Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on May 22, 1928 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1928
Page 12
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12 DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 22, 1928. LECATUR HERALD fll» i'l.i i f ? ! I Luncheon Tuesday in Country Club for Virginia Hunt Mrs. W. S. Ridgiy Is Hostess at Affair in Honor of Bride-to-Be M RS. W. S. Rldgly entertained at luncheon In the Dceatur Country club Tuesday, honoring Misa Virginia Hunt, who Is to be married noon to Honorc M. Owen. Flowers .'rom Mrs. Rklgly's garden were luted. Out of town guests for the party Included Mrs. W. McLean Funk of McLean, formerly Edwlna Irving; MM. Fredrlc Schluter of New York Jlty, formerly Charlotte Mueller; anJ Mrs. Arthur Dumont of Detroit, who Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Sydney D. Mocller. WOC Pinochle oluh will meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. R. J. Sharrctt, 2128 East William street. Mrs. Earl Sweeney will be hostess to tho members of the Independent Sewing Circle in her home In 1573 North Morg-n street, Tuesday afternoon. 'Actives Plan Parly (or Pi Phi Alumnae June 2 hai ben sot for thr dan- of the bridge-luncheon to be given In honor of alumnae of PI Beta Phi sorority by the active chapter. The party will be given in t h e soi- onty house. Miss Emily Johnson will be. In general charge. 20 Music Division Members Have Last Gathering of Year Twenty members and guests al tended the Indoor picnic of Music division of the Woman's club Sunday in the clubrooms. The division conducted its last business meeting of the year in the afternoon, voting to begin its study next year witn operas and the different types of music. The first lesson will be on operas. Mrs. Lottie M. Ryder was in cl'/.rge of the picnic yesterday, and was assisted by Mrs. D. W. Rundeu, Mrs. H. F. Wilson and Mrs. J. Si, Nect. Mrs. William L. Hull, dlvi.i- ion chairman, spoke to theinembeis about the Chicago convention of the state federation, held in the New Stevens Hotel recently. She described the new building and th grand ballroom where the sessions were held, and spoko of the social activities for the delegates, which included a trip by coach through the lakeshore drives and the principal parks. The division voted to have its pic- nice or the first meeting of May next year, instead of the second meeting, so that confusion with other social activities the middle of the month may be avoided. Music division members who desire tickets for the general club banquet June 7 are asked to call Mrs. Hull, Main for reservations. Miniature Stage Portrays Scene from Verdi Opera A scene f i o m "Aida." the Verdi Mrs. W. A Shorb, No. 3 Lincoln Place, nnd son William, Miss Eunice Scott and Mrs. M. M. Myers of St. opera to be given Thursday," Friday' .Louis left Monday morning on a ' a n d Saturday evenings in Lincoln motor trip to Ithaca, N. Y., where Square theater, Is portrayed on a they will visit Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul m i n i a t u r e stage being exhibited now R. Necdham. Mrs. Nccdham was ' - " - - - formerly Miss Dorothy Shotb. Mr. and Mrs. Berlyn Northforth, Mis Thelma. Erickson nnd Miss Elizabeth McCiiilre returned Sunday ·night from Kentucky, where they ·attended tho Derby. They left 'Thursday, making the trip by motor. Drgrer of Honor Carnation club No. 77 will moot at 2 o'clock Wednes- in the window at the Emerson Piano house. The stage is a perfect model of a modern stage, and is equipped with complete lighting effects, curtains that may be drawn back and forth, and characters made to scale Rupcl .Tones, dramatic instructoi at Millikin, b u i l t the stage, and equipped it with the proper furnishings and characters for a scene in "Alda." This opera will be given by singers of Millikin Conservatory of /lay afternoon with Mrs. Nclvn Kim-IMusIc between the first and second d l f f , 750 North Union street. I shows on the three evenings named Bright Brothers Offer Wednesday New Summer Frocks at P. T. A. Honors Mrs. Norton in Its Last Session Women of Every School Hear Many Business Items on Monday A leather suitcase with a separate fitted case inside