The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on February 16, 1870 · Page 8
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 8

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1870
Page 8
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^;'r^y- i '"'''r»-" : ''*'*···'-^'^^ THE OLD 1JACHELOK. . it iilllfnT.tlilui! n:i old bachelor I*. With lila cheerless house ami his rueful phi/,I On n bitter cold nltflit, when tho lloruo wind* blow, Ami when nil tho oiirth Is covered \vllli snow, When IiH'tire, ia out, uuil In uhlv.evlng dread Ue«lps!nonlhtliB!iliooUof lilHlonoly.bedj · , How ho draws) m Ills loca. All encased In ynvn lioso, And ho hurries his noso : ·Xciith the chilly bed-olotheH i . x Tlint his nose (uid "I* t°oi, , Still lncUmi(l In.ynrji hose, Jtayiioichimcw to Rethrow 1 1 Tlion ho pull's nml ho blows, mid says Hull hv known No mortal on ciirtli ever sutYercd such WUOH. And with Ah'a nud Oil's, With his limbs to dispose, So that nelthei his tow nor his nose may bo fro/.o, To bis slumber In jllcuco tho bnchvlur itues. In tho morn when (he cock crows, and the Run Is Just rose, ' . . From tin! bed-clothes Pops tho bachelor's noso, And, M you may suppose, whon he hears how the wlud blows, Sees tho windows nil froze, Why back 'nchth the clothes pops tho poor fellow's noso; For full well ho know*, If from (lint hed ho wo To put on hls.clotlH'.s, Hint hoM surely bo Crow. 1IAYTI. Sylvan Snlnuvo, President oi Huyti--Promptness of II!H Execution. By roporte from Hay(i of recent (Into ·wo Icnrn of the execution of Svlviiu Snl- iiavc, Rx-Pi'esiileiit and Ex-1)1 red or ot (lint interest in-: Republic, who Ims been induced (o take his departure from this world by such appliances as usually attend .the exit of u leader in South Amoricnn'miU- all mongrel republics. Snlnnvo was one of tho do/en of revolutionary loaders who have assisted in keeping times lively in llaytl and San Domingo for somo years past. lie elected himself President for a given period, and hold his olUon for life, but wns, llnally disconcerted by nn accidental revolution. Ho loft the country but returned again w i t h a revolutionary army o f a couple of hundred followers! and tried to rc-rovolnlionize the country in the name of "God and liberty ;" following up his wnr-ery w i t h a promiscuous slaughter and assassination .of his supposed subjects. In'11ml enterprise lit* lulled on (ho 10th of h\st month. Salnave wns put on his trial on tho 15th instant by the revolutionary tribunal. The trial commence;! at three o'clock, in the presence o f a largo n n m ber of tho civil authorities, and attended by tho National Guard. The accused was introduced by tho President as Sylvan Salnave, President of ilayti; age, 43; born at Capo lluy- tion. The President--"Have you made a choice of somo one to defend yon? 1 ' - Snlnavc--"I-wish to bo ns'sistod by Messrs.-Ynlciii and Lnvand. Mr. Lavnnd declined to defend tho ac- '"cuaed. Tho President of the Council then designated M. Jaru, of Jncincl, to act witli M. Volcin. Salnavo then had nn interview w i t h his counselors, after w h i c h i t h o D e p u t y Mtti'slmll read tho charge to tho prisoner, which occupied considerable time. Tho most important being that ho annulled tho Constitution tuul made h i m self protector of tho republic; that ho associated himself w i t h depraved characters, and held on to tho G o v e r n m e n t by fraud and force. Salnavo was accused of high treason, devastation and pillage, with arms, am' committing assassinations, und is now amenable for those crimes. Salnave said that ho was.not capable of the nets with which ho WUH accused. Ills conn sol mado a strong appeal, and iniid every oQ'ort to destroy tho accusation quoting 'frequently tho position of Jt-l! "Davis nf the late rebellion i'n the "Unit,}(! State?. After a short address from the prosecution, ono more appeal was mado bj Salnave and his counsel, M. Valcin, nut' tho trial wns closed. Tho members ol tho Court then adjourned for delibern tion, which lasted and hour. At tho e:; plration of which tho judgment of (ho Court was pronounced as follows: In the name of tho Republic, tho Court finds Sylvan Salnavo, ngod forty-three soldier and ox-President of Hay ti, guilt \ of all tho charges preferred against hini and do sontnnco him to bo shot to death, and orders t h a t the execution shall take plaeo at the Perristyles of tho Ntitiotia Palace. Preparations wovo immediately mndo for carrying out' thb judgment of II- Court. Tho President then addressed Salnave "You Imvo j u s t been condemned to Un pain of deatli. I entreat you to be Urn: and courageous." , .Salnavo replied:. (i l shall not f a i l ; 1 only fi'sk-. for linio to put tny nlfnirs ii order." This request was granted, iim ho was engaged 1'orn q u a r t e r of an houi in writing a letter, which he sealed am placed in the hands of tho President When tho result'of tlio trial had beei announced, a rush was mado to the place of execution, and n groat crowd speodi- ly filled tho approaches to' tho ruins o tho paljaco, where it was sold' tho pris oner.w'ould bo 'dispatched. Tho rcvo Unionists amnsod themselves, w h i l t waiting for Iho dc-noument, in y e l l i n g "Vive la constitution!" and "A (HIS Sal navel" and there was so much crowdinj. and violence that (lie,troops had cnongl, to do-to kcdp a' space clear before t h e pillars. AVhon at length the bond of the column of soldiers guarding-the prison or -emerged-from--the-tribunal, -shouts rent tho 'uir and tho Infuriated blacks swayed backwards and forwards'In 'tli violence of their anger. It was a few minutes before _sunset. Tho rosy