Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 2, 1910 · Page 5
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 5

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1910
Page 5
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TRENTON EYEING TIMES, WEDNESDAY, NOVUJMBUK 2, 1910. Menu for Tomorrow BREAKFAST Bake 1 Apj»!es. Cerr-i! w!!h Auear no- 4 . Cream Boi;rJ ESSTS. M'jfllns Coffee, LUNCHEON. Corn Fr;'tfr« Hot Raisr- '. D I X X K R . Creain of r f : - r y S---jp rr-"jtir Beef Pit. Mashed Potatoes. Bak^rt i ' j u : ; r i " W f e r w i t h ~h«"«ie. A p r ' " Tap'.nca with Cr^.tro. SUNSHINE SOCIETY SOCIAL The Funphlnp SK-ie^r "f Si James Chwch wilt hold, instead of Its^reKular meeting tomorrow cvenim:, a HalJuw e'en social. Th»- varlouB departmenls will be cajoci fur hy the fullowlnjf: Lunch Room -- Mrs. J. \VUrox. Mrs. T- Turford, Mrs. F. Harrison. Mrs. D. Booth, Mrs. J. Harrtsori, Mrs. J Gro i viit. j Cftke -- Mrs. William Layton. Misa 'tthei l^ayton. Miss (.'. /.'-nK^r. ! Leinona3t---Mrs. J- Blllinsham. Mlfr i M. Lsyti n. Miss M.a- Tisonipsnn, Mis · ! N'e-llie Lontrmulr. Witch.-,*' I'-n -- ffss M. Mallarn. Mis Ruth Davis. Miss A. Conover Candy--Mrs. H. Guiidford. Miss B. i 0'Hart. Miss Lillian Hasseil. Miss F. · G r i f f i t h . M1?S J. I'nvia.. J 0(? cr.-aro -- Mrs J. Turfnrd, 'vVilllara Laytfin. Miss M. Dlsbrow, Mlsa A, Oethine Tick.-!? -- H.-C'arrnan, Miss B. O'Harr. Jiidp*s--A. \Vildblnod. A. Kowley. J MallaiT) and- HAD A MERRY PARTY. \VHh the Misses Helen Larzeler Fl'T^nce" Knrdl- y us hostesses a merry Hi-.llowf"en party was held Monday . vuninj? at ?23 Revere Avenue. - J o h n ; Fa!.---y! Pan! Smith and others pro- Ti:.'pv present" included the Misses i Harmnell. Maytrs. Hutchinson, Bard- Lie;-. Connors. Larzelere, Donlin. Smith, Vanbyckle «nd Vanck-rvvhfrl. and Me«srs.- Smiiii. ' Falcey. McCardell, ' brake., .'Tailors. Waters, "Whuley. W. , Larzt-iere. C Larzelere. and .Ende: .. I brock. . ; ! I CLOVER ..CLUB WILL DANCE, j ( Final arrangements have heen corn- j fpletefl for a special dance to he con- I ducted !n the Arcade Academy, to- '· night, under the auspices of the Cl.-- jver-Social r'lub. Tho dancing ' will, (continue from 3:30 to U--.30 o'clock, with music by Hi-ke5''s full orches- j tra. The committee In charge com' prises John Landerkin. Charles Hit. , . - ' " . .-.'tell William' - Gosch a n d Louis smart widows cress- nas t^ 6 i £:{;_.,.,,.. very deep yoke and the low re -; Schmidt, effect so fashionable. The crape " are .brought in very effectively. Mr. last J. M with Personal Mention and Mrs Louis H. M'-K»e "f .M»:! A \ e n u e v. J H U-a\- hj're t: 1 .*' f : h i s «-» As. v .\vt-li \ \ l l l sp*-Md t'ie w u i ' ^ r ] GIRLS TALK OF AIRSHIPS; i DISCUSS STRIKES NEXT ' The first regrular meeting of the Y ' W '· A ' u r r - r . t Rv»-nts I'l-uss was i hi Id Ias» r v e n l n i c Several new mein- ] i . rs wert- added and others are "ex- j i.t-.-t«-d to join Tb" «,iMi..-t last even, ins was "Aviation." and interesting I articles w^r** pr**«»*fitei oy the m?m- I t.»-rs n th^ history of the various i flyinjc machines, their builders, rex-ord * · t!:eht.i w h i c h hav been mailw. the -- i f.-il u j i . u s salaries which many nf the V i i r a j n e r i and flying machiii-* niann- f;i-T !n-rK -'immanrt and the sums f"r u h : . - h t h e rn;n-hfn~8 are sold. The t ' ' ! - l ' "f :K-xt week's meeting vvill bo 'Strikes " M'ss M a r y M _ V . n u . - . v.' ·· :···!.