The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on February 16, 1870 · Page 3
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 3

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1870
Page 3
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'''i^'uo pas9eiii?«' t'nro'fi'Oiu"SiUi, ...... ' n o to Now York Is now ono hundred snl GroimulU- I-snid: 'It Is ISochofortj nnd not hfs ·croimirev Umt I wok.. 'aiid forty , "·· .Tho 1 -recent Hood d'd considerable 'cUmn-'o about Miunflelil, Newark, Can- .ton d'niTo'tiier towns otMlio i n t o r i o r . "Seven huu'd'rcd bills and, resolutions 'ar.o awaiting, tlio action ot'Congress. '"'. A dbleg'itiou i-f the Sisters of Char- ·Jlir'arp to.'cini;,'i':\to from C i n c i n n a t i to ·Colorado.' ·'''· tiai'VimV.-University has f o r t y - n i n e professors, f o r t y - t w o oilier tone aiuVoyor cloven linndvod'slndcnls. ·· E^ttxyor G-KOHOE B. SESTEIS,., of Clevelixnd. died ono week ngo.; H o l m s been iv cUly.en of Cleveland since 1851. In'lSr2 some w o r k m e n kindled a llro in a Missouri coal m i n e .to w a r m themselves, and recently it was found still burning. . The Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati 'Cineinmui IMilwiiy.Company Uns tlc- clarcd it's usual divHcnd of 3,'. per cent., payable February 1st. · Al the. Soldiers' Homo, D f t y t o n , dur- iuVllie year 1SCO, tiicro were 1,637 disabled vclmns.'and roller was afforded to about'150 more. Tlio branch railroad from Mosslllon to Ak'ron has been completed, lessening tlio dlsttnncc between Cleveland and Massilloir,about forty miles, The Into rain storm prevailed over t laryo^seciion of country. At Colnmbui the Seioto river was higher tluui ll.hai been for tv/onty years. ' During a lecture by JOHX B. Goooti in Morrfsun's Opera ilall, at Indianapolis, l he Hall took nnvwhicli resnltci In a destruction of property to Ih luiiotin t o f 5200,000. A-negro named Uiehimlson offlce. Catching Hie spirit, lie has presented the President w i t l i n c a n o . J u s t what otlii-o'lie li to liovo'-has not been announced. ' ·tbEijN^X/*. record of Cliiiwgo is' bc- ·co"ii11iV8*v'W/\ifky'lliat papers now re- fuso 'tov.publi-ih il o v y i n g . t p "lack of 'Hqiul the' loiter,' replied Nolr. m v Ininil on my p l s t o l ' l n my l ·Arts von ' responsible Tor Hi" I At lli'lsl received n slnp In ibo to.TM ll ' 01 " Nolr, w h e n I drow my revolver and II rod at- - h i m . ,l''onvlelio crouched ooh l i i d . a -olmlr, and from t h e proteellon Hint allXrnloil, aimed his revolver ill mo, but he could not gci:it to go oil: 1 1 rod nt him wliilo ho was in Unit position, w h e n he run' o u t of tho room. .llo stopped in t h e next room, and mjnirt t u r n e d hia pistol t o w a r d me. I tired «' him n'iiin, nnd ho lied. ·JL'lio, /*!»·««* Ojlli'M o.onlalns a decree TT70UU) UESIPEdTFULtY ANNQUNOE W to t . pvibl o Kcn.railyUnit lb«y, Imv. ent.r.i l n\^ A oo±,,i,r,hl ! 4ml«in' 1 =Hv:yon^^«.n^c rl^raf^A*^^^^ kuop nothliitf tun I'm u «»l i|U»Hl. v " Frelli and Salt Meats, Which -tU*y will «tU at tin loweil mtirlcot prlom, A ·hAR. of pnbllo palronnno l» Hollclloil, Klyrlu, April li, 1WW. , l * CAR UK uj nml h convokin},' the Chambers; Tor tho p u r pose of briiifiin"; action before t h e Uiji'li 2ourl of Jiibtico to, decide upon the lmrj?e oflH»inlr.ido fttjninst Prince uo-| uiparto. Thu ri-liifio'lclon}{ln!Mo..i.lio Cinp-iror's f n m l l y , Ihe e x a m i n a t i o n n\u«t )0 held boforo t h i s Court. The Journal, n its account''of t h i s transaction, says I m f t h o M i n i s t e r : o f JtiMiec, us soon us io heard of tho utVuir,'order-id t b e n r r c s t of the Prince, but live hours before Uic ssuanco of t l i o order lie hud snrron- lercd himself i n t o the custody ol tho r.'omnujtsioiier of llio Police, and had )con taken to tho Consc'iurjierie. · N e w / M e a t . Market. run ftuiisoiuotui AT HIS MEATMAII- ' ' kil'iicxuloor to Ihu liaknry, Xooo« on htnd the Iwrtqlltt'""-' ' : " Kfi ISCEU A N E O l i S. »·*«.!. A N « W I J I T K U FASHIONS M US. M. A. J U N D U l i HAS JUST''Alt . rlvoil from t'R'U nml·l.timluirwlth the Illicit ilc ilu.iji', pij».ftimlly «wlwtvil-froui iho f! ri ''itu*t novcltivs, il», il!