Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 1, 1910 · Page 12
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 12

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1910
Page 12
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TKJCNTON K-VEN1N T G VlMKS 4 Tl'KSnAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1910. S*-; HUNSON "WHERE YOUR DOLLAR DOES ITS DUTY" Kcal Tailoring in Our Hoys' Clothing Every detail IB carefully looked lift duia.ble at" just th.' points the shiuM b» J"-?: " tenOon _is- given to ;h.-rrt rss in the rr-.akine of »" Boys' Suits f"r all ase* arid sizes. $2.50 to $8- Top Oats and K«-»f«-rs. S3 tp J10. Th«y are rns^e ptrons and are and at- 'for men. GUNKON 117-119 E. STATE STREET PROSECOTOR SURE LEWIS WILL WIN ECZEMA IS NOT A BLOOD DISEASE Never Proves Fatal -- Should Be Treated Externally With Poslam. -"*"" f* b-'-E^rmt 1*1 not u t!'Kd I Says So at Tener Banquet at 1 :!;.. : ;. l ,. an ^,^''*.;' !h '^ il ^? ; Easton Wh§re He Gave I ^ r ^ r! ; :- ^Wr^'i-i" iT^n'» n r y - -- on tnls It nc% --r f o u n d :n , by 'Xt*-rnu: in a Toast*"- It is BUSY WINTER FOR WATERWAYS ELUB Orchestra Formed -- Tournaments to Take Place of Outings on the River j ROLL OF CLOTH STOLEN. i K · : : . · · · ' S" :·-!: BrueJ Street _ - _ - · , ; ' ' - · · ' ; ' . I .·-.·:. Of C l O t h .. , ·. ·- n. : '.- st'jre The go-jdp TO ADDRESS PRISON TEACHERS.) Edward C. Lanning, iilght Instructor j In the New Jersey Stat-e Prison night ' school, Is to address the Prison Teachers' Conference at Sing Sing. November 16 and 17. ProstH-ui.T W i l l i n r n J " r ' - s s l - - v was oni» pf th" .--i^ak.'rs Simirii.iv n i p r h t tit a.'. ;s banf]U"i «!V!-n ' .f .Jof.n K hr;jn O u l ' f - r n r v t o r l a l in K n s v n . th" anri -; t ,Hrs !*r:riK w:t v : l i - i u b - f I'-nr. - 'hem." Th-T.- wrs ' T p h f u m Th*- ;it the M. Kin Mr T-i-.-r'ni sides h r jciit n .-unt; in '»- -;rs and v i K h t I -vvo' perfectly I aa:ir.9l skin. "After s - i f - , '*" ? '« E q u i t a b l e Waterway Club which urt»en years my i has J u s t passed Ms most successful " -«-"··--· ' Eumrnt , r ¥ .ason, will opeji the fall and winter quarters with a reception and smoker t ' !»» itivt-n -? third Thursday try_*·"»- , n .\"r. rm'-r, whir-fi it !s expected iJiat the boats :v':\ K«- : J praise 'It REWARD AWAITS THIEF P A T H US' N N J N".-v 1 W i l l ' t h e ! ivho rifjip-'i! 'i -l:-i::: -r.l ?v:d fron; my I s.-'irt li..S"r:: ;·-', ih- l ' A t « - r s " n opera i i j j , . , i s : , - y » - M v «, ni :ii'- his name a n d ! ''.' ·'.. ^ ·:.,.-'-·=? i.-^-.tnivanl him for j ' i S - . i - : ' . ;^-.'.-r-.-. ss" A'i'iJ.** G. W. P.,! j r a t - r o o n i'.'St Ofiii-. ' .; ··'5. AV. F " is !'is;:fttt*ter »vorge \\ . -. i O°-.-rity Oomnntt'-*-. '.V.'KI i*p*-m--i t "i* 1 s j ' - ' k c T:-..- suul ·A'rf.- v a i u i - i i ^ :it ?3''"". p.n'l %v.-»s jT.--.'rit.-1 in Mr. I'.-.JlMtt s'-v- p r a i vi--ar.= .w '"y f"rnu-r f . ' v - r r i . i r John \V. ;r; S K= ··:! l-'^If "- » - - · ''· j J r i f ' j fiimp. s-"n:is ··; V«:«-r.iiis. j Mr P'-'jlU! !'t-l:-»,--.» tha! tin- rnbbPTJf _ ' a trad.itioa. l a m b r e a k - i ' i ! t 'i a i ?" on o j( F taee, ot: which "as- a precedent. The- tim^-^orn, naoss- . . . . , a v^n»*]-·".3 of* t h e most proml- . pieces. I arn aiso proving tha: thos- »·}»·· ·' ;ou--th«r w i t h Senator John Kean and ·ay advertising is us^d only ,by dishonest · Ci'incrpssman 'B^dc. of Minnesota- yi. - pi»clo! lare liars, or mistaken--take your ; p ^ i i j t t rexra-lis 'hat he was Jostled b y . f. ertior, :;nri H - - i i r y i l - n ; . of Int.