Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on February 14, 1953 · Page 10
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 10

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1953
Page 10
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Here 's Meaning Behind Free World's Plans Reasons Outlined for Attempts To Pool International Forces By FAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON — (JB — NATO, EDC, Schuman Plan. What do they mean? On March 17, 1948, five European countries — Britain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxem bourg — signed a pact, called the Brussels Treaty, to last 50 years. They promised to help one another in case of attack of any of them, But here and abroad it was felt something strong was needed to discourage the Russians from any warlike intentions. Three months later, June 11, 1948, the U. S. Senate approved a resolution which told the Presi dent to make alliances with other countries. The result was the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO now has 14 members: United States, Canada, Iceland. Norway, Denmark, Britain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy. Greece, Turkey. The NATO agreement was signed April 4, 1949. • NATO members are pledged to help one another in case of attack of any of them. The five Brussels Treaty nations became part of NATO. • But, broad as NATO was, there Was a big gap in it. It did not Include Western Germany, a county whose military s till and manpower would be a powerful aid ►gainst any Russian march westward. • The French, .overrun by Germany three times in a century, and worried at the thought of a hew German ^army, proposed EDC {European Defense Community) a single army for France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and West Germany. This army would wear one uniform. Through such a single army made up of men from all six coun tries, the Germans could contrib ute to European defense and still not have a national army of their The French proposal was made in September, 19S0. Progress was slow. Finally on May 27, 1952, the six EDC countries signed their agreement. But the single EDC army couldn't come into being til the six parliaments of all six countries approved. So far none has. Why? Balking in France and Germany too. The reason: Politics and ancient misgiving about one another. Britain, which was able to keep its armed forces independent when it joined the Brussels Treaty group and NATO, stayed out of EDC •here it would have to merge them with other nations Britain argues it can't put all its eggs the European basket, that it has world-wide obligations. Secretary of State Dulles, on his recent trip, prodded the six EDC countries to stop stalling. These six EDC countries which m't agree on merging their mili tary forces have been able to do some very important merging on the economic side. On May 9. 1950. French Foreign Minister Robert benuman posed that France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg pool their coal and steel resources. The six signed the agreement April 18, 1951, and it was approved by their panaments m June, 1952. The plan creates a common mar ket for their coal and steel, knocks out tariffs between them on coal and steel, provides ,for a common tax. It began to work Tuesday n ing when 40 tons of coke moved across the German frontier into France, duty free. Auto Industry Warmly Greets Decontrols on Steel Output ■ WASHINGTON UPf— The market in steel, copper and aluminum was closer today to being free than it has been in more than two years. The decontrol-pledged Eisenhower administration weakened allocation controls Friday and promised to do away with them, except for a minimum to protect defense requirements, by June 30. • Price controls remain on the allocation-free metals, but all price controls are on the way out by not later than April 30. The new order was warmly greeted by spokesmen for the automobile industry— now relieved of a 1^2 million limit per quarter on passenger car manufacture— and others. But a big question was whether more steel could be found by manufacturers now free to go out and buy it. One informed prediction was that not too much difference would be noted immediately, but that the buyers would find more of the metal on the free market during the second quarter of this year. A scramble was expected among civilian users to get orders on the mills' books for future deliveries. Government spokesmen said Friday's order opened up the market in the three industrials metals this The issuance of Controlled Ma terials Plan "tickets" will cease. Formerly these authorizations had to be obtained from the government by users of the metals. Some got them as much as six months in advance. And production ceilings, like the one on automobiles, are out. The only limitation now will be that the government still will see that actual military and atomic energy production gets first call. It will continue to do that, under what spokesmen termed a simplified system, even after June 30. Couple Divorced 25 Years Will Remarry Today NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif, Ml —It's St. Valentine's Day and 25 years after they were