« moil cloKiint 'l'rlminl|iK-» t" ho woiiteil In I'lirln. I.MM. llllibiiiu. V«lv«», llrhliil \..||j, riuwcn. Hue Jowcly, mill trlniinril I'nper I'li'tfriii. liroMiinil Cloak JUkliiV, Ksehnlro usmil fur Mr*. 1. Work's coliibM- jyiltin M outtluK latllo' ilrcims, wcqiict, t»«l' N. \\'.'i!orn«r of Kto\'«n!h n'nd Clioilnnt SH-, to f J K U K K M KUKK-C'I.AUK .S CO,, Ncvvnrk, N..J Tii»U«t*TTii*n« lii'i\ov«Mt»r ASSOCIATION, [Incor WArciutint *'" c.icn. , , i , , IUOUO Kiiisnivlnijt. fully llhutrnllnc «nj ileierlbln: nil our Winch,'*, iro plwnl In ncftlcil ouvulopti, wlilc: uro.lhorounlilV'liilsnl. iiml when onlered ur.' niulk'il iwil (ini'l »l iho lullowliiK pi-li-M:-Slink' Ivniintvlnt ij.ciiils. iwelvu iiml ileh prumlniul »5; I w u n l y t l v Kvtr'y iMinruvhiK i'iitlil»« llic holiler thorvii( lo a V^'uto worm from *U to 1?M, Irrvoptcllve ol value, for $l Siilliln" vitn t'v lo.l t 1 }' thu Invc^lniunt, us in. .irtlcli' I our ulutk la \furih lv% tlinii iho nmncy nkcil, whllv I) biivr"uiity obtain u .ivittch n'orih i7jo. Ulrculnra fro Jiil ir^'li on« tuioro'uouilciniiliii; ui. Ailltia MIU1IK1.I.N *'tO , Mmmcfn, Mi! llroinl»i»y, Cor. Fulton St., N, \ TUU NK\V Bi'igliam 'Youn.? is preparing io put iii.operation a e n n u o n foundry, w i t h i powder m i l l . He is gelling 'ready for the Consre'ssional a n t i - p o l i g a m y b i l l . ' ' T h e body of a , w i d o w woman wlio died recently at Dayton, is about lo be examined.- A man xvho had.iinporUiu- cd her to marry him., and xvho had said that she should marry else, s e n t her some cnke on New Year's day, whtcliiehc ate and i m m e d i a t e l y fell sick and died the next day. g 3---Mustard-plaster. ·..A'icolor difficult to see--Blind-man'.i buff..;..'- · Are not chignons liair-'cm.scarcc-'om things? "Wouldn't yon hang a railroad director wit!', it "branch line?" '· 'A'French a u t h o r bus discovered that Eve'w'isix blonde. AV'o w o n d e r if she used lenion juice and uiUeralus. A.couplo in Wisconsin ask for a .di- vorco on Uin ·jronnd of disagreement its to w h e t h e r t h e r e should be siilcriUua in panciikes or not. . ; It U complained of Shakespcar.p..that lie .uuneccssav'tly murdered Hamlet. But lie lias paid" for it. A groat inany Ilaiiijctf have murdered Slmlicapcaro. "Sa'iil an ambitious youlli pno.iday to a l a d y : ''Dou'i yon t h i n k I'd bettor, dye my- fnoiialauhc?'' ·.v.iressing t h e i n f a n t prodigy. "I t h i i i k i l ' y o u ' l l lei it alone it'll die itself," said tho lady. · A nc"r.o boy in Tnllalmsso stole a can of powder, llio ether day, and, t h i n k in" it c o n t a i n e d something good to oat, oct it in iliestove'U) warm,, Jlo w i l l not eat a n y t h i n g more. Little ilirco-yoar old Mnry was p l a y in" very rough w i t h tho^kitlO'.i---ciirry- iiig ir-byihoi'ail. Her mother told her s e would h u r t pussy. "Why, no, 1 won't," said she; "I'm cai'rylifg U by the handle." ' ' ' ' - ' " ' Urchins, l i k e old heads, get t h i n g s mixed oecftsionally. Hero is one from a - l i l t l o - i l ' l i r e o y e a r - o l d . i i n s n y i u j f . h e r prayers;'tho other e v c n i n s ? Sow I Iny mo ilonrn to ilo«p, Yo,, ',n in,y, uiy iliiuirhtvr, I prny tlic 1,'inl i.iy mill f kesp, · · , 1 '. · ' nn'ilun't noniwr tlw, witor, . She got it no more mixed than the liUlo boy who had beeomo .familiar w i t h " Cfiptain Jinks." Ilcro is his m i x ' u p : ' . ' . . " · '··' Xow I Injr mi down l» «l«p. { prny the my loul to keep, ·'· { oi'.cn live liv.v.uul my inc^ns, ' I'm Cnptuln Jiuluot ihn b'r» mnrln««, I'm Cnptnln J l u k i o ( H o ftrmy. · · A d y i n g Irishman was naked by lilo c o n f e s s o r ' i f ho was ready to renounce tho devil and all his works. "O, your lipno,r,",*aiil Pat, "don't n",k ni" UWl! 1 am going to a strango eountry, and I don't intend to make myself cnoinlca." . DnHn:; a,!revival meeting; 1 rr.'gopd Methodist lady made a .forvanl oxhor- t u t i o n , prelneiiig it x v l t h tho remark that sho once enjoyed Jicrs.cilf.X)) to'thaa'tre*. An inattentive- but sittstio b r o t h e r shouted: "So did 4-bless the Lord!' 1 ; "."', [·'':·_,,'·: General Smith, in Congrbaaj.'while tlclivuring ono of the 1 ' long, prosy, speeches for w h i c h ho was noted; fftld to H e n r y C l a y : "You spciik, ;i sliv:i'or · " · · - - ·'();), b u t I speuk,fji; rt-plled t h o ' groat j x u i n i i u n i i u i i »,», .1 BocmB.yon are' ro- Bolved'to speak t i l l your audience -arrives." . " : . . ' ;.'.'",'-,: 80-t notvi'iiiv aoi wo \v i; i Tho (XtriwrJIn.irv iucc«i «f lh«lr n«w »n,I Improvi immiiiiuiurluK llnchluei for lltht or bcnvy w o r k , h K M I ' I U K SEWING M A C 1 I I N K CO. lanniiuifaclutiin SBW F A M I L Y M A C I H N K o f tlniiu stvlo unil oiiiiriti'iictl'.n, with lulilltloiiul ornamentnlli' ' Vltt^ It vc|n,l In homily iviul llnlsh with other Kumlly «:hhivi, whorv.u In Ukcdlliiu · It (^r. SALTMKATS, eV, hlcli ho will mil ni tbo lowest umrkot prlco I (or tho f«vor» rcoolvoil In former.yoi(r«, ho hlnbeil in merit (lit pntronmn i f l l i o · -- i-rhi. ,l«ly tllh, I8CO. W. "· ·tO-lv ' ' ' 1IUTW1KK, ami Uealor In FRESH AND SALT MEATS, luunliluuf Tubllu Bqiura. Kljrli, Ohio. lilt cuihmiers i«»y «*' »«u«d U"t "« P»l»' l»rcd to fM Iheui Entire Satisfaction. jrli, Aus««' ' I 9 "- rJBn«l woulit r«p«otfull» unaouine to'lh« of Klyrln Hint lit him o|icuotl n nuw Mcnl liirwl «i iiln »tr«t, o|)|w»llo T,i|illtf« Cnrrlii|i« Vito- ory, win re ho v» ,11 bo li«|.py lo ni«!«t his frlcmlj nml »l who imir ta»»r lil« wrtli ilwlr |«tromi|!«. Nono liul lit \,M n«»llty of mtia Kill bo *«pt «« hnml. wlilrli e told «t tlie low«»l nmrktt urlcc. ' · . - . . JOHN TITh. M E D I C I N A L . J. MANVJLLE, w POUT WINE AND BRANDY, Kor mtillcliiiil piirpoiiii only, Thl 1'orl XVItie ami lliiutly hn« boon prviiuunceil by conipctiMifJui KUI to Ijo lha pumt urtlolo ilieylnivo ovtr ·xiiinlue,!. lli'ur Wi-.nt J 1,11111! t't'neli, M. "· miHlj'llral ami coilinltlnn oheiii- Di or Iho Cluyelmiil iledlenl Culk'iic, «"J's of HKIII: CLUVKIAMD, May 17th. IfctU. MX. MISTIUI,--I'tar Hir:-l Inive .uliinlttnl lo n thorniKh nml vureful chcinlciil unnlyiln ih« unnipliiiif 1'ort Win- nml llrunily you tent mo. in liclnit from Ibo homo ul llmu fftCi... N«« Vork, nail (Ilni llicm bolh to W iitifictly Treo fnim all InipiirlllM ami ili'letorloiiii iHK-nli. "ho Purl I uoiuliler the purtsl, nurH'il nil,) rlolioitMlloUor Iho Mini I have im-r osnuilue'l. It, u» w v l l u i iho llMinly. l» wi'll w o r t h y Iho cmillilence of iln iiK' pro('julon lu ull cuui whom uch iilm»ln»li " r |i| U |i!lili'ti'on, t woiibl f«y dial I linve fiei|U''iitl.r «*· Aiulntil Roi,li from tho above honae nml »hrny (ounil tlu-iu o( th* iacil rellufah) «li«r»ct«r. Vnur. vury r«|««eifnll)r, J. I.ANt! UAiiSKI.S, M. n,, Prorsuor of Cbcialilry, Cluvclaml Unliciil ^ ] ** r Jnnt pub A l.i-o' linliiry.l) flu, Mil AuUlufji Tim ir, lure, ell n w (nl iii inovi'il fe) Illcttl « i-IK-ct'u.ll cnn illll' anil rn^ aiiniln n M o n t i pnatpui Ai'l'j ii's AIL Tin price (if Ilili new nckouwlmliieil neecuAry arlloly cfmui nlihlii the r:ieh oftvui-y ol.i.i«, nml ihn Comimiiy |1 prop.