- ' - ' · · n ::i K u r " i ' « .s:n-~ l . i ? " Sir:r;i;, -A if. n . T . a l l i '':'-re for I) 1 .'-- T ' ¥ v. ii.u-r. _ si,,.-! i r ; Mr? HITI-V K M,m;-.r.-of ticll'-vu" I,',.."" A\ -,, ...tOUNG "WOMEtf TO EltTEfiTAIN | -:ni; \V-m-r.'s F"r.'icn Mis- ; Xvi-ifj", !"··:!!:·-)·. Mi"« Ma." I Ml.-. I? l° ,-,..-,,.,,.; " x v . T i u e Y'r'.-liminjrV" pl.ins bu»in-'SS Sn N T W [ York. Mrs. Wetzel. me; lns.--.'.'!i A ll""t.:i Pa-..-.-t, who lias "t summer, "stfirti'd t I'.rar.c 1 - a.c.-mnar,:.. i-r of M r s . \V;l.--n: .-if '.Vest S t a t n i \ --:Uni: hen- all :iy for her him«= Mrs. H.-!:ry her frurn h*re. t" '".·,'·!'! sn t*.e Sur;lay £.--hr"il , n i ; .e '-V'":iirji; "f N'\»-:nii*T 'J'J. ; Mrs- Dunn. h«r dauvrhters and her son W i l l i a m I)u;:n. the mother of Mrs. JolT. L. ' K u s - r . have moved fr^m Newark i n t o their ne-.v home :i-ar Ge.orsctown Behold the. latest-- the jaunt r 1'irnp" cap! Made absolutely- -.limp, with- ut stiffening or foundation of ah'y sort, it is admiraHe for traveling, as It ' - ase. T h e ma^oj SODI oi sutioja^J uioaj ^SUT-J SI-RU^I can-h*- packed in a suit case. The ma^oj theatre wear. There -is only one essential the face under it must he pretty. DANCE FOR taste. __ . , : GIRLS' SOCIETY. rlarroe Many Women Will Work For Sake of the Afflicted Frepa-ra-ions are about onnipleted for j. Miss Coiernan. Miss -Boice. -Miss Reba Miss Mary Rlchey of W»st State Street has been in New York for th» past week under the care of Dr. Kirlty Petterson. a .nerve specialist. M«-s John Moses mf WVst State Street has oeerv visiting Mrs.. W. H. Browne of Princeton. ) Mr* Philip F. H. Brakely of Bordentown has been visitine her friend. Mis? Fanny Heed, at PiusbtirK. for gome \seeks. ! i Mrs. Kdwani fr. von Puhn of New j York, formerly Miss Susanna Well- I lnr nf this city, has been made the i president nf th-' Woman's Foreign! JdissU'nary Society o'f the (·ntral j Presbyterian . Church, Fifty-seventh i Street and Broadway, of -which the t Rev-. Wilton Merle-Smith is .pastor, j Dr. Merle-Smith-, in his "day, was t h e j pitcher of the Princeton University Baseball Club. Mrs. Elwood W. Hill.- Jr.. and her son Elwood of .779 Second Street, are visitine Mrs. Hill's mother. Mrs. Wise. at :a!ifcH-nia, Md. William Matthewa,~"from Scranton. Pa.. Is the sruejit for a few days of Mrs. Frank Lrfrwthorp of Greenwood Avenue. ^-s-s K!!zab-th Ma.-Cr.-ii -il. ; L'l ··:! · i t r . -n. M.irsaret I l e i t n . J- ssie . C u r tin". A l v - Tii-jrn and Fran; ' s U'JIK- ; '..-.-. Th'' nui^:' will !··.- In v-::arj!i' o f ; M'.s^ I-!i!7.-il* ; :'. clf-mnier. \ ,- Mr«. K . l w i r d Dolt on. Mrs fJswaid. "i : M r s S · · t t i l i i i i k ' . Mrs · ')r.'.rl s Bnrk a n d , t!:.. M-ss.s M:!dred and Anna A pear! Miss Hayes will have i-li.