The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 4, 1903 · Page 1
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 1

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1903
Page 1
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i* l TM*f'Nw^*'!'lfSl'!i!itt* iil ^^ · ' V'' 1 .!; ' ' ' ' '- " ' " · - ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' .--· ^^^^^^^^s^^^^f4^^^^Mm ·:'vv : Ms'v'f'--*^^.-^ ·· ·£:.··'.-'·.Z'-.ptf,- · .'·· · · - · '?,· · ' - . . , - ELYBIA, OHIO 4, 19O3. AFTER BEING BOUND AND ; BEATEN--T. i-IPF* OF SEATTLE, HAS A HARD EXPERIENCE. Mrs. T. S. Lippy, who has been visiting Mrs. .John Bath, last night received a telegram from Mr. Lippy, \vliu : la ill ScaUlc, Wasll., stitUug that he had been robbed and beaten on the head, but not seriously. Further particulars today develop the fact that he was very seriously hurt. .··, . '. C/ .·".-. '-. : - :. -··;-' -.· .." : ' · . Sunday evening, on returning from church, _he. was confronted by two burglars, who bound him to the* stairs and gagged him, seeming. - not satisfied with this, they beat him upon".th.e'head.. The burglars, secured $14 jmd two gold watches. The girl had been previously bound and everything evidently put m shape to assist them ,in their business. Mrs. Lippy intended to remain nere for some time, but returned nome this morning, leaving on the ^9:25 train for Seattle. ·:'.,,"' MURDER TWO COLORED MEN IN TENNESEE --SHOT WITH RIFLES. Ci Scau-ivilcIUi, i'fettii* AAOOCIAXIOK. Lewisburg, Tenn., Aug. 4.--Needmore,, a colored settlement east of this-city,-.was ·. invaded .by white caps last night, about midnight, and John Mflligaji, colored, was shot to death and John L. Hunter, also colored, was fatally wounded. The masked men called at Milligaaj's house and demanded that he open the door. He escaped from the building by way of- a back door, and was shot nine times while he was running. The weapons were shot guns and rifles. Hunter was also shot while at- The cause of known. The 'tempting, to escape, the shooting is not PROCLAMATION B* (GOVERNOR NASH-- NAMES MONDAY, SEPT. SEVENTH. Br ScMpps-M clUa Puss ASSOCIATION. white caps are said to have come to Needmore over" .the Farmington pike. Two of the crowd were in a buggy, and the others were horseback. They wor^. handkerchiefs over their faces. Coroner Bowden empannelled a jury early this mo'ming. Death at I the hands of . an unknown mob was ' the verdict. The funeral of William XJibboiu. who died at the Efyria hospital Sunday evening, and was moved to, his sister's home near Pittsfield, Mon 1 day, will be held from the house of his sister, Mrs. Guthrie,' at eighi clu^kj and the remains wiiL be laid to rest at Wakeman. at lo'a. m The funeral will take- place at the Methodist church, Fields; Corners; on Wednesday at 2 p. m. THRONE OF LEO 391 ATTENTION EAGLES! On account of Wednesday, Au4 gust sfh, 1903, being "Eagljts'' Day,' 5 at the Merchant's Carnivla, \ Loraih»; Ohio, tbe^regular meeting .- .of , the "Nash ,..tpday r issued v liis proclamation setting? apart MoniJiy, ^ptein^rf ;. 'ft ' as ', : ;lal^r · day.j-'':^|t?' .csills :::up6jftW;fa!l citizens :to re^friin ^om ^ labor '·· '- f ' :ion tthat day and -make it memorable. J i ./· ' · · " · · · - - "'" _ _ . . MURDERER ^THOUGHT TO HAVE SUICIDED. i?,.'.'-?" J£?W : . Columbus, _6., Aug. 4.^-The Co- Htmbus ^ilic^lhfiye about 'concluded thatf KifcHolafe ;jFpfemahV w|i6 I tnur- d*red iHehry $tiit?, woyld ; be jpeace- :-tnaker ; at ;a ^alopn row Sunday'' night has .committed suicide, ".Shortly after the ^rniiirder, a shpt was heard in ffie ·: .swaradgis^iifear the scene oY ;the ,; a.nd a search % b«ng nnade Elyria Aerie, No. 451, .will be postponed until Friday evening,! 