The News from Frederick, Maryland on April 30, 1896 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1896
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VOL. 167. FSEDER1CF, MARYLAND, THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1896, 30 OBlfT8 A MONTH* Greatest Quantity. Highest Smallest Quality. Price. PLU ihe only brand of strictly high grade tobacco ever sold for a low price* Not the krge size of the piece alone that has made "Battle Ax" the most popular brand on the market for 5 cents, QUALITY; SIZE; PRICE. SAMEOF --FREEZE OUT | what you are playing freezing your' T by that old store whose days of use ! have passed, why not Inrest ix A JACKPOT | toe shape ot one of those fine nt'. atera which you will find at IE EXCELSIOR STOVE HOUSE. among wMcb are Hindsomwt, Heaviest and most }werfnl Heaters on the market. W have a great many otaen which on: forbids mentioning which we are |erlng at prices surprisingly low. TounReept-, . 8.--We also hare a fine line of set IhandstoTe*, (guaranteed as good t to be (old very cheap. J. WIL80H * 801 IAFTS. NOTES AND ACCOUNTS In any part of the United by the United States Buaineu 1*1 CoHeetlo Agency. ILLIANI A. MANSFIELD, tnt of the Frederick Branch, FBEDEBICBL, 3tD. NATIONAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION OP BALTIMORE CITY. BRNBST J. KKABB,Jr., - - Preiident JAMBS 0. MASON - - - Vice President J. WESIiBF OTJBSr - - - Treasurer DTBBCTOB3: SBSBST J. KN ABB. Jr.. of Win. Kntbe Co., Pano Uaaafactorers. CUHTOH P. PAlSB, of Paine * Mclaran, Binten and Broken. THOMaS W. HAT.1.. Attorney at Law. WILBUR F. JACKSOW, President Con'.Ineatal N'at'l Bint, BDWABD SAINB. Prop, and Pub- Q«rm»a Oorrespondeat. JAMBS D. MA30S. of The Jamei D. Maion Co^ Cracker Mtrs. K. fflNSLOrt- WH,UA*8. Attorner at Law. WM. P. HARVBT, Wliol-wae Pro»ttfoiis. M. McD. P£IoaAKD, General Manifer. Instalment stock does 60c. per month. Poll paid stock pajv S per cent, jeftrljv Apply to BAKER JOHX8OS, - - - Sole Agent. FBBDSBICS, MO. I Floor Tlat Rational Ban. (Xatrace on Church St.) . Marylaai. (REST HELFENSTEIN, ft-1'in ~tsr T 1TT*rl**il) West Patrick Street. itewlT LITEST KOY1L1TS8 BJ IBS. aorrtBvota. AX THBJTBWB Southern Mutual Building and Loan Association OF ATLANTA, OA. Northern^Dejurtmeat. No. 2 TO K. Senua St. Baltimore, Hd. QCIiLLO! STOK 5Qs, Fft ASSETS, hi? 1, 1895, - SO 5CEMBKRSBOJP FKES, 7 Per Cent Guaranteed OH PAID UP STOCK. FRXD1KICK BEAWCH: TH03 a. H4.LLBR. - - --- Prettdeot. OTHOJ.KBLt.tR. - - - Vtoe-PrtuMent. WM. T. ALBAtFOH. - - Secf y. and TTDM. BaXBR JOHOTOK. - - local Attorney. DIMCTOM. BAlTI* H. 8TKHBB. FKaJTKllN B. BIDTH. H. D_ DAJTL X. OtDBSt 4H. HABBT C. KBB7B. For tttvntozfe and infonuaUcux apply to any of the abore, or call on W*L V. AZBAUGH, A6BJTT. WANTED, ·m Vint Mortgage. L. X. inXDOBFF. Jr., Ho. 5 Court Street. B A K E R J O H N S O N , ATTORNEY-AT-UW 000.1 II. PULLMAN WEDDED Philadelphia Street Car Employes Again DissaibG-HU THE MES-S DEMANDS IC-SOEED. : Fmldrnt W«l«h IlwUm TtiMJ. th* I niou TraclloB Coaap*j»y Caauac AfrU to l*m Two XKH*r% forTm H«mr»* Work -- ·I K^n»wvi Trvatflir. Tti.v I'*IKW I .» U»tMtV · itm» Stn. frank lx.-»J*U- v :. »v. · Ajirtl ou -- The riiarrtajt* oj M.vo K.orviwr Pullmaif. tiitugbtrr of Mr iiiJ Mr» (itxr£v M Pullman, to Mr Kraiii. Orrv:: l^jwden, only touof Mr ami Mr» L. 0 L~w^-n, uf HuU»rU. I*., w*. »"!'ii;!iU'-«l la»t evening at the rotUicuc* oJ the briar » parent*. In Prairie aveiiur. In the liroscUiv of about 3UO :«lulvm aud intimate fra-nda. Th* brttlr a talrly brutirt:?. vrao. at- btmied by h'-r»:-t«?r. Mr». Krancts Carolan . Ajn! ll --A gei:rs! strlkr uu nil ilit- sirv-r- railway him of ili- Unlou Tnu-tiuu company w.i» onlrivd 1st* at 4 o'clock th:» nuriiL!i. wh^u the nr»t day cars werw due to begin tbi-lr runs. With the fXivptUia of two comparatively short i-jv--~ ·.«»!-! '"-.