-iret- of j th,- . a July table; Mrs. Georj,-'- Bn-ri-- | :r,:iii, Mrs. i 'harles Hroushton and Miss M-ta Wt-stjrr'.ll take, care of tlie |wj|- -' ,'orti hoosh and Miss Carolyn i Human : will have rharee of the tickets. WASHIN'-DAY It's washin'-day at our house An' ihis is how I tell: It rl^ht after Sunday An' it has a sudsy smell. An' father's in a hurry An' mother's tired out, A n ' ev'ry one's .K-s' awful cross An' don't want me about. THE FASHIONABLE BLACK AND WHITE USED EVEN IN FUR. Paris is black-and-white mad just now. This qhic combination of tone* ne can scarcely say "colors"--is evidenced in frocks, hats and even In i fur wraps The white rabbit fur coat pictured here is trimmed with pip! ings of black velvet, black velvet buttons and little black ermine tails. The collar is of black fox. Black tails also ornament the muff, but the big tur- ,, . han l* H]| white with the exception of the silver rose at one side. Such -Irene Staley VVoodc-x-k in Woman'sl £an £ aU^white wrtft tne ^ P ^.^n^.^ in tb ^ ^^.^nn ^ v ^t» c^. Home Companion for November., * u ^ a -^ n a th e coat shown ha« been donned over a little tea frock ot whit* ! permo fabric--a silky mixture of wool and mohair. So I take Teddv an' m.v, doll A n ' wp- KI\ '( -Art' play That ev'ry "Hay is (.^hris'mas. An' the' ain' no washin'-day in Woman'si COLORED H A N D K E R C H I E F S . .the annual supper a.«.d bazsiar under j - '^ b ',;"^- o 7 2_ji rs ." Frank Bonham, dlr?rtion of the. Lftdi-? 1 Aid svcie.ty o f j M r s _ Q u tg-iey;' aides. Miss Dora Burg- McKinley Hospital, which v, ill be eon- stresser, · Miss." Gertrude Meirs. ducted November 10; 11 and 12. in Ma.- Miss -Mtvbel Lair.'-M-rss Mabel Doran. T;iWe 1--Mrs. \V. G. Cook, Mrs. A Haifmveen- rlarTPe will b« cuu'- duettii u n d e r drrpctinn "f thf Giri?' Friendly Soriety of Christ. Episcopal KIMOWLES AS |Qv--U;, ;' : ; DeCEGATE.TO PALMYRA l.^"^' --S*T^ The 1 Women's Rn*iirn Missionury. nuild fe^Asioiiatitm of Trinity M. E. i.'hurch; jions wil'J include corn s talks. . Miss fe-.'iaet j :vesterday-at the- home of Mrs. J.; Fisher is pr»-sid»nt n f - t h e Friendly So= w * : : -- ·jpenelsbeek,"- 2"0 Nurth . Warren ] t-iety and arrijnspf 1 . t o - h a v e a sook-ilary. t Ke"_ cliiirc'i Tii*.«d ft v. evening. . th(5 mpm l.w s of the Servers' nf the" ehurch. Tho dccora- and M'.ss -Abbott is the .aecre- sonic Temple, haii. , - · Frank Eve.rett; aides. Mrs. George ilrs. t-'.-cli h. AlarUntlirll is «-ha!i ui,un.j Blather, .Mrs. ri. iJ. '-looduiiuusli, Mii. of. the seneral committee and the booths ; Koylatld Bowne, Mrs. S. _· W. Slater, will lie . in charge of ch.* following women: FUjah "Terrs', . There .will be an ent-err in .'connection with the so- · H_ Knowles_j»"as elect- .to ..represent tlie . asso- ."«.t the -Trenton distrtci con: -ihe Women's. F.oreigir"-51is- · : 'A'ssocjafloh, to be hald .at ,.Xh-'Tuesday evening^ Nov.em CHURCH TO HAVE SOCIAL. - In' the -;c--imire room of the Calvary Baptist .Church tomorrow evening the. annual church social .will be held, un- dej- the direction -Of the LafHes" AW Society. A fine program of-voca! anii instrumental music has been arransed,. arid several ^ood -addresses will be A c-«Ilatiuh will be served. Booth:--Mrs. Mrs. Eltlnt;,' .Mrs. Fti! Palmi-r. Mrs. E. Foster, FtrassKT. Mrs. Spurso. Kraft, - Mrs. iSussavi Mrs. Brawn, Mrs. O. . P.alf, Mifs .lulla Brearley. Mrs. J. Rice. Handkerchief 1-Snoth --Miss · Ella Brown. Mrs. .\\~ii!t*-r~"Parscrns.--Mrs.. .A. Mahninp. Mrs. K. K, Tatle.r, Mrs. Jessie «.^ Jessie Clayton. Miss Jennie Pugh. Tatile No. 4--Mrs. - William Schank, Mrs. Samuel Bullock; aides, "" \fr= w' I Mrs. Gerrlck, Mrs. F o x . - - - . .Mrs. v\ ^^ ^^ 6 _. MrB . Charles Patterson. · jui.ii. ifra ^ Brearley: aides. Mrs.