The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 2, 1916 · Page 20
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 20

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1916
Page 20
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550 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR TtTESOAY, MAY 2, of W New York Store PETTIS DRY GOODS CO. % St. Gall Indianapolis . 1853 f. Chemnitz 4. For Wednesday Suburban Shopping Day Suits omens T WO HUNDRED silk and wool suits of latest design from a leading New York maker, who let us have them at less than cost to quickly clear his showroom for the season. "^ New Suits Costing to Make $17.50 to $28.50 In this group we include s u i t s regularljr priced up to $35.00-- W e d n e s d a y , $18.75. t _ At this price are suits regularly priced u f T t o $45.00--incomplete assort- men f ::::r We d - nesday, $23.75. Second floor. The New York Store. Edison Mazda Lights 27c Five for $1 The original, Edison Mazda electric lamps, h a n d - t e s t e d , never sold at less than 27c. Choice of 25- watt or 40-watt. The 60-watt Kdison Mazda lamps, regularly 36c, FIVE for $1,00; -V)rv each...... ._,_/, jLC, No C. 0. D. or mail orders. Not delivered or exchanged. With each order of electric fixtures we make a complete in- ettalltition of these Edison Mazda lamps at the above special prices. ·--Electrical Dept., Basement, The New York Store. Men's $ 1.00 Negligee Shirts 79c Wednesday Suburban Shopping Day Shirts of right good quality--and think of the price--7$J. Men, these are the kind of shirts to invest in wheiLyou are offered so much of genuine shirt -quality at so small a price. Choose them in: every one of the latest color effects in fine woven madras; cuffs attached. Wednesday, Suburban Shopping Day. r ... ,. .790 , --Just Inside East Entrance, TMie New York Store. Paristyle Switches Switches of undeniable beauty and extremely desirable supplements to any woman's hair. $6.00 switches .$2,40 $3.00 switches $1.40 $5.00 gray switches, 3 separate stems .-...'. JJI2.08 $3.00 cluster of curls. $1.50 $3.00 transformations f 1.50 --Second floor, The New York Store. SOe Book Racks, 20c Of hardwood, foldln'g, In mls- 8lon, golden or fumed oak flniuh. Wednesday, Suburban Shop- i ping, Day. --Main floor, _rear tm ra Tyi o Ne\v Y o r k Stori). Wednesday Sale of Rose Bushes .____ ?; ' , ' V 3for25c Lovers of roses will-best appreciate these special values we have arranged for Wednesday, Suburban Shopping Day. The roses are in perfect condition for immediate planting and will give excellent results. The price named is-small indeed. EACH Climbing Roses Polyantha Roses Baltimore Belle, pale blush. Dorothy Perkins, shell pink. Eixcelsa, crimson. Aglaia, yellow.rambler. Crimson Ramblers. --Main Floor Front and Aisle Three, The New York Store. ^Jessie, cherry red with white eyes. Louis Walter, pink. . ClotildeSoupert, rose and white. Orleans, bright cherry red, Tausendschon, rose pink. 25c Bathing Caps, 18c These bathing caps, in assorted styles and in all colors, usually sell for' So smart and cute they are sure to take your fancy at.,.18c TOILET PAPER, largo sized roll, Wednesday, Suburban Shopping Day, thirty for $1.00, seven for 25c, and, a roll j --Main floor, aisle five, . · The New Yorlr Store. $HVIesh Bagsr: 69e Gate top mesh bag, fine mesh, German silver, and a good size; Wednesday, - Suburban Shopping Day H)c --Main floor, aisle four, _· · __ _-i_The-New York Htoro.4- W e . d o not believe it will be possible to duplicate these trousers in the city at anywhere near the price. For every-day service they will be found excellent." They are well made of good serges and tweeds in sizes from 27 to 60-inch waist measure, all lengths. For Marquisette and Scrim Curtains The $1.00 and *J r A $1,25 Qualities / JC Pair There are about 300 pairs of marquisette, voile and heavy scrim curtains here--so very,pleasing and of splendid quality. AH 2y 2 yards long, finished with two-inch hemstitched edges. The colors' are white, ivory and ecru, a pair, Wednesday, Suburban Shopping Day.. .·. ,75c CURTAIN MARQUISETTE, 36-inch curtain niarquisette, more than 100 pieces in white, ivory and ecru. Wednesday, Suburban Shop- | / ' ing Day, a yard , | QC · --Third floor, The New York Store. erviceable Lawn Mowers : t . i The lawn mowers we carry are made by the Worcester 9 Lawn Mower Co,, the kind that has given our customers so much satisfaction in the past ten years-Tip Top, plain bearing, 12-inch.·-JgfeBO Tip Top,·plain bearing, 14-Inch. .,y $8.78 Tip Teg, plain bearing, 16-inch.... .$8.00 Tip Top, plain bearing, 18-inch.... .