Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 2, 1910 · Page 11
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 11

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1910
Page 11
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PUaei^r UNDYEO WOOLEN Underwear SOLD HERE to to . ity; to Snvuws of »»,» «Wl deli,-- :? of ,, V 1 *" *»"«* * to the r.. IMfcta* bat H ty «D/!yei wool only to ot U» * la taeet ?, tmt pX«* tboc* good* to with nso.-' 1 ji« or Priced accoidlne to - ·its, but acvnomy at »ny jirioe, Undorahlrta the WAGING WAR ON ' FALSE MEASURES Public to Be Protected Against the Dishonesty of Certain Dealers TJtKNTOKBVJENlJTO TIMES, WJOJ^EfiUAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1910. ~ JERSEY OYSTERS 'NEED BIRDS FOR fe:^ ARE DECLARED 0. K. PEST OF LOCUSTS iSX: :h» pilgrim fathers at Had to dig out last upward $2.7O upward AbdomiMi Ban Age* (Recently there has been an awakening to the opportunity for maJcing the examination of weigrhis and meas- ., -- . - .- , l l l w ures a more valuable protection to the j "°at the other night, didll 't ynn-- i 3 * a C" C J' !a Y he r ° Utlne Woril ° f r °-i and ^ didn't go-'r'ipht w i t h ' v n u r ' cent years has proved Hself. Mr I ·. ' KJellander has been so successful that, °TM S U l t / the fnlted States Bureau of Standards! Americans are thf best drpss«d z^.^^zz.'jzl'TM »«- TM w = TM »·'««'* faulty where as In many 'cities as high i r observant of one - another's gavt** und'er*'we'i ° f lh? scaj * fl examlned j (lothes - rt pays to be dressed up John KjJllanaPr. city sealer o f ! tO weights and r ' State Board of Health Gives, Clean Bill in 400 | Cases The State Board of Health has sent ! vear's over- th« 7TM'r y r h " nilrt ' 1 - «rufi,-au- s to iiiw c n R t ^ r n i p n « h o l^as- in Mauri.^ K:v,. r 'OVM t ^ r t i f y i n ^ as lo ' m i l l i o n ol th,- i.yjiiri-s taiceu ;lrt.'ni tho*»- t,,.,b* '* '"'"·· lav*-sti£ntor:s tE-s. Earmers Warned of 1 Cicada- Protection of Feathered ^Friends Urged 'hut Tork V TAT CROWE KICKS KING 1 "SALOME" DANCING «°* TM i 'A.I The is w h i c h havt- V'^i-ii iJ!-mhs iMt pass,-ii hy^t as a result of rvrtit'icat^s iver*? issued, u o n d u i - t f , ! for several in P U I S - . H I K - V of i h n I n w . IP last l^pislature whi.-h i nn -x,'iriHTi:-.tion l.v Uiu- i .N t h a t y v *- of the people we Knee Warmer* $1.25 EidnslTe agency In iVsntoa. R A DONNELLY **·* *· "ta 8, Broad I FAST TRAIN HITS SWITCH, NONE HURT tRAXGE. X. J., Nov. 2.--Passengers on th? Buffalo Express of the Lackawaiina- Railivad had a miraculous es«pe to day when the. train. ruAinins at the rate of sixty miles an ha JUT* sped into an open switch in the ^ ath Oran f e yal ? s - ' D? spite -th* -fact « U r . nrst trj- out of mi] tfijat the engtn-c and'tender *ere "tornyshowed tur-round "ffgures"that"7,000-out '"hse from ilie train and ripped up the [ of . .I?00 " ran small. Our last test we have investigated contributes I n - i stances of short -n-i-ight or measure I either through design or custom. taj Chicago nineteen inspectors are kept! extremely busy tryin e to see that the consumer Rets sixteen ounces net! i weig-fn for each pou la. quart for a. quart Tipeck. "V\'e first test all the ccalee ajid measures and after they have been Ecalod wo send