vegetable Compound to my huebmnd and he bought fouf bottles. I have taken every one and I think I baV« a right to praise your medicine. "--Mrs J. B. HOIAEMAT.-. 2214 E. Marshal St. Greenville, Texas. For fifty years Lydia E Pinkharn'a Vegetable Compound has been used by women from girlhood through middle age. It is a dependable medicine for troubles common to women. Such symptoms as Mrs. Holleman had are relieved by correcting thecause of the trouble. For sale by oruggista everywhere. Wall Paper 5c Roll for Dining Room MYER SON N 352 N. Main FreJW.SctifieCo. JJJ North M«ia St. Down S O L E S --uie most comfortable lougest-weinct -- all - weather »ole» the world his ever k n o w n ' Outwears leather 2-to-l Waterproof Won't draw the fert, Insjst on Panco Sole*-- T A P S They add rnoatbt of service to ucw or old shoes Your neighborhood repairman eta apply them-- Pancord Heels Made from the tazpe -durable mitensi a* Panco sole* and tapt with heavy-duty ruo- ber plugs that mak.e walking a res] picture. Ituist on them P A N C O CO. N*MSPAP*R( w e - o hand'.cd i n t o D e c n t u r durir.S' t h e day. I V « c r AcciiJen*''. i by the I n s p e c t i n ors f r o m o t h e r i n s p e c i i o n was oCf.cers and mrnniKleri.'s. J'.f.Uuction ..f t r a i n a c c i d e n t s due 13 | "man j i i . h : ; e ' on tht; 1'ennsy I v a n i a j sysler.i li.-.s bten b r o u g h t about by j frc.'iue:! t tests, according to o f f i c i a l s ] of the roai'. These tcs'.s are h e l d on i every d i v i s i o n of the road everv month, in tho year snd arc u n k n o w n to the e n g i n e and t r a i n m e n when be- I r g n-ade. ]n December !5,OCO tc^ts were ir.aile on thc system and in thc l a s t six m o n t h s of )'j2:, there were ·19:1.000 testa ii.adu 1'tesults of tl-.esr tests show c o n s i s t e n t l y as h i g h as 09 9 per cent et'L'Kioncy on tho part of the employes t u who:r. tests were applied. The tests cover, not o n l y ordinary c o n d i t i o n s but dlso surprise situ a t i o n s not u s u a l - y met by a tra.-.n :rcw. Some of the tests are on ob- serv.mco 01* "stop 1 ' and "caution" signals, .spied ruftul^.tions, proper £, o:ser\ ar.ce of r u l e s covering f i . \ ; i l o s i \ c s a n d l-iflammables. Hiiilronil Note*. Students Fill Central Junior High. ' Our busy day" was the n otto o£ the Central Junior high school Friday -when the p u p i l s of thc rural schools came in for the -spelling: tests. Immediately upon the dismissal of the Central school for the noon hour Uie rural pupils were ready to take the seats they had occupied and to -write the 100 words of the test. There were at leaet GOO of the pupils from ail over the county. , The exact n u m b e r cannot be known until after the papers are graded In the office of C o u n t y Superintendent Cora B. Ryman ct the court house, but arrangements were rrade for 700 p u p i l s and all rooms were f u l l but two and these would hold about forty-five each. 100 -wor.os. The h « t of 100 -words for '.he lest were t a k e n f r o m a n o t h e r list of more than DOO which, iiad beeu sent Annual. County Trad Meet Big Success. Westi'ield school won the Class J trad; meet Cor Macon county school' and Macon and Warrensburg tied foi first place In class B.. with slxte«i points each, before a- crowd of mori than 200 people in the T. M. C. J eym Friday morning, lit. Zlon am Ocean Wave were second and Ihin respectively in clasn A. while \Vc«t field v-as third in Class B. Wltli 1SS entries In all events, tu meet was one of thc most succssfu of any