Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on May 21, 1928 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
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Monday, May 21, 1928
Page 9
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I UOON ILN TOUR I Parents from School Go to m Sunday l p n a n d ool clto\ e 1 "fr th* Llncoh, l ' i p v,ai mode ln 'nd included In ^'Kht fathers, four TMie I E11U plm . "I and the cntirs J n p ( u p ^a, Spon i ~ i d e Fatheiv C ] U1 e i m a n is piesldcnt thelt fi, 3 when the- children t Salrm t r i p |, th , r to repent thcs! 'i for pupiU In th. it r\ir child wh' 'fie w i l l ha\ c mad« r n j m e d a p | cni( . · lorn a f t e r their if n i l they enjojM rmiicum which it mroln iclics The lie state pai k Th- itTinl on iti t i l p I in hiotoiy lessorn ar I'atheig' club w i l l nf thp f n g t mee' t school jeai t l r f c l I i/ \ o u i ill JUSi I h n! \ n f i Hi** in I pohfn/ I , ( I I i h n n i I tli p i ti ut of ' ortii V i i II h i\ 1 11 11 I w T i ·ninll" I li i M ' 1 ' o , n T, ft i for n s , \u Ml clruil i- 1 u !iL L BOX PYRAMID FOR A \ D pVt "wo rw»m« «"** l«iehl«» nee s. ·mber of ; Mother rtst, Set- rium 24th I chingFeet | I BEIIE-F. J 1 1 DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, MAY 21. 1928. Beautiful TRA! HORN ALFRED ALOYSMS HORN Care of Permanent Waves Dear Miss Leeds--(1) I have a per- DECATUR HERALD College Cooks Provide Foods to Mae Brains in Home Dietician Will Do Well to Take a Hint on Proper Food for Families, M M1UN James M l l l l k l n University ,POODS lo build brains" is what * the dietary lists of college dln- InR halls have, been called And ' h e i e is a ptcat elrnl of titith the statement Eveiy university dietician tiles to piovide such a tempting vaiiety of foods that the s t u d e n t s , w h o pioveiblnlly pie- fci meat and potatoes nnd pie to anything e l s e will be tempted (p add to their dlots the most des,U- iblc f i u l t s nnd vegetable* College Ciifctcrim. This eo appeal is possible of comse only In cafcteUas But many colleges have cafeteilns Columbia Lnivoi!,lt one of tho laigest in the Onlted States has an Ingenious sys tern of serving bieakfast and lunch eon m c a f c t e t l a style nnd dlnnci in the e v e n i n g In the n-gtilai mannci Columbia seems to have succeeded In IntioduciiiK tho deshable salads i c c o i d l n K to Miss Mab 1 Reed who h m c h a r g e of the Columbia Common's nnd the d i n i n g hulls In John- ion nnd John Juy Halls She states that f i o m a t h U d lo a half ot the luncheon guests oidci salads That means t h a t In one hall two h u n d i c d lo two h u n d r e d fifty salads ate ·erved at noon alone The salads v a r y from dny to dav accouling lo season and Ihe markets But always (hero is f i e s h f i u i t salad ns well as Tiadct lioin w i l t i n g in nis old ag the atoiy of his adventuics as a West A f r i c a n pioneer in the seventies has just told of how he and his followeis defeated the Mpangue tnbesmen in a uvei fight He now continues the imitative (The Sinclair he m e n t i o n s Is his supenoi at the Irading sta tlon Schiff and Boeme aie rival tuidcts but close ft lends Matam is his blood biothet among the Scivages and Iwolo and Rencheio a i p the two native henchmen most closely associated with him ) vegetable salads Then potato salad made of there is potatoes onion just a little onion -- and lilmlentos sometimes w i t h cucum bot 01 g i c c n peppct Potato balad i' w;cd alone ot w i t h cold meat [.ettutc salad is itamUiid too Sal mon t u n a and lobstci aic populai flihos foi salads In looking ovei the salads on the ( o u n t r - i the f u s t thin-; that strikes the j ( Is their rnspress They aip i i i n n g e d with an evo fai coloi and e v i d e n t l y with a knowledge of the subtle appeal to the appetites of the dmcis ihe die placed eaily m the l i n e loo mined foods Used Vegetables a i e supplied plentifully One day the m e n u Included cteamed t m i h f l o u e i paisley 01 cscalloped potatoes stewed tomatoes, butteted ]c it and sweet potatoes The d i n i n g looms always seive at least one f i t i h vegetable besides potatoes said Miss Reed but they also miiki much USP of canned foods DEATH AND WEST COASTERS The celebiations of then victory I had no contiol ovei E v e n old Iwolo slipped off I had only one line eyed man In the ciowd peifectly sobei and that was Renchoto I fell asleep amongst it all and in my dreams I had h u n d u d s of iifles, and Encomi vvairlots and had even