The News from Frederick, Maryland on April 30, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1896
Page 4
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XEW8 OF TD STATE. Tbe wtata«icf tbe wsck wasdacMrdiy eooiar taaa :aat of t*e previous arvea d»ys, yet UM tasapatatue waa still aUgiatly aJfhtr ta*a ta* aorta*), ar*f»c laj batsraaa S aad r abcrve tor aaea day. Troat waa sjaba general OB Thais- day monsMf, ta* *Sd, bet was ilsrat. except U Wa*t*r» Maryland, it is re ported thai ao apoaxrat daaaag* waa THE DAILY THURSDAY, APRIL 90, 18M. WASBKR1S6 01 WKKfcLS. A Qstcwr Osuflt for IXMK tM»ta»oe Proaably lie queerest oaia 1 . that ever pasted o»« the Frederick turnpike was MM In Silicon Cltf Taesday. It wag aude «p of a bone geared la the a*c*t prtmttfre fashion, vita rope relni tad trace*, to a p*lr of dilapidated boggy wheels, l wo sappllng* being used at shaft*. A black acd tan dog sullied la pvilleg the reticle, bU place being beneath the axle. A mac and hi* wife and their little bor of tea or twelve yean, all CT !~*ZL t^MZ.w u j t-At/oauio *uu w u r u by travel, walked by the aide ot the leaping horae. The tain, wao gave hit name as William Conetancha, said his family wore traveling from Richmond, Va , wheacs they set oat three weeka ago, to Hurleyvllle, Sullivan county, N. Y. All their possessions were packed on the buggy wheel*. They started oa taelr wandering! three yean ago from th 6 far western British dominions, their destination at that lime being New York city. They expected to reach Baltimore Taetday or Wednecdiy morning and will cross the Susquehanoa rlter at Cono wlngo Baa* BalL The Jali Street Sports and the Frederick Juniors will n'my a game of bill tomorrow evening at 6 30 o'clock on the grounds oa Madison avenue. Gladness Comes · X/ith a better imderstandinp of the * V transient nature of the many pbys- .^1 ills, which vanish before proper ef- forts--g-entle e rTorts--pi easan t efforts-rightly directed. There i* comfort in die knowledge, that s many forms of lickness are not due to any actual disease, bnt simply to a constipated condi- Son of tbfc system, which the pleasant !amily laxative, Svrup of Fips. prompt- y removes. That is why it is the only "emedy with miilionsof families, and is jverywhere esteemed so highly bv all who'value KOdl health. Its beneficial' ' jffects are due to the fact, that it is the One remedy which promotes internal cleanliness* without debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore »U important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine arti- tle, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co only and sold by ill reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health. «nd the system is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease, one may be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative, }oe should have the best, and with the srell-informed everywhere, Svrup of Jigs stands highest and is most largely sed aad gives roost general satisfaction. There is fun in the foam, and health in the cup of HIRES Rootbeer--the, great temperance drink. Mtit «alr «y T»t Chxrle* R HL-r. Co A Sc. !**(« sukB · siVmni Sei£ WEAK MEN C U R E D A S I F B Y M A G I C . Victim* of Lost Manhood should send at -- once for a book that explains how fnll manly vicor is easily, quickly and permanently restored. No man suffering from weakness can afford to ignore this timely advice. .Book tells how -- -"fnll strength, de- vdopBteot and. brae an imparted to ererv portion of tbe body. Seat with positive pnaCsMMd)Sree to any man on application. EUE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO,N.Y, A HORRIBLE LIFE CAUSED BY CATARRH. USED Few, it any, human beings ev«r suffered as d i d Kicbard Sen-ell, MJ2 W. Lorat»M St., Baltimore, with Head. Eyes, Ears.ThTO»t, C e g t aad Stozoach. He, like TOO, thought Catarrb incurable- Today he says "I am -well aad hart hac *· Kt for over one year." OXLT GEO. W. FISHER'S CATAfiRH CURL !TC£KC£5rs. EY AU DRUGGISTS. ANTSr-MIDY [Tb«etinv Capwles are superior? to Balttm "^ inconvenience. S«i-i ir ell '£-, ;~-tt. QaiM heavy showers fsll ta ns*rly erery portion of the But* on tai SUa, localities IB Sootttru ilujlud, only. ress*lnla witAOVt raiafalL Light showers fell siw oa Uie 20 Ji, 2iM, uwi ttiil, the toul prec!pl'*Uoa wu ·AU below the nors*«l LKOf*. Westers MsryUBd-Tbe warn ws*lher ot a wfetk ago b*lB« f ltowed by snow- en, craw and grata h»v« started flnely. 