The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on August 15, 1947 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1947
Page 5
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1947 .L^^JM-^ 1 rM. 1 ?. AT GROCERS '« Farmall-Cub Tractor Demonstration Friday A demoiibtration of the Farm- all Cub Tractor will be given by Brown Brothers, implement dealers, at the L. A. Murphy Farm at ·/rzi** vt .. -~i«c tfnOL-Ain !*·"· *"· ""· u ~ "·· «""i'"y f a r m at r*A DC Id 0 1 * 5 fr^SSx Bcrr Y , 11H1 on Route J:J ' cast of tiflC 01 .iSkSf /fQh »a msb « r «, Friday, AUK. 22. at 1 llM 'nRlN£f.' 83* P:TM- J^P?,^'"?"TM invitc * I'. . ..- . -- - J - w r H - V ^ B B C f y * t 1 111 4 1 1 « !IV3 farm people of this area and will entertain them with refreshments , and the tractor demonstration. JOBS'FOR MEN! "CATERPiLLAR" REPRESENTATIVE g N HARRISBURG TO I N T E R V I E W ' Fill Worms with Benzedrine -- Then Watch Fish Bite CHICAGO, Aug. 15--rn--A medical man came up today with a "sure-fire" formula for hooking the big fish--just feed the worms with benzedrine and watch the fish bite. 0 by Hitdo Lowfence;_Di*tf.butcdby N ^ SERVICE. INC Angelinc Small stepped out of £ ..' . ,,· · l-'ur the convenience ofvnten in the Harrisliurg ; :re:i. a "Caterpillar" employment interviewer will he !!s the Illinois Stale Employment Service Office. 115 N o r t h Main SI., on August 20 and 21. to interview :im! hire applit-inlS for "Caterpillar" johs in Peoria. There are op'jnirijjs for hoth- skilled and unskilled. (,'UJK! wages are paid for johs requiring no experience. depending 1 upon type of joh and shift. Skilled js.-hs pay proportionately more. As a "Caterpillar" employe you'll enjoy: Opportunity to learn and advance Voluntary Grouo Insurance and Hospiialization Benefits Vacations with pay Retirement plan Pleasant working conditions Hot meals at low cost in clean, modern cafeterias Complete medical program in and see the "Caterpillar" representative. He will give you complete details. \i JLA^ll W * V^» t A a £ y V r * * * * * v ...«·» w,-v.i'j'-u-» ^ -- -- For ' tevt-ial week-ends, D I . J the elevator at 5 o'clock and nodded George Apfelbach, a Chicago physi-1 to Kitty lirice behind the switch- cian, has been fishing in a-cieek ' ' near his summer home at Green Lay, Wis. The creek is well-stocked . black bass, but they wouldn't nibble. So the Doctor dissolved a small board. , "Cold!" she said \\ith a bright grimace, "Have they lighted the , lire in the lounge?" 1'robably tonsils. Recommended by M. Smith and M. Smith. Miss Small frowned. That meant thiee an Is from Blackman's. Ii wasn't wise to have more than two Irom the same place. Twt could be friends, three could be troublesome. The front door swung open, ad; i *; . v . i · g a raw, damp wind and a A VJOj »IA1-J.3 K J l l t U l * . I **""""-, it 1 U i t , UttlllJS W I I 1 U CHI VI U "Good," Miss omall said. But j chattering pair who called "Good she walked biiskly across tnt e\enmg. Miss Small," as they hur benzedrine tablet-- a pep pill-- in routine conlasmg. Wnen six; w e n i w i t h It lashed about in the , a s-.eries ol surface dives and chased its'tail. Apfelbach impaled the wo: 11. still thrashing, on a fish hook and cast into the creek. A moment later. their 70 good, though narrow, cots, dstmp clothing had "routed l«iat 1I1LU Hlv V-i *JV,rw. t\. uivjiiiv,m I H L I J I , i i i i \ _ i * . · \s ^ww, k » . v * » - , . . -. -- . - ,, - - , -- -W.M...J., ^*wn***i| nuu j.uubv.u 11*1. he said, he caught a five pound j Miss Small switched on morej jnigiance oi burning logs anc bass. Since then, the doctor claim,, lights, approved the- fire and t.K- chrysanthemums. The Hope House girls had lived through anothei day and were coming home. bass. Since then, the doctor claim , he has caught lots of black bass. all with worms full of benzedrine. The Daily Register, 20c a week by carrier bov. Peoria, I l l i n o i s Jfejgap;^ MONUMENTS OF QUALITY Dignified