-"...i ' O h a r l - i F rh;,is-.\ vicf f ' T T i m . T r i S . - r »? ' ton 'vj' v s tht* 11'H^trr;rtpt -.vas th-- tlret r^;tyir )f K-' Pnis«^utor Cro-^Kl'-x- r--^ t.'.-ist ".V»w Ji-r^'-r" .inc! n i t ' - BUOSJ.S that th.---· v f V I v i H n M L.-w-i.-'s «-!'· State. ri:;rr \ H- - senior H ..f fend i ot -pjsskun us-~J '. wa.v__c! t ·· fQn, tju'-ckly r^-: ln~orV3er :i show vffiat i; -· ar.v oru nr;nn request by ! - ' - ' - · · T - "U-.S,.ra!oV:.-s. ^ W^st i . « - e n R ; f ; h str»trt. N-w, Y-rk -!ty. Ai!" i' f " «lv..-: ivyh corupuse tha club's .-;iKh a:;J tl.ry out of the ;«.'· a«:J freshets. . th" i-pming Eocial sea- j a !:-. "-iy on*- a number of! touri:-ini«T.;p. Ir.flu'Hng pool, billiards, ! c ' *-rk, rs. .J-imlr.ofs .imt pinochle, h a v e , ;'i Valuabl.- presents- wl 11 f.-. wlnr.frs. An orchestra n'.:r. Iv nf c l u t members wilr p. .k«n In T r - : i - ' j SAVES BROTHER EROM WOLF ·are 'lar^iii '-fT-A T'-.v.-na : Sa!ama;:1ra C. Hancock Is :n:.--'9t- t!ie orchf'Stra :.i-i, A l f r e d XVool. A l - T:"..-j:u:ts R;:sso, Frank (i wni'.-im Grooms. E. the l- ader. THEY WILL NOT KILL CATS. Leavenwofrth PoIT^e H a v e an Eye to. the Female Vote. I 1 -- 1 M A - U S M F I K I . D . ! si-ream's 'if th.?. five-year-old l a u K h t » r i of H e r n K t n I*;'drj from tSis olty. sav rinf-!-'s t'.vri-ye:ir-old son. who ]:1 away by a hupe THOMAS CARR IS INJURED. While ri'.l'riK a hors» at the Ken- '.vhn lives two n-'.iy U:rnt»"-r yrrils Saturila.}'. Thomas d the Ilf« ' of ' Carr 'of ^T .Vorth- Clinton AwR«*, an r ' cmplove c.i arr!'."p5 h"me. FV.IV :r .» anmdije _ _ . _ . "*-;- tiyoS alone- My coyrag* Is born of a n ' u r t i j "T*"- nonest conytcfion that I am rierht. o-h»"r ; Hi 1 -.'doctors think as I do, -but they d a r e - n f t i ... _.. - -- . --A-.^ -.-depart from precpdeiit, fo they practlc* ! ,».,i.i«in f : : ~*lflxszta of schemes to attract business.! niNflRilfF ANR THH NR Some of thes«clrm«! are most !np?n1ous. liJUnUnUrr MrtU 1 1 UnlllU ;-~: tooro vt great beads. 'X- ' I am ^pitlg all sorts of office work and ?·'-(-:. 4olii^ it well. I have a long list of eye, T:X*arv -noft« and tiiroat casee. I do a plenty = rVjjot'genltb-arlnaTy work. I usa the be."t i i.v-;."iflrDgs-I can buy: the best of Instruments ! :.'---j-maA eQClpsnent for doing electrical, d!ae t^-j?ixostl(j and s ~'--' 1- "^.- *-- *- ; -B r ^*entB to 41.W ,-Xv^cfiw Inoiude^. --. -, -- , _ v";;'4-fraBi:'-Who said. "God bless yoa, doctor." i and In .Trenton SCftLP YIELD TO THIS TREATMENT Why experiment trying to drive the from underneath " w ~ I.KAVE.WVORTH. K A N ' . No-F-ar of politio.-il i-nrnpl:".'*;:""-' '·· ' thi- po!le- from m n k i n K any a t t i - r n p t , fut the.or'd'.-r for the m u x z l i n s "f ;i!l doers on account of nil (-[iM'Tritc of rui'tes arnonu the doss r.iJ'i rais «f l!ie ; I ' i t y is l.eirisr strictly " r-nfi.rt-.-!. _ . | Pnllne arrnefl with s h o t m m * are pa- : trollinfr the streets tiutskl^ of thr- hus!- j 43ess district. } Most~cats are family pets anrt the J City Commissioners are afrnirt That a i wholesale killing of them will stir up j the wornTM. The women have a vnt.' ( ' In Kansas, and.the ^'firnn-il5S!oners ure : not Koing out of their way to do ihinss ; tfiat might have an influence on tii" vote next spring. The crusude follows a military order at Fort T-avfnwor;h. ; rd Uie yard, where ; playlne. and ' : ih« company, was seized' « i m u.i^^.