The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on January 28, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1899
Page 2
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Calumet Baking COKTUMS HOTBIW6 HUtWOOt X. X. JfWXLL. ,, . ranter, per moth.., HOD 1 SO . .a disposition of tie JffWM labor of the state appears to be g»«faSr way to solution, in the mo- vPWedestabKshmefitof a plant at the state penitentiary tar the manufacture that Editor Jewt-U «iU probabh not »riu any mow "comaninwatuja* from, prominent Scandinavian^, but just the same another appears in todaj'» i-*»ue of the TBIBINE. learn to sa "no" when a deali-r offers you something ~ju»t as good" IB place of Hood's Sarapanlla. There can be no substitute for America s greatest medicine, SOME INSIDE FACTS. A Prominent Scandinavian Replies to Some Groundless Criticisms of RepnttHcaa*. The following from one of the. leading Scandinavians of the state show's the at titude of intelligent observers with ref emce to such criticisms as those al uded to: . Grand Forks Sbrmanden "Corpora tons won in the state convention, they won the case about lower freight rates, ano tor USED BY THE NOBILITY. The Remedy that Makes People Well- Paine's Celery Compound, , o Utey won oat in the election of sena- . "Witt the people of North Dakota --- ,--- The employment of labor itt this manner woo^d m no way «W»P^e with free labor in the state, and the output would be always safeablejuid the sale by the state would tend to the regulation of theprices of the outside jwsdset, and benefit the farmers of the state, as w*4J as afford a means for the profitable employment of prison la- liar. As will be seen by tile statement ofaecomnrfifee efeewlere, the members are highly impressed -with the ad- l vantages of the plant in the Minnesota prau^eatiary and tfcsir report wai favor the establishment of a similar institation afrtte penitenfiary bete. Tftere is every reason why tie assembly should take -- __. ,,__ . f^-t*fr-v±- v» *w* *M wMkuid ver win out over the corporations?" * * "The rotten political gang in the state has been forced to openly announce weir campaign cry. It sounds like this. 'Down with every temperate honorable and moral Scandinavian! Keep them out of public offices^ " These two statements bj the present editor of Jformanden prove beyond anv doubt that he is an irresponsible idiot or a deliberate Bar A man who tries to make it appear, that ont of about 47.000 voters at tile last election in our state' nearly 30,000 of them, were slaves of cor j porattona and ^mpij doing the bidding i of their masters jn voting the repub-i makefhosewho are kept at stateei pense repay by their labor for the keep «ng; From a humanitarian standpoin also the establishment of some such in *»t*yisiobeurged,~as prisoners kept busy are easier disciplined and habits areincufcated which tend to the im provement of those who have fallen from ·the plane of rectitude. It 18 stated that among the measures on to be introduced is a bin providing for the Torrens system of hod titles-which does away with, the office of reg ister of deeds and the present methods Of recording titles, and provides *«t al titles to property may be proved in court Bpon the adoption of the kw, and are thereafter to be kept by a registrar -titfas, incumbrances and transfers to recorded thereafter. be Aitoiro the matters that involved the attention of Congressman Johnson on his return to Washington waa tbJ coj- ' " ' ·Ppointment had been deferred at the request of tile congressman until after tnesenatorial flght--and tie «ongress- man withdrew his objections to an appointment as soon as he returned fran -- -- ___» ucwm-to- J.M «v*v*«$; irUf7 frl/UIJ- * hcan ticket, such a man must be an irre- f spoomWe idiot or a deliberate Bar We ' deplore such conditions of afiair- and the shortcomings of our laws which! caused the state of North Dakota to las* f its rate cases against the railroad com f panies, but the editor makic« the above : statement in iXormsiKien has either not read Judge Amidon » decision, in which I case he becomes an irre=sponsible idiot talking of matters he knoar abso f lately nothing about, or, having read the decision. he _ . e mn^ be a deliberate Jiar, as heusuruatesthat the judge decided for the railroad com panics because he was a slave of corpor attona. Then his statement about the senatorial election: this proves him also either an idiot or a Car. Either he