The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 11, 1920 · Page 4
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 4

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1920
Page 4
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THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, MONDAY, OCTOBER IT, 1920. ' 1057-1073 BROAD ST., OPP. POST OFFICE 0lJarfe 0 THE STORE THAT SAVES YOU MONEY Our Entire Home of This reduction is made solely in the interests of a worthy movement to decrease the excessively high costs of living which now prevail. It is not done for philanthropic or sentimental reasons. We have lecognized the necessity tor impressive action--and are siiriply doing our part at a loss oi a good share of our fair profits. Keen foresighted home furnishers have been quick to take advantage of the opportunity this reduction provides and are highly pleased with the decidedly worth-while savings they have made. If you need anything for your home now is the time to secure it. If you desire we" will hold your puichase free of charge until you want delivery made. A deposit is all that is needed. A Wonderfully Comprehensive Assortment of Suites and Single Pieces for Every Room in the House Is Now on Display--and It Is All Subject to This 15% Discount, ^Which Is Deducted from the Original Price Tags at The Time of Your Purchase,Make YourJSelections Now and Save. 15? Off All Our Floor Coverings --All 15Z Off for Rest and Sleep at 15% Off Off All Stewart One-Pipe Furnaces Free Delivery In New England Store Closes Daily at Six. . ' I I I I l l l l \ U l l f , I I I I 114 l l I t H ll l ' ll i ll ' ! Ci awf o d --Stewart Universal--Clai eo Ch amp ion--Dangler and Alcazar. Off All Ranges J n v e s t u i l l i l n s W o n d e r l u l |Q57-lO7a BROAD OPPOSITE POST OFFICE BRIDGEPORT CONN ilMREX UNIVERSAL Two Deck Subway Planned f or N.Y. Believed that AH Surface Lines in Manhattan Soon Must Be Abandoned. NEW YORK Oct 10--This city will havo a new double-docked subway l u n n l n g r most ot th length oC Manhattan Island It the plans pio- postil by John II Dnlamy, tiaiiHlt construction coinmJsnlonet, to pio- uclo lor the Incieiuio In tiafflo In the next !B years arc put Into effect His plans call foi an olpht Uncle uoublo dock lino on tilt west side of the city from the Ballot y to 155th street l u n n l n g unclei Kl(?hth and Amstatdam avenucB Only tout tiadts would be constructed nt first but those would be HO located that another four tiotli u n i t could bo built under or on top of it Mr Delaney also pioposos tlio building of another noitli and south subway of four to six tracks umtei Fifth and Madison avenues on the eas* aide, and extondlng from the Battery to the Hiulcm ilvor Both .hose arlorlei would have connections extending to the boroughs ol she Bronx, Brooklyn or Richmond The commissioner advocates the construction of 42 now slng-lc traclt liver tunnoN Aa the piesont system has 84 such tunnels this would make a total of 76 tunnels He says that passongor traffic on tno surface of the main tu lories north and south or otosatown, will soon have to be discontinued because of the great Increase of traffic of vehicles and pedestrians; with tho result that all passenger traffic on these shoots would bo foiced Into subways or on elevated lines. Death from Drugs Showing Increase Former Alcoholic Addicts Said to Be Using Dangerous Sleep Producers Under "Dry" Law. I , , NHW YORK, Oct. 10--Increase of deaths hero from slep-tproduclng drugs, use of which, it Is said, has 3een acquired by many persons since ;he advent of pi ohlfoltlon, has led Health Commissioner Copelancl to order an Investigation of sales of such drugs