The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 7, 1903 · Page 2
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1903
Page 2
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ON THE CAPITOL DOME. ^^^S'ft^''- fx'V .:.?;?,% --.' · Stock of the Pol- Goods which I » before Fall I a liberal db- Betrigerators Hammocks lee Cream Freezers Screen Doors Lawn Swings I CAN SAVE YOU MONEY BIG STEAL ALLEGED Hulbert Day, 421 Broad Street Watch for the Buckeye Laundry Wagon ? oxa y PETER DION Carriage and Wagon. Builder. Repairing of all Kinds. Old Car- nages bought, sold and exchang- ^ ed. Carriage Painting and Trim- j *" tning Rubber Tires put on. Corner Lake Ave and Huron Sts. Home Phone, West 85 Bar ScHJW-McRMi vnm* AMOCIATIO* New York, Aug. 7.--Joseph Cowan, the heart of the brokerage firm of Joseph Vowan Co., 44 Broadway, with branch' offices in numet ous cities, will have a hearing in police court today on the charge of grand larceny preferred by Blanche H. Smith, of Milwaukee, who alleges that she gave Cowan $53.«» for investment between May and September list year, and that he appropriated it to his own use. BIRTHDAY PARTY AT PITTSFIELD. A very pleasant social event occurred at the home of Mr. a"*i Mrs. J. W. West at Pittsfield, on Saturday evening. July 25, 1903, «t being the i8th birthday anniversary of their daughter, Estella. Young people to the numer of thirty spent a very pleasant evening in playing games and having a good time, after which ice cream, cake and wafers were served. Miss Estella received many beautiful presents. Her parents presented her a nice watch and opal ring. The company left for their homes pronouncing it a pleasant time long 1 to be remembered. During the recent ·anuner days the Stattfe of Freedom on the Capitol dome in Washington was given a thorough scrubbing. When . the workmen first ascended the statue it was found that lightning had struck it in many places, melting and fusing the metal and furrowing the bronze. 1 o' - -GOOD WORK STARTED. The new Department of Commerce and Labor at Washington is now in working order, although the entire system of operations is by no means complete. Secretary Cortelyou has hid an exceedingly difficult task in organizing the department, and deserves all the congratu- ations he has received. School Commences August 31st. We will buy school books now in use if brought in at Ovice Eldred Co. The POSTAL Telegraph Cable Co. EXTENSIVE~LAND LINES ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC CABLES COURTEOUS TREATMENT AND PROMPT SERVICE OFFICE: C. S. W. WAITING AN AMERICAN EXPLORES ABYSSINIA. JUDGE. Sparronic Bat Gr«i«. The London board ot agriculture advocates diminishing the number ol house sparrows. It has been found by hundreds of examinations that from 75 to 80 per teat, of the food of the adult birds throughout tlfe year consists of cultivated grain. The aggregate lotal taken when the sparrows are unchecked is very large. Grape Juice »ud Germ*. Many physicians recommend grape juice wherever there is any, danger of typhoid germs. It has long been claimed that lemon juice added to drinking wa- 'ter was efficacious in destroying typhoid bacilli, but many weak stomachs cannot stand the continued use of it on account of its strong acidity. London -advices of recent date announced the arrival at Adis Abeda, Abyssinia, of the expedition leaded by an interpid young Amer can, W. N. MacMillan, which i to explore the course of the Blue Nile, to ascertain its navigability a: a trade route from Central Abys sinia to the Mediterranean. Mr MacMillan is one of those Ameri cans who are not content with an idea smaller than that of opening some part of the world for civiliza tion. Furthermore, he is so intensely devoted to his plan that he is bearing the entire expense of the expedition himself. In the explorations too camels are employed, forty attendants, an escort. of armed Abyssinians. and a flotilla of boats. It is expected months for its completion. Some months for its competition. Some stirring experiences among the natives have already been met with, but Mr. MacMillan is prepared to fight his way when that becomes necessary. Tenii»Ie» to L* Honsr Chang. Several Chinese cities have erected temples in honor of Li Hung Chang. His tomb also has the form of a tern- i pie. Two of its inscriptions are: "All countries in the world mourn him" and "He changed Heaven and revolutionized the earth." West Riig*£ Augnit 6,--Mr. »nd . Beard*ky of Grafton, spent Sunday at Gt ^Preston's. Mary Squire U visiting her grandparents in Camden. iirs. Keith and daughter, Mrs. Musselman, of Indiana, are visiting relative*-here. . ; Miss Limb of Wooster, also Elmer Dranagle of Cleveland, are visiting at Jacob