was presented to Mrs. A. C. Norton Monday afternoon at the close of the all-day session of the City Council of the Parent Teacher association, held in First Baptist church. Mrs. R. C. tine and her staff were installed by Mrs. C. E. Tullis, new second vice president of the state association, to replace Mrs. Norton and her staff Mrs. Norton has completed two years as president. The installation service at the close of the program was preceded by a ceremony in whicji seven past presidents took part. The women boije one letter apiece o£ the. word "Service", and each spoke on the meaning of their letter. Speake.o were, Mis E. A. Gastman, Mrs. John Record, Mrs. E. J. Morcland, Mr... Rollin B. Pease, Mrs. C. M. Jnuk, Mrs. A. C. Norton and Miss Mary Brand, who spoke for Mrs. Winifred Dronnan, who ig ill. 4906, Reading of the charter in unison, and singing of the P: T. A. song completed the ptogram. Tay Affuir in October Business decision Monday in eluded plans for the pay a f f a i r Soi next year. A play "Jack and Jill Wedding" will be produced in Octo ber by 200 school children, under direction of the Imogcne Griffm Dramatic Co., of St. Louis. Thu company will furnish two representatives to help direct and will f u t nish costumes. There will be three clays of performances, with a new cast each night, so that in all 200, children will appeal 1 . I The city council also voted to have! the t h i r d printing of the yeaibooks. Mrs. Norton is responsible for the first and second printings of thid book, of which 2,200 were distributed this year, according to the morning report of Mrs. Augustine. Draw Resolutions A committee appointed by members' request in tho morning ses sion, drew up resolutions of appreciation and cooperation which weis read in the afternoon, and copies were ordered to be sent to Miss Crunhild Johnson, Miss Harriett Zoo Conard, Miss Nannie Ellis, and Mrs Mabel Odor. The committee composed of Mrs. J. R. chairman, Mrs. Pease and Mrs. C. E Talk It "TPHIS is primarily a woman's department where we hold forth, but once in awhile it does devolve upon us to telephone some masculine member of society, about this thing or that. And sometimes we have to :all them at their homes. And if they happen not to be there, and their wjves answer, and our feminine voice asks to speak to the man of the house, how we get frozen! We've never yet had a wife be out and out impolite to us, but her voice fairly drips icicles. That Is, It drips icicles until we say, "This is The Herald. Will you please have him call and ask for So-and-So when he comes in?" Whereupon, assured that we are not a female with evil designs upon her John, she melts .and is sweet as can be in promising to deliver the message. It's true, sisters. There's not a one of you who doesn't react the same way, no matter how staid and faithful your John may be. f, Speaking of love, here's a definition: "When you loved people you could laugh with them and even at them, very tenderly; a party wasn't a party unless they were there, and if they were there and no one else, It was still a party; you wanted to remind them about dry shoes and to take care of them." We cannot tell you who wrote that, because we'd never heard the name before and we've for- [otten. H We had a. great surprise last week. We walked into our hairdresser's shop, and there in a ' chair sat Baby Peggy. Yes, she did. It was no figment of our imagination. We recognized her instantly by her round black eyes under their straight black bang, and her round pursed-up mouth. She wa* all dressed up in a red plaid bolero dress, dec- ; orated according to her own lights with a broad red ribbon sash that dangled gloriously down behind! X There's an exciting document on our bulletin board up here in the editorial office. It is the vacation schedule. Upon It arc all our names, and all the weeks of summer, and the assignments of each to each. Glorious food for thought. One by one we stand before it with a far-away look in our eyes and a smile of anticipatory pleasure on our lips. We all plan to scatter to the four winds. Our own scattering, of course, will be to New England. Our vacation is rather far away, but already we have sent off a flock of