inspcctora to chases and itarn If the using: tha scales and measures correctly. We found when jwe first started this system a large number of dealers and. clerks who could not see tho sixteen ounce mark on their scales when weighing nearly as well as thej. could that for fourteen ounces Repeated prosecutions have had a whole,some effect. I had an ordinance passed providing that if milk or cream is sold in glass bottles each must have the capacity blown into the glass or otherwise permanently indicated. . This made the milk dealers and bottle manufacturers come In drores demanding- that a lee way under and over measure be allowed. After giving tliem amole ttm» to weed out their short bottles? I sent Inspectors to test those found in use. As a result J3.500 in UBPs^nd costs was collected. The -dealerJPappealed to the Supreme Court of the State which said that if it was Impossible to mafte every bottle alike they could hold a little bit more and that a quart or a pint meant just what It'sald and nothing less. Our first try out of milk bottles' do Better come over tJbSse new overcoats, light medium srwi h es w ; the latter have just come , in. They are beauties. Nice soft finish cloths, rough cheviots and worsteds. Blues, jsrays, browns and conventional b]n.«lrn Prices from $10 to $35. w u h .the vit-,v ness yf such « ! law impos.-i] ai i the-Statt Bi'iu-.: f legislature f a l l i money for s- · ers OV. th- l i l for to,.,1 T h i s to «u*pr6pri.Mt»' any ' i n y i i . K on th' N.- Clothiers H«tt«rm H«bord»srior» BLAME ARMY FOR UPRISINGS extra work uhi.-Ji ih : nnulr-ii. Ttv board, how.-vi-r. r.TKnizmK th- ira- porianco of _ the oyster _ industry . i n -New Jersey.'ami Tollowirix out it's A l ready fixed policy of Improving U, quality of shell t!sh, determined to take up the mutter w i t h the me;)us Its command that a report u n d e r th Jaw might l.e made as sonn after th opening of the oyster season In Sep tetnber as possible. Throughout th summer, therefore, and on up tn th present Time the noSr.1 has had it inspectors collecting water and oy samples from the different oyster producing districts, which saiupk- have been analyzed · in the Stat Laboratory. * The. first work done, and that whic consumed tha most time, w»s tti th Wanrice River Cove, where the largea COMF1 f i t WiiH SEVEN fr . Reported That Laxity in Disci- fline Causes'Tribesmen to Become Bold ' fe^ 5= e ^n "^ aps ^ ^sriS^r^So finally brought · £ u "--Ston'dstlH, and is now iu a serious fcohdiUon. The train was composed ot . - fthree Pullman sleepers, three dav - i coaches. - three bagrgagre ears and I maif car,. . ^ / The responsibility of the open switch .; j -ha. ''snot yet been determined. The ·f switches were · in charge of Night '.-/ .'i:««.-ernian -William Tople. The train / plunged- ai'ross '-switches and tracks tin Wo yards after taking the switch. - DEATHS ... ft--In this- -city, on- the' 1st inst, .'-'.Charles-O. Carr, in the 34th year of -..-, bis.:xge. * ii Ti '^- relatives and friends of the family ar« i-nvitert to attend the funeral :.from the residence of ; Mrs. Helen 3t '.5?*rbmrt. 2^.'Cooper Street, oti-Friday a-Eternoon at ; o'clock. Interment at eenwood Cemetery at convenience of i famtly. ......