-Young, Mrs. Ge.dhze Dunn r Mtss Hattie Patterson, Miss"liable Tetry^ .MtsB O. West, Miss Kathleen Young.. Miss Lorra4ne Ber- " D"H Bisoth--Mrs, Elmer-Cadwallaaer, Sirs. Clarence.Plt-rson. Mrs. E. Stanton "Wells, · Mrs. Samuel Cadn-alSaiter. Mrs. gen-. --,-- . - . · Table -No. 6--Mrs. Miller. Mrs. 3. . ~ j given, times DAILY PUZZLE PICTURE Slrklnney. .. Mrs. Rfdgewav Fell; Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. William McCulloUB'a, Mrs. E. P. Mount, Miss Grace Stults. ^-Mlss Maddock. Miss' E.thel Donqhgr, Miss Minnie .Neale. Miss Roberta · JtanMn; Miss Nellie ,- " Mis's "Florence McKerney, Berg«n .post · '"- - " . . . : Lemonade Booth^--JtiBS Helen Lawton "Miss ."Helen "Welter. Miss Mildred Qordon Miss J9iea.b'etti -Gallear.- " .". .. : -PUlow-gasB Tiootfe-- Miss "Anna; Simp- " ' - soil -Mrs.- Maurice" Large, Mrs; Samuel Iayerstick, Mrs; Mortimer Polls. :Mra.\-A.rthur.'.Rlseley, Mrs." ^Clinton" Repvesr -Mrss- Margaret Simpson, SI IsaVFlorenne" Simpson. " Flower Booth-- Mrs. Edraund; Allen, Mrs.: Howard- Willey, Mrs. Frank ^Swayze, Mrs. Charles Waters, Walter Ffrth- . " " . ' " ' · Jce Creani--Mrs. " Mrs. · · . - r B-RentS; chair. man: Si iss Anna Voorhees, Miss Cjrar- .lotte; Schncher,-- Miss .Edith Poole, . ilfss: ·Bessie Bennettr- HarryrRenneri Milton Eenner. -. . · ' - . ' . ' . - . ' · ' . - · " , ' . - . - . Cake Booth -- Mrs. CharleS^teyenson, Mrs. Charles Sines.. "Mrs. :: Htlrry: '"Bailey. Mrs; Subers," Mrs. BonSam. iCJrocseries--%Mrs. John 3?rtV .chair- Mrs. " A 1*. -WesE.' MrsT: C* E. Hayes, Mrs. TtipTrtax Craig-, Mr?: f-^f Procost, Mri Horace, RHey...Mrs. Wil- llani Max-Adams, .Miss. Eleanor Pratt'=: Jack .-.Horrier ·" -PJe-rMIss Florenga Witham and the Misses Bonhanr.*'-- . : ' Canned Fruit^Mra. John /HoweTl, Mrs". Harry Piper, Mrs_ John BenzeU Mrs. Mary Howelf, Miss Elvira BenzeL S-^aVra.'Ev'-Sfantpn .- " oKalrman; -Mrs. ":F. 'Hooper, Urs, William FieiaB,-- Mrs. J. Coleman, -Mrs. Joiin Forayth, "Mra. - M-_ PutcllTTe. Mrs.' .it-"BlakeJyi -Mrs, :A. .Garwood. :,-.- .- Mu8lCf^5Ir; Frank Everett "--.--.": " SOsi Ethel Terry, - Ern- est-"Wlls6n ; "Walter Schencfc.. ; : -. . IKarry Hill, chairman.: No. l-^-ltrs. -John. Maddoc.k. T T. "Docoher; aides, Mrs"; Minnie Maddock. JJrs.. Chirlts a his Tsreweli Addreis to th» Armj" ".. .. Korernber 2.- 1788. .Washington from Soeky. Hill, X.'.Y. "--- sMiss Mildred haddock, aide down In c o t - . Silvers; aides. Mrs. J. EHtmar, Mrs. C. Closson, Mrs. C. Dlickenderfer, Mrs. Gepr^e Stout. .. Table X6. 7--Mrs. W. B- Kents. Mrs. Houser; .aides, Mrs. Marvin Riley, Mrs, Hiram Atelier .Mrs. Fall, .Miss .Helen Schallcross, Miss Ethel Rickey. ·.. Table- No. S--Airs. .Thelka .Kretz and AIlss- Cpriniie .Mann, Airs. MH'I win be asalmed in tlie BUP- per room" by Mrs. W. B. Maddock. Mrs, A. M. Maddock, Mrs. Albert Rees. '·'-'· WHITE RIBBONERS BUSY Mrs. Winthrop Slade and her son. who have been the guests \for the past week of Mrs. Slade.*B. sis-, "ter, MUs Katharine J. Hall, have returned to their ,home in Cambridge. Mass. Miss Eleanor Cook and Miss- Eroelie Auten of this city and -Miss 'Mary Tyson of Philadelphia, chaperoned by Mrs..Tyson, have returned from a card party at Cornell University. Mr*, A. U. nyv.