The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 7, 1902 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1902
Page 7
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SUNDAY HORNING, DECEMBER 7, igoa. THE DECATUR REVIEW 7. CLOSE OF CONTEST Tllrty Stories Hm Been Entered f his Year. NAMES OP THE JUDGES. Expect to *nnrance Awards Next Sunday. Th« Review itory contest (or tht pu- P»» or th high Mhool closed at mid- , nlgfct taut night. The total number o f ( | stories entered wai thirty. Last year the total number or stories entered wiu forty, four. JUDOEB. Til* Judges for the contest thle year ara: Mies Maria Buckingham, Or. 8. J. Bumstcad. President A. R. Taylor. AWARDS NEXT ftUNDAT. Borne or the stories have already been placed In the hand* of some at the judge* and they will at once brain the work of reading them It IN ex pec-tod the award* will !»· made In time f»r the an- nouncemeiit of the wlnnerH iiml the pub- , llcatlon of the prize nloricn In next Sun-' day'* Review. LIFEINSURANCEAGENTSl Are Busy During: Thwe Last Days of 1902. P«opl« Are Learning to liny from the Beit Companies. g In a talk with James M C wan. res- gj Idcnt manager of the Northwestern Mu- J\ tual l.lfc of Mltw.iukec WIs, lit hi* g« office In thi Mill kin building estcrday, the fact WHS brought out that the North, western this year him biokin till previous records fur business wrltti n during the first e!e\fn months of any our year, ·Inoe tho o »m]any began writing lift* in* ·urancf. nearly 4.1 years ago Mr, Cowan wrote il.irli.K the month of November over $*)00--he MIMI that the Northwevtern's npn' pnl cy .» :i "».nncr." and wherever an oportunlty |i given to properly ami clearly present H--people buy. Mr. Cowan said that the business men of Illinois were r.ipldly learning that a western man's nest Interests are · conserved and that he can do better for his money by insuring In a flrstclass western company. The Review for many years has commended to Its readers the value of first- class old-line life Insurance. The business of life Insurance affords an excellent opportunity for u young man without rapl- f tal to bulil up a business for himself ( We notice that many f the bright col- | | lege men of the priscnt day aro taktnn () up life Insurance as n regular business gj and are making 1 It tiholr life, work--they /» are putting Into th's business thrlr usual gj enersy ami, of course satisfactory r«- TM suits follow tiiclr efforts. It has often been a problem with youna men after leaving collcgx and .university Just what profession or line of business to engage in, and It has occurred to us many times, that her* Is a business that does not require a long number of years of preparatory study, nor does It require large capital It Is a noticeable fuel that thin business Is on » much higher plane, and a better class nf men are engaging, in It today than at any time In the his. tory of tho business Mr. Cowan aays "that lie believes n man can sell life insurance if he can ·ell any other line of goods, and that even a "fourth-class" salesman can sell Northwestern policies. The truth of the matter Is. the policy contract almost ·ells Itself, If It Is Intel! gently shown." When you r omember the number of men who are carrying only a small line o Insurance--!f they are Insured at all-and when you think of the many young men wh- are com ng or age each year there certainly seems to be an opportunity ready made for an enthusiastic young worker In this field Mr Cowan believes that a conscientious Insurance agtnt who soils llrst-class lite Insurance la the beat Mend that can come Into a- man's home. The Nnrthwestcrn's agent In Drciitur certa.iily 'believes In His company" and the business of life Insurance. BIXON WAS ROBBED, THE BIG STORE BACHMAN BROS MARTIN CO. Corner North Water «n/f alUI In PurflltlirC»»« « n l »Uied lines are happily combined in thii establishment. The elegance is found in simple styles as well as