-..._.. ,. . - ,- ltr i CHlTl^JH: --In --N'ewtown, '.Pa;, on the -I at 1 -'· lost.;, --aiu.r}; - GiTlira " Cilurcfi, .wife of -:·-.- 5f*tSon -ft Ohurcb, : iii the 4«th rear " The relativesand-:frie'nas of, the fain- .·»· ."are--tnv.s-teA_ to attend..the iufeeral j-.^TStftoftt : furt!jer, notice Jlroin her- late ·"T^slaen-t-e; "Xeiyforwn;. Pa'., -. on- Safut^ay, iXove'ittber 5. at \l o'clot-JcV. m.-'. 'T:rain- r"atV9:4w a.."ni', Jntefmenf ^.Pa. ; ,Cem'e.tery. T L5-2-3t. :« . 'J'-S\rjL-Stn.Bn7»-ln Jtorrisi'ille, oh the : 3y :.TM?t-.urt.,--Jsaac;-Svaingrer. In -the '.67th · ·-- '-.J-^tt-r. of his age. · .. . . . ~- "· --"..-' -':-'.-"-;.the TeJattves' ariiJ-frieiids^'of the fam- ... :- .-.lly;.:. are ,':r..vHei -· to . aXtent .the - funeral -ft--' ^'ff 51 " 1 " t .he ? T"£ :'sra-ntlsdh, -!|-'-. ; ; J'O.rice .Hart. Was'hrafcton Street,-'yteff- - If:.',:- :;-;rI«v.tH«,/ oii .Wwsday:-afternoon-, at- 2." t----- : :.-o-clock;; Intermeht atrMurrlsviile cm~" Iff3^ri^.v.;:; :·;·/:- ^^ ^;; : 3fstr only Mfl were amall. _ -_ REGULATION: BREAD SALE9. The ordinance regulating- the sale of bread in Chicago when I oame into office was held invalid by Jud^e Windes .of the Superior Court. I had a new ordinance drawn up to overcome the objections he. had made and we went np to the Supreme Court where we were upheld. ,_ The"bread ordinance has no-w been.tak--ii up to the Fnited States Supreme Co-urt by 'the bakers on an appeal. "Rifs is the first.time In tlie; history .of .the country that! tills qiies tion has been laid before - the hlghei tribunal in the 'land. -A decision expected- to this matter In the nea future. . ' ' An ordinance was passed requlrln :hat- a ticket showing- the net weigh ftttst accompany each loaa'qt coal an be«lven hy the driver to the purchase upon Selivery, This ordinance' stoppe he practice of. delivering ail .order b ·;ay twenty tons in four or five load .Tltli" "ia' "b'Dl; SOfveiinff"" the" "eTltlre~anrouii with the last load... formerly' it an nspectcrr stopped .one of, these load _the .driver .would, say. he 'did not."know . Nov. 2.-- While tha officials of .the Iepartmfent aasert that the recent Increase in outbreaks ...... r;-of,-.felte^ 5; "Kv;-..: ^:T!ie- relati vfe -,-.-.-- was on the .wagon as was part of a -delivery- of--. ten or tweri-ty tons. The inspector was help lees Because if he wieighed tfje Idad attd aiiy: short .weight "had Been --delivered previously, it could always', iie^iriade-up IStefoh. Jfbw -when- an Inspect or. stops a wagon he must ; ,be given si tlckel showing the, -weight of-that particular loai- ;·;_. If he finds -the- weight to be snort or,.If. .there is no ticket a'card Is given .the. driver for his r flrni 'asking- why the-ordinance has been vfoiated- If no satisfactory "reason. fjCorthcoming: a. s*uit is-.seht'ove^ to-court '. -;. ;- . _ : . '.-;. ".',;. .';.-". .imjb^r of sniaii dealers Vfo'rjrierly -.-:::-·-- -- Intdf ; a:;'wholesale "yard -dhd--br- ; a«rea..l.-8«0 ; pojinijs'of Ibpait.S If istoppea . HV -- fl.TtV-VrfesTlibi.^t'i'vr*'' "*V.«W/ M..AHI.I^; :'i_*i - i_»^;"- · . . - - . - i - i n : the.y :,dM r . not- Jiaye moTieiv enough to ^r/uy-,a-i"torj.'- n.Tr/4 --t^«t ^ *.