«retl to olfer thu ino-tt hoeriil Inducement* l Ijuyurj, ilvnlvii nml j«(nn Kvery Maclilnc WAriauled. A||ily rvrelrenluriiiiul inmplt*.to EHl'lKi: S K W I X O M A C H I X K CO., So. 201 lliiwcrv, N»« York. nnuuoii, SCIIOO'L' A N D PAULO it OH- V (JASa A.VD M E L O U K H N S of tvcr.v iltacrlpllon, »l ral'K't.l jirleM, Seii'l for ucopy of the hut ulltlou of the "SILVER TONGUE," which will bo in illeil free to any ndtlreM upon application to Hie oMeit iiHtiiuraeturtrs of lUil OnOArtd mul MILOUIOSJ lll.All'urlcii. K. I'. S K K D I I A M * SOS, 4.;i lu 1 la, 1 li nuil 117 l-:m - M Si.. New York. Builders' Hardware Tllli U I K K L U Y Family Knitting Machine. PlilCE S30. Krcrv famll) In the country nteilj one. U uvcr. tiling rrom ^ inlUcn lo a blanket. A chlhl 12 yvuri ulil cnn k.Ltu lo work U In nu hour. Il U opurulvtl ihr H foot. i; nucMno, by huuil o It usc» but ono nccillc, nml U Die pcrfwtloa of bcuuty Clrcul.113 with tun naJ full particulars free to everybody, ini.i wiintnl In every county. Apply quickly. TOWI.B ,t HAltm.NU, lion'l As'ts., .3a KO Uromlway, New York, T«\Vl,ES .JPATKNT . Rroilo anil Drainage Level, Price only JI5. Kvury l-'iinnor n«-«t» 0110. Kvcry Sclmol houli liiivo one. No KiiKlni-or, rtqnlrfil lo lily out roaiU wuUtor wiiter-coiir«ce. XVIII cutnbllsh lovcla lor Mun ilutlon walls, (,rlil|tv.,,iiitvilo xronnil, vie, m«'!.xtreinel; ,lm|)lo nml buuilirnl. Sent In »ny niltlrcii on celpt o price, llulcrlpllvc t'li-tillur.-i. wllli CUH, (rcc. llAMII.'f»)N K.TOXVI.K, t'lvll Knielneor, anil bpcolul rinropuun Palvnt ^ullullo .jru . . ; . 170 imo*Dw«i. Kiw.Yi Agents "Wanted, KOB V I I B American Wlieat Culturist A pra«lo;l trunlUe on iho eultiiro ol Wheiit. hy S. K, wiinli Toilil, J'J pn»i;j.- llluitniivil, prko 4- M, Wor: ninny ilin«» hi, von lo imy f;irmvr. i V o K I V O A ^ r n i H i l i I.AIIliK.Sl' Cu.MMISSlu.N' pnhl. nml l.illKKAl,' I'M Mlt'SIS liuhlel. Adilrei* TAISTOlt llltUS., «B Iliiom wny, Xow Ynrk, . ' -13 !lm f OOA.L,' AN'l) Tll.VVKLI.ING. FOK TU JLj Atiiurlcnn JU'i,t nml Voifetahlo Chopper, lha bo, thing, without rxi'uptloa, In tho innrkoti Mives DO pi cent, In Him 1 ami ln|ior;'cuu It) lo U Iba. of inoitl, niir clvntly ttnu for plu-i, la four mlnntVii. ^i;cnts nratiolu Ini; in'ii«y, Cut orninchlno, 'l\-nn:i, Qto., Krvo; A,lilr«« ' I". A. N K X V r O N J U C O . , .|.jin No. 3:1 (Jorll.iuill St., Now York BL'ST^ THE"!^ ·; SC1KSTIFIC THE A weekly mummied Journal o( 10 pagei, ilorolcil to M clilnery, Aerlculinrul Improvements, Cliumle-tl Huleuc a m l ' N r i W Ill-coveile*. lln» Yriir V31 p»K"- it,500 CASH In I'rUi),,'.vlll bo pjbl for olulu 'iiil)(0rlbor, on (ho 10th of Fohruiu-y. A hamlioino lurijo itijol iilnto KNOI'.AVIN'n of 10 ill tliiKUlihod Amvrlcnu Invi-ntord, prcioatcil ,lo u tipeclineni of pAper, pro.,iiectuie^. nml hlnnki t intiuM, i«ut froo. Term.i. *3 u ycnr; *l.SII(ora nnmtl Dlioount lo club* A book of liniortitnco to nil iibout npply fur piiturils irnl Irue, Write for full purtloulu cgiio«riilB8-|irliej»liilipH«iitt li · 1 - M U N N ft wO,, · ,. PublUhnrif ftml 1'iitunt Solloltor · 37 I'urk How, New York. to H e n r y C l a y : . "You Iho.presu'itt gijiuii'alio:), posterity.;!, "Yos," rt-p ·Kent nek 'unu '-iind It so ' ll-lm Tho Surpi'iso Sowing Mncliin ·rni.CB.i3. . It mnWcs lheel(i!illol»ijk.*lllohi ll« . inftohlno In the. niurhet;'ii ohlhl cnn n^e It; It Inj'.ruglliMH; It miik«» no noise; It iloci, not net out onk'r; It C.HI ho c.irrloil In the pocki'l; It mitkM nn e mint nriiioiil. UMON S K W l N t l J U O I I I N K . O D J I P NY, AB«IU Wimttd. S3J Droudwiiy, N.-Y. ,., .1... M-3m H A R D W A R E , C. .E.BROOSSKO, DcAl«n la ·Il ly TUT) 1 I* on, Steel, Gliui, 1'utly, 1'ilnli, Olli Mil Nulli. full fresh itock of .Uio O f c r o ntud tJtore Ely W st On Ml p:ireil Fin - R O C E E I E S And Family Supplies. Whl f in G H A V I N G ADDED LARGELY TO Job n«pjrlinenl, wo »r« now full jr prop»r«J lo ilo very iteacrlpthn of Job 1'i-imlo^ ft Heat aod Satisfactofj Maoner Aoii *t th«l»WM» UTlnf r»l« CARDS BILL-HEADS, LETTER-HEADS, . INYEI.OPES, .,,·"'' . PAMPHLETS OSTERS. CIRCULARS,; SHIPPING TAGS. . . - LABELS, ·' BLANKS, ' ' o f l l Tc.ij Kill (lull exti A 2i Fl H "r_.," ion ijAi.K.