The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 2, 1896 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1896
Page 5
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TIE DAILY KEVg This Date In History-May 2. WITH WORS3IPEBS. SCNOAV 8KBV1CGB IH OCR CITY CHCBCfiCS. .? V_; "AW--- ^:~i*r r. ci««rrc.\ ' ·· ..-.I - «.·-- c.-j · j ~ ^ «-i,i 11- r.~ K*"-:- x.j X t* r ~i.J »u.'-«r=_i_ Ii-ri i ' ~./tjr! A B. Ktrtul-'jr«rr. Till 8 P. JhU May S 6 jaetal Dfenateh to The Maws. s ^AAxnaro*. D. C.. May 9,11 a. a. - Coatlnned threatening, with ^ H I rain tonight, poa'.bly clearing · I Sunday, changes in temper*- ·L--J tore. W. L. Mooax, Chief of the Weather Bureau. ?fi£W ADVS. TO-DAY. Wanted A.T. Elder, Manager. Saloon Ontfis For Sale. J. W. Hurley. Ken Wanted R- G- Chans Co. Shoats Foa Paie -32 W. All Saints St. Lecture-. W. C. T. U. Phonograph Entertainment- Presbyterian Charch. B*ak S:ock For 8*le--W. A. Mansfield. Ury Goods John Hendrickson. Pen-Mar Peacnes Railings. Our S»turd*y Offerings C. C. Carty. Dress Goods. .Renner Kemp. A Third Letter.- W. H. B. Etchlson. Bnlletln of Bargains Thos. H, Haller. Shoes -Grove Kindly. Ntw Potomac Herrlng-Geo. F. Thorns*. Spring Dress Goods .Best Kepler. BRIEF BITS. Tw» K«w sittttecen tor Frederick P«l- pito-- Ibe V. feL c. A. Wucfc-Mee: M~o=d*y! A Budget of Bright Item* of local and General Intereat. --There is stiii some work to be done on the new High School building at Thormont. --Mrs. A. Slick has greatly improved her property on the corner of Carroll and East Main streets, Thormont, by the addition of a new porch. --Beyers! of the boys of Thnnnont haye been bathing In the mountain stream, the earliest being on April 17. --Ont of erery three companies registered In England two become Insolrent. --On Saturday last Messrs. R. Blttle Pcfflnberger and Harlan S. Wachtel, of Myersvllle, caught a 22 Inch, 5 pound carp In Catoctln creek, near that place. --Joseph Cornell, of Burlington, Ya., was convicted at Cumberland of getting money under false pretenses. --Governor Lowndea appointed the State board of Immigrant commissioners, wllh Little'.on T. Dryden superintendent at $8.000 a year. Three Republicans were apppolnted managers of the House of Correction. Olney Norrls, of Baltimore, wai appointed State game warden. A son of Mr. John W. Belt will be appolnt- f-*^5 d«k In Treasurer Shryock's office, in place $t Robert Bowie. --Steps are being taken to condemn the right of way through Howard county for the Columbia and Maryland Electric 'Railway. --Every American President has had frcm three to thirty-two towns named for him. Thirty cities and towns were named after Alexaader Hamilton, and there are thirty Clintons, twenty-four Websters, twenty Benlons, thirteen Cal- bonni, seven Clays, nineteen Qolncys, twenty one Douglases, and twenty Bialnee. --Big skirts will bt the fashion this summer. A 5,000 EDITION. Xbat Will B« Trie Circulation of Next We«V» Weekly. The edition of TBI WKIKLT N»ws for next week, ready Thursday morning, will be imt THOUIASD copies, which win circulate In fire thousand of the best homes la Frederick county, offering to advertisers an Invaluable medium for reaching the masse* of the people. The edition will contain an important announcement, and IB It* twelve large pages wlQ present a complete and' up to-daie newspaper--live, energetic and wide awake In every particular. Advertisers are Invited to test the merits of tots large edition aad copr for their announcement* will be received up to 5 p. m. Wednesday. Copy for change advertisements is requested before noon of that day. Having the largest bona fide drcmla- Oon of any paper In Frederick city and couty, Tn fixws offers superior Inducements to advertisers at all times, and newspaper readers who wish to keep U totck with the times cannot afford to be without It. Next week's edition of T WBELT wfll be a model of vlgor- oos, enterprising jcmrallsm, mad the paper In all Its departaeats wfll be chai- atiMrfstic of Industry mad path aad public spirited