does not know anything about ft or else if be does, he js teUinehis readers a deliberate falsehood. We take it that heroes Dot know what he is talking about and tor his information we will rive him a Httfehistoiy. OftbeaSmembewoftae oresent legislature 90 were elected at the last ejection: of those 80 elected 68 were republicans. Th swore the voters not - - -- · -- ' -^- -^ -^r- ^ Big Bargains... reduced prices on men's boy's and children's suits and overcoats, also heavy underwear, mitts, etc, at SEMLING HOOVER, First Star* W«st of Bismarck feak. , squarely only at caucusn «^***»«r MW TUW7X9 mn only at CauCUSBB and district conventions but also at the jib Defection day was for or against B. A. Johnson. He was the only avowed and pubacly announced candidate. It was his candidacy that was before the 'EgS-H 1 ?., 0 * % * » ,«P«J»ficans . e u c a n s elected wily 13 were instructed forJoon- son. There were 12 more who favored ohnson although the people of their Btncts had not interest enoaga in Johnson s candidacy to instruct their members for him. UK total vote of ·Johnson m the In every civilized eountry rick and poor alike have found restored health androw vigor ja Faine's cefery com "Hard-working people of ordinary means are to be congratulated." ' r r n g » tJacworkoftiieTastqnartw of " legislature waa Sere were 68 other . were oer members, 52 republicans and 16 fnskm- wtswao did not want aim. The question ten arises: Who were - znxs* *t i * « ··«-- -- «» *c»*«9n f of corporations. Was ft only the 23 UP fo tte present time there aav* been about 135 bOte iutrodnced m only the represented the peo- ^_d Al- ^ *£» . . - « . F - "npoo having so easfly within tn«w today a remedy trhicb the wcalth- lest and most influential persons must themselves use, if they would eet the b^ffiat modem medical ilflfrf^ Fame's celery compound proves that the K«ew» of jawbone ha* kept pace with Pjogre* of U» present genera- ing reputation that this most wonderfol of all remedies has ac qwed is principally due totheword-of mouth recommendation and endorsement of men and women of the highest soca s n n g , as weOas of those in humbler but no teas important positions who have themselves discovered its merits. upon but a small portion of them, work of the assembly from the present time to the ckase of the session promises to be rapid, and committee reports aa final action wiff follow on the measures fliat have been introduced, and afford pfeafr of work for the two houses.' THE consecration of an Episcopal tehop for North Dakota was effects wifltdue ceremony'and impressiveness *t Chicago and the church in tire state now has an official head. Preparations The editor of for a fitting reception to the new bisho] -are in progress at Pargo and Graw Forks, and he will find hk charge fuD of warm hearted people. KASS^S, one of the oldest prohibition states m the Union is now struggling with » bill lately introduced in tile state senate by Mr. Sheldon providing for appropriation of f 100 to each person who desires to take the Keeley care. J?HB Fargo Argus is stiH pursuing fine of senatorial argument and sees all manner of legislative and other ghosts, which indicates that the mental strain on the Argus during the senatorial struggle has had a lasting effect THE Grand Porks Herald--or was it the echo of the Herald at Fargo-say* Purity Cuticura Soap a»«t ·mean MK ··tM.iM ^ ^M«-A- -- ? *y^ ^ ^ » aaB fc - T editor is an idiot or a u«r. Be must be either, Tien that horrible cry of this "rotten political gang" who run the state conventions last summer, and who nominated the Hon. A. N. Carlbtom, state auditor, Hon. J. G. Halland, state saper- uitendent of public instruction, Hon. John Simons and Henry Erickson, railroad commissioners. "Down with every temperate, honorable aad moral Scandinavian; Keep them out of public ot- ficesT they cried, but at the same time nominated the above named gentlemen, and three months later 30,000 out of 47,"""--* ^-' ^ action of thir -»»....». wj raines celery comnonnd. atrfwlM flm advised her to recommend rt to her sick friends. The countess, as is well known, is « prominent member of the Danish court. Her coming to this country has been 000 voters "rotten po thess 30,000 voters tions and a "rotten . represent corpora- political gang" in -- , wnty of the people of North Dakota? Can an editor who casts such slurs and injqoities about the characters of -the above named gentlemen be anything