$3.85 MOUNT TOM BALL BEARING { ELM PARK BALL LAWN MOWERS have four LAWN M OWRRS, .,,,. . . am *,«, wheel, four bladosr- 12-inch mowers.... JfEj.oO 14-inch mowera..... $3i.5?5 iC.-inch mowers..... f 4.00 18-Inch mowers.....f4.85 GRASS CATCHERS, that will fit on, any .lawn mower..".;. ; ---Basement, The New '// BEARING 10-inch side 14-inch mowers... 16-inch mowers... 18-inch mowers,.. ..$5.85 ..$5.75 ..$0.85 .....,... OOc York Store. Men's Trousers Special Wednesday $2.95 Day, we .place them on sale at the very unusual price of ........ $2.95 --Third floor. The New York Store. As far as these linens are con- goo'd thing. DAMASK, all pure linen, full: bleached; heavy weight, assorted patterns, 70 inches d» 1 1 Q wide, a yard.. ...... . 4) I · I :/ WHITE GOODS, fancy lawns, in stripes, checks and figures; Wednesday, Suburban Shopping Day, 15c to 18c qual- 1 O 1 ities, a yard ........ ... | Z^C --Main floor, aisle two, The New York Store. - 89c $K25 Women's Milanese Gloves Everybody knows there are gloves and gloves--some just fit, others.are shape losers, ana again others impart a definite beauty and style to the hand. These are the latter kind of gloves. Full, 16-button, or above elbow length, real Milanese or bias weave silk. Double tipped finger, white with black stitching or self. Wednesday, Suburban Shopping Day .Sl)c a --Main floor, aisle four, The New York Store. Pillowcases, 25c Embroidered, scalloped and hemstitched cotton 1 , 42x36-inch a5c SHEETS, full bleached, excellent wearing quality, with center seams, 76x90 , inches; Wednesday, Suburban Shopping Day i 55.0 -Main floor, aisle two, - The New York Stoi'e. AUTO RACE MAN MEXICAN MAJOR Gaston Morris, French Driver at Speedway Races Here, Returns After Six Months as Carranza's Chief of Automobiles. SEES ENMITY TOWARD U. S. Traveler Declares Natives of Southern Republic Consider Villa a Hero and Believe They Can Whip Uncle Sam. CJaston Morris, the French race driver and pit manager, who has been a familiar figure at Speedway races here as manager of the British Sunbeam team and others, has returned to Indianapolis in a new rolei ' Gaston now is MaJ, G. Morris of the de facto Mexican government, chief of the automobile squadron of the Carranza army and private driver of Gen. Obregon, 'minister of yf of Mexico. Six months spent on ,the battle fields of the southern republic, Including a visit to - Columbus, N. M., the day after Villa's raid, and chases after the bandit leader, Zapata, and the other foes of the Carranza government under the personal supervision of the ^new military genius of the country,.. Obregon, has given Morris an unusual opportunity to learn the Intricate workings of the Mexican mind and the Mexican-American situation. Morris is here for the Speedway races this month. Mexicans AreTJeffant. "Wai- with the United . States would not cause a feeling of terror and uneasiness in Mexico," said Maj Morris. "We know, of course, that we could conquer Mexico, although it would require a much bigger force than we now have, but, the Mexicans are absolutely confident that they could lick Uncle Sam. The Mexicans realize, that we could take the border and coast towns, but they thiilk than 150 miles into the interior. Morris doubts whether the American troops, unless greatly , reinforced, could ever catch Yilla. Carranza soldiers, familiar witli the country and hardened to its discomforts, might catch Villa,- though Morris nays they have not tried very, hard. Villa, he says, Is a hero with many of the Mexicans of the Interior, just like George Washington is to people "of the United , States, and for this reason the bandit is able to obtain, protection from the natives and elude capture. Morris Is much interested In the newspaper deports of the conferences being conducted at this time between Gen. Obregon and the American army officers. He "predicts that Obregon will stand pat on his demand that American troops withdraw to the border. Obregon, who has been shy an arm since the battle against Villa at Celaya, is unable to speak Kngllsh, according to Morris, and can speak to Americans only through an Interpreter. Morris is of French birth and .speaks both French and Spanish. He is a naturalised American, but he carefully concealed that fact while in Mexico. Border Seeks Intervention. 