-^ ·*"· ---- ·-*";* *·"·· thin company. evury rttllwtiy Una ia thir city U aff.vt«?ki by the onK-r. Tbo coin pauy employ nearly b.OJO men. but how many will juia the *trtt« is a matter of conjtvturv at this time. The ordt-i- to strike emanated from the central board of thu Amalgamated A-RO- ciatiou of Street Railway Kmployes, aftor an nil Jar s^v-rvt iwssion. It wa* the direct result of correspondence between a committee of employes and J. Lowber Welsh, president of tho Uuiua Traction company, when a proposition offered by the men to submit their grievances to ar- bitnilion was summarily n'jtxsod by President Wel.-b. The railway men havu proceeded with the utmost caution and secrecy, and although it had boon ck-orfor the past three days that i critii» wa» itupdadiug the strike. order came rather unexpectedly to tho general public. To insure support by tho national board of the association such an order mut receive the sanction of tbac body, and so far us could be learned no r.Il.IU"-- I/.^iloii L.ul ueeli received iroiu the board up to last evening. It appears. however, that- such sanction was given as early as last Friday night, to be used only In the event of failure of the overtures for settlement. The movements of William D. Mahon, president of tho association, have been guarded with the utmost secrecy, bnt it Is authoritatively asserted that he la in tlii- city guiding the movements of the men, but that he is in hiding to avoid possible arrest. The principal question at issue is the demand of the men for *2 for a ten hour day. The company has positively declared that snch a demand cannot for a moment be considered. Orher grievances are alleged discrimination in favor of new employes since the strike of December last, and the dismissal of old employes for trivial reasons. The officials of the company declare that the men who desert the company now will never again be employed under any circumstances- This threat has had the effect of preventing many dissatisfied ones from joinine in the strike. A number of cars hare been running this morning, though far trom the regular quota. It is feared that there will be violence before the day has passed, as the few cars that have been running this morning have been loudly hooted by citizens. That the condition of the workers is deplorable is admitted on all sides, while there is general denunciation of the overbearing brutality of the railroad managers. The temper of th* railway 1 men has been demonstrated during the past few days by a number of vicious assaults on non-union men, bnt the police authorities are determined to prevent a recurrence of the riotous disturbances of the last strike at any cost. Jackson's Prosecution Closes. XEWFOET. Ky., April 30. --With the mercury in the eighties every seat in tho court house was filled yesterday, bnt no one was permitted to occupy standing room. At 4: 15 p.m. the commonwealth announced that it closed. The defense ·waived the usual custom in such cases in Kentucky courts of stating to the jury what it proposed to show. The court was thereupon adjourned until today. Attorney Crawford, for the defense, says he will bare about forty-five witnesses and about twenty-five depositions to offer. This, with the arguments, will carry the case Into next week. The prosecution ha» examined serenty-flr* witnesses and occupied eight days, Including on* day in securing a jury. No Re«pit« for Holme*. HABBISBITBG, April 80.--Governor Hastings has refused to grant H. H. Holmes, the murderer of Pitezel and many others, a respite. When he received the murderer's petition yesterd.'w pmvin? for a respit* in ord?r to allr.-v him suiBcient time to attend to a lot of business which he alleges he mus." trans,u:t b^'ore the day of his execution he no: slow in indorsing the petition. '-Applies.ion refund." Holmes will surely haaz on the Tth of May, and he can hope for no interference on the part of th? g »vernor. HoitilitT to Preroier Mvline. PAB-S. April :?.