Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on October 29, 1910 · Page 8
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 8

Trenton, New Jersey
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Saturday, October 29, 1910
Page 8
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TEENTON EVENING TIME*. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 29. 1010. BOWLING FOOTBALL ATHLETICS A v^Kr^W SPORTING NKWS AUTOMOBILING BOXINQ NOiliS GENERAL SPOR iS HOPPE'S 18.1 GAME SIMPLY WONDERFUL TODAY'S VITAL TO SEASON NEW YORK, Oct. 83. WH:ie._Hoppi-1 Two of t.:,,- , ; ,,,H !iiip..a^,,i fwui-ali did some more ftne work last night j games of t.'.e year will by .played to- in his match with Albert Cutler, j day. Th.s'. are th« Harvard-\Vest which is now in progress at the 1 Point and Princeton-Dartmouth games, Knickerbocker Billiard Academy,j the flrst named at West Point and the Brooklyn. Hoppe is, playing 18-Inch j other at the polo Grounds, New York., They are big games and they will have! a pronoun.-.-d bearing of the ranking ' of the teams at the eud of the season, j for first r»!a-e !n the ranking, but w h a t j happens tuduy will likely put a spike In the Halms of two nf tht-m. Yale af!«;r a rteriod of vicissitudes, but still vt-ry much in the ring, hardly will have «s hard time this afternoon-. If -the .'Kiis are beginning t-* get together there, ought to bo signs of it today. A third game- of importance will be the Pennsylvania-Carlisle affair In Philadelphia. The showing of the Quakers will he of interest to compare to Princeton's 6 to o against "ar- lisle. The Indians gent-rally play "their. best game against the Quakers. Michigan eom»s east for a tussle with Syracuse, 'the first of the Inter- j sectional Barnes of consequence. It] looks like a good year f'T Syracuse to | win unless the Wolverines have t a k e n ] a stiff brace. The Cornell-Williams j fracas will attract attention and the Ithaeans have .1 score to wipe out. Nothing has been shown by the Williams eleven this year to indicate that Cornell will be hard pushed. The schedule follows. j Harvard vs. West Point at West j Point. Yale vs. Colgate at New Haven. at SNew fourfyreat tfthletes £- ntered National indoor Championships to 'tie Jfetd Jn tfew l/ork GREAT INTEREST IN HARVARD'SOAMES! TRANSCONTINENTAL AMUftCMENTA. ' I * AY I i ll * A X ·-« *^ HOUSE AU WEEK, C« -ic : ai C ' "~ 2* baik line biiliards, one snot in, against Cutler's two shots in. Hoppe showed consistent work last night and made, his 300 points in fifteen innings, averaging- 20. This is not quite as good as he did the two previous nights .when he ran out each time^in thirteen Innings, but his work v.-as of a- high order "and those who .witnessed it were weli pleased. As usual he started off rath«r slowly, bu-t when he got warmed up he scored fast and made some brilliant runs. ''utler, who after Thursday's night's play was 1 274 behind In the grand total., started off .wonderfully, but after he had made 137 -in five innings he went to pieces. He lost all control of the'balls and could nut score at ail. He played in hard luck too. and mised several well calculated shots by the closest of margins, sho'wlns that he was not himself and that his work was nothing like his real form. At the end of the play last night the grand toals were: Hoppe. 1.SOO; Cutter. 1.111. s o ' t h a t , to win Cutler must tonight make GS9 while Hoppe runs 300, which, eoiisideringr Hoppe's form, is an impossibility. Cutler, is, however, like!/ to make some good runs i at any time, and hs may cut Hoppe's f lead some as he did twice this week. Hoppe began the play with a run of 7 and.then 'utler took advantage of a Kood lead and rapidly clicked off bil- liart)j|_in the most aiiproved style. He played w i t h much confidence and the further he- went the- better he played. Many of his open table shots were l .