l i n t ? of tho sun s l a n t i n g from the sea throw i goldon radionco on tho r u i n s and light od tho u p t u r n e d faces of tho blood thirsty crowd. A few soldiers utood bj tho pillars and hold ropes in their hands with which to bind tho prisoner to Hit stake .already; driven "into Iho, giibi'i for'-tVo ipurposo.. .Thoro. jwnayiio/.ti lost by tho officers having tho oxCenilibi in cburgo. Placed against Iho stake with his back to tho still smoulderin ruins of tho,palace and looking toward tho s6a, SnlnaveSvjqs-Bpccdily ibpjind'bj tho arms and permitted to g'n'sid for a moment on the dntormlncd faces of (hi soldiery and maddonod populace. Thoi n detachmont of i n f a n t r y , t h i r t y stron" wore-drawn up within twouty rods'o tlio -tlobmed man and tho ''order w'as glvon to load. A profound silonco now fell upon tl.. placo; tho blacks .gaped opon-nipiilhot ftnd willvjrli$loniiig!eyfo tislho soldicrf ranuned dowiV""t!i6 "chdrgOB lii' 'thc'i piocRH and cuino to tho carry. It wai expected that Siilnavo would sav (tonic thing before it was to Int'o'/bii't. ho nt to rod never a word, but faced tlm exo cutioncra w i t h u n f l l i i u l i l n » oyos and do torrnlnod mien. His lips moved onc when (he order was #ivon to. mala il It'was oridont Hint ho'-didlno '*|iqitk. L'J'lio settlors .lii-oujrh np tli.oir piuuo.g slowly and not allogotli or; ninny of them wcro clearly more iiorvbim t h n i i was Salnave, and would doubtless havo preferred (o bo ehool ingoUaino oilier darkey.oiFinallyi^li y?oi:d fire,wnn,·, tho emmkc cleare on lii« lolt side, as if to avoid t h u shot, but struggled to right himself again. When it was soon that ho wns not. dond L howl went u p l r o m Iho multituilo, and ho ofllcers cursed tho b u n g l i n g soldiers .n nnmensnrt'd torms. The muskets wnro q n i t k l y loaded again. : . ·'·-.. · Tho order to tiro was glvon'by llio'ol- fioer in c o m m a n d , nut! a volume «l smoke (low i n t o tho faces of tho spectators. When it had cleared away Balnavn was np more. Ukldlod in every p u r t o l hlB bodv by tho'bullets of tho soldiora, his heart droppm! 'upon 'his-breast, his shallerod arms dropped listlessly by bis ide, and the warm blood llowcd from his numerous wounds in copious streams. Tho crowd immediately begun to move a w n v , and (hen nouns soldiers came up w i t h a cart, drawn by two don- koyn, and throw tho mangled body i n t o it. Halfan hour afterwaid nil that was mortal of tho u n f o r t u n a t e Sn'lunvo wns thrown carelessly i n t o a whole dug for its reception, in nn open space about. thrce-quarlfii'8 of n nillo'butfilrto and to Iho north of Port-mi Princo. · Tho court nssmnblcd at throo o'clock P. M., nml lit t w e n t y niliiiile8,.p!i8l n i x Salnavo, ex-President of iluyti, was \\ corpse. Tho Public Iiiviul.s -- A Timely AVoi-d. Senator Thurman, of Ohio, opposed, in tho Senate the other day, a new Oregon railroad job in the language which deserves to bo put on record: "Tho land of this Government .ought now to bo saved for actual sottlern, and not {.» to railroad companies- If you nro to grunt'subsidies to railroad companion. 1 would greatly 'prefer- that you should soil tho lands and give them tho money ; but to give them immense tracts of land, as this bill proposes to givo them twenty sections per mile for eighty or n hundred miles, is what I cnunot vote for. I nm perfectly willing that they shnll have the right, of way through Iho public lands, but 1 am totally opposed to those grants, * * * "llerivaro half a doxen projects now-I do not know but a do/on--for railroads running through tho public lands of tho United States, and all containing just such subsidies as this; and for every one of bills precisely the same arguments can bo mado that are made in favor of this grant. If wo are to accept thoso arguments as .sati-sfrctory, it amounts to giving away the whole public domain, and to nothing olse than that, and it !H of no use to say, as in this bill it is sii'ul, that tho hinds granted to tho railroad company shall only be sold to actual settlers. When is the company to sell t h e m ? How is it to sell t h e m ? AVhero is the guarantee that they will onlp bo sold to actual sot- tiers? How do you enforce that provision ? If that were sutllcieiil, how do you enforce it? But, after all, if you could enforce it, it is still mcri'jy giving away so much.of tho public domain. "Lot mo call tho ittlontioii of the Senato to tho fact, that in thirty years from this date thorc will be, if wo havo the good sense to hold together and our population increases as it has done, ono hundred million people in the republic, in loss than sixty years two'luitidrcd million people in Iho United Status; and whore is tho land they nro In got? Every year it.bocomes inoi-o .and; more dUllcult. for a man to bocoine'lliQ owner of land. Why, sir, so for from there being too much land in the country, so far from its being easy to get a farm, so far from its being cnsy to become tho owner of real estate, tho lime is almost at our doors whon it will bo almost as impossible for a man to got real estate in this country as it is in Europe." a o.. -The yw\va\\i Experiment of last week says: "Last Monday evening Jacob Snydor, a Gorman residing in tho north purl of tho village,' was killed on tho railroad- track, at tho Foster street crossing. As uoar as the J'aets can be ascertained, Snyder was going homo in an intoxicated condition. There was a freight train standing across the track at the point above named, and instead of wailing for tho train lo move oil, ho crawled under, and when ho gol fairly on the track the train started, and