7th, 1903, at G. A r R. hall, "at p. m. All Eagles are cordially inift- ed. to attend the carnival. A. E. Lawrence, Worthy Pres. Ch'as. H. Stone, Worthy ' Secy. NEW POPE CHOOSES THE NAME OF PIUS THE TENTH WEATHER NEW POPE IS SIXTY-EIGHT Y EARS OLD AND WAS ARCH OF VENICE--HIS ELECTION SAID TO BEEN FORETOLD BY LEO. PATRI- HAVE Br ScBiffa-McRAi PBXSS ASSOCIATION. Rome, August 4--Cardinal Joseph Sarto, patriarch of Venice has -been elected Pope in succession to Leo the XHI, he was born on June the regalia of the pope, white tunic, .red slippers, red cape and white hat. He then received the homage of the other cardinals. At least 12,000 people stood around the square . - - } r ·* *-ws* u ' - v ^ t - i ^ A U t t l \ y 3 L J U d . l t kJi. 2 i«35, at Riese and was created a; St. Peters waiting for the aniiounce- Cardmal June 12, 1893. The new jpontiff has decided upon the name of Pius X. ·_ After the election Pius X donned IS IT POSSIBLE? i-VSa-A S-'«S SfiSi - , - :; iit:;comm6n the. .C.C.C. -l£ . r Theodore ^Kinney and Eliza Ann Kinney were permanently in- /juTcd ; by -being overturned in their 'buggy upon- a high embankment ^forming ithe approaches to a railway crossing in La' Grange. They allege that the accident was due to the neglect on the part of the railway company -in not providing ·railings at the- side of ;the 4 embank ment. ; : RIDGEVILLE. Ridgeyllle, Aug. 4.-- :The C. E. society of the Congregational church, ·will ;give an ic.e cream social and musicale at the parsonage Wednesday evening, August sth. :Proceeds to go towards buying a new furnace for the church, for which they are very much in need. The township * trustees hact better do likewise, as they need the same for the town hall, besides a range and heating stove. North TRidgeville fMfetrs' ^picnic will be- '-held- at Puritas .Springs, Tuesday, August nth. Special car will leave Elyria at 7:30, returning will leave the Springs at 5:30. A general invitation is extended to all. Round trip tickets, 50 cents; this ·in- cludes all the ice cream you can eat. Tickets are -for - sale by the -cales .commimttee, 'C. T. Smith, C. T. Wincles and W. J. )?hipps. Mr. and Mrs. Breck went to "Kim- 'bal, Ohio, last -week for a few 4ay-s"' visit with friends. Mr. Breck lost a cow last weelc. Mr. and Mr*. S. H. Shaw leave to- 4ay for a trip to Colbourn, Ind., to visit their daughter, Mrs. Diana Phillips. Mr. Shaw expects to be gone about two weeks. Mrs. Shaw jwili remain about four weeks. An ice cream social will be given at Harlan Chapman's f in La Porte, Thursday evening, AvgMSt 6th, for the benefit of Mariett , Savor. All ^are very cordially. invited. We hope to see a good turnout, as the cause is a worthy one. ,. . . Any one wishing to communicate with J. H. Paddock will call No. a, Ridgevillc. ',- , "' John Rolender, section-hand x «n the C E. W. says he will toon quit his job. He says he has strawberries as large as apples, and can pick six quarts in a half day. BY SCBIPPS-MCltlZ PBKS8 ASSOCIATION. Troy, O., Aug. 4. -- A pasenger train on the C. C. C. St. L. railway, which left here at 8:00 last evening, ran into the rear end of a freight .train near Laura, six-miles west. The freight caboose and passenger engine and baggage car went over an embankment, killing freight conductor Thomas Devlin, a n d i n j u r i n i a n y others. t r «*£**-* jSlfeS* i~2[fj W . ment and later received the pope's blessing from the balcony of the Vatican. Pius X was born in the province o'f Venice and began his studies at that place. He was a brilliant scholar and became bishop of Mantoya when only 32. When he became patriarach of Venice in 1893, he was also ma,de cardinal. The political acts of his brought on some controversies with- the Italian government but these were finally settled amicably. .."..,: Bi Scstpps-MctSui Picas ASSOCIATION. - Rome, Aug. 4.-- As pope Pius X, it is more than probable that the new pope will devote himself to religious affairs of the church and will pay small attention to politics, except to urge conciliation among the opposing influences where ever pos- .sjble. Like Leo, the new pope has promise of a long life. His aged mother is still alive; She lives at Reiz, Sartp's birthplace, .and she has often been, visited at her humble Jtipme there .by her son. ' " ;of ;the ['--new pope is BBCBBBBaBBBBBBBBUgC Br Sckrpps-McRu Fkxoa Washington, Aug. 4.