The Van Nuys News from Van Nuys, California on December 22, 1949 · Page 2
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The Van Nuys News from Van Nuys, California · Page 2

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 2
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2 NEWS, Van Nuys, Calif.) JPART 1, Thurs.. Dee. 22. 1 9 4 9 1 Sherman Oaks Club Plays 'Mine Host' at Luncheon Today AN BE DONE "Don't worry too about vour f u t u r e . miU'h You'll Yall«-v WHY ORCHESTRA AT McKINLEY HOME DfKT flcnpC First p u h l i c nppearan.'i- of the H e r f u r t h ' s "March t Proxm s" (o I UW I W l I lUla I Orrlirstral Society year of 1936, Simpson Informed. A.'-'junti UK* clock operations TMn- M;uip at t h e main office and sprv- icc at t h e Sherman Oaks and Van- o'clock each evening. Some 100 ex- Ira carriers arc expediting maila! as fast as they come, and will coii' tinue in service including Christ- \ Continued from Pajte One i ] insanity," says a psychia- itrist. Maybe PO; but anyone I who lets a rattlesnake bite !him is more than mildly in- probably manage to live it down." n i g h t at .McKinlcy HOITIP wait/. Jt was announced t h e orch-;van Nuys may expect to set t h e i r owen su. ions continues u n t i l 8'mas Day. has 70 mombfTK, and \ v i l l | m a i l promptly. --THE: VISTA PRESS for Hoys under the baton of George i 'Wins. | appear 1 Some !~)0 members of t h e o r r l i - j s p r i n g . c.slra w o n enthusiastic applause!program was the Brown ensemble in a public concert next Participating also in Ihe Financially, the postmaster f u r - ther informs t h a t postal receipts for 1949 to date have now zoomed , v li telephone . ,, t h a t the company ?uigby" will, dou-| pro-1 'phone users i Radio and television actors w i l l ; appear on the pio^rarn and t h e r e ' s a n e . will he a motion p i c t u r e w i t h a. Christmas t h e m e at the Sherman 1 .^ Onks R o t a r y Club luncheon t o d a y ; IJluH I at 12:15 p.m. at which t h e R o t a r y . *·*· -j^e Anns \vill he special guests. The , holiday event w i l l be held at Jim ; 1 e l i e v e s Otto's' R e s t a u r a n t , 4557 Sherman exchange at Reseda- Oaks Ave. ; within two years, need · A gift exchange also will be a b j p t h e f a c jlities now feature of the program. : r-rtn The Rev. Edward McNair. vicar I V l d e d f ° r °° 49 , _ of St. Michael and All Angels Epis-ilisted in that exchange, ho, cbu-.l Church, i.'soo Chandler Blvd.,! the ' conip'any is Starting to wil: be in charge of the program j s p f , n f j a l jou t a q u a r t e r mil- and show the motion picture _. , . lion dollars on an expansion J;m Pierce is program chairman for the club and Dr. Wilbur o.| program there. Most ot us re- Martin is president. \C-A\\ the old election saw about _ -- .Maine and the Nation. A hint to the folks west of Balboa Blvd.--they might very well coin a slogan, "As the West Valley goes, so goes the Vall e y / ' " JT'S JUST G R A N D Doubtless the a program ranging fiomlt'omprised of Superintendent E. D. to be! ween $500,000 and _|Brown of the Home, as soloist; which definitely places the R u l i n g local| Mrs. .Brown nt me piano, uick office in Division II of U n i t e d ! you've noted N u y s merchants. We can't be j Brown, cellist; Mrs. Elaine ( B r o w n ) jStates post offices, operating u n - j joyous expression on i kids again. But this and e v - ; K i r s t and her husband, violins. jder the same procedure and reg- children's faces, as they t a g ' e r y Yuletide largely belongs! along' with elders, youngsters. Let's enter ; t h e entertainment. ing the many decorations a n d ; i n t o the spirit with them, t h