Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 1, 1910 · Page 4
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 4

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1910
Page 4
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TKJE.NTON ElVKNiNQ TIMES, Tl^JNUAY, FOVKMBEK 1, 1910. --*. 4 WIT AND HUMOR ' , H o w . - End IT ALONG. "VVaj-ne--O.'lng to put }"«ur h*rse 4a- th* 1 --hcrs^-^how-? Payne--No; h u t my wife expects to visit !t In her new fa:; h a t . .COMMON ENEMIES. F1r5t Hystacder (watching tv KJfa riBhtlnB)--Can't somebody p»rt t h e m " Sfconjj Bystander--Keep back!. I»on't I n t e r f e r e ! One Is ar. !ce asan an/J the- other :a In. the coal combine. Mavbe they"-! both g«t burt. . THE School Teacher-- A where they keep what is a fortress? T^mmy -- A place where they keep Boidlera 1 wires. fort is a place soldiers r 4 * SUREWBREAK A SEVERE COLD f I · \ very to Cure a Bad Cold and All Grippe Misery in. Just a Few Hours 'ai'»ti' s~\**r* cold will b*' ;-ii : ..; -.'r"i;; misery endtV. is leaving oftt-r t : . thr sor'- rnor- than ': ; *.onta,iit» no feotl'.-H l;i the rt-r?-'.-.rt h at a roc-t of th-i'is«i:d t!olk*rs. :uid iiiinf-: xvhich ww have :nrnsitp 4 twj is 'not « f - tr«iti-m.-'nt of eoM3 or .this harmless Cornpoi:nd us with the knowlcUjr" that la no other mectlcirio. ix^ude iu3\ r - ebj« in the world, which wtll j cure your cold or end CJripfw mi wry i as prvmptly and wlthoivt any other as- i srtstanee or had iu't-r-effpots a.s a 2S- I cent paxJtage of Pape's Cold Com( pound, which any drusgist lti»the world /"o fne Best Beer Brewed Street wltn F~:b«rt;ae. on · concrete -»iu~ Th ·} ?·?·!·· r 1 TORlSfscLARE! NOMINEES FRIENDLY Expect Some Radical Changes in Auto Law by .the Coming i = j Legislature NO XIKN'TION OF HF.AT. -. Bang?--Your flat ts'«-il by stearn. I beHr-ve yoa t-":d 'm^^ "\Yanirs--You an? *ri;s'ak.--r, v I nev- " er 5«aUj a n y t h i n g of t h e k i n i . - Sana;?---Oh' 1 n*-.^£ }*Hr-'1"n. Wansjs--What 1 s.ikl vr.i.s that wa ha3 a ?tram rariiatur in v,?ry room. HK K N f W . Th^ P-»ai"h«r--I' hope you rton't. hoHe^-e all yp'j se« , In - the nf-ws- papijrs?' The - ITerchftnt--Indeed I don't. I'm ar. e x t ^ n s i v e advertiser irjy- A BEAR RAID. Tha Tail G!r!---A penny ftT your thonsnts. Tho Trust Majrnato--Tut! tut! They'll be \vorth a hundr^J thou- ^riiicl totrtorro-w Iri Wall Street- :: - ~j' '?** m . FORTY H O U R S ' Xext Sundav. at t DEVOTION; in 10.30 mass m of" the pc-hooi ·rf'jiiijrpn. The will close Tuesday night with . . erSi 'followea by a sc-rmoti the Imma-culat^ 'C.-nc^p-aori Church, ^he | by the. Rev. Father Raphael. - anriual'f'orty hWrs' devotion will hpgln. Followtns th o mass thcr* -trill, be a PiUs Housecleanmg MUCH MONEY FOR RELIEF The" reports- of the ^Relief' Departments of the Pennsylvania Railroad system, sbr.v tRat daring . September. ISiO. an average of .