«ll uf 797 Weal State Street hag returned to her home after an extended visit In the "West. Pittsburg and Dayton, O,. were visited, where she was the guest of Mr^ and Mrs. Frederick Fuller formerly of this city. . . · Miss May Stella of Lawrencevllle Road is ill at Mercer Hospital. Miv and Mrs. -Albeit IMcer-gard their infant daughter have gone to Philadelphia.' where they will talre .up their permanent residences . Miss Gertrude Brown of 215 Academy Street, entertained the Farther Lights Society, of Central- Baptist Cbarch last evening.. at ·'her home. The meeting was-In", charge of MJSS Mabel Atman, and the sublet* whs "The Goapel in Italy." Mies Clara Hillman of 58 Fountain Avenue, returned yesterday.frorri Bor- dentoj»fn, where she was visiting friends. . .: ' ..... signs. They have stripes or dots and sometimes both combined. ·! Very .pretty .are _sr»me white ones with hand emhrofdered scalloped edges and -the- ..shirt waist and handkerchief to match. A blouse with blue .collar, cuffs and but- . .1 _ _ . , _ · , . . TO H E A R MISSIONARY TALK. Mrs. William Stryker. president of monogram A novel in color. ~ !i»R Is to- have ton hole strip is accompanied by handkerchief with a blue border. - j - , Some of solid color have a bird of Poached white !awn Inset in one corner. The | evening he attended the celeoraaoji at the Foreign M!ssionar' Society of the First Presbyterian Church, has called a meeting for this afternoon. After the business is transacted, the Rev.. Gouverneur Mosher of China will give an address, telling particularly of his work ".In" Shanghai .Mr: Mosher. has over the country. · TA«t Insertion Is so well done that it looks! as!though It were woven. . i A neat one of white had a t wo- Inch j border of green then a: narrow hem of white. CREAMED CHICKED. Two cups flour, three-fnurtSis of a cup of -lard, one teaspoon of salt, the white of one egg and. one pint of crenm'"' rMcVo'n Sift the Sour and salt together · twice, then 1 work te the lard and ad-1 the whits of the egg beaten to a froth, with one tablespoon of Ice .water, then add enough more water -to make ft -stiff dough. Place o n - a molding hoard and roll Into. a.thin sheet, cut Into strips orie. Inch wide ana twelve inches long. Wrap these around your .pastry tubes and bake a delicate brown Remove the tubeff and -flu the horns with the creamed: chicken mixture. Wrap each horn in paraUne paper.. These- cari P^seryed either hot or cold. Trinity K B. Church. ENGAGEMENT IS ANNOUNCED. Mr. and Mrs.^erman Multop of 74 Anbury Street announce the engagement of their daughter Marggaretta Agnes, to Harry Joseph Tyrrell of 146 Ferry Street. The wedding will take place on Wednesday moiuli.s. November 2K, in the Churcli of the Sacred Heart. - , AMETHYST CLUB TO MEET. An important meeting of .the Amethyst Club of the T. W..C. A. will be held tomorrow evenihe- at. 8 o'clock, in the Y. ."W. C. A. .parJors. Every member is requested to be present. -The Anna M. Robbing".W. C. T. _tJ. met yesterdayf afternoon at' Prohibition Headquarters,"-, Brpad. ' and Perry Streets. . --The Rev. ' W. " W, We^tcott. pastor jbj the Clinton Avenue M. E. eSureh,jdelivered ah-address.- "';-. -At the regular meeting" of ""W.-Oi'-'.-T. TJ. Xo. · 1, - yeiterdaj- .afternbon .in Library Hall, Mrs, .West .read .a report on the prison work accomplished' by the. tlnfoir during the .last, six months.; She said that: newspapers arid magazines were delivered -to the prisoners every.'Week.