--i. iiiiyo ID ol'irpod l a n d , ' i n ' K h ' r i i i iiiiie.8.from JJlyrlii'. In II RO-oiillnd; ; oiie-hrill';!ln pn i SAI.U.--I liiiyti for w i l u J B i i c r o la t o w n s h i p . % i I lie Abboylloud, nu-ui,,,,,^, v.,..- ..,.1 piiHUu'o, biilaiicn in i i i n b o i v ' d i i d ' w o l l M w a t o i ' o d . To rtiiyi one' wiiiilliitf n pnsliii'O.'lot nonr to,wn; · w i l l iliid thlfi lulimlritblo iilwiHH). Terms unity. A p p l y lo .... ' JA.MKS K. NKW.COMKII, Lit nd KAIIM KOK.SAI.K--1 x v l l l R o l l m y Turin ol"72iujren, near Klyriu sllniilcd on l l i o 'North Ilivor roiul. iibotil tlirco-roiirilis 'ol'ti miles nb'rlliol'llio Court I I o u s o . On llio promlflos is 'n Rood, 'comiiiodlon* · fai'in house,-a Inrtfo liny b u r n , Inrfco t'l'iiiiory, and commodious Htoro shed. Also a (rood beiii'iiifr orcliard of all k i n d of f r u i t ; till u n d e r good siitlo of ; onltlyntloii except about, throo- aeruw of ' t i m b e r , i'or terms apply to ., " ' 'CnAiir.KH FLOOD. ; 17-41 On tlio S'i'OVKS. D J V O H C B NOTICE, TvORA'-HCllHOHDKIt, whoso I'oirtel'if.n if nil- I ) known, ilnil who IK Miiiiiimiil in riiklihi In tint riliiU 1 nl' Inillimn, M 111 ink" mitlixr Ihillon Iho mil iltiy of l'olirtliii'.v, A. I). INTO, I.ewlN SBlnmeilor Illeil , ItlH piilitlou nynlitKl. hi!)' In I h o n i m l of ronimoii plua* ir l.iii'iiln I'uiinly. ilhhi, tii-ltlng foi'th In i-nli- mtinfu Ills-iiiurrliiKe wllh nll Dura, lirrikwrtlon u f h l i n ami willful iib'i'iii'.eun her purl, Cni'inon, ihan Ihire. vt'arn Inrl |nul. anil iiUo mlnlli'l-y. Th" prayer of Hilil |ii'lllliin IK I'ur a illrmvu nml MI!I| ,. ji«[.|llnn will bn I'm' liunrliiff al Hi'i I'Vbnmry lenii '·''·' ' I.I'.WH W I I H O K D I C I I , Jly II, If, Pnri'i.rroN, hln Awriuiy. . Iliilwl I'Vll. H. It-Til. IdM-fl AUKXII'S, J ' l . V I U A . OlIlU, I'nit TIN: . W John ot; I, I) ivsiniciriilly Invlt,' the atlcntloii tit' Uiu|iei|iluul'llilii v l i t l n l t y lu blii Stovo and Tinware Store, Miiln.SOn'ul, KM'UI.V, nnnr rnllmiul'ili'liot. Ilo Is pri'inu'i'il ( iln nil k l m U «f wni'k In Tin, C'i|i|ii'r, Shci't I run unit '/.lili', un xhuii nntli.'u iliul at ino^l iTiisimnhl, 1 ti'nns, Ilo kuups un hiinil n l;ii'^i' sloi'.k ul' FOKIiCLO^UHH OK MOm'GAGE. Jd.,.|,l. Jlnrlior, I'lulnllir, ,\ ,,, uiob.tirt'of (»,,,. Tlio Ainln^l OliW 'Kl/ni f J2ln!,it l {!i!l!l f l0rnlu liulliliiiKOiiniMiny.-Di'liu.J 1 - 01 " 11 '' ol1 "'- fpllKilirvnlMnl, nTofi'lKii cnrnnnillon oi'K«nlr.i.'il I iiinh'HIii! Inwi'iirihr'Sliili'ni Mlrhli(«ii.mul Imv. Ililf It- pi-hifliili' nilhv In tin' I'lly iii' Di-inill In Mil,I Male', will luku iiullcii lluil llui nliilntlll on lilt' If.ih iliiynr.lnnnai'y, A. I). IKil. illi'ilbl«iii'llllini Henliint. mfil ili'l'i'iiiliinl. 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Ill M'VI'll pl'l' M i l l . -Thill i-ahl ilci'il win, ilnly iwonli'il In Ixiriiln TOIII); Iv iitrohli,. of iiiiirlKflX v Tin" Ihri'i- 1 lh,iiinnil ((·'l.uiMl ,lii||nr« n l ' t h u i-alil f i x iliiinnni::! ilullAi* «» MTinvil l,v nli| nni-l(tii|ii'. iM'cnini'iliHi.lnininiy I, JK70. and Is iiiiiinlil ami Hint tin- wlmli' nl'thi' nli'r. i"i| Ihi-ivnn al hcvi'ii prv ivnl from ,lnlv 9-1. INIX, IK ilni! anil nii|)nlil nvi'iipi Iln.' Mini "'· IH ^, pnl'l A p l ' l l . )«W, I l l l l l III,' , ' i l l l i l l l l n l l l , n l ' M l l ' t lllOllKIIK'l IIIIMI lii'i'ii bhiki'ti anil »:iM iiiiirlK'iK" hw»ini! ulii- Tlii' prayer irKnlil|ir-lll|iin If fur mi luronnlol'llin nnninnl tint! him on Htbl innrtxtiK 1 ', n t'"riM'! ol mlil niiirlKn!"'