--While it is evident that there will be a sharp struggle in the chamber of deputies today as one of the results of th-2 form.i:ion of the new Meline cabinet the pres- this morning is less hostile, and concedes that M. Meline. in offering pormoiios to progressive Radicals. :«io;liMi .; r.jnciliatory course. The cabinet as cor.ipioteti i=, os published yesterday, with tnepxw.'riion that M. Boncher acopp^s ih^ minis-: rr of ro;iimeroe and M. Turrel that of pabi;- works. Cmptor«L HAVANA, April ·).--The Spanish gnn- T«oat M ··'i.rvw ··»' '·sotiired near Bens- cos. o» th» n-r,-h"T-ri ro-isr of the province cf P:oar dei R.o, ths Arasrican schooner O»»}Kvii-or. oi Key \Vest, loaded with arm* and ammunition, for whicb she was seeking a landing place. On board the schooner was the rebel leader Alfredo \ar bonlc. Dr. Dedia, correspondent of El Mosquito, a Key West newspaper, and three o:bar». ail of whom were arrested. Vegetarians say wa sboold eat no meat Dr. j. A. Deanfe says we should eat of all kinds of nourishing food, and if the stomach and bowels are lazy and rebel we should makethem digest it. Dr. Deane is the greatest authority on diseases of the digestive organs. Dr._t)Ms»*s DmtHhi Wll* *id ir«i» .na fyxl, mac cere a 1 ' forms of O. LOWPtS. FLORtSCE PVLLMA3I of rviu t" rain-Info; M!M rVlirlU' i.)(jl-sli\ . daughter of i-i-(iovernor and Mr*. KU'hurU J. O K lesby of Klkhart. III*.; Miss Florence Al^or. daughter of ox-'Jovoruor nn-1 Mrs. Ku.i^wll A. Al^-r of Detroit; MIN.N Bortha \\Vst of Xew York, a couslu of tlu bride, nnd Mi-w Florenoi! ClurVu of tbS city. The bridnl gown vf»s of ivory ducht*KM- satin. fivh!on.*d after a court gown of the Ixmis Seizo period. Tho groom was attended by Mr. H«-tiry It Da\vo. of Pittsilt-ld, lliiks , ». U-l man. Mr. Frank Hamlin, Mr. Koilo^tj Falrbank. Mr. Clarence TVook-y. Mr. Waiter Horrick, Mr. tioor^e Pullman ami ilr. Sauger Pultman acted us ushers. A reception to which 2,000 invitations wcr* issued followed tho wedding. LattT in the evening Mr. and Mr*. Lowden left for the eiist in Mr. Pullmun's privuto car. CRIPPLE CREEK'S WOE. Another Great Fire Reault* In Four Death* and Injuries to Many. CKIETLE CREEK, Colo., April:».--A flro which broke out in thu Portland hotel shortly attr noon ypstTuny destroyed about all tlmt was left of Cripple Creek after the great conflagration of last t^nt- nrday. Four persons were killed by explosions and at least fourteen Injured, several of them fatally. The dead are J. Griffith, George Basset r and two others unidentified. Injured: E. H. Small, John Rloe, E. Evans, George E. Youngstron. L. Maroney, E. Bradley, E. H. Smith, superintendent of the water works, George Lyden and John Kreiger, and eight others, names not yet learned. It la thought that Lydim and Krelgex will die. A special policeman shot and killed an unknown man found carrying awny valuables from a burning building. The flames spread with great rapidity, and although strenuous efforts were made to cheek the progress of the fire by blowing up the buildings with dynamite, thisy proved of no avail. All the business buildings are in ruins, and nothing is left of the town except the railroad stations and a few scattered houses. The ore raged fiercely all the afternoon, and only died out at night for lack et fuel on which to feast. Over seventeen blocks of buildings were wiped out, and thousands are homo- 1*80. Tents hav* arrived from Denver, and In these the stricken ones are living. The origin of the fire appears to have been accidental, though the general belief Is that it was incendiary. There has been, talk crediting Saturday's fire to snch origin, and this one, coming so close upon it, gives rise to the suspicion. The facts appear to discredit the suspicion. Frant Angel, the Portland chef, cannot be found. It is reported that a pan of grease on the range blazed up and caught the grease soaked boards at the back. The entire side of the wall was ablaze In an instant. Awful Fireworks Explosion in India. LOXDOX, April 30.