^SK and 1V11 to the groand } in an uncons«'iotis condition, lacerat- j ing Ills fare SPX'erely. He was taken to McKinley Hospital tn the police umbulanee. After rocr-Ivlng tr-.-at- mf-nt iie rei-overf.l ainl was at-le to rd for the woods. The | KO to his home later in the day. ran after her brother,. --.·-- *~'~ V * INJURED BY HIS AUTO. G. R- Carter of Annville. Pa., sus- tafmnl a dislocation of the right wrist j Sunday aftemotm when" the crank ' of his automoMk- ttew hack and struck his wrist. Th* accident occurred a short distance outside of Trenton. Carter was enroute from Annx^lHe to \vfis; hf!nc t i m b e r xvolf. T,,. *-v;'.'f t h » r!'!ItJrin t i l - - hahy .= ta t:?r!. h;iw'/ r -. «--r';jrt)!ntr u n t i l tho wolf was so frlRht- t n r d tha't It dropped the boy.-practically u n h u r t . NEW JERSEY NEWS WILSON--LAWSHE WEDDING. MOUNT AIRY. No*v 1.--Announcement Is mn/1" -f Th" marriage of M!ss Clfira nent tor doing electrical, ata^- d andruff Kerm from imdemeatn tn' I surgical wgrk. The f»e s J 0 skin with'ereaay lotions or fancy hair .00 each time, paid cash, medl- | = h . - * s ^' la) ;,,,,.,_».,«« evervwheri led. The other day a pious old i dressing,- when druggists e^ ery» ner Mjfl "Ow5 biess x-on. doctor." and In .Trenton th» John A. fecnuii »=*ood Tn«!iy times, cheated ma pat of a I drug store. Broad and. Hanover Streets, - - ·· - - ----- ' is cash. ."Mo ! ^.jjj guarantee ZEMO and ZBMO SOAP be.'lmown. my fee ! .until . . to 8:09 p.- in. Tuesday and o'clock. · MOTOR LEEDOM 210, 211 Commonwealth : ; Building , tained In any city or town : ln America and are recognized the best arid most economical treatement for all affections of the skin' or scalp whether on Infant or «rovrn person. One shampoo with ZEMO SOAP arid application of ZEMO ·will stop itching and cleanse the scalp of, dandruff and scurf. Application of ZEMOt and use of ZEMO soap will, cure the most obstinate case of eciema or skin: disease. r We Invite ywu to. try ZBMO and Zi^-vfo gOAP ="3 't* riot pntifelv satis- fled we will-refund your money. B « other ' o lt» . doe« the reputation of «·!» ftrm mean ran to the puri-iiMp ot'tm*. Oor wide expertemce, oite and «nn«u«l for trmde connecttpnn are an. »Ti»olut* ;of tit peirablllftr and IritrUurtc value of rrery Iwr w« offer ;«!n '«* DM-t- tb« YEARS j.-Hl9 tl» tHH -- - · STREET. v,. -vt OPEX where 'officers and soldiers'were blu-n j llawshe. and was followed by a reception. ^ tuRKHOUSER TO ASYtUM. FLEMIfJGTOH. of Mount Airy- and Or-villa Wilson of Rfektown last Saturday, r.y th* RAV F H ^"hitJsside. pastor of , th» Mount Airy Pre»hyter!an rhtrroh. The t-erftmunv wiw prrftrrned f$t ^h^Jiom* 51 of . _. ; ..__. i -_ , _ . . hr!'le'9 parents. Mr. and ilrs. ehmuflF gomery and feeder Streets, .was '-- J30 Saturday night by Jud^e Harris, in"the Cntral Pol!c« Court, on complaint of Georr;" Uefd, of New 'Rose Stephen. C. Cook and WHlla-n i , ,-.,, TM. ,, . . oI of Andrew Burkhouscr of ID?* C hf- c t- Trf-ntort'. have been the «uest of f -I en Is nut Avenue was removed to the' State ; hfre Hospital Saturday In the police ambu- ! Th« Ttev. Johnson I,. Miner preacnml, lance, having developed symptoms of] n?*TM^*^ 0 ^^ 0 ^?*^ F p r ' insanity tbat ' caused his physician to , Bft^JJ*",^ **%£?,, «\ 'rh^huJc* fear for the safety of his tamity. . |- fnr ^-period ol ahouf seven years, rlnrln? JUirkhouser last week reported to i -A-h'ch t:m- th»- church h«s prowri rapidly, the police that his wife had disap- i hnth tn membership anrf interest Serv ppared from home, but it has since! ic»i= at th« othpj-_chUTCji|S t we«_ nmlttM I union servlc-Bs held In the cWurch. ln N '^ T " rte f ° r been learned that 11 ·was compelled to" leayt of fear concerning her personal safety. HIS DISORDER COSTS $5. Charged' :with acting disorderly around the saloon of Jacob li.laugrund; Htinterrtrm C"u-ity Sunday School Asso r on Second. Street, George Fakata. a t elation-.will h h.