granite monuments in all sizes and designs at low cost, to mark the resting place of your departed loved ones. Prices That Satisfy lights, ap, bowls ol fresh chrysanthemums, and spoke to the- t,ii'l wno vvdi hucdlcd in a deep chair with hei eyes closed. "Good evening, Lillian. Or should l i t be good morning?" The gnl looked up with a long, insolent stare and closed her eyes again. Time for a little heart-to-heart talk \vith this one, Miss Small de ciced. Muitn't ha\e sulks '"and burliness, such a bad example for (he others. Perhaps a tiny note in her mailbox, an invitation to T nice cuo ot tea i" mv room These poor, love-starved babes, I inubt do all I can. "Isn't that a new coat, dear? \ The girl got up and brushed by j the outstretched hand. "Excuse I me," she said. "I forgot something- Miss Small watch-ed heir cros the lobby with an arrogant stride and enter the elevator. I'll win her over, she promised herself, Uui I \\on't say any thing to Monny Poor Monny. She worries so when 1 she knows I've been hurt. At 5 o'clock young Mrs. Nicholas Sutton approached her favorite cleik in iilackman's toilet-goods department in the main floor. The cRik was Rulh Miller. Young Mrs. Sutton, snug and warm iii her new birthday babies, slid i. shopping list across the counter and made an honest apology. "I ought to be shot for coming in so late," she said "You've got all \ o u r adding up to do." Kuth Miller took the list and smile! In the year she haa woiked at Blackman's Mrs. Suttoi. was the only woman customer who had regarded the counter between them as a briuge, not a hairier. In consequence, she gave Mrs. Sutton the same devotion she had once given a star on top ot a Christmas tree: they were both remote yet intimate; untouchabl Ijiut iiers. .Mis. Sutton smiled back at the pL:in, pleasant girl and wondereu for the third or fourth time why she didn't take her away from Hands Seals to ndian Gov'i NEW DELHI, Aug. 15--U.E)-- Britain's last viceroy of India, Lord Louis Mountbatten, today landed his seals of office to an Indian government and the ceremonial creating the new and independent Dominions of India and Pakistan was completed. In hot and fetid Delhi where the British Raj had held sway for generations over some 350,000,000 Indians, Mountbatten surrendered his viceregal powers to India's constituent assembly. The thirtieth and last viceroy of India rode through Delhi streets so packed with cheering Indians that police charged the throngs time and again to force a passage for the ceremonial coach and its team of eight white horses. For the moment there was a truce in bloody communal strife, except in Lahore, where scores more died in riotous outbreaks of thuggery and arson which have taken a toll of hundreds in recent the Delhi crush and Pandit Jawa-, rahal Nehru himself personality pleaded with the fthrongs to let the % iceroy j coach,* and those o£ the new government of India, pass on to Durbar Hall, the seat of the government. Within the hall Mountbatten for the last time took his place on the viceregal throne. Across from him on the opposite wall was the new flag of the governor-general of India--the office which he assumed with the end of the viceroyalty. At Karachi, capital of the new Moslem state of Pakistan, 71- year-old Mohammed Ali Jinnah strode across priceless Persian carpets to a high-backed mahogany chair, and there was sworn in as governor-general by the scarlet- robed chief justice. STOP TERMITE DAMAGE .ja I . ,, vf. P ^",. You xarcly see evidence of tcrnute ,,,, damage because those tiny \vooo-- eating insects do their work "Jn*^," hiding. TERMINIX inspectors -* trained in the job of termite,do-' i. lection will inspect your property , without cost or obligation. Call today! BARNES LUMBER CO. Phone 277 Harrisburg, lit Autttortted R*pre«ntailv« of Ohio Valley Termini* \ As Advorffeed fa'Tho fort** TERMINIX WORLD S LARGEST IN TERMITE CONIROI r C Knows i VC UCCn I I U I U sue