'Th°e demand for American intervention is strong In Texas and Morris says he can not see how the Mexican situation can be ironed out satisfactorily without there being a serious clash between the United States and Mexico. "The Mexicans have had so much war that war with the United states would not frighten them," said Morris. "They are used to killing each other and war seems to have, no horror -for them. The Mexicans ' believe that Germany would -helri them in-easo-Trf-rwaT^ritrrthij-UnrteTr States and this belief gives them confidence that they could whip us. As a matter of fact Mexico has more soldiers than the United ^States and they are not lacking in equipment, even to machine guns, which greatly outnumber ours. A munition factory now is in operation in. the City of Mexico. : "The belief is prevalent along the border that Germany has. had much to do with fermenting trouble between, the United States aiid Mexico. It is noticeable everywhere that the Mexicans are friendly with all Germans. In Chihuahua, for instance, the Germans are permitted to operate their stores while the American and 1 French stores, because of the danger, have been closed." Morris predicts that pbregon will become President of Mexico when the next election .is held. Obregon, he says, is considered to be a much stronger figure' than President Carranza, whom all call a figurehead. How He Got Job. "Gen. Obregon Is a good fellow and I enjoyed my experiences with him, though I 'finally left Mexico because I believed it would be. better for my health in' the United States," continued Morris. "He treated me fine. I first met him in El Paso, where I had been told that, he wanted a speedy driver. I told his agent that speed was my middle name and he gave me the job. I drove Obregon's car' and had charge of the twenty cars used by his staff, which always accompanied him," ' _ ·' In Hermosillo, Sonora, Morris paid $8 for a shoe shine and $20 for a seat at the theater, but it was the Carranza currency, greatly depreciated in value, which he used. He paid as much as $3, Carranza-morieyT-for-ar dish-of --Ice-cream-.HIGH DIVER AT MERCHANTS' SHOW DIVES DESPITE RAIN The high diver employed 'by the Vir- Fountain Square SWHRBM^ Charles Mayer Go's. Announcement for Wednesday Suburban Shopping Day Watches for Graduation Gifts BRACELET WATCH For the Girl Graduate No other will do; Wednesday we will sell a ' sterling silver 15-jewel Swiss Watch, lever (JH A i movement, with sterling silver bracelet, for... tpJLU« Our special 20-year gold-filled convertible bracelet watch, 15-jewel, {h-| n t\f\ lever movement, for.......q)l,O.UU MEN'S WATCHES For the Boy Graduate Our 17-jewel patent regulator, Swiss movement, in 20-year guaranteed ( gold-filled case. New Clocks for Wedding Gifts Charles Mayer Company moo 29-31 West Washington St. Established 1849 We Jfefer Vow Jo Our Announce* nient on Page 16 The T HE wonde r f u 11 y durable, s w e e t - ·toned Kurtzmann pianos and players are. . Bold here on easy terms. .* Pearson's 121-«o I. Peni. St. Wednesday Suburban Shopping Day LAWN HOSE In 50-foot lengths, ft Inch, 5 ply Guaranteed for one season, com plete with couplings, ready for ur Wednesday only "*' Clip Your Kiddies at Home with one of these "Speed" Hair Clippers.. Full nickel-plated. Cuts Vg Inch. Wednesday only ....63c IT'S M PROVEN FAGJ-7 that more bicycles are. being ridden this year than any year In-the last decade. Let yours be a Westing Arrow )O ij We sell both men's and women's bicycles, $25 to $35. · ,y Juveniles ; $15 to $20 X\-// . ' At Both Stores Aniex, Pem. at Vermont 219 Misiachusetis Ate. COLLAPSIBLE SAFETY GATES for stairways and porches. · Keep .children from harm and relieve anxiety of parents., Open out to 8 feet. Wednesday only -..,... $1.60 No C. O. D. orders at these prices. Make It a Rule to lay aside a certain amount of your earnings every pay day. Even a small part will quickly mount up. $1 opens a Savings Account. FARMERS TRUST CO. 150 RAST MARKET ST. Announcement of Removal We Are Now Located at 18 N, Meridian For forty years we have taken a leading part in the retailing of merchandise of quality, specializing in · t . GLOVES. HOSIERY, HANDKERCHIEFS, UNDERWEAR, ETC. It has been our policy to serve you In the best possible manner, and in- keeping with this policy we have moved into larger quarters, more conveniently located. Our aim, as In .the past, Is to give you the best possible values In merchandise of assured quality. 