The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 7, 1902 · Page 11
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1902
Page 11
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S0NDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 7.1902- THE W*I ^^ ^^ PRANK CURTIS COMPANY IN HOLIDAY ATTIRE We invite you to participate in the good things we have prepared for the Holiday Season. With a display large at all times, we have made unusual efforts for this season. ALSO THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OP IMPORTEDCHINA To be found in the State outside of Chicago. Our line is very complete. K you want a first class article at a right price, we have it. A Marvelous Collection of Dainty and Attractive Articles Suitable for Christmas Gifts. The Handsomest Line Of Fine DIAMONDS Ever shown in the city; standard qualities only. We claim to be the closest priced house in the city. Inspect and compare prices. We Are Showing The Finest Line Of j Reliable Goods Embracing everything you would expect to find in a first-class jewelry establishment, including Diamonds and Watches, Jewelry, Clocks, Silver Novelties, Cut Glass. ?»-. ·««««:«« »®«®»®«»«®»®«®»®«®«®«3^a«®*®«^®«^^ Jewelers and Dealers in Fine China ci Art Goods Our Store has boon over 25 yearn at 153 B. Main Street, Dooatur, Illinois . . . . I Urging All to Smoke Dccatur Made Cigars. AND ENJOY GOOD HEALTH. This Will Also Help the Town Wuch. Tho Revknr has I*' n given n vote of thanks b tli member* of CKarmakers- union. No. 20. fur «n nnlclo printed n tow dnys ago concerning thu union's light on trust made clgarii. The. union Is Btlll «arrlng on the fight and will continue t light until the people who smoke are educated up to the fact thut the bluo label is an emblem of purlly and that cigars tliat do not have Ihe blue label are roml" in ·woaMiop* where the conditions urc not conducive to the he»l» of cither tho»o who make or those who »muk» Smoking is a luxury The more a nrna lov» to smoke tho greater lu»ury It IH. but if the most confirmed smoker g';" the Ideu that tlie man who made hl» t-lgar ·'ciulrwd water through hl» teeth m u.-ttlng down the leaf, as a Chinaman '"'H In sprinkling elnthes me will tics tute mil look for the blue label. The u n l i n luarnvikeii nrn using every meant In lielr pcmr to explain to rho smoker tho l l f f t n n c e In the manufacture of un'on me! non-union clK'irs, and arc also wnrklns with, the retail dealers In an ef- t,. »et them to handle only union in ide s r Js. OOOD FOR TOWN. turning primarily for their own Interests t l u l r work In the Ions run is for the (,-o.wi of the town, because If all the c l g n s smoked In Decatur wire, made nerc- there would be employment here for 300 rtgarni.ikers ut good wages. Instead of only »b ml s'xti-nlne. Three hundred lR,irmHkMs malting IIS to t!D a week \vcuila "I" "'I W.5W a week for tho ncccs- suri s nf life here In Decatur. Tho cigar- makirs don t ask any bonus for all this; they only ask the encouragement and pntrunnK »f the smoking people and they will do UK rent. U-:I:T ENCOURAGEMENT. IniriiiK the jiast week a-tomm tlee from tin- local union has lieen visiting the re- ttill ileiil ri and trying to get them to h,null u t i l i i n made cigars iind the m n i i n l i t t i I..n n u t with enrourngement. This ( i i m i i i t t i e l« also placing on tho id r~ nf tin- let ill dealers handsome Is f u r n i s h e d hy the International n Tin HI- i us* Iji ,ire expensive, but they in ike i K""I| advertisement. On each .ne Is Ihe blue lain I of t h n union Pinna Building Klwood commandery Knights Timplars nt CpiliiKlIc Id arc Kinsldcrlng n proposition to purchase a site fin- the construction nf .1 lodge Imlldlnp. Tin- proposition I" being promoted by Springfield lodge No 1. A K. and A M , provided ta.i nthei- local Judges and Klwood eom-' m.'tnderj- Join In Urn purchase. The proposed site lies ncuUi nf the First Pros- byUrlan hun h »'i Se\enti\ street and may lie purchns'd for n j u k e not exceeding ».W» The properly Is W feet front by 110 fett deep ISA BETTER New Towns Shot tea L;a?ae Mileage Considerably. ROCKFORDIS NOT APART- Cedar Rapids and Decatur Are Wide Points. With Jollet and luluciue in this l*«- lall Uugue lluckford IH no longer iwi ul-of-the-wuy place i.s It Had bccii In ho old circuit. The Jump from Hockloid 0 IHiliu|u« l» but n l m l y s l x miles, ' l "« rom Ilocktord V Jolkt. v a Chicago, but n^hT'old circuit the widest roach wan between Cedar KapldB «nl Bvansvtlle u Wane" ,,f 519 ml lei by th.