uiuu i UKC uei u w u v nun She returned to the lobby ana i that counter and put her in the entered the railed enclosure that was the oliicc. A broad. Hat desk laced the stieet entrance and behind it was the switchboard. A panel of push bells covered the wall behind the board. The bells rang in the rooms at seven in the moinmg and six in the evening. i opened. The also rany to an; nr-unce visitors, phone ealis, ana emergencies. At right angles -to the desk ^tood an olderly hive 01 glass-coveiud mailboxes, too oiten 213 N. Mail*St. Killed Meats Wholesale and Retail Fresh Fruits Vegetables MISS Small glanced at her own box and spoke reprovingly. "Kitty" Kmy gathered herself together and lose m sections. She w a s - a tall thm girl v.mi pooi skin aa« lips that were faintly blue. "There's something in my box, Sutton nursery. She'd be wonder ful w i t h baby. "How've you been Miss Miller? And why aren't yoi glasses? yoi That's per. ·eeks. Scores of persons fainted in LA with MUtKEVS ALL-STEEL PORTABLE ELEVATOR for · BALED HAY · Ear Corn e Bricks · Dirt ON'S MARKET 504 N. Cherry St. Phone 285R 5c; Pectira lOc No. 1 Cans-- Kidney Beans, Red Beans, Pork Beans 2 For 15c Sanisorb Toilet Tissue lOc Central Toilet Tissue Wn'le for literature and Prices, WE ARE OPEN MORNINGS AT 7 O'CLOCK spec. ?* .·ijj · Bee? Liver, Ib. 29ej Side Pork WAL CHOPS EEF RIB SIEW, Ib. 29c Kitty, and^ ,you--dicing sixc._iij. t io v. earing youi crazy, you know." "'ihey're broken," Ruth Millei said "Hut I'm getting new ones.' "I should certainly hope so Crazy to put off things like that, otherwise you look very chip Ruth Miller's pale cheeks flushed "I'm just fine," she said. She'd i tell Mrs. Sution why she wa: fine, too Some people might think It w as silly, but Mrs. Sutton would; understand. Mrs. Sutton always sur-' prised you that way. All the money in the "w 01 Id herselt but she un-i dcrstood about not having any. J,Tve got a new place to live," she said breathlessly, and her calm, [4am tace was almost pretty. "Nu iflorc subways and furnished rooms Mulkey's hay and ear corn Portable Elevator saves back-breakinf scooping and lifting of ear corn am hay. Farmers praise its efficiency and construction. Barhasn-Green Phone 100 Paper Towels, large roll 31 c Jeiio and Royal Gelatin . . . . . . . lOc Eagle Brand Milk 29c Coca Cola, 6 bottles 25c Baby Lima Beans, 2 Ibs 41 c i i v i t ^ - i i jyi*iv^*. *-»*«^. vf --..«-. velope carelchsiy under Kilty's cuu ous gaze. \ngle (Monny wrote). Ivc go^ to sec Marshall-Gill about the party, she phoned. You'll have to take over the desk lor me until Plummcr goes on at 8. There's a new girl coming in Kuth Millei, I'm afraid 1 forgot to lei' you. Forgue? She's to go in with Apul Hooper. Explain to her about April, will you? That's something else I lorgot, but you'll do il so much better than I v.ould! i'ours, M. FA1? RIB ROAST Sugar Cored Bacon Sq. 46c | OLEO -'Special Saturday Only 50 Ibs, nef $9.89; Ib. 2Q fe. 59c I POLISH SAUSAGE, ib. 59e Dozen seze me.' [with jiot enough heat and eating "Headache." Kitty murmmcd (a , lv which way! And only six blocks "I'm soiry. Miss Small, but o i | n-Jm here, a lovely place, you can't n~cnt by so fast betore, and it.- imagine! It's a kind of club, a only a "note Mi»s braU put in i,.,tel tor girls, with breakfast and ··"aliss Brady.' Hand it to me a! dinner, and they even have a room once, please."" Miss bmall tried 10 m lnc basement where you can do keep tne pleasure out ot her \oicv ( \ o i i r own laundry. It's lovely, and Darling old Monny, she told hei- 1 0 cheap, and all the hot water you sell, she's thougnt oi somethm-' want. 1 think that's what got me. luce toi us to co later on. Maytx ;; 0 hot water is awful." _ t the theater, or a really good mov.c "No hot watei is the devil, or a little- supper at the nuv Mrs. Sutton agieed. "Ilow'd you French place. She opened ttie ei . C f er find it?" - ' · · · · "Two girls in our stockroom live there. I knew they made less than 1 do, but they always looked better somehow. You know--nice toals and gloves, and permanent*,, ;i.d all that. So I asked them how they managed and they told :ne And" then 1 went over there j ?nd talked to the Head, a Miss Monica Brady, and she ssid she- could give me a room with another girl. Eight dollars a week, can you imagine, with the food and all those privileges! I move in tonight and--" She stopped beY.OUIU: n/uio. -- . cause Mrs. Sutton was staruig Miss Small tucked the note m , lra ight ahead and her eyes wcic ,,"!