Schaible's. Harry Eason and friend, Arthur Smith, of Elyria, came out to the former's uncle, Sam'l Grill's, on Wednesday, with their guns to hunt squirrel, but didn't succeed in finding any, : Don't get discouraged boys, but try again. Mrs. Sarah Ozman and daughter, Miss Lora Lyman, of Amherat. visited Mrs! B. O. Pope last Thursday. Miss Grace Preston is visiting her sister, Mrs. Chas. Coon, of South Lorain, : this week. David Miller attended the horse races in. Cleveland last week. Miss Mil'lis and daughter. Ethel, of Elyria, spent Friday and Satur-: day at,Mrs. C. Brown's. Mr., .Goodrich of Oberlin, talked to us on Sunday evening, he taking the, place of our minister, Mr. Wortein, who was in Toledo. Mrs. J. Schaible, with Miss Limb and Elmer Dranagle, visited the former's daughter. Mrs. Hahn. of North _-Russia, on Thursday. Mr. Collins and friend. Miss Franks, of Oberlin. were entertained at B. O. Pope's on Sunday. Willie: Miller left the fore part of this week for Buffalo where he is to spend; an indefinite time. Do not forget the Carlisle township Sunday-school picnic to be held at Glen's beach, Wednesday, August Kfc We hope each school may be well represented. CHILDREN BURNED ceived slight burn* about the face and handc. LAMP EXPLODES AT LORAIN, CAUSING SERIOUS INJURIES--RESCUE BY PARENTS Lorain. O., Aug. ?.-- A Hwnp exploded in the bedroom occupied by the three children of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zipp at - a - o'clock Thursday morning and set fire to the bed clothes and the children were badly burned about the face, neck body, and arras. They are: John, aged 5 years; Otto, seven years old; and August, aged fourteen years. John's injuries are 'regarded as fatal. The father rushed to the room upon hearing the screams of his sons and extinguished the flames. He was assisted by his wife, who re- PUNERAL OF MR. TERRELL. ·*·*[·»««. ** T»« ELtUA CXMNlOm Ridgeville, Aug. 7.--The funeral services of Mr. Vine Terrell will he held at his late residence. Sunday. August 9th, at one o'clock, standard time. Interment at Dover. OUR BOUNDARY LINE COMPLETED. In some parts of the Northwest the boundary line between the United States and Canada has been in doubt. Government surveyors are now marking the line and completing the links from the Atlantic to the Pacific. To denote the division, stone and iron monuments about one mile apart are used. A NEW SKIN IN 45 DAYS ECZEMA, SALT RHEUM, ITCHING PILES, TETTER, BARBERS' ITCH. Any skin disease completely eradicated. A ·offerer literally covered t* cleared off and permanently cured in 45 days' time--a new skin practically was grown--no pain--smarting or itching during the cure of the Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry. will sell tickets to San Francisco or Los Angeles - at less than half rates, good until October 15 for Return. Full particulars from ticket agents, or write to A. J. Smith, G. P. T. A., Cleveland, O. WHEELER WILSON Tk« FUfc*« of the XII*. A painstaking survey of the fishes of the Nile extended far up both Blue and White Niles, has just been completed. It adds 14 new species to about 90 known before, and gives much oth- sr valuable information. Mineral* i» M The mineral resources of Manchuria, as shown even by the surface scratching that has been done * are simply stupendous. As a wealth-giver, it may send more to St. Petersburg for the next, half century tiian India will to London. AN ELYRIA ARTIST. '' of ' Lake receiving 1 instructions under. "'Biuail, Toledo's most accomplished artist. For the past year she has been studying with Weaver of Cleveland. "Mrs. Matrin is a lady of well known reputation and acknowledged talent and her friends fee! sure that she will assume a prominent rank ere long in the world of art. She has the best wishes of a host of Elyria friends for a successful future in the field jqfs .art.jfor which, she well fit" " Tbey O* Sot Practice It. men," said Uncle Eben, "says dat honesty is de bcs' policy, an' den seems puffickly willin' to give deir neighbors a monopoly of its advantages."--Washington Star. Am Kconomlc«l Pood. Preserved fish are generally more economical as food than fresh fishu ' Tims; salt "cod furnishes t0 pet cent, more CATCHING RUSSIA'S SONGS. 