- . . ~ : . -: - " · ": ~ "Mrs. TS. Slaclt, who was a nSember of jtlie local Union several .years ago, was present at the 'meeting yesterdayy -The Vnton wHl ..hold prayer--servlcea' -on Saturday: evening in 'i,ibrary HalU The : public is Invited^ to. attena. - '"'·"·: Arrangemehts"- wefe^made- -tof.fiave ;Mtss RoseVWocid Chapman's book on "Mora! Our Childreri" distributed among the mothers of this .city. -.-,-.;·..,-. -.-i .;;v---'=- ·_·-.. \.'-'"--.:-^' iThe -'Lippincott - =W.. C. .T.. .Cv. field}.* business last night at /the home of the flrst.vice; president. Mrs. R; Q. -Biickaiew. "t :Hart Avenue. For the devotional- rtH-etiriff which win be held In ; the -GHntpn Avenue -..- M; B Church, .next /Ttieiday ^afterhoon and evening; Miss Elorerice- Hail, .president of- : "the tliiidnv ahnouneed . the : follow;- inr prbgrain: Solos; by tSe Rev. ~Vf. W;-" "VPestcbtt, 'pastor of':- the - Clinton Avenue -M. E; .Church,; and -Albert .Charles , Thompson Buck , Hill Falls, Is the- guest of her mothei- Mrs. .S. B.. Packer of North Clinton - ' ' - ' " ' ' A-yenue. WONIEN Anhettev Kollerman an:"..-Authority, oh Her Own Sex--Brainy - Idaho . Women -- Cathertno . Breari- '. kpvsky .Dying' in Siberia -':"-' -, and studies .her own style' rather, than. vvorrierT live" if.. ^ . . ; recitations by. Miss J:ulla: Den- Taiia " sadr«5es - by ^ - ' " .. . . . pastor of 'the "vVarrfrir Street" !,' . hurcn.^ : Mtss Ha» ' win- alsoi ; endeavor io. s«sare:._the srvlces " o f the men's to -Miss. Krtlermanrori account- of her Church. : fRu fairly flrih~ fruit- can ; be inade; Into trttteis ^Jples, bananas, peaches, apricots..etc. V . - . · - ' - . . - ' - , . For TS« oatteT "uW a. Quarter- ot ; pound of Hour, a quarter of ji plrit of tepid wwt«v«- teaspoonful; of. salad oft or'sri ounce v: of "'dtlpplns or butter n«lt*d, the whites of- pinch '.at salt eggs and a Sieve the flour and salt into a basin, make a well in the middle and pour In a little of the oil and water; sttr these smoothly Into toe flour and fttld more "by degrees until all Is mixed in. Prepare the fruit. .It apples they ' should be peeled, cored and cut in slices a tjuarter of ; an Inch. thick: of banana* .they should be, peeled a ,, cut to half lengthwise or In quarters ! Jf preferred. AprScota or peaches should be halved and stoned.i Hav* ready some nice frying fat. I must not b« so", hot that-It smokes. The.Seat plan Is to bring It to that point, then let" it cool again very slightly. Mean-while -put the whites of eggs on a plate with a pinch of salt and bea j them to such a stiff froth that you can turn "-the plate over and thej --will not tsltxtt." Stlnhem vpry light ly Into the batter. With a clean skewer dip each piece of fruit Into the .batter, then drop I into the fat and fry It a pretty golden brown, . As each is done lay it on "a piece of kitchen- paper /or the fat to drain off. then dust with caster sugar Serve them piled up on a lace paper POSTPONE BOARD M E E I i N Q . The Board meeting of the Flor«nc« Crittenden Home, which was to hava been held this afternoon, has been postponed for one week, the. new- * being Wednesday, "November-*, at 8 o'clock: ithiff-bread, .ro' ta .«o- TIT ft loo. J* PROBtEMS OP THE BftME two", womerr/ .evidently. salaries botn . were thin, and -found " life · hard.