he'was ,caught under the.,wheels. His body wns literally cut in two just above (ho ab'ddnioii, and his left arm, from the shoulder down to the wrist, was badly crushed and mangled, nt which lattor p o i n t t h e arm was almost completely'severed. It was dark when the accident occuraod, nnd of course no blame can bo nltachcd to tho railroad employees in -connection" therewith." William Snearer,, FlltflTURE Of onio. i ·'»'« i t l a i i i y "n hunil, nil - m i hiwt limlorlnl un.Hir t h u ^« H i,* whl.'h will ho soltl choiiivft'i' wi;h. ·'. ' i llurliil Olnnw liupt ll " hiuul I""' iimilo to oiMoi T T A V I N O l\)rmi)(l n eo-piivUiornhlp ftn'i'tho iniiii- H nl'iwtui-i' nnil Hsilii i'f Oihlmit. \vuro, wu bhall ku«iioiiihinnluifooilinsorlmoatol : , ALL KINDS OP FURNITURE which wo will soil choup for cnsli. · Wu will nlso kuuu on linnil, or iniikii to oixlor, nil kinds and slr.ou ol' which wo can furnish on short notlco, day 01 ulght, ut . R E D U C E D PRICES. ·\~XTO\ILD v'eJiitfctfiilly 'Invllo"- thv utleiitloii of, yV.,tIiu|ici|p,leof tlib vlcljilty to Ida., i " Stovo' and Tinwar6 Storn, Main reot, teLYlitA,' noiir rallrouii depot.. .lie Is prepared to do .nil kiwi* of. work In Tin. CoppiiivShout Iron nnd /.Ine, on short' notice 'nml nt must roammnblii tumid. . . , · · Ilo keeps on hiind'ii InrKedtock u l ' "" klttOR'-STOVES; ivhiiih will Im soli! niiehenp ns the c.honpi , , . . itfii" 1 AllklmUorJlothllKiiiBlil'.M'liiknii In ox- ohiniKC 1 . ; i ' ' ' , ; , . ; JOHN J . A N K i IClyrlii, Nov. IB,.1E«I), . ' _ T V . . The IVnuscon J.{tjubliaan says : ''Mr. George. Newcomer, of this placo, mot wilh.ft 1 p a i n f u l accitVent on'Ttiesday last, w h i l e in the act of-'lim'dhig 1 a s'nv/- lOif. .In uUoiiipt.i.iijr to hold one,end of tho lb}f while' liiH broih'cV s w u n g Iho other ond upon tho sled, his foot slipped froin'.undoriliim and lliclos' rolled back and--over his righl nrm, cnisliiiifj;- and br.onlcinp; Ih.c'arm bolh'abpvo nnd below the elbow. As (lib loif rolled -buck ho had tho presence of m i n d to throw his body to ono side,'preferring to sacrifice nn nrm itutoad of his life. George drove his own team from tho sceno of tho ac- cideni to hia homo, a distance of four milea, amVthon ordered a physician. An "African Blondin" in England tumbled from hiio'opo'inlo'tho niiddlb ot; a .crowded pit. and:broko' tho-noseol ono .»pootn'tor' 1 -wiHf : hi9--b'al!in(;iii» i polo, besides severely injuring several others Tho performer fell on a soft gontk'inan and was not himself, hurt.. A dood hag jiist boon recorded in San Francisco, convoying ono thousand foot frontage on South Montjfomorv street. Society. By this sale nearly ono million dollars lias been placed in tho hands ol a company for the completion of Iho ·Grand Hotel,- -w-hichris- to- occupy two lull blocka., : u..i'.:.., './ *k. J ^ A Cluvojandor expressed a '-dorg" to O.rant, a. few, dayK ago, but failing to pay'·'£ho elinrgerf' for' Ui'ii-ii'sp'ort'iit'ton, Urant reftwoil to accept it, the Jlrst eiis'6 of lu« refusing lo accept on record. Of course Iho Cleveliinder nc-od not expect to, receive-nuy ofllcml position tinder Urant. Ho should have paUl expenses! . . « --:-- . ..^.ou 1; .-',- .; A friend sat up with a sick man at Fond dn Lao tho other night, to whom ho wns to administer'- brandy at brief intervals. Tho friend took the brandy and'tho Kick-man voc'ovevod.M'·'·'· : . - ' "-'-r-r'---- ' i·!» nun i ; -v.^jju-j 1 . I..'.'1'i . -Why U.a./lawyo'r liko'.a snVyor? ' ,Bo- aiiHo whichever way Ivo m6v'e.s, must, conic Ihc.idnst,'. , . . . ...' noatlv nnd iiromptly donu. By fulr lUiiilliiff w lioin' to inorll a sluiru of inihllo imtroniiKO. WALDKCK .UKMDACII. Shop a fow door* west of lleolio llonao, Klyrlii Ohio. ,« lf ' full. 10. IKiO. t l l t f PAINTING. House, Sign and Carriage Painter, K L Y K I A , OHIO. H I-) Is nlwnys roadv to do work In lh« dlll'ereni branches'"fids business, such us House, Sijti ami CaiTiaKO 1'alndnn, tiralniiiK, I'nper llnm;in(, unit lilittliiK.' All orders promptly attemleil lo Shop Kast side I'ubllo Square, over llriicklnrldxo's 'CAItmAGIiiS, C. _ _________ CAEBIAGE WORKS rpiiK I;SI)KUSIC;N,KI AUKUK'rrixu ur A X I JL IIHVU-IIII hand FINISHED OPEN BUGGIES TOP BUGGIES, , .SPRING WAGONS, 'PLATFORM AND FAHM WAGONS Manufactured from the. ' VERY BEST MATEUIAL Ami by skillful and experienced workmen, ai (if wbieh can bu bought at Iho VERY LOWEST PRICES Given by tho trade, unywhuro. BS5"All work wnmiNted. . Vo ftik'those In wnnl of TltiKtrlivi and \VaRons tc call lit oiirtiliop, niulvMimlnuuiir work befuremak Inif purchnses. We are located on Xorlh Mali street, where we will always be found ready to all kinds of . · -S r i'Q.V;lSS....'. , . ; - . · : · : ' [ . . _ . . . © ± 3OL ©' In nur line. IKVUVXD *' SMITH.' ton. Aug. »lth, ISill*. .17-ly Ii I'j A C1CSM IT II r N C. I AM prcpiu-od lo do all kinds of Uliii-.kmiiUhliiu lit reasonnbh! rates, and I n r i t u all diosu desir- liiK "nytliin.n done In my line to K'VO me.n call. IJftiy" Work wnrninluil to.Bivesatlsfnetion. 1 have for sale, as heretofore, all kinds of O Vur Stovo nnd nincksinltlis' 1 use, which t am sell- Injf clleii)) 1 us-the same qimtlty ean bo unruhiwiul In Ulevi-land urulsowhui-e. ' · N . \VA(jNKIl . .Klyria, l-'ob, 1. lifSi) FOH : I .WIJ/r. sell my farm'of 10 acres,'situate near Klyrla, on tho North IIIvor road, about throo fourths of u mile north of tho Court House. On the promises Is a raod, commodious farm house, 11 liii-go hiiv barn', Inrgu prmiery, nnd commodious stock Hliud. Also a Kood benriuj,- orchard of all k l n d o l f r u l t i all under Rood state of nulllvntloii oxeepl about three ai:ve, of .tliuhur: l-'or terms nil- .. ·:.