- Chicago rou£ Now the longest Jumi lh«l could bo ma*o would l.i- from Hecatur to Cedar lapkki, u dtotunce ut Ml miles. So It « «.,, tlM- circuit liw-ludliiB Dubuouo Is horlcned 118 miles. will. I. Is the between EvansvilU- and Decatur. Decatur and moumlngton occupy mucm he nemo position now that Terro Hmito ,nd KvniiHvllle occupied In the old clr- ult They arc ut th« ttouthern end ot he 'league and u long jump from a unch£ [ l o t of towns In the north. From BloSlnlngton to Jollet I. elghty-nin* miles ii ml from Deoutur to tho prison city 1 ·· ra miles The*. distances given 1»- on will bo found IntereHlliiK '" allowing ho mileage necessary la nnklns » sclud- ile Rockford to Decutur-- 21» miles, Roekford «o Jollet-114 miles. Korkford to Dulnwue-- Wi mile*. Rockford to Davenport-- H7 miles. mibuque to Cedar Raplls-S9 miles. Dubuque Ho Dewitur-253 mllfH. Dubuque to lavenporl-- 83 miles. Jollet to Decatur-lSt miles. Jollet to Ccdur Raplds-299 miles Jollet to Davenporl-143 miles · 5CIOKB THE ELK A NEW sc CIGAR LOOK FOR THE PURPLE BOX t, W.FrUBOURU.Mf,. Joe ("Red") Wright is acquainted with Al Tcbeau. manager of the Jollet (earn and with several of the pluyen who mail up that team last season. He says Jolle never 'had as fa»t ball as was played In the Three- 1 the. past year, but that thor» wore one or two men on fhe Standard that might be considered fast onough. lo this company. He thinks, however, tba Tebeau has a pretty good Idea of ·*- ·peed he will have to go an-a that ho '.._ present a good team. Tobeau 1* u Chi cago man-- no kin to Ihe famous "Patsy. 1 He knows the men that 1'fefter brough down from t.'hlcago for his Dwatur team last year and It Is natural to suppos that he will select his team much «i« Pfcf fer did, from the Chicago bunch. Lelt man, a well known plnyon was a mem ber of Ttibeau's team in 1902. The Dubuqu* people are probably bette acquainted with the kind of ball thl league put* up. They have played I past yearn with Rockford and Ceda Rapids and held their own with those towns. Dubuque wan usually a member ot the Western, association In day* whe that organisation was a "Fourth o July" quitter. It will be something of new experience for the fans there to i through a aeason without ait lea»t choree of circuit. Dubuque will be tn largest city in the league and' If it I anyihin* of a baseball town at all 1 Should be able to hold Us own with the other*. Mr Mteutner of Fort W.iyw, Mr. dermon ot Marlon and Mr. Smith ot Ter- This week we continue our cut price sale on COATS, SUITS, AND BL.ANKBTS. BARQAIB8 OPFBRBD IN UNDBR- WBAR, HOSIBRY, MILltlNBRY, KID QL.OVB9, UMBRBL.L.A8, and In all kinds of DRB98 GOODS AND TABLB L,INBNS. Cloaks This week iwo begin a. cut price gain on all our Cloaks to reduce our stock and give everybody a chance to buy garments at low prices just when they need them most. $S for Indies' g«od serviceable Jackets in most all colors that arc worth up to 17. 17 M for choice of splendid lot of ladled' lln" kersey rim In in blarlca and castor (JhiulcK, iilwiiys Hold nt 110. $10 for ciliolco of very lino kersey Jacket* In tho very latest Monte Carlo styles. nil boautifully satin lined and really worth up to 111. but for this week's sale at only 510. Jj for ilinlcc of line assortment of chll- drcn/H .uid mlHses' Jackets, all nicely trimmed and worth up to 17. Infants' short coats at II, 11.25, 1160, liUil) and up to 15. Infants' long coats at II, II25, 11,50, 12 ana I-'.GO. rtlllinery Wo are selling all of our millinery and trimmed hatg at very low prices this mimth to reduce our stock. Trimmed hats at WOO. 12, J2.50, 13 and II, worth up to tf. Underwear 2!jc for ladles' union suits, Wo Wn«. 