$6,POO a day was paid In benefits to employes of .the company or their families;' Since these departments for hoth the lines east (dates and west of Pittsbiirj? were established tlie amount paid out 1 in benefits has reached a total of $25,193,356.25. . NEWARK, Xov. 1.--The Joint com-) mltteo of trie Associated Automobile i Clubs "f Xetv Jersey and th« New Jersey Automobile Trade Association have Issued a statement .through Joseph H. Wood, president of · the State clubs, showing that the passage of legislation In N'ew Jersey containing practically all _ t h p chan^ns that HB.VP been SLsk^d in thii law by the moturists IS assured. Of th",^ iandidates for le^Js- Jutive office In both parties, there ;uei only a scor»? who jir*t either nponly op- 'posed to the motorists' requests for amendments to tho .Frelinghuysen law, or who have not y^t ausweixMii the 'aii- tbmob.iHsts' rq;^'-sts for Information congernlBe tliflr sta-nd on t!i ' Its purity is vouched for by physicians and pure food experts no other beer has ever been able to match its quality either in private or public test. its WM. J. CONVERT SON, Successors to COIfVERY -WALKER 128-131 Jtom BROAD STREET HVNDCRAFr jannounceiiaeiit that today our Show* coin is open for inspeciiorir assortment of Mission Furnitui^ is nowhei'e in this section of the state, II we wait you tolfome sec this treniend- GQ$ stock flow on hand. is exclusive, with Convery's and is ^"-.^lsB-J_ii^ this viciniCy. * ^ T!ie jpeat assoi intent is a wondeiful help in so sec our raiui exhibit fi f every d^scnptibn-^all dowel cpnstruc- tLoinL*«Mexican goatskin ^ sprin^cushions, etc. unly five. unfa.vora.Me repires have.! been rt'rti'.v'd by the- }ii'!t committee, and there are only about flftet-n.oariiM- : y«-i h?nrd from. Tho opposition to the motorists' -desires does not come mainly- frnrn the rural ri-mntieg, as had !rb.-n «--ixe-te3. hut is f"r some reason t!rrm=t t-mlrf-ly lot-allae/I in Union. County . - TH« r«-qu'.''s?3 .that candidates declare themselves- «n the automobile- law were sent out with no idea, that the autorrio- bfltsts -woulii .RO Into partisan politics, and there Is no incHr-atlon that the-carjr propose to divide on party lines in votiner for the desired l"Kislation. As a matter of fiw-t, the munlier of- -R, ·- publicans faiMnjpr- to answer Blue Ribbon The Beer of Quality · "Wherever served. -- always the same its purity unquestioned, clearness unHiromed of the same wondciful quality which won for it the prizes of the world. Its popularity is due to the successful and honest effoiLs of its makers to produce a pure. wholesome, refreshing beverage. Made cmd Bottle Only by Pabst at Milwaukee Tiy Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer to-day and prove for yourself how good if really is, You will did Blue Ribbon Beer e vei y- where served in Dining CRTS, Steamships, in all Dubs, Cafes and Hotels. . Order a case fiOm your dealer. Pabst Brewing Company -- Milwaukee, Wis. - ^w^r siall ^n"i«-*tlons ae on each ~ ^ on a map T^;l n/rw on ^^» w;^ rh** plan f :r 3*-w-*r-d2~" a-na !!r3h5a^ .,f i T h a t ajr.