The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 7, 1902 · Page 16
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1902
Page 16
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THE DECATUR REVIEW SUNDAY MORNING. DECEttBER j, sgo*.. Tnrty the Hetdparters of Santa Clans My Dear Children: It it with pleasure 1 again announce to ou I have made The Stewart Dry Goods Company my headquarters in Decatur. I want to hear Irom every little boy and girl. Write me a letter and deposit without stamp in letter box immediately inside tlic door of Tlic Stewart Dry Goods Company. Tell me what you want. I desire very much to encourage little children in their studies, and to the best twenty letters received I will send Christmas eve twenty special beautiful Rifts, if possible, just what you ask. Sincerely yours. SANTA CLAUS. PRICES THE STEWAR? DRY GOODS CD Second Floor Bargains Ruffled Swiss Curtains, full size, worth $1.25, now, 7Sr apair ........................ »«« $1.50 Ruffled Swiss Curtains, Bobinet Curtains, worth $Z, apair Ruffled now, a pair Ruffled Point dc Esprit and Ruffled Battcnburg Curtains, worth tf ^ QO $5, now, a pair ............. ^* W O Ingrain Rugs, 9x9, worth $4-50, now Ingrain Rugs, 9x12, worth $S, now Smyrna Rugs, joxtio, worth. $1.50, now Carpet Sweepers, $2, $3.50 and White and gray Fur Rugs, 36x7* worth $4, now $2.98 $3.98 $1.10 $3 $2.98 ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY HOLIDAY GOODS AT 60c on the Dollar. We purchased at 40 per cent discount the entire sample lines of holiday goods shown by Sibley, Lindsay Cur, Importers and manufacturers' agents, in their commodious show rooms, corner of Fifth Ave. and Adams Streets, Chicago, 111. Upwards of $4 00.00 worth of samples. The bills for these goods covered 150 folio pages, and it is, we think, without a question the largest shipment of holiday goods ever brought to the city of Decatur. - = -- - - ---- - - -- - -------- - REMEMBER YOU CAN OWN THESE GOODS AT THE SAME PRICE MERCHANTS CAN Because our discount- -40 per cent. off--enables us to offer them at wholesale prices and in many instances less. We have the goods now in our store ready for sale. Seeing is believing and our prices will substantiate every assertion made in this Come and See for » We c h a l l e n e an c o m e t i t o r to d i s r o v e ihe genuineness of this stupendous purchase NO exaggtratlOIl, auvcriisciiieai. i^ome ana see ior yourseit. r\o exaggeration, no missi-atpmpnf we cnaiicnge any compeiuorjojii5prove»»; K ciiui» c . re «».»»»^ t --.»,...._,,...-....-- OVER 10,000 SAMPLES, Every One Different, TO SELECT FROM, INCLUDING C O L L A R A N D CUFF BOXES TOILET SETS MANICURE SETS HANDKERCHIEF BOXES GLOVE BOXES EBONOID SHELL BRUSHES EBONOID MILITARY BRUSHES NECKTIE BOXES TOBACCO JARS ALL SHAPES COMB and BRUSH SETS AUTOMOBILE SMOKING SETS SHAVING SETS CIGAR BOXES CIGAR HOLDERS FANCY THERMOMETERS GENUINE BRONZE AND GOLD VASES GOLD CLOCKS ROMAN AND GRECIAN STATUARY BURNTLEATHER NOVELTIES BURNT WOOD NOVELTIES JEWEL BOXES PING PONG AND TABLE TENNIS