m a i i l e d N i n a (silly dieam) Also the little- blue eyed f a n y of the ponds fai away popptd in on me and actually scrap- id my ' " · pinned face with net nnglcts and mt a sweet bunch of wild f low rs on and w h e n I awoke f i n d ing all \ v c l l and as it should be I f e l t lelievcd Gtcat things these d t c a m s when o u come to look back and I had often thought as a lad Do they e v e t come t i t l e ' But that dieam did stiange to sav and she pinned many a posy right in old Lancashire near the old lily pond whoie th^ old ston; biook i,ang its song foi us amids the song biids The Mnn Who Was, Shot We no\v dipped paddles and wen our wa\ rejoicing not forgeltmg a few loving cups which strengthens us aftci our celebiations Passing th point wheie the cannibals had made such a stout lesislance we saw many black v u l t u t e s who wtre evi clently having high times on shore and the most ghastly sight of all was the toin body of thi, man who shot the nfle He was still hanging fiom the tiee head down having been firmly caught by both feet in a folk I mentioned the advisability of diving undci him foi tht t i t l e he had lei drop in the ioom alwajg the same happy soul fiom Hambutg did to bhiff now got serious and in an swci to a few questions I opened up Look heic Hci Shiff, I have one piece of news that might intsi- est you and your corruany, you rc- membei 0111 agieement He sweied yes Has it toiy lo you so far' an- been ·jatisfac- He answered on the Big Rivei and shook on it but this they would _ -- . , u i u j j 111 uu 1 i i v u i UUL Lino tiiuy wouic r s p t c i i l l y since lecent icseaich w o i k l n o t do as they were afraid of the im hi-, shown t h a t as f n i ns vitamins, im l o n c e i n c d commeiclitlly canned vt,,i tables a i e supenoi lo home ( n o v o d ones It has been found that tho mi I hod of cooking in the a v e i - nsr k i t c h e n which exposes the food to tho oxygen p a t t l a l l y dtstioys its v i t a m i n o n t o n t Of course the corn- men Inlly ( a i m e d vegetables a t e r \ pose-el to owpron a shoitci time at vm hif,h t - m p o i a U u e I m i l s e i t h e r stewed t a n n e d 01 rnw m e obtainable at c v e i y meal fif, 1 - i p i i c o t s and p u i n c s as we 1 as pc"\(hs n n d peats are s t a n d b j s API \ nue P is populai ton Some timos it Is made f i c s h In Ihe k i t c h e n s o m i t i i u e it is t a n n e d apple - ttml s o m e t i m e s It is n n u x t i i tl r two out us or snii Its of the dead which they declated would foi ever h a u n t that spot Of couise theie was nothing to be clone but to wait foi some othei chance And eventually this came I l e c o v i n d the nfle without much tiouble and it proved to be an old snider which had been stolen fiom the firm I was icpiesenting "Wb l e f t Ihe land of ghosls and w e i e soon uicmg foi who should land at Apaques f u s t As my canoe was always manned by white Enco- mis supposed to be the best canoe men in the v v o i l d we weie soon flying down stieam at a t e i t i f i c speed Mj canoe of couise cauicd Ihf rum ' i which was always a big incentive as ° ' j t h o ones following had always to SADORUS LEAGUERS I catch us at tot time l e f t missed their r u m and the ones At times the ATTEND MEETING ^ May 21 -'I vventj-five flifmhon of Ihe local W a l t h c t league nttomlod tho (_ hampaign Danvil c zone i n l l v al M i t l o o n Sundiy n l g b t Uncle i tho leaden ship of the Mai loon loaKiio o f f i c e ! s Chinch sen- Ices v i o i e held at 1030 followed by * shoil business session w i t h a rc- P"it ot t h e v v o i k of 19J7 Mn 20 the W a l t h e i league day *ill bo oh e i v e d at the badoius St Piul s c h u i c h at 7 30 p m M i and M i s A K n m i a d t enCci tamed the o f f i c i a l honiel of the Methodist e h u t c h at thcii country homo on Moneliy evening A enjoed laci was - v c i y close and we i cached Samquitte by sundown and aftei a short rest made for my uncles ar- i l v i n g at midnight Funds for the Goddess I leached Adimango in due time my mail was at our new station The Ust st amct load of gunpowdei and sundries was being put aboaid Mat- tarn came at W ' t h hls hcad Wa Ba]1 n gogudema Y ou Wa de- Same Trice for over 35 if ears USE LESS THAN OF HIGHER PRICED BRANDS f Why Pay (War Prices? THE GOVERNMENT USED , Mill IONS Or POUNDS feated the big elephant of the Mpan- gues you are out chief I laughed and told him nothing of the sort Not but ho said listen some of our people were theie and some are still