-·'' ' CllAU'IJ[-:i? l-'LOOl).·" '" On tliu iiremlaes. ·WANTED. 0 · 5 , 0 0 , 0 0 0 ITi nARUHI, STAVES WANTKI) Klyrln CoopurShop. N. A. H'A AT TilK ll-tf WOOLEN MILLS. To Farmers and . , W^ool-Growers. /^1I.ASCI':N'H:liUO. 4,'M'OUi,l')llESl'I-:CTl' ULr,Y \J' ieall -Hio'iittenHini ol'-fnrmers, wool-inwors and the public In uenernl to the. fuel thnt they have siiared neithor pains nor costi to.rollt mid IniiiroVu ,tllO ,. : , | , . , . . : . . . . · : - - . .,. ' , , , ; , . ,', ' ELtilll WOOLM 'MILLS! : And lira now prepared to compete wllh any similar ,«*t»b,l' | l'meiil of, the kind. : !Hiey:lmvo nls'o 6peuod bALh UOOMS n t'uw doorSiSoiith of [lean's Pnmlly (.roeer.vSloro emit sldoof Public Si|imro,'whoro all k l m w o l lliiili- nmmifautiirml bu lind lit the lowest sellliiB prices, -Ait our fncilltk-s for mnn- uiiii-.turliiK arc much better, wo feel safe In snvlnir tliat. we can supply our, .customers, on i- WITH ami c/.v,- : · C!(tnni mores, ' 'Salfiiotn, 1 . · J CVoWl«;'"C'p I w;iVqi;A) i .yi' I (^wt:hM..(?«.};;cf:? Knitlinij Ytirn,'(ind Oai'dinij ' ' Al prices lownr (linn Knsle.rn Shoddy Gooils ean he pnrehased.-'. -\\*fl will nW;makc Hie nbove gotids for ouv.ioustomersortl. o f 1 their own -wool, Mind for ihulr niicommodatlmi havo appointed -iigunlii lit; Iho Iollowh);' whilre'tboy may lenvu thelr : Wool ve (he (roods retnrnei at our risk, viz- W AI-,1?--M.' Kolli-r, 'oppt/Xlt'e' ' 'Amhi-rciVn nml have (he WKM.1XGTOX--I'lobon-' J-J. lio'hlnson Dcnol street, one door wusl.;or.Tm;leV:£ Oplen-s llakory. Ironase'ln fut'm'e. 1 '''" 1 lll( ' l "' s ' " ml M) ! id 'i J 1 ""!' l-'a- ;,.-· OLASGKXS.J!ltO,TillCI!S. , 0;0m ·.· Brooks ;,' Co. In Builders' Hardware ! TABLE AMD POCKET CUTLERY Iron, 'Stciil, Clliiss, I'ntly. I'nlnta, Oils nnd Nulls. Abo, u full IVush litock or Groceries and Family Supplies. IBy . ' · · · · HIDES, AOK.NTS, KM-HIA, OHIO, X O ; 3MC 3E3 1? X Sewing AT 'WOLC'OTT SON'S;. W'ATV If.Kti, CLUCKS, JUWULHY, 8rLV.Kll-WAJ.i'K Sl'JWTACLJM,- Budd" Rankin,- Jlouk-ra In ; JlMcs, J^allit, l''iirx, Plastering Jinn', - .' Sail, «bc. ICi'op I'onslanlly nn lininl » stock »f Knnn'li mill Donuvsllo Cull'unit Kli !jklua, lliinu'ss nud Suki I.vulhui', KlndhiK^i o. , ' M'ANTKl). 10,000 Illilos, , . . · ' 1UO.WKI Slieop Hklim, BUOOe Conn Skins, ' . lOO.WX) Skunk Skins, Kiit, Jllnl;, c., In proportion, for wlilch ivc will pay the lik-liust eiish prii'c-s. . I'.UDl) U A N K I X , OppoHllu TbplllV'rt CurrliiKu ilnnufiiutorr, Miiln Slri'Ct, I'llyrin, Ohio. .Oct. IS, ISti'.l. . ; ' ly STOVISS. Jk'iilcr In nil kinds of COOK AND PARLOR''STOVES, Manufaelurt-r and deak-r'ln Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware. 'OKUSO.NS In need of Sieves, Tin, Copper and JL Sheet I run Warn; will Had a uomphite stock at our store. A n d n s lo prices, w« are determined not, to be undersold by imy establishment of ll kind. KOOFIXG, SPOUTING, ETC., done. l» order. /KS- I'lni'i- of hiulncM. Ihree doors wcslot thu iieelie House, Main .Street, Klv. rlii. Ohio. . K. A. C A I I O ' Ulyrla, Out. SO, !£«!. «y SVJOCTACLKS. WHY WILL YOU KUIN YOUR KYESTGHT Ily using Common Classes, when you en n purchase LA US D PERFECTED - - -." AND EYE-GLASSES, Bay- TUB 'IJK'ST ix'Tin''; 1 WOULD. They are recommended by tlin Vncnltv for purity of material, brilliancy ol'llnlsli, and thnli- strength- onlnjf audipreKervliiK powers, In .which they excel all others, Tlmy last mniiy years without change, ami preserve t h e eye. They enii only be obtained In JY1UA,.OHIO, b y . . . . . . . MESSK(3; L! S; B; WOLCOTT ' SON, .ruwolcr.i nnit donloM In Knncy Goods, sole up- pointed Agents-Tor this place. ' : No peddlers employed or supplied. . : IiA/.A-llUS 'MOUn(3, Munii Picturing Optliilnna, Hartford, Conn. SPIRITS: ·A .; 1ANYILLE , IIus for sale , .- ···.- ryETmLJt' OJil' £ . nly. .Il'liln I'orl'lVIiio-ind Brandy have. been pronounced by compuicnt jml^r. '«« to.bivth'o iiurijjt artlcluthev hnvo BVOI- e.-camliu-d. Hear what.!: T.aiiff .C'asselK. ill'., !,, Aimlyt and (JonsuHliis Chemist of the Cleveland jMediual Col- ,lege,'snysof t h e m i j , ., . ' . ;, · ........ , ' ' ","-.Y,- .Ci.i:vj:i.ANi),iMay n.ilBfln, XVlj,r.K-fleiH-Slr; ..I. hiivo..8iibniltted'to 1 ' ,. , . , - ,Mlt, MAXVlj,r.K 1 lysis the nam- n diorongh 1 nnd.onre'ful ehuinlcjil nnalyi nlo'ori'oi't Wine and Ilrmidy you .mint nil 1 , a.s be.- Ing Ironrthi! house of HIHI.V Co., Xi|W..,Vori;, nnd Unit thOm both to be,perfectly free from all inipu- rltlen'and'dq'eterlbiis nudits. '.ThtU'ortl consider the purest, .softest nud richest article of..the kind [ have over (ixanilned. It; nsiwell as dm ](raiidv,,ls well worthy (he'cmitldoncii of, the prol'ess- Inn-lii all cases; where .such stlimilonts in ed.. . ' ' " ' '_ ···'·:· mitres.""' '1 ; ' .Ifas-.iust.received a fresh atocli-of ·-.·:-/. : : W liiu 11 .'lie is se 11 i ng «t Keel need V rices 'F.lyrla, TMny. li-T/.i.. . : »iv TOYS, IV., «£·.·., V E R Y LOW F01J CASH, Di-c. 1.1HW. S. 11. WUI.CO'I" White Finn's KUWiAST Watches. Of t'orclx" mill Anu-rli-iii K L K C A N T LKCAI.S. ·'() if JiULOS UJIK o l O K T G A C i K. In iiio uf Coin- '·'"'""' JJiirber, J'lalmlflV vs. liberal' Ohio .Stolid iK Company, Hell. I M I K defeiidnnl,. n' foreign corporation ., I. iimlor I IK- InwK of (be Hlalc of Al IchlKan.iind Imv UK Itn, principle ollko In (lie elly of Detroit In said tutu, will laliii nollco Unit die ulnlnlliron die l.tdi Ijiy nl'.laiiiinry, A, J). I«U. Illed his petition ni{alii»l. aid defendant In unld'com-l of common plenitol .ornlncoumy, Ohio.seKluitforlli In nibst,;||ic.o tha( jli the !!-llli day of July, A. U. 1M.