The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 2, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1899
Page 2
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Calumet ^ Powder $** it***. North Dakota held in Bismarck, was attended by t went}-one members of that celebrated body. The proceedings of this meeting were published in the TawcjrK at the tame and copies seat to all absentees. TheroUatthe meeting developed tae fact that the following were absent from the state--their present address being as indicated below: . T. W. Bean, now in the state of Wash jSSerd Bennett Jfevhart. Mont L. P. Barttett Hamilton. HI. ^^^«F%« m, Pills Are «»· fimr , BosSa«s oca sad tow* taeanr Own in vest IjQekMa. lad*. «vrjr than E.W. Los Angeles, Cai -'. paymaster U. A. x. a. · . . . .......... v esHrier, pu nootb... S3 » 1.90 . .90 Tax passage of ti* divorce bfll will have done more for the morals and good name of North Dakota than the passage of any primary election law or temperance oMumissioner law that can be framed. Not to pass a law perfecting onr divorce laws would be an open declaration to the world that in consideration of the few thousand dollars the laxity of onr divorce tows brings tp the state in tile way of liberal expenditures and fees ontheputofmembers of tte divorce colony, the conscience of oar people should be and the good name of the state abroad traduced. OB the other hand,-in tte face of the most stringent prohibition la w of any state in the union--to pass a temperance commMsioner bfll would be an admission of weakness hardly in keeping with tile eameatnesa of prohibition advocates--for after aD taw is bntthe essence of public sentiment and no law can be enforced that is not backed by public sentiment. Whenever ti» sentiment fe for absolute prohibition no other law than that now oa oar statute books is necessary, and where the sentiment is opposed to the present manner of dealing with the liquor traffic more law is entirely super- fiuona. IK Mr. Stevens speech of the other day in support of Bouse Bfll -No. 52 which provides among other things, that the contracts for the construction of public buildings must be let to residents of the state, he paid the printers of the state a deserved compliment when lie said: "Hie legislature a few years ago passed a bin requiring all public printing to be done within the state and no one wQl say that the passage of the law was not in accord with the principles of protection as profaned by the republican party." "See," continued Mr. Stevens "what H has done for the state in the way of building up the most extensive printing establishments in the northwest--in Fargo, Grand forks, Grafton, Wahpeton, Jamestown, Bismarck and other cities--furnishing, employment and good wages to hundreds. I want our mechanics in all trades protected in like manner. I be- oeve in home industry. O. G. M««/-frn m '. Milwaukee. H.Moer,Iulnth. ^^ A. 8. Parsons, Birmingham, Ala. E- M. Paulson. Mawauhee, Wis. A. D. Kobertsoo, Pssadeoa. C ' W. H. Bowe, La Pacts. Teas. C.C.Bowsfk4d, Chicago, m Bev.Geo.Xhne, A MEALTMY MAM, ··*· Ai» tit* P*t»t* T%»t G« t* Bere are the point* of · heaitoy man. If you hare them all you may, 'barring seehleuu. count on being a centenarian. If you have mwt of them, yoall reseha ^eoldage, bo* even If you have only a fewdiffl'tbealaaneifwnianyappKent- lyenzy human ·"--'·frTfi last asantte- tegbr tong time. "" ftatyour body aad Umbs should be plump, but the ptempness should be of the arm aadmusenlar, not the fleshy type. Tour figure ought tobeerectaad, whether at least If it is large yoor-nect, taowoers and ebest ought to ooriwpond insUe. If ion fed your pulae, it should he regular, if 1* drops a beat now and again or beau " v»yfa«»»ad excitedly after tbeleactez SMton or emotion then die heart is weak Xour breatiiiag ihould be naaqnll aad ta- anfllhle Any louuds mean that the pss- ssges are more or lea clogged. Ton sbonJd not know yon have a stomach--that U to ssy, a* a rule. Of taere are time* when that organ get* out of order In the healthiest individual, aad then it U always sure to make its owner aware of Its existence. Ton should always, except when the weather is Utterly eou, feel comfortably warm Unmngti your whole body, even to the tips of the fingers aad toe*. Otherwise