'One" pr the most interesting of recent attempppts to collect historical data In the Old World is the work of an American committee now in Russia making phonographic reproductions of the Russian folk-songs. It is expected that this will throw much light on the character of the Czar's, .people. - o On one of the Western railways experiments are to be made on cars which open on the sides to permit the passengers to alight, instead of at the ends. It is said that this system will make the clearing of cars safer and more commfortable where z large number of r people are getting on and 'off. ;-,- : - aou^shment than cod. i The Oft-feesie»ee«S Herat. Herat holils the record of being the 'nost often besieged of the world's ;itiea. It has been taken and retaken jver nfl times. Trne Only true friends stand by you when you are under a cloud. Swarms of injects surround you when the sun shines. --Chicago Daily News. Leather waste is no longer wasted. Manufacturers use it in a -compressed corm;".r«»*tead of iron, to make cogwheels. GUARDING TLSEFEE OF A MIAMI CHIEF. S GOODS s now 39 cents s now 59 cents H. D. GRIGSBY, AGT. no Middle Ave. Elyria, GAS WELLS Contracting for Gas, Oil and Water Wells. Work Guaranteed. Call or Write ROGERS BROS. Grafton, Ohio. ALWAYS THE BEST. ^ EXPENSIVE : YACHTING. ., states that his efforts arte^the|Ainerican cup have cost him. considerably more than $2,000,000 . The' c :V.|expehses .ot constructing ' "Shamrock : : -I it.,'' with other necessary incidentals, amounted to over Si. 000,000. The . bare yacht cost in the neighborhood of "$500,000. When it is remembered that, the racers are practically of little value after the contest is over. it would seem like very expensive sport. AND SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC DR. CARROLL SOUTHERN The Miamis, who figured so prominently in the history of this nation at the close of the nineteenth century, treated their chief with more consideration than was known among other tribes of American Indians in that they furnished him with a bodyguard composed of a number of warriors who attended him at all times. The Miamis were first known in the Green Bay district of Wisconsin, but later lived in Indiana, where they opposed the invasion of the whites until defeated by Wayne. The tribe is now practically extinct, lets than 100 of them living on a reservation in Indian tenr.ory. (Dressed in'blankets or skins and ware few feathers. Lived in tepees along banks of streams.) Having decided to make this city his future home for some months. the Dr. announces THAT UNLESS PERFECT SATISFACTION IS GIVEN, NO FEE WILL BE ACCEPTED. Gives accurate information upon all affairs, unsatisfactory conditions in business, love, courtship, marriage, law suits, speculation in their multi( farious phases explained; through J his infallable advice you can find a| quick and sure remedy. To those; n doubt and distress the Dr. can be I of great benefit and many an anx-^ ous^mind and sad heart relieved; of its despondency by consulting Dr. J Carroll. REMEMBER/IF NO BENEFIT IS DERIVED FROM A READ-j ING, IT COSTS YOU NOTHING, and no matter how skeptical the caller, the result will be satisfactory. Do not wait until next week or next month, but call at once, for if your conditions are bad, they will continue so unless you seek relief. Rimttttfff* BO Gent* Office 211 East Ave. Hours 9 to 9 COME AND SEE US PenoM Lumber * Cod Co. Raw»on Wett 34 WE VOUCH FOR THIS In the case of Mr. Henry Walters shown here, photographed in his diseased condition, (psoriasis, a species of eczema), he was almost entirely covered. The trouble started in three small spots and did not spread beyond this for eight years. Then it suddenly raged all over. It raged more or leas in this way for ten years, and was afterward entirely cleared away in about 6 weeks time by D. D. D. and no taint of the disease has appeared snce--over two years ago. We know this to be exactly as ttated. H. A. DYKEMAN This -resnlt can be accomplished with any^skin afiection. Barrels of blood medicine can do nothing for * skin disease. Nine out of ten manifestations in the skin are local.--parasitic in nature and absolutely curable by this new prescription. D. D. Dis a clean liquid prescription sopped or atomized over the affected spots twice daily. Thi» preparation ha* our unqualified endorsement. We are recommending It with most excellent result*. The cures already effected are ha vine wide-spread Influence in this section. If you have a skin aftectlen- -come to the store. It will be the means of making you a happier human being. H. A. Dykeman, Elyria 2 BIG BARGAINS In Hot Water and Steam Boilers for Residence 9£|f Heating By installing city steam beat in several residences in this city we have secured the steam and hot water boilers which were in use up to that time and are now able to offer them at far below their original cost. We now have One No. 10 Volunteer Hot Water Boiler with rating of 1650 ft. One Morgan Steam Boiler with rating of 550 feet Both in first-class condition and will tie sold very cheap. Call and see them at our store. The Elyria Hardware Co. Wert Broad Street

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