--Til«t: .-· p ,--·_·: -is u^4 as "An »r the rf April . c.r Lhe pay- rj October 36. IS'A HARRY B SAI/TEB. City Clark. rj October 37, ISM- WALTER MADDEN,- ! f^ITT. OF TRENTON. -" ^ S An-ordinajics to authorize the construe- -""': I and* to provide for the payment of th^.., r nst '.hereof. ' . · · - - ' ' - · ' Th« Inhabitants of the City of Trenton ;.: I .So or 5a!n: . . - . "· That there eha^l be- coo '.'-·* city of Trenton. Tinder ancl- r^ t to the prov'sVirts of an act pf -- Islatur* of -the state of New Jer-. . ;t;e3 "An act to authorize ctltJeer";';. for the payment,: of. -tie, ----- ' ' approved March S t 1?$2, asi era! acts supplemental thereof- «nij;ttnr' thereof, a " *"". frnrn a pd'}T--t" "near, "Fair -Stre'el^t^. 1 -'" 1 " !-V»"arr.--n Street, in Warren ."Street : r: . Ferry Street, ther" to. connect -wlt'S.'.-." R»wer No. Zl». Said, .«ewer shaHrbe coti- - = Mructea with hoiise connection* from .; = ;aM pswftr to .th^ curb l!n* on each-slfTa^:"-; of Pail fltreets*. as s/sown on K ?n^^. pre-*--.^j '.n the ffBce of the City Uia' ; DROWNS JN BUTTER TUB and teri madB in'the aijove-stated i drea , and ten feel ten'!no»ea; «Sence cause, hy Samuel P.' rj;iptuint, Jr.. Ba-| north, Bflve.nty-nv-e_anfl a quurter | f i ; i l r n . refnrf-e In ^ank.rupt-y, I. V£!!l!,vm; i R. Piper, .rr'tisf-n In - hn-iikr-jptc.", w i l l ; N. J., Nov. l.---"WltJi'j exfjFu for ssile st put-!!.- vwndae, osi · her, tjra-ncifatiier standing so close to -Wednesday, the twejty-tWrfl day of * T « «---- .- . - ' , , . · . . ' , ' Nov^rr'^ber. nlB^teen hu^or***! arid t«n, · or openly opposed-to the legi;--} n e r t n a t he c«urd nave put out his hand j at t .. vo (,' c ^ r .k in the a f t e r n o o n of wild: is' Almost exactly equal .to th" i and touched her, Clara Clrak, 20- j flay. -OB -Jhf premises, known as I S S j BionthS-old daughter of-Charles ?**·*** \$£itif *($Hintv~'nt MeVer tJ kn3 3ut*"of- o£ Mountainside^ was- -drowned in a butter tub .hi^if filled with rain water. -M) latloH. . number otXXHno'crats taking.the. srtny* "^~" "' ' ' Only'dne plank in the motorists' platform has- been -turned down by any consideraole nurril-'^r -of thi-; oanfli- da'tea, the plank asking- that amorno- ISiles .whlcS are taied and "lice.nsea 'hy' ISe State btv"exempted .froin taxation a? personal .propVi-ly- by ties. . -practical 1 :'-. aW th« hasf» expressed . iHiftpleasure ftt-this re^ quest, on the - frrnun'd .that, it .would t«. .uncoil stltiittonal"dlscrltn!jiatio7v., ; and anr amendraent of this sort, if womld "be void. . · . - 7^6v. CiV-Iii a : letter" se.nt to* A. -T; ; -Saunpson.-of . ; E,jrttn Jr. Charlas W, Eiroif. presldeTit'eiriprltiig' of Haxvard; says':" '·'-..--;'.·".