--The Times has a dispatch from Simla, India, which says that an explosion of a box of fireworks on the Bombay mail train, near Ghaziahad, wrecked the car and hurled the occupants along the line. The train was packed with humanity, and a horrible scene' ensued. The natives, who made up the greater number of the passengers, jumped recklessly out of the windows with their clothes ablaze while the train was going at full speed, maddened with the pain and panic. Three of them -were killed and eleven of them badly injured by jumping. Several others were burned to death in the car. Mine OriTers* Strike Canoe* a Snntdown. PITTSBUKG. April 30.--A strike of drivers has caused a suspension of five large mines in the Tom's Run district, near Carnegie- Not more than forty men quit ·work because their demand for an advance in wages was refused, but they hare made about 700 diggers idle. The strike Is not sanctioned by the miners' district officers, and every effort is being made by them to affect a settlement. The Egyptian Debt Tottd. CAIRO, April 90.--The action of the French syndics** of bondholders against the commissioners of the public debt was resumed yesterday. Arguments were heard on both sides, and it was announced that judgment will be rendered on May II. Consul General Ie Sworn In. , Va., April 30.--General Fitz- hngb I/e* appeared before Commissioner Adkins yesterday and qualified as consul general to Havana. He expects to leave for his post of duty next week. XH J. A. DKANE CO.. Kioptoc. N. V. NUGGETS_OF NEV/S. A commercial modus Vivendi between Argentina and BraxU ha* been concluded. Russia and Spain have mutcallr agreed to convert their respective legations into embassies. The drought in Spain has almost destroyed, all oereal crops. The low thus far is fl90.OW.000. Joslah Friend, a lawyer, was thrown from his bicycle and killed while crossing » railroad track at Roanoke, Va. The comptroller of the ttwwnry ha* »a- thorized the organization of the Pattison National bank, of Elkland. Pa.; capital, $100,000. The Xaval Militia association, composed of representatiTen of the t-nrton? state na- ral militia organizations. i.« holding it* second annual mevtiog tn Baltimore to- dar. Green books which have been issued show that Italy, in the ponce negotiations with KlngMenelik. stipulated that if Italy renounced her protectorate over Ab/tfsinia K should not be replaced by that of anj The Uaauimous Choice of the Democrats of Pennsylvania. OOSVEHTIOS8 IS OTHER 8TATE «twMB MaKlttl*; »»^t Cull U ItlUak--IUputiU«« Apia in ·llchtpw Uvmurrmla OppoMt Fr»« Silrrr asut Uiutulppt U»m»«r»U tadon* It. X-. l»a. t Apnl 3k.'. -- Rotwrt KIII- ·rjr 1'aciUou wtu vmtorxlay uaauimouiilr »nd «nthu-ln«ltca!lT tndarwMl aalhoi:h.''.vV of the Demooracy of Penu*ylviuita for th- prosiJfti-.ini Humiliation at Chkagu. Tin- ·ouiul money iculd utiuidard ptaiforui pnv- to o*ru*(Uy *iii;H)rt Mr. Tat- oll National Chairman William K. Harrlty a por^oim! triumph Mcoiid ouly to that of Mr. I'aUUon. Kverylhlug hi- aiikoU for he «*!, anil hi* "unit rule." in- Blructing tin- ilrlotcnten to ChlooKO tonbltU- by the will uf the maiorlCr, wiut through with even lea* oipo*l(lou than hiul IKX-U The dclri;»t-A ami vl-,k.iri mod* aliuouc B horo of Mr lltvrrity, boiogluit him with their attention* whotievor lu nppsarrtl In public. The platform aduptttl uiulsiKHH-hi^ uttartil showtnl no tndlcadous of divipair. Tho spirit uf httrinony provalletl to n Krvater tlegruo thun for »evt'ral year*, ntnl everybody bwnutl to thiuk thut the n.-imo uf PultiMta will \vi-rk wotulerslti thu ntitta thin fall, if his onudiditcy for thu pn?»ldcn- tlal nomination is Indorsed at Chlcagu. The proffnim as outlined in yastorday'K dispatcher w:is carried out with Uttlo al- tumtion. WUllam B. Glveu. of Lnuensti-r, ~.v^o t». liipvrafi lUtfcirumu nuii ijwi^ni .