interest ia the welfare, growth and advancement of Frederick, in behalf of whoee industrial prognes Tx* Haws kas specially nllsted Its forces. THX XBALTB BBTOBT. The following is the awsithly report of Health Officer Dr. 8. Maynud for Aetfi: Deathc, It; iatemeau, 90-, · white, ·jooiond, fl; under fire years of age.8; tietweea fony aad sirty, 1; between sixty a»d aigkty, ·; ortr elfhty, 1. The causes of daMkvnre H follows: Grip, 1; old . . . aasv.1; pleurisy, 1; disease of the heart, 1; ooBVuMons, 1; tubercular ateamgitis, i. OSMS of etwtsgiowdisuees reported were Meaakw, 46; diphtheria, 4 Elected. Dr. In J. McCardy has been elected a atesaber of the Medical and Chlrargical Facalty of Maryland. Wtoev He*o« aesistaEce It may be best to reader U promptly, bat cae sho*ld remember to ase evea the most perfect remedies only w»en needed. The best aad most simple aad gtatle remedy to the Syrup of Firs, auaafactared by the California Fig eyrip Comvaay. Til 0KWIRY FiftE. on Tae MtaU.ertsl sa us* Y. M C. A. puior aex', at 10 a. m- Toatorrow aiore!cg, it'.er lise wrvte*. ibe aanoil MoravUB I Lorefeakt will oe observed a: Graeshsffi. \ The Christian Endesvcr Unloa *!H oteerre tomorrow throughout the oastv with laiertulog programs la ibe chnreht*. The ladks of the Kooxviiie Lnitens charch will give * Due musical and literary concert in the Lutheran cbsrch tbeie, OB Whlt-Moniay eignt, May 25. There will be bcly eog?gac!oc at All Saints' Episcopal Church tomorrow morning. Sunday-school will be held at 2 30 p. m., and evenlag service at 7 30 o'clock. At BL John's Geratan Reformed church tomorrow there wiU be lervices in the morning at 10X5 and eveniac at 780, conducted by a student of Lancaster Theological Seminary. The BEOS! services will be held at the Evangelic*! Lutheran, the Presbyterian, United BreUuea, Evangelical Reformed, German Baptist and SL Joba'* Catholic churches tomorrow. The services at SL Jamea Lutheran the Rev. J. D. Huddle, of Pennsylvania, as follow:: Preaching at 1080 a. m. and 7 JO p. m. Snndsy school a£1.45 p. m. Active preparations are being made by the chnrcnes of Myersriile, looking toward the coming of Rev. L. L Selbert, the evangelist. Two union prayer meetings wire held this week, and nei*. week three will be held. Tnare will be services at the M. E. Cnnrch tomorrow, with the sacrement of the Lord's Supper at 1015 a. m., preaching by the pastor at 7.30 p. m.. Sunday school at 1.30 p. m., aad meeting of the Epworth League at 6 30 p. m- The Maryiand Clissls of the Reformed Church in the United States, will convene in annual cession in Christ Reformed Cnnrcb, Hagerstowc, Bev. George A. Snyder, pastor, next Wednesday, May G.h. a*. 730p. m. The opening sermon will b: preached by the retiring president, Rev. A. S. Weber, of Baltimore. At Trlnty M. E. Cbnrch, Bomb, tier- will be preaching at 1015 a. m. and 7 30 p. m. There will be communion after the morning service. Sunday school at 2 p. m^ Epworth League at 6 30 p. m., class meeting Monday at 7 30 p. m., prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.30 p. m., and Jr. League Thursday at 7 80 p. m. The RET. J. B. Wilhite is the pastor. The Normal Bible Cls of Gracebam will finish its course of the past year's study by lu final examination of sixty questions answered in willing and which are to be gent to Prof. Hamill, of I1L It has been a pleasant work and those who will finish the course cannot but appre elate the worth, of the knowlage gained and the kindness of Rev. Oerter in giving a. portion of his time to the instruction of the class. The Rt. Rev. William Paret, D. D., Bishop of the Diocese of Maryland, vis lied St. Mark's parish, this county, on Thursday and Friday of last week, April 23 and 24, for the purpose of confirming several classes. The Bishop preached at Grace Chapel there on Thursday eren ing and confirmed a class of ten persons. He also preached at St. Mark's and St. Luke's, confirming a class also at each place on Friday, fife at St. Mark's and twelve at St. Ltuce's, or a total