The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 8, 1924 · Page 17
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 17

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1924
Page 17
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Friday, February 8, 192-1. DEUA1 4j U itE V 1 · JhJ V* FAUtt Fat That Shows Soon Disapears Promlnvtit fat ttiat comes and euy wh*r* It (· nM n*edt»d fa a bunion, a b i n - , d r u n c o to u e l l v l r y . ft curb upon pleasure. You c*n tnli* otf the fat where tt *howe by inltlnir o t t e r ench m ^ n i nt.d nt b e d t i m e , CHIC Unrmnla p r n n c r l p t l o n TaUei. Those l i t t l e t n b l e t H are a* c f f f c t l v o Mid hftrm- lon« a* th* f n m o u B p r o n c r i p i l o n from w h i c n tlit*y take t h n i f numo. Buy and try « bos t o « l n y . All d n i R C i p t d the world ovor HP II t h o r n , nt one d o M u r f » r ti box. or you can order t h e n , d i r e c t from t h o .Marmola Co.. ««!:·· W n n d w n n l A W / D e t r o i t . M i c h . Vo« run t h u s »,iy good-bye to d i e t i n g , exercise mid f.u. PLAN TO WITHDRAW MARINE GUARDS Washington, Feb. 8.--Plans lor-the withdrawal of the American legation gunr'. of 100 marines from Managua. Nicaragua^ after the Inauguration of tho new administration there .in January. 192o, h'as been announced by the state department. Oxtrleh Trlnintlnic. Clipped oslrtdh as a t r i m m i n g - for evening troclss Is one o£ the out-, standing features of the inps. EASTERN PACKING CO. 441 N. Water St. Free Delivery Phone Main 681 Special Sale Saturday Quality Meats at prices that spell Economy. Selected dry picked chickens and ducks. Choice lloast Itccf Choice IJuneless I'nt linns' · , . · . . · . . . . : . . . Tender J u i c y Stesilss lixtra l-'iue Leg of t.amh lixtru !-'iue Shoulder of l.nnih SiiKnr red Corn 20c ?5c 20c 35c 25c 1OX« Fresh . llnms Krcsli Pork Loins Fresh ... Shoulder Purilan Hams, SuRar Cui'eil 1'uritnii Bacon, Sugar Ciirt-d X'cry 1'inc 20c 20c 12ic 25c ;^{)c 20r liecf, mild cure Guaranteed pure pork sausage made on premises. Our Meats have the taste thai tells. SISTER MARY'S, KITCHEN (A daily menu for the stout and thin) EAT \ , Lose Weight . . Gain Weight Onc-halC grapefruit, I poached cge, 12 sticks asparagus salad. 1 ba.Ucd apple, % p o u n d boiled mutton,' 1 port i o n t u r n i p s , tomato salad, 2 t a b l e spoons emitted cherries, G thin slices g-luten b r e a d , 1 c u p ' t e a , 1'cup coffee. 1 glass shimmed m i l k . Total calories, 900. Protein, ' 1)02; f a t , £32; carbohydrate, 471. Iron, .014." gra:n. The g r a p e f r u i t and baked apiilc should bo caton. . w t l h o u t sugar. Tho ten and coffee should be d r u n k w i t h out sugar or cream and' the brend should b* eaten unbuttered ahd preferably toasted.. Salad Is not swathed in ' a heavy oil or cream dressing but eca'soned with salt, pepper and vinegar or lemon jul9e. 'The t u r n i p s can be mashed and seasoned wUh s,alt and pepper a n d a very l l t t l o butter. (Copyright, 1D24, NEA Service, Inc.) EMBASSY'S MANNER HURTS LOAN'S CHANCE New York. Feb. S:--FalHire of German g o v e r n m e n t representatives In lIlls c o u n t r y v participate In the national m o u r n i n g for former President Wilson, less en IH! cluuicea of succc f u l f l o t a t i o n oC a loan in IV'all street bankers said.