· blouse and sat at the desk. ::s wic }c as a child's, smilin" at the daily report thst Ruth Miller turned her own head I was fastened to the blotter. Mora t o investigate, and her heart gave ca Brady's sprawling hand haa a sickening lurch. On the rear wail. oka\cd a suspicion ot mice on the a bove the elevators, a smalt rca c~c6 m i floor uncovered a Haw u I l 2 n t blinKed steadily and evenlj. the addition of a plumber's tail one-two-three. one.-two; one-two t ,nd questioned room 304's ex three , one-two. The light was lilt c nlanation of whv she had stayed morc than a crimson blur, but she { out all night. "Under 304's c\ could read its silent message too pianation, which was a new one v ,-ell. ., ,. she- found the new girl's rcgistra- -j know what thats f o r , , I r s lion card. Kuth Miller, age 29 siitton said softly. "Old man Black- saleswoman at Blackman's. n, m a n - i s a friend ot my fathcis. familv oi known relatives. Then r . ut what's the dope? I mean what came* the confidential informatio i does the blinkcty-bhnk say. in the staff code. Middle clas, Ruth Miller looked down at hei some icfincident, shy. not a mixc; hands ana saw that tnev wc.c underweight, poor vision and tectli (Firsft Ps-ice Change In Over 25 Years) I! lOc ISc telhyery 0 * , or more per 5 ^ ^%« 60c ivery SdoLsizelStlNo.lRed te in ta. Sauce 25.c I Kippered Snacks ? can ;''o. 1 can LIMA BEANS No. 1 ,can ^ork , Beans s ^.Q. 1 can RED BEANS | Nc. 1 can Kidney Beans k i 1 Tali HOMSNY jjo. Tali Sauer Kraut Cans of Any One or AH oz. lw 18c or 2 for 35c 5lb.$1.99; Belie, 25jb. ,Oaldenl, 37c|!0 Lb. Bagjeal . 67c Crisial l^ea! For the Best There Is in Automafi: Heat wifh Coa! B, H6avy Syrup L 2 Electric Co. Harrisburg Phone 37 tiembling. She tried to fill m the ^ales slip, but it was useless. 1 m a fool, sue told herself; I vc got to ( .top acting like this. She d i d n t j kok up when she answered. 'One- t-AO-threc, one-two means the mam, ,iislc, hosiery. . . -It's a women. "The idiot," Mrs. Sutton oo ^erved cheerfully. "Pulling a thing like that when the store's almost empty. She deserves to be caugnt.. Idiot, she must be crazy. . . .Hev.j maybe it's a kleptomaniac, roi heaven's sake, maybe it's somebody I know! I'm going over!' Rulh Miller's hands gripped the edge of the counter. "No.' she -aid. "No. Don't do it, don t go It's not fair, it's awful; don t go, Mrs. Sutton, please." Mrs. Sutton gave her a quicrv. surprised look. "Okay," she saiu carelessly. "You're a nice girl. M' 5 *) Miller, and I'm a no-account lug i \Vell, so long. Charge and send the stuff. We're going down to I me hurst tomorrow, be gone until alter Thanksgiving. See you when I get l.Lck." She turned up the coilai oi her sable coat. "Be good,' sne -,miled. .. Ruth Miller watched the slim, -traight figure as it walked witn- oul hesitation to the side strec, exit. Mrs. Sutton was avoiding the main aisle where a high voice was ,aiscd in tearful expostulation. It was then 5:15. In another In minutes shB would begin a ncv. lilo. She filled Mrs. Sutton'h ordei and sent t down the chute. (To Be Continued) RETAIL ICE AT PLANT OR CASH AND CARRY STATIONS 10c Be (Block Ice Price Only) b. 50 75 100 Sh. . 38c .50c Ice Phone 361 lariy i t.' il, 5S7^JP««* Harrisburg, IHinois '^fr f r* r V* · - . ) i f M 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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