theie How could this be' Was there no fight' I told him the fight was nothing He looked at me stiangely (The savage was at a loss to understand the conventional false humility of the w h i t e man -- Ed ) Stiange people these He was actually pioud that I had beaten his paramount chief and that some of his mates, piobably his relatives w e r e laying at deaths corner away up in the high Ogowe The children of wildest A f i l c a are surely difficult to unelet stand I told Iwolo to sound all aboaiel and wilh a quick pull out we left tho r.oaily deseited place My cannibal friends and in fact every one cheered me as I left with my litlle fleet, and we were jjoon passing Her Shiff and as I was in the van he hailed me He had two letters in his hand from Little Peru and one of them as per usual contained funds foi the stealing of the goddess I had to laugh He was still juvenile Giants and Gentlemen T lead the finale after I left Her Shift, who was all smiles, as likewise was Hei Bonn who said m English which he was picking up fast You are a now a Hero I said of couise why not it's just as cheap to be that as anything else when you travel in new woilds with a full ticket you can be anything you wish Yes that was so he said Shiff then asked him to retire k i n d l y as he wished to talk pnvately and Hei saying just so Well, Hei Shiff, are you willing to shake with me on behalf of my company that we shall not^inteiferc with each othei s posts "'~ ~ He answered yes Then I said you have a fice liver as far as you like to go and theie is enough trade for five 01 six. more firms I explained and toU him my centre was Isange Island I had to go as Mi Smclaii might think something had happened But I went away with my private locker full of Hamburgs best and that Is what I call fair trade And it all pioved out m aftei yeais to be so For these two firms (Carl Wociman and Hatton and Cookson--Ed ) in spite of wais etc aie not only strong in thcii vaiious branches and com panics but have opened the tiadt of Africa and of othei lands Wheievei you meet any of these enuine Giants of commeice you Vtill always find they ate run by gentle men who arc even at the present day bound by sound icasons to ac cept each othei s but dens foi the sake of commerce which cannot ex st without unity Troubles on the Wall So long foi the present Her Shiff I said and the good old man gave me a great handshake He had been a daddy to me and knew me better than I knew myself I soon atrivcd at oui new place and had a great talk with Sinclair It was a charming trading station, well built and commodious, with large verandahs, Vacation Problems Must Again Confront Mothers By MYRTLE MEYER ELDRED Mrtt Eldrcd will pci«onally answer questions ot leaders conctinlng motherhood and rhtidren Enclose a st imped self addressed envelop for topl Address her In care the Dccatur Huuld. manent wave and use water waving combs to make the waves larger Is ;here any way to avoid using the bs often so that the waves will four or five months' When the I, L writes My son is 17 months old and ia cutting his eighth tooth He is in perfect health, has walked since 11 Do you think him slow in We are planning a 600 motor trip Would this hurt It will be his second summer and teething as wrll Would you ad vise taking him' Answer Yes the baby is rather slow teething, 12 teeth is nearer the average perspires it makes the hair Should not this dampness scalp lamp keep the hair m curl' (2) I a"m f8 'eors. old and 5 feet 4J Inches tall W at should I weigh' S WATTS Answer--(1) Permanent waves must be foimed either with combs or with the fingers usually once a veck 01 of tener The perspiring scalp ivill make the hair curly but not vavy I would advise you to insert he water waving combs after each harnpco, that is about twice a month and then on alternate weeks team vcur hair with a hot towel and ise the combs again Every morning when you dicss youi hair shape it into v/a-ves with your fingers and a comb A permanent wave must have icjular attention to keep it looking months Responsibility of 'about traveling I donf like tnt making decisions with babies it that far with a small child, but you know your child liest One must be air and sun whenever possible What shall I do' Probably this loss of appetite lo due temporarily to the teething This usually spoils the appetite Whj not just accept it foi the time being get the child out daily for seveial hours give cod liver oil, both as an appetizer and because something 13 w rong or the