The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 8, 1924 · Page 13
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1924
Page 13
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GOESTHAF · DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA .Chronic coughs and persistent colds lead to serious lung trouble. Ton can ·top them now with Creomulalon. an «mulslfled 'creosote that Is pUasant t* take, Crcoraulslon la a new med- t«al discovery with two-fold action: it ioothes and heals th* Inflamed nembranes and kiMa the germ. Of all known drugs, creosote Is recognized by the medical fraternity as th* creates! healing agenoj for treatment of chronic couerhs and colds and other forms of throat and lung troubles. Crcomulslon contains, in ad dltlon to creosote. »tner healing elements which soothe and heal the inflamed membranes and atop th* trri tatlon and Inflammation, while creo- aote pocs on to the stomach. la absorbed Into the blood, attacks the ·cat of tli« trouble and destroys the cerms that lead to consumption. Oreomulslon is guaranteed satisfactory In t h o treatment of chronic coughs and colds, bronch'.al asthma, catarrhal bronchitis and other forms of throat and l u n e diseases, and Is ·xcellcnt for bulling; ui the system after colds nr the flu. Money refunded If any couRh or cold, no matter of how long- snnd;n;y. Is not relieved . after taklnj'according to directions. Ask your drugst-st. Creomulsion Co.. Atlanta, Ga, (Adv.) SOAKS RIGHT IN At.D UMBERS UP STIFF JOINTS rm«cl*tii Call It "Joint-Bane" Vt- cxase It'* For Swollen, Sore, Painful, CrcnUj- Joint* Onlr- H took a ffood mar.y years to get together a combination of pain sub- «1ulnp and swelling- reduolng aecuts declared to bo the one remedy that almost Instantly penetrates through pliln and flesh and sta-ts ilsht In ;he awollcn, Inriarnmed. creaky, -pain racked joints as good as new. They call this new and -wonderful preparation "Joint Easo" because the medical muri who turned tho trlclc. worlced for years to perfect some low-priced remedy that would really benefit the millions oC people -wnc h t.vo one or nior^ joints that need h e l p f u l attention. So' "Joint I£ase* is prepared only for people wlio have a swollen, pain- f u l , crcalir. distorted or stin joint v.-iiclhc.r it be in knee, elbow, should- a n l t l c . neck or fing-er and whether is caused by rheumatism or some;.i;n^ else. I Of courE«. It can't help but quickly put an 'cn« to such superl'lcia! ailments as lumbnso. neuralgia, neuritis, aching muscles, stitch In the elde crick In the neck or sore feet be- causa of Its ,pciietra*.lns action, but what It Is really recommended for IE Joint ailments of any nature -whatever. Ask for a. tubo of, "Join* Ease.' Ton can «sj it severa^timci tn one evcnlne for quiclc results, b'ecause 1' IC008 rlsht thrquc'n the skin vltr- only a few seconds rubbing. Jt surely is a swift pcnetrator anil when I' Bets undtr the skin It starts right lr to clean-up all joint trouble. Dccatur Drug- Co., dispenses 11 rtally for about 60 cents a tube, nc 5o first class druggists everywhere. Sore Throat Wisdom To relieve Sore Throat OQ inoet get at the teat of the disease, counteracting the cause. TONSBJNE is prepared and sold for thai one purpose. A dose of TONS1- UNE taken opon the first appearance of Sore Throat may tate long days of ·icknesB. Use a little Sore Throat wisdom and buy a bottle of TONSIUNE today. You may need it tomorrow. TONSUJNE is the National _.. Sore Throat Remedy -- beat-^flT known and most effective and ~" BJ most UErd. Look for the long )J necked fellow on the bottle when ||J you go to the drug ttore to get it. Ll 35c.. 60c. Hogpital Size, $1.00. \\ LaGrippe Influenza ftieumonia Keep strong. Be healthy and free from winter complaints. Hill's Cascara Bromide Quinine la the quickest sutinc, most dependable cold remedy. What HilTs does for millions it willdoforyou. Get red box bearing Mr. Hill'* portrait. jitU,V* rice 3 "eenta, DALESMAN $AM SAM FINALLt FALLS. By Swan HER L\Ht I VOOOU) P RPSTTLE. TOOL ·fine, i'freer vfift *WE. ·To Church Calendar , \ · EfcTUKDAT. . S Th» Junior Jewel* of the Flnt C»U»« . Brethren church will h»v« a'social M to*."* church at 2:30 Saturday atteraooo. The "cnrlit'lan Endeavor of th* First;.'