. lliu »nbl "f mibl |ii-i'iiil*l* III ili'i'nnR "f |i:i\ nii'iil tu him »r tin' nnninnl tin,! IhiTiivu, nmt (in-ut-ni'i'iil i-clli*!' In ,',|iilt\. 'I'lic ili'lrmlaiu l» I'l'ijulri'il In iiinwcr or ilcinurlo fnlil ni'llllnn nn ur lii'lini' l i ' Ihliil hnltmtny lilliTlho rxplratlon nl'hlx wi-oku'litiljllrnllon or Uln, liutli'i', liiiluini'iil oinl ihriv,' will liiiliikini In Mil'l fast! hi) ilclaiill, nwnlillliK t'l Iho iniivvr or'AliI Iii'. till,in. .lUMl'l'H IIAII1IKIC. llv If. If. rniTl.KTON. hU A l l y . Hiiltil Jnnuai'y 15, llfiu. 10-Ow JMVOKCK NOTICE. . In tlniCnurl n( C'lilnnon COOK.A^I) STOVKS Sewing Machines I AT WOLCOTT SOX'S. Kitnili A. MuiTli'k, v«. Oicnr Mc-rrlck. ) In tlniCnurl o iDiinon I'li'ai. fur lh« (onitly of ) lurnlti, nlnl Slat,! ol' Oliw. O A l l ) ili.'ft'n'lnnl, On'tir ^UiiTU'k.Ji. hwh.xMinllll- W l l l l ' l l W i l l III' SOlll IIH I'lll'll)! IH III!' l'lll'n|M'«t. "!·»"· All l;linl» ill' Metal lwii«lil »r tnki'li In o.v- I'lnin^i'.' i K l l l N I. AM';, Klyrln. Nin-. ir,. will, ly H'A'J'CI/KH, TLTK'S .AIKAT M A H K K T . f P I I K HiP|i 1 i''ilKiii'il wuiihl ]v|irrl!'lilly a n i i i n i n r n 1 In llinrlll/i'tiMil' l-llyrla t h a t In! lia-n|i'iii'il u nt'»-Jk'iit )lnrkiM mi M i t l i i Mri'i'l, ii|i|«wllf T,i|i- lllV'f. t'lii'rlax*! Kai'tiirv. whrrn In* will I" 1 happy in ini'ia his IVii'inI- ami all who limy I'avur him w i t h thi'lr patrunani!. XDIU- hut tin 1 bc»l i i n a l l t v ul' ini'iit will IK' ki'pt un hnml, «lili-h will hi' MI| at lliu mai'kul [it'Ii-e. ·,'.-,.y .KIIIN' TITI-:. HOOTS AND S I I O ' K S . .IKWKI.RY, tSPKCTAVIJW, /'·JA7T . . . f.l (hat Hi,' mihl iiliilnlllT. Sarah A. Mi-rrlrk. mi tin' l l t h ilav ur.lantniry, A. t. IH7U. ilkil u piHHI'm In nlil I'niirl.M'Ulii).' 1'iirth In milntuna' HIM lliu »alil iinrtli'i. aiv hiihliiinil mul wlln, nml thai tlifl Mild ih'frnilanl, iri(anll,'t.» ,if hl» nmillal ·link's inwiinlH tin? plalnllir. IIIIK hi'i'ii wllllnlly fibn'iit. I'lum hi'i- I'm' in")'.' Muni tlini' ,'m-is Intl )ia«t, wltli- nni niiv CHUM. nr Jn-llflniilun, lln'ivlVnv. to turn* Ibi' iiliilnllir li i-uni'i'l-ni-'l, HIM! tiniyliiK ll;»t »li« iniiv he illvuivnl nimi tin' ili-'lniilnnl,. nml fur mrli .,lbi.'rivh'iriii.|oi'|nli.vinayn|i|ii'i'lalii. Snlil I'IIIIM! H i l l he I'm' lii-nl'lliic nl 111" ii' 1 ^' t'liKiiliiK li'iiii'il halih'oun, Ml.l ilHi'iiilanl if fnrlliCT Iw-ri- byno- llllcil Him on III,- ISIh ilay of l-Vbriiaiy. A. l. l«0,, at Hi,, ilwi'lllnx liuti'i' ul' ( li'vi'lainl \ nn Doni.ol .S'/ /, \'/:'lt- ll'.l //A', I .irnnnn. In Iln' I'unnly ul' Milawa-i'". ninl suite ill Mli-lilumi. di" ileleiwhiiiiwlll lake ilii',le|ii»llluiw (ifKiinilniv wllll,".'',"!, t'l»- n.vilun ihi'liwii'liiK'jl - ihl ('iiii.i'.. ln'l«,'i'ii Hi" li'inixil'i* o'rbwK. A. .M. iii'ltiiri'lin-k. I 1 . M. "f Mibl 'lay. anil mlil lakliiK ivlll Iw itiljuiinml I'IUIH ,liiy to il»y tiiiill nniipU'li"! . S A I I A I I A. MI-.IIHK K. llv X. ].. .TulniMin. ItcriMilldtor. · Klyrln, O.,. I n n . II, l«l, Great Reduction in Prices! 1 ;'OH a few wi'i'ks H'i' will M'll ftiipi unf la:-i;n ^ stoi'kuf IIIIOTS A N D SI H IKS at- GllKATLY HKDKCKl) J'RK'KS! Sn nM »liop-kw|ii'r's «loc'k-- nil I'n'-li nml In Hut Intiirt slyk'n, nml ul' thu IMM i|iuillty, V K I t Y L()\V FOR CASir, .^. I!. X V I I I . I IITI' A SON'S. DIM. I.INI'.I. l y White Finn's D I V O I t C K NOTICE. KIIITII. a iiiuinlili'af of f.o. . a m l w l L i I - Mi|i|«i«wl I.) n- . . ruin -1,11111 v. iihlu. a m l w l L i I - Mi|i|«i«wl I.) n- ;fte In Ihe I ' l t y o l ' LuiMlon. KiiKlmnl. will, Ink,' null'-" t b a i ' M i ib-.' '.f rVbi-nmy, . . I . «. llv II. II. I'IIITI.I-.TIIS-, hi'i' Ally. D'ali'd l-'i'li. M, I^Ii). XOTICK. . »'»" Hum tin* olil Dtit.ul'-styU. kltiil. Our riu'lllUiM I'ur . M A N U F A C T U I M X U TO O U D l C I l lire i-iimpli'li 1 . W« use tin: hi".I nmli'fla(s ami cm- ploy lilt' best s k i l l . (,'nll iiml't'Miinliio our pwiH ami prli'is bcforu Itupnlrlnit ilmii! In tl» neulot manni'i'. V. I!. S A S H M t l ) . ' Kly'ii llliM-k. Klyrlti. n-'Jin %", ' A v ! f, i- ·" ^to-X^"" K I . K C A N T K ·iil.l.U'ft'iiilniil. Aliiiiiiiil f. W'wl. i*.!" 