HAND MIRRORS TRIPLE MIRRORS CHINA CLOCKS PHOTO FRAMES GOLD FRAME MIRRORS PUFF BOXES LEATHER MUSIC ROLLS POCKET BOOKS CHATELAINE BAGS HAND SATCHELS OPERA BAGS WORK BOXES WORK BASKETS 2.000 PICTURES JUVENILE BOOKS 100 ALBUMS BIBLES. HYMNALS. PRAYER BOOKS QUADRUPLE SILVER NOVELTIES GOLD INK STANDS LEATHER WRITING DESKS soo SAMPLE DOLLS GOLD FOUNTAIN PENS CLOTH BRUSHES HAT BRUSHES NAIL BRUSHES ATOMIZERS MEXICAN CARVED LEATHER GOODS TRUNKS ROCKING HORSES DRUMS MAGIC LANTERNS COLUMBIA ZITHERS GUITAR ZITHERS METALO- PHONES DOLL SWINGS IRON TOYS OF ALL KINDS TOY SWEEPERS DOLLS' BEDS TABLES ROCKING CHAIRS DOLL BUGGIES ELECTRIC TOYS AUTOMOBILES HILL CLIMBERS SHOOTING GALLERIES GO-CARTS CROKINOLE BOARDS GAMES OF EVERY KIND. ETC.. ETC. Other extraordinary offers that will make this store headquarters for HOLIDAY SHOPPERS MONDAY 50 pieces «'f met: light a ti l d a r k good grade Outing Flannel 1 - worth 5c, Monday, O 3 « a yard .... W4U 2*c yard 50 pieces of good h t a v y absorbent Roller Towel- inR, worth 5 tent*, Monday, a yard .. ao pieces of Ste*on I'nWcai lied Linen KollcrTow- rlilljf. spccul Mo'i Jay i a A yard ... '·r vard ro puces oi Ste vens' I n , iv v ele nant wide .ill bn ell 1'ovveluiK worth KK. Mon djy. vard ... Tic EACH J5 do/en iH by 32 all linen lluck Towels, regular 10 lent valni-s, Monday. 7il» each "f Iw I9ccach 50 doicn 18 by ,»6 all linen Satin ·Jamask Towels, white and colored borders, Iringcd ·t hemmed, worth 25«, I Op Monday . . . ' wll G R E A T S A L E O F X - M A S H A N D K E R C H I E F S Ladies' all linen and l.incy l.ue c.irnei ndkcrclnef.s, with lace id values at loc, price $5 La br ( v a l u e s at loc, tlii .sale, each . .. lies' iinlaundired all linen hand i m iderrd I n i t i a l llainlkcrclnefs, great lOc Haiidkerclnel-. ,dsn l u i n - t i t i hid w i i ' i embroidered e d ^ ' ^ \ . d u e s v o u w - ' l find unpossdili in deplu ,ili elsMvheri le« Jlian Ije, our price L.ulu- 1 Inu S«i-, |.,,e ( r i n i n i , , ! Hand 25c M e n ' - J a p a n n c l l c Silk I n i l i a l I l a m l k c i i l i ' i Is. l u a i i l i l n l I,line M/e, t l e u a u t l y u o t k e d i i n l i a l s , I A. v a l u e s I U C Men's In m - i i l i lied heantil'iil I n i t i a l H . l l l d l . - ' T e l l K l s . C M I . l K i i i l n c l s . ,I|,D fine · i i i r i n d c r d yood v . i l i u - lor .'5- ( l i r . ; ( i r ol ino do/i n. i.u'li I O C I ..'I'l 1 tun Inn it m i n i m i l l . u i d k i i S I K H - , j o u w i l l I" . . Men's h e m - n u l l e d all sdk I n i i i , 1 1 l a n d k c r c l u i i , w o j t l i .qoe our pi ice | M i n ' s ,il| I n n n I f . m d k i r 1m K, I adn ' H',|,,,iie,| (UK I .,11 l i m n II I ] W l ', n t l - v '"'in-l,!, lu ,1, K T l .. l t K i M 'n. i,. p o - i i i v e l v l l . i l l ' l n i . n l e D O L L S , T O T S , G A M E S , G O - C A R T S , SWINGS, ETC. Beautiful Dolls "i Thousands Them. in. I Ub | bo\ ( i l l | 1 i . i l l U s , Si $1 I'I. S i _S, i|.X ( ;ui,| . , ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, , ,, ,,,.,,.,,,,.. , «·'»'· h e m - l i t , lu d I J . , l l l m K - J ? ' ' ""'·""' ........ ' * f b · 1 l . l ' x l l . i i r l m I , border-, g n . i l Ic Dulls, d i i s s i d and undiessid. Dolls j u s t like i r r o i i i i I'olKs Dolls that talk. And Dolls i l i . i t -lei |i w i t h their eyes -hut And a i e i v l h . i t n i v e r «leep. And Dolls w i t h t h i e e laces Time are IS.iby Dolls and little Girl Dolls ami M o t h e i Dolls and Papa D o l l s . D u l l s ,,f paper. Dolls ul i l o t h , Dolls of i Inn.i, Dolls oi i n M i e i \ i u l M I L ' S f , , r Dulls \, M l ,i I),,l| y a t home h a . I"-| ,i l i i . n l \ve h a v i 1 extra O l l t ' s Tluiv are Chine e Dolls, Cloun Dolls, \m--e Dulls. Sailor l!.,s and Girls. ( , i r l Dolls t h a t u -oik in the latin- drv \Vlion you v i - i l our Doll T)cpnrtment von w i l l l e . i d i l v . t d i n i l t h a i w e h.ive i l l ' - u r a n d e t aq.mi t.ation oi c\|Uisi;.' Dolls c\ er s h i i w n i ' i I V i a l m . I.OIKI China Dolls 1,11, ( ,ieh. | loc. ,s.c. y .Mid 1C .JOIKI Dressid ,in,| I ' n d u s s , ,1 Ooll.s. Kid l i o d j Dolls, ,m i m m e n s e v a n c t y . $5 i)8, a n d '"'..'.''. ''.!.'.''.'] . "'V.DC Go-Carts, Swings, etc. Go-Carls and buggies, an elc- K a n t assortment, e v e r y one priced at a .saving to yon. Don't buy u n t i l you see our lines at $i 08, f r.4Q, )Hc, , 4K and . Doll Swings, made of wood and metal, ,in immense assortment, oKc, I flft /.sc, 4ge. jjc, 150 and I Ub Doll Tables and Chairs. Doll Reds, and Cradles, thousands of them, the Deal- est slock of new novelties in doll furni- lure ever plai ed before the people of i M a t u r I'i iocs r.mge at if-''A $- ·]'). S.'.-.-, $i |K $140. $t.-!5. I fir ·Sc. .|yc. Jjc and I Uw Doll Douses, beaulilully lonslmetcd and highly painted, an immense variety, value?, $t 50, 8c. I AM (*)c, 4-jc. JSc and I VV Games Crokmolo Hoards. We nre sure yon eannot duplicate them anywhere else less than $1.50 and $2. Our prices, $1-49 QQp and . . . .*JOo eoiistriieted H a K a t e 1 1 e Boards, the best values you have ever seen; $1.48, $i _5, g8c, 401-. I AA 251- and ................... I UC PIIIR I'OIIK. Table Tennis. Cnclc Sam's Postman. On Guard, All Aboard for Trolley Ride, Tisli Pond. Cliessindia. Nnrserj Pu//.les. l.otlo, Disseeled Animals, Uisseeed Maps, cle. Ml at the very lowest jniees. Iron Tops of e v e r y description Mann- Lanterns. Tr.nns H i l l (.'limbers. Musical Tops. Sleds, Guns, all at J saving of f i o m JS to 40 per cent. MONDAY loo oicccs of slan · darn .sc and .x: Calicoes, Indigo bines, Rrays, black and whites, and fancies. Monday, 8 till 10 o'clock, yard a yard 10 piece* of 5° an( * eg inch h a l l bleached Irish and Scotch Table Lm- ei» worth 48c a yard jo pieces of 7i" ch Irish Tabte Linen, ivory bl«;cheJ worth 65C, Mon;' .48c Dry Goods, Cloaks, Hillinery at Enormous Price Redactions to Make Room for Holiday Goods Dress Goods IsC \V.ii-lMlK I l.innel-. l u l l ,V niche-, wide. n o w . .1 \ . n | J5e N»velly Wool Dress Goods checks, e t c , j j to j( inches wide, now, a a r l j n I U C plaid-. I Cn I VV All our plain anil n o v i l t y ,(K W i n d Dress Goods, now, a yard Soc all woid French Flannels, imported Waisting l-'lannels, now, a yard French 51- all wool lani striped VVaistillK Klannds, n u n . a yard 6.SC all wool Henriettas and Cablimercs, now, a yard Sje all wool imported inches wide, now, a yard $( all wool .