Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on February 14, 1953 · Page 9
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 9

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1953
Page 9
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph Saturday, February 14, 1953 LEG^LPJUBLICATION February 14, 1953 "NOTICE is hereby given that application was made on January 19, 1953. by the Western Union Telegraph Company to the Federal Communications Commission to re duce the open hours of the tele graph office at Dixon from the present hours of 8:00 a.m.— 9:30 p.m. ^Monday through Saturday, S:30 a.m.— 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. —6:00 p.m. Sunday to the hours 8:00 a.m.— 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.— 6:00 p.m. Saturday, 8:30 a.m.— 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Substitute service will hereafter be available during the reduced hours through the Western Union Telegraph office at Sterling. Illinois. 12 miles distant by telephone. Any member of the public desiring to protest or support the closing of this office may communicate in writing with the Federal Communications Commission. Washington 25. D. C. on or before March 6. 1953." Feb. 14-21—1953 Kd Worley M2. High ; n WIM«rd"':':n" Rus« Hick-» Hoylr_20S, \\>lt Klfln 21 | Morning ««»» ■s^»^^y*^B '■ *™ I Bj "FRIDAY" i ESLTwntr*" 2 WOMKVS BLACKIIAWK TOCHNEY ^ ^Mary Janr^Gehain had ^thr high ^^J" , p.p.. MM-mmnushay Fr^mU^rticc n]'rV » ^ J«"5t Thcmai V^lnia* Mlf" '* High Jnd ffiltJ C^M* mwVr 515 Els" Phauh" BlMno^Lamb High team series— Gold Bugs 2719 SHAW TRINTINr, I.K.xr.lK !rrnn<l with 11-21. Hlch ho«lfr< wer* 4 Th« Shaw Prlntlns leasn* ^ h;\v'. IromamiH Don ^"n^. "Jj^'' <>csr 4 In the Major league Belem Bread ^e3B^th^J;^n%1B!°pJ:'rp.,Vri'ck roints of'peter Pipers, In fir-: «ith 54-30 ^™^ee,1 ,2Brp"*'by Scarlett* Baker ' rt«t"on!h" H*RhrbowlersOUweVe D^on Oii. H™" Baptist. Fred Page. 5fi3: St. James. Carnival By Dick Turner T. M. *.c. O. J. Prt. Off. "I always say you get out of life exactly what you put into it— less taxes, of course!" Side Glances By Galbraith ••I'd better buy dad a cheap corncob pipe for his b.rtlv ' day— already he thinks I get too much allowance. rc.»t»itrlan : rnbyt«rl»'o I (radio] SATURDAY AFTERNOON i :25 WGN— Sam Hayes, news 1:30 WGN— Chas. Kasher WBBM— Paul GiDson W.IJD— News; Music Mart WCFL— News; B. O'Connor MS WfJN—Record Relav !:00 WGN— News; Record Kciay WBBM— Paul Gibson WMAQ— House of Music WCFL — Ballroom WIND— News; records !:10 WBBM— News VBBM — Josh Braay 45 WGN— Garden of Eden 00 WGN— News: Record Relay WBBM— Paul Gibson WIND — News; music WJJD— Rosemary Wayne WCFLr-Ballroom :15 WBBM — Josh Brady :30 WGN— Record Relay WCFL— News; B. O'Connor WJJD— News; music 1:00 WGN— News; Record Relay "WBBM— Capitol Cloakroom WCFL— Topper Time WIND— News; music 4:15 WJJD— Record Row 5 :30 WGN— Collector's Corner WMAQ— Rio Rhythms WCFL— Marty Hogan WBBM— Sat. at Chase wr ,S— Merrv-Go-Round :45 WJJD— Suppertime Frolic :55 WMAQ— News i:00 WGN— Collector's Corner WMAQ— News WBBM— Health Aids WTND— News: music :15 WLS— American Farmer WBBM— Washington. USA Funny Business iv mvei hi 10 iormer WMAQ— Symphony Scrap-book 5:30 WGN— Sonr Shop WMAQ— NBC Symphony -WCFL — News; B. O'Connor 5:40 WGN— Health Clinic 5:45 WGN— Song Shop WBBM— News WLS— Around Radio WIND— Linn Burton 5:55 WGN— Baukhage, newt EVENING 6:00 WGN— H. Earle. news WBBM— Country Style WCFL— Bob Elson WLS-News WIND— News; music 6:15 WGN— Report From Washington WIND— Sweet and Solid WLS-Hymn Tims WCFL — Howard Miller 6:30 WGN— Down You Go WBBM — Vaughn Monroe WIND— Sports Review <WCFL— Tenpin Tattler WLS— Variety Program 6:45 WLS— August Richards 6:55 WGN — C. Brown, news 7:00 WGN— Twenty Questions WBBM— Gene Autry WMAQ— Bob and Ray WCFL— Howard Miller WLS— Hayloft Hit Parade WIND— News; music 7:30 WGN — Unshackled WBBM— Tarean WMAQ— Reuben. Reuben ' WLS-Hayloft