\-A--- -«*i;^^- ««/, -ti-'.'Siit ~'9t;. Henrj- F. and .fa; tfre 23th year . . ---" · "/-"-': - - . ' : - - - . ' ' aria -T rienff s ttf ih« fam » on' PJeasnre Ciub; are' ihe. ?.fanerai- from his residence; 10J -Hartajvenue, on j n . t i pounds^ wpuja; be, delivered':: later-on : Of ··· course; ruf ticket aecompanied the ioad sg ns case - coulC -be made out but 11 they -trer«not stopped the liSOO 'would iave,=beea;.deTiverea^for'a ton- v D^riny the/last/Bessloa\ ol: onr'iagls- "''*""-" " " pertalnirig- to= ^ --_-.- --j-«. *^vj?od.uced;,' One tp, revise,-th^v weights', aiid Thursday^ afternoon: afc r .2 -o'clock. t ! , of - . _ .the Mors due to .reiigipus -differences'." private information coming to officers who have served, in the islands led To~the statement that disorganization In th* srnjy Is the real cause. Laxity on the part of Individual officers, which has led to numerous court martiais. has affected the enlisted men and it. is said here' that the army In the islands no-K- ia In -a. oonditioTi far from- satisfactory.. _^. While the main organization presents a splendid fighting- maohine, reports say that disorganization and lack of discipline have developed among the troops under officers -.who have not "kept up to the mark." The uprising- In- Southerti Mindanao wher.e many planters have beeen killed; is attributed by spine authorities. In the absence of facts, to increased'hold- ness developed by the -Moros aa a direct' result of the- laxity of the army. It is clear that the .question; of *ov- ern-mjr the Moros is by ho means S° Jt:««? h ® f ^ 1 tha * their .discontent ~~ """* ~ - -- j ip to open t smouldering unrest differences · ferment tion showe the which religious affliony- j the--Mu'w_. *,. 0 ^ slU u J0 . wall.between'the.Moros; who are Mo- ha.mme.dans; aird the jtmoHcan jiuthori- tles.ahd their STllplno. neighbora, who a«» Cathcaica - " - ' .. . offered, here tor this qteict and .absolutely ifnjxir- K 1 "? 611 *- : ^he Moros .in Sbtith- " Som« Moros have boon . 6 n XToro '- for the M ore's casee *·- Mor( Proves i»- ·- o nimaelf-a stiperfor laborer to Plno and promises to esl^W* citlzett,. Their s w p l o ares, ^however, njake ,-lt"-' necessarv to- wa* - part of the Industry in Xea- Jersev i carried on. The oystermen there wh are ( 4« earnest in their desire to rajs tne standard of their product heart!!co-operated with the State Board in Its demand for Improvement with the result that -· Bi-ralve, the matn'ship- ping- point for Maurice River rove-oysters the conditions are now more favorable to a sanitary product. To remove the'- danger of pollution from Port Xorris. a surface drainage canal has been du$r diverting the water and carrying it to a point --i /distant from where the oysters ase-Oaid out in Maurice River, TMa, with the removal of all outbuffldinsrs ' from the edge of the stream ahdythe installation of a sewage disposaT plant at Millville. which town for yc-ars before had been emptying raw sewage into ilau- rlc «,-R?Yer... Fives. an..itiea. .of. the sanL- tary precautions the. State Board of ^Health has been taking- to secure a safe and wholesome oyster product. The certificates which are belngr sent to the oyste.rmen eover the leased planting grounds in the Cove and show that as a resiilt of the investigations thus far. made, oysters taken from these beds, are, in the opinion of the State Board of Health, In no war detrimental to health. " REPORTS OF WAR W-WBEfflBI LONDO^ Nov. J.