-jd !n the CHnton Pres- seventeen-year-old Huhgarian. of 553 [ ^yJ"^^" V"F South Broad Street, -was---taken into; ^J^^^ * custody y Patrolmen Hishe.? and ; tr'st'~ChuWh. ' It." U saM he w!H accept' Mr and Mrs John C. Roche ontertalned a Tin're'hPr-of tlu'lr frifnrls at their home in M^ajn Str"ft, fho occasion being their The fiftieth an'mial convention "of the Malone. .'He was . flned $5 hy Justice .Rees ta.,'.Second-I;)lstr.lct_ErtIfce-_Cour,t. _ _ - . _ - _ - . «··.'. tf,m~r* I N S T A N l L Y RELIEVED . · " ' - to the pastfirate nf- .a rtiurch- In the V?=t. . . - ' Tho Thames* AuTllIary cbhnoctea ^ith the Annar.daie Clitirt-h -vrffl^old therr. an- n-iai talr in the lecture room ^fovern- hcr IT · - - ' . . .' -AV. J. Fritts has Ireffun the erectiotj of a nevr home in Annantlalp. Burslars ent?r»d the homey of John S. " I . R, Yaw.ser of I.ehanon. .Est- 1 th^ 4 only thlnes taken. of LAhainon tnd nearhy ; Slnftii " . . ·»"«"-« -«« mftkine «ntTnr' -o have an · ««-^.-.-« _ _ ^._._ ^- ·_ i - _i._-- *iectric !lsht!ns plant- erec:-" fnr the T»ur- j Of YOUR MONEY BACK pose nf "^"-"K the .town?, . that vlpln- Horace Able of Stanfnn has Jn°fn a few da~rs with friends !rj Xew · ' OR. R. SCHIrt-MANN'S - : - - · - - . - - - - - · · - - - . - - - - - - - L is.Sold by All Druggists 'i» ^n^.:*:..^. " .« fOSItlVe ' -JriobSlIy '^ -haven't; had any ; .trpiirjte f or eereral months; but you ""-:-lX-'''-.-.'-'-.':-: ''-.-:." ~ : - "":: ; - '.' --"-"": . : -' '" --.--." - -·/.'- :'.-'-:· '.-f.' «narjpy raornlTJiEs may bring unpleasant reminders ~rl-:-^:-- ,;/ ; . j-;;"-;"/ ;; '"' -'.V.'. ; '-..-·".. .:-'.: ' ..- :.; ; - · ..'. · ·-,-.;.. ^- ·'-'- jsrtthijut aity, .ippareiit Jreason; xff. ah ugly Httlo " ~ ~' ' ' ' ' Pme :Coriipoiiiid ; B L^fT^Jfes* bf-aif.1*^'prejrent* those severe spasms of consrhrag which' are. ?».- itStnfii* *n'-.TT«r!iif-»fc ·RhrpTVMs^ oflthe lungs;. Price, 25 cents.; . ? : .-*.- -A t.WAYS FRESH. : V ' ; F!eininart.Qn's society people.heH a Hal. JoT^o'eri -pfirty-fh the/.auditorium' on 'the '·- F"lprni-r!s:toTi fftir gmuncls--Saturday event ins:. The vosjbjinefi worn were elaborate. t The Asbury- ChrlsSen Endeavor .Society ; h(?M_a Halloween ghost social Saturday ; t^-v-e-r.lng'. · '. ; The Hev. -. "William Porfr To\vu?end : paptor.of "the L churchy at Xorton has just -i'--- -.---- ... r ; - - · - - , - . ' - * - - . . - - - - . ' - - - - - - rrnftirneo--:from his linhual vacation. ·j to. give mstant relief in .every case of ' The ·Central' 'Railroad Comriany .-wiU 'Asthma, no matter how violent "the at- f-'on.; **£n the er« i ttori. of o handsome .. ^ : . . . v . . . : : it - »»i._ · u«*-i..jCBPnser station : at Hteh · Brides tacks or obstinate the case,-or. YOUR ;.?rhp buiwlhw"wilt b» ronstmcred of-.stone, MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED by the ^ cost " Driiggistot whom you "baaght thepack- ] ;age, withotit«ny'ijti(!tstipn;-- : i.':"'. (6) - ·r th Vosseiler of thlsW place ~ Philadelphia at the time. He tvent to St. Francis Hospital for treatment. F I N E D $20 FOR THEFT. Seruby, colored, of Mont- . Jat-'ths r ..._, 3-;."-Ohurc^t -Sunday evening^ Her c-Relation of -th« ChiM ^diMren"s,:.choirs trt th?