for a, number ot years. Th work of Ilusscll Baer ot \Vestfie!' who placed In all of the events I. Class A and Bernard Carr of Oceai Wave featured the events in tlia class. CLASS H. The feature otlthe Class B. contest was the fifty-yard dash. V_irgil Jlot of Westfleld won handily but Vaugh of Warrensburs and Jones of Maco tied for second place. It was necei sary to run off six additional lient to decide the second place, Vauffh finally winning; and 'Jones takin third place. Thc results in both classes w o e follows: CLASS A. 20 yard dash -- Bacr. AVest first: Carr, Ocean Wave, sccom Hilbcty. Macon, third. 100 yard dash--Carr, Ocean Wavi first: Baer, Westfield, sccor.d: II' Kenney, Maroa, third. 410 y.ird d n s h -- B u t t . Center, fir Bacr. \ V e « t f l c l J . second; Wlillal'.cr. \ \ l l i akor, t h i r d . R u n n i n g hiish j u m p -- n u l h o r f n n l . M Zion. f i r s t ; r-i:ier. \ V c s t f i e M . M-coml. Shot-put--Bnor. -UViUlcld. f l r n t ; H u t 1 ertord, lit. Z i o n , fccconJ: Lancab'.er. Muco t h i r d . _ _ -' R u n n i n g bro^C j u m p -- -u*H.tft',ccr, ion f i r s t - C a r r , Ocean Wave, 6cccn Bacr, \VcstficlU. l l i l i f l . Cr-ASS B 20 yard dasli--,Ione« of M.icon. f i r s n r a t l l n p of Oal: Orovc. second; Parlm Mnroa. t h i r d . 00 yard d a s l i -- V I - K i l P.O!K, \Vcsltlel first: V a u g h n of \Varrer.Bburff. tccon Jones of Macon, Uili^l. Kroart j u m p -- N o u i e m . i n o! \\':trrcr.fbur f i r ^ t ; GaUov-'ay cf M n c o n . Kecond; Jon n t h l r Q . jump--Colo of Miiron. f l r f l ; .lain of 'VVarrpnBbiJrg'. second; G a l l o w a y at H con. t h i r d . L'lch jump--Co!'! n: Macon. rlrv.: .T;nn cf Warrcns'jcro. ect-emJ; G a l l o ^ ' u y of It con, t h i r d . Relay--"^o second; Plea TABLE 01^ 1'OIXTS. CLASS Macon Warrc-nsbni'E O n k Grove W e s t f i e l d Mat oa : bv \\TI~ ;cn:.bur;r. M t . s a . i t CJrovo. t h i r d . Illinois Commerce Commis-! Two of t h c F r a n k Th ^ n - so » scho1 - sion Refuses Request. The I! h no I*t Comincrce c o m m i - j s i o n | Friday ia S p r i n s f i o l c l clonior. tlie p o t i - t!cn of ( l i e \ HnilroaiT c o m p a n y tli ft co in mission lincl issued an order ord'''i'in^ tlift r a i l r o a d c o m p a n y to re- dtico its r.ntcs on b i t u m i n o u s , coal shipped f r o m S p r i n g f i e l d to Dccn.iur. Thc complai nt in t lie ciiso wris f i l e d by the Stnl'.'y T a n u f a c t u r i n ^ com- j i u a y of Dec;\tur. ^ Thursday Tax Collection $13.600 Hand NO CIRCUIT COURT UNTIL MONDAY inU. M a h l u In S t i l l Tltitliercd n i t h KTC TrouMi-. T11 c re \va s TI o c i r c u i t court Friday POLICE AUCTION OFF BICYCLES I n k l e * and thnlr« Al»" c:«. l l r l n g i n c b 13 case does--give (o his work was a revelation. The study of the jurors ofl'erej. the carefully kept records oC their excuses made at other times, possi- I bly years helore. the presentation of a (luestiannaire lo every applicant Tor a divorce and a carefully Uept personal record of each of these tragedies ot modern lite and of the care taken to bring about reconcilia- tions and adjustments, the study of the probation system, and to each case before it is finally disposed ot-- alt show that a judge of the right type has a, tremendous'function In the modern social structure--a function which does not appear on tjie, records and which can only com* to won ey was .turned over t o , fu]1 f r u i l i ( m throuea u i s OW n per-, and w i l l be n o r c u n t i l Monday "morning. J u d g e .1. S. Baldwin is not con- The police