-^fcsl deninl that i IS S55 been * rev ' 0 w'Wai:y otitbreak in-Madrid or any part of 'Spain -was received, nere thfs afternoon. rnformatlon fr-Mn Lisbon tnijicfetes thftt the Spanish fSovernment has discovered a widespread revnlutlonary plot however .The plot Is reported ' to have been 'f?- to the aathorlHes just'before it of arrests were · mads ih. all part ha r h e ivingrs and heads S'ickers. towh-^.-s. ;ini. or-f«-«»~i rhri ! h*' '.vci: Withlrrts. t c n t o h ^ r s . mar- vir*-r,f=. rhl.-ka- 1 ini; HI Rroadway. ··r.-.,, been wrrkin to STOIK,, -v ihe ilanar^r of ihe ,-- ?nwt ar!(iq- btn!= t h - U j a h l o in t h i s p.-irti.--r.',:ir in every rase . f i i - « . I \ I v . Miss V,. ! i ; S;n-p Ifi.H. when these. f.-cl ., sort .,f K-r''S .it'pr.-hcnsj. :*=£ -_^m ·i' °° , veale » of . toe ~ rvmors of a. -Ftfnel-at Director, · ' ' preheiisive.: r This , rneasurei'^lled- 'tip in the-dyJng:;T5ours ^* the sessib.Df lost hf :tKree-_ Vot«.; . The sectSHd%.-which ^as an :act giving po^er to city ; anff -pyesideiits- ana- hoards ot .;%: villages ·ahd_:unlncorporate4 ----- -W.Pass ordinances requirjnc i-J sal ? ;-)f.-v varlouS: Kinds' 6f : -dry modmes - by weight instead ^6f ·-«.«». SS?v 4--large munber: of peddlers aid ! ^lllv = ^ ^' elr; ^Po*atdef7*tte,,'-byv -I ^2|«ht and.Jth«n.- p tnm artmnd. and 'sell - tlram;.bvr Measure./ a* the'OBB : of potatoes' they gs«t sixty: poiiqdB to- the Sufhel and "in^ke , : ftve peck :but of;JV What -. or r---. ^ - . iA^i.-o - r\j*s...-z*ALiej ifi - - - ^ ;-:;::£ reenwood-.iucfc; "^lver»lewxC%ne^r|jei. like -"-A«J» F The E«t£Hs1inwi is -t satisfied wiUbi onfr -T»e: saves time nsii^f-two, »ud it's i«i«irrd th«t tfeey db notbac Dftlu 0^ i»n«;* doosit, import- sell ^ood brushes for little money. I.H.I* LHhia WaUr, SOc, six*... 45*. IIX .Tft^ tIM TSST . . » · » - . . . . . . . . . . . 35G* vMOTltC PvAQSrS, |MX fO 06^vdSt*t 20o« Waft Nutrient Cxt.*wt, 25e, tite, ZOc. O. A R. Cold Cnaam, 3!Sc. air*.. S0» --·l*ir»*o«'s Patent Barley. 35c. ait*, **-" Ammoniac, pound Syrup, $1 . . - . -.--The thii^bM Ihtrodncea was coo«rBhly 'terni.edv the ^Net BDr." we prided :a»talliKoodaU8bi35iH osfgtaai uackages-ahpald-bear ^ the iset wielght, : the net measure ; or nomerlcal connt-iof;^he -contents: -coniptcnbusly - s -conpcnusly aisplayed uppni-the.iiutBl.eta. , Fof som* rear ' to' .these «ame' advices, the revolt 'were .oooaslohea b\ ^5^ """Mioia of arrests that we're sim«taneously In every part -- ot Spain all the arreata nelng- sftcompanied by scow- of force and some disorder.'._-', SOCJAysi iCANIWDATe WANTS BACLDTS WATCHED W .I?EW-HATEM-, CONST..- NOV. i-That he- will :pay a reward .of J1.000. for 1nfor- matiott Hist win lead to the cohylctlon 6f anyone violatinK the corrup't --practlaes annoancement of Robert 'f^-f,' HUn ' ter ' ^ the ' Socialist' -- T -------- lor tKv?rnor, anl- he «xprasses ,the --beHef. that a plo.t Is oft,f6ot whereby- tne votes «s ~ast n-Hr-ndt-B'e'-troIy'-tsariil'-. edvon election day. .-.v-·./'--: -'- -. ' .\-T the .was the . --- ,V - - -:.-.- """-.A" j *icau»-oetiz- oe fly sHenced, :-oy - the -.statement that x-oters. were urifamlllax -with-_ the . ..... pallot- and ronsetiueht . _^-^4,^Iirppier marking^ -wfJI : '-resQi3 fectlve bafiots on in* extensive: 5 untSt ' "BfeOft.iis», of.