. Presbyterian ohnrch will B»T« - a *upp« ths church »t 6 o'clock Saturday evcnlnc,. ' followed by a (social. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS-- VISIT POSTPONED. Blosser TAKEN FROM LIFE-- By Martin One of Many DOCTORS who are recommending SHAPLEY'S Origin*! -STOMACH MEDICINE · talcs, "J h.ivc prescribed this medi fine for the past three years wilhou a single failure." Guaranteed by Bell Drug Co. GEO. a CHURCH Sprint-field and Southern III. C O A L Real Quality Coal -- Nor*. Heat Les* Ash - -- For the Money tW W. Sawyer St. Main «88t LR.HaminaB Sheet Metal and Auto Radiator Works PKon* Main SOZ4 347 «U»t Mala COM1N' MOMS FttM SCHOOL Atf-UE'SMD FCECKUES SEMT TO TH' The Coat. ADVENTURES OFTHE TWINS Roberbg Barbora This One's A Perfect Circus. Slnf a song of fifty cent*. "Why ? I'm no surprised to see everybody here today'." declared th« Riddle Iady,. looklngr around at all th« Kiddle Land people r and Mother Goose people^aUo Nancy and Nick, th9 Tmlns. But she ira» only joking-, and everybody knew It, for th« day before she had offered some boncsot- tca mixed with sulphur and molasses 'or a. priie, and not a, soul -would have It. So, my dears, if anybody goes to you any sulphur and molasses this spring, or anything: dreadful llko that, just because It Is spring. look hard at the bottle it Is In. I don't knovr what became of It, but It migtot be the very «tm« one! But there! I do talk more and say less, don't. I! I forgot all about the riddle. Here it Is: "Sing a song of f i f t y cents, A pocketful of dimes, I went to a bis show, Greatest of all time*. When the tents were opened, - . W« went crowding In; It's fun to see the animals Before the acts begin. and- peanuts, And ttib« ; of Semonade. And wagons all painted. (The ones In the parade)! Balloon -men and: ticket What a lovely din! ' I'm sure ,it IB the grandest place That'I have ever been! ',- !· "Lions, ind tigers, And camels lying down -The giraffe with the long- neck Who sees all over town! And elephants, and .leopards With spots upon their skin. Ar.d kangaroos-and crocodiles. ' With such a slHy grin! "The hippo, and rhino- With horns upon.his hose." Th« brown bear, the black bear With patent leather toes, The zebra,:the mountain goat With whiskers' on his chin, The antelope, and porcupine With quills sticking In. 'And; then there are th» jugglers That juggle with.their toes, i And oven one that balances A f l«B-pol« on h is nose! And riders, and acrobats. And seals that .made'a.'din. And clowns all-turning somersaults, That:make your head ;spln! "And there arc: four-horse chariots, And Romans:that race, And cdephants that do a dance, And march all-'round the-place. And last of all .the side shows Fat folks and thin. Now cin jou tell Jhls wondrous -'..'" -.-placer Wher» Irhave,been?'' S A PUZZLE A DAY '·I This is an . entirely new puzzle, which at first eliht resembles a very old one. Ths object 5s to cut the figure »hown above with ono straight cut,- thus' dividing-' lt ; Into morVthan one'-. peace. Then the pieces thus formed must be fitted together to make a perfect triangle. The solution Is «lmcpl« enough--"when- · you know -It; It Is not as easy as It lookf! . . . . . . . .. Yesterday'*, aiisweti , . : . - · ' · ··' · DIANA 1. Add the Hetteirs "LN" to-,DlANA a;nd form the name of a state: INDIANA. · · ' ' - . ' - - ' · ' ; 2. Chang* on» letter. i.-to^C: add j on» letter, A; and form a,country: CANADA.' 1 '" : ··,:' ' . , 3. Change one letter. to ,1, and forth a country: INIDIA; . - "A circus!" shouted everybody. 'Good'" laughed the Riddle Ladv. "And her*.'- '.are tickets for" everybody " \ (To Be Continues). , ' ( C o p y r i g h t , 1954, J.EA Ser\ice ( Inc ) GOLDS- GRIPPE? Physician Finds Remarkably Quick and Thorough ' Treatment Most remedies temporarily loosan congestion in nose; throat and chest. And If the cold'-ls heavy 'thes« air passages are .soon overloaded again .by wastes from^all 'part.of th*..body. :But a Specialist's: new: prescription Is. based on ia remarkable Ingredient which racts .