a t j gifts so appropriately and ar- their cup of joy may be brim-i tistically arranged Van'ming. R e f r e s h m e n t s were served a f t e r ! u l a t i o n s as the largest post offices in the nation. Receipts for the month of December, up to and including the 2ist, exceeded $66,000, reports the postmaster. These receipts for just A South America shrub, the cocoa, yields three crops leaves and flowers. year of the davs exceeds the entire WASHINGTON ATLANTA DETROIT CLEVELAND Make Vour Holiday FLY-FLY-FLY HEW YORK $88 Call for Farm to Other Cities HOUSTON $I"A DALLAS 3TM CHICAGO $15 OAKLAND $9.95 Reservation Now! Tickets Delivered! Air Line Tkkets STale 02049 ' S Y R U P S ) Distinctive flavors CINNAMON BOYSENBERRY (PURE JUICE) MAPLE Thicker, better tasting, more economical. Especially good on Hot Dikes, Waffles and many other use*. Recommended by fomoui Chef Miloni -- 9:30-10:00 A.M. Mon. thru Fri. p\an O ·'YOU'Ll lOVE ITS FLAVOR ETERNAL CHILD! Christmas bells again are ringing, ! .Angel hosts again -are winging j ·Blessed t i d i n g s to us bringing I Of the Child Who grows not old;; : Ringing from and to the m a n g e r ' Where lies, meek, Heaven's Little Stranger Sent to woo us from the danger Of a life to LOVE grown cold. See all life's conflicts reconciled In presence of the Eternal Child. --REV. DAVID FARQUHARSDK For A GRAND )% Down - 30 Months To Pay! K N A B f c WAI.M'T, Worth SSOOO.OO * 3 J !) S T E I N WAY L X . V , S5000 Va.ue ... 1 ®OO A r V J L L U JACOBEAX. M a g n i f i c e n t : «l" J CHICKERING AMPSCO REPRODUCING GRAND § Cost S4500 OM.V Includes a library of Artist Recordings STINERTONE BEHR BROS Artist Piano Real Gem! A n t i q u e Ivory Finish J I tV^K, Worth $1500.00 SCHUMANN SON. W t L L t K A Real Bargain: H C BAY COLLARD Vl'orth $300.00 More! A Steal! 625 595 495 445 395 250 S P I N E T S P E C I A L S SAVE: SI 00.00 to $300.00 On Xew Sample Estey and Janssen Spinets HARDMAN STORY CLARK WURLITZER ................................ 425 HARDMAN B ,ona ........................ 445 KIM BALL 475 KRANICHBALL 65® WEBBER ............. 695 JANSSEN ............................................ 695 PRACTICE PIANOS Including Bungalow and Studio Slies $85 -- $95 -- $145 -- $195 . . up "In the Valley It's i ii n n r n 4741 i CO. LANKERSHIM-- NORTH HOLLYWOOD SUnset 2-5929-- STanley 7-4641 OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL NINE M\ -3.x*. \l ^ Canned foods Cranberry Sauce 2 «! Ocean Spray brand. Whole or strained. Whole Apricots Volley Gold, Choice, peeled. Apricot Halves Valley Gold, Choice, unpeeled. Red Cherries bot?i'el6 c Pennant brand. Maraschino type. Del Monte Peaches Choice quality, sliced or halved. Castle Crest Peaches Choice quality, sliced or halved. Tomato Juice ciaTn 2 Mushrooms 2 «rV 14 C «n FirsJ State brand, piecL'b und 5t£~;. Button Mushrooms 2-01.con First State brand. (4-cz. can, 37cV n Suqar ** POOS Belle Z 30-oz. can 30-oz. can 8-01. bottle 29-01. can 29-ci. can Festive foods are as much a part of Christmas as holly wreaths and mistletoe. Be sure of perfect eating enjoyment by supplying all your food needs at Safeway, Every item guaranteed to please. 1 8-oz. «·« ° ' Get your Christmas turkey at Safeway. You can be sure it will roast tender, juicy, golden-brown. These turkeys are oven-ready--you pay for no waste parts. There's no cleaning to do. Save time Christmas with one of Safeway's oven-ready birds. Cttdits Nut$ Almond Squares bo 9 25" Suchord. Thm AAin*e ,, , 12 :°*' 33« I n i n /VMHTS Doumaki pkg. «99 Orange SticksH-«. P k 9 . 65 C Sweet's chocolate. Peanuts LO Nut V^.' 