had nn auction tale ot unclaimed bicycles, auto tires, old furnltor* and other odds and ends th«t have been accumulating at h««diuarter« for a year or more. At- torMT^- *· Carey cried the sale and tb« t»tal proceeds amounted to $39.C5. Am «r«n dozen bicycles were sold. ·on* of them In fair condition, but oot of them of little value. for »S. an lea A d i n also IS, anil two chalra brought Comptroller Chester Cox and will BO I into th« clty'« eencral fund. .smiahty.. thc d e p a r t m e n t of m i s s i o n a r y c d u c a - 1 ,- lllef -, to ],j s bed, but his eyes must t.r.n 01 ti-c board of S u n d a y Schools | | lavo ^ rest, lie visited an eye speo- t!:c Methotiist Kplscopal c h t u c i i . at i a l i v j _ Friday morninp:, and he expects ' · be back on l h e bench Monday morning. ' The a r r a n g e m e n t ot fio c i r c u i t m e c l l p j ; of t f i^^-boanl totlay. For the c e n t e n a r y program of t h e M e t h o d i s t Episcopal cir.ircli. Dr. Love-| $:.:os,:ii. land reported t h a t thc S u n d a y schools , | C j U r l roO m is such tlirtt it is .-xt--me- " '. ly trying on the eyes of thc jud^o. ' whose bcncli faces tho l i g h t . He j must sit all day looking toward the , r* . r^»i. ir ! windoT/s. and It In ft great strain on MAPLE AVENUE the muscles of Uie eyes. -It is probable that d u r i n g the next vacation :",c ijdce'3 bench and the j u r i box will WOULD PAVE Petition Out: Cithfr AK|ihxilt or Cnn- c-rete, Acc«pnl»lc. A petition is out for the paving of Maple avenue from Wes't Grand avc-, nue to West Gushing avenue. The p e - j tition is said to leave' the material for the job open, .either asphalt or concrete being acceptable. bo switched around to face tlio norta instead of the cast.. , MEETINGS. r.cbPkah No. 707-- 1U-K- ' . a r c l . c P a o R . , . -- - ular m e e t i n g Friday evening In the Odd Fcllovra hat;. IU East Main. Initiation. BORN To, Mr. a n d Mr*. Ray Atkin*. 1200 Uast TjeaCland avc., Feb. ..(J. a *i)tn« pound eon. - ,. .... II« has bctin named Raymond MerMtt.- To, Mr. ana :Mr«. . W i l t o n E. ..Wllleforla. T2^n West. Miiccn street, Feb. 7,.» eon. . To. Mr ar.d Mrs,.Carl Stickle, 1)57 .Vortfo Union-utreet, Feb.' 7 - » «n' In, tho Dccaiur and Uncoil County hoipital. H9 has been named Henry EewirU. u r s h i p s to unlver.sitics w i l l be Driver to son.s of J l v i n c r " deceased em- ployes of the P e n n s y l v a n i a railroad Uits next, scliool 3 ear and competitive exam:n;itions to select t h c two who s h a l l receive t h e awards, \\*ill bo held in June. Tne succi-ssC'Jl npp)u:ants recclvo ?COO ;i yc;*.r. payable q u a r t - erly, for cac'i of the Tour years in school, f r o in t h o estate cf Thomson, Lorrnor 'president of the P e n n s y l v a n i a r^ 11 road. T h e T l l . n o i s ' C e n t r a l h a s taUon o f f ,onc of i h » fcovoral h i p h b a l l - r u n s ! ·A'ltich it h a d e s t a b l i s h e d b e t w e e n j Central In and reoria. Tlil«; service, | started a year or two ago with one eraln, vas increased ac- c'ordinK to d e m a n d of businops. u n t i l it renched seven or ci^ht runs. ]^iifj;ineer M i l t o n of the Illinois Central, who was i n j u r e d w h i l e rr.r,nina; t!ic IVIattoon to I^ecntiu" gasoline riot'Ji 1 car several days ago, is still CnllecLions' of taxes m a d e by E. F-* 1 j'n Sr. Mary's host)ital hero s u f f e r i n g C t u f f m a n , c o u n t y treasurer and c o l - , from his burn.