-. ' ' .':-. : - . · ': what -A. T; Sampson if j-pur firm fia$ published :ih the suWect f unions and tJieir- effects in ra!aln|r th- ".prlcea of clothes -.-aria, shelter7 for the-niass people., ' - . , . ; ; '.'"-·- "t- f /--·-"'-" """-.'"".' · ,''Ih Tny oplnisrt' -a larKe? prpportloii of -fhe r Jiicreasi.iriL;:the .cost .of..llvlttg-."whloh- Ijks" takert^la^e. during- the last- seye,rt; or eight^years'Is diie iaith.e-^conibjBa;: flans effected."jy f nlbns -and Johpers "and - unions and ejiipJoyers of labor.' jar." Saropsoo-Tias rVnade a plaSn state-· .ineint-an'the subject'.of^.thftse'coroblna- tlons, and is has' afeo; showtf tl3*t. this jOrBtoaTy ; unloni rules .Increase = un-. jiet*-' i «'-rtiy' th«"!p?t iff every piece ff ·work' 'in -wJslch niore thaii ann_ union has -to bej"'«iiuiloyed ^through th"* .strtcl,- liinltafto.n of th« kmd- of woric^ -wbJctt 'ejafih ;· nnloh. wtll - .. ) , i - - ; .. "The. ; combln*tloii Is able, to roln tne «rtw'i« b«cau]^»: it practroally - se- cni«t i Jocal iwaropol^ ^ ; Th« txulon rales- rot), the '!oonB»ia«r b-oc^u** - tlieF : r,.ot- west. twenty-two f^et two inrhe, 1 *, to th-a nf^ire'faflc'.d hit ''tt Pams.e! T. .Beilorjeau, de- ^i'rt. K e»i, ar.d thence *o. by the, name aorth, ·thirteen 'leerees east, jt7e. hundred' -aria n'.nety-^ne feet, rnrrre or less, to- rhe, Pennine-ton Rnftd aforesaJd ana. the place of BJt-eDtin!r, however, from "wiM .nee a dfe-*- fir trn--*t nf .latwl, a = ^w.e--R- Jer^^y.. t h ^ ffl'jowln'ir descried ^ ; land :ond tenements:«t r j t r t a l n - i . -by 'convey-j part of ste. con- i hy ^immnin OOitricIl for 'the ._ .. of i rent'X-. by ordirrfinoe -pa«s'ei-l - ApriK35^.-. IS?5. an:1 the pevcrri! orviinances .snpple-T :: jn«r.tal .thereto and arr.eada.tory. thereof,-"/- ·Section 3. That to prpvlde: for''- mfr-nt *-·' the f-^st ari · i "*r4rige- of .constcuc*'«;"' '.npr 'sai-1 yewer, Smpr^v^ment : -certifllcalejsc\ a^.-l h-tnds phall be !^«*-aetl as provided;by" : ';' prrivi.l^ rn*rtrL3 for the- payment- ojf i ropt ar/d oxpeTisrt of cort^traccjtig; *(" anrt drains in this city," passed 'Maiah 20^'. Approved' October S7.-IJ10. -describe*! as follows, Attest:- ".-·'· J*V-3I-2t r 2«. 1SJO. "'· ·'·· . FATJRT B: ' ' " . City^-Ui-i. or TRENTON; 'The* grandfather. ChHtles · H. Roft, wasfhrk-lt 'dweninK h"!ts». atnd'-Jnt of sfandih^ q.t. 1-hi- "door- of - th" house i F i t u n t e , lying- and b?!rtfr in the ,f!tr " f - m,-.ndIns::Bi» Wcyck. while the litf.le i Trermm;. afnresatd, and niore giirttrn-, - jj^i^jia^. M a cf ,rn«. . . girl was playing near him A step '.'."'' 1»HJ^'.lf-l:and flescrihwl as -foilows. Jol(1 , in! hf . t ^,»,. n jihrr Policy anil Patr'Tok ·th^^^^^lS -vvate.r. . .- _-.-..--·-._/--...-.:...,.;-.'_.-j from .tr.fenTM tSf.-same wld-fJi. h.t 'ngrht j jj west, alnns; the. !!n; · of PennSngt-Tm ; Finishing the repalfil tto.ihis Wcyolft-, f .insies r wltri.