^Ms~ I maKei tny- offer-, without reKai*(J fri -hflrr-v-- T» makes, no dlfrerehce feat p^rty iSV^ -tej bencfite/1.or/hiju're5* by 'Oie cxp^ure* .' ! ATLAS FRKK To the first inn V.»anr S of this pap'»r prho tak- advantage nt THIS SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER Now Mndi In CVrfnerrion with WEBSTER'S UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY Absolutely New 1910 Edition CONTAINING"" 50,000 MOBE WORDS -T-HAN .-ANY ---PRE-.V" 1 O C- S TVBBSTKR DO NOT BE DECEIVED No other Dictionary is new and complete under one alphabetical . arrangement, fully defm'ing such - new words as "came- raphone," "pianotype," "themodist," " g r a f t , " "trust" «nd thousands of other new .words, and old word*, with new hew meanings,' . CAUTION--This dictionary is not publish: fid hy the original publishers of Webster's Dieionery or their successors, but hy a- large publishing house independent of . . - ; ' · - - the "hook trust/" DICTIONARIES. NEW from A to »en Greatp- Comprehensive Reference Work* °TM J* f * U '^ a : tj ?* r - -, Wjd « h t 14. pounds Colored plates 'and Thoosandjf of. illustrations. .Thumb-indesed: !JI - -rV 1 t(n" n ! rn I i Nowadays Everybody "Shops- * Honesty in Advertising Sped alSale of Reg. $22. Man Tailored "unm OidyAFw Cents a Week V _t«fc» Advantage of Our Special '- ·- Fr«» Atlas Introductory Offer. The Pictorial Atlas of the, .-Af/orW, 1910 Edition^^Gbntains nearly ·'· 300 Passes of - .maps; . etc., beauUftiUy -printed, in c'olonr? representing ey-. ery poitlbn of the Dearth as it is today.;. An exhaustive Index-Qaz- 'eteer of the wnrirt. :'. The pleforial and .descriptive:, matter covers' all pprttoDs of-th.e-^lobft^ah ^wealth of .valuable anB instrictfye; informa- tiori.i I^-ie; printed \o : H .high-finish' papery-is strongly :arid', handsoniely' - R E G U L A R mCE, $3.00. PARflCULAtSS FREE . : Sign Mtf ; Mail'Thia Coupon to .The Saalfletd Publiahfng 3o, .'Carei of The;Tirnea» · Trenton, f f . ' J . _ Pleate Bend me, .free of -chairg-*. , ·r expense Illustrated sample pages *P«ciaJ terras, of your.., . .iBtroduqtoryr offer; on ; ; :| yHSiiT picto- I TOMORROW AT ? $18.75 the . and Free rial 7 Atlas b£ : the- World, v l Andreas. P5'¥hi .an ' THE SUITS .are»sho\vu in a variety of distinctive models, - in-_3cdiieh.-4iie- tk^; orisg 'tines''-and. finisli: will be by ·woineii of'taste., '·Broadcloths,' serges,. Toiipi ! JRnd fancv : chevibts^ -IH : ftrowii, 'flavy, ^graj:; "ati^ | ^ ii - . . reaaron tt- w^ net .iejiorted ' pub_ After »anafactnrer ha« attafned a certain poiwilarity Tor M* product i* as- parently .trtw tot gat h« mdney *Ireof the packftg-e. fr e Is careful fto^rercr, to. presuve the name general *Sometlme«-if- CUB weight. «ntf..'-'»ftfK.Mi. «-i.^-'*np-flL\..--.r7i'.T«r«a«» , . - estjy, Ujrtog ttK.aia 7th*:,15em 0 crttats to preventJng-;.fraod «t;the poW.- : " ^ XClarence E. Coie^. vtso nonflnated -B*C WHsom In -the .State- Convention, was yp - K on, Atteitte; City 'ana that 3tuper.duons ^ fraada : : o« d*y ^ertr'OTdottetedly plu'riiied- by ^pabll««r.«. _ , -3fc r Colfe «ar*\ that If frauatileht , voting was cfcirfed -out --'on the .glah unaef way; Atlantic Gounrv - be for i plu- ' 'Tf . w t we hwre: horiftoL voting down our by more "' . · - ^W ,^' \ -^-- ?