^i. Lowry was chosen permanent chairman. The ticket chosen Is as follows: Cougrcumen-at- largo-- John M. Brndon of Washington county and Benjamin C Potts of Delaware county. Delegates-at-larRe -- William P. Hnrrlty. Robert E. Wright, J. Henry Cochrnn, Charles A. Fngan, Dr. John Todd. Benjn- mln F. Movers, Johu S. RUllag and John T. Lonabau. Elcctors-at-large-- William M. Slngorly, Jivmes Donton Hancock, A. H. Coffroth and George W. Guthrle. GEORGIA'S UtTELY CONVENTION. The Colored Delegates Chowte a Conttnt- Inj Dvleciktloa to SU Loan. ATLAT,TA, Ga., April 30.--Tho Goorjiia Republican convention doclared for a gold standard, nnd then A. E. Buck, J. H. Devcraux, H. A. Ruckor and H. L. Johnson were nominated for delegates-at-lnrgp to the St. Louis convention. The selection did not satUfy tlio negroes, who ·wanted R. R. Wright, as one of them, and they howled and waved their arms and raxed wildly as they pushed towards the speaker's stand. AH «oon B» thf npmnr be?rTM.r; Co!"n"5 Buck yielded the gavel to Mr. Walter Johnson and retired. The nogroes swarmed about Mr. Johnson, and shouted hoarsely In his car as tliey shook their lists in his face. Mr. R. R. Wright yelled for the roll to be called. The police were called forward and cleared the speaker's stand, but as soon as the bluccoats disappeared tho mob surged again about the chair, and Wrjglit again mounted the stand. Chairman Johnson caught him by the leg and tried to put him down. Ho wag ·bout to fall and threw his hand bock to steady himself. It caught in tho chairman's collar. Ten or more black hands shot out from In front of the staod and pulled Wright to hb, feet, and ho resumed bis speech, while the chairman tried to free himself. Thr- stand w.-n pnrtlRlly cleared again, and the chair received a motion to elect the four delegate.? named, put the motion and declared It carried. He then left the stand. Suddenly a portly man forced an opening between the negroes, snatched the gavel and in a very excited manner called the convention to order, and in the midst of the din nominated Rev. K Love as chairman of a new convention. Love was declared elected, and bovrled out a speech heard only by those within six feet of him. It was decided to call tho roll for the purpose of electing Wright In place of Johnson. A list of counties was obtained and a man started with it to the stand, but was "held up" on the way and tho list stolen. No other Hit of the counties could be found, so a eommlrtte wa* appointed, one from each congressional district, to nominate four delegates from the stateat large. Another committee was appointed to report a platform and then the delegates, ·who had howled themselves tired, lapsed into qcietude to wait for the report of the committees. The bolting convention finally ad- jonrned afterxSndorsing Buck and Johnson, two of the delegates named by the regular conrentlon, and R. R. Wright and J. H. Herrington as contesting delegates THB IIXtHOIS CONFLICT. 8*B*tor Cnllon'* frlmnm Fighting to veat In*tmctl«n» for McXIoley. SPBISOFIELD, April 80.--It has not yet been decided whether the deleg»tes-at- large to represent lilinoi* at the national convention will b* instructed. The state convention met at noon yesterday, nomi- nted John R. Tanner for governor and W. A. Xortbcott for lieutenant gwernor, and tb*n adjonrnffd tintil today. Xc~or before In the history of the state has the attendance at a state convention been at large a» was that of yesterday. Folly 13.