2!ie for boys' heavy fleeced shlrta and drawers, worth 40c. 25c for ladles' tioavy fleeced shirts and drniwon, worth 35c. 4Sc garment for men's heavy fleeced shirts and drawers, worth 66c. Hosiery C5c for ladles' heavy full regular made fleeced hose, worth 3Bc. ISe pair (or 2 pairs for 2Bc) for ladles' good heavy seamless fleeced hose, worth 20c pair. lOc pair for ladles' fleeced hose, regular 12%c kind. S6o for ladles' flne cashmere hose, a S5o ciuallty. 25c pair for all sizes of children's flne cashmere hose. · Blankets We for good 10-4 fleeced blankets, worth 65c 69c pair for heavier fleeced blankets, wm-th 7Bc. R3c pair for 11-4 heavy fleeced blankets, always (old at V pair. Comfort* 98c for sclendld cotton filled s'.lkollne covered i-omforts that air really worth J1.39 for h'.tvler puro cotton tilled comforts, .uunoi covered, hand knotted with fine yttr,. that ore really worth 12. Table Linen* Fast red table linen at 28c, »c and 4Sc yard . 48c yard tor line 72-Inch wide cream damask, worth 65c. Remnants of table linens at 69c, 89c S8c and 11.23 each. Remnants o' toweling at low prices thin week. Dreit Skirts Some extra values this week In our skirt department. 16 for choice of an elegant line of flne dress skirts some beautifully trimmed with band! of silk and tome o/ tucked styles, and all worth up to »7; this weelt at only 15. $1.98 for black or gray heavy walking skirts, worth I2.SO. 32.98 for splendid black or gray walking skirts, worth H. Silk Drew Skirts We are selling some extra values In line silk dress skirts this week at HO and $12.50 each. Kid Gloves We are selling a splendid wearing kid glove this week at We, worth $1.20. Mackintoshes I4.GO for ladles' flno bluo or black mack- iwhrK with plaid linings that aro wortli |6. Umbre Is %u for flne pearl and silver handled um- brellug that arc «Krth. 11.50. Kluer silk iimbrcllits for gifts at 12, 12 50, 13 and 13.50. Golf Gloves All colors In ladles' golf gloves at 25o pair, a .We quality. Men's golf gloves at 25c and 60c pair. Boys' golf gloves at Z5c a pair. Grocery Store Item Our grocery department Is located at in Merchant street. Our trade Is growing every week. More customers being added to our list of regular customers. · This week we will call »otlce to a few articles that you may need. 9 Ibs. of best granulated sugar and 2k Ibs. of Kansas hard wheat flour for II. Seeded rulslns. 2 packages for 2Sr. One pint of good maple §yrup and one package of best pancake flour for 29c. New cleaned currants lOc package. Good cracked hominy 9 Ibs. for 26c. Royal or Price's baking powder, 1 Ib. cans at 4fo can. Helns' Vegetarian beans, largo cans at ISc. Fancy oomb honey !0c Ib. Potatoes at Mo bushel. Northern Spy or Greening apples nt 40c peck. Arbuckle or Uon coffee Ho package. Sweet corn c can, 3 for zee. Peeled peaches at lOe can. Gallon syrup at 3Sc gallon. Try our coffee at 25c nnd Me por Ib. It l» better than many J8o coffees. We make a specialty of pure spices, teas and coffees, and we aollclt a ihare of your trade. Do your trading In both Dry Goods and Grooeriafl at our »tore» and by amving the tickets we giro you with every 8Oo purchase you can get beautiful Chtnm, Out Glass, Granite Iron Ware and many pretty Novelties with them,--OHA8. T. JOHNSTON. re Haute have 4wM SJ»Boiivted members the vacancies, of the new CentMJ tamgBdrcult commit- · «--*-K i.V and «ach wtU tt*3gate the conditions In Che cltto tkat fcave mode nppll- "·""·* ·" . _ . ._ m*_*. *^ »._ k.»i,i i_ « cnllon. and at :i to be held, In a cnlon. a tew w«ek» the/ will Mtect three to fill A , __ A from Terra Htaute rese Bement of tb. Bvw-vlll. baseball club wa» fcere toflair on torn way home from Wheeling, where he went to learn It the city, would be a member of the Mr. Bemtat «ay» that ·My will be accepted. Bhert* Hiatctty la at the head of tCMn. and " promise. 4,000 attendance at games. Mr. Bement aays ttoat BprlnffMO. tlw .lone; Jump from Indiana to NEWSPAPER!

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