5c*rce}y a diacacnctBX repon BU been rsoeived rel»t!re to iheae, or aay oUter crop*. Farmers are get'.lBs; slong rapidly wlih theli work-- plowing IDT corn and ibe sowing of o*u- Wheat aad grass hare made (rest improvement; In tome few localities, however, the wbealflelds appear to be beyond recovery. The bloom of cherry, peach, and apple trees appears to be sbmndint, aad no damage has yet rasalUd from frosU. The prospects for a large yield of fruit are excellent. Northern-Central Maryland.- Notwlth- s'andlog the abatement of the beat, fine ^ LOW lug wetiuer preTtlwa, Hue to tne showers of the 24 '.h. Grain and grass continue to Improve, the ttrly sown wheat and rye being quite promising. Plowing 1s well advancsii, and a great deal of corn has been planted Oats are up and look well Considerable gardening has been done,.and early are alresdy coming up. Fruit trees are blooming, bat the prospects of a goad bearing yesr are less favorable than ID other sections. Coaf ret+saaa Baker opeec! sis paixo at Beitlr. Ts* towa of C**uevtlla will employ a aigat patroisua. \ Ta* bailfcbary Te!eph»e Company to Salisbury H'.gi* 8ch-o k will have !!» etna TBfwf-flpfc I os May 13. Mr. Praak Parlett aai baea a^potated Strawberries wU be shipped from Wkomleocoaaty abjat Mvy It. A cosBplew naarrey of Caaaapaaka aad Ohio Cao*J property it la progrea*. Mr Jot«pb P. Dtrkksoa died la Bat- ford eoaaty, aged seventy Una* ytaia. William B. Carrtlle died at Btefens- vLU*. Koal Is^nd, «j«d seveaty-four yean. Gra itt WM tarowa by a horse on the Kiktoa race track, and died from hit In- jarlea. BUaop Baiurlee hat been making vitiu to the parishes of his dloeate in Southern CJC.NTI KOTM. Mew Market.-- The seasonable weather Is forcing vegetation. Early potatoes are beginning to coma op. Toe wheat is growing very rapidly, though U Is thin on the ground, with many bare spots. Farmers are bnsy planting corn; some few are done. Old clover fields are quite bare. The clover of lut spring's sowing Is looking very nice and promises a good yield. Frail promises to be abundant. The eltght freeze on the 22d did not injure the frail as I can see. M. D. HOPMNS. Atlamiloirn. -- nr'neat Improved tuts I week. Bad reports from being frozen out. Grass In the same condition. Borne corn op, bat majority of corn not planted. Gardens looking well for season. Trees blooming very well. No peaches ot any account la some orchards. B. CLAUDE DUTBOW. Buckeyslown.-- The great heat has abated, bnt we have still fine growing weather, and the dryness of the surface, which wu doing some harm to the grain and grass and to small seeds, has been relieved by gentle tains on the 84th. The early sown wheat aad rye are still very promising, bnt many other fields look thin and discouraging. A great deal of corn is already planted and some coming np, as well as very early potatoes. T. S. BA.OOX. Llbertytown. -- The early part verv warm; light frost Tbariday morning; Friday and Saturday showery and very cloudy. Wheat improving, bat a fall crop cannot be expected. Early potatoes are coming np fine. Early vegetables ·re looking well. Spring work has advanced rapidly. A groat deal of corn already planted. Fruit trees blooming, bnt very sparingly. Cherry crop promises to be good. J. H, ALBADOH. f he Cambridge telephone llnei are to e exte$iad to oiber tvwni of Dorchester county. Governor Lowndes has received recom- mendstiins from mioy coantlei