- OOOp*oplegatb«T*d together in the great dome building at the state fair gronnde. to watch the proceedings of the conren- tton. The first bnsineM for today is the nomination of a secretary of state, then an an- ditor. a treasurer and attorney general. Then the resolution instructing the national delegates-at-large to s upport a candidate at the national convention at 5t Louis will be acted upon. If the followers of Major McKlnley hare the strength they will instruct the dei«gatss to support him at St. Louis The friends of Senator Shelby M. Cnllom will 5o nil in their power to prevent instructions for McKln- ley. This morning both sides are on the alert, but not even the leaders thems*lres can predict with any degree of certainty what the result will be. Th* platform is unyielding and emphatic in its demands for honest money, and opposes "any and every scheme that will give this oounCry a currency in any way depreciated or debased." Th* d*lecates-at-large decided noon hf th* commute*! appointad for that purpota ar* M follows: Dartd T. Littler of Spring- 4*14, ex-Oor*rnor JoMpfe W. Flf*r *i or .·? ;*:«· CLU Hlr»»h of 'U Clark \)i Ma «ovi R. W. mB* pr«»- vi M S. K»paV)ir»n» lor StrHluUy. M«i.\TfEi J K a Apnl ^' -Tbe dopiij aad br-»dih jt KrpuL'Uoan:»ui it: (h ir*cji M"li[ltalU Stale \**» lUtvir lU«ul(r»t tu Jt»- U'rjay'» tlnif CXMJ \rntiou lu · |vrfvl f urur» of enihutiuiii thr ix-sivpiitlou !o- ciiirt^l i:» iirefrivit.'- for McKtnltry as a ptv»ljcui!a! ramt!i!.tU by a vparkle rrfcj- lUtUm. but Ktthhcld luittrUi'tlun* a* tu huw thff \ i-riuout d«t*t(alUm thouUl TOto mi th« smtKintU tH«nrfntion This latter actuu wa» the r«4ult of a compromlfc* by tho Ktwsl, moil wbi«- di-»liv fur a drclara tluu (ur their .11 mi wct» met by a pmlic tiou uf .MrKloleT im-n that In such au rvent lh- platform would surely daclarp fur Mi-KtnK-y. Ur»t. la»t and all the time.'. · iii/ (.uUTviitUm Uinlruv.-tluns. IWfwt for frw Slli.r In DrntoiT. April 9J --Sound money had won aojinph'tc- victory when thu Michigan DuiiuK-rntto stutv cimvvullusi (uljuurtiod shortly iiftrr s o'cl'x-k Irv-t night. On the qtiMtiims vrnifh \vutv IIIDNI flutrly c»n- tt 1 * 1 **! thl* vlot'irv w.t :i.'.-inipll»h«l by the iiarruw murgin »f tlfiy-elghty mnjor- ity out of a total tif !hi:iu ·'« vuti't. Tli» fro* nllv.r -.»tittiij,-"!it ti.iU tln-tr drMit hunt, but thvrc i- ti» .usti. ipatinri of any bolt to spotik of.,;)! i«. !i talk was indulgixl in by a f^w uf sin- riulu-nU Tlu- dolo^fit.-ii-ut-lar^i- U I'iiii'.i^*. .ir« Klliott C. Stovi-n-jn. Th"in-i- \ K \VeadocV, Robert R. Ulnck-r u u d '.'. t -r VVIilto. sippl Ujmocnitio *t.!i.- i-i:ivou-ltni dr- ol»tvtl In favor of fit- · im.l unllmltotl oolua'^oof silver and ^il 1 :·.; tin: ratio if in to 1, and in5trin:titi« th- d-'lcxa't'i to Ohlcair« "to ni w\n fi.-- *»^..^. * - » '" ^i--- prusldout who U not f u l l y un 1 ii'ic(|'.ilv.- cftlly In fuvur of the prlm-ipli- ubovi-cx pressed." Messrs. A. J. M'-i.tiirlii. I'. !). Money. E. C. Waltlnll. .t. /. iJ-o-^.- aiul R. H. ninds weru rhosi-n a* (Mr-rutr-. ;o Chicago, tho flve casting tUo fo'.ir v«ti' tu which tho Rtata 1» entltliv! 'I' i · i- i - j-.v:i tlon declared for Walthnll ··· i':i · u )::»i)»iT for vieo prvsitltiiit. Kx-Gorrntur PRttUDii I l i - i r d Troui. DKSVKH, April !».--Ks i;.v.'inm-Unli-n E. Pattison, of IVnn^ylvuns.i ar.-:\ .'. :n Denver yesterday from a t o u r tli-"ii«li i'»« Black Hills with a pany ol IVnnsvl- Tanlans. He said ho bad IK.VU uwiin- of a movement in Pennsylvania with a \icvv to his Indorsement for tho pru.-,ldom-y. but he did not know In ndvuuvo that it, w.v- the intention tn Rive him such an indorse- ment. He s»id be stood on the platform adopted by the Pennsylvania convention, bat he» could not say what steps he would take If the Democratic national convention should declare for tho free coinage of silver at 10 to 1. THE BURDENSJN LONDON. Bin. Harden E*llifl«d That the Stolen Juwol* Are Hen. LOSDOS. April 30.