-AT ONCE to loosen-'up ,wastes from EVERY part of the body -and paJs -them out-.through blood, pores, kidney* and bowels without: discomfort^or. violent action. Harmless. Prescribed for Infants as w*ll as adults. And while most cold remedies weaken one, this prescription brings new vigor. It has recently 'been distributed: to druggists under the tiam* "Hyland'« 14.". A 35c package wilt convince you. that here Is: complete a*id',;qulck relief: from Colds, Grippe, Bronchitis Sold by Gardner Dru^ Co, Tianlrel Druif Co, T V frwin Drug Co, 0»eatur Drug Co- ' I SADiy , INUERBOY- oowrknow HCWJ QUICK REUEF FOR COLD AND GRIP few Dote* at Marvelou* Remedy Works Wonders!--Try It!--UosTl " Wait Another Minute. Suffering from Cold *nd Grip If needless! All snce/.iiig, wltcezinK. snuffling and couching stops «flcr taking a few doses pf TIttiX Cold Remedy. Tre* Cold Hcinedy is « wonder, gets right IT work. It clear* the head of that ncliy, stuffy fecllns; ' immediately opens tho clinin«tl«'« organs of Hie body; drives out Cold and Grip poisons; reduces fcvcrU'i- ncss, congestion, iicad distress, anil dizziness. Don't take chances with » cold: 2."ic will Knock it quick. For sale by the Dccatur Drug Company. - Stole Insect. 'Lemon Punch--- Von never bear the bee complain Nor hear It weep and -\vail; But it it wish- it can untold A very painful "tail. BANISH NERVOUSNESS Wendell's Tills. A m b i t i o n i Brand, For Run-Down, I Tired Out People. i ; If yen Icol tired ou!, out M sort5, «Ie- Ispondeiit. m e n t a l l y or p h y t l r n l y tlcjtrc^iw-.I, ' irct' a tlxty-cc"'- hr*x of ^'cnlcU*» 1M1U, A m b i t i o n Brand, at Di-calur Projr Com- pnuy t o J n y a n d liDio t!io fh-Bt biff ;*t«p toward reeling better right u\v»y. If you work too hard, sinfito too tnuch, or arc nervous, Wcndoll'a PI!IP, Ambttioti - Urnnd, will nuiko you feel bettor in threa days or money bnclc from l«catur Dru« Company on tho first bos purcluiicd. As a treatment for n f f c u U o n a of U» nervous Mj'stcm, conntlputifin. Iota of »T" petite, sto'cplceBness, or Norvou.i IndlRp*- Uon, Ret a boi of Wenrtflr* IMIln, Aml'I- Lion Eriind. todai- on iho money-buck pl*u SensationalOneDafValuer ! Dresser Bargains $19.95 N'o wonder the crowds ai"e buying when values such as this are available. 'Golden oak finish, threo larp.e drawers, and a mirror as pictured. Saturday we will break all previous standards of value A golden feast of bargains that will mean savings to homes wlicre In the community! We are sharing our prot-its w i t h · l-^bruary--you save 2090 from prices already reduced to rock icvels. *Jt Svill pay you "to shop "early! 'Here are just a few niany extra .values at special .sale prices! giving-! every- you in botloiii of the Chifforobes $27.50 Thpy i'." barsalnn In svory ?cnse of thf) v.-ortl! Mn- hoRiiny finish, complete with five Kpaclous draw«r«, compartment for suits, ats, etc., and «, mirror, co A Slashing Reduction on This 4 Piece Suite Cotton Mattress Buy this bedroom: suite at this slashed price! Tudor period style, walnut finish, including the f u l l size, vanity dresser, the. bow-end bed. .'chtttorobe. and dresser. Tho complete suite, specially priced for the Profit- . Sharing Sale at' .. . .......... ...... .j ·_ . ..·.-_-_i, ......... in«, uuw-eiiu o«u, $184.75 $9.95 :imagine buying au all cotton: mattress at sd:. low ii. price! Deeply tufted, with a heavy roll edge, absolutely 100 per cent-rottou filled.. On* .day onlyl Kroehler Duofold Suite Tapestry Upholstered Closing out these suites at close to cost! Finished tn mahogany land upholstered in floral tapestry. The duofold can be converted Into a f u l l s l z e bed with a single simple motrpn-- the Invisible bedroom. .'Specially ' priced, complete, at ·-·_··· ·· DO convercea into $129.00 Steel Betis $24.95 Her« '» a pcnuln* Rlmmum b«d In either walnut or mahoRany- finish--on* of tli* new four pastor «tyle». On sale at a barcata price! Have Any Purchase Charged No need to pay It all; in cash.;. Just have any purchase made at these .Profit-Sharing Saving* charged to your account .A small deposit opens one. Pay later, as convenient. Wood Cribs On sal* for on* dar v only ' Tries* wood oribs, drop ·Id* type, whit* tnamel finish, complete with resilient spring. B» here early! FURNITURE CO. Kitchen CaboMU $29.95 Onlr a f«w ot t«*s«, a* a» not watt it r«u want *n« ot tfcM* « r « a t RhartM vain**: ,· e«n««BT*au* t*r kltch«a work «*»t«r. ~ 1 J I rfiiO. '--·'- ^--t ' \ ^ ' \,- - ^ . ' · - - v ^ ' - " - ' ^ SPAPLRl WSP4PFRf

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