bat aa idiot or a Bar? Weonlyaslt «.»:»»·, yuuauw Schimmelmann, whose portrait » here given, in a letter to the Wells Richardson company SSfe-PJ^^L 0 * ne « »hoba*e£ei much talked of. Her real object was one of ctontr, tor she is using her great Wealth and ujfluencethb winter i£ as- fwngthe Danish people in the western states. She is stopping in Chicago, and from there writes her straightforward endorsement of Jmine'seeferycompound. _Wamettwhoare easily excited; who waste energy worrying over trifles, who areoften sufferers from sick headache and nervousness, should read the plain, unbiased statements of what Pained celery compound has done for other women. Among the diseases that cause a vast amount of needless suffering that may teretdareuredbyPaine'slUtery ««? pounp are biliousness, torpid fiver, headaches, sleeplessness, dirriTtcai, constipa- tl °»'^y^pepsai and general nervousness ana aebuity. Xo man or woman who ,is continually aihng can successfully carry on bna^ w»w, or be of much real comfort to the- aousehold. And only a thoroughly nourished body *at has ail the nseJup, and therefore E^rt.' "^S* 3 ^romptiy removed ^ l i." le J^ Jod * nd t»«es can be tealthy. Waen eitherot these vital con (boons of adequate repair or elimination »«»«w»pfete!y done, the organs need uststtehnelp as Pained cefery cwn- pound fa fitted to give, Ko other remedy a so valuable. Where bther remedies have failed, 'ame's celery compound will succeed. BISMARCK STEAM LAUNDRY, O ! riARQUErre Proprietors. Comer Fifth *nd S. M. PYE CO., * tw c# ti.» P"Jd August 8th, $130,360. ««· e«m- S?lr*t his head and was badly shaken up gen erally. ABNIOA, SALVE. The bert salve to the worid for cols, fcer«, sahrbento, fevw chapped hands, , aad a n « k t o « , positively cures pjfes, or no pay "paired, tt Ic guaranteed to 5^^ ^^^00 or money fTJnded. Wee 25 cents per box. ·ate by P. pponua Oawwaptof ten wnt«, ea«h ) ivfttent to demon. , 6« "WarreB Sfc, Sew Torfc Otr. of Gw»t Pan. Jfanfc. · A report was some time ago circulated TO Bismarck to the effect that A. B, Stncxfer, a former resident of thj* city had committed suicide in a Montana town. Subsequent developments prove th» to be incorrect A tetter received by ajnemberofthelocaiA.0. U,W. lodge from .Mrs, StrickJer denies the report. A brother of Mr. Striekfer's namedAn- drew Strickler committed suicide- in Botte. however, and this is probably where the story had its origin. - ·» »». » ----- The Churches, Bate it the Prioe,60 The Legislative Proceediogs, The BbmmrckTEiBcxEwin cover th« "l^i--"^T »·"*·'""/TM*^ "* *^ Wife intro- need and foBow the debate on all important measures as ckKielr as possible. In short one who reads the TurBtnrs will get the news. John Alltn, the Jforton townsbjp man °^J? "^""d by a team running away Thursday was brought in to the I*mhorn yesterday. Hera m a very cnbc*) condition and his recovery w doubtful Allen was standing up in a wagon when tn* accident occurred, and the king bolt of the wagon dropped out disconnecting the running gear He was thrown to the ground striking on Methodist church. Sunday morning set- nee at 11 o'clock, Sundaj schoolit 12. Epworth League at 630 p. m. ETenlair preaching atii» p. m. ^ JAS. AKDKBSOTT, Pastor. Presbyterian--In the Prwibrterian church, Bev. Archibald Durrie will in the morning on "Educabo- in -- and Religion in Education" at '% and ia the evening on "Bock !y at 7:30 p. m. rooming hour. - -.- ^ m.-Snbject, L --- ,AH weicomed.-Bright, church and cordial reception. Swedish Lutheran - Divine perriew in tae Swedwh Lntheran church next Sunday forenoon at 1130 and in the evening at So dock. AH are cordiaOv invited. CARS- J'JME CARIKSISMARCK. . . ut .K5«. Way 4.12*. m. fiKS. ^^^ ^·^·^··· l »'* i mim.^»mi^%%^ . E. BYRNE, Insurance Agent, ·l««»arrt,«).O. Witt lUmareit Ba«k. -rt V*» A^u^ot?^- - «i«^ rf New York la*VA«m'a of Hew York. N. Y. Underwriters. -- · · - -- -- y VT«/«VAW WJxAwtemwJBet^I K£. . OATS - BRAlf - 8BORTS Sttamlate ^^J^^ Pills the , ronw Ute llwr eorf bfltota- »*« 6ea4M*e, dlrzlnpw Ckr. Second and Broadway. *· B, Irrrrui, Prvvjdnttt. f. D KKW.MCK, V«» Pndaeo*. H. K. Ft*, AM. AAter. CAPITA1,. 4100,000. ******** fuld ·* tb*« DepafUm, ^ c ?^!S;S3srS'5SlS* A « b · -- --~- --»TM»w · ··! WW9 iHMfom, C, DOU« t . Proprietor. ·in the TICKERS. ---»-··· HNHif* m AtlrtMl Wttrtw, JwlT, Etc. FRE» mm, Wc.tSI.unst^, . . Roimarrk ^rsTrc^TVreTlle e-ssJTS

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