joyous letters, some to Spain and other distant places begging them to be home by then, others to Nantucket and so on, And we've called the Wabash station to ask about tickets (with many weeks to aass, mind you), and looked over our baggage, particularly a delectable little new fitted case with all sorts of bottles and gadgets inside. The very thought of it lifts our morale, or whatever great content docs to one's morale. « L. B. Elks Women Open Season Monday at Lakeside Club Sixty Members Present Plan Bridge-Luncheon for Guests June 18 Now, our buyers have mado another sensational purchase-- of $15 to »1R drosses, to sell at $9.83. They will be on the racks Wednesday morn- · K .» dresses - V r£ » Prlnt , S / Ncw Hlsh Sha(le Flat Cre P e ". soft Georgettes ana C h I "'V' X?" w i l Wilnt at loast one-maybe mord-of thcbo at this low Wednesday pi Ice of $9.85.-- Adv. In the Decatur over ten years, Woman's club five of which gave to tho presidency, served two terms as G. Recognition for Decatur Woman in Club History Accurate history of Illinois Wom- · n'H clubn from J894 to 1928 is given In the 124-page "History of Illinois Federation of Woman's Clubs" by Mrs. George Thomas Palmer of Chicago, distributed at the convention Inet week. _ . f | · » . . . . , , . , . » . .J. k j l l b t v CIO IO.I gJ- In the foreword is recognition f o r . l y instrumental in having the com- Mrs. hugenle M. Bacon of Decatur,, mission formed, appearing before the Legislature in Its interest for many years. "In addition to her club activities, Mis. Bacon has been prominently Identified with the civic, church and educational interests of Decatur. She is a member of the D. A. R., P. E. O., for she She also F. State Secretary foi Illinois before she became president, which she did in 11002. For one year each she was chairman of Printing, Library Extension nnd Legislation for the Illinois Federation of Woman's clubs. She was also assistant eclitbr of the first b u l l e t i n published by the slate federation. Hei- most notable service was given on the Library Extension commission of which she was the only woman and where she served for ten years. She was large who f u r n i s h e d materlnl and othci · id In compilation of the book. Concerning her, Mrs. Palmer has w r i t t e n the following: "Mrs. Baeon, long a resident of Decntin wits born In Bowling Green, Incl. .She came to Tuscoln. III., in 18B1, nnd was mar- rlcd there, at the home of an mint. Delphian's Woman's Civic ' League' March 31. 1874 to Lieut. Gooige R.| president of the Woman's Society of Bacon, of thr First U. S. Cavalry.j the Congregational church. She has nnd, a graduate of West Point. M i s : done much in promoting an interest Bncon had one son who died when J i n good literature especially In Bible March 31. 1874 to Lieut. Gooige R.| president of the Woman's Society of of thr First U. S. Cavalry.| " ~ jt'iuluato of West Point. M i s : had one son who died w h e n 1 _ ho wns 8 years old and Mr. B a c o n ' s t u d y f t o m a literary standpoint' died in t!)ll. ' ,, . "Lieu*. Bacon resigned from the « r m y In 1878 and the f a m i l y moved to Chnmpmgn and later to Decatur. "Mr.i.. Paeon served us an o f f i c e r Tantalizing AROhIA SENIOR NURSES ARE GUESTS MONDAY OF GRADUATES' CLUB waa Buckler, Rollin B. Tullis. In the afternoon, also, Mrs. Augus- mc icported the Cleveland convention. Mrs. J. A. Worsham reported the endowment fund, and stated that all but four schools in Decatur had paid their quota. The four who did not pay this year are the four newer schools, Garfield, Washington U S Grant and Oglesby annex. All but these schools arc on the Pioneer Honor Roll, and have .received blue ribbons from headquarters with the More New Hats Are Placed On Sale at Bright Brothers For $2.95 A maker of Hats that regularly retail at $5 and $7.50 has just shipped us another hundred Hats to be sold at this exceptional price. They are the very newest styles for Street, Dress or Sports wear. The values are so remarkable we urge you to see them at once.--Adv :B social season for the Elks Ladies club was opened Monday at a May breakfast served in the country clubhouse. Fifteen tables oi cards were a play after the breaK.