-, and "colorless. - One inierican woman dresses her _halr, too Ight and ; shows ; a iayish -disposition to styles, in "hairdressinp whetlier e; are becoming or _npt. " : - . In, this particalar the English wom'an has -.jflie-adyantage.; :for she' inySTiaWy . . loastiTe. Even', and. black; a particularly cheerful:life. you. dresses her/liair in a loose; fluffy ivay i'-w-upeav" Xor is K; but thousands...of ~A-~*.,jt~~ ^ i _ _ . :..^ - ^ . . ., . . . r .". tj * ·· .*- - ' - - . two .lived. -it, - . * . " . ' . · - -- - - -- ' " I w j l l t c i l . i ^ '- - . -- - _ - . . - - _ . r _ . . what is fashionable. :_· :'..- : . ' V i u t how d'lfferentiy they faced it- ,,, Miss-Keilernian is .an authority on' Their'·-positions:"; .and .salaries-: -» women,, as he njakes a study'.-of -1 her '['jjiage by ."· -their -. apTJ««n ! neei". .jvere '-:Tti$ average ^tail woman," she says. 7 ls= e jnV- ; '-that -either 'was . . tlmost at- a-'.disadvantage'-"with, meny.f^^'j. or -.y[^jj" educated.. Xajtase-/ *..,, ^ ._. _ . , given ;6ne any advantage. She creates a.feeiirig 6f-a.w e and has ; o cultivate a, great deal of cha^. to offset: this-effect ;of-dignity.. TBe little woman.- t)n ."the contrary/ does not": Sayej. to lirgak--; the ice, so to ipek.- T " T ** -....-_ -. . ... other - - The.v nlnVr. was . - :.lool?ed: ; alikf. : an'd y -.nor ,ha Sirriply- as a matter .06": policy It. does-. not pay.ito drnop. The droopy, woman isn't.xwanted 'ariyivhere/-jri.vher, ^hoitie; in. -business". ;-th'.'society. .-If : ;-a..woman- stances- se-em -to bar her :iio%vh,-'.- she should "make a." fight ^igalnst the.-tendency." And if she will make this fight,; More about coal-screening screening by hand. How near v : does that screen ^stand? if v s"he.-.-s'iih"pty_ by " power ..forces . . _ . . herself" to- .'chirk up." . she : will-,.ais- ; bover. that -the -cBanged:. mental."' attl- tjide, : '--ey:en if at. first .-.forced.. w}H- liaye- a good -effe'ctV The jvptld will iiot kriow . that It'Js ^fi5rjga;''a}id- ,tbe,'. wrorld. "will pay its tribute.'. And Vith "the" coming .yif"..£ortd '-fortune, her -sp'irjts will r^rpw ligHter and" brighter* . She xvill not"n.eed .to;makej the" fffort. her lines' win really "be.tiast'in · Pleasant tijaces.: "Her happi-; -jiess will be real. -" :""" -': -=· -'-.--: · -~ -. fall through^? sTiAa.ll v:^ ri6 irjgen D»cs : the nian with 'the These questions ar aye^tor do witlt te ! of gravitatiprj/Shd Attraction. ; v Accprdmg, .ta the \n3ii-~-- -_:J{ ; , Vthe screemng^qf ; eoaL -If shbnld be : * "source of pride to 1 yuu. Sallowi iihv; pimples, blbtclies- and eruptions call for immediate attention.; -ainir;-toj^get-nct-pf : s of. impiire Kb: outward- application ', . . ' , - .-.·»· , - - . ._-.~ .., H --- ·· --» - . . .. ypnr btood. ijVrTsFe""' tn.^1" -aJJ - her--.ideals-, had ,. -~-..^~-~~.-~ Tw-p Idaho women are prominent in ; { safrgcd'-"-.TUc ":^r ; he!d_her *ea4 up; j ihoot m-ori and are candidates for the · hef shnoidt-rs teck.,-.