- Jn-kson Street, in a j Avenue, six' f e e t - f - a point; tir^ncc '3j tho .frranafather. loofc'eil "".around. r anrt j nortivaasteri"}- f-onrse.' hy - a n d .hettroen 3 south,.*n «-n4 . a svUf decrees west, not seelmr the-child SUtr"is*-tl' that she' a-lot «f la"d-'"?w or late' nf .Ann Tiemg-i-ftftt-on feet, t" the p'a^c nf be^lruijhg. f · i ; iH-E-nnB iViti? ttii h?i-s«" Shortlv ' 1as - l * n ' he . northwesterly side thereof; B^lttg the sanrB. premises'that were non- n^a.ffone .lata .-trie. W'-^-.--- · "^"^'I-.T.-,^ a }nt ,,« j an " or late of Charles veyed".to the aUld -Peier SeWirhwr by thejii,,'·;.-· «,,-,,,,_,,: Sf^i-imh^r «--»}»" Mter_ J .tha__cJhi]d__waa mtesed_ b I^^_ !p41 j w ^ r _.^. ttfr _-^£ t ^.^ t ^ mother, who- went to ..a neishtx-.r a^ »-, heTP , lf . . rtria h.jndrefl. n.oo) feet to', afvemper first, one thoxjsand htne". hundred I ° c . toeK - . _ _ _ · .^' _.-. thinking the little, one had wandered t j-ot of -land'now or f^rmeriir of Jesse j artd five, wfi!«-h deihd-w^s'-rprotxle'l Jtine'. ,...-£,- -o 4lT?-i, IN;- v«~~:r - - ' - - - - ·-"»-*=·- - - - - - - -- - non ,i^ r -tw,ehtr4 sevBnth -- °?" 5 ' thou -' u3Ln4 "^^ hnndred ^^] Vr^.fl- f?;^^ \rr£^' ^ Bvart tind slxi_.ln.-fh/i-.aferoBr_C»6nty {'jerk's.gfHce, f Transf*,. .. c-rn j,._v. M»,*r^. . Notice is, hereby ^r^n that tte; tonS*-;;; 1 . ! insr-nawKjVf persons nave 'filed their : appll^rt ' c«:!ona .for Bc'ejise'. with mel · Said -apjflt-f - catfios---^!!! b i-tirisifiSreii by -tJis : BoardrS 1 'nf Excsiife"C{vmrr.!.«s?eners. at -th'etp-J?ek"'"''fle-jf ?jii9^ ^^L^-Js ji;^* ^^w ; ; wandered there, as iihXr .lilil;- ' - "WTien th«s--hhlld.was nut fnund a search .was 'started in thi^ .woods' -near the -.hOTise, 1 . Retarnlng-trprn;» fruitless -search' there ohe; of the -neS?h.bors.-dls- oovererd thfi cbOaX head dowii Hi the half- fiHed: Butter ..tub at Unr-.-oorrier.Of i:fh Mere'«r..Co"nty 'Clerk's Office- in " ' ; - ' ' Bodihe n, a plan lot Int= of . hbabe- "As"the 'tiie *ut; rt-ls th : . . b'a1y ; l-to : ppled.-.o%'eri.lLi-s''r,f . . !t must. 21 I ' f A. resident -srtio. at «ie ejfe of Jias Jutt arsii«ihc*d Ma (engagement to ;J l£lir SUijaret Jprhniioa, 29 yeaars old, isan the Arst buataess. nunviger of Scr;bner'«'il«««zlnc, iana .from ISTT to 18S1- he was : rtwTp»iSUi**r of Tork ' ' H- JK*»^ «f"'.VJa*wJin. -who has lost been aMotot«d: tr .Gfbvcuior a aseinbe^of th* Bo*rt of Man- agtsra of U* S»*« Hoapltal for Ofc» to- HDt« "At ^Wt» Plains^ IB en e «»od te the publishing business In .New; .T«srfc- H* was fi» weriy tb«. rwi*er of Sutseess ' ' ' an Edward T. MOOTB of ^ «^_.^, who inay feewufce prfejatejiec- retary to the Gove»^or 'la-the e^ent of- tl» elecdonlot Vivian M. Lewis. »eived as one of-the assistant eecretarle* tn th« National BepaWican, Comntltte* headqnarters In-Ke-w Tor^failihe Pi jal-j dential campaign £*ve^y«Sr» »aro." Mr.. Moore «n»d» * rccbrd for having lirtror dooed A»r«»" bllto durlnr the last Jiegi*- lative session tHAi^ atijr' Ather raembe^r- oit the Hcrasa rf Assembly. - "- . Associate Justice James JJinturn fs the only .Irishman and Roman Catho- TrT"wBo"HSS ever sat upon the Su 'Court bench tn the State of- Jersey. · H ft CXSt 6taoW MFUKOPODES Rheumatism and Kidntf Troable t^in «H other User will cor y«cb Try them. TOB »!?