-I die ih'fond- ml i-M'cnlod nnd dellverod M plalnlllf Us moil- K«K« deed of certain pri-nikon idliialo. nnd be IJK m r l o f lot numlierllfly-nlni! (Mi): In lh« loivil-hlp jfAmhorst, eounlyol' Lor.tln nnd l-'luln. ol Ohio, milalnliijr uhniit Ivvenly n c r " s n f | n n d . and known IK the IlarW .-JUinii (Jurry iWhleb proiiil»e» urn fill- V described In mild petition. 'I'hat Mild iiinrlKittfo leed wim execntud nnd delivered lo nlaliillir in »o- :iiro llm pnvmenl. of six thousand (filKKl) dnlluri- inlanee due'for purcliime iimney of »ald ·-'··"i"-« jinynhlu W.NX .launary I, lSi«, nn '""""' . IH7I with niiniinl interest at Mtveii I'lint said d I was duly rei'iirdi'd In ;· record* of morlKaxe*. Thai (hive dioii-and J:),(KW) dollars o f l h i t said six dmu»and ilolliu-H ni eciired by mild moil^uiro, IK7D. and Is unpaid nnd dint die who) n f d i e I n-v I nicr- -st thereon nt M'vvupor cent fi-oin .Inly -I. IMIH,- h. Inn nnd nnpiilil except t h e Mini of U-ll n , l"" April, nun,-that (he conditions o f « a l d nini-rjfiiK' iinvu been broken nml nald iiioi't;;;!!! 1 - become no-" Into. · ' nimnintdtie him on said inorl^aKe, n I'nri-e.lojiiii 1 said niurlKNip*. llm said of Mild premlsls In dolliull of pnvmenl (o him of (lie amount due thereon, nn ··- ' ' " -iei|iiiiy. roi|iilred to answer »r demur .to s a i d - p e t i t i o n on or bcfnii) die third Hatu ond decree will be t'nkoii In t'l'-'ivi r of KAIL11OADS. A I I I I I V K . HIM) A. At 3.:w r. M . a.2l r. M: I.HAVK. 7.JW A. .M. ' nan A. M. ..' 3.S5.P. M. 9.IS-A. M ....... :.... ...' ................ a.«5;i'. M. JiOU't'U, VIA t J U A K T O N . ; , . ll.OU A. .M ................. I I . " .......... O.W A . M . SANHUSK-Y. '8.00 A. M ...................... :.;....;. B.U ·!». M. All i h u i i h n v o m a f ! . ! n r r l v c and di!prti;t dully, Snu- Sarah A. Merrlek, vs. Om-iir Merrick. 8 A I H ili!lViiiliiiit.'(tM-ni' .MV-rrli-l,-. 1 1 i-d t h a t ( I n - .viid p l n l i i l f o ' . A. M i ' - i; ID tho i i r n y t r o f »:ilil lie .lOSl'l'll l!.\l!lli:il. A t ; y , i i i i t o i i j a n i i H r y ir, ItfJu. ' 11 dtv ])] V O U C H . N O T I C K . lii die Conn of Common ', I'leas, for llm C o u n t y "I' ) Loralii, nnd Slate of Ohio. |ier«liymi:iil. rick, on ,,,, ildi day iif.laiiuaiy. A. I). I'M, Hl-d a I'l'lili'-a In said cnnri. iwliliiw forth lo mb.-iam-e i l i a M I n said parties are hti-baial and M i l e , and dint lln- said defi'lidaht, ii-xal'dlesr of lin- t i i . i i i i n l diMH-s nvaiils (be plalnlM)', lias been w l l l l u l l y ali-eni nun her for more (ban three years Uyt pai-l. w i t h mil a u v oiiiiM 1 ni- lillllcnl.ioii, tbercfore. o lai 1 ;.the pllilnlil) 1 is coiieerned. and iirayfii!{ Ih..! file ma\ be. (iivn,-ccd fnim the dcfcinl.Hii. and fur Mich olb'er rclcir fc ( n e o n i i y m.ty a))ici i.dn. :tei IMII-C will be for licm-ln,; lit lh'.- next oiiMiiiiy term of Mililcoiirl. S.ilil ib-l'i m l a i . i is f n i i h o r ln-n-liy IP- tllloit dial on die I'-'di day nf I'obniary. A. l-. lf\». lit (III! dwellllli; IUHI..O -if ( level.Hid \ a l l Din II. "I Corniina. In (hi- o m i n t y nf Shlaw.c-i-oo. and M a t e i.i MU'lilp-an, die dofeiidiinlwill lal.o dii!dopi..)i|iin« o f s u n d r a v v, itni-SM'-. lo be nm-d on die h e a n n x ' n l said eniiso. lielween the hoar.- of N n'rlnck. A. .-I and !lo'clock. I'. M. of mid day. and -alii lalilli!.' will Ini adjourned fromdny loil.iy u n t i l .··uiiplcii'd S A I I A I I A . M K K I i l t ' K . Itv N. L. .li.lin-iMM h o r S i l l v l t - i r . DIV'OIM:!-: NOTICK. . r i - M l o M A S I - ' I I I T M . wim Is n iiniir-vldonl of I."JL rain cunnlv. Ohio, ,;nd who is Mippo-cd l-» ro- s'ulo In ltd! oily'nf Lund'Hi. K n x l a i n l . will lako notice t h a t on i'lii«7ilulay nf l-Vbniiiry. A. I).. ICll/.aliolli l-'rilh Illed her pieHUmi i i i f a l i i f l h i m In (he nf I'liniiiiini p i i M "I' I x i r a l n ooiintv. Ohio, s e t t i n g I'orlh In Mi'i-.!a.ico he: 1 inairlarf'; will', - a i d Thnaias l-'rldi, and dial a t d u - d p f l i o r m i i n l n ^ ' w i l l , him die said Th-Miri- l-'rilh had a fi.riner w.iii l i v l i i K ' , and fiiim whom In- w.i not dlv-irccd I lie p n i v e r i . r s : i i d p i - l l d i i n I" f i i r d l v n r c i ! and lief'. S.iid p o l l l l n n w i l l ho l i i r l n - a r l i l ; r n l l linlopcnilnnt nnd Qnnvtcr .Sc'cuiiil.Wiilrhi'S o f t l i u host Fori-l;?!! makes. F.R WA Lndies. Berry Kpooos, Sn^nr, Crenm, «. . Sardine l-'orks, Cake and Fruit Knives, -Napkin I'lckK y3r-TJi'KHL : K PLATED'KJs,j k-c I'lli-lu-iD, \Valer and Cream, ('.'like, llread and l-'rnll llaki!U. Dinner and Iliviil^fnst (.'as|or», (ioh. lets, (,'nps, Card lieeelvers and llaskcls; llooiicl , , , lloldem, Vti;., c. and I'urfUiiu-ry titumls. oiic Tollut !ii!ts, Juwi-1 Owes ELEGAXT TAliLE. CUTLEJIY. The llnest brand of Ivory-Handled Knives, plated und plain, with or wilhiiiK boxes. Kleunnt .leivel- "" '- ' ·-' tliiiiH-hen, KM l('inj,-s, ill. I'Vlendship, cllarais rv .of Ili« latest styles. 'llraeolets, UlnL's.Seal, llejjn Lockets, Ac., n. NT GOL 1) I'l-n llolderrt, : Desk. l'o"l;ct nml I'rcwiirhllon. Our O»lil I ' u n s a n - o f t l i o llrst i|iiallty, and for lloxalill. Ity. ihirnhlllty and | i i l l l - l l k e soflness eannot he snriiiissed. All puns warranted. Kli'K.uit Clur.ks In gni;\l variety, and sold eheaiier til. in at anv oilier pliiti! lii thu county. KLKGA :w SPOJITIXG Ji fb'L KS. We/offerthe Alaynard Ilreocli-I.oadin^ Itllle for sale, and recomiiiend It lo our easlomers n Hie nest Itllle. In n,-e. ami tviirriinl It In do lietler work lliiin'nny other Itllle iiMid, nshiK Dm sinnc welirlit oUpowilKi- ami hall. These lililes do not i?ct oni or ordor, mil simple, enslly manured, nml have' ihe advanla;{i:ol' niu/,/le-loadeM In elie.ipnes.s of am- m u n i t i o n , as llm user ! enabled to select ld» iiow- d e r n n d l i a l H . Shot bimv-l-i .