|.' inch I'rnnella now. a yard 75c black Brillianluies and Mohairs, a yard 651- white Mohair and w h i t e FlanneU, now, a yard All our regular $l black Dress Goods, now, a yard /ibcliiies, 5.' CQj% w ww Cloths, COn 00C CQft WWW French Cloaks Ladies' J a I . f t , that sold 101 Su $(.Si) and $7.00. rediic- Furs Ladies' handsome 27 inch Hlack and Cas .or Coats that sold for $7 q 110IV Ladies' regular $10 Coats, m black, casloi. brow our regular . -ind $14 50 Monte Carlo bcau- liln! C o a t s, -now, $9.98 All our $1(1 vety luindsonie Monte Carlo Coats, ff I I QQ now 91 I .wO All (j( our ?3, $-·-· 50 and S.'5 Coats, now Children's regular If 1.50 all wool Gretchens, now Children's al! wool long Cloaks, worth J-'.-j; now Misses' Jackets--all bargains for-- $S.9l $4 98, $3 98, $2 98 98c $1.49 rciluccd -- great I! I a c K sin a i t il Coiicv 1'nr ISo,,s \ M l l l M X l.ll'g- bushy tads, instead of $1.50, now I) la i k lileetric Seal Ijuas. worth *!* C l QO now . . ..«4) I wO liiovvn. black and stone marten Unas worth $4.50 to $5.00, now M a r t e n C 1 n s 1 e r Scarfs, black Heaver lioas, Isabella l-'o\ Boas, Sable Fox, etc.! grc-it \ allies at $o.oS, $7.'A Children's White Fur Sets, great values, i.--5 ind at $14'), QDp 30L Millinery This week we will use every effort cutting prices m Millineiy positively one- half to clear up the department. Ladies and Misses' regular $,( and $.5.50 Trimmed Hats, now . ff | Cft «J)I.UU 75c a pair L.idu\s' rcunlar $i I K I .Moelia K i d ( d o v e s and r i n i i l a r $i \'ol l.nre K i d Gloves, KUarnnteed, TCn now, a pair . /OC Ladies' regular $r 50 w a r r a n t e d Kid Gloves, this sale, a pair . . , -Men's regular : F | '-' Mocha Kid now, .1 p.ur ,98c Scotch Gloves loo do/i'ii new Golf or Scotch K n i t Gloves for Ladies, misses and children. A new shipment received List Saturday. Great v a l u e s at, a pair. 4')e, yjc and Umbrellas I adits' Gloria, Silk, lod, paragon frames, Con^o and fancy handles, worth * spietal price . . Ladies' guaranteed Talt'eta Snk Umbrellas, a great variety of beautiful handles, Kolil and silver trimmed, great values, $208, $!.'j8 - - -and 98c Men's very nobby Umbrellas, fancy turned horn handles, gold trimmed, also plain handles, great values, $2.98, $r.n8, $i.4« and 75- l u l l lil.inkel- a pair Blankets i/e regular 10-4 Hood now, heavy AQn 10U Ssc extra large and extra weight gray and tan ISlaukets, now, a pair Great laige extra heavy regular $1.23 l!laiiU-ts, now, a Uegular $, Sanitary Gray and Army Gray all vyooj Rlankcls., novv. a pair Regular $1.50 Comforts, cotton filled, yarn tied, silkolinc covered, Qfifl «POll Underwear La ies' and Gents' regular 35c Shirts and Drawers, and Ladies' and Misses' ,V)i- Union