18 N. MERIDIAN STREET. "Where Good Gloves Come From." Dr. C. T. Noble Dr.G.A.U»h Chants' Association in connection with the week of festivities, which opened at Vir- terday, almost luwl to swim on his trip down from his ladder, but he made the dive just the same. The Ferris wheel had a wet time of It, but, it ran. Yesterday's -crowd was nothing lo brag about, but the enthusiasm was there, and if (ho weather relents today something interesting is predicted. The grocery stores, which are conducting pure food exhibits In connection with the fete, had lit lie to kick about, except that the crowd .stayed at home. Their show wasn't, h u r t a bit by the rain. . All of tho attractions will be running full blast today i f . the weath'er permits. Tho festival will close Saturday night. V. Jfe»ra, EVERY PIECE a masterpiece. This applies to' every plcca of dental work done In our office. Every piece I n t e n d e d to and w i l l produce the satisfaction you desire. Just take timo to consider our 24 years' experience -- Investigate us thoroughly -- then decide. Havo It dono the mill less- w »y. TAFT DENTAt, PARLORS 2B fc WEST WASHINGTON 8X. t 1 "It Is useless to want more tlmn 11 you aro wasting what-you already have." ·i^nJ^tllsSasORaK EXHIBIT BUILDING IS HALTED. Because nonunion carpenters were being employed,.members of the state board | of buildings and property called a halt i yesterday on the construction of booths ' In the State House .corridors, to be used for the exhibits* to he held in connection with tin; National Conference of Charities and Correction. Auditor of Stato T)itle J. Crittenberger and Secretary, of State Homer ],.' Cook, two of the committee members, listened to a protest of union sympathisers arid then ordered that work on the booths be stopped. Members of (he cotnm'ittee arranging for the exhibits had employed a contractor because-111* bid was the lowest, without considering whether he employe^ union or nonunion men. H. K. Barnard Is chairman of the installation committee, and u n t i l his return to the city today the matter of getting the booths constructed can not bo adjusted. FURNAS ICE CRtAsVS COa OLID ' Main 1040 Main 1O47 SUM Vo Olden Time Ale. Madison XXX Ale, In splltn, cafe and -family trade. Fehrenhatih, Hose Clements, wholesale dealers, 122 S. Penti. at. Phones 407, Pioneer Urnnn Worltn, 424 S. Pennnylvnnln. A l u m i n u m , braes, phosphorus bronze cast- Ings, brass railing and Job work a specialty. May Wine, Waldivelster, at. Schuller'a Wine House, 125 Eaut Ohio street. Soothing shaves. Latest stylo halrc'uttlng. Knox'H, 88 West Ohio street. . Pr, FalH, 607 State I4fe Building. INVENTORY OF WATER FIRM WILL BEJNDED IN MONTH C. II. Hurd, president of tlio tndlanapo- lia Water Company, told members of the Public Service Commission yesterday afternoon that his company would bo able to file a portion of the inventory of its property within a week; that more of the report would be ready a week late'r, and that the complete report would be tiled within a month. The corporation attorney of Indianapolis tiled a complaint yesterday that the water company was delaying tlio rate hearing case by not completing the Inventory. Ho complained thai the city's engineers and those of the commission were unable to make'any prog'r.ess with their work. Ho charged that the company had not employed a sufficient number of men to complete the inventory In a reasonable time. Mr. Hurd told tho commission,' however, that It was not feasible to Increase the force making the Inventory, and ,he /uenled that there had been unavoidabl delay. His explanation, is it said, was natlBfactory to the commission, ,, SHIRTS that aro different from the other fellows. Made to fit and wear-$1.50 and $g.OO Hatter and Haberdasher itant Washington St. 24 North Peiinsylv»nlft St. Budweiser Cafe 27 and 29 S. Meridian St. 40c 50c German Bean 4 A*» Soup 1UC Baked Shad with Roe and Boiled Potatoes _Erled_Saft.Shell-Craba, Ranlgotte Jumbo Frog Legs with Tartar Sauce ..., --..... Fried or Broiled Black Bass with Saratoga Chips Roast Stuffed Young Duck with Apple Sauce German Pot Roast with Potato Pancakes ..Braised Loin of Pork, With Jersey Sweets Goose Livers Sauite with Mushrooms on '* 'W---. Toast . j.".'.:.·; Corned Beef and Cabbage with Boiled Potatoes SOc 45c 30c 35c Fresh 35c 30c SPECIALS TONIGHT. Sirloin Steak with ' ff A _ Escalloped Potatoes .......9UC Half Broiled Guinea Chicken with Currant flf A-. Jelly 5UC FREOD.BEGX QUALITY FIRST Re Nu Wall INDOW SHADES* Sargent Paint Co. SOLE DISTRIBUTORS 502 Massachusetts Ave. Main 449«-PHONES»-New 484 L. DUGAf * DISTRIBUTOR 7 Indiana Ave, JPhono .Main 6;' 100% PURE LINSEED OIL PAINT, ready to use, $1.20 per gallon. Buy direct from th6 mahufacturor. MAKIOM PAINT COMPANY 858 SOUTH MERIDIAN STREET. 2nd door south of Union Station. THE INDIANA DENTAT, COO.EGK for any dental work you may need. Open evory day except legal holiday^. 8:30 n. in. to 5 p. in. Attdress corner Meridian and North atreeti. Phono Main 7711; Now 1688. READ STAR ,WANT ADS FOR PROFIT. People have confidence firms which keep their nann before them constantly. £·,,·· .::,'V,:;,;;,;:,fci;,:;;,:' i

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