\m used with this arm Unit cannot lie liaal for slii;;K jr.ime. SpwtliiBltlili!, 'JO barrel, whh append' - . Nime, wlllielevillii;,'sl^hl,. . ... Same., :!5 I n c h harri-1. w i t h aMpi'nd:l;re, TarifOI I t l l l u , i«l-i., w i t h clovalini; iKlit., r^H-^ant yoods in emlle* varleiv. ·. .-,-. . :..- ·· .1 . . ' : - W l l I T K * K I X Jan. 1, 1WO. i |y !S!S!5!!!5ag!iS l ''*^TM"^'^J"'"j 1 "'TM u ."' TIMOATMJONT. ....... ~ !;, fxi ':i'i fail -W 00 CAUSE OF Just published, In a .Sealed Kiivelo;ic. I'rh'e.six el A r.KCTtmii ix TIII-: XATIIUI-:. 'ntHA'r- Xi. ininikiiinl Itudlcal enru of .Seminal Weaklier, orKpcrlll.iloiThniii, Imlm-ed oy rtelf-Almso, Involuntary liinlsslons, linpotuiicv, Xurvnus Dvhllllv and Imiiwllments lo AlurrliiKU KiMK-nillv^'onniinip. lion, Kpllopry, nnd K l i s : Miniliil and I'hrrlcii) I n - eiipaulty, .to..-lly lloliorl. J. Ciilvi-nvell, M. 1)., Author of tlio "(iriion llool;" Ac. The world renowned ·nuthor, in this admlnihlo leolnro, clearly proves from ]I|K own experience Hint thu iiwliil roiisei|i!(-nl'cs ol'Sell'-Al)i;se mav 'In- e,IVee.tnally removed without medii-lne. and w i t h o u t ilu'iiKVi-oiis sni'Kleal o|ierallons, bonjrhlcs, limiru. nieiil*, I-IIIBS. or eorilials, polntliitf nut n u m d c o f cum nt once eert.ilh and eli'eutnal. by ivhlc.h cverv snlleror, no mattor \vli.-u,' li|ii condition nwv:l)e,.muV euro hlmselt cheaply, privately, and rai'liciillv.-- llils leeturu w i l l .provu a boon to IhoiisaiuH and UioiisaniM. Sent under seal, In a plain envelope to liny address, on rci-ulpl. of six eems. or two post- iiSC.stiinipH, by iiddi-csslnu' OKI imhllshers. Also. 1)11. f;ULV HltWlfM/S -Marrlaso tlnlde " lii-lco 25 cants; 'Address thu :;!'·· ' · · · . . , ,1 ! ;.OIIA,S.,I, C. KI,I.NK!ACO; . , 1 0 7 Hovory, N u w York, I', J, Jiox .1,580,. ' GttOOKltlES. ' GROCERY ^.PROVISION STORE No. G Jlcriio Itlock, KI.VHIA, O. rp»K undersigned hni on li.ind ,ind will con- .JL-slantl.Mieitp.a'fnl|.«u|ply.oP ; - · · . , . ; . !.··.!· '.· :· . ,·', ,. ; VAMl-L Y GROCERIES A X nKl'AI|.'DKAI.lillS.r.V;. 5o,cer)les: : I ;. ,;, I I ; , . ! I'Alsoidonlen) In '343 ; Oct'rolt'street,-We'«t Sli 10-V ni i ," · , ^" llu l »' t ni' 1 nest- qua iv .oi ill' bu Kept! on'hnnd, whli-h will be sofd'al 'IWI market pvlco. thu l-.v II. II. I'ol-i-I.V.TON, her Ally. ]'aU'-l l-'eb.H. liiTO. John lle.ldi. I ' l n i i i l l n ' i in Iho .oiirl nf c.nn- vs. f m-iti t'lc;f iv'itlda mid lut Almond C. Wood, 1'ef I.) Lor.dii comity, ohi- 1 . r p l l K saidilolVmdant, Altnoml ·'. W I. i-, li.'iohy 1 nolllled nn die Will day nr.lanimrv. A. I). iVftl.dii! s.dd plalnlilf. .lnliii l l o a l l i . l l l i ' i l ' h l " pell- lion III said court, allcdk'inx dial ho !· die mvnor in fee and In morliMOT of die fnllnwln^doieribed iT.d estate s i t u a t e In the Imvm-hlli of'c In salil count v. known as (ho en-i |iarl of of a s l i i | i ul lan.i !-'!) acre- liikcu fimn Iho n.,rdi part of lot ·niimiicrten (ID) i i l n l n i n ^ one (I) in-ronl land, bounded north hv llm I"!")' l o w n - h l i i llm 1 !»-{ liv lhelliioof(ii'ariim (own-hip. oui!i In dn ifniilh line of'.ild t w e n t y one .!· n"-. and wi.-l l-v i. line far enimi;li iVom die oa. i line, and pav.illel thereto,, to oonliiln one acre, of .iiiiiind; CKII. ».-.:d iimriL''!).'! 1 has lii'cosni' abMilnlo. and dial t b c r , - i due dii'i-con (he Mini nf n l v i v - l l v o dollnn v.-jiii i n - tercsi from the day of .Nf.iivli. A. I). INi.i. and pravhiL- dial said inorl«ai?e IIIMN be fonvliwod. iho said iireini-.-.-, .irden-d lo be Mild, and (he ;iruroe,U applied l (lie i n i y m c n t . i l ' s.dd debt. I'lilo-y said dvloiiihilil-linll nppe.'irandaiiswersaid p u t l l i u n liy the nllli day of A p r i l . A. I». 1HT). Jud^moiil by default will lie entered atf.llitst him. 'llv N. L. J-OIINKOS, ills Attorney. DMci 1 . Keb. T. Pi'ii). , IH\yrt ., / i K O I M I I - ' . l ' l . A I N , Krank 1'laln, Mary Cleveland \1' and XolMiiiriovol:i!i,l, v.'hn reside In lh" Slan 1 ol'Xinv Y o r k , holn in law of Henry I'lalii.d.'. cd ..··!, w i l l lake ii'iiii'i- i l i . i l .Line I ' l a i n . a d i i i i i i i - l r u i i I x i l lliee.-.:alo. ofs..ld Henry I'lai'.i, on the M day of l-'ebru.irv. A. I'. l'"t. 111.'.I her i n - i i d u n I n die pr... b n l o o i n i r l - w i t h i n and for t h e r n n n t y ·( ), and State of O!di. :itloil n 'lir; dial t i n - pois-mnl e.. ( a t e o f s.dd de' 1 '.':!**'.! is l i i M i i H c e n t (o j i n y h i - d"bu and the c l i a r ^ i ^ i i f i ; d m i o i . i t ' r i n - r b i s i M . i l e ; i h , u In died M'i/.cd in too » l m p l e i f die |i.l|o« ill;,' dei-crll-od real if'tale. s i t u a t e in said o n m i v , in w i t ; In iho ( o w i i f b i p of ltus--ia and count* !' l . u r a l n afnro.iid and k n o w n aMho south ea^t p.irl of tot nnr.ihor tblreeii d'l). biinudcd souUi l.y die smidi l i n e nt said h i t , and land in said I,it o\\w.l hy Santi-iil i i (Vib eii, ive-t by the m h l i l l c 01" n n o v i b and smiib road r n i i n i i i K 'lln-uiigli sai.l I'.-l. novth ly l u n d in sidd lat owned b.v .liniies lla/.el. and e:i-t. !ty tli" easl liiin of .said jot and l . t m l In .-.lid lofjowuo.l by S.-infnnl Ii. liili.-on. e i n t a i i i i u . « H f i y a e i v ^ n f l.inil. The .