·«* BOtStBr to iot*. Slmpiy iSj-pont oa« !o:i«r «I«ft any (rood dio».Bi»t ac4'-"(t*t'» jUtir of ELECTHO- PODEi Wear th»m 19 day* and If lieT fall t« care TO» return th«n *»! i»t year 5oi;*r h«c*r. . - . . El^tiBOPODES bofid op-t!i9 er.tsns, nrrs-on* system, cttriac. »erroa» t «ad- -«ehc *ca a!! n*r »ou» «Ilmec« IB a most eour.d an po»ltivfir T««ere a CMM! circulation :«t tft»-WocJ. whhiH mafcw wtalc h«rt* ·tronit »»1 cold f««t warm. If your (JruitrUt cannot *uvfrljr yea. «»35!l cue jm(»r t» "th EI.»C f ROPOTV* CO-. HtisT BoBdtag. Plin»d»liiJrta. and f«- «!re a p»!r by , joor tnoirey -wttt p. tber Tall to eu.«. OF , If Klto*. jprefech A Co.. PMI»a«Ii)S!a» OP RfeAL 1» STOKES. -for-saldr; (ioanty; .on ' ' - ' ":!- l , : - ,,v^ pr.emtsss. -Brill-be ' ia,hd : I. A roortsraiffe encunforatice of "J.2,06tf : _ wjts "accriieii iriterest now; held By An- 2. A irfprtKKse e-nc'umbrahce .of $2',0.00," Vwith. »ertTi*.-t interest, now" Jreld "hy "Wtl- iiart-W. -Stokes.. A i - ; · ' : . . - / ' . . - . : " " ; - · :' S'.. Subject - tj_Jthe- ttwjhoate . r!(rht-_'nl-" 7?owr-r Of Tfftnp-a'h--.Stokes." the? wJf*V'of Bir^ta-r.-'t: ' Stokes, : the: abpve--.-iaihed ^ns. . TJlo aHoi"«..frae-t-ot.-l,andjia- i Book;2M_-of- DeeOs, pages 5? and-59., . lo-ffie said Barc.tey .I.-Ktolce3 "- A. nook anj others by deed - - , - . ,. -^ . ., ,1 _-.-.----- - - .Vroom;-Dickinson ft ScammelK Sol'rsz: ·i-th-Chfljicery ^f: New Jersej-. B»twen SIflry.'El'.-f ox, co'mc-ialnant, art-'l Abrahain Olitzfcj: et a!!.. .'1sf«ndarit.«. '?ierf F;-tcS«a.": . Ky virtue nt -tbo nlwv*-|tated writ- of Fl.'-Fa., to .me ftireetefT arid ·.dej will ezr^os*; - f or~'sale -at pabHc x'e John " Krako-wsW, .50" Grant Tranafer froth Ijoats K ;_Sfe?§K5i JtvenriefS;? . "- -. ' : THIREF ._ - Joiro Matrlaplli, StoMAmbnrtoii Transfer Ifrorn -p«er-:Hreskd. - ·:;:.' i . ^''iHi. . fer 'from C'hirJ* Jrf . !Jd!e T v-31%" .t er .'.from. .3ttaip . THE XJNT , A. D. /DAY 1310. ' between" the : -hours . of - : anfl . : Sv- J T; - e c t t o -ittxss da* - «». City, o t for tfw: year: -ISO-.-arno'untinfr t.v 4« -^ .with ac^raer lnter.--J.t - . to' ISTT^ wltr- ^ ' " -.taiy; for ; th rL^ two' " oMlock .n.;.in.-a£ -sha s .ofltee. .in the^onrt .,Hwi30i, ;n ^ " f .'Tr-eTit^n, Jn .the cousiy _ *f: . tool* .Kmariii. · ie M.dtt , - - r ^ d « al -« Df '' ff F-J«W---^l-^ .in- t' ""lain lot. -tract .orr parcel-. of .laoci .ana i . " · · ' - - - -- · -! 1*e»..-heret m iff«:--pa'riI/-alarrr-'JSsCrlh-.| - s " _ __ 373- neii irtil-- !rer!!on i 1?" t! r"V e?ti«*- ftf !MfrMr *nd "Tre.n¥fer"frnm"iYertry:'tragerJt *-"' instate-.rif.Nc.w .-Jersey, .founded .ar»t.