23 C PeCanS U paV. y l-?b. bag 35° Mixed NutSNo p«anut, l"o*' 29 e F 'li . Dugdale, Fancy 1-lb. AIV0 IIDSrTS Large, 0/egon bog mt§ Blue 1-lb. 4Qo Diamond b«9 4ui9 25 e 20 c 10.U-OI. can Libby Brand Sweet Potatoes Taylor brand, vccuum packed. Golden Yams Corned Beef 2 17-ox. can 29-ox. sanj TOMS Grade A Eviscerated Grade A Eviscerated Royal Prince Wilson s^. , · F u l l O ' G o l d Orange Juice sweetened Grapefruit Juice 1 8-oi. can ZZ-oi. can 12-ox. can 18-01. can 25 e 22 C 23° SWIFTS HAMS Premium Brand Fancy Skinned, short shank, 12 to IS Ibs. size. \s-oi.eon IR-oz. c;in, 37c 15 e I6 C Grade A, Eviscerated Chickens to Roast Grade A, Eviscerated Cut-up. Ready to Stew Ib. C 69 CHERUB COFFEE BUTTER Vegetable Shortening Fine Granulated Mb. can 5-lb. bag Nob HU1 2-lb. bag 28 e 45 e Evaporated Small Can, 5 e 1.25 3-Ib. can 10-! b. bag fall can Mb. bag Dairy Glen. First Quality Quartered Cartoned Satin Mix. Hard Candy For the Christinas Stocking Ib. Mb. bog 76' 88° 10° 63° 68° 19° PURE LARD Fryers Grade A Chicken*. Eviscerated, cut-up. Rib Roast Standing, 7" cut. From U. S. GOOD grade beef. Pork Loin Roasts or chops. Center cut of loin of Eastern pork. Sliced Bacon Popular brand*. Gfrade A. Packed in layer*. Lib. 1C* pkg. I«H ib 63 e «,73 e ib.49 e ib.45 c Pork Sausage Pure pork. Parked in 1-lh. Vi« king Casing. ., ID. l^ili^iHIii.,:, · Wines Monte Cristc Gallo-ette Muscatel 43 e ,',' ·[!'! 68° 970 Currant Jelly Grapelade Marmalade 12-oi. jar or Plum 16-ox. Preserves jar 16-ci. jor 16-oz. jar 16-oz. or Cherry Preserves or Peach Preserves 24° 22 e 20 e 32° 25" 32 C Cherry lade u-o*. jar Also Blackberry Preserves. Red Raspberry "£'· 41 C Preserves. Black Raspberry V' 44 e Preservci. Strawberry Presses 1 la"' 40° Wines offered for sole only in Safewayi licensed to sell tham. Full cases, less 10%. f*r Holiday Cooking Poultry Seasoning Ben Apple Pyequick cA Pumpkin Pie Mix 20.01. can Comstock. brond. \A/_l«..i. Diamond Budded WQlnUTS Large (Red Label) Margarine "WHITE ROyal Satin Shortening For all baking. (1 -Ib. can, 26c Snowdrift '««28 s 1-01. pkg. 11 -ox. pkg. i-ib. bog Ib. 1-lb. can 19 C 37" 3-lb. con 1 0 Homogenized quoit Pocked in one-trip cartont. Half-gollon, 36c. Price subject to State Milk Board regulations. 20'/2-6z. Pkg. DUZ SOAP 25 e ?£' 69' CRACKER JACK 2 q Pkqs. 3 Serve at parties Note low price. ICE CREAM Party Pride Catering Holiday Fruit Nut Pint Carton, 23c PtS. 45 STORES WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY SUNDAY MONDAY, DECEMBER 25 26 Stock up today! Buy plenty for the extra holiday. More Low Prices C * i. Popular igaretteS Brands carton Lucky Strike, Camel, Chesterfield or Philip Morrii. Montrose Butter ib. 72 C U. S. Certified Grade AA. Quortersd, foil wrapped. Spring House Butter ib . 71 c Grade A, First Quality. Quartered. Challenge Butter «,. 71 e Grade A, First Qgality. Quartered. Fresh Bread r" 13 C fc.',* 18 e Mrs. Wright's, White or Wheat. Enriched. Sliced. Ring Fruit Cake *·*'«£' 1.29 Hostess brand. Fruit Cake J±* ^ 50' Airway coffee Va,' 59 C VJa 1.71 "Brown'n Serve" Rolls #?i Soda Crackers B B ake y r i«-»s.»k t . PRODUCt-FOK ftSTIVe OCCASIONS Add zest to your holiday menu with farm fresh produce. Utah Type. Crisp, Tender Stalks CELERY CRANBERRIES RED APPLES ORANGES FANCY YAMS Eatmor Brand Late Hove Winesapt Box 2 %X 2.25 ib. Ib. Ib. Large Size Navels Per Box ,1^2.75 Serve With Holiday Bird 2 Ibs. 4 17 7 5 19 HOtlPAY TO YOU FROM All OF US AT SAFEWAY lEWSFAPESr PRICES EFFECTIVE THROUGH SATURDAY, EC. 24, 194V AT SAFEWAY STORES IN t.A. COUNTY. Right to limit r«s«rv»d. No tales to doaUri. Sales lax will b* added to retail prict an taxable i'en .-fr-Xii EWSPAFESI

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