- " . - ^ - " j ' a s - o t h e r places, .and her-efforts-have l£«« ·^ /sail/ais ' met"-frith-fersat r sueress.':":,.''· '- A Aeries' of revl\^gl services 1egan in "the Hish Bridge M..E- 'CS'urch Sunday even. -.TK»'-Junior Christian Endeavor Socielj of the -H"i£h_.Rr~lfl£e-Reformed Church ha^ Street, who charged him with steal- ins a plow from his back yard Thursday. AVOl¥DECEPlT6N USE NEWBRO'S H E R P I C I D E INSTEAD. Wearing; artificial hair is a harmless deceit of which many ladies are guilty. These women are all objects, for sympathy rather than critic'ism. Early ne^iect in the cans of the scalp has caused the loss of so much hair thaftheir persona) appearance is sadly marred. To correct this defect they resort to artificial hair. Most ladies would resent any imputation of personal carelessness and. neglect. And yet very many women permit" 'ttelr' natural-~h-alr"to~ lye'come- 'so' dull, orlttle and lustertess that It looks no. beteer than the artificial. AH this is as unfortunate as it" is unnecessary. Hair that is unsightly or f thin may usually he attributed to the I malevolent, activity of trie dandruff, j germ. This vicious germ- burrows j. down Into the hair follicle, shortly destroying Its life. The hair becomes dead, loose." and- finally drops ont. There is a remedy sold by ail drug- eists, the .Intelligent tise.'of whicit:-wlll kill 'the dandruff gerrn. It also cleanses the--Sea!i- of- all 'a-ritrumnlations: -and -makes the hair-shine with the luster of Hfp and beauty. That remedy ;!s Newbro's Herpiclde, , the Qrlginai Dandruff Germ Destroyer, \ This preparation in one dollar sizetrnt- tles is.sold ^ind ^uaranteea'everywherei Applications may be. obtained at the best barber shops and hair dressing parloTX The. Herplcide. Co.. Dept. JR., petroit. Mich., will, send 1 a nice simple and booklet to. -'any address upon receipt of lOc. ti. postage or .silver. The Miller Drug To, special agents. - . - -these ' officers-: ---Pttesifteht,- TValter . v!» president^ -HUhert Black .j secretary;- Katherihe" Rqbblnr; treasurer, I,otuse -Hoiiton. . . ,-':·""· lite Tries' Home.' Socrety of the Lower VaKB-y Cfiurch.serves i HaI!oTTe'«rt crazy su'pper.Jn .AbSar'S..Ha!l- Saturday -eventnff FuttriNre m Biicks'Ga, Pa, Wednesday, Nov. 2 : Charles. Patterson and .WllilJam:'X. iufi- chnri will leave thla^we^S;. oii ft busihesa trip to Floflilav"---- - . . - , " . Jliss. Frances CoTc' i?; HI.. . '.-Ir. «iff : Mrs. Peyton Brinkerhoff taid .son of- «ew. .York'-have returned'--borne; here fo'r a. w.eek; CharlpB . CanntaR-;'.- Soy -Harrpp, Bud and Harry Cooper·· were ^visitors or Sunday. . ' " - -·:--. -: -Dllts .has.- recoTerca; from Ma J. . :':-.:..$!.(» ..,,,, ^ i'aUcblorsv.;....,.,....£9c. to $1.50:;j ;: n to 5« Tuciiies *ride, ityllsfi an3 .satisfactory alf- ways. i ;-MInch Bioadclotb? for^Taflor^d Std^ i...... r ..$1.00 to $2,00:-\ '--;-: ATI coJor» and black: riotSJhg 0Se quite so "dressy;'"v-.'r ,' - -ipec«id Talae .fe Blwk and Wjnte Shepherd's T9c, j" sale of -fine 'furniture . ing. af-..."yery iirf«i 'ma- hogttny parlor suite; Turkish^ leather chair, parlor ToxSers, tables, very handsome upright ..roaTtogarty--: . ^ar\:e_d ease, pJano aJrxiost.rie*;- oak ;, sideboard, . rouurl . : eixtensiort' table, chsrirs;-;- burVaiis. -. chif- toniers. 1 brass beds, enameled, btds, springs, rnattrc-sses ainl goods too" numerous to rrfen- tibn, : but' the entire contents of two large houses. - : .. IflUv "Fall ** Wilier Sovelty. Suitings, : tiftng «mart stripes, Slack-jand wnU*, Mae .ahd white, brown aTid K^.WW*; also green «j)dbue plaid «ranite cloths and serges, wid'- wale ' |jC~'V** 1 * 1 * Jn ..Wue and London srholce,.