Suits, OCf* now CiWW Laches' and Gents' regular 5oc Underwear, now 39c Ladies' and Gents' 75C Shirts and Drawers, now · Corresponding special prices on all our Underwear and Hosiery all this week. We arc clearing up all winter goods A Great Rook Sale 5c .Thousands of beau- Itiful Jmcnilc Books. Highly decorated lin- jcn Alphabet Books, |also Fairy Talcs. Cinderella, Jack the Giant Killer, etc., for each, loc and 500 Cloth UounJ Books, worth isc to c i c ch au . f . or :.... lOc A few of the many titles: Uvangelinc. St. Mark's Rest. Lowell's Poems. Great Storytellers. Whitticr's Poems. Dream Life. Twice Told Talcs. Dreams. Study in Scarlet. Great Authors. The Coming Race. Light of Asia. Man in Black. Inez. Dot and Tot, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and all regular $i juvenile Books, our price 69c Clocks-- Pictures China and Gold Clocks, every one fully warranted, great values for $4.98, $1.98 and ...... Upwards of 3,000 Medal- ions and pictures, beautiful gold frames, a great many high priced sample pictures, worth from $4 to |8. Great bargains, $1.98, $1.98, g8c, 49cand 85c One case hemmed and (ringed Bed- Spreads, best $nn Oecatnr, our price 8Sc 98c loo extra large and heavy elegant $r.35 white and colored Bed Spreads, QO« Monday ...30U 39C1ACH 100 fancy Sola 1'illnws tilled with feathers and finest .otton mercerized Coverings andmer- ccri/cd rulHe'. in stiad of ',oc, Monday ... 25c 200 fancy Pillow Tops and Backs, ·lew designs.grcat values, top and 25c 25c 100 beautiful Head Rest., all new and fresb, great values for 4 oc and . 25c 10 dozen Ladies' hemstitched and drawn work white Aprons, irrcat values, each $2.50 ^o beautiful embroidered Pillows, samples, wortli_$5 to $10. Choice $2.50 39c Ladies' and Gents Muslin and Flannelette N i g h t Robes, worth SDC, 39c 49c S dozen Ladies' Flannel U n d e r skirt P a t t e r n s worth 7Sc, Monday .. 98c 5 dozen Ladies' very elegant all wool Flannel Underskirt Patterns, worth$, Monday ...' 98c 10 dozen Ladies' regular $1.50 mercerized black Petticoats,very QO. special 99V $1.48 10 dozen LadieV regular ) black mercerized Petticoats, very spec ial, M 5c a yard 25 pieces of the well known yard w i d e Country Club P e r c a 11", worth loc, Monday from 8 to 10 o'clock, C_ a yard DC 2*c AOOO ca'xes Fairbank's (ilyceiine Tar Soap and i.- ooo cakes of l'"air- hank's large, oval cakes of Fairy Soap. Toilet Soap's always sold at sc; until noon Monday, our price -- nion- 2*c 5c a yard 2,000 yards ot bleached and unbleached regular 7c Muslin. Mon day, a yard f f . 9(2 I5ca yard UnLJeached Sheeting a 1-4 yards wide, worth aoc, Monday, yard 69c 10 dozen Ladies' regular $i ready made P e r c a l e Wrappers. Monday, as long as they last, each 98c ^ dozen Ladies' regular $1.^5 fleece lined good warm nicely made Wrap pew, Mon- ·"··"· day, each . 98c 98c S doien Ladies' v e r y handsome circular K I o » » ShawU, li-yx Monday Shetland Shoulder w o r t h 9lc It Pays To Trade With The Stewart Dry Goods Company

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