- For ' Ohio: Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. W'armer Wednesday. LYNCHING THREATENED to]dvJicre;;this : '--morning^ just before ' " ' ' ' ' for hqme fb, tfc* --Chicagd' Record-Her*id. MEMBER ELECTION BOARD H. A. Dykeman of this city, has been appointed Republican member of the board of election, to succeed George C. Prince, of Oberlin, and J. M. Aran of Wellington, is reappointed as Democratic member. MR. WEBBER'S FIRST CLIENT SHOWING HOW THE JUDGE HAS WON HIS SPURS. Nothing is acquired in this world without an effort and young men when they see those who have been successful In coping with life's vicissitudes do not often realize that it has required years of incessant, indomitable energy and integrity.. To illustrate: Few know that Auntie Ferguson, the old colored woman, was Judge Webber's first client. That was 25 years ago, when he was a struggling young attorney just from law school. Finding out that a man owed "Auntie" $15, . which she was unable to collect, this ener- ----- ,_.-..«. w ». ,, auui id iime is re- i getic disciple of Blackstone walked :iufred than for znllk custards. When fron1 Elyria to Lorain to see what :hey are firm tarn «ut and pour over could be done. After consulting the To«i*t« Cmntmrl. Tomato custards may be made with canned tomatoes, but the fresh vegetable is still preferred. To each cup- ful.of chopped raw tomatoes allow on« egg. Simmer the tomatoes with an rraion, a bay leaf and a sprig of parsley for 15 minutes. Press through a sieve. Add water if there is not enough liquid ·to fill two cups. Beat the eggs sepa- :?tely, and stir all toe ingredients together, adding, salt and pepper. Pour into custard cups and bake in a pan sontaiaing hot water, just as other custards are treated. A shorter time is re- ST. MARY'S DAY OUTING Uwm green peas wfafe wbite sauce . Te»cher -- Johnny, what country bat the densest population? Johny-- England unless the inability jf the Englishman to see * joke has been greatly exaggerated.-- Baltimor* Aaerlcaa. Sptaking «f cremation, the Laoevt exprcMcs the opinion the ehamea of .a tirioff body ti to b« dead beisg redw»d to art too infinitely rmott to m«rit at tenttoa. In tk« mrt m«|cn1ty of la- staaeOT tber* is no r«al fouadatioB for tlw storie. of pnmttmn borifcl bwiaL Special sale summer corsets, Aug. ist,jkt 8 o'clock, at 19 cents each. The**Biggs ft Everard Co. aged woman it was necessary to get a justice of the peace to make out the papers requisite for bringing suit. Orville Root was the nearest J. P. at that time and so IK walked to Root's road. For some unknown reason he could not get what was wanted there so he had to go before Judge Sherbondy of AvOn. Securing the necessary document he returned to Elyria walking the ftrij distance. The party owing the,money settled the claim without permitting the case to come to trial. Judge Webber received $5 for his share and Old Auntie was $10 better off than she would otherwise have been. v How many young lawyers are there that would do it now?--Lorain Democrat. Today is the last day of entry o prizes for the St. Mary's church out ing, to be held at the Elyria fai grounds, Wednesday, August -6. The follo\ying are the prizes TIOW on exhibition in the Elyria Plumb ing Electric Co.'s window on Broad St: Bicycle lamp. Bicycle lamp. Bicycle lamp and can of carbide Bicycle suit. Picture and frame. Portable gas' lamp, r Box cigars. Nickle plated tea pot One ton Jackson lump coal. Set of light harness. One pound box Lowney's chocolate. Bon-bons. Bath tub seat. Bottle perfume. Fancy jardenier. Lemonade set. Nickle plated coffee pot. Nickle plated towel rack. One bushel potatoes. These prizes are to be given to the winners of the various races at the'outing. % A few more prizes are expected today. ------· - ' ·«····«*.-.·.