--faiicy : --S3vf "TrlTe"Kray". IpJI ~,~-, etc. A popular line- that is Very special at, yard,,.. 1 ..-.. 'Xhr,SE SPECIAL STOCK.:-- 59c, g*ade ...... Aiijiidroii^ SatiTr, $1.00 ^tade ,\,,.'.,.79c. "fc Heavy Ot»y Bi«v»« Satin for your long -winter r^foth or f or coat, very this .sale : .-,.. .$LiQ TTf'..t*~3 O«"l l1 * "?l'»ne« Sa*it»"' Tunings, a very good merceriied in^tcrial -With fine satiny^ish 28c, S, 25c;, 5Qc. AND Something new for dressmakers and home, sewers; pT'te'ed and padded foundations, correctly shaped, in sizes 1,3d, etc., to 42; make the.weli fitting of coats an 1VE UREEN AND PURPLE STAMPS f?--T^irer .and James -Hrosson hav.o»nii spending' several-aaya In Xetc Tork · \VflH«i-in Harker- has 'been visiting at ftocK'.Gien.-.-':.·· . '..-: : "· ,·' ,. Henrj- lliHer .Sas returnea fi om a trip ^tp.-X^-Tork. _ . - ; _ - / : 1 ,, _, \'.th ? a^Vulcanized Rfibber Confjsanv '.f-..John-,Ke;ele;r Bpent^ia. :few^ days at New *' Thonias Foster ^flasreco'rerea ": recent-illness. j, · 'I Ofesse,White and_. farolly hava i tnfo- their .new- home On 'SmKitls Street. : ili?s" Gertrude "fowler-jof PiwBilc ben : "been visiting her sister ~tatS- "tirotn«r. and r :the tatter's fainilv here, ' --i - Mrs. .George fiercer. Jr.-te.DL' . ." C-iftrencc -JD.--.3!opn.. of Phaadelphla Tla-. Mfrt His parents'liere over S-arklay. ;', ^ -Th*^ '5Jftrrtsvllle' jfUuclcs .County "X*eagneV j'Bftfif-fw!! Team-will meet this week at the i office of Dr. S S. P; .Vitn!fT9 to whid up | the affairs of: tne season. ' iBftporters 5 and Sdfe of oftlie Highest Grade. : The entire stock of Nicholas ly of 38 W ; 28th Street, New Yofk^ AKlWAT. JJ-UJB RUGS AND T!g;er," Polar - Bear, .Griazly B«er. Ibeoparii, SrberlaB Wo«» Etc. for- Coats of-Persian. Broadtail, Seal, Pony, c. Also- seta of Mink, Lynx. Vffffs,- Ermine, Ac, AH th«se furs are up-?o-d«« In, «vaiy shape and form. '- , '· " - - . ' --- - Au-iOMOBILE tfux, COATS. For Ladles'.anjl Gentlemen; "also Far.-t,li»ed CoafB, Auto Robes, " « ON EXHIBITION TUESDAY,,NOVEMBER 1at,^^ AT 2 P, M. SALES, VVEDNESDAY, THUR3QAY AND FRIDAY AT 2 R M. Good* oan b« examined and S*+»d on d*y of - »xh]bltlon and al« day* prior, to 2 P. M.. \ · ' · , - If a. man takes a sEovel-full of coal and Dashes it against a coal-screen, What happens? "According to the man, ehe coat gets the benefit of whatever force he used tn die *a«l"ng, More or less of the co^l is "chipped" and broken; Softie of the dirt goes through the screen, The coal that isn't broken and the coal that is chipped, With the dirt that didn't go through AIT come down together. ~ ~ "" lands in front of the screen goes into yottr, coal- bin. f ~ Is your coal that kind? Take a shovel-full from the bottom of die heap, Spread it on paper, in a good light, What do yon jet? Write it down. Try a ton of "SnVer Ash" coal." Repeat the tett. :If you'll do this, fairly and squstrely one thing's certain : thereafter you'll * r just 'phone 70 , 116 ST. The Tenderfoot Farmer It w» one of these ezperimental farmer*, who put tpectacles on his cow mod fed her ihavinj*. Hi» theory w«? that it didn't matter what the cow ate eo loot ** *l» ^was fed. The queatiou* of digestion and noarithmeot bad not entered iato his calcaiationa. It's only a "teaderfoof fanner that would try ,uch an experiment with « cow. But raUj,/ · farmer feed* km- self regardless of