-; but no serious re- lector, T h u r s d a y a m o u n t e d to $13,GOO. j suits arc expected. lie had expected bringing 1 the total balance on h a n d j to go homo several days ago but in thc county treasury to ?29G,500. j p h y s i c i a n ^ r e f u s e d to l;t him be .-- | : ,, O vod yot. T h o ' f o u r n e w f r e i g h t pool ' u r n s added to tlio W abash s o u t h end are open for bids from engineers up to Fob. 12, ami all runs, f r e i g h t and passenger, on t h e 9th and 10th districts, arc open for bids. · Assignment of Wnbnsh 3th and 12th district t r a i n m e n was made T h u r s d a y a* follows: C o n d u c t o r Taylor to the T a y l o r v - l l c switch engine ; C o n d J c t o r s K. Johnson and V/allcace to the bumper b o n r d ; Conductor Lyda n n d Crakenicn Mflan and Ahlcra to the ne\v car on the south e n d ; Brakemcn Malcom to the 2200; around (o the teachers. The persona who pronounced the words lor the various rooms were: Mrs. Boyer, Mrs. Caniz. room 2; i Mr. Boyer, Miss Mcrj- Irwin. room IS: i Mi53 Eunice Irwin and K. Slieelj.i; Miss Edith Cross, room 4; Charles Seitz, room o; Miss Eula G u s t i n , room 7; Mrs. Reta Cole Busherr, room S: Miss Dessie Stacy, roo:n 10; Misa Mildred Clark, room 14; Mrs. Mildred P. Purdue, room 15; Miss A n n a Shaddock and Miss Sue Davis, . room o; O. K. Davenport, room 20; Bar) F. Johnson, room 20. Especial arrangements were made for two pupi:.s ono who had j u s t recovered f r o m a fainting: spell, and trrc other, George \Yood of the Peel: school, who has a broken arm. In each instance the p u p i l was piven a room and a.' p r o n o u n c e r to himself. USE ANNEX. C e n t r a l Jur.lcr high school pupils went to t h e annex f o l l o w i n g their noon h o u r and waited w h i l e t h e con- ·Tcfctfi'-M . . . Mr. Zloti Ocenn Wa\ f . Pr.ilrlo C f i : t e r Macon Maroa Oak Gro 1 - e .. Total Balance on $296,500. MRS. HANNAH FISHER IN BANKRUPTCY F!lc P e t i t i o n In Ktilcrnl Court -- ;.t, Assets *l.f-O. Fishe:-. dealer I . l n h l l i t i r M R5 JTrs. H a n n a h in n:cn's f u r n i s h i n g goods, t h r o u g h her atto:riey.s, McDavid, Monroe and Mcrshey, has f i l e d r. v o l u n t a r y |)etl- t i o n in t a n k r x i p t c y in the federal court at Ppvir.gnold. She scheduled her!ilic» as J."i,023, of w h i c h SI.S2" Is u n s e c u r e d , aruj her assets as $l,tI20 of w h i c h trade. $1,000 is. stock In UuUerr Sale. The Y o u n g Married People's Class of the Central Church oC Christ will havo a candy and bakery sale Saturday, Ecb. S. in the Cash Market, Merchant street. All donations should .be in by 9 o'clock Saturday · morning. NEWS FROM THE SICK C. W. Dlvoiy, 315 N o r t h .Jackson street, who -was hit" by 3. woat-bound interurban TutntHiy evenliif In Illlvpolln. . !·', »Ioivly I m p r o v i n g in' the Dccatur n n d . Macon Coun:y hospital ifr. Dively wAs n o t ' t n r - lou«ly Injured alcnoucU bl« car wai badly McCord. Tucker, the 2230; the 2203; Best, tho 2231: Amor, tho 2211; ioore to the local. Decatur layover; Ivinster to Nos. 72-73 Exnrt Orientation.' L i f e : · Lawyer---VTcre you wrumlcd In the melee? Plaintiff--Bress de Lawd. no eah! Oe razor ^one connect wif m a . h a l d about two Inches east of do 'fo' said melee. MARRIAGE LICENSE Clarence FranXIln ADdcrton, .:..'