-: : ^£- ·'-' : ~.S -'. ;v- ueiic^tessen Counter · Senator that Lewis wontd '.ctuT^ - that county ilid ^that the Republican ,, . _ -^ndIilateB*ould be elected without any doubt. Ho-sild that th» onjy danger of -Republican defection to Bev^eri County came from th« Atttl^ Roosevelt feelinR tn N«r 'Torlt Cllj. fie"8*M; w«a Uinffe4t^JX some- tunong- th» - cOi««iut«r«^ whoss W0 !' and ow»« -*«*o- uuiC4M97U . in SPXTO -OI ZA fa*t *K«ti»rto««f»r*js hiv* very i..»t«rtally Increaaexl and «xpect slack filing* \,ere not being enforced;TM a* l« out fR t] ,,,, becauae It merely reqntre» the ndgbt or-measure «titH be ff stated at aO,- ·iro*ia JT«clr-- I don't actly fair to men. not? ;--W«n, the n»an wh has a h«uJ, " sets ahead, while the"-man one -doesn't. . - - - , . - « tii. Jtca 61 Bengeii, »nd -wlio~i« by *n- Independent present a member Commlaglon. said fMM*:of,«M opposod - bad FOFJTD AT "I suppose you nrade some discov erle* on your trip?"' ~J.".j I found there ro»Uy is a town -!*»« O«hko«h. I alway» thought 4 aits In afat coantiea durin« lutely w "« that Le^to'.fcrvUld b* *leded uovemoffw Respite rcyui IA to th«- co« trry, hef a»ld *h»t JJiwiU Cpunty would fall into-line with the IW....AI Republicnn pluralities for «J1 th« candidate* . Assemblyman Isaac Nlchoto _«s- pres»ed oonfidence In Mm chancea of being; elected Senator front Cumberland County, but he _saTd that from What he had heard frojh other sections of the State he would not be surprised thst the next Legislature- would be Democratic on Joint ballot. He ex- "iects to see Cumberland County l*o ' i.-|ft» *l««t, i5»J«,Act^ tn*n It »v» 'rt, wh» -»cX».J about LJO» Urn* - »* ·-- . - :--T---.. -f.Apw complete -with ·-%splendiid i:linc:of: Licet^ **n f Mane Antomette^enaissahce arid K«tlrigh«n .Cuttsons, *t^ "'-'*" ^' " pnXS.l'^-^_: ^ y]- - ^ : -: : ;^. : -4 ,-^ ; '.^v/.··--.::-,,, y - .".. -\ U -" : . l ' : '"- : V -' -·-.V^ ^^^^alue^a^paijp;.-.:, '^.^g^.^g^^^:^^ -ii-'-Tvait* ' - - - - ' - . -- " - - - - - " - - . " ' "· --' ."--.j----- ---.- -- '- '" ..-. i"* 1 ^ ..-·-·· « ·!· ·-« ·-*· · v.-.-. ·'.-:·»» i.-.-'i-.;-.:^ 1 -- e Portieres, . iqpajity sfaowa anywhere; c - P 611 yard is the ^cheapest and l,Lioleuo\ _ w ft;, mr race '.." in,x 10 fc ^iri. 1 Ji^te Smyrna -tRags, 9 8.00 Jate Smyiua R«g», 8 .- * - . - ' · ' · - ' » ; - *" . ' -~ . - · - - " ! 4.00 Axirtinster Ruspi, 9x12 fr. v our price 1.25 Awj.instcr Caipets, oiir price per yard i-oo Brussels Garpets, our price, per yard .and 65 c.- tinoleiims, our ' Judson t,Cai^tJSiore. ^^l^^i^^^^^^^l^^' -'T-", " " : " e^Loaf; {30^, r:i«^ New y^ ; rich . -'' ' , ;: if ;-jTug ift«r^Jtiif Nggmiiig in'tV» filled "w i th the New, Pofe Apple gallon. : at-- ; . 2o.V a $5.68 1t.88 89o. 79o. - · Better, "jjureir..--nic^'Jwkinf thsa- sJ3 anrwhem !s« Jn the rtty. ;. ;.B«si.«ttfa! iiine 2o andy and th* mODS. Brpadw-ay Candy to poom} boxes 41 f5e. _ - . -.- Just- ' ftomp:8Hro-- :t^0 '- XjA^ifnivn ·P«aritit BrlttJe w ith tin-- comi ,^_ ; ^ ^"jte Steak, ponnd .,,·.,;.'-.---..-, «{uC Fresh Grorind. SSaoted 411,.. steak,p^aa.riUC GoOll* 1 Many a mommg » tn«n "few - i · *· - ' I £ ot n P ftom tbe table and V'Ollee § said. '^That's misecsbfe coff««." poor woman's fault: - 2Bc. 15 S. |, 20 S. k St-"np» Lehi»an's iNEWSPA'PERf EWSFAPESl

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