-»,_» j - *.» v»A». ,. » V4t r U±«p ,' i\St HVJJJllw td attend:, ; the : . conclave^ he; was called »W^-.-UKS.'^-_- friends-;ivh6 extended hoped that ·he might be chosen Leo's successor "Oh, no," he smilingly replied "I will buy a return ticket when I leave Venice." -''Hold him very ,dear, Perosi, as in the future he will be able to do much tor you. We firmly believe he will be our successor." In these words; addresed to his friend, Father Lorenzo Perosi, the Italian -composer, the late pope's choice of his successor was made known shortly before his fatal illness began. Leo had been inquiring of Perosi regarding Cardinal Sar- 5 3 health. In many quarters the belief is entertained that Sarto's reign is likely to see the accomplishment of some agreement between the Vatican and quirinal. Some years ago Sarto pub- lically announced his joy when there were strong probabilities of union between the church and state. His statements at the time created a sensation. Late King Humbert was Sarto's personal friend, and graciously acceded to his request to be BY SCttPPS McBA* FXWS Hartford City, Ind., Aug. negroes, who robbed apd maimed George Nershey near here yesterday, have not been captured, and it is now thought that they ha^e thade good their escape. Two hundred men and boys scoured the., -wgoods Monday afternoon until nightfall, vowing vengence on the negroes. Sheriff -Morigue, with a detachment of deputies and the police force followed the mob to prevent a lynching if possible. Nershey is ia a serious condition* but will recover unless blood poisoning «ets in. CELEBRATING HIS EIGHTY- FIFTH BIRTHDAY -- NOT SHORT ON READY CASH. '" B* t»CBPPS-MCRAB _,,., New York, 1 August Sage is celebrating day today a'nd cier was the recipient congratulations from For some time Mr. Sage | converting his holdings int and he is accredited with 'Ka largest amount of ready cl any capitalist in the worldr He has $3o,ooo,oop_ loaned Wall street. Sage's wealth mated between $50,000,000 000,000. allowed to assume the title, patriarch of Venice. t THE DORCAS. 'The Dorcas Class" will hold its next meeting Tuesday evening, Aug. 4, at the home of Miss Florence Cook, 182 Heighten avenue. * Try and meet the crowd at the Johnson street car curve at 6:45 prompt. Bi Scmipps-iCcIUi Paw AMOCUTKRI. New York, Aug." 4.--Financial quarters "heard this morning ^fi-om seeming authority that the resignation of Chas. M. Schwab -from thfe presidency of the U. S. Steel corpo-' ration is in the hands of the executive committee. While the official of the steel trust and Oncers of £ P. Morgan Co., refused to either deny or affirm the statement, Wall street believes it to be an assured fact. ·· · ' .-. -; ; . r -; : -:'-" ·' ,-M;\There will be a meeting of the directors of the steel trisfv:-*W«'; afternoon at which it is expected that Schwab's resignation will be Ve^ ceived and accepted. ON A WESTERN TRIP -a ··^^^^^TM W. C. LeMaster left Tuesday morning for a two months' vacation n Colorado, California and other western states. He will join Mrs. Le Master, who is now in the west A vacation at the Sea Shore. Go on Lake Shore Ry., excursion, August 18. Low rates; tickets goijd 12 days. Inquire of Agents. 1633 Setoti Bros, put on carriage tires. One gross fine stock collars, special loc each, 3 for asc. They will not NEW TEACHEJ? OF SCIENCE The board of education met last evening, but did little business, except approving , bills and the employment of Lyman Carrie of Michigan, as teacher of scfcMfe/ in the high school. Mir. Dey, previously been ettptoji clined m order to ncipC sitton on an agricnRwai paper. ,-' The schools will opoi lor coming year on Moaday, A«t*|- jt k«d de stay at the price. Everard Co. e Biggs ft Kindig, 557 Lodi, cleans watches for 75 cents and guarantees them. One caw 36 Mdl sale prfc* g Bifgs ft EreraH Co. Special sait ^_ parasols, sak prk* tij*. Tb« ft Elrcrard Co. ·tjt U*n* »Mtvr

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