for astetsors at large. The new fire msnhall, Mr. Edwin J. Lawyer, is OD a tonr of iaspeclloa of volunteer tire companies. John D. Carter was acijiltted at Chester town of the charge of assault upon il.'LZ. j w u t uiu iliiri* i»ouuy. Llewylln Bvant ani Barry Janes were killed by a fall of rock In a quarry la the oppcr part of Hsrford county. The realdence of Mr P. A. Saiscer was burntd In Charles county; the family barely escapaj with their lives. Detective Seibold found no indication) of foul play connected with the death of Ml'g giudtra, ia Eirford county. Simon Hommer was convicted of murder in the first degree for ibe killing of Samuel McCatrler, in Cumberland, March 22. Tbe Governor and attorney-general have selected thirty four general laws fur publication as soon as tbe newspapers are designated. Maggie 6. Mlnnicn, aged twenty five years, killed herself wilh strychnine, near Hancock, leaving a letter ssyluj she died broken-hearted. The coal miners gave a rousing; reception to Delegates Dick aad Campbell at r"rostonrg, and the delegates sharply criticised tbe Governor in connection with the legislation desired by miners, which was frustrated. THE SUMMER SHOE. v c are gone -p r o b . i t ! y ha\e a nervous, ur.ik or ihi!d thdt building; up so, gut it B*to» «i pac TO m^ OF Fl^lTliE 18 TO THi \koymTV. IT OFTEN HAPPENS that a saggettion contained in an advertisement proves a beneiir, both to the public and the advertiser. So it may happen that when we refer today to roll top desk*, it may set you thinking. ROLL TOP DESKS MSJT4. WOMBJC8. CfllLDMMg, cool. «uy ani ploasaat to wear. The Mack and rassct to prof oMoft. atl tact an* aU jockw- b xks iHfr«.«»rty sots**. GEO. A. OIUBEBTT*, (toa. 18 418 North Karkot 8t_ rndMiek.Ml. F7JRNITTJRJE A.T CLINK'S. Have you seen our new stock cf Furniture V Whether you wish to buy or not, we invite you to call and inspect same. The line embraces all the latest things in Parlor and Chamber Suits, Dining Room Furniture. Fancy Rockers, c. Our position in the business enables us to quote lower prices than elsewhere. If you want to save money call on us. C. E. CLINE. LITERARY SOCIIIES. HEW MARKET LItEJEUBY CLOB. The clnb met Friday, April 15, at the residence of Mr. Ernest Boyer. Hits Slier, president, was In the chair. The term of the present officers having expired, Miss Hopkins was elected president; Miss Marsallne 8tler,vlce-pre«ldent; Hiss Sponseller, secretary; Mlis Nannie Slier, recording secretary; Hiss Sophia Hendrickson, treasurer. The program for the evening was then car* ried oat, as follows: Account of Lacy Stone, Miss M. Boyer; Who was Joan of Arc, Miss MUlte Boyer; Life of Uadune de Stael, Miss Hopkins; .George Billot. Miss Naanle Wood; solo, Miss £. Sullivan; What Women hv? done In Liter- ·tare and Mnslc, Miss Alma Stier; mule, Miss Downey; What Women Have Become Noted in Governing Nations, Hits Maggie Hopkins; reading, Mr. Bandle; Women in Clubs of Today, Miss Maria- line Stler. The club also reports In can- nectlon with the New Market Literary Club Free Library, thai dnrtng the term of the present library committee 825 books have been drawn from the library. Twenty new names wen registered. Two new volumes have been presented to the library end the club hopes to add more, as a pity Is In progress for Its benefit to be held In June. THURSDAY MARKKT. | This U the season of the year when the j prevailing diet Is not color de row, bnt decidedly green, hence at market yon will find everything tn the green grass line that goes to make np a spring dinner. The ontlook this morning was kim liar to that on Tuesday. Fresh pea* made their first bow to the rane of 70 cents per peck. These, with lamb at 13 cents a pound, make a meal fit for a prince. Tomato**, ripe, red and solid, show ap at 90 and i5 cents pet strawbeny box, with probably · half dozsc to the measure, Xfft ara steady at 8 cento per doxsn, butter has advanced to 18 cents par pound. To* strawberry has not appeared tola way, aad tba only fr«!ti are those that we hare been accustomed to all the winter. Did Ton Ef«r See » Ghost? Proliablr not. But Ton an rackr tt TOO hart never bras face to face WK th* foul flsad, tndlffesttoo. Ttet Imp from tbe nethsr- matt bs4es subjects his vtaUai to nurtber- Ies« iarrars, smoat tban ttevtbars, fltta- kBoe, heart palpitation*, hMrtsntigt. biao» '--!