something is wrong wteh the circulation or the baa* producing Fourth BienmaJ Clearance Sale of The potency.Nlsht Emissions and diseases, all effeeta of self, abuse, or excess aad India- cretfam. A "------"-- · w.i mm^,f sr w ^v*m^»*mmf*m Mood bonder. Brings the pink gtow to pate cheeks and restorea the fire of youth, Brinaa«Oeperbea:6bojtes ***withat --*~ . . without breadth is averted: thing in » man, for there is no mom for MCftVlTA MEDICAL CO. Jtettie far P.C. BrsrfrntcB. *»§»*«», fflinn usi attat^PrMflund gallery and Mr. IDeGraff wm show you as fine work from leesktoe groups down to cabinet photos as can be made. Your your gott aeatemusetosof good quality aaanem of goad tone. Your eye should be bright and aehberprominentner hollow. XHgbt "^ to who hated tt* Sag- Bsh, would have cursed in las Tour onrnplerfoa should bselear aad fresh. It Is usually not wefl with you whenyonrfaee is pale, saDow, florid or snbjee* to sudden, flushings. But In this 1 *at*e* youroeenpatioa has gnat influ- ««. an* you might have the wen* poad- bto«nDple*tonand be in pertet healta. Bnttbst, of oourss, Is the aeeptioa, not teerule. ----- ^«» head should not be very large, or Jon should have sound sleep, without dreams or nightmares, aad ft should not last too long or too short--say, eight to sight aad a half hours every night Tour voice ibonld not be hoarse, aad yon should be a strangle tosarethrosta Tour appetite should not be too great or ton small, while yon should not be ··of- ferer from headaches, giddiness or nen- algia. and, of course, you should not hare pstpHatioBS or faintingsor varicose veins. If you answer to the above description, you have neither fflsmse of the brain, spinal cord, heart, lungs, liver, stomsch, muscle* or nerves, aad you are in as perfect health a* it is possible for human beings to be. But at tiw same time many a round shouldered, narrow chested, thm aad sallow man lass tough as steel, works hard aad lives tin he to almost tired of the world, and, of course, even the bealthfess of urrnust go through a course of colds, «C4g£ beadacbea, dyspepsia attacks and tothewBtof your body yon are likely to have less stamina, and you should not overdo such thing* as football, cycling or ·ven brain work.--New Tork World. BOSTON Bismarck, North Dakota. We have enjoyed very good trade the put and we will show our appreciation to our customers by fiviajr them t 25 par cent [ discount on suite, overcoats, underwear, colored shirt* and mittens. w n f l m Us "Three Hnsketears" which bristle on a* Her L , play adapter toordtaary, sd a»at vers -- of Dumas. Dumas was lucky to be mentioned at an. Mart of the name tee erase the name of the original autnor ·together and insert their owi As I watt ·Jomj thestrsnd I sometinw tftfSl hear Grnndy and Comns Car* and Ham- aM tto wort* of T. -- lonaoaTisla. THB members of the North Dakota press association which is composed of publishers of pop a* weD as republican papers win be surprised to leant that there ta opposition to the publication of ejection returns-- by precincts-- as a part of the regular county commiesion- ers proceedings. It would aeem that the newspaper boy» had done enough. tor their legislative frieno* to entitle them to * favorable consideration of a measure of this kind. If it was a measure without merit opposition might be expected, bat every citizen wants to see and preeerv e these election tables showing the rote by precincts-- the commis- aiooen are now obliged to publish totals Wife "Charlotte, my dear, bow is it I and JOB wwptogf Have yon had bad newt from your husbandr" "On, worse than that) My Arthur writes me from Carlsbad he could gase affectionately at my picture and cover ft wfth a thousand kisses everyday." "That tsreeily very nice of him. AaV pray, is it that yon ate crying to) J would give anything to have such a poetic and tenderly loving hnsbandasyonaaver" "Ah^yes, my Arthur Is very possJcaii BttbtmeteD you that, just tottyhto, I slipped; my mother's photo into bis trmv- -- London Tit-Bits, only-- itkB'tatkmg mnchto have the emu-raw published in a more complete and intelligent form. neTer has existed any good reason why full legal rates should not be paid for the publication of the annual Statements of insurance companies and tb* passage of the Creel bill