- ' . U l n c k and \ V h I l f . Black antl .white ccepes In p r i n t e d pattern's are p o p u l a r !n both wools ;\:id silks for a f t e r n o o n frocks. Your Next ^Dinner versatile and accomplished hostess has learned that A iAOACROAJETS give a touch of finality to the dinner that promises success in more than a social way. Wisely she joins hands with the her dinner, with the further charm epicure--serves MfcCROfliETS -- of a dish full of flavor--a fitting and adds a tone of .distinction to tribute to her guests. RAN 146 MERCHANT ST. SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY FRESH SIDE PORK, PER POUND.. ...15c FRESH SPARE RIBS/PER POUND .....lOc FRESH BEEF BOIL, PER POUND 5c Choice Chuck Roast..... IH c Fresh Beef Pot Roast 8c Choice Sirloin Steak 16 |c Best Cuts Round Steak ... 17 \ c Fresh Ground Hamburger... lOc Native Veal Roast........ 18c Fresh Veal Stew........I2ic Fresh Mutton Steak.. 22c Fresh MvttonRoasi......J8o Fresh Lean Pork Roast../. .9 12 c Fresh Pork BiHs .........13c Fresh Pork Steak J4c Country Pork Sausage..... I Oc Fresh Hearts .............Be Pure Lard .........._..-13 Sug. Cured Breakfast Bacon I6c Sugar Cured Skinned Hams . I5c Best Grade Butterine ......I9c BEST CREAMERY BUHER .................SOc Une-halC , grapefruit. 2 poached eggs, .2 hacon, cream of .celery, soul', asparagus naiad. 1 baked ap- Ple. ',5 pound boiled m u t t o n , 2 tnble- · spoons mashed potatoes,. 1 portion t u r n i p s 'tomato salnd .1 poTtlon 'canned cherrle* 1 portion'chocoltite cakei h u t t e v sugar, cream, bread. 2 cups cocoa, mayonnaise for Balftds. Total cr-.lorles, 2741. 'Protein, 320^ fat. I 3 H ; carbohydrate, 1107. Iron, .011!1 ffram. -If one member of the ' f a m i l y wishes to reduce and another gain In weight these .menus w i l l ' ho f o u n d most p r n c t l f u l j o r . ' t h a . housckeepef. The foods are tha .same w i t h a difference. Sugar and butter, rich milk and cream- are used-'ln abundance for the person who would gain. Tea and coC- fce arc forbidden as they are nerve .stimulants. However, cotfeo that Is h a i r m i l k can ho used f o r breakCast: The dishes added to this list are all fat-produclnsr foods. Bacon has h t f j h c a i o r l c value. The mashed potatoes can be as rich In fat us the cook makes t h e m , but they arc rich In Htn'rclv n a t u r a l l y . (Copyright, 1924, XiEA Earvlcc. Inc.) j Household \ 1 Suggestions \ ii · · · · · · « i i i in ^ t · · ·!»· tnm ' . Cu« In Oilcloth. ' M e n d t h e c u t s ' i n y o u r o i l c l o t h w i t h "Oceans of MiHt" The purest milk that can be had is used in the making of . 7 Nucoa Ever'fresh Nucoa that spreads your tread with health and goodness. To make purity assurance doubly sure, the .milk used for Nucoa is never more than twenty-four hours old^ind every container is examined by an , expert. ( . The picture above shows a very small section ot the milk room. Here the white-uniformed "milk man"--a bacteriologist--tests the milk before it is Pasteurized. The air in the milk room, as in every room in the Nucoa plant, is filtered--made sweet and pure and made free from all dust. Watch for the next chapter of "The Story of NUCOA" in this paper. When you have finished cleaning- u'ilh gasoline, run w h a t you have lelt t h r o u g h f i l t e r p a p e r - a n d it.