digestion and oatririon. He raifht almost mf tnH eat *haT- iotis for ail the good to gets out of his food. The «..nlt. i* th-t the atomacib grovn "weak" the action of the organ* of digestion and nutrition are impaired and the man suffer« the mi»eries of dyspepaia and the agonic* of nervi - -. To ftrenithea the stoaiaca, restore tme activity ot Cft* of- : £ans ot diiestioa and nutrition and fr^ce ao the aes , ^. use Dr. Pierce' a Golden Medical Dfscorerr. It Is an an*, failing remedy, and nas tne confidence of pltfslclmns as Hfil as tne prains ot thousands healed bji Its use. In the (triotest *enae "Golden Medical DiscoTI.J" i* · temperance ro«B- cine. It oonf-«ms neither intoxicant* nor narcotics, and i* as free from alcohol a* from oprom, cocaine aod other dangerous drugs. All ingredients printed on its outside wrapper. Don't let a dealer delude you for hi* own profit. There u no medieirie for stomach, liver and blood "fact a* good" as "Golden Medical Discorery." Automobile Storage If you ar» going to pla.ce your car in dead storage, we win store It tor 14 per month. Call HO BrldKe St. 9-lJ-tC A rvtERTlS-KVEXT R B O A R D I N O 1 B:ris. ' Sealed proposals will be r«- cetveiJ by the New Jersey Board ot Fish arid Came Commissioners, at the ofHce.of th* board, in the State House, on.the 26th day -»f Xovtrnber, 1^10, at the hour of 10:30 in the forenoon, for birds hereinafter mentioned, at which titne and plac-ft said. bid* will b« received and publteiy opened and r«?a3 and "Contract ao-arded to the lowest responsible bidder, pursuant to the statute, P "L. 1W. p 3S E^ich bidder KiLSt accompany h;s bid with cash or oertlflod check, payable to the order of B. C Kuser. president «· the Board of Fish end Game Comniissionere, for at least ten per centum of the amount of his bid. Trie boarvi reserves the right to relect any or a:', bids, or any part of the Jdf bids must be marke.1 plainly "Sealed B5da for RircU." caJ addressed to taa "BoscrU of Ftth and flume (-.'ornmissloners, Strt*e C*aDl**»l T r eI5T'I) ^ 3." I BIRIS*-Fh'e ":hoiis;iria (5.000 " English i Phe-asants. or any part of the «am^ iu I the proportion, of three neiis to one cock j bird, for delivery, as ordered, at any tlm« garian Partridsre". U. C.-fi Board of fish and Gam« 11-1-Stues Commissioners. \ 'It's the Busy Comer."' We will Never Sacrifice Quality to Advertise Bargains. SOUTH BROAD AND FROM/5/. Every Purchase Must Be Satisfactoty or Money Refunded Without Question. Do You Want Silks Dross without paying the high prices that sto'res that do but an ordinary volume of business must ask. Of course you do. Everj-woman true to her own and's interest does. It's simply a matter of b^ing DrRECTEI^RIGHT. If your mind becomes set in a wrong direction, so,.-that you can see rib pood in anytlong' that is offered by someone other than those on whom your mind is set, then you are MISDIRECTED and are not doing yourself, and family justice. We merely want; to DIRECT YOU RIGHTL1 and in doing that we, hope to cfo yon a favor and make you a firm'friend. We saylkuyou that we have good Sill""and .Dress Goods as good as can be woven--and.:we sell them for Less fh^-n other stores sell theTM, because, we have estab r ; lished a reputation for Imported Black Au»kian BroadclfJths, 54 inches wide. with a rich silk finish. You can't buy this quality anywhere esle'.in -Trenton. It's supreme at. vard AND Priestley's Black -f»rnneila Cloth, 46, inches wide, strictly waterproof Value, $2.50, at, yard Priestley's Black Henriettas, 44 inches wide, with silk warp : Value, ^1.75. -At, yard Black Tailor Serge, 60 inches wide; verv sft, closely-woven. Value $2.50. At, yard Black SilkSkipe 44 incBes tride; to wear over chiffon messaline. Yard $1.50 Blaxjk.Snk Voile, 44 in., yard $1.50 Black Silk Bop- d*«l lin, 44 in., yard. lj 11 $1.25 Chiffon Messaline Silk,. 