--I. Townsond Burden, of Now York, with hi» wife and daughter and Mr. Llndsoy, tholr attorney, arrived lost night, having cotno from tho United State* to claim tho jowols which had been stolen from their home in New Tork on tho night of Deo. 27 lost Tho party called upon Detective Inspector froost, who arrested William Robert Dunlop, a bntler, and William Turner, a footman, who hod been in tho employ of Mr. Burden in Deoembor last, when his wife's jevrols, valued at $58,000, were stolen. Mrs. Burden was speedily convinced of her good fortune when Inspector Freest produced the list of the artlclas recovered from the persons of Dunlop and Turner and from biding places in their lodgings. Tho list prorod a ::orruut dusvrlptlun in every detail of the missing jewels. Mr. Llndsey sold regarding tho COM: "I apprehend there will b* no difficulty in regard to the extradition of the two thieves. Mr. Burden will call at tho United States embassy tomorrow on that business." Mr. Burden was also asked abont tho disposition of the reward which had been offered for the recovery of the jewels. Ho replied: "I must have the jewels in my possession before settling that." rs iM\d The Transvaal President '* Reformers" from Dsalh, BDT FILL HOT PA3DOK THEM. Th* Jt»» Will rrubabl. b* rtawt, ·DrU anil Tb«a ItaoUhiHi for · Hoir lh* Tvuipunkrlly "-r~-|r PRKTOKIA Ac'fll i' -l)r W. ,'. - of »:»i^ uf th- S.ut!i African mforuuxl ,-tr Jm-uL-U). A t!!;iltmattc om'iit. yuaterday theiVatU i"im(u»i \ini--v.xl upon Juhn H.tyi ttaniiti.iiij. Col'iiiel Klunlen Mtd vi!.u.. ..; ,11. .i,iuiuiufttir|( rtfturiti union on Momltiy U.-vl U-.-H remUtivl, but It bad nut yrt Ixvn ilii'iilfd form of puuialk- ment w.nilil l» -iibottiuiod for that whlok ha-\ lx.:i .lUiti'loiiml The ju.l^.-. t u m t m i i i i i i K u p o n Tuesday, said .'»· It.ul ti'i i|iu.iu init !'j pus»«eni«n*» nivurttliiK to tlio Koiimn-Dutch law. Co»- tuiuln;,-. In- sa:a tilclionirh Dr. Janw- iiit h.ivi- roiiu« into ttio country t :h u-:»h »f t!:c pr:*,ir'.«r« nuil fa* hi* own purpose* nr (,r tlvo purpoeiaa of tho Uritioii Chriru-r-tt South African oom- "chooner Prob«bly POUT TOWSSEND. WasJL, April 30.--Tho steamer AIki, from Alaska, bad as passengers two vrvler*. Gu=s Putewon and a half breed. Siwash Jimmy, who left Victoria Jan. ·£ in H »enling schooner, the City of San Diejj". While hunting seals on April 4 they were Im- in n blinding snow storm, and finally went on the Alaskan beach 500 miles wrst of Sukii. Their feet and hands wen- frozen «·: i iT They were picked up by Indian.-*. A- th.- City of ^an Diego has not bci-n ^.^'.il'-d si act: the night of the storm JVt-.-rsi-n u i,f the opinion that she was li-«t T--iCd to Mnrder Hi" Wife. H.\I:TKi)!sr. \iri! '·· - KilaarJ K. Bethel, a member of xin- ' iliHMliiian Blind'' com- puny. now p..iyniir a* the Grand Opera Hoii^*. )J-,i^ji:. aiiri::;)U.-d to shoot his wife, a !;ii");'--r o' t!:i- SVilliam H. Crane coinrwiny. now pl.ijinc in this city, at Hotel IfniihWn l.-v»i rvcnlnif. Five shots ·wrn- (irf~i n: hir. tint, none if them took pffvvi B":l,i-I i-i in-w under arrest. Mrs. B-tb;-!. IM:-. - kiiiiwa in theatrical circles as I;;K'.:I^ 1'' :. r. ha.- b^'n -scparoted from her 3i:iV : M,;(I ;or oin* - tjmt 1 . SEPl-.n '»'· '«*"!·».. girls of t n e "itv .TP mand an inr-'.D-e ::i amcntb ··)*!". r»~.: ·r the wir; ;h-.-i Girl* on Strike. i -·. -- The servaot n *rike. They de- jt-.-^ from ?IO or $12 "'w- of tb*ir abiluy vt- to do. TUP girl* » *i~ f-*y -- ^ % -va;-- ha tbedenvind for in the trirl^ !. .v- ().i',t who h.ive reui-vti the demands arr l"ii!ie b \co;! uot gst giris for love or monry SHrrr Find In ..·raQ-i-mvv^, P.!. Apr:: Til -- '-, r'. i. TBln of »ilver has bf-n struck br thi- .\\-w York and Pennsylvania prosrv^- «..-, A\. Soath Canaan,Wayneooun'y H'»w««vn- ·ive the vein i cannot yet hf B*cfrt».ni-il There Is cor.»'. i.:riVn;excil*ni-nt ioroujn- oat the count/ in consoqnt-nce of rh- Curoiritz Much \V'or^^. ,. April :*).--I).SIM;C-,.