.. .' SprlnKtleld i..,.;... Rutb, Ranklll, Tetmont,. «1 test in the school "was c'osed. While the rural p u p i l s waited o u t s i d e the building- ftnd In the corridor an excellent o p p o r t u n i t y was o f f e r e d for observing them. Q u i e t arjd orderly they waited for whr.t seemed a long time, as the high school was not out u n t i l 12:20 and m a n y of these pupils v/ere early It was remarked of them that in looks, words and action they showed themselves to be quiet, d e p e n d a b l e s t u d e n t s who when they enter hiq-h school win make excellent material for training;. It was. f u r t h e r m o r e , an exceptionally healthy l o o k i n g b u n c h , of young people, but these arc as a r u l e tho pick of the rural schools, and It is a well k n o w n fnct to i n - structors that thc . h e a l t h y studsn: j makes the good student. ] HI ST. PHI'S M.B Expect $25,000 to Be in B Saturday. Up i . 1 1 1 1 1 noon Friday J J 3 , 0 0 0 ha been reported in the f u n d bcin raised to save St. Paul's Method! church. More than this had b«c pledged but had not been reported t noon. The canvassers nre redonblin their e f f o r t s to make the last day great success and It is hoped th: t h o e n t i r e $25,000 needed will lta\ been subscribed by Saturday n l f f h t It is asked thai those people who the solicitors have not been n,b)«' ' sea w i l l show their interest by Bend ins in Riibscriptlons lo tlie q u a r t e r s in the T. M. C. A. The women of the three M Aid tact e ties .ire p l a n n i n g : to yor\ between, 3,200 and 1,500 people at fj chicken d u i n e r In the V. annex f u n d for St. Paul's c h u r c h . Snake Plant in Bloom; First in Last Four Yeai A huge Pnakc plant, owned by H. C. Venters. 822 North Chur ^treet. bloomed recently and Is cr .iling a great deal of interest In Ui neigh-borhood a* tho p l a n t Is an ur u s u a l one. There is but a sinffl j f l o w e r 0.1 the huge, snaXc-Mlcc stei a n d it is sixteen inches long, close! resembling- the head of a. snake. Th "tongue" of tho flower Is tvrelv inohes long a deep red. Tho «t«i Pines Orchestra Also , to^^^n ^*'^ c maRnc| The plant only blooms once ever four years and has but ono blooR After the bloom appears early hi th w i n t e r a foliage later comes an Appear. Pines M. C. A. Glee c l u b and the M. C. A. orchestra will give Uieir jo'int concert In the hlp-h school a u d i t o r i u m . Friday evening at S.-15 o'clock before a f u l l house, as indicated by an u n u s u a l l y good advance Keat sale. Both of the organizations have been worklnc hard In- preparatlon for the event, and an exceptionally eood program has been arranged. T.wenty-e-ight members' of the G l e e club appeared-at ilie Y. M. C. A. Friday noon for rehearsal, a f t e r which the' club lunched together. The Vnt-tt tlie Braver. VTcst Virginia \Vraleyan · Pharoi-- "I'M rapidly Increulng divorce rate.' 1 remarked the newcomer, "proves t h a t A m e r i c a !· t becoming th« l:md of the free." Yea." fsaM hi j! friend, "but t b e - r o n r i n - uancs 'of the marriage [rate 0nows t h u t It Im itill the 6offl« of tie briv«." ., stays on u n t i l the flower. The t l f l c name of the f l o w e r Is no known, nor its habitat, but It I« b« llcvcd It is ether a tropcal or a f« south plant. It is bulbous and ho been "in the Venters family a nua bcr of years. Church Notes r.atlivf l^«iE*i«* Iilt*.'fw, At thc Ecmi-nnruial b u R l n ^ s * meeting «lection of officer* belt! T h u r F d n y oi the Luther league of tho First JE r,uih*ran c h u r c h tlected the rollowti ticers; _' * , P.rositlcnt--Harold Bartli. , ", Vlcft-president-- riorence' Arnold. Socretary--Dorotliy Keller. Trrn§»:rc-r--MfiJ,i SlaMc-r. . Orpanf e .t--HerHlinl Kowcrs. AttFielant orc^n!it--ItuLk JicClallai .';-' ,,* "i j '-.[ ^' V lEWSPAPESl lEWSPAPESl

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