Frolics WFJL— De Paul vs. Du-quesne; N. D. vs. St. Louis 8:00 WGN— Song Fellows WMAQ— Pee Wee King WBBMf-Gangbusters WLS— Barn Dance WIND— News; Dance Party WFMT— The Gondoliers 8:15 WGN— Health Clinic 8:25 WBBM— Win Elliott 8:30 WGN— Gov. Stratton WMAQ— Grand Ole Opry WBBM— Quiz 8:45 WBBM— Music for America 9:00 WGN— Theater of the Air WMAQ— City Serenade WBBM— Adlai Stevenson WIND— News; music 9:30 WLS— The Buccaneers WMAQ— Music for Moderns WBBM— Gov. Stratton WEAW— Wis. vs. Mich. 9:45 WLS — News 9:55 WMAQ— Red Feather 10:00 WGN— Senators Report WBBM— News WMAQ— News WLS— Barn Dance WIND— News; E. Hubbard 10:15 WGN— Garden of Eden WMAQ— Jim Lowe 10:30 WGN— H. JSarle, news WBBM— Operation Brotherhood WMAQ— Adlai Stevenson 10:40 WGN— Song Souvenir 10:45 WGN— Wayne Muir WBBM— Dance orchestra 11:00 WGN— Jimmy Palmer WIND— News: G. Lombardo WMAQ— News WBBM — News WCFL — Melodies 11:15 WBBM— Top Tunes 11 :30 WGN— Chicago at Night WCFL— News; music WBBM — Dance orchestra MIDNIGHT AND AFTER 12:00 WGN— Chicago at Night WBBM — Midnight Matinee WCFL — Owl Show WIND— News; Night Watch 1 :00 WGN— News By Harshberger "\ don't mind cold weather since I rigged up this heating pad idea!" Valentine Greetings HORIZONTAL VERTICAL l;6 This is a 1 Invisible day for vapor s 2 Secretary of 11 Bank clerk the U. S. 13 Valentines Navy contain (1861-1869) sentimental 3 Go by 4 Yale 14 "Lily maid of 5 Number Astolat" 6 Pronoun 15 Grain beard 7 Assam 16 European silkworm 17 Morindm dyes 9 T8ps anew Answer to Previous Puzzle £>wuzenana Russian rulers J 6 Act proper 3 , "''.;':,„„, 20 Disorder 12 Erect 34 Expunges 49 French plural Russian rulers 33 Act properly /.v.:« .«.. -.. *Tf..«t„ *1 Consume 23 Parts of the mouth 24 Dispatched 26 Beasts of burden 28 Brazilian macaw 30 Land parcel 31 Reverend (ab.) 32 Perched 33 Struck (slang) 36 Native of Serbia 39 Personal (ab.) 40 Pilfer 42 Harvest 44 Exclamation of triumph, 45 Golfer's device 46 Winglike part 47 Princely residence 50 Closer 53 Leveled 54 Small candles 55 Pauses 56 Succinct 21 Growls 39 Horse that 23 Size ot paper sets stride 25 Allowance for 41 Twisted waste 43 Analyze a 27 Extinct birds sentence •xjiinnrnnitious 48 Powerful explosive ingredient * 38Bundler* 52 Mimic i Iz \i U 15 I lb P |» p P° . j-- % is — §i~^~ll 11 !IZZ srpH rgsr-hsn 3 — ' 5 Mil 1 1 1 '• 1 * By Al Capp Abbie ^an' Slats ' ^ ^ ^ ^ " ^ ^ ^ By ^ Vic Flint Not So Perfect By Michael O'Malley and Ralph Lane ^§^s^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 1 Buj;s Bunny Knights of Old ; , f HAVE TOU 30-i£> REAP THfe ) I I THEN WHAT'^ THE A J |Sa CAN'T SET U* ON I 7/-! ^^^S^^^^^^"^^ ^^^^^^J ^^^^^^^^ r"^^^^^" ' Captain Ea-sy Full Confession By LesUe Turner ; I SOU HM? A BOX< Y OOKAY...I-I DlO \ 1 1 BEFORE HB THRU. HE C0HFB5SBP ^ I / YOU'VE ML BEEN 60 KINP TO V WIGHTV J , A&O A CAM OF ( ?HAT ONE T-TOO..>T1 TWO MOKE RECENT FIRES 1M THAT fcREM J ( TAKE M IN IWHB! ' J ^PWfK ; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| j ^I^^^^^O^^^^^^ \^EE^ ^ . AUcyOop Look Who's Here By V. T. Hamlin THAT BIG DIPLODOCUS GET BACK IN TH' LAB AND / ■'IBSWBgi^.W ~ 1 ^ WH^^, ^ &UT LET© GO ^^c^^^t^^^^^^^t i^^^l ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Boots and Her Buddies The Winnah By Edgar Martin . " >'! A QO\CU OKif . ^>0O^«=, ^V&W ^VSC , |L^/A t fB&^ - Z ' * - Freckles and His Friends ' -liivcnile Views ByMcrriH Blosser ; I \rk ar^OLUTCW fANTASTiC. \ MOW. NOW. I I I'M SO W^""^ I BEES 8UZ2, GLOW WORMS ]\BS. \ L-Q I — BUT _A GIRL'S "1 ^ Elba • p&^^^^t^^' ) ^i^r mad I f ^Coulo S&w and flowers J l owm FATHER. HILDA ! PEkPEC'lt Kiuicuujuay Tuyr COULD J BE , &LOOM JUSTTHINKIM6 rT KNOW--/ f;^\ FALLIN6 M LOVE-— " — TT irp^7T\ — (TA rad > explode [i LOVE/ about it/ __^v^/<iiit."i?~ wuv.twatS # ■• 1 = ^ ^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^YS&r ^ " ' ^ — ^ — j^^^^ IMPOSSIBLE^ RCH1VE* Newspaper! SFWSPAPFRr IRCHI'

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