-tPlll be ready f o r n e x t t i m e . ll:iir llriivh. To clean y o u r h a i r b r u s h s c i e n t i f i - c a l l y f i l l a basin w i t h colu w a t e r and add a l i t t l e b a k i n g Boda or ammonia. Hinse In clear water and place on tho sOH of a:i e'pen w i n d o w to dry. TnrniKtiC'fl ItrnNK. To prevent* t a r n i s h on brass apply THE BEST FOODS, Inc. U. S. A. W»!fi!li!fiSS!fi!fiSa;!fiS102 EAST MAIN STREET Jfi!ftHia0HK«iaiHWg thin coat of Iffcfiuer Biich as can be o b t a i n e d in any first-class paint shop. An appetizing table delicacy, makes your bread taste better besides helping you save money. Now your dealers can supply you. Try a package to-. At Your Dealer's H. W. METZLER * SONS WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR GREEN LANTERN Chickens, full country dressed, lb.--.-36c Oranges, sweet navels, 216 size, dozen 29c Grape fruit, large 80 size --5c Apples, fine eating and cooking, peck _35c Urge Head Lettuce lOc I Oc Roll Toilet Paper 5c lOc Sack Table Salt 5c Rice, 2 pounds.... -- -I4c Carnation Milk, 6 small cans 30c Shredded Wheat, package lOc Strawberries, in syrup, No. 2 can --22c Van Camp Beans, No. 2 can He Potatoes, peck 30c Mleko, 3 cans milk .....23c In His Glory Nature's best exhibit-- a healthy child in the full enjoyment of eating. The flavor he loves and nourishment he needs-- both are in Ralston, the whole wheat cereaL Its iron and vitamins build him into the big man Mother wants him to be. only i* tkt famom fkttttrkoerj f*ct~ *fc. Gtt it from yovr gnctr t*4rf. Ralston TKe Whole Wheat Cereal II !! !! Sfoj!l?JU?J!ffJM!ffJiUUfi!fi!irJ^^^ taie flie difference lit 7EPHVR Flaky White Bread The kind every housewife is proud of--and It's always the product obtained when they use j EPHYR FLOUR J. W. FRIJZ COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS DECATUR, ILL. Our Delicious Pies Juicy, well b«k«d pl«« of allikinda ·wait ynur Belectlon. M»de from the b««t lner*4l«ntn. Ypa'··.' never; pot. y.our .fork in better. Try one o f the'ie.' " » ' ' · · · . . · " ' · ' SPECIAL SATURDAY A Big Saturday Special! SWEET ROLLS J Per Dozen I Everybody l»ves sweet rolls--especially Cop«y'» I Sweet Rolls. For Saturday we wlir^Bell.'thege · Cinnamon Kollg, I.«mon Roll» and JS'ut Rolli-- · regular 20e a dozen--for, per dozen | CAKES AND FRENCH PASTRY FQR THAT PARTY BAKED EXACTLY TO YOUR ORDER COPSY'SBAKERY 226 N. Main St. Phone Main 971 Tender Steaks Cut To Your Order If you prefer your steak thick, thin or medium \ve will cut it as you order. And we know it will satisfy you. All we want is a trial order. Trade Here Always--You Get The BEST MEATS AT LOW PRICES HEINZ CATSUP. CHILI SAU?E, RELISH. ETC. ALL KINDS OF TICKLES , FRESH OYSTERS BEST FRESH MILK IN CITY Quality Cash Market G. W. Shaffer E.B. Robbin* 151 E. Prairie Street. Phone Main 3259. PHONE YOUR ORDER--FREE DELIVERY TO ALL PARTS OF CITY BAKERY M. W. SUDDUTH. MCR. 125 Merchant St. Phone Main 1498 PYBURN'S Special Bargain list for SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th. PHONE MAIN 3437 MARKET 619 North Water St. WE DELIVER Lard ..^.......4............... 16c Beefsteak, choiee:....,..........: I6c Rib Beef Boil.........--....;..._IOc BeefReast..----.