- d-v~ :- . . - - - : - . ? : . : . - : ; . ? ftuind ; M a e r .-301 - " i i B j n r i ^ " : ' - ^ _Fre~J--Pairevll 1 r:S;agt 'Ffsriit Stioet^EiJi":' ^Jnt^'w^r^^^S^hSi^^^?^ .eonnrt nn.J foactH'rojirsea; s^i-entT-re-en; :.'i.-yf^ite Vurfk^'iK) -. : i eirj': .StrtX ' On* - «xi»et»-^«rr««- east -,-. han- t^n feet and !en »«,**·«, to a* e- 4h«iP« 'n «Arth^-fSfty-t*o degrees TK · pn*s r n« thronjth- the ir.!.« of th*!1 ::;rtn w^IS -betweer: the hoiis«s, forty j To S K CHAXCERY OF " :' S. Vernon MaUaek: Thars- :«^ at JESsUx, floor . _ Bii:i.iiair, fc" «a:*l riry. on j -jav, ttie tenth day of Novera!er. f two o'clock ia tK# afternoon, for ! ^ palncinK an^ decoratlnif, and for fttlnl* ^ tur* and »h«de» : for the tte»- Muatall'.l feet to {·»· r;«i-e of beeffininB. " . 1 T^ik« notice that by virtue of an order"BtildinK of **Jd city. 'Sp*aifl«itlon» t^" r TrVi-t Two-lfoasft anI'ln"t .»f "an«1 s'lfr 1 of rhe Oo-sjri of (rhanCTry of the State at- drawings may b* had on apUcatiOA *t !^!e or. the siTithprly-siiie of the Penn:as-[ Xew J^wey.^^ bearing/date October S. I91» ; th* saM ·»» of the Comtn!s»to». A.: - t-yn R^a-i '.r. ihe sairl -"-!";y o? Tren'^a and j wherein Mal^ri Matwok IP petlUtsner and [properly xyv.iorseii certified *iv Lis* h.njndetl and «iescrih-rj as follows.. to i you are d-ferwlant, !t is 6r.1»-re4 that y5'a i per centum of th* brd mu« j wit- · innswer *he^petUlon*r*s petition on, or be-f-*ach. bsd. and the written contract f .trTnn!r%ir rm ihi s.iufTi «!,;,» nf «»I«VT-.-U»,I I fore the Tih ii:iy of December, 1M9. ind' xf which may he examined »t~tb that in defauU thereof such Jsti-ee" will)office) rrquired by the '" --" " Jn the District Court of the Cnltedl States, for the District of Xew Jersey. 1^,1 In the matter o/ .Barclay L. Stokes, {2 iianV'-iifit- In banktuptcar', . Ijeau, ' saM -roa Chart*** H«isel, who Is direction the Work of revsJui^it the railroad property in Slew Jeriey. Installed ffie "first automatic »i»iiaS system and power i , By virtue of »n order dated the *«v-ixjf {IntirVr.Jh^ phrji tk "^iftaad. {ejtteenth diy of October, nineteen hjia-i (Z) ; -''" on the south sUe of sa!J r.-ad k r of lat. of Samuel T. Heller- ariil nms thence iv,ljy ath, thirty-eisht d^^rees east, it-ff*t. rrtiire or less, to a tin* T n}. of ianrt -of "John 5. Stout: thenc.* the Mtle of salJ ^tout's lot, and ,1 sh« roid.iie _j}f_ the" partltlon._w»H ·n the houses, smith, fifty-two .d«- forty 'feet, to a «l«k*; thence degrees w^^t, one UQ- b* made against yo*j AS the iitiall th{nk equitable anil just. The petition hi this cause fs made against you by ' th* petitioner, Mabel' Matlack. for vorce on -the ground of desertion. - a di ARCES "E. COOK. Solicitor at Petitioner. Park. N. " be executed by the successful' the baad referred to»t«: th«- must'be delivered*^! cej*t»nc* of the bid.- Dated October 31, UMt' NEWSPAPER!

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