the most ··· l^UI »··«·» elaborate. Tasteful, refined styles in new effects that appeal to every one. Economy is found in everything, resulting from our policy, carefully followed in every purchase, in buying only substantially made things and turning them over to buyers at the smallest possible advance, consistent with good business requirements, g having in view the maintenance of our reputation for greatest variety and lowest pricet for fine qualities. This store offers possibilities in the selection of not found in another store in this section of the State, and in few in the United States. We are ready for early gift hunters. _^__^__^_______ THE ROYAL MORRIS] ·orris Chairs. a $6.50 adjust- Solid oak, removable cushion!, ablo back. _____ only Extra heavy polished golden oak, patent spring, adjustable back, in fancy velour, cUMhlons all colors, only Massive 'Weathered Oak, Roycroft deiilgn, with extra dark maroon or green cushions, extra ff t T Cfl vuluo pl /.UU Very fine mahogany hand carved first quality cushions $22.50 We show twenty styles Chairs, all grades. of Morris Ladies' Desks Just what a young lady wants. We have a large line to select from. Golden Oak, Mahogany, Weathered Oak, Maple and Flemish. Also Music Cabinets, Tabourettcs, India Stools, Jardinicr Stands a n d Jardinicrs. L a d i e s ' Desks,-$4.50 Rockers. In no department Is there such a variety of handsome presents Hultablo for all classes and ages ns In rockers. Who cannot use a new rocker? From the little tot to grandma, we have them In oak, mahogany, weathered oak styles, ranging In price from 75c to a beautiful Inlaid mahogany Rocker at »0. 8«o our special mahogany Rocker nt Kitchen Cabinets No kitchen complete without one, no gift so appreciated by tho busy housewife. We mo uKents for the celebrated HOOSIEU KITfHKN CAUINBT, the kind that has a plate for everyUilng._ Kitchen Cabinet, full size ··· are sole agents for I he Genuine Karpen Guaranteed Steel Construction--The kind u»ed by the U. S. Qovw nnunt; Beware of Inv itatkM, These couches range in Price from $ia.5o to $7500 We show the greatest number of leather touches and Turkish rocker* that we have ever carried. Our very large assortment will aid you In making your selection. Freight Paid On out of town shipments t o any point within 200 miles. o v 2 We have Just received hundreds of beautiful rugs In the new designs and will surprise jou In values. 30 by CO Smyrna Hugs 27 by M-inch Velvet RURW, f u l l fringed, worth J3.50, only 27 by 54-Inch full size Mociuottp RUSH, new pattern Genuine \Vlltmi HIIKS, f u l l quality, 36 by 03-Inch, worth ff I, AO «·». only $4.98 SI.29 $1.75 $1.98 Every Department of our Big Store is full of choice articles that will please you. No trouble to show goods, we will be glad to have you come to look at our go ods whether you buy or not. Bacliman Bros. Martin Co., Complete Housefurnishers. CORNER WATER AND NORTH STREETS, DECATUR, ILLINOIS. BCBp»0«OslOs10s10BC«Oa1C«CsiC»CslO»CBcSJo»|c Walked Oat of Town Without t:oi»t or VMS. William Blxon. the German who was one of tho principal witnesses for the prosecution In the AtteWry murder case, ·ot Into trouble before he left Decatur. H» stopped In sonn pt«e near th« depot and removed bit coat and vest, hung them up on a hook and went Into the toilet room. When Blxon was not look- Ing some one took the coat and vest and with It all the money which Blxon had earned as a witness in the case. He Intended to eo back to the Adams farm to work. Rarly Saturday morning Edward lemur, the brother of the man who wax shot, met Blxon walking out of the city without coat or vest. Blxon said It was n little cold without his clothes, but ho had decided tht only way to get to the Adams farm was to' walk, a» all ICBCBCBCl BAD RUNAWAY Broke $250 Worth of Plate Glass Windows Exciting Tlm« on Wabaih Avenue akd Jiorth Water. A runaway te in of horses dashed down \Vabash avenue Saturday evening and Ilunx«l l"t» t