--...I2^caadl5c Veal Chops .....25caad36e Veal Roast 20o Veal Stew I6cand20c Amoor's Star Skinoed Hamt, i or whole 26o Anno|r'« Star Bacon, or whole.. --32o Bacon, by side or half side....I8c and 20c PORK ROAST j....,. .. t u.. CHOICE ROUND STEAK . ,^ ,,. .t;. .,,.. .,,,. CHOICE LOIN STEAK ,,.-.. . M K . . 2 Ib. can Libby Apple Butter ·.·,... r , . . . . .26e l'/z Ib. can Armour's Veribest Cooked Corned Beef »40c Armour's Veribest Strawberry Jain, 1 Ib. jar .-25c Large can Table Peaches, or Apricots (high grade) . .25c By Dozen cans, . . . . . . . , , .$2.50 Laree can Red Hot Relish, lOc; 3 for ,«.2fc l'/2 can Eagle Brand Saosage, per can ...,.-. .·-... .16c SOAP SALE 25 Maple City . . . . . . . . . 22 P. -G. Soap K as.-.T.., 4 Bare Kirks* OKve Soap^..,.,..., .,,,. 10 Armour's Flotilla . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .ttc 4 Bars Creme Oil Toilet Soap . . ; . . ., . . . . .. - Per ''Dozen .............. 75c MNCE MEAT, OYSTERS i iM'SPAPMl lEWSFAPESr tiijnlcs after today's classes. MEN'S SUITS And ]VER- IOATS -AT- FINAL CLEARANCE We are featuring real values -- compare Materials, style and quality workmanship. SEE FOR YOURSELF A SAVINS OF $10.00 All suits end overcoat* included In this-sale i: prlced accordingly. ut blanked Stra\vn ' In tho one lop-i ded go of the.evening. 27-2. PancHo Villa, W o r l d ' s Champ, Defends His Tide Tonight. BY FAIH: PLAY (Copyright 1924) ; ' : 'New Tork, Feb. 8 ' -- Watching George Marks work-out for "his Friday night battle against Pancho Villa, · the world's flyweight title being at stake, the writer get* a strong* Impression that he. Is . going to put up a whale of a fight against tho little' Filipino. . H i s sparring partners complain . of very rough treatment, and their complaints'are Justified. · . Wihat remains to be proven, is whether Marks can stand uj against Villa's l i g h t n i n g attack and punishing -wallops. Marks, did a. 'lot of flglitlnff hereabouts as a . begrinner, but his best work has been done on the Pacific cjsast, where he i* highly-, regarded. HAVE SLIDING SBALE. Philadelphia boxing, authorities, In searching for light on the question of money'" for boxers, have disoov^ ered that a. certain fighter will appear In smaller .cities for a ffum considerably -below what .he Is said to demand In Philadelphia, Well, wh'y not? Proba!bly he asks more to appear I n - t h e Madison Square Garden than he does In Phllly. John Barrymore, on tour wltb Hamlet, will appear for less money in the smaller centers than he receives In New York' or Philadelphia. That Is to say. prlce« of admls-sion will be smaller. A fighter, or anyone else, Is worth what' he will brinsr. In Philadelphia the unnamed fighter has sufficient reputation to draw forth f a n s In sufficient number to fill a ball park. LESS ATTRACTION. In a smaller city his reputation w o u l d be no less attractive than In Philadelphia, but there would n o t . b e As a consequence., it -Is fair for a. f i g h t e r to cliarg-e less for his services. It all our topnotchers were · willing;, to do this they would be kept tnuch'busler than they are and In the long run pick np'a whole, lot of money. Assignments Made For District Tournaments Eight Quintets in Class A and Nine in CUM B Will Met-t In Decalur March 6-7-8. DV HOWARD V. MIM.ARD. Bloomlngton,' 111., Feb. W. Whltten of DeKalb, secretary of the Illinois State High School Athletic Association, has made, .the assignments for the annual district tournaments to be staged In SG cities and towns of the state Marah 6. 