of 27 per sons in the parish. The communicant list of the parish Is now 202. FBEDEBICK'B saw The new ministers, the Bev. W. I McKenney and the Rev. Lynn Myers, who have only recently been called to pastoral duties in this city, are BOW occupying the pulpits of their respective churches. The Rey. Mr. McKenney was born and reared in Southern Maryland. He was educated in toe public schools of his native place, and afterward attended the West RUer Classical Institute and was a professor in the latter institution for several yean. He spent eleven years in Washington city, daring which time he was pastor of Fifteenth street, Hamline, Wesley Chapel aad Dnnbarton Avenue Churches. He has since then been stationed ia Baltimore city, and for the last five yean has been pastor of Strawbrldge Church, Baltimore, one of the moat important and beautifully located churches in the conference. Mr. McKenney Is an able and forcible exponent of thegoepel, a scholar of deep aad thorough understanding, and a pastor who will closely aisociste himself with the members of nil congregation In the way of doing good. He is not an entire stranger to his people, bat has been known by soms tor a long time. ^^ The Rev. Lynn Myers, the newly elected pastor of St. James* Lutheran Charch, is an able yonag divine who will graduate ia aboat three weeks from the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. He is a son of the late rank Myers, a prominent resident of the vicinity of Doub's, this county, and therefore Is quite at home among the people of Frederick. Mr. Myers has frequently filled the pulpit of St. James,' and by his earnest and to creative manner has already endeared himself in no small measure to the congregation. He possesses the advantage of an excellent delivery, aad ia his discourses the members of the church have found spiritual food for deep and thoughtful study. Mr. Myers was accorded the unanimous call of the COB- grefstioB, and ths memben of the church feel that they have done wen to enlist the Christian influence of inch a promising young Bun ia the great work of extending the GospeL T. H. C. A. Some desirable changes aboat the Y. M. C. A. building are coatamplated. The rooms will receive a thorough overhaal- iag aad will be in a measure refurnished. "The committee from the board of direct- on haviag ia hand the patting in of the bathe are progressing wi£a their plan*. This improvement wul be accomplished as soon at practicable. Decoratioa Committee Mo. 1 met ia the parlor oa Wedacaday evealag and furthered plans for the decoration ofPhOo- autheaa Hail and the Y. M. C. A. room. Great Interest eeeau displayed aaoag the Tarioa* committees ana a good time is anticipated. many People Via* Tke a»4 ia«ld*stta. A large aassber of people walked over to the sight of the brewery ate yesterday and for seme tlase looked with cmrfoas gas« tpon the ssaouldeifBg rains which Isy blscK and chaired la a dnnoraiizvi heap, still sxrkleg frcjB lie effect* of the ire which swept over lie pla=t earir ia tie aw £ a Log, curjLng in tu path waste and iesoiatloa. A uussber of !adte» ajsd csldrezj who b»d «cen BO more of the Cte ifeac the aright rtfitclion principally made up ih« crowd aad in aa laltraled manner went from oe* spot to another aad viewed the rala*. Mr. Keha. was OB ascd euly all div £d talked freely ttcai ike Sic. A* tuitd in TKE Naws vesteiday, the theory that the flames o rig lasted IB the brewing room is still held tc, iaunuch w a boiler in that department is faldtohave been IB operation the day before, and IB BO other part of the plant had a fire been started. Mach credit was given to ibe firemen for their aatiring efforts toward baving ad- j lining property. Nszariu Ball at one lime was in Immolate danger of being entirely ooasuBwd, and notwHaitandlng that the nunes had leaped from the frame bowling alley to the hall the firemen succeeded in saving the latter building, but not without difficulty. Dnrlng the prog ress of the nre the tall smokestack over the cngiae house broke