1 i.,iniiM tiiiii -MI Hi-' 'Ml' -'«,· »f · I ". I J"? V |V; ·}· IKW tin Mil'l iilulniliV..I»m It'iilli. lll«l lil»|M'il. h i liiUliI .' · i · . nll«-l((!iiir l'i»l I" 1 '· ""' i l ,"' l ! 1T ''! · ' , i l In in,.rtrai.v "f Hi"' r-'l^'wliiu ·U'MjrllwI iv;i .- "1 n,!,!.. I.Mho l.,w.i.l.lp..l' I.:.«;r.m.r,' Hi .1, M ' ' . '" ··' ' '' f l " ' 1 l.ailli's. Ili'i-ry S|i,»in». SIIK.'I:'. t.'ri'am. .Hi'. 1'h'kli! ami Sniilln,. K . i r k - . C a k o n n i l I'rnli K.ilvo. N a p k i n n A V I S i ! I'onni'il n i'o.|iartm'i-y|ilii I'ur I lie! man- nl'arUire nml sali'ul' Cablni!!, Ware 1 , we slnll koop un liaml a K"oil assurtnu'iH ul' t , Wllli'll we will sell rlii'iip fill' eiisll. Wo w i l l Ills" keep on liniul, «r m.ike to oixler, all l.iiuU au,l sla-s whli'h wo can nirnlsli im short nolli'O, day ur K E D U C E D PRICES. ni'allv Hint iirumplty iluniv lly fair iloiiling wr hupu to nii-rli a tliimi ol 1 iiublli: juilivniiKi'. -· WALUECK R E M H A C l t ; . *lig;iit I'un'iUvii AVUII vt UivV ll'iii-.,', lOlyriu. (Jliiu. . . . - . - -.IV'lj. Ill, I 1 :"!. ' l^.l' cSf-'/'/i 1 /-;///,/; /v..i '/'/;·/; ir.i UK..WI liv l'iti'hiT, W n l v r nml i -iviini 1 . t'nki'. Ilivail nml I'l-nil. ll.i-l.i;l-. Illnni'i- nml I'.riMklM-t |-;^ tloli. I'l,. flip-. IJinl K,','i'ivi. l l^ aliil H.^Ui't-. lioijni'l ami I'l'i'l'miu'r) siaml.-. KL'KUA .\'T T.I /;/./;' C ' / . ' T L K l i y . The llm."lbr:imlol'lviiry.ManilU''l Knlvi's. plativl ami pl.tln, w l l l l or svllhuiil ImM-.. i:!,'j,-.uit .li'uvl- rv ol' tin' Intt'si Myh's. llruorlii', Ivir lilnx-. Jlraei'k'ls. liln;f..Si'al, lt,'iiivl, KHi'in!;.hlp, i:hanu» l.,ii:lii!l!.. Si-., Jti'. «SSr.AV../iV;.|.V2' (,'OLt) /'/v'.V^ 1 ,^? Pen llnlih'is. I)i\l, I'lu'kct ami rivsontallun. i l n r Cohl IViniiiri.iil'ihi- ilr-.i i|iialltv. nml lor Ili-xabll- lly. ilni-iililllt.v ami i|iill|.|lki' Viiniichs I'liiniul b Mti-piisoil. All poiis wiirrnntcil. Kli'^nnl I lut'lis )n nn'iil vnriiMy, ami Mil,I i:hi';i|ivr than a! niiv u t h - er place In Ihu ruiinly. K.I',M.IA XT XrOJi'l'I.YG HI P1.IW , AVc offci 1 tlin M a y n a r l lli-wi-li.b.iiilliiir Itlllr for sale', ami iwiimmi'ml II lo oin 1 i-|l-tuiiH'i n (hn bi'st lillli' In iiii', iiml warranl it imlu bctu-i- work llnin anvoilnii'lilili-nsi'il. iislm; the smno wi'ljshi ol'powiU'i'iiml hiill. .TlH-ui Klllpsilu not ci-i-oni. ol' unlur, aiu slmpli'. racily iiiainiKi'il, ami Imvo tint atlvnntai,'!! M' nin/./.lt.|oai|i!rs In I'lu'apiir-i of ammunition. n thn nwr, I- vnaliluil (u JcVvt Ills ii.ivv. ib'r ami balls, slio; liai-ivls ran hn in.i,| w i t h this .'inn I h n t i ' i i n n o l hi" heat lor slni(lo irann'. Jliiii'lJiitr Killo, SU liifli linvrel. with !iu"lh"^KmVhl.' Mn^ur^V^'lv'.'l^^·(' ,lo)lai ,vllh In- i,.r,..t limn t he tith .Iny »OI;m h. A, I). l«!i. » . l nravlnir t h n l -alii iiiorffliif' m».v li« loivi'lo-i'il. ilu 1 · itlil in-,.|nlM' onU'i-l !·» li" -"I'l. ninl lhi nrui'i',"l« niiplii'il M tin- iiaymiMit of Milil ili'hl. l 'TMf~ v:l||li | ihi'l'iiih'.'by'i'if Ap'rll! A. 1. l««. Jti'liniiviil by '!«'· f »" 11 «"""·'·'"' ll """ I1lh ".}V,||X 1IBATII. llv \ I.. .loiix"iv. his Allinii'.v, li'-t.'.l l-Vb. ;, 1M7D. lflrt(l XOTICE. / M i;ol!t;l-; IM.AIN, I'mnk Plain. M« \.T iiml N.'l-on i li'vi'liiinl, \\hoivlili of S,-w York, heir* al lawof lli'nry I'll ·M KOItiil-: P L A I N , I'mnk Plain. MniyClovflxinl · · · .din In ill,- Mill" o|-, i w ion:. n»'ii-«ai i.