7. 8. While there is a. possibility of several change* being mad* «t the request of a district martager, It Is not expected that any change will effect tha local tournament under the auspice*, of Decatur High ·school - of - flclals. ' · · ' · · · IS PIONEER C1TV. Decatur ha* always followed the annual tournament* with u n u * u a U l n - tereat for It I* listed among the pioneer cities of the state In tho matter of prep tournaments and on «ev- eral occasion* the state finals were played there. Since those days the districts .have Increased from a few to the present quota of 35 and It Is only a matter of a year or so that this number will be Increased. Eight team* are to play In the class'A division of the Decatur tournament which means a uniform schedule of aeven games In this section with the two team* which go to the finals to take part In three game* to win the title. If the game for third and fourth place Is staged It will mean eight games Instead of seven. WHERE THEY ARE. Folowing are the 35 " cities «nrt towns which will stage district tournaments and the manager of each who is dlrectly-*"responslble to the state board. .It of course Is known that the sectional tournament* are to be staged at Decatur, Peorla,.Jollet,and Benton while the state finals are to be played at Illinois University. Aurora K. D. Waldo; Bloomlngton, W. A. Goodier; ^Brldceport. C. C. Hanna; Canton. R. W. Hyndman, Charleston. L. C. Ford: Danville, W. C. Baer; Decatur. T. M. Deam; DeKalb. R. G. Beals: Dundee, O. Schlait- cr; Freeport, L. A. Fulwider; Galesburg. Oliver O. Young; Granite City. \V. F. Coolldge: Greenville, Ray D. Bruminett: Harrlsburg, Harry Taylor; Herrln, R. E. Stringer; Highland Park. R. L. tondwlck; Jacksonville. B. If. Blister; JolUt, T* W. Vmlth| Kankake*. K. T. Allison: Lj»»all», T. J. .UcCormack; Lincoln, W. C. Kmtd- 1In; Mason City, Leon O, Urern: Mn« line. Edwin. P. Nutting; tfoiimmitli, R. n. Perrlde: Olney. H. W. Hon- tettler; Ottawa, C. II. Klnirm«n» Pana, L. W. Chatham: Peorla, It. R. Cromwell; PontUc, G. 3, Kooiivt Qulncy, J. F. Wellemoy«r; HalJm, C. L. Edwards: Savanna, H. H. 8inUli| Springfield, Dwlght. McCoy; UrltaMW M. L. Fltumljati; West Frankfort, F, A. Wilson. THE DISTRICTS. Following nr« the a»«lK!im«nl» Iff the seven district* Sn lh« territory; covered by Tho IwVlowi DECATUR-- CluHK A: Drimtiir, (Sullivan, Atwood. Hcmi-nt, A r t h u r , Plon. Ington, Lovlngton, Hluo Mnund. Ola»« B: Bethany. ArecntH. W*llon, M*n»- fleld, Mt. A u h t i r n , Wiim-nstiiirg. NH antic, La Place, Mfiron. LINCOLN -- Clans A: Lincoln. Clln« ton. Mt. PulaHlcl, ^lliinla, Dflnnil, WlllinmKvllle, Wapelln. Kenney. Cl«»i» B: Wayneftvllle, A r m l n t r l o n , JJennon^ Clkhsrt, Hartabure, , New.- Holland* Enid en. Chestnut, \ PANA-- Clas* A: M n t t n o n , T«yl«r« vllle. Hlllsboro, fihelbyvlll«. Nnlcoml". Windsor, Asxumptlon. I'nnn,' C'Iu«« Us Morrlsonvlllo, · Tower H i l l , Witt, Flndlay, Htrasliurg, K SPRINGFIELD-- Cr.nns At Irvliito uevorxl. 