divorced a couple is remarrying at the First Christian church. Leo B. Miller of Santa Monica and his wife separated 50 years ago after five years of marriage. They had a son, Howard. Eventually they were divorced and each remarried. Her second husband died and Miller's second wife died. Mrs. Berneda Givens today is changing her name back to Miller, and Howard's coming to the wedding. Beef War Goes on In Ohio COLUMBUS, O. (fl— The house-wives' rush to the .corner grocery for low-cost meats has tttpered off, but the price war is far from over. The price battle was stepped up today as Ohio market men con tinued to offer slashed prices on home-grown meat to challenge New Zealand competition. With the New Zealand beef selling at 39 cents a pound, meat markets were deluged with eager customers and at least one store lim ited the amount a customer could purchase. Then a Marion beef booster, Merle Wise, began his sale of cut- rate Ohio mcut Thursday at 39 to 59 cents a pound. Meat shops in other cities followed suit. A Cleveland store sold all steaks at 39 cents a pound— offered stew ing beef at nine cents a pound while hamburger went for cents. The quality of the foreign meat came under lire by the Cleveland Retail Meat Dealers association. It said the New Zealand meat was an inferior grade. But James Long, manager c Oberlin market, said customers in the college city of 5,066 liked Uie imported meat. Long's market finished selling its first purchase of 6,000 pounds of New Zealand beef yestciday, but Long said he has 2,000 i pounds for today. Editor Has His Way of Enticing Column Readers HOKAH, Minn.— </P>— Editors usu ally provide "continued" lines to help readers find their way around newspapers when stones are car ried over to other pages. Herb Whcaton, author of the col umn "My Point of View" in the weekly Hokah Chief, is different. He starts the column on page But at the bottom, citing the continuation, is the' terse line. "Hunt for it." Hardier pursuers of his weekly prose are rewarded, this week on page three, where the column continuation is headed, "You found it!" Four Students Missing After Bomb' Flight BUFFALO, N. Y. — Iff)— A search widened today for' a plane carry ing four Niagara university students who set out to "bomb" a rival campus with leaflets. The single-engine craft vanished Friday on a flight to Olcan— 70 miles south— where the "target was St. Bonaventure University. Niagara's basketball team plays the BOnnlcs tonight. Call 4-0871 for Emergency Heating Service February Is Cherry Ice Cream Month SEE YOUR HEY BROS. DEALER FOR THESE LUSCIOUS TREATS Delicious Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Made with Hey Bros, smooth 'n' creamy vanilla ice cream, loaded with delightful, top-quality, natural flavored cherries. Serve at Home Regularly This Month TEMPTING! APPETIZING! CHERRY ICE CREAM PIE 8 v ^ 'v^^^k A contains uencious tasiy . MEW 2-IN-l DESSERT t&pay! CHERRY Ice Cream n Cake Roll Extra creamy, luscious ice cream rolled into rich. dark chocolate cake. Just slice and serve. Treat your family today. W^WrZ^w 0 s* vanil,a lce cream— ^^jj^jj^r \ decorated to appeal to | ^^^^^K^^^^Hf A^iSin BUY ONE NOW! YdSfof^^ Pints and >y2 Gals. 6> Serves 6 to 8 — PURE i©f7/0§^7 /Bj^l^^M&^^) SERVE IT rich jri zST^A - rt: ^•^^/C/V^ and you HEALTHFUL .^^jl aiH^iin^il^JlJ^ PLEASE ALL NewspaplrHHCHIVE® Film, TV, Photo Artists Again Embark Upon Awards Circuit Hy BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD W— Here we go on the awards circuit again! When the California fruit trees are beginning to burst forth into blossom, it's a sign that the award season is with us again. Statuettes and plaques pop up all over the place, delighting the winners, the gold-plating companies and the trade papers, which bulge with congratulatory ads. Within a few days, I covered the Mother Denies She Wanted to Sell Her Son COLUMBUS. O. Wl-"I didn't have any idea of selling, my baby," says 17-year-old Agnes Castle Thomas. She and her husband were neld by Columbus- authorities who said the couple offered to sell the four-month-old Kicco Thomas jr. for SS00. A police sergeant and policewoman said Friday they posed as piospective buyers and paid S10 down for the boy. Thomas sr., 28, was chaiged with contributing to the neglect of a minor. Agnes Thomas. 17, said she only wanted a home for her son. 'Both denied intending to sell him. Relatives are taking care of Rioco jr. pending outcome of investigation by juvenile authorities. Akr.on School Girls Wear Dog Collars AKRON. O.