-- rat, ssH oiais tut w* wfii not e. Boctetter** Stosuck Rtsenwffl drivv aw*r tUs miscUef breading sprite. Tfcckle aim wtu tbe treat oomcttr* at CDC*. Malar*, constipation, kidney tioablsa, de- Mlltr all jleld to thfc k*dincr«awdr. wfaieb II to mete palUattve, bat scUere* decisive malts. For OTcinrovgui n*ms ad WCMJ brains this 2oe medteinai ncaperaat M hiaa- \T to be feoomneodgd. Its pure spirituous l»*V is xnodifiea br botanic ataiplM of first ·at» nmedial ^fflsacy. STILL A FEW LEFT. A few more sizes of Ladies and Gents Shoes that MUST be sold regardless oi cost. We must have room to show our large Spring Stock. Watch our improvements. Archbishop Elder. Archbishop William Henry Elder, of Cincinnati who Is a nulvoof Baltimore, will celebrate on June 10 the golden jnbl lee of his ordination 10 the priesthood. He was educated at Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmltebnrg, this county, and upon his return to this country from Rome was for ten yeara president and professor of theology In Ml. St. Mary's. Property Deeded. John H. Hymei and wife to John F. Hymes, undivided one half Interest In land, $886. William J. Miles and wife to Bdtrln J- Gilbert, personal property, $500 Julia Ann Six and husband to Edward J. Koons, 24 square perches ot land, $1. TESTIMONIALS Prom Citizens of Pennsylvania Who Have De«« Cured "by Chamberlain's Cough Iteiuedy. S. D. Kewluut, Snylorsbnrg, Fa, says: "Chamberlain's Congh Kemwly is »u eicel- ient lucdiciiie. I Itave used it for coughs and colds with fine effect. J have sold it at inr store for over two years, and my customers have a'l btia pleased wilh it." J. A. Van Yalzah, Hnghcsville, Pa, says: '·Cliamberlain's Cough Remedy lias proven o vnluiible that I do not hesitate to recommend it to any one." Dr. F. Winger, Ephrata, Pa^ says: "Mr. J. D. Clinc, a cigar maker of this place, re- jwrts a complete cure of his cough wilh a 50 cent Iwttle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy after he liad tried others-wliich had failed." For sale at 25 and 50 cents per boltle by A. L. Pearre, Frederick; W.R. Rudy, Mt Airy. YonrBoy Won't 1,1 T« a Month. So Vr. Ollmaa Brown ot 84 Mill St., 6oath Oardaer. Maw.. WM told br the doctors. Bit ·on balLunx trouble, foUofrm*; Typboid Ma- lirla. and he (pent three hundred tnd soventr ore dollars wits doctor*, who Boally vare him up, MTltu: "Tour boy won'QI re · month." He tried Dr. Kluc'i New Dliaorerr aad a few bottles roitorod him to noal-i and erabled Urn toco to work a perroonlr well man. Hs ·aya he owe* hlc preMot food health to UM of Dr. Klnf' New Oivoorery. and kno-» it to be the ben in toe world for Lntig trouble. Trlil bottles Free at A. L. Pemrra*a drag store. PtllaDoNotCore. Pniad* not our* Constipation. Thsy only actnvata. KirliOlorsr *oot T«» ITM p«r eoc racularttr of tae towel*. For sata by Alert I, Pe»rrs. SUtttJia ft SbUobt Car*. A aecl«ot«d " Tarn O'Shanter's ride throneh the snidnight -wind -with the horrible hobgoblins pursuing him tras only *. bad dream, or nightmare, which anybody is Kable to experience aa the result of over- eetring or an attack of biliousness or in- digestkm. To avoid sach disagreeable «per,ences one or two of Dr. nerce's Pleasant Pellets should be taken after a too hearty meal and the action of the staaads -will thereby be ookkened mad the meal promptly digested. Then too if Nature be assisted a little «ow and then in removing offending xsatter from the stomach and bowels VQRX will thereby avoid a multitude of dis- tirss^g dtrsrjcnesU «£j diaeases, and ·will have less freqnent need for your doctors' service*. Of all known agents for this purpose, Dr. Pierce'* Pleasant Pellets are the best. Their secondary effect is to keep the bowels open and regular, r»t to further constipate, as is the case with other pills. Eesce, their great DOpuUrity with sufferers from habitual constipation, piles and their attendant discomfort and manifold derangements. The PsJtet* cure biliousness, sick and bilious head*cae, dizziness, costivenesi, or constipation, soar stomach, loss of appetite, coated tongue, indigestion, or dyspepsia, windy belchings, "heartburn." pain and' distress after eating, and kindred derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels One little "Pellet" is a laxative, two are mildly cm- ttwrtic. Proof of H*K«ntovrii'a Growth. The receipts of the Hiiterstown post office this year have been $20 000, or $3,000 more than last year. This will Increase the salary of the postmaster f 100 per annum, making It $2,600. The post- office receipts nave made a gradual and marked Increase wtthlu the past fire years, showing a substantial development cf the bcslnasB Inst'tnttons, and a rapid Increase of population. New Office. The American Light and Heat Company Is occupying a handsome new office on South Market street. Belief In Six Boon. Distressing; Kidney »nd Bladder diseases relieved In six houn by the "N« w QSUSAX 8otm AKEBHUir KIMTCT CcBl." Th' new remtdy is a gnat surprise on mooonut of Its exotadini tton of watar and pain la pasting It almost loamedlatelr. If you ir*ac q nofc roller and care this ts roar romalr. Sol* by J. A. Wfl- Itamsoa, draCKist, Frederick. Md. O«n neOnred Br tue UM cf Shliuh 1 * P--r«. Tan grea tou»hCur3 ts tbs oalr kuown remo'ly for hat terrible disease. For sale by Albert L. Stohlaon Bolldlnr. A Great GeriBsmti FreaorlptfOB. Diseased blood, constipation, and kidney ttTer *nd bowel troubles ara oared br Karl's Clover Boot Tea. Porsalobr Albert JL. Pearre Xtonlnson BoUdlnf. A B*by'« Lilfc SstTtXl. "My babr ted onrap and was saTed by Shlloh-SCuTM," write* Mr«. J. Martin, of Bantrrllle, Ala. tat sale by AIb«rt I*. Pewn. ItOhSKm BulKHnj ASK YOUR PHYSICIAN what is the best simple remedy yon can take for aggravated, chronic dyspepsia, malasstmulation ot^food and all (ta attend ant evil resufts^and we think he wl order jon thfafprepcripaon: T \) f . \Clifton Malt WMtkey, p\ \ A* directed. V OB 8HOUTJ) TOO be Buffering with Malaria, La Grippe, Colds, Inflaenzi or otbar allmeats dependent npan Impurities of air or water, or changes of climate, he will, In all probability order you to keep your strength and hold your nerve force by using Clifton Malt Whiskey. PKF.CK $1.00 PER BOTTLE, fNj tptoR CLIFTON MAJO MALT WHISKEY. SOUS PROPRIETORS, ItlFTON MALT nTaiSEEV CO, BALTIMORE, BED. F»rS«lebyml Captain Swoeney, U. 8. A., San Diego, CU., sars: "SaDohl Catarrb Bemedr is the Brst medicine T have ever found tbmt would do me aay rxxL" Prtoe Boo. For sal* by Albert L. Pmr*. Stokttun BuiUUuc. I was nornnu, tired. Irrittble aad erots Karl's Clovsr Boot Tea h*a ntade ma well and happy. KM. I. B. WOBBI*. Poraato by Albert L.P«sn«, JttohJson B«Ud- Inc. SHEFFIELD ft GO. Io. 14 West Patrick St., OnoiiU Citi Bsitl FiEBEEICS, KB, ILL TEE LATEST SOMTIES IH SPRING and SUMMER MILLINERY, Sailor Hats as Low as 25c. Eaeb. IT IS VERY PROVOKING For * ladv to h»rt her dre*s dyed and find the jxlrt shrunken S«v nl Inches and twlstad all 3Ut of shape. We now hare the ONLY PROCESS IN AMERICA to prevoit thU iu made-uD Praam. When dyad by us the skirt is not Shrunk and retail) Its shape like new. By oar method ot Doing Up Lace Curtains lonrer, haig better, do uot get torn in finishing, as ther frequently do ID other.nethod*. have A Beautiful Finish much superior to any other, anl prices'ntBcb lower. FOOTER'S DYE WORKS, CtTMBBSLAND. MD. 6«ta price list from L B. MDMS, 74 V. Church St. f I are essentials in every office, you are aware of it, bat have been delaying buying one for various reasons -little exacting as to quality and construction. and price also was a consideration. We believe we can please you with this desk. The one like cut sells for $19. It is high roll, hand polished, ^ made ot solid quartered oak, and is large size. Have Xj others for 816, also large size, which may suit you as *^ well. We will take pleasure in showing them to you *J7 4+ Desks of all kinds in abundance at 803,42, ii and 45 East Patrick Kmi FrsdeHck, Kd, * TJNDR8TAKIH A SPBCIALTI. LOOK POETHB HE6JB WCSB SIGN. 4t- ··*"« '·**· .