in half, aad in falling the broken pan was caught by a limb of a tree, ho'.dlnp !:!:: «r spr^St position. The tin rooT Usl covered the entire building kept the flames down to a considerable extent, that mnch being a point in favor of the firemen. The stone walls of the dwelling and of the greater portion of the plant are Intact and can be used for rebuilding la case that plan is determined upon. Several amusing Incidents occurred vhlle the firemen had streams of water pouring npon the flimes. In come manner a dozen young colored men secured a keg of beer and were making short work of its contents, when the hose was turned on them. The crowd immediately began to scatter, and in a minute or two all had sought a place of safety except three or four, who loyally stood a shower bath for the remaining quantity of beer. Just after the fire one or two members of the United and Independent Companies made an effort to secure a brass weather vane In the shape of a beer keg which was fastened on the roo* of lae dwelling. Ine prize was secured by an Independent and It now adorns a corner In the engine house In commemoration ot the brewery fire. While the flames looked the most dangerous a large crowd of people viewed the fire from the door steps on All Saints street. There was general rejoicing smong the colored populace when the danger that threatened Nazirhe Hall had been overcome, but the call was far too close to be In the least comfortable. Mr. Enhn stated yesterday that he wss undecided whether or not he would rebuild. The Middle Conference of the Mary land Syaod, of tee Evangelical Lutheran charch, will be held in Bethany Latheran charch, Bev. C. X Held, pastor, Brnaa- wicfc, tkte county, oa Monday, Taeeday aad Wedaesday, May llth, ISifc and 12th. The conference offlosn are: president, Rev. J. U. Aspen Secretary, Rev. ttobu Patterson; Treasurer, Rer. P. H. MOter. The visitiag ministers will be entertained at the homes of meat ben of Bethany Charch in Brunswick. POF. WALDBH. An Evening of Dialect Recital at Woman'a College. Professor Gilbert Walden, the well- known dislect reader, gave an entertainment at the Woman's College last night for the benefit of the curtain fund aud the Y. M. C. A. The program opened with a piano solo by Miss Pauline Herring. Prof, Apple then introduced Mr. Walden, who enter talned tie audience for an hour and i half with pleasing selections. Amongst these were "The bells of Atlanta," "Uncle Edinburgh Drowning," "Indian Girl's Revenge," "Uncle Mose," "The Victor Drummer," "The old lady of Tennessee," "Entertaining sister's beau," and other humorous readings which never fall to please a fun loving audience. The tecond part of the program In eluded a yocal solo by Miss Florence Koehler and a piano solo by Hiss Nora Dltiler. Professor Walden has a fine voice, though he labored from severe hoarve- neas and the intense heat of the room. As an elocutionist he holds his own, bet he excels as a Southern dialect reader. His rendition of those selections in the old darkey languags were typical of the South before the war, and his facial expression of the old darkles Is to the manner born. Taken altogether the recital was hivqly pleasing. The next entertainment at the college will be an evening of elocution, on Fri day, May 8. Xh* Bksk. Mr. Chas. T. K. Young, who had his /right arm so badly ripped by a circular saw on Saturday, 18th ultimo, that it had to be amputated near the elbow, is getting along: very nicely and it is hoped will soon be about again. He ia still at Mr. George C. Buffer's, MIddletown, where he is being kindly cared for. MissRegina Beckley, who has been quite sick, is improving. Captain B. F. Brown, who has been quite sick, is better. Mr. C. T. Kussmaal, who underwent an operation for tumor of theglands of the neck at the Maryland University Hospital, is recovering In a very encouraging manner from the effects "of the operation. He was able to sit up in a rocUag chair Thursday and bat so far suffered little pain. Fnoorab. The funeral