- 'aat, 12 of bridge and three of 000. Prizes were awarded for both Spring flowers and roses were used on the tables in the dining room. The women conducted their flrjt usiness meeting of the year, and decided to have their next party June 18. This will be a bridge- uncheon and a guest d a y . Seven new members were accepted Mon day, and five others reinstated. The iommiltee stated its appreciation lor he gifts of flowers sent for the ireakfast. Mrs. E. C. White, chairman, was assisted by Mrs. W. K. Gollings, Mrs. Opal Curran, Mrs. B. C. Alexander, Mrs. W. L. Goodwin and Mrs. Claude Fletcher. P. E. O. Chapters Plan Parties to Close the Season One more meeting will bfi held this year by EC and BW chapters of P. E. O. Members of BW chapter will have a dinner in the South Side Country club June 4, at which the families will be guests. A party is being planned by BC chapter for this date also, but definite arrangements are not completed. Thirty members of BC chapter attended the meeting In the home of Mrs. Raymond Dcnz, Wood lawn avenue, Monday. Reports of ihe recent convention were given by Mrs. W. A. Pownall and Mrs. Delia P. Gushard, delegates, and Mrs. George Hc«« and Mrs. Gladys Moeller. Sixteen women of BW chapter met in Mrs. George A. Williams' home in West Decatur street. Mr«. C. F. Bachman gave a travel paper on "St. Louis and Southern Illinois" and Mrs. C. H. Teaman gave a second paper on "Salem and Old Decatur.' PAN-HELLENIC NAMES JUNE 11 FOR FINAL Lambda Tau Delta Has a Banquet On Its Founder's Day Lambda Tau Delta sorority observed its 19th! Founder's Day Monday evening at a dinner served _ . . _ _ , , ... _. i i n the £ r " room of Hotel Orlando. P A R T Y AND E L E C T I O N About 20 mothers of the sorority , j women and the chapter pa'rone»ses, 'were guests. The dinner tables were Six Tables of Bridge at Play Monday in Home of Mrs. Carl Dick Mrs. Dean Funk Will Not Have Her Peony Show Late Frosts Affected Bloomington Garden and Exhibit Is Given Up Mrs. Dean Funk, whose -peony farm" near Bloomlngton attrnrti hundreds of flower lovers *ery yn l r from all'ovcr the state, writes the DC catur dardcn club that «he will not have her customary exhibit thii spring. So many of her peonies n*re enough.for exhibition purposea. that she has decided she haa not enough for exhibition purposea. Each year at about this time or as were those further north, itill Funk sends out word that her peonies' are ready to be seen, and gardeners for miles around make the | pilgrimege. Decatur peonies, whu« i not affected to as great an exUnt a« were thos further north, mi show the effect of the frost somewhat. One garden with about 1,200 plants, however, is in a protect»d place and seems in good condition. Some of the eaily varieties already are in bloom, and others are in bi:d. KATHERINTBROWir AND CLYDE REUBART MARRY ON SUNDAY Miss Kathoimi 1 Eleanor Brown City Pan-Hellenic will have a! t h e bridgc-kmchcon in the Elks Country tless - der bouquets were given to the guests. Miss Nina Durning, president club June 11 to close its activities for the year. Officers will be elected at this time, and annual business [Augustine, Miss Mildred Hrnry, and conducted. |Miss Dorothy Glffen. Miss Sue Ham- Six tables of bridge were at p l a y i m i ( ; t reported the national conven- Garden Club Iris Show is Wednesday The annual iris show of the Decatur Garden club will be conducted Wednesday in the Art Institute. Choice of a date was delayed until Monday to give the late plants plenty of time to start their blossoming. It is expected that by Wednesday morning the members may choose a number of line blossoms for the ex- three gold, with words printed They also on them in hibit. The members who visit the Art Institute will be shown through the sunken garden in the northwest cor- received Bold stars which the ribbons will be l '° Cently ner ° f t h e ^rounds, where planting been com P leted pasted onto the school P. T. A. char- It. C. Sayre gave the report and John W. Evans, the secretary's. Streator convention reports were given by Mis. C. A. Swing TM° ·'"- Tade, Mrs. J. R, Buckler Tullis spoke of the Afternoons Only The Art Institute will be open treasurer's | only in the