·*·. '·*·. ··*·· ttt ifi iTi iti 1*1*1 iTi ifi fti \t\ ii*t isTt iiTi isTt ttt ifi Jt Jt iti li'l"! 1 "?'*l i *l**l**l**l*"l M l**l t I I TM I I I · I ~ I I · Do You Know and Tonic Pellets Cure All forms of disease caused by a Sluggish Liver aad Biliousness ? The, Pint Pill The Tonic Pellet Invigorates The little "Doctor's Book" tells all about ft and a week's Treatment free proves every word true. Complete Treatment 25 cents. Brown Mfg. Co., N. Y. * Greeneville, Term. For Sale by Albert L. Pearre. Take Your Wife one of those handsome Pozzoai PunrBoxEs- Tbey are given free with each bor ot powder. EASTER OPENING. Oar Spring line of Tailor made Shoe * and Oiford Ties, Black Tane, :., of ths 20TH CENTURY acd lasts, are now open and displayed large varieties and numbers on our counters and shelves. For Ladies, Hen, Children, c.. these goods are unsurpassed for completeness of styles, superiority ot workmanship and uniform, excellence o! material. Among the many styles of lasts are Razor, Needles, Plcadllly, Needle Square, Narrow Square, Common sense, Opera, c. An Inspection of oar line of goods will convince you that "we carry the best, prettiest and nobbiest la the city, b3lh ss to style and workmsa- shio. Call and be convinced. LOY and PERRY, 3 South Market St. FREE OF CHARGE To advertise oar College we will (Ira a thor- dftti oouna of tmtraaticra la Daable aad 'Hade Bntrr Book xeenla* and Commercial Arithmetic, by m«U, 1"KKE of Ckary*, to a ondted numtwr of neiaona. Tttta eonrae will oampletsi tn 40 leston*. No cbari» f or . Addnw (sFlTlL EITT COIIEICIiL COLLEIE, Onaba, K«bra«k». 3,OOO MILES! Can you ride it ? Are You on a Rambler ? Fine Souvenirs. MORE RAMBLER OFFERS. No. 6. ··WE WILT. PR^SINT to every rtder wh» can prove a total mileacv of 8,000 MtdKS on a Rambler Bicycle, ttted with 6. * J T'RK', between Amn. 1st. »nd DeMmber 1st, 1896. a HANDsoMi. VALUABLE sourcNiB. No. 7. "W« Wlt-L TKB4B!TT to evtry rider who shall bJtwaen April 1st and December 1st, 1886, cover 3,000 MILES on any make of bicycle fitted with e. * J. TIT**, * Bemattfnl Souvenir which wOl nak« His frleadsgieen with emvy." CORIMULLY JEFFERY MFC. CO. MORE OPPBRS NKXr WESZ--WATCH. Itorfulldetaflsof omBJ) No*. l,3,3,4amd», call»t THE NEWS OFFICE, Sole Local Rambler Agents. 1 TO THE PUBLIC : FREDERICK, MD., APRIL 27th, 1896. We Lave another announcement to make today that "he who runs may read." The subject of this communication is "LOWER PRICES." This means lower prices for a better quality of goods, but the same articles, than advertised elsewhere in this paper just two days ago. Bnt what are they do you ask ? Well here they are: our price, % 7.00; others price, $ 9.00 our price, 3.75; others price, 5.00. our price, 10.00; others price, 12.00. Fine Upholstered "Window Ctiair Upholstered Corner Chair Indies Dressing Glass High, lirade Morris Chair Solid Oak Chamber Suit our price. 4.75; others price, 5.50. our price. 14.50: others price. 16.00, This is the combination we offer -- goods that are 25 per cent, better in quality than offered elsewhere for from 10 to 25 per cent, cheaper in price. Come to our floors and we will stand by every word we say with thoie who deal with us. THE FURNISHER OF 1 HOMES. URDUTUI1E * SPECIALTY. TEIEPK01E 122. MS. 10 MO 12 SOOTH HWKEF STREET, FUEBCRICK,

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