t · front window* of J s- eph Scluilte.s VHI(| store and tho Asbery rxtr.xt nm|.iny s windows Two hugi- plate K |.IMX windows were broken and the dam.ig,- h about £50. There was no ono n tin- n.igon and fortunuti ly nft one lu tho fri n t f the stores when the accldeut IK ( i n r« d IT \\.S8 KXCITINO. The riinawa\ wan exciting and disastrous If. T l.ati'ti driver of thi tuim belonging In UK I x i t l l n K llt'tn of Frlls Taylor, left tin h n r n r s ttunillnir 'n front of the liotllng uiirks on Wabash avenue while hi w i n t Inside t» get some battles. The horses be ime frightened and began to run to»ardi Water direct Latc'h ran »hri|i and knocked out several panes ot glnsx. THE WRECKAGE. The glass broken in the Asborry place was 7 feet 7 Inches high and 10 feet long U WHS worth about 1150 The. glass broken lit tho candy shop was worth about |1X Tho 'horsi s were not lindly hurt, but the wagon was completely wrecked. IN MEMORIAN. Exercises by Elks for Barton 8. Tylwr. Thd annual memorial exercises of Do- catur lodge. No. 401, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, will bo observed at the Klks' lodge rooms In the opera house block at 3 o'clock this afternoon, and th« public Is Invited to attend The exercises will bo In memory of Uartan 8. Tyler, tlm only member ot the lodge "Who has died during tho past year. Tho program will he as follows: Opening ceremonies by the lodge. Opening ode. ' Invocation--Rev. W J. Davidson. Duct--"Hark. Hark, My Soul," Mrs. F. P. Howard and II. C. Kepler. Kulogy-Murshall C. Griffin, V cal Solo--Mss Grace Hubbard. Quartet--"When fhe Oolden Leaves Are ·eat the wagon upset and he was thrown violently d tho p u \ e i m n t He f i l l on tho left Mile of his face nnd h s left knee. Ho was bruised and stiimicil, but hlx Injuries arc not serious. Tho horses dashed (in. Wabash avenue cnda at Water street extract company .mil store face directly up and tho Asbery Scliult'-'s candy Wubash avenue, The horses made n vain attempt to turn but could not find un dashed into the window of the. cxtrurt company's plant whllo the ntli'i buist i n t u the glass in the candy shop window. The horses bo- came tangled up In their liarness and fell on the sidewalk (me r them rolled against a basement window MI the candy II. t mood. Closing ceremonies. Doxology. Benediction. FIRE AT DUGGAN'S Followed by a Trade That Made Up the Losota. A tin in DugRun'a saloon at tho corner "f Franklin and South Park streets n' (,-M last night called out the entire fire (k-p.irtmi'tu and mado things lively In I ha I quarter of town for a time. The trouble was started by u gasoline stov, and It was a good deal more serious than gasoline stove tlare-ups usually are. The bucket brlgaJK- fought tho flumes without results till tile fire department arrived, when No, 1 chemical was used The hot wk-nles that were being pro- pared for the evening lunch gnt altogether too hot and other delicacies that were to hnve been served to the guests of the establishment later were spoiled by a too liberal addition of chemical. The bar and fixtures were scorched by tho Clames, but otherwise 'lie damage was slight. The lire brought n rush of people Into the place and naturally made everybody thirsty. This boomed business to an ex tent thnt largely made up for the damage from the flamce. ALMOST A COLLISION Depot oar No. 37 narrowly missed being 1 run Into by (he chemical and hose wagon from Morgan street at the Intersection of Franklin and North «trcet». i: AGAIN HAD. Fort da France. Martinique, Dec. 6 -Mont Pclcc Is again in violent eruption. Ashes are being thrown five miles In the air. The devastation xono cannot be approached without peril. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY. WANTBD-8AILE8MAN, |W MONTHLY and expenses, permanent. Perry Nursery Co.. Rochester, N. Y. ATTORNEYS' FEES. Arguments Heard bat No De- clnlon Given. Thp arguments 1n tho case of Miller versus Smith from Moultrle count* wor» condluded In the circuit court Saturday, but no decision was given by the court. Tlio case Is one which 1s a light about large attorney fees and was brought to this county on a change of ve'nue. There was nothing in the circuit court Sutjrday afternoon. The Uiw docket a» set some, weeks ago will go Into effect on Monday, Dec. S, $15.50 At $15.50 we show you a suit that we deem to be the best thing that we have ever shown at this price. This particular suit is a hard finished, pure all wool worsted, with a small neat check in it, which removes it from the easily soiled pl?in effects, and yet docs not prevent its being worn as a ilrcss up suit. It is lined with a triple warp Italian lining, guaranteed to wear as long as the outside of the suit, and the garments bear the Union Label. Buy this suit and you will not have to buy another for a long time. WE CABBY A mil UHB OF SOLID SILVERWARE ·AND- Quite a stretch from $4.50 to $22.50, but we have suits at almost any price between these two, and you will indeed be hard to please if we cannot suit and please you. $ 1 O . 5 O Call And Let Us Show You These Goods. MOREHOUSE WELLS CO «.- *!.. TEAMSTERS' UNION New Member* Taken In After Mr. Evan*' Talk. A meeting of the teamsters' union was called for last night at the Sons of Veterans' hall, but none was held, owing to the fact that tho Saturday Night club had the hall. However, there was nothing to do, as the business for which the meeting was called was transacted the night before. International President N. W. Evans telegraphed that h« would "be here Saturday night, but ha got here a day earlier and the meeting was held Friday night NEW MEMBERS. It was a food meeting;, Mr. Evans mads a flBo address and the following new member* were taken in: J. Bchulke, A. B Corey, B Scrlbner, Leroy Turner, W. H Ratllff, Marshall Taylor, J. B. Ray, J. Watson, W. E. Llnthlcum, H. Roarick, Elmer Troutman, Robert Kendall and A. A. Ban. It was decided to keep the charter open for sixty days In order to get In as many teamsters as possible, and the initiation fee was placed at $1. The union will give a dance on Friday evening, Dec. 19. AMARCOTTECHO Eighty Acres ot Hi* Land Attached by Pektn 1'eople. Attorney T. B. Jack went to Taylor- vllle Saturday afternoon and (at out an attachment against eighty MM* of land belonging to Henry UiniU. CmMrty .of Decatur, later of PtktV^MAjHw ·up- posed to be In Mexico. TM IpMhnMnt was In favor of MarcotVa iliHsirs. th« Cltliens Oas and KleotM ··fjpMjr of companies, was In Dacatur Saturday and Pekln, whose bill is 1400, Mid tka Pekln had s conference with Attorneys Jack Light, Heat and Power ceMMf. whoa* Deck, and M a result of that conference bill to Ult. 11 ' I Mr. Jack went to Taylorvllle and filed Henry J. Herget, presUmt of both the papers. Tbe levy was made by flher At $10.50 we show a dark Oxford gray, all wool Overcoat for Men that we think is exceptionally good value. The coat is cut 46 inches long, which is neither an extreme length, nor short, has the broad shoulder, well padded effc ct, and is well worth more money, as we are running this coat as a leader. It is not a faddi sh coat, as it. will be in style next winter as it is this one. It's a good coat for the money, and much better than you will be shown elsewhere for the money. We have them as cheap as $4.50 and as high as $22.55. Top Coats, Long Loose Back Coats, Reefers, Norfolk Suits, Double Breasted Suits for the Little Man in assortment, as to price, quality and kind, second to none. OLD SQUARE C E H T R A L BLOCK DECATUR, ILLINOIS. iff T. W. Brlnts. The case will corns up at the March term of the circuit court of Chrlstlnn county. The land is good, and Is estimated to be worth between 176 and flW an acre. Tkcre It an encumbrance of $2.600 on It Nothing definite has been heart from Marcott since he skipped out from Pakin, but It U believed ttat to to IB COl

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