of the late W. A. Scott took place in this city yesterday from the residence of Mr. Frank Sumaa, oa Sovth Market street. Services were conducted at the house by Bev. L. Laws, of Baltimore, assisted by Bev. Dr. E. B. abaca, of the Evangelical Refonaed church- The pall-tearers were--Fritchk Hanshew, B. H. Blackston, Chas. Small wood, F. T. Rhodes, WSD. Moberly aad John EL Abbott. Interment was made in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. C. C. Carty was th* funeral director. Captala Walter Sanaders, auctioneer, sold at the Conn House this morning at 10 o'clock, SO shares of the Xausitsbaqc Turnpike Company. Mr. Charles C. Waters was the purchaser at ftOO per share. The eaffle auctioneer told at 11 o'clock a farm, situated four oOes east of Frederick, on the Baltimore pike, containing 49 acres and 17 square perches, to Mr. J. Wm. Baaghmaa.for f 1«58 00. Changed Hands Mr. John H. Frzler has purchased the bar and fixtures of Mr. Ma: Bartgis, on South Market street, »nd took possession of the business yesterday. Mr. Walter Fraster will conduct the stand recently conducted by his brother. THE CITY LIGHTS. MK B03L.EVS PKOFOSIIION TO THK BORD. H« Tree* ConaolMiatkMc. of itte Plaot HU OttaCw Xbe ACIAlBfWULliLDT. Tte pte miued to toe Board ot AM«n*a at th«U nuellog Ttarc4a by Me. A- L. Bo*iej- of the Fttdeiick Elecutc Light and Power Company, we« « tolow*: KBKOKISICIC, Mt., April S'J. ll'-'5 To the HoccrabLe, the Mayor, nea Aldermen of Frederic*. Gcatitmen: BeLitYlcg '.ti'. t U your desire to give ib« city as economical government as possible, we beg to submit the two enclosed proposition* for oper- aiiag ite city arc plaal. In order to enable ycu to give theee proposals the carefo! consideration we believe they deserve, we piesent them at this time before you bsve let the contract for three hundred tons of coal as advertised In Tut NEWS. By consolidating the two electric light plants we are able to turnltb current ana light the same number of arc lights at yon now have at a saving to the City. Tbe publUhed cost of operating the City arc plant for the past four or fire years has oeen about twenty five hundred dollars p«r year, exclusive ot,th» s»tarte» umming to ( tSHXJ more for the fireman, engineer and lineman, making a total cost between $1.000 and H* 00 In the first proposition we agree to give the City the same moonlight schedule arc lighting service as It now has and in addition light the streets on every cloudy moonlight night (or thirty- four hundred dollars per year, saving the City $600 to $700 per year, for the five yean from $8,000 to $8,600. The second proposition Is to light your Streets each and every night in the year, Irrespective of moonlight, from dark to daylight, for $3,850 per year, thus saving the city $150 to $300 per year from wht it now costs tor the moonlight schedule-- a saving In five yeaie to the city of $700 to $1,850. Should yoor honorable body accept one of these proposition*, we are prepared to transfer and to have machinery In operation in oar station within thirty days after the signing of the contract, and will fnralsh satisfactory bond tor fife thoa:22i dollars Jcr lu lalthlui p«r- formutce. The transfering of the ma chlnery from Its present position to onr station will not interfere to anyway wllh the present system of lighting the streets. Hoping one of these proposals will meet with your fsTorsble consideration, we remain, Yours very respectfully. FBEDaatCKXLKCTBic LIGHT AND POTTKB COM PAST, By A. L. Bosley, Secretary and Treasurer. The agreement referred to Is as follow*: This agreement, nude this - day of - In tie year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, between the Frederick Electric Light and Power Company, hereinafter called the Power Company, and the Mayor and Aldermen of Frederick, hereinafter called the Mayor and Alder men: Vyitnesseth:-- That In consideration of the payment mentioned In this agreement, the Power Company agrees to transfer to Its station at its expense the two arc dynamos