-^T,. very nicely calculated" and when. -he ' gathered the b«Hs he nursed well. He scored 65. br-rWe he retired. Then -Hoppe got tfrr bails to answer to his nice touch. He soon gathered them in position in the centre of the tabln and- gave a. fine .exhibition of delicate nursing such .as -he has'shown several ·times in this match. . Once the' balls scattered. badly for hini. but he got . them together again on the next shot and went on scoring until he had run 64, or only one "behind Cutler's run. Cutler then' made a good run of 29. ·which gave him a lead'at the close of the second inninss of 23: Twice Hoppe scored one carom, while Cutler ran 1.6 --- " '--n 2. In hV fifth inning .-Hoppe made a run of 15. making his total' for the .night SS -and Cutler ran 25. which took his t q t a l t o 137-/ giving "Mm a'lead of 49. At his ne^t -effort Hoppe- made on« and Cutler failed to count. 'Then Hoppe startecl in with, another of his fine i;uhs. He soon gathered .the balls; - and scored fast 'by close' play until i he had made 70. Cutler, failed and Frost Hoppe ran 2, Scoring- was slow by Lancaster . both players un.til the twelfth .Innln-gE. j J. Amisson ·when Woppe jma.rje his high run. of the]Dye Princeton" vs. Dartmouth,- 1'ork. j · .pennsvlvania vs. Carlisle at Phila-! delp.hia. ' ·· . ) Syracuse vs. · Michigan at Syarcuse, X. Y. V. vs. Rutgers at New York, Brown vs. Tufts at Providence" Navy vs. Western "Reserve a.t An- napoHs. . _ . . . Stevens -vs. 1'nion at JToboken. Bowdoin vs. Colby at Hrunswiek: jHaverfonl vs. Frankiin and Marshall at ..HaverlVird. . · TjehiRh vs. Swarthmore- -at South Bethlehem. . . . Lafayette vs. Buckriell at Easton. Minnesota, vs. ('hic.ico at fhicawo. Amherst vs. ·· Worcester ' Poly., at Amherst. Wesleyan vs. Trinity at MlrtJleto.wn. Georgetown . vs. North Carolina at Washington. Harvard Freshmen x-s^ Princeton Freshmen at do Pennsylvania Freshmen, vs. Mercers- c ' a ? s a "er th* meet-^s over. ^. {of- town entry is the best ever, received ;in the history-bf the A. A. U.. and the I same* /will brin ff together the" ·-) Ti.presentative set or athletes I ·"' """ Tiroes Tourney. Thompson Standing of Contestants. L. eiening. In "this run he made several piea^.cular shots. One was a calculation .masse half the length "of the .table." It was n turn shot which seemed Trptiderftil to those who'watdh- 'ed.. '.That'.run made his score 273 .:«KRinst 151 for -Culler. In 'his fourteenth inms' Cutler made 3', but it was too lat« IB the game to-So--anv* tiring and Happe-ran out *lth 10 in his fifteenth r, ~ The scores TviKte Hopps ns:i~7. 64. i, i, is. 1. 70 2 12 0 2 58 4, 4 19 Total 300 Ai erase ^0 Hreh runs 98, 70 64 -GJwnd- total.. 1.566. Albert-eutler fiS 2^--65, 21 16. 2 «5 0 Qt I. 0. 1, 12 ,D 1 73 Total ISj Average 1" -5-14 Hi^h runs. 65 33 2* Grand total 1,111 Automobile Storage - H you are solng to -olace your car in aeaa storage we win ^rore. It for *T per month Call 110 Widest! *-«-« Tarns McLaughlln Church Voorhees ·Humphreys Galser Canldwell . i. Amisson Conners Harris -Shipley Hibbert 3 3' 1 1 2 2 i 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 .0 0 0 0' 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 i 2 -«! 1 S 4 fl P.O. l.OO 1-000 .667 .667 .600 500 .500 .500 - 333-1 .201) 00:9 looo .000 Princeton, Cornell, lork,A. C. and the Irish'-American A.'C. Among; the stars entered iij rent" events are the famous vin .Sheppajd. Harry Gisslne, - * t · i^tirr I M t h - fi.-id -v.-nts. i u i m ' riir'"-: i - o n t r u l . ;· rf. ·i-rn^ii- t 1 '- f'-.?t. -Th- fav.irrtM.- and falrb ' wert- nuje. The sum- . "W W" . an H.-i -;i. ' 1 0. uichr-s. ii t»y i 'hartwi.'k. ' al t h r o w of 5 1 Z'J_ S'-riilch, st-«''r)d. ! S. I). Hiiwiird. · Th» antnmobllists nf Chi.