child would be wall - ing and offer only three meals a day, milk at each meal and try not to make any fuss about the jion- eatlng or you may set up a real pioblem. I think it would be very wise to have the doctor look the child over to be sure he hasn t sonic degree of rickets Mrs E R H writes ' My baby, 15J month" old is fpd by your feeding leaflet She eats everything I give her and nothing between meals Why does she void evry 15 or 20 minutes ' She has been Tale of a Terrible Old Lady; Some Forces That Made Her So H By BUTH CAMERON I ERE la the tale of a terrible old lady And also of the forces that helped make her what she was The terribletold lady was playing caras She generally was ot an afternoon or of an evening and sometimes I presume of a. morning, it she could find three other people who had no other claim on their time than card playing On this particular occasion she was playing afternoon bridge at a public party and there came to her table a woman who did not make bridge the chief study of her existcne e It fell to tier lot to cut for the terrible old lady She cut the cards and then placed one half on top of the other (On the chance that you do .not play the grpat American game I will explain that this is not done You are supposed to cut the cards and leave t for the other person to put t Ihatefullest old thing WP ever law " And that's where "the forces that made her so" come in Because People Haven't Wanted a FUM That terrible Old Lady has ably been growing more and careful of water and milk, and overheating and fatigue Mis. L C H. writes ' Please tell me what to do with my 17 months old boy who doesn't walk jet I took his bottle away three weeks ago and since then his appetite is small He eats his mush in the morning and takes his mi.k from a cup, but he will not eat lunch, or hardly any supper, just a few biles and then he stops He is getting "eye' teeth He likes fruil and orange mice and he gets fresh put on the toilet since three months of age Her urine tests were all right. Can you help me'" Answer It is very common for childien io void this often Try putting the child on the toilet at slightly longei intervals all the time first 15 then 20, then 25 then 30 minutes apart If she is used to the stool I think she will wait and ou will eventually train her to stay dry until you d i put hci on the toilet or until she indicates that she musi go The Register and Tribune Syndicate pack together again) And No One Said a t The terrible Old Lady to loignette and looked thr her opponent "And do yc v/ith j our knife '" she mqi, 'And what," I asked whe va told me, "did the othc pie at the table say' Die her she ought to be asharr self" "Oh, we didn t say a t the woman who told me t just took our breath awi couldn't But we thought s tell your age The average weight for no height is between and 14 pounds It will do you no harm to be. 10 pounds lighter than this ho'vever way My dis- and was well fitted in every for what it was intended to be canoes ho agreed should be patched at once as I was responsible for their cargo I paid good attention to the assortment and this being done my outfit traders etc swung clear of the wharf and I wished them God Speed I made a tradei out of old general Iwolo and devidmg my rifles and men the outfit pulled out beautifully and I watched them till they were well away I took care to say nothing to the agent Sinclah of the fight although he tried hard to sound me I knew the cause of my troubles hung against the wall in his sanctorum He was not a timid man, but this was a fine specimen of an Orkney Island gul his wife at Kittle Toft of which he often spoke Poor man he left the river aftei I did intending to r e t u i n to his native home and enjoy his cainlnga but as was the case with many others he died after .anding at Liverpool And so did Mr Carlyle, our Chief Agent at "Jaboon, one of the finest samples of a gentleman I have evei met All :he West Coasters have passed away ;hat I knew when a lad and most of them met untimely ends either being killed by natives or succumbed o the Coast fever Verilly this is what it is called the White man's 3-rave Aftei dispatching my outfit to the .ntenoi I journied to the coast to meet the new tug lowatha which had been specially built for both sea and nvei I had a good talk with Nina on my way down and also studied the boat with its engineer old Peter Nolan who handed over to me af Angola She was all could wish Was swift and powerful and would tow twenty canoes or