-iwo, ni-m* l ].ifn.U'.',*.'i h i''l. i will tiiki! inilli-n lluil -laiit' Plnlii. inlnilnlntntlii\ "« t Hi,' t-lali' ol^alil lli'iirv Plain, mi ll»' l«l 'Iny ul K,-hriinrv. A. l. HO), ill',"! In'i' |«'tlil»» In I'"' I'" 1 "; ball' I'omt w i t h i n iiml fur tin- I'uniity of Loral" nml Slat,' of ohln.; thai the pfiwitnl «*· (at.! ul'nihl lU'iviiM'il I- iiiMilIIiH'nt tu pay III* ili'iii» ami the ,'haiwol'iii|inliil»tprlii|; hi* i-«tali': Hint ho illi'il M'lzi*,! In IVe flinpliM)i'ilieliill«wlii«ilOMTliii'il roal eKliil,*. -linali' In alil niiinly. in wll: 111 lit" lown*lilp of lln»-ln nml comity of Un-nln aroivMil.l iiml known n - i h v vtutli oiisl pnvt of lot nmnln'i' Ihhwn (W). lutniiiloil Minth by llio witrtli lln.'ot Mil.) Int. nml lam! In Mti.l lol uwiie.1 liy fmiliniUj. I'aiil llnu of mill lol nml Inml In ^il'l loijiwiii"! hv SmiloiM (i. tillK.m. i-untiilnlnj,' im } P ,". i ; lv *" l . l( i 1 "i',, The MiM Jmii- Plain, in wl.biw .if ml'l llonrv P nil l» vitillh'il !·· ilowi'r in sal.l iirviijUt 1 *, »»j l »"' Wllllaiii Plain, falhnrhi,' Plain. liwirtW,'I' 1 } 1 "' Prank Plain, ami Man- i li!v.' wll.' ol ·" '""'J. (Icvi-laml. a- InMiv al fnw, Iml.l tb" » ext l '' ullc! 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' 'Jrajfotly-.-l'riiiod -Hupoloon'ln ' . in' l'..ri?. on tlio nftcritob'ii'Of llio 10th, M. f o u v i o l i o and Victor 'M"o"l''»"oT:;|!ru. editor. ul stall' of Iho JlfaneiUait'XtQtilH el'ori's j o u r n a l , pruccvdoil Ip^llio^rQSl"' donco of Prince 1'iorro .IJpiiii'iiarJoiJriiS, 'socon'ds in a c o n l c n i p l a l o d tViKit'boUvocii! tho Princo nnd .Possul Grous'iiittran oil-! jtor of t h a t j o u r n a l . They- .hivdcan liiJ 'tcrviow w i t h Iho Prince, during which nn a l t e r c a t i o n look place. The Prlnci becanio onraged, and, solx.lng'ft rovol voiv ^ i u » u i i | ^ * « i i w i « « i * - f i i . b i t v j '"I'll" I'rliido tlolivuroil;lilrii3u)f up! to tho nutliorltlcs. , .....,· ? ; );"'-'-; ; w····.':.··:;- Prluco Doimptirtp'a vorsio.iv;of-:tl.)0 ,nn- »nh by M. 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Il u l l V I O l t O ftltCl,.,Jl.,LYICiQl,. 1NOU, eomnjn.ilaiiiv'iir.d.woll atiwl for »pnbllo'h(.« ^i;^;/, .;,,,".: ·*;«,,.;{,·':;^ -' ; = i . v: ,., ;;;. .wMNi^ I · ; ^^^^\^^^: J ^^^ 01'' MF.SSKS S. B. WOOLCOT , SON, Jewelers,-mid Dealers in Pnncy Goods. Solo appointed AfjonUI'oi' this place. Ko Foddhiri Eniployeilor SupplleJ. ; . '' " ' ' ' I;A'Z-,VIU'S h sioimis, PAINTS AND OILS, Personal (lUotilion paid lo Proscriptions Ivlyrli, 0., Oct. 0. )f«D. l-.V FLOUR. FLOUR CHEAPER THE EAGLE MILL. rl j 1 '.* "° ""' (0 «*uo 3;iw per ton, Olvo ua Y o u r P a t r o n a g o . NOTICE. Until further notice wo ih.ill do ALL WOKK WAHRANTE'J. K OI,MSTIin. :»gi« Mini, niyn.. j un .". ISM, WANTED"." 5OO.OOO O U. BAUUEI, ST.AVK3 WANTED AT THE W n -w , Co.)|i» r X. A. In l.llli'. will y .1^(1 of oontlnuin .,uiiiii,,\ii)ii unit i n t c i e k t , ' DACGAGIi OHIiOKKD TIIUO'oOIJ, An«l furo Mlwny* tia loir u* l,y miy other ltiute. ASK' FOR TICKKTS ^'!A K I U K ItAll.WAY Which cnn lii obtal I m n)l IViiirlpnl Tl;.t (!(iici-« In tin H'i-.l ninl ::oml,.\,i- s i. i» l. UDUritvlK, \V7I. II. li.Ulll, £»l«MMted in J8-10. ' N . A , W A L L A C U , M.inufucturcr, Wholunlo m;il Retail Dealer IB *',( COOPERAGE! K J L Y I t J A , OHIO. [N ADDITfON' TO MY EXTKS5W * wholnnle iiwlc In nl' klmUof Cuopjr.-^J, I I. £C P °" limiil u l«n|.i ,twlc iroiitviu work, rmbriu'inir "·'"' "' llcluln lliu i!'.,,.|K'i ij;» Hue. Inn, uuil wuj.l l«,inJ Barrois, Kogo, F l r k l n o , Tubs, CASKS, PACKING UAKUKLS, c. CKIyrlu.'Pi'C. 1.1, IWJ. 1 flflMKX A N D HOY.S W A N T K O ! lo ncll the "tsl« iuu Mirror." K/ni)pl«'nml ictmi frw by mull. A''' ilrci* w l l h n*mp. l. l^. Via, DO 0«J«r »trcet, «« Vofk. (P.O. D«x 4,C44.') ' . t-S" 1 ;i;-^;i5;'1^4|;SI-''v"'|''k'; 1 INEWSPA'FER; iNEWSPA'FERr

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