— l/P>— You can fre quently spot an Akron school girl when she has a case of puppy love. She wears a dog collar-around her left ankle. Pleased merchants reported today that the dog collar market is booming here. Girls without any particular love interest wear the collar on the right ankle. When the interest settles on a particular boy. the collar Is carefully shifted to the left ankle. The collars are always worn over heavy white socks. That's compulsory. The apple blossom is the official state flower of both Arkansas and Michigan. Keep Posted on Politics Read Westbrook Pegler Pcge 4 — Every Night TV Academy awards, the Movie Academy nominations and the Photoplay award dinners. Also currently In season are the award events of The Screen Directors Guild, Screen Writers Guild, Redbook, Look, Pic and Click. Surely a reporter deserves stme kind of award for getting through all of them. The TV Academy's Emmy statuette may yet become a full sister to the austere Oscar. That will take a little time, but this year's TV Academy event was a professional show. Sole hitch came when Emcee Art Linkletter ran through three microphones before finding one that worked. The TV affair seemed to have even more excitement and electricity than the movie event. Maybe that's because it was held at a dinner, as the Oscar events were in pre-war days. By limiting attendance to a select audience, the sponsors' provided an atmosphere that was tense and responsive. It's possible that the Oscar presentations can be held in more intimate surroundings, now that the event is being televised. Voice of America Hearings Continue NEW YORK — lib — Sen. McCarthy iK-wis> continues today his Senate suocommittee closed hearings probing alleged "mismanagement ana suoversion in Voice of America operations. * Fifteen witnesses who were on hand to testify Friday were told to return today. Among those expected to testify is Albert H. Morton, director of the Voice. The five witnesses heard Friday, the first of the sessions, were How ard Fast, leftist writer; Virgil Full ing, cniet of the Voice's Latin- America news service; Edward Kretzmann, the Voice's policy director; Lewis McKesson, former project engineer for the Voice; and James Moran, former Voice en gineer in Honolulu and Ceylon. In -discussing the Voice of America Friday, McCarthy said: "I'm in no way interested in killing .the patient. The idea of the Voice is good. What We Do Today Determines Our Success Tomorrow/ DIXON WATER CO. Intonated Only to Co mm mil ty Service LAST TIMES TONSTE TYRONE POWER in "Pony Soldier" STARTING SUNDAY Dors Open 1 p.m. — Continuous From 1:30 Top Stars Reliving Today's Headlines in This Rousing Thriller Vm^-p^ ^J^^m f*o*K*4 by EVERETT RtSKIN V&W$tT^M by CHARLES VIDOR JTrrTTB' m**.* Script* by JO SWERUNG m tor GEORGE TABORI •od FREDERICK HAZLITT RRENNAN w by AIM M A PARAMOUNT nCTlMl LATEST NEWS - COLORED CARTOON Features Sunday — 1:50 . 3:50 - 5:50 - 7:50 - *:S0 Senate Out To Abolish RFC Agency WASHINGTON —(if) — Scandals which have plagued the Recon> struction Finance Corporation may get a new airing in a Senate move to abolish the huge government lending agency. A bi-partisan group led by Sen Byrd (D-Va) launched the new at tack with claims that "we're going to win," and senators opposing them conceded frankly that may be correct. First test of strength on the issue will come when the Senate Banking Committee considers the aboli tion bill, introduced Friday by Byrd and four other senators. They are Senators Robertson (D-Va), Bncker (R-Ohio), Ferguson' (R-Mich) and Williams (R-Del). The measure would order the RFC to wind up its lending pro gram by next Jan. 1. It also would hand over the agency's estimated 700 million dollars of outstanding loans to the Treasury department tor collection. It is believed that the art of making stained-glass windows was originated about the ninth century. Come in and see the f 953 SKELGAS RANGES Ill E. 1st { NOW! 129" We Install & Service Our Sa/es WAYNE WOLFE, d.b.a. BARRIAGE APPLIANCE STORE Phone 2-8711 John Agar, in Jail, Vows He Is Off Liquor HOLLYWOOD — «t— John Agar iwod todav that, with the help of God. he'll never touch liquor jain. The 31-year-old actor made the assertion in an interview at Los Angeles County Jail, where he is serving four months for violation of probation granted in 1951 after two drunk driving convictions. "I'm not saying that because I'm scared of getting arrested again," he emphasized. "It's just MU THE MEH B"«j m si The Dixon Evening Telegraph Saturday, February 14, 1953 Page 10 decision I've made since I've been in jail. Something that I have resolved wiunn myseii. Agar Is one of 77 prisoners — including rapists, gunmen, forgers — housed in a cellblock built to accommodate 36. John said that, as a late comer, he sleeps on the floor on a six-inch mattress. "HAIL RODS" In France, at the beginning of the present century, "hail rods" were erected to draw off electricity from the clouds and prevent hail from forming. I I Ridden treasures $40,000,000 Ox Carl When a British expedition captured the city of Luzon in 1762, Chan Lee Suey, a Chinese Mandarin who lived there, fled with his tremendous fortune. It was carried by ox cart into the vast swamp above Calumpit and buried. There is no record of its ever being recovered. Some.one may have found the treasure . . . and forgot to report. But that can't happen if you build a treasure for yourself at Dixon Loan and Building Association. You can see your balance grow from month to month as you save something every pay day. Open an account this week. STARTING SUNDAY TONITE "Black Gasila" and "Voodoo Tiger1' DOORS OPEN 1 P. M. CONTINUOUS FROM 1:30 Your Favorite Comedy Team at Their Hilarious Best AM BACK MJOWN! THE STOOGE EDDIE MAVFUnFF )nniuivii i wmmsm-mtmta FRED F.FINKLEKOFFEena MARTIN RACKW f and SID SILVERS

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