Additional restrictions nay bo placed on their sale, ho said Tho invpstlffatlon waa ordered bo- cause of a statement by Chief Medical Examiner Norrls regarding the ncrease m deaths attributed to this cause Tie said that alcoholic addicts, finding: themselves nervous and sleepless In many instances wheio hey have 'beon unable to purchase liquor for their customary ' nlftht- ·ap,' had icaoitod to other artificial ind dangerous ways of wooing sleep The desired icHof lie said, was obtained through the use of the neive- lUlotlnR effects of cot tain cliuRS Di Norrls declared that deaths !rom sleop-produclnj? drugs oocuirod n hospitals and in what formerly wore sanatoilums for tieatment of ilcoholism Deaths from inch causes also liad been recorded as suicides, he said Education Board To Meet Tonight Appointment of New Teachers to Be Discussed--$7,500 Is Available. Thp regular mooting; of tho Board of Education will be held this oven- n{T nt 8 o'clock In tho boaid loomi n tho Tlist Bridgeport National 'Janlc building Routine business will bo taken up and It Is e\ptcted hut sointtiling w i l l be dono towaida ·ppolnllng new loacheiB Inasmuch 0.11 7 BOO 11 cis appiopilated for that miioso nt thp mnutlng of tho Board f A p p o i t l o n m o n t last wcok. LOSING MILK BOTTLES ADDS TO MILK COSTS WiMTINX, I'ON Oil 10 -- ttincw- ng lost milk l i o t t k s ndils to tlu ilco of mlllc palil by ilty LOimimorH in lnv( sttjMtloiiH 1 j tin dopai burnt il Q f r i K u l l u i i li IH dtailospd al no iittompi w u n miulo to ll\ ho amount added to ( o n b u n x i o bills or this i r won Tn lit IniHl J7 clllon u n k ( I c n 1 c i 3 « I I P l o i i n d t o u i i i v oji (*Riil\i l i a f f l u in m i l k b o l l l f f i 'Ph( i c i i o i t biuti milk d i a U i i "atr ompollod lo p i i H h n m 1 " b o l t l n o\ «M i n u n l l i tin ( m i l I ( l t l ( " UK ^ l i a \ o flllod dully dm Ing tlul i m l o d , n u i l m i n i m u s ' I'l - osi ninatiK s n n l ] dcalc ' is »is ibnri tli it H i i f l i M d l lj t h i I J D K I i l f i l ' i l n i ' H Tlui H K i n l l i l o i l ( r » I m u I ' l t I I I I I I k M l t i l 111 ( I I I ' I l l u ' lit* l i l b i l o i H lnii tin \ n o 1 Mi r n l j ' f i n ( I 1' up on I I ) u t n i n o f tin li liol ( I t s i i n ! I In n I i i do not Ion so iminj In Hi i t r n u n i K i llHHltlllK boltlc 1 Ifl 1 if? 01 U7 fluuii foi othor pui post H i n k Ui l u n l i d ul( i 4 01 K ' \ l i i ' th l o l l l s lit Ion).Inn, to imi i l i i l i i lo iii- o l h u i ddd in i t c i l ill; to th( ( i i n f l i i n i o i a 1)111 and is an ci inoinlc u n o i v\hlch f a t h n n d e \ « i y c o n H i i n i o i can holp to itiliuf b\ r n t i u n l n ^ c\or boltli In goof! toiulitinn ' LOUVAW SPRfNGINGUP FROM RUINS OF WARFARE I ; O 1 I \ \ I \ T Ml If l u l l ) Oi | 10 I l u l l ] [ | i i I l l l l l o! L n l m i l l l | ) u 111 |) HID f i t 1 1 mas 11(11 Hi d I h i t in li i n A l u u s l -"i I ' I I I H I I spi l i i v t l n i i l i / ' - n M ol mi l i i n l u i l d l i i K s I In \ t i n 1\ t ) u 111 l n li 1 i l l i i K l it! l l i ( k v h c \ I Ml] in t u n s l i t n i i iu In I! U t i n i ^ I I I h i h l l i l si nt i m i n i p t i t i t i n t | i 11 am t I him I o u \ 1111 u IK n M l \ M l l C O f 1 ( O I U I H U I K t l O l l l ( I I I I died No f f T r n t s h a v o \ o L b( on made to i n b u l l d t h o fainoilH l i l n n i v Tin Hi Iflinn ^ n \ o i n r i u n t IHM\MPI Is " l a i l n a l l v f l i u l l r i i f I n d o i m i i n v l u i i i 1 of main i f tlin i i r k o l o H n manu-si i l p t i i n n d o l h o i hookH l o o t c i l t i o n i I In l l b i a i v hv the Uc'imiiim ' J L F R D KFEPER IS ROBPED OF $190 Nnthan T ( l i o g o i v wnn liclil ip al 10 o'clock i B i i t i u d u y ul|?lt I)V t w o u i n i u d rridn who accoNtoil lilm wlillu hi \\UH alono In hln H h i e ut I ( h o r i y flliod W l l f u i i l , nnil i o v oilnjf lilm with i o \ o l v « i t i Inoluil tho (ush iPKlnlni of $11)0 Thft stoic !