-- recrived here from Xice eay that rin healtn of the czarowitz, which has, Jwn precarious for a ionjt time past, has taken a sudden turn for the worse, (rival an *- tety is felt here. A St. Peterabarg tele^raiB «tat«« tbat PiUce rwltwd at Bilcvift will, oa St PMtnbvrg, prae*ad to Parti, FBKSID1JIT KBC8IB. pany, ttio fact runmlno-l that ho caino t» tho border nt tho invitation of tho reform committee, and If they had not Inrttwl him thrru would not have been an Inroai from another country. Could the prisoners reasonably oxpovt morcy for such a. uprious crime as high treason? After nmikrking thut decorum hod betn maintained during the trial, he said It wax his painful duty to pass the sentence* required by law. At th* some time bo expressed the hope that the eiocutlv* would fthow the sumc clemency as it displayed to tho mL'iiibeM of the Jameson party. Tbon, amid profound silonco, th» judge sontcnced, Individually and separately. Lionel Phillips. George Farnur, Colonel Francis Rhodes nod John Hayt TTummonfl to death nnd la tho torcgoing order. Tho prisoners were perfectly calm and merely bowed to the judge when their sentence* wcro pronounced. Tho judge thun sentenced tho otbar prisoners to pay Ones of $10,000 each, to undorfo two years' imprisonment, and to three years' baniahmont, although the latter punUhmont is mode subject to Utu will of tho executive. The sentences pronounced caused consternation among all classes here, and it was the general opinion that counsel for the defense made a great mistake in not Introducing evidence by vidiich tho accused would be tried In proportion to their ro- spectlvo offenses. Instead of placing them all upon the same footing. The judge did not give weight to the pica that the prisoners were more guilty of folly than of crime. The prisoners are very bitter, and coa- tider that they wore ill advised In pleading guilty. Fully forty of them avow that they could bnvp proved their entire innocence of connivance or participation, except in joining the movement late in th* day and 1n signing the manifesto. Nothing, they say. could have been proved ·ac- cept this nnd their giving a large check to the relief fund for people temporarily ruined by the January crisis- It was predicted after the death sentences had been passed that It was mot* than likely that President Krnger would commute them to heavy fines, imprisonment and banishment for a long term of roars. Telegrams were put In as evidence during the trials of the Reformers which, from a cipher discovered in Dr. Ja.m»»ott'« baggn?? after the fight at Doornkoop and the surrender of the raiders, prove 11* complicity of the Chartered South Afrio* company with the Johannesburg reform, leaders and Dr. Jameson. It is said that documents in the possession of the Transvaal government compromise notable personages and the officers in charge of ttw English army. Imprisoned In MOTTO Cutle. KET WEST. Fla., April 30.--The schooner Competitor, which was captured bytlw Spanish gunboat Mensagera, shipped on* from, hero about 13 o'clock on the night «f the 21st. The steamer Muscotte arrivod from Havana last night. Jnjt before ah* left Havana in the afternoon a gunboM came 5n trith sixteen Americana and seven Cubans, one woman and on* chfld, ail in chains, and they were placed i» Morro Castle. Soon afterward anottwr gunboat towed in th* Competitor Th* prisoners, it is believed here, will b* shot. Indian* Xia*n on Strife*. April 30 -- Th» action *f *he Indiana Wt-uminons coal operator* ia reducing the wage* »chednto trom sixty t» thiny-fire cents bore trait yeaterday ia » ·trihe of the miners at -rarions point* ta the coal beU. The officers of the Island company, which has headquarters in this city, received word by telegraph that all of their miners. 400 in number, struck yesterday morning. The miners are, oonft- dent that all of the miners In the stat*. fully 4.000. will qnit work, and that all the mines will close down. « IJbertT for LtO?nxS. April 33.--The Som- correspondent of The Daily News tel-Jaraph* that the Vatican officials hav* learned th« on the occasion of the coroaation of ib*j czar A proclamation will be Issued grarij ing liberty of conscience thronghout^ dominions of Russia. The holy is added, is vehemently trying the i.sue of the proclamation. Steamer »o»t. r«ro Hnadj SKAXGH.VT. Anril SO turrud at Woo Iween the steamers ·Wo. The Utter

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