more anywhere Old Peter and I soon became great friends LOIS LEEDS High Heels and Other Problems Dear Miss Leeds--(1) What effect have high heels on the health and do low heels make the ankles laige ' (2) Wnat will make eyelashes cuil u p ' (V) Should rouge be applied be foie the powder or the reverse' (4) Is therp ci y way to get rid of laugh mg lme.3 around the mouth' (5) I an- ·5 feet 5 tall and well built except my legs that arc terribly thin Does dancing make one thin or make one graceful' Am I too tall to wear a belt at my natural waistline 7 ELEANOR G U N N On Fashions Answer--(l) Health JEAN experts objections 'o the constant wearing of high hei led shoes The first is that when the heels are raised high off the ground the weight of the body is thrown cif its natural base or center of gia\Hv, which puts a strain on the nerves and sometimes causes the internal organs to sag out of place The seco ,d count against high heels is that thej deform the feet at the arch, thicken the ankle and shorten he leg tendon at the heels, causing all soits of painful thus foot Tomorrow's Installment- The Cruel and the Timid. Copyright 1927 By Ethelreda Lewis Copyiight 1928, by Metropolitan Newspaper Service New York SADORUS PIG CLUB HOLDS MEETING SADORUS May 21--The Sadoius Pig club held its first meeting for the year of 1928 ^riday evening at MENU HINT Pilaff always has a foundation of rice, but you may vary the dish to suit yourself It is a fine way of finishing up leftovers Boil a cup of rice in two quarts of rapidly boiling, salted water for 30 minutes Chop two onions and a green pepper coarsely, saute In two tablespoonsful of butter foi five minutes Add two cups of stewed tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste and cook down until quite thick A bouillon cube will add to the flavor, and a dash of chili powder is quite delicious Serve over the boiled rice A/a// Dandelion Greens Lettuce and Green Onions Sliawberry Tarts Ciffce or * . troubles in time The low heel not more tnan li inches high should be used foi school business or shopping and the higher heels kept for occa sional wear at dances etc (2) There s no Sine way of making the lashes :urn up naturally except brushing hem I'pwaid every day, although I eheve there aie mechanical devices sold foi the purpose of making an artificial cuil m the lashes (3) Both methods are used (4) When these ·wr rkles arc deep on young faces the cause MJJ. be a dry skin that holds the n eases 01 thinness of the cheeks Massage across the wrinkles every night with a food cream and try nol to crease your cheeks so much when 3 on laugh or speak (5) You probaM/ much undei weight must hull* up your weight if you wish well formed legs Dancing is good ( ^ercise if it is not overdone If indulgence, in this pastime prevenis you from having sufficient sleep at night it may be a cause of your thinness ^ou cannot be graceful unless your muscles are well developed Yes I think you are rather tall to wear the belt at your waistline LOIS LEEDS Serving Irays made by pressing natural flowers under glassare very attractive. The frames may be wood or metal and eithef oval or oblong in shape Fashion's Forecast Aanabelle Worthlnrtoa are You Physical Specifications Cleo--Good measurements foi girl of 20 years old and 5 feet 3 inches tall are as follows Neck, 12J inches bust, 34 waist, 26, hips 34 thigh, 20, calf 13J ankle 7i, weigh' 121 pounds You may use a blonde rinse after your shampoo, made of the juice of a lemon in one pint of water. LOIS LEEDS Tomorrow--Exercises for Top- Hcavy Figures (Copyright by Public Ledger) the town hall The following officers were elected President, Orvllle Bachert, vice president Aithur Koss, secretary, Alfred Schroeder, treasur- ei, Otto Morens This organization has been successfully carried on the past few years and is still growing The next meeting will be held In the town hall, May 24 at 7 30 p m Birthday Surprise Quite a number attended a birthday surprise party at the home of Joe Dtttman Sunday night in honor of Mr Dittman and his twin children, Alfred Dittman and Mrs Mrs Alma Behuke and the latter's little son, who were celebrating their irthdays A Dutch scene was the setting for he junior-senior banquet given at .he school on Thursday evening the decorations being tulips About 40 were present and a theater party in Champaign was enjoyed after the Banquet Mr and Mrs Allen Moore, Charles ten Miss Etta Thornton Urbana and Mrs Bialeschki and son of White Heath were Sunday guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Will Thornton The Diagonal Neckline Appears in Lingerie Sets, Most of Which Have Substituted the Bandeau and Panties for the Chemise NEW YORK--Trousseau time is again upon us Bridal sets now are given the place of prominence in d- partmcnts de-voted to lingerie and there, rumor has it novelty reigns Of course, no one expects even th bride to want white lingerie in fad if she is sufficiently sophisticated she may demand blark Colors of all kinds, as well as black have almost made the worle at large forget about the dainty snowmess of hand-made undei- things It is significant too that budal sets consist of night-robe slip bandeau and panties the last two being in lieu of the chemise Panties rival bloomets for waim weather wear although with the continuance of short skirts, bloomers are more or less a necessity That the petticoat has staged a come-back will be most gratifying to many women Fuller skirts have made its 10 entry a certainty while the longei evening gown calls for cither petticoat or slip What one weais toward the world naturally influences that w h i c h one weais underneath The irregularities of the neckline have had their in fluence and the diagonally cut night- robe, to say nothing of one that both belts and blouses is directly traceable to curient fashions in dress Lace has the stellai role again m underthings the prefeience being for ecru and deep tinted meshes (Copyright 1928, by Metropolilan Newspaper Service, New York) PANA WOMAN'S LEG BROKEN IN FALL prob- morp terrible ypar by year, because wh'n she said sharp sarcastic things people have thought her dUagreeable, but haven t wanted the fuss of tilling her so. And because she has no idea cf th.jac thoughts, because no one has taken the duty upon oneself of giving her the rebukes sh» has needed, she has gone on getting worse and worse until she could say an absolutely unforgivable thing like that Almost every one hates a fuss It s so much simpler to let things go and then talk about them afterward It takes courage to stir up the unpleasantness that is sure to be stirred up if vou oppose a person like this And most of us aren't over supplied with couiage So we let them go un- rebuked and verv likely they exult over their own wit, when they should rather be blushing for their own inexcusable crudeness Mie Gave Her a Stinging Rebuke Anyone who has the courage to stand up and oppose a man or woman of that Ilk is a public benefac- toi And Incidentally, the fuss hp cjr shp encounteis may not be so bad as one would think I Know of one case where a woman coming back into a room unexpectedly heard one of these arrogant people say something brutally about her She might have avoided a fuss by pretending she didn't hear but instead she v/a 1 lied up to the other woman and without raising her voice or losing her poisi, without using anything but the suavest of languagi gave her a stinging rebuke And the othei woman whom we had alwajs thought of as airogant and fearless v a ~ ab- sclutply deflated by the experlcncp and was never again quite so arrogant The bullj remember is often a coward and that applies to other than fistic bullies Tomorrow--The Aak-Ruth-Came- roii Da». TWELVE JUICES MY SALVATION Almost Desperate With Misery to Stomach Before She Got This Great Medicine TWELVE JUICES, the great natural medicine NOW BEING introduced to crowds daily in this city by The Twelve Juices Man in person at the Quaker Drug Co cor N Main and William streets continues to be A SENSATION in Decatur and HERE'S AN OPPORTUNITY A becoming *odel that Is economical as well as modish and extremely easy to make Front of waist cuts in two sections, with draped jabot cut m one with right front--see small view 1 Simply seam sides and shoulders and attach two-piece circular skirt in new Irregular outline And to make it more interesting 35 yards of 40 inch material is sufficient for the 36-inch size Printed silk crepe in new Indian pattern, mauve- grey flat silk crepe, figured chiffon, silvery green georgette crepe, navy blue canton faille crepe and parchment-beige sheer kasha with silk threads, are new combinations that are truly flattering Style No 3302 comes in sizes 18, 18 years, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches bust Pattern price 15 cents m stamps or coin Fashion Editor of Th« Herald, ! Decatur, III Please find enclosed · 15o for which send m» Feerlca* I Fashion Pattern. ' No. AeWi eat I I Clip ·-·t*»«»»r«R«. Mtlt«..