8prlnit« Vlrdon, field, C a r t l n v l l l p , CUllespIo, A u b u r n , GIrard, Athene, ClaitH B: Benld, Dlvomon. Ashl'im!. Raymond. Pleasant Plnlnes. New. Berlin. Waggoner. Modonto. Dawnou. UP.BANA '-- Champaign, Urbnnn« Tuscola, Arcola, Villa Grove. M o n t i " cello, R.intoul, Fisher. Clan H: l'r« bana U. High, Homer, MNhom«t, Tn* lono, Loda. Long View, Ogden, (Sidney, Sadoros. BLOOM1NGTON-- Class A: Bloom-J Inftton, Gibbon City, Normal, U. Hitch, Leroy, Belltlowcr, Hcyworth, Col» fax. Class B: Saybrook, MeLeiin. Cropsey, Stanford.' Downs, Da avert* Oarlock Arrowsmtth. CooksvlU*. CHARLESTON -- Clnss A! Part*. Casey; Charleston. Charleston Normal High. Oakland. Ncoca. Martlnevllle, Newman. Class B: Westfleld. Kunena, Hindsboro Hume, Mctcalf, Stewardson, Aslimore. Montrosc. MEN! The 8 Days of Big Bargains is Near the End 2nd ANNIVERSARY SALE Remember Men the Anniversary Sale is for You. We are celebrating the trreat BUO cess of our business during the past two years. The sale is drawing near to the end, .Get. all'you. need now, Friday and Saturday will be big days. Come early. Buy Your Next Winter O'Coat today at V^ Price--Hart Scha finer Marx Hart-Schaffher and Marx Overcoats need no introduction to most men who know clothing value. These coats are all Hart Schaffner arid Marx--more than that--they are NEW Overcoats. Buy a coat or two for next winter Friday or Saturday a't the Anniversary Sale. - x BuyH-S M \ Clothes O n c e \ md You'll Buy / Them Always! New Wool Mufflers 1-2 Price England Made,are these mufflers. They're the finest brushed wool and cassimere mufflers that the market affords. We're giving them to you at half price.durhig the Anniversary Sale. Get yours. - . ;, ' .-,- -. Popular Price Clothier. 'A, Sale of Pants Men Buy Today or Tomorrow Value $3 to $12 /fewPants, New/ Pants,.. \V6w ..-.. . ,, . ' . . . iVew Pants, Vow ....... New Pants, New Pants, Now ....... New Pants, Vow ....... Vew Pants, $2.95 $3.45 $3.95 $4.45 $4.95 $5.45 $5.95 Hart Schaffner and Han :ull patterns are Included In he pants sale that Is a feature f the. 2nd Anniversary. Hatch . 'our salts with new pints now. Today and tomorrow will b« big days. Get here early. Saturday the Last Day Final Shirt Sale Collar Attached and Neckband $2.00 Shirts, $1.50 $2.50 Shirts, $1.85 $3.00 Shirts, $2.25 $3.50 Shirts, $2.65 $4.00 Shirts, $3.00 $5.00 Shirts, $3.75 $6.50 Shirtv$4.85 $7.50 Shirts, $5.65 $8.50 Shirts, $6.35 Only new shirt* are hrr*. Many new boirs have keen unpacked for Friday snrf Hat' urday selling. Saturday Is the LAST DAY. Get all the dtirts you will need for a year *l these prices. Sale of Hose--Wool, Silk Wool Three Prices--59c, 79c, 95c Buy m dozen of the** hose for next winter. They ire the finest we r«*J' bay for the money end we're t.aklnc you a preMnt of them at sary Price*, ^few color* and pattern*. Shaker and Knit Sweater Sale $10 Sweaters, white'and color*, $7.95 $12.50 Swealert, white and colon, $8.95 These sweater* hare been In the (tore lew tha» twe week*. They are · ·pedal poirha*e for the Analvemiy. Be ear* to |et et least o»e at the**! jprlce*. Only a few day* left. ' · Aniho Golf Co;ats l /z Price For Golf and Motoring In the Spring ye«'ll Ilk* · Kfht weight *we«Ur, Here they ce Amhe foir*weater* at half price. 129 N. Water Drobisch-Keisei: Co, \ ' "* ' \ t \ f f f iT-.' .. \ i .f stj, i\\ Decatur,! JUtooti rSPAPERf VSPAPERI

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