and Beck engine belonging to the City of Frederick, and sow being operated in the city station In the rear end of the City Hall building. and connect the city arc line wires to said dynamos located In its station. The Po ft i Company agrees to operate said machinery aad to fsrnlsn current to light the streets with the arc lamps aow in nse, according to the moonlight schedule, and also on all cloudy nlgnts, whether Included In the moonlight schedule or not. The Power Company to furnish carbons and trim the arc lamps, to keep in repair the entire city pole line, Including poles, wires and lamp*, also the engine aad dynamos, and to turn over to the Mayor and Aldermen at the expiration of this contract, provided it Is not renewed, the said eaglne aad dynamos is good condition, barring wear and tear, and to replace same In City station as they aow are. The Power Company agrees to pay to the Mayor aad Aldermen the sun of tea doQsis per sight for each night the lights fall to btrn as specified m this contract. The Power Company agrees to eater into this agreement with tke Mayor and Aldermen for a period ot five yews, com- meaclot; from the first day of June or July in the year 18JW, -.whichever date may be mutually agreeable. The Power Company to furnish a satisfactory bond is the penalty of Aye thousand dollars for the faithful performance of this contract. The Mayor and Aldermen agree to tan over to the Power Company, noon the above conditions, the entire city arc plant, Including dynamos, engines, station apparatus, pole line and arc lamps. The Mayor aad Aldermen hereby agree to famish the necessary water for operating the arc machinery. The Mayor and Aldermen hereby agree to pay the Power Company for the above service the sum of tMrty-foar hundred dollars per year, payable la eqn*l monthly installments; the Mayor aad Aldermen hereby agree to make the payments herein provided on or before the fifth day of each aad every month, aad the Mayor aad Aideraaea to be at no other expense for lighting of said streets. MaryUsxTe Protubttfcm Hrte»tea. Up to date betweea sixty aad seventy persons have signified their latealioa to go on the excursion of ProLIbitloaliU to the aatioaal convention at Pittabargoa MayS?. A special uala totrlag Casadea, Station, Baltimore, at 1040 a. au,May K, wffl carry the party. The train will have decoratioa* trwrlag the same of Jothaa LcrerJag, for president. Pao* CM. Mr. Joseph Flaaaifaa, of MlddJetown, employed by Mr. Magaha, oa the Kepler !zr=, 7«a ol thai U»WB, had the r%at Side of his face badly cat aad several teeth knocked oat by a colt, which reared ap and attack him with Us foot, oae day last weak. Case Submitted. IB the Maryland Coart of Appeal* yesterday, Caae Mo. 83, State of Maryland vs. Smith, was submitted by Attorney-General Clabaagh, William H. Hiaks and 6. H. Worthlngwn for the appellaat, asdtleave grant«d P. Francis Pampol to Mr. George C. HUdt, th« c«e*r*l ageat of Adasu Eipr«*» C3Bpuf IB Baltimore, and WAO (Barrled Ml** Thomas, a daughter of Mrt. SasaaThomu.of Frederick, Thursday retlgs«J b'* r°^-^^ with tcaic.mpuy. Thcrsdsy ;'gh: Uue espl.,y«« v£ li^l ccmptny, to wkcm Mr Hlidi *s codcar- ed hiaiself by his txalfoim c.»r;«*y »e^ klBdaeu. met in a bo4y at the office, til Kast Bahia»c:e tuee*, and pr*«eie! Mr UUot with sbsdtotceeur coslr as SB txpresj'.on ot tcc'.r esteem and rttfrei at Kr Hildi't HMirsrce of tl» coscection toe company. JOHN HKNDBIOKSOW. . file brkf aader the rale for the appellee. · A Mad Doc. Mr. Christopher Ogie shot and killed a dog belonging to John Cecil, on the farm of Mr. Caariet Z'mmerman, near this I city, yeeterday. f he an I ami tDowed i signs ol rabies. by Mr W. S romu, CdOtci uf die company, In which b* stiti that It was with deep regret tbai the employe** learatd that Mr. HUai found it expedient to»*verhi* consecUen with the company. which he bad served with sach sign*! SUCOMS as their superior officer and as a courteous and liberal chief. LOO^L MENTION W. C. T. V. Miss Mary Wlllard. aleee of Mlas