36 in., yard.. $1.10 Hatratai Silk, 36 QO- m:. yard w«U $1.39 $1.00 Black Swiss Taffeta, 36 in, yard. $2.50 Black Crepe de Cygne, 42 in., j-ard... $1.25 Peaa de Cygne SflTr, 36 in, wide, in a beautiful collec- - ttoirtrf street-and-even ing shades, at, yard .. $1.50 Crepe de Cygnes in double width ; shcrwn : in a variety of smart pastel shades, at, yard .$1.00 Peraian Silk*; 20 inches wide, with a satin stripe"and -a host of rich combination effects, at, yard 77. Here's Kig News for Women Walch the Morning Papers For a Tremendous, Special Sale of ('oats, S»uits and Dresses It will be a wonderful Sale Announcement and Every* Woman in Trenton Should Read It. -* ^ A Sciisatioaal Notioii Sale Two Days==Wednesday and Thursday We. ;Li«T« El»rtio, '-- to J«ew on ho»« sopporter*. , 6c . tor -worneh'arid ciiMren-. 60. N««r 8Hk~ CoUaf Bones, white and blade. .. 15o, Scf**or», niok«l-pl«t~ etl, 6, 7 and In. -- ...... Sc. Bek Pln-BoNjte, Mr sbrtedv for only. -- . ---- . - 7o. BotWe 8p». «i Oil, for maicrjineBi tiottl* ..* ..... . 10o. Card D« _Lona'« Hooks and Eyas . . . . . . . . . 10o. :Cor»at . Steelm, in- wWte : and drab .-.,...»... Kfe Lara* Towirte Ptn Gu»hion«, only , -- ..,,..' 2/ac. Spool ~ ft«?n»fia Cotton, black and '''tan ...... 16o. Dta^ 8bW*i, for Bbirt waists only .. ..... So. Egg Stacking D»rn- ·r», blacK with toandle....' Bo7 Magic H«lr CuH«r», only . . . . . ...... ...-..,'.-... 80, c«rd 8U«1 Toilet -Phi«i~, white and color*.. Y.Sc. A»b«»to« Iron Hold- ·r», canvaa-cover*d ^....-. 3c 8c 70 »c ' ^Ehwry customer dating this sale will receive; ATwohrtely Free, with ever 25o. pur- of nottona one of Lapin'f "Pads "which win instsntly remore dirt, oil, grease food and offier stams from clothing ;· rk sale will interest the shrewdest shippers, such as the sWfleddre u ««H*CT,tJiehomedre»- Tnae.f sad the housewife. , - _ _ wrfH OTH K K B'xQf-^S, Oc 9c 2c 2c 2c Oc 8e 4c Hair !7c 3o wltft 'dip "Wft *." Bo. Hair PMi* oit IW . Spool 8Hk, 100 yd.. E,ata- ard"» and Armatrong"a, In TM - ' white »nd cotoTB, «pool... 25o. "Bis Wx Jnvf«IW« Net*, la «ev«T«I tsolora,- 6 for . , . . . . . . . . . . . - . . fit O»W»«t Hair Pin*. R aaaprted else* .-..-.. .- ' - 6 Hat Pin«, *lth . black and -whit* heads ' 7* To. P««ri-M««d«d Pint, In -*»}Tttd · » ls f\ wblt« »ncL colon ,... r .».;. : 5 '2o- Alnmrnum 1Be. u/»«_"ng Combs, in -black- ; aaff color* 4t. and Se. Hat PIn«, with Jet be*** only 4c. c«rd Safety Pln«, black and -white, card Se. English Sh**t P!n% needle point, all _ al*e» Collan Founda- In ·white and bhv*. 15c- oaa* at -tlMdlaay titem^t to » .... Sc. cpool Batting Cotton, numbers 40 to 60 ........ SeC «paol Black Bifk, SO yda. S SPOOLS .,,. 60^ Bon* Collar Button*, 9DA pl^vS,-vGX ". .....*.... 5o. Damlnfl Woof, three fold in black- and white.. .So. Bfaa £r«.,ibindlng, 4-yard piece ............. Be. Bunch Tap*, in aa r aorted widths .... ... , 1 0 c . Ei»a»*h Twill Tapa. 24-yard piece 10o. Tubular *bo* Lao**, . black and tin, dox. 7c, card Salt Pina, .white ·fid oolowi · ..«·..«·».·..«. m 10o. "ia*. Hook and «»t Itt M-ofc -.**·«·· whit* On* 4c 2c 3t §41 8c * i: «--i:. iNEWSPA'PERf EWSFAPESl

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