·» within two blocks of the M l l f o i t l pollco uttitloii, T-Uo men oscupud ox D ro Read a American Porcelain Dinner Ware A number of small sets, 100 pieces and lest, with very attractive decorations are moderately priced 100 Piece Set Bluebird decoration with pink floral spray. $30.00 50 Piece Set Pink and green medallion effect, two gold lines and gold edge. $15.00 52 Piece Set Pink roses with cream bands. $44.50 52 Piece Set Nippon China in blue and pink. $48.35 tion, 100 Piece Set Fancy design with spray decora- \} V^B * $28,00 J edge. 100 Piece Set Pink spray and gold edge, $28.00 112 Piece Set Pink roses, blue lines and blue $45.00 112 Piece Set with b $49.00 Pink roses with blue band, gold line and ' Basement By Candle Light The fad for colored candles seems to have no limit. Rose Light Blue Yale Blue Pink White Red Lemon Yellow Mulberry Orchid fade Green Orange Sunshine In 8, lo and 12 inch lengths. 17, 25, and 30 cts. Bowmen t. A Dress Form if you do your own, dressmaking One of these handy articles is almost a necessity in the homes where garments are planned and made by the wearer. At the p.Utein counter, on the main floor, these forms are displayed, and there is one special number exceptionally good for the eur scwei which sells for $17.50 Olhci models, different size:, aie $27.00 and $28.50 Main flooi. Fruits and Flowers of Autumn Millinery Grapes (if puqle nnd gold, bwiics in i h i s t e t s , .ill tinged w i t h bionze, red and ftieen. 'I licc w i t h then attemhnt foliage l i e ready f o r hats. I I mdy embroider}' in wool o» metallic t h r e a d s m a k ; for dii-Unctive ornamentation, Satin Damask for the table 'Ihib is an opportunity whuh possibly we shall not be able to oflei again veiy soon, as linens are still advancing owini; to the scaicity ot tLu. When Russia i c u n e i s .uul noes to work we .shall probably have lowei pi ices nn linen. This item is a heavy bleacheu satin damask, 70 inches wide. There are tour ditfei- ent patterns. Special at $3.95 Third floor. YOtlt Fuel Problems I1V USING GAS Special Order WINDOW SHADES (Old SlmdOH ItrvcrNoU) DAVID W. WILTSIE CO. B-6335 303 Fairfield Ave. A V For Lamp Shades The task of making a lamp shade · is not difficult for the woman who Y handles her needle and thread easily , v « and who has an artistic sense for colors and decorations. There is so great ' variety in fringe, gimp, fancy ornaments and tassels, that one may go to ' any length or work out any personal whim or fancy. Beautiful colors, especially for art work are shown at the silk section. The thin Habutai or Jap. silks which shirr easily, and at the lace counter are " shown, Fringe* In gold, rose, Copenhagen blue, green, white and black, 4 and 6 inches in length. Metal Gimpi, from 1 to 2^ inches in width. MOM and Fancy Gimps for edgings. Pull Cord*, a splendid variety finished with handsome tassels, and these corm: in colors to match with fiinge. Main floor, center aisle. ' Nests of Blocks / \ group of blocks which f i t one inside the other in o r d c i l y fashion. The sides f the blocks are gaily decorated w i t h pictures of i m m a l s , figures or letters of the alphabet. There are several sizes, 50c, 75 cts. and $1.50 Book SscUom. C A T E R E R Edward D. Waten \ \ l I / I , . M i. V U M . M 1 Is KAM\VICHE* CKOQUKTOH II 34 COI'llT ST. BAR. NEWSPAPER! EWSPAPER

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