Prances Wilisrd. and graiaate ot Berlin, Qenauy, will talk to ladles. Monday afternoon next, May 4'h, at S o'clock, in M. £. Church. Subject, Kindergarten. ID Hesaoriam. In lovIne T*»»tpVsB'* r * n "T flthtr, D. M. Utuiblne, who died one year ago Friday, May 1st. One less at home! The charmed circle broken--a dear face, Missed day by day from Its asnal place, But cleansed, saved, perfecud by grace, One more In heaven! One less on earth! Its pain, it* sorrow and Its toll to share, One less the pilgrim's dally cross to bear, One more the crown of the blast to wear, At home In heaven. Bit PhoooEtmph Concert. Do not fall to hear the phonograph concert given at the Presbyterian Church Monday night, May 4 An Interesting program consisting of vocal and Instrumental music and the reproduction of great orators, together with sounds from nature, will please and edify all. The Woman's College Glee Club and mambets of the Arlon Sextette will sine Into th« instrument, which will Immediately be perfectly reproduced by the phonograph. Special Notice. On and after May 1st soups will be supplied to families as follows: Monday--Rice Soup. Tuesday--Vegetable Soup. Wednesday--Bean Boup. Thunday--Turtle Soup. Friday--Clam Soup. Saturday--Crab and Vegetable Soup. The finest all meat Deviled Crabs at $100 per dozen. Crabs, Turtle and Clams always on hand at prices as low as the lowest. Charles N. Haner. The Buffalo. Twenty Cents will buy one gentleman's two blade Vest Pocket Knife ani ons box of Magic Shoe Blacking-- Qiynn's Hardware Store, East Patrick street. Knocked Oat. The dust and moth were completely knocked oat of all the carpets cleaned this week, at the Csryet Cleaning works, East Fifth street. Visitors welcome. Where did yon get that fine piano? Why, at Blrely's Palace of Music, to be sure. _ H. E. Wilcoxon, at Blrely's Palace of Music, will sell for two dais only ail of the latest sorgs and marches at 80 cauts per copy. FainUaie Polish. Msxoline, the great Furniture polish, makes old furniture look Ilka new. Qnynn's Hardware Store, East Patrick St. When I get my piano or organ I wD 1 get it at Blrely's Palace of Music. Music at Birely's Palace of Music Saturday night. H. X. Wilcoxon, at Birely's Palace of Music, has a fide liae of Musical Instiu meats. Go and see them. H. E. Wilcoxon, at Blrely's Palace of Music, has a few second-head instra meats, sach as X and Bb Comets, Trom bones, Altos, Flutes, z., la good condi Uon. Go aad see thssa. BEST KEPLBB. OTHBE8DO NOTHATSTHBM. tBia 19 A J1ATCBJI OF ODE 8PBJWG DKIB3 OOODfc AHD A F1ATTJB1 THAT JO8T BATIB/IBSDEIWrmoPL*. COE- BKT STTLt AND PBMaT AT- PaaJtAHCa IS WHAT TOCT DB3IU aWPBClALLT WHKf THIT OOBT -. NOTHIN9 XZTKS.. BOB DO W» LOB* 81«H r OF QtJALlTT. W8IMT OTJB PEIOX8 ABB KieHTDOWH TO THE LOWKT POa*IBLB HOTCH. VfB ABB BTliL AT THB YIP TOP vrHXHrrcojcuTOQUAjaTr. IT MATTEBS ROT WHAT Ton MIT DBB1BB I» DB««3 OOODB OB WHAT TOE WAHT10 tBIH IK. IF IT IS OF THIS SIA3OH-8 MAKB TOD WILLFiaDlTAT JJOBIH MABKBT 87 MULLIN1X A KBIP. M ATTIN6 A big; invoice received oa Taesdav, another Wadaeaday, aad suil another bif lot OB the way to arrive Satarday. AH choice stylee. We show yon a HEAVY AT 18i era. We a?? ? place on sale today a larca line of JAPANESE BUGS to be seed with stattivgs. They are something new for Frederick and are exceedingly low in · price. They have been coa- sicned to ns exclusively. See them, they are beautiful. HI MODJKL. OCB HOMES! WOBD JTOB 1T- WE AitE HAKDUMU 1HB BEST OF LiDlEsJ AKU GK5TB BODOOK R BAI6AI1I8 TH1» WEEK. the Boeatfw Z lUr» arc not =« \ torn, !! iftcjr %rz wx ; -« U w- TOf 70iSTOt-AiJD»VAK liRNt WEAB DISPLAY IS 6UCTH W1K1X)W TO DAT. IS. MADK18 H1BT3, s IS yJABV 81LK«. H\MD- T1ED BUwa AND CLL'B HOCSI TIBS NOT TO HI 8EEK BXCBPTAT 'THE MODEL". BELT- HILTS. BELTS FOB QEKT8 THAT ARE PEBFECTIUM IN WCAUTT AND -OCT OF BIGHT" IN TBE1B OET DP.-AUL OBADia FBOM TBE LOW EdT TO THB tl * B8 f. , . Vtrr So* tt *ck all wx. -r: c. 1 »O fUB« uci.i»ie iTT ia icutt taunr; *t SO . r.-uU-i il li, ... . *·%·*.» f*y i at 74.