-aid .lane 1'lnlii. as widow nf s.nd H e n r y I'laln is e n t i t l e d I" dower In said iri'inl-e. and dial W i l l i a m I ' l a i n . Catharine I ' l a i n . Ccoivo I ' l a i n . t'Yauk I'l.iln. and Man- Cleveland, w i f e of Nelson i 'leveland. as beire at law, hold die ne.xt e-talo u i n h e r i t a n c e therein. The prayer of said p e t i t i o n Is for the a-^l.'riiinonl ol'iiower to said .lane I ' l a i n , and for dm sale of said prcmii-o. Mibjoct tOMicli d'wer i-M.ilc. f u r i l i o paymcnl nf«lebl:i and charges aforesaid. Said pe- l l t l i n i w i l l be for h c a r i i i x ' o n die nlili day i.f M a r c h A. 1). 1K"0, or as ^t;iin diereafter as eounel can be heard. . 1 A X K I ' L A I N . A d n i l n l s t r t r l v Of die I ' s l a t o o f l l e n r v I ' l a i n . liec'd. lly X. L. JDIINSO::. her A t l o r n o v . ' Dated 1'Vliruarv ", ItnM. . ' 19M I. B OH'A S C i l U O K D K U , wl o residence is u Ik n o w n , but who Is s n p i u h c d t n reside in l i i o Sialo of I n d i a n a , will t a k e noll.-o lint on i l m v i ' i dtl nf l-'eli.-uary. A. D. I.V.l), Lewi i S. hioodol-111,-d Ills p e t i l l D i i n^.ilnsi her in die c.itin 'of-cmmi pleas of l.nrain c o u n t y , obiti, -i-i.tin^- rnitJi in MiV stance Ids marriage w i t h said Dura, her d o M - r l l n u n l ' b l m nud w i l l f u l absence her p a n . for nn.iv llian t h r e e years l,i-l |i.»l, and al.-n a d n l l e r v . The prayer of said petition is fi r a divnrc.e and s n i d p o l l l l n n will be for iK-arlni; at t h e I'Vbi'uarv t i - i m ISTUofs.ild oourl, , ' - . . ; - . , - '-, . · , i.i-:\vi.-' SCIIHOKDI::;. 'JVy II. II. rdri-i.irros. lii Al'-m.-v. I Doted I'Vli. H. lt~,0. - '. MKvli GIFTS. By in : tti · .10 itxi IBM Distribution 1 -! tin'. M'Kti'tipitliUin Gift ('(.nif,'.r,ji. i. d'if 1,1 ID the mnwt:«f ?'!jOO,OW. Ticket. JJrau'x a 2rizc. · ·'"·· ;ii'(s, o.-ieii · -1(1 W 1 -l-:ie;tanl 'Itiuewooil IMnmis' i':i('h', ' ' ' " : : ", Molodi'ims, ·· r Machines,.each ; .;. 'ltd $W) '..·j I-) HKI IM) 10 n:, 10 m A . M''.' .'.'." '.' .'..'. .1 i.iw A.M. DI,A(.K im'Kif. AVON I.AKK, HiiKit'KiKLD LAKI-:, S I I K I - ' l ' I K L O A N D ·"· ' V M Lake Sho-e Rasiroada Alliiilll'! ICv KASV. ' M u l l '. :C.C8 A. . M.rxi M.I.', M. . M. 1'nrlllii l-' '.Mull 1,-J AND D U I - A l t l ' I ' l l i : - ! K i t .STATIONS. ll.lH A. M. , II.Ill ·4.-II J',' .11. ! i-Ti » OTII- . . C I I I C A ' . ' O K X I ' K K S S le.uesi Ii-, eland K i r , A. M . - nlopt al l-:i)ri:i!i 111, oiwrll-.i H . I ) , S'orwalk l(),-i . M i n i i i v ! V l l l i ; , Ivde, J-'ivnionl, arrlv-:n alTvlwl.i IV I'). ' TO I. K 1)0 li.M'UI-I'-rt leavi-s Cleveland -J.-.H) I'. M.: ^:oppill'f at all ^l.v.l'ini eNcept Olm^tcil ;m^ l l l ' l j i c v l l l c : p.i..-es K l y r l a :t..|i, Oberlla - I u 7 , i i i r i w f nl To|i'.|n7..|.ii', ,M. ' i I'At ll-'li: |-:.\I'III'S |O»VT i . t o v i - l a m l 7:151'. M ; ;.iippliik' ill Ticrea, lilyrl.i h 4 l . Oberlln tl.l/i, N o r w a l i ; '.'J^. .M.»nrtievil!,-, (.h-'ie, Fremont, : an-iu'.. aL'I'.ilcd'i II..V, I 1 . M. · ' M ' K A M I I O A ' l ' IvMMi!·:.-.·· I c a v i s i..'li-\i-lanil 5.W A. .M., r.!'v;,!il- ,'.! ,ill !,U|ii]li; ||.I;M". I'.lvrlli 0.1, i iberll.i (i..;i . nr.'livs ,il Toledo III.IU A. .M. . S A X D I ' M t V .11 A 11, ie.ive, I levchllid -fOj t'. M., l - : i j r f . i . ' ~ l : i i i r i v s 1,1,1'aiu'.r.-Uy tl.W. '.OIM! l:.i:-r. A T L A N T I C KXI'ltKs- 1 leaves Toledo !!.M A. M.; : 1 ^ .it i ' l ' - n i o r i i , li'de .lii.'ni-n'vlllo, Nm w a l k , Oberlln 'l.W. Khi'i.i ilu.j. Iteroa, arrives at I l i - k i - l . i a d 7 1 5 ; leavi-« 1.1. v e l a l l ' l 7,ir; nrrlvi's lit Ilillfiilo I .M I 1 , .11. D A V i ; . \ l ' l : l - - l.'.ivc:, Toledo li.V, .\ M., (op til Klni'ire. K I V I I I I I I I I . C l i i U v ilclievue, Monroc, Ml!.', . V - i M . d l : '.I!'.', Wiiki-iiinii, Oberlln IIJU!. l-'.i.M-l.i I M U ' l . It,Tea. arrive or Cleveland 11*1; l-^ues .l.:vl..n,| Il.'.u, a r i l v e s al Jliilfillo (!:» A(.-''o.M.i|OlATION leaves T.d.'ilo I (CM) A. M M(i;i.- al .-:!! M.illo.;-,, |KI:.M s ( i b e i l l n '_ I'. .11 l-:iiri,r.!.|i., , n ; i v c . a t . l . n r l a m l : ) - W !'. 5I.;Ci,i. r i l i l l . U i |-:\;nr.^ leave- i I. VI l.Ui'l -|,(XJ ). .\[ , :.nlM- at C n i i a l n :; M A. M. N K H ' V o l l K I-;M'U!- l e a v e r Tidnlo 5.10 P. .11.. Oherllu 7.V'; K l v r l a '·.!.",: :inii\.. ril I |i-vel.l]|.| '.I'.'ll. I.IM-.O* i lerel.m.l '.I.:).', I'. .11.; mrlviv, at J i i i i i d , : | . | - j . \ . M . USD A. M., s .u (.'levi-lund ntll.1.1. RA3LWAY. J MII.KS wlllindt. (. !i.t.'i};e of 1,'oac.b I,KU Tin: /,'i'o'iit f,tini;/if-JJiinlil; Ti'U- KOII tie?/ Kork, Gosi, Albaiiy, P l t l N X ^ I ' A L P O I N T S IX NEW V(,)KK A N D N K W KKCi L AND, A X I I TJJJ; , . . Oil Regions of Pennsylvania rnifl i i . \ i i . W A V i:.\'TKxns nio.M IHICIIKNTKH l-i A'Kir YO!.K, 'M .Mitit. ;;;;/··;··. i /.o /.. .%·/;»· yoiur. cj.t .i/i.Vj. IHt.VKIllK lu. \li\V YflltK, 400. Mitii. · ' t7.;; vi-;i.A.\it.\K\v YOKK, mi ,\Wrr, (.·/.vc'/ ; 13 A'/:ir VDKK, tro mitt.. A M I H l'll')M ; . Miles Hie Sliorlcist Koulo. directly lh;a:j;li to Ncw.Vork., · -£-?:2 lo '27 A l l ( r a i n s r u n :,iii,i'.s \\ i d af or .laniiary :)lsl; l«), Traliif; will c.i!'.ne..Uo:i v.-ldi Woflern Lines, n^ fol- XI-: '.V V O I M C D A Y K.\l'ltl.S. leaves Clevcl.iiid from A l l M i l l i - ami !n-,i! \\'eiers Hi-pot, jiy ( i.lmn'uih.O.. lini'.'tl.iily. (SattirdaVM'Xcekteil), a: '.i. 1 . 1 ,' I'. M.. Itnil'alo JViiiii IH'ixii.i-or. KM'Imiiifo · iM, b.v New York tlme.dalh- ' n't .. il Mlclii;;.in r-lr.- . . (Miinliu's i \.-eiii.-d). iit'T(W A. M. Ai-i'lvi lNin:»!l«i-i!lel.'l.ll A. M'.': Siis'iiii'-linniia '-· .i» I'. ."-I.. (Oliu-hTurnrr'.ii--!.', I'. M'.. (fliip.), mill iir- i l y -- IP New V n r L »).H I'. M. .mnects at. . I'lii^'liamploii I'.ir -.iupi ivluwn. Alliany, imd lii.