afternoons for the iris The flowers will be ready Sixty undergraduates and graduate nurses attended a "kid" party given Monday evening in Mueller lodge In honor of the 30 members of this year's School of Nursing class at Decatur and Macon County hps- pital. The women conducted an old fashioned spelling bee in connection with their "kid" party and refreshments were lunches packed in boxes such as the county school pu. pll would carry. The graduate hurses who were hostesses, chose Miss Genevieve Wood for the best costumed student nurse, and second and third awards were given to Miss Clara Cline and Miss Margaret Davidson, respectively. Tho young women also danced during the evening. The hostess committee was composed of Mrs. Mary Mosc, Miss Grace Slingerland, Mrs. M. S. Clesson, Mrs. Margaret Breeze, Miss Gunhllcl Johnson. Mrs. C H. Tear- nan, Mrj. Edward Larrick and Mrs. Tons Lahneri, ST. The Young Ladies' League of St Thomas church will give a benefit card party in the hall Tuesday evening. Bridge, pinochle and 500 will be played, Twelve card prizes will be given in addition to three guest prizes~nd a grand prize. The young women will serve lunch. Mis. last board meeting. Mrs. Jay \C. Allen reported 234 Child Welfare magazine subscriptions to date and Mrs. Sucker spoke of the, milk classes. At Roach, 85 children received milk this year and at Mary W. French almost DO were setve every day. Garfield has the third milk class. $19 for Playgrounds Lee D. Pigott reported as financ chairman that $1,01194 had been taken m on the recent benefit pic ure, and Mrs. E. J. Muffley state that nearly all pencils being sola through the city council havt been disposed of. Furnishing of toxin ant -toxin, and furnishing of trans portation to one school boy who at tends Washington school, wire- de scribed in full, and the school chil arens co-operation with the Socia bervicc reported. ^ ra \y- 3 ' Holida y spoke abou the publicity book sent to the Cleve land meeting. Mrs. L. H. Baird re ?£. « d , nfor the Ie e islat °n committee The $19 sum left over from last sum mer s playground fund will be given to the playground committee for this summer, the members voted BETTY LAHEY AND JOHN CRINIGAN WED The marriage of Miss Betty M. Lahey and John F. Crinigan took place Monday morning in the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Mattoon, Rev. Fr. Cusack officiating. The young couple were accompanied by Miss Rose Lahey, slstei of the bride, and James M. Crinigan, brother of the bridegroom. The bride wore fawn colored georgette with accessories to match, and carried a shower bouquet of roses Her sister wore powder blue crepe A wedding breakfast was served in the bride's home after the ceremony, in 213 North 21st street. Mr. Crinigan Is the son of Mr and Mrs. M. Crinigan, 1150 West Eldorado street, and travels for the Wabash as freight agent out of the Decatur division. Mrs. Crinigan is the daughter of the late John Lahey. After a short trip through Michigan, at home In 737 West All tion but about three new associa- presidents were introduced at the luncheon Monday noon and the other presidents attended the sessions sometime during the day Fifty women were served at noon. Eugene Abrams New President ofS^E.Men Officers for the next school semester were elected Monday night by members of Illinois Delta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Eugene C. Abrams was made president of the fraternity, Preston Genuine was elected -lice president, Russell Bell was made secretary, William Trisch corresponding secretary, and Buell Hollls treasurer. Members decided to give a spring rushing party and dance on the evening of Saturday, June 9. through Thursday and possibly Fri- A FEATURE of our Beauty Sahn ·£ ·». net for women inttrtsttd ' retentton of their youthful tharm. Mile. Aileen, personal representative of Mme. Jaqqet, wilt give individual advice on the Jaquet Technique for Care of the Complexion. «EAUTy SALON Monday in the home of Mrs. Carl R. Dick. Mrs. Lauren L. Shaw received the high score award, Mrs. John P. Rodger the second, and Mrs. Favre Gould the consolation. Mrs. Dick, who was expected to return from her visit in St. Louis, did not arrive for the party, but was expected to get in Monday evening. She and her husband were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brown, formerly of Decatur, Hostesses for the day were Miss Marian Wood, Mrs. W. Ross Lloya, Mrs. K. Mark Cowen, Mrs. George Oilman, Mrs. Charles Lee and Mrs... Forrest File decorated with lavender sweet p e a s ' a n d Clyde N. Reubart were marr.rd and rainbow colored candlr-a. Shoul- Sunday morning in Grace Methodist church parfonage by Rev R. :,r. Pierce. The immediate family mi present. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Mary Robinson. Xoith Monine street. Mr. Reubart is a son of M-i. M. Wiley of Decatur. Miss Maud Parr was bndesms j and Milton Walden best man. II-?. Reubart is a graduate of Dccal .r High school and attended Brown Business College. She is emploj i of chapter, was toastmis- Toasts were given by Miss Caroline Roll, Miss Louise Nukolls, Miss Collette O'Brien, Miss Dorothy lion in Denver last year. Mothers and guests who attended from out of town were Mis. M. M. Mikels of Cerro Gordo, Mrs. Otto Scheuth of Bloomington, Mrs. W. P. Robertson of Findlay, Mrs. Malcolm Fowlcy of Ccrro Gordo, Mrs. Louis Perkins of Cerro Gordo who was a guest of her sister, Miss Alta Mikels, and Mrs. D. W. Clark of Chicago, a guest of Miss Ruth Chase. Patronesses present were Mrs. Forrest Wikoff, Mrs. Earl Weatherford, Mrs. R. Zink Sanders, and the housemother, Mrs. R. L. MacWher- ter. Mrs. Robert Witzeman was in charge of the dinner. in the advertising The Review. Mr. department of Reubart is employed in the Loader Iron Wor« The couple will make their home ,n an apartment in 1012 East Frame street. Try This Simple Method For Blackheads If you a r e t r o u b l e w!th th«se un- s i g h t l y blemishes. Ktt two ounces if Caloiifte powder from any drug sto · Sprinkle a little on a hot. wet cloth and nib over the blackhead". In » few m i n u t e s every blackhead, big "· | l i t t l e , will be difeolved a w a y entirYr ONKLINS THE STANDARD OF QUALITY For more than thirty years the name CONKLIN'S has stood for quality, in connection with bread, and today same as thirty years ago, we have the same severe standards and high ideals that make for quality. CONKLIN'S HOLSUM and KLEEN MAID BREAD is so universally used that it is a good plan to always ask for CONKLIN'S when you want good high quality- bread. CONKLIN'S is the "mark of q u a l i t y " on bread, same ai Sterling" on silver. Its your guar« antee of goodness and purity. $! First prize for highest quality in National competition for 12 cons e c u t i v e months in 1927. So Don't Say Bread--Say "ONKLINES HO I, SUM "THERE'S A DIFFERENCE IN BREAD" AT ALL GROCERS IlilltllllllUIHINilUllllltlUllllllllllllllllliyilllllUllii ill MI mm,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,., ,,,,,m,,,,u,u,uiiuiiiiUUUIIHIIk Berries After Not They Are T and Too Sun-P OLIVt James Mil S MALL fruits currants n very popular vi housewife. Th- JO per cent, wa . I may be used foi Ing various dcss If strawbcrri thin syrup they shape and much by using a lar; and cooking thr berries can be much of their c color preserved the cooking do what. In selecting ·=' Bing or for pros way. be sure tha have not bem pi us" berries tha- after a heavy :: larger percentae* ire liabl» to b which will n'cc." which is bound t Select bcrnc? possible and tho* in the sun. Som^ than other? for berry make' p?" the ones w i t h p. h the nicest is a la' Wilson." Canned !~t Select fri-3h f i t . been picked th a them. Hull and · water, then pour t Fashion 9 , Aanakellc, 7 FOR WEI Wrc maidens delight in wear therefore it give: ^faction to make J*tn it la as s «07. This smart wo lengths has tached to straip! 'font and back v {JIB at cither Oloomers inctudcc *Mi tiny white J'olies and bands B»idie. candy sti Wue chambray. i printed linen wit *«*tingr bands at ·Meet. For parti ·WM it of pale F yellow organdie er Pale blue ge JJ« flesh colored f cents in stamp S*!" are made b KADDET DON'T GIV Bond's i Uef When from weal b ladder. or ° u have l yourself u M 0 n d " Rem f K o U B p thousands . ·am ' ere suffer ?£?« Pains *rtth Be 'a* tc remedy i Price 60c 'SPAPERI

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