- *?TC tO "r-21^.1 position of supc-rintendent of schools--^-i "pain's, with her .dress fnan. aia-. atr^. Miss B-lle Chamherlain of'Boise, who| sister; - Sven: her hair:'was arra^gea · s ser^-ing her second tefnii "land Miss j mnre· tast-fisi; " -"ii r .v, Reenan, who-"is a member brthe State*; A H - tWns^ .cihsider«!. which. Is-.ine I purify" wiser attitude towaft?. tfre ; . world? Just ; as a. maiter of. trcucaS results. oT these sl?t-rs will set ..alongy - _ - : = . « One. may aOmH" that life is a ] help naturally from -within. educatJon coDJicH. Mmei Catherine Breshkovsky. tcaom many will rejnpmber on account Of her visit to this conhtrj-j is reported iSylns 5n Siberia frorh lacJc"of gwbd foo*r scurvy and other diseases brought on | t j,{ by exposure, to the hard rifnianC Mm*. Breshkovslcy is. a -woinan : of advanced years, but ot-great intellect. The treatment she received is a falr;Ultistrat!on}-o : oas"gfay"vt« must be lived of "how IbB.Rnssiari. government treats [ ro «o(JgTnjf Jt.Uhef- JVnd in the nat-! i»c -ttrrtmfin nrrf*fmp,r*- . - - - ! .'1^^^ _^j»^_ ~t »vtn»a -r,-iir-H l«ter !R * . They its women prisoners. * - L - - i likely to get «ho ntoKt ^ A Chrlsfmaa ball will be given thisj^^ oni.ornhe other? year *°r the formal presentation o f , s! ' { v ^| yaleswamew; -»fi^-- -LT^IMW **"·*** +« «rt-r-lor^' . 5n» -oiv- - _ »·'_""»'·. - . __.-- KrintJ for ihftn - K 4 s . _Q R « tnay sefj ^cicMKe_t}iQ aysteia. and enable -^c.., _ -.. ^ .__ . -.- -- Ji^i._«»^, " ftfftrm.'t: *if -**?»*·?·*-- "--l.^^, _!_--!:: . __^J 1 * -I--- * - - · · W.l#ili jgtf; see hbir impurities, and. how your bfood - and yoor^ looks ·will be, benefited, Thoronghly tric4 and proved good this family rctucdy i* Taft to society. She once as a substitute for Mice peared mother at a dinner party last winter, bat the coming year will', mark her formal entrance into society. SOCIAL. FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL. The members' of, the Sunday School and Horn*;- Department of the First Presbyterian Church are -Invited to attend a Hallowe'en. social to be held tomorrow evening" at« 8 o'clock In the Sunday School room. A special Invitation is extended to the parents and t irral order of things, which '' ' ' ' she most c-ut the; - "} ; She one whrrj aieirt, -vvho'has her head up and .her.J back, will attract'-- -''-""- --' new scholars of those who will committee" are: the school. Among be on the receiving Superintendent Edward S. Wood, Mra Henry C. Moore, Mrs. S. E. Webster, Miss Anne Mell- vaine. Miss "Laura WilsoTi, Miss lAi .Cook and Miss Elizabeth OliphVmt. torners than the droopy, one. Her "book" will be better. stands a^better show to get ahead In j the business world than the other. She] : too. will attract more friends, receive i more Invitation?. More good- "things j arc likely to come her way-r-they may; not. but the chanfes are »n her favor. 'sAWs TorjfemalOj Beertnn"'* Pffls «re »^ciallT - suitable. See instructions with each bol. Sjf-l -i JOc. mad ?"v Have You 1 Watches, Clocks ind Jewelry Repaired by the MAN AT THE BENCH John S. Rubin 8 East State Sliut (formerly with Cook .- Jaques) Bell Pfctie H67-D If opportuhity, 7 fiinsibjown toft* ? to : get$- the chips f- cpil / tflat -and "never: h"ad r TiThe" "chaSee through the Screen; _'. " -"-;/' ;;Take a shbvel-ftll froni : "--tii|C . bottom of \yqtfr bin 0 ; ; ; Spread it on papeir. v -; -, t " ^ Write down what you see; v --;.. Then tiy i ton of "Silver coal;-. .-·"--_".'."-. - .' " -.;·" V; Kcpeatjfcetest, ' ; TherdWI^yoiftl - just 'phone 70 : Witmgs, 5c a Poi-ud in the lough IRVING D. BANKS 1U N. BROAD »T. ««th ^ '^^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^^M^^^^iS^^iM^-^^^-f,^^f'y'^ iNEWSPA'FER lEWSPAPERl

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