- · vl.-!,iM:..- 1 :.i l ii:n -v n-.Mii-;. .!i U\MI .-sin-In-.'*: .il (iivai Hciid wi'.h Del.iwaV'i'. l.arli.\v:tnn.i:inil \Ve-ier.,U,ulrii.i-l,and ni .lei-ev». i;y w i t h M i d - nij:!i! !-:\'M-'.. T:-Aln of New '.h-ifjv Italli-oad foi-.l'.hUi li-Ijilil.i. - ,, ' leepiji^ (V.iclt.s ,-ifii ;it;.|,-li ..I (,, t',(t (rjthi nt. vclalii!.- ' r u n i i l i i K llii-ouu:i u lIornellM Ille. aK ('..-!} :a;nl new and linjiroved lr.iwlnii ..inr.ii J - " t: l e h i - l at HiiTalo, vniiiilnir Ihniueii ( 'O:-.. J -| to New York. K\I'lti:s M \ | f , . D u n k i r k from fr.ion 1).' . . . lluiOi!-.. v i a A and vi.ill»rnellville. -l/tily. ( i'xci\itel\ nt 7 :1J A. !.-, nrrlvln.i; - ' -v.- I . . · T i n A. M : !.eaviu,.|, -irjf-.i.lOA. M. ( ISrcakfai-t) ; ' M c a . l v l l l · I I . :X, \. M. ( l l n e ) ; D u n k i r k i.-Jt) I'. M...llniV.d'1-j:,) t'. M. Arrivesat lloniellnvllle . « Hi I'. M (.; .i|i-i T). an I ai New Vnrk'.IM A. M Conne.'li. at. liliiilra wHIl -.Nnvihi-in t'eniral K a i l v v a y for \Yllliams;iori. llarrlslinrjr and (lie somlij IK .|,M-- ·· Cl:v \\Mih M.iriifnit Kx-pivx Ts-alinif Xrw lerrey (tallr-iad forrhfiadelphla. It.ililmoro and WaMiliiK't'in: and a( New York M l l l i .Mnrnln;.; Kxpvefs tn.ltis Huston and N e w |-:||;l»ni| . ' I l i ' - . - . f i ' i i - i - i - i i - . r roa.-hos .-iro allaehed lo thin t r « i n at. I..M\lil.-l.',u-...- a n , I :n J!iiir:,|,, niiiniiii? IhroiiKh to N e w -i ml; \v i i l n i i;l ,!;ali|!e. X K J I I T )'.\!'ltl-S. d a l l v . (SnmliiyV cx.'enled). |o:,ve ! . i;i:i!-;!lii ;ii -7 vj I'. M .. avi'lvV-ji at Turner's i- 1 '!ii7 I-. M ( l ' i i i i i ' ' i ) . N v , Y,-.rk -jit'l'. Ji. , c'onmvi:, av Xiiv. · \,m k w i i h sivainc,i and at'- ir.ili:, r,:|. l)ol.m and New I'lnitlaml ( 1N( IN:; Vl'l i:xri;i-^. d'ali;-. (simdavs except- oil). I cavi^ ],. V ela.|,l ;n :t£M'..Jl.-:|»i !U |villi» ai s i . , l. M ,Si.-,i.ei.| : l i i i n k l i k «i -,i..|:, |. M -, liijfl.iln ;.:· Ii MI !. .M, siops at SusqiiMiatniu in, *w A. II. (l,ir:ikfasi.)j 'J'nrner's at av. I.', M. ( I UNO), and an Ives In New York at -i.oft I'. M. l.ellneiU in K l i n i j n !,,· \Vj|li!iniM)oM. HjilTis- h i H i r n h d (he S-u-th: a(. OWO'K'O tin- Ithiieu: at, JIIUKliamplon lor i u.iperstown, Albany ami Iho eelelii-aiedMimmer re.sort, Miaiini .Sprint,'!-: at (.reycinirt for Xewliiiri'iruml Warwlck:'^i.l at - M.-amers · - · ir.(iiv at New \,( f!t wldi · ovenlnjt trains an · Ho' lio«.:i and New |'.'n«land cities-. ' lii'« are attaclicd-lo ,, ·. - o is r.(iv a linllalo. r,:nnlii!t thronxii InSissirti^liaiiim. and at. l.e:ivltts!mr;. r n n n l n i t lhmni;!i lo New York. Willy .l.lin\T:-aili:Ka..i nn Snndav.'JeavlMf I |.-\Ml:ind a- 7C. A. M.: |!l,IIVt.o ;|1 ",!.· I'. M. nnd Oun- blrU I M 1': .\...nnd reneliln^.Xcw- Vorionl-T.W · UoMnn and \en- ICtisli'nid-pli-sen^y, willi'tliolr h|«.r;nro,.nre ir.iiuiVnvd .I'nty.ur i-hurifp, In '« TlnV In I",' 1 "' 0 ,."," ''.ai'i'oynsice o f a stcee(,e,:if or. omnibus The.iicenoi-y alon:; dm eiillro. iinile of ihe.Krie H a l l w a y H o i Mu- IIIOM pletiiiei.i|i:o ami beautiful character. AOmireisnf X.-itnre'nlmulles, l i i n d a v ' . ll;hl journey over e hani;-lncr lamlM-a l|on a and intoi-iM. , (In- line, will llml In Its uVe'r- cs nfcoiiilnual admlra- d thi'ou^h, tihd faivnlwavK * W (iuld \V:iielies',caih;...'....'..;' ''"'" · 7,1 l o - J nsh I'l-ixi-.-Sllvei' Ware, n.. valnoil iit.'i;,41;(aw,l Irawn vnlnable prl/ys, and . . . , . . , . . ,-iilillsli (hem: "' : .lAndrev,',;.- Jiurn.s, Clili;aifO..:.1ilO,lNKi: MJss X'lara S. Walkor, tlalllmore.-l'iano. jfrti: .l.tmoK ,M. M j l - thews.'neIroll,.f:..tWO:,John T. Anilirws, Snvim'nnli M.UOO; M i » Atfiiits Simmons, (.liai'loslon. l^lnno j-IKX).., \\'« piilillsji no mimes wldioni'iiet'mi'i.loii. OVixios-s rti' vim I'ltifflH-The ilvrti'lif relf. He'and de,erved,, ; ,rKuceosK, M Waek,v-- '- . .,--. ar!"fivi'|iioiidv iliuiKor. . . ou«, and ortfn-roMJlliiii.lnoiirnble ( iii C ase f . -V. c..i|.d Is lollowed by ixnixhlng. pain In die side, dif- lliMdiy ,11 hvciilliliijvaiid iilmilly-emls lit·(·iinsniiH 1 lion; Iberefoixy. , ., ( 1 ·'·' ' COUGHS A/XD^OOLUS' '- should nol be'iillowodlo'i'nn on mi' one ..luiul.i rest In (Vmclvd hetiirlty. iire-l for.'' No 'TV. AV^vyert/'.v Cdii'jh S'yritft ' " ' ' ·: ' -;-! ; : - . : , ' . i i : i , 1 . · . / i - c i I? the )icsl ivinody In tho \miId-for Ihe oiire .of,B.II disj-.(fes(ifdi» l.nnj.'s;' 'A Vimplo'dlAO will nlwnys " '|i'y,-?..|iiid;'if:.vii .bteiili ' " '" '" " ;l;(1i. Dr. Snrti!iil'ii fectly h.iniilis innvei'liil'iind: Jii'Wdy In' Itearlloh, 1* 'prr , isi, .iinl e.aii lie taken by lli« uiosl.del- in elUld, or mo Mli»lige,l»i(:iit.'" · . ./.?/;. · Sf : iu{i!ivij{iinl uinild ifnnouiioo in i ln trawl. Inif piilillu thnt lui Is nmnliitf a |),\ I I.Y HACK ,t bulween I'.lyrla and ·iral'iim, nnd Is iii'-uiared lo enriyi i)kiin*onKKii' to a n d ' from oldiW'plal'o in time l« make railroad Mimei-tloas. · . - · : . , . . , . 'll.MK oi'.Di:i;,vi!TUUi;.-Leaves die' WnxhliiMon ^ronse.'Klvrl.u ilaily. ,,( A. M.i'|i*|iti|«i.(l-m A. presi'Tralu"aiid ILiek'ifoliiirSiinib.· A. "",, ' Leaves (iral'lon aboul ID ixi A.' 'M..''nrrtvluc al Klyrla ln;iimo,to eouni-ct wllli trains' »ln'if nnd V.'eilon llii-1/...s. and M. S. ., Fiiro each wav, DO eenis. - '· ' .'·lO'i'v Ki:ir.iNrt, nii|jb«. (bl'ds. InrtMUDKl, 1 'Astlnnii. Iti-ftii- -·hills, .Sp.lllln/of.lllW"!. J-'ninsJi) theSlijo, iimj all Diseases of iho LiiiiS". '1'hioal null (.'heslJ. ' " ' rin' 1;i's y ,, liKoiiUK A.'K'lJrXY," 1 ' IV hoU-snle DviiKalsts, corner Wood tlnvlaud Si«i ond AYcnuo. " "" And hy , ; I'lTTSDCHOU. · 3 J, 1 1 SPAPER!

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