«t«« I PANA, May 21--Mis Martha Wilhelm, wife of Samuel Wilhelm of 305 West Sixth street fell m the bain at her home Friday and sustained a fracture of her right leg Her husband was on a ladder working at repairs on their home and Mis Milhelm went to the barn to secure a piece of wire with which to fasten the ladder more securely She stepped upon a corncob which turned her foot and she fell, sustaining the fracture · . 4 Timber Wolves Seen on Butler Grove Farm HILLSBORO May 21--Several large grey timber wolves have been seen in a field on the farm of Max Fromknecht, farmer living m Butler Grove township, Montgomery county Two years ago a number of wolves were killed in that vicinity and talk of holding a big wolf drive is being revived among the farmers of that and adjoining localities HARMONY I Ittlo Rohert Tiuanor had tile misfnr tune to fall and break his arm Fridj} while playing on the lack wagon with his brothers and Bisters Dr Harri P ra set the injured member and Hobcrt la doins nicely Che Adult Christian En-l"aior cccieU will meet Mondni night for a tu ial tunu ·\nd election of offlreia, Re\ J H C r j s d e r of PM nn\ u . l brlno- a patriotic menage ill the lii-ir-ony church Sunday morning tliy -7 Store Room For Rent Suitable for any retail bnslncn Alno OMIre Roving In new Unxireilrr Bldj Apply to Liiutweiler Printing Co. 2T Sonlh Park V OBF-THE-SHOULD* R NECKLINE DISTINGUISHES NIGHTBOBE A night robe of Champagne Ninon Introduces a Yoke of Duchesse Patterned Lace, Extending Off One Shoulder and Held in Plac» by Means of a Yellow Satin Blbbon Strap Tying In a Bow. rient Quirked-up ptnk aodgoU rooft -- cuitomfasMareo Polo raw than -- feitivtli and h u m p b a c k e d b r i d g e s a n d nniling little 'geiihai -- you rimpiy can't remember to worry, or be bored.' Quick--we theie andeot wooden before they tuiu modern. Ju»t 10 house-party day* from Van conver or Victoria In a White Emprexj, and you'll be in Yokohama! Our agents over there ·will secure special train rate*, the right guides and hotel*, plan itineraries, look after you -- with* out fee. Let's talk it over, now. R. S E L \VOIITHY, Stcamnhtp Gen. Ami. 11 K Jackoon Bid. ChlcK«o, M l , or any local 8tnniihlp Atent. For freight apply lo G. F. Dlekmeerr, D. F. A , Hallway Exchange Bide., SI. lamlt. Canadian MBS LYDIA BOUTWEIX. vicinity with THOUSANDS of BOTTLES being sold People say they never saw ANYTHING LIKE this remarkable mixture of natuie's juices For instance, just a few days ago, Mrs Lydia Boutwell, widely- known lady of Mcchanlcaburg, 111 (west of Decatur) made the following statement in which she relaten how she had gotten almost deipei ate with bowel and stomach troublt and everything she ever tried or did had failed her, but she say* that when she got the Twelve Juices she began to improve from the FIRST DOSE 'For yeat I had been a great «uf- fercr with my stomach," said Mr* Boutwell 'Had gastrltlt In my stomach and after every meal the gas would begin to form and would soon bloat me up and would preu into my chest and affect my heart and I'd get to feeling dizzy all over Was also badly troubled with bowel constipation and had long spells of awful headache and even my blood circulation got poor and sluggish and I got so weak and run down in every way that It was all I could do to get through the day and would sometimes have to go He down tor half a day at a time. "Tried just about all the known remedies and treatments but nothing ever helped me and I was almost desperate with this suffering and misery In my bowels and atomach and then I heard about this Twelve Julrn and got It and started taking It TMI1 aay that I have simply gotten wondtrful Jesuits ]n fact It began to heir me from the FIRST DOSE I kept on with It and my atomach. Is LIKE NEW now and I eat moat anything I want and no las trill* or bloating or any trouble after ward and my bowels also «e*m to be entln ly normal now and give ma no trouble whatever and I haven't had a lingrle headache alnce I first got the TwcUe Juices Am stronger all over and can An full days ^oik now and never have to go lie down and rest the war I uned to and I know that here Indeed, li a r rally GREAT medicine anrt J TAKE PLEASURE in recommending U TO AI L ' I h p Tnnhe Juices Man 5s now at the Quaker Drug I o ror. N«Maln and Ail II 11am streeti Decafur dally mnptlng TJII» and lntif»rturing and explaining tM* proat new mixture of nature'* medl al juices. ; I % ' - Sl'J SPAPLRl NEWSPAPER!

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