in the senate is entirely proper. In this connee- tton it m»j be observed, that so far as 1 the taxpayers of the state are concerned, the publication of financial statements of those public servants who are holding the people's money is of immensely more value than publication of insurance statements. Constitutional Convention Association, For La Grippe. Thomas Whitfield Co* 240 Wabssh ave., corner Jaekson-st., one of Chicago's oldest and most prominent druggists, recommends Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for la gnppe, as it not only gives a- prompt and complete relief, but aba connteracteany tendency of la grippe to result in pneumonia. EOT sale by E. S. Beardstey, PAYS GONE BY. Cb.ta*dsystaB«byl Ob,ttt«d*y*toMby! Xh* spplt* ta tiwoMhsrdaad tbtpstfawsy MCFOQ^t tb I3TC» Th» ehlmu) of tbe rote, asd tbe wttstl* of tbeqaaU A* be piped sera Wet Weather Won Harm tfieonly btscnit of which package.that keeps these Uneeda Biscuit ·7.30 Men's suits *545 too Men's suits foo feoo Men's suits $6.75 t»bOO Men's suits 17.50 ·1240 Men's suits 1945 **3-5» Men's suits $10.15 93*o Men's pants $1.50 ·2.50 Men's panto to.9s feeo Men's pants fcus ·3-50 Men's pants $3.65 84-00 Men's pants 83.00 S4.» Men's pants $3^0 A good fleeced lined underwear at 75 cents per suit A fine wool fleeced underwear at per 45 cents garment. Reg. ti underwear at 75 cents. R *fL*l ^S «*»«i»*ar, now only 90 cents. Sue Bey's suits 91.50 tfcSO Boy's salts fx^ $3M Boy's softs *us 93-SP Boy's suits t»«5 H«o Boy's suits $3^0 *4-So Boy's suits ^40 *HW» Men's orercoats $7.59 tot.SO Men's overcoats 045 »»-SO Men's orercoats §045 ·15.00 Men's overcoats tai.ts faaoo Men's overcoats $13.00 teS^o Men's overcoats $1940 R cStotr i* 1 ' 58 BWlerweir » «·» R^w '«io» underwear, now _ only 51.50. The best an wool sock ^ve/s3 at 25 cents. fomember: Fur coats at actual cost now. m sr^ss.isii, d ss,ss!±i tato --- - »· R. L BEST CO. First Hat Bank Block, Bismarck. ""Salting BISMARCK STEAM Groceries . -- - was o* Un* **« la the rty, Aad my bapgy hem the clow sodSM OTW la ta* la the dsyi COM by, wbaa myaaksd fest wentriDped ByttwboaeriracJde tsnflsi when the water uttea dipped, Aad the rtppJoof tiwrtw nppolUMno* atenf tte brtek tb»ptad4 eyed sad Issy footed eatfie ·OILOS or « ·tfSWKSS. ···ITS OUB BELIEF THAT THE BIST WAY TO BUILD * up and maintain a good businesB is to keep the quality of our goods high and the prices reasonable, thereby makin* many sates to satisfied customers. We are satisfied witS this method. Good goods at fair price* are features of our business. CHAS. KUPITZ. . flARQUETTE COUCH, aaft the tntteg Bdpv stood sat'* wayward cry, and the ipSarittag «* the swlanaer ta tte day* (cm by. O6, the fay» gone d* made of " OK ere, the childish taHfc IB Jairtet sad Alsddta^i Btopte, soul repMtac, stod betltf feev , The recent meeting of the Constitutional Convention Association of ·wnm I»«s»sqr eaflrsBSS4'«vwy ««k - aaa»CgriOCTU(nlsliiismv BarbHrMln*, Mr Ito. C^tfofato Ave, nutsgn, PL P. E. BYRNE, Insurance Agent, German Afflaacl^Asa'a ef New ^ C ^ | P« B *«». Representing io Cash Ov*r Forty-flve fWIJons of Etottars^ ·Obnor«i»li la tb* fddsB, otdao glory of tlw dsys · - - - SSH I I - *· CUT . . . . FLOWERS Aaeriouibeantfen, CcmiDODrt»P«,r«l, jdfcw.whHe. SJiS to (fawn. , eenu TIME CARD-BISMABCK. S 0 -* AttaatfcJC«I. NO.SS. Way Frewht The soldier boys who had taken Hood's Sarsapanlla are said to have stood the Jong marches much better than their companion*. This medicine strength sad endurance Do you like Opie Bead? Your choice of 11 titles at Capital Book Store. Waatrtf Her. "An old ocmple from the east," say* the Detroit Free Press, "ate rismng their sea *» thtadty. If the mother gets out *f sight of the father he i* constantly askina for her aad is no* content till they are to UH-UBT BOH » no* uuiueuv uu tneyatvto getber again. The other evening she went to another part of tb» hoass wha* he was behalf ocssn tfaass the son saM, ,Jl'JL* gett * as though youeonldat s» wnkoctiDotiMrflvemtautssatatims. " 'Tou'ieright,'saU to* eld Slowly. 'That's ths BiHiard Parlor, ·eOaaaWs. K*ia St. to DtUVOId ataad. SNfMu RMM Bsr% Sltf J. C. DOUR, - Fro«r»»tor. Utb» S. M. PYE CO., U-s»P«M August Sth, $130^60.. SP4PFR1 SPAPFRf

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