-. per rarct etTtm. rojj ' «clvtt CiT5*t»' -5J: l*' turn!- u t* to !rrai«* *?.'. __ . . t, tk«* *-·* =J :-2B- mii*:* thai Bake a div» *» aatMMdc. KODUCK * MELDIO. A. T. BIOE A SONb Bf fWTABbiSHKD 1800. A. T. RICE SONS. FUNKRAL DIRECTOR*. K lMP TUS I.iiiuJ5»r l 8HIBT WAI8T BILKS AND WOOL 8E1BT MATBBIAL8 EVBK BBOWN BY CB BBFOBB-1N FACT THE VABIBTT OF STILES AND GBADEB CO V BBS THE EHTIBE FIELD. H.XNDR1CK8ON. P. S.-CDTANEOrjd SOAP AT 8C. IBQBBATTALKB. F. V. STAUB. TELEPHONE 75. JAMES E. WALKED ft OG CALIFJKNIA PITTED PLUMS a. ». CALIFORNIA CAHNS 3 APHICJTS. HBAVI BIBTJP. ISc. OAK. F. V. STAUB. NOKTH KaBKBT STBBBT. TELEPHONE CONNECTIONS. DOLL BROTHEB T-\OLL BROTBJEBS. BB AND 101 WOBTH MABKET BT. JJABMB OF I OW 'OBIOBB. BJW OF -UOff JTBICEB. LAUHDHIBD BHIBT WAIBT. SEASON U A MA.TTBB OF HIBTOBY. WE'VE MADE PBEPABATIONB TO DO DOUBLE THE BALE THIS SEASON, MOUTHS AGO WE BEGAN LaYINQ THB LIMBS: THB BIG ADVANCE SHIPMENTS ABB AU. ON SALB NOW, TH1BBTOBB IS THB DEPOT f OB BHIBT WAIBT SUPPLIES; SOT A BOYAL 8 TOOK FOB YOD TO PICK VBOM. THB BEST IB XETEB TOO GOOD fOBOTJB PCTBLIO, AND WBTB GOr THB BEST OF B«CH KIND AND NBABLY ALL THB KINDS. eooo TIME TO BUT NOW. LADIES ttED GLOTB0. HBBB ABB THB ONLY BBALLY NEW THINGS IN «LOVB8. 1 BOWS HEAVY BMBIOIDBBY, X INCHBXTBA WELT. BLACKS WITH WHITE EHBBOID- EBY. WHITE HOOKS AND WHITE WBLTB. BLACKS WITH BLACK HOOKS. WBLTB AND BMBBOIDBBT. TANS. WHITE AND BBOWNS WITH BLACK AND SELF OOLOBBD BH- BBOIDBBY. HOOKS AND WELTS TO MATCH EHEBOIOEBT. BIZBBBXTO7. THIS IS ABEAtttlrOLGLOTB, 00B PBIOB $LOO, DOLL BROTHERS. BAIUNQB. SPECIAL.--Tkta excellent meelr drtod or evaporated aad ofarica flavor, trearetutnvtostllfor asbort fme only at UM extr«wel7 low price of Gi. It 8MALLHAJMfl. there is BO »or» aelMoaa disk la ta« world tban Dratted tea it ta« him M right --o«r IMUM taiie of socsr. not «t salt, »1- tboujhthe?have iu*i enoacksalta to ·ak* them apfteUstni. Tbey are small, Vtofts. Tiradkk of ka» and ant for your timiOst We itoo sbs* skoBJ4«a aad bnastaft bsoon. Do ootraflto trrour «ztzm floe corn aad rtd rip* tomatoes at the special pnos. to. oao. THB BAIUNS 6BOCBBY CO. CENTRAL HARDWARE CO. PAIHTSI AINTS ; WAGON AND IMPLBMurr PAINTS. CABBI AGE PAINTS. HOUSEHOLD COLOBS, HOUSE PAINTS. BSAMBL PAINTS. BAKING ENAMEL, (for Btcycle me). TOPDBES8IN6. OILS. TABSISHES, *C. XlOOK OUT FOB THB Bis HBD SAW. X. WALKER * 00. IK LADIES CAPS WE SHOW A BBAOT1FCLLT ASSORTED STOCK. ODB PBICB WILL PLEASE AND TBB PRBBBMT WEATHER WILL REMIND TOtJ WHAT A CSSfCL 0 ARM BUT THEY ABE. A.BPBCIALBAK9A1N IN xWHITE 8PBBAD.75C.. WOR1H $1.00; FOLL LABQB SIZE AND HEAVY WEIGHT. ONLT A LIMITED NUMBBB. O0B ENDLE88 VARIBTT nr 8ILK8 TOB BHIBT WAISTS: PB1CBS BEGIN AT 2ftC. PB TABD. WOK- DEBFCL THE1 CAN BE SOLD 80 LOW. 4 PAIR MEN'S HOSE. HIGTLAR MADE, FOK-360. LOTS Or OTHE3 BARGAINS. JAB. E. co. BUILDING LOTS. -^^N^^^^^rf^^^rf^^%· YOUKNOJT Tha: I am telling DBBIB1BLE BUILDING LOTS in North Wast Addition to Frederick, it from f 1.00 TO H.OO A 7BONT FOOT, according to looitlon. THESE ABE BABOAINb, snd now ii toe time to bar wtlle tier an bo- ing told at iuoh low prtco* and MS? tar ^s. fat partlcutan and location, apply to api95dftw8m 6EO. H. ZIMMBBMAN. DOLL'S. TAOLL' ILL'S HOTEL CAFE. Our bill of ran ka«ps right alone wltk the season. BPJUNB CHICKEN, LITTLE HECK OLAMB, FBOCtft, OT8TRB9 IH IHB S3XLL. SOFT SHELL CKABS.THBSIIBSTOI THBBEAJBOir. Families leaTmcthairotaar* la the awrnlor can be snpplIM with all neat deTUMcrabir ' Dark and LJf bt Beets. lot cold all tU« tun*. C. D. DOLL SWEET POTATOE8, 8PB1N0 OHIOKB, EUO-E, BBBT BASIS, B. BaCOlMHIPPED BEEF. BBBAD and CAKES. MILS and CSE AM. Hannct»att appointed aiwtif«tSTElmaa Dmuianr Co, w» have on Mod all gndas.ot WHI8KIEB. BUM, BIF AKD BBANDY. Liquots for MeOlalaal porposM a tpetiiltr. LAOBB BEER. J - V. XISEHHAUXR, MANAGER. A, B.BABQXTT. ·Ni^^s^.-.-. ^**-~f*n*-^**~.*l** (jTEKDlnB SOHWEITZES AMD NETJFCHATEL CHBESE. HALF-PINT BOTTLE « TIN CENT **i BOCK; oelebiV' XOAL BLANKS. THB NZW8 tTEAM JOB OFFICE

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