-ago gave! A I. We»i(fard. who is making a trip · · r-»ss t h « r..nrin»-;ii In the Interests. .f the'Tourinii Club ,f America, a eor- ; dial reception on his arrivaj there Ia«t ·A...R- Mr Wfstgard reports that th» "fHcrprlse nf the Tourlug Club In ar- ' ranging th!g trans.~ont!nenral trip for : th" purpon,- «f inftuent-ing the gu-jd ' r"j*ds m»*.-*Tnent as well ns mappinir; ··tit a ^t-rvir^rtt;!^ rvjuto from the At- ' lantU- t-» ^th** Pacific r*;ist. has bt-en'. hlKhlj t-iimmerided riot only by t h e . l^adlne rnnturlats. but by the hSshvv-.t- ; feet 6 ·«slon"ra and other sw.t» K ' i n - - \ V ' i n b v urt.-i:" !)I-Vi-Krii5"'nV T .ml; H u r d l n ^ . '11, 75 ». 1 iiiliuit-s Vi 2-5 s Ml'.- - W o n by y Kochc TTTM 1 55 "yaTaST yards, third. conds. (itinn, '11. 26 "U. ! sin.-., ' 1 4 , 3' 1 yards, j«cc,iiid; yards, third. Time, 51 " Hurdles Wim by w i t h «-h'.m he has eom« in contact: lr. M .lng New York. _ ! frtTTi'm bus. Ohfor"5Tf*' Wes!Ka"n"l ·" «;ts *-sc.rt»d by a delegation of proml- i n.'tit I.H'al aut,rnob!ltsts to call ujK-n ·: Ov.Tn«r Harmon who e-videnced keen; Interf-at in the project to lay out a l Iransci-mtinpntal mute and willingly;. offered to lend every possible assist-; F44ck. ! anc« at his command in assist In f u r - ' . ri'lN-. I ' t t n i r n i n K S . '13. B y.ijtls. | thering th enterprise through Uhi'i. " ' I « i k. '11. 5 yards, third. Tim.-. . . _ i""-V;ird l:\f's-- \V'in by Halstead. | '):; '-'. a r d s . S t ^ i n h a r d l . 'H. serati-h, . s.-i-..n.I. A i i i - t i n , 'i:i. scratch.^ third. Tini". I" 2-i- seconds. 12'i-Yard Ijn'.v Hurdles--Won by C.i!.l-. '!2. Krf.-man. ' I I . second: Jack- E.IT:. 'U t l i i r r l . Tim-. 15 1-5 sei-nnds. Vault mp "-\Viin by Cad well. '!. w!!it 1.1 fe«-t; .T,orry, '11: Chad- ·'11. and King. '11, ;U1 lied for Put --"won by Patrhellor. '13. 1 f o o t , w i t h an a c t u a l put nf 39 feet 10 !iv-ii"?. MO'xiy. '11, scratch, w i t h 40 iv.-t .'. in.-li.-s. s«-ond; Chadwlck, '11, ,-, f,.,.i, w i t h an ut-tuAl put-v»r_3.4'feet, 320-Yard Dash--Won by StPi'nhardt. '11. 4 yards: Iana. '13. 4 yards, s'C- Halstead, 2 yards, third. Time. Mil»- -Wrin Ravptte. '14 The Touring niub'B representative [ was escorted into Indianapolis by a ' delegation of lo-al motorists, headed i I'y H. u. Smith, Pn-sident of the Pr^- j mier Motor Manufucturlng Company ; and a luncheon was given in his hori'/r! at the Columbus Club. Mr WestKardi -*lled. by appointment, upon Govor-1 nor Marshall who cordially · welcomed the apostle' 15f the good roads movement to the state and highly commended the Touring Crub for Its enterprise in planning a coast to coast tour. Governor Marshall discussed the h«st methods of road construction and maintenance, and ^ave as his belief that all..road. worjs_should, be .under, the supervision of a state engineer and intimated that a bill would probably be introduced into the State Legislature advocating certain reforms to the pre- 40 I sent method of road work. TH6 THUCE IWIN; NEW YORK, Oct. 29---After looking over the Hat of out of .town Athletes fvhq will start in the national indoor- championships to- be held here j October 31 arid November 1. it seems as though many of the Lewis. '13. " ft . yards, second: 25 yards. Lhird. Time. 1 mln- ..- ! 3-S sf'oonils. High J u m p --Won by Bei'be. '14, 3 Jijn'vs: Moffatt. '13. 4 inches, second; But-kioy .'12. and Freeman. 'M, tied Tor tiiii'd. Height. 5 feec S -inches. Two Mil«'-- Won by Copelarnd. '13. 100 yards: Whitman, 'll.i 100 yards; second; Ryan. *11,. scratKi, thrid. Time, 10 minutes 16 4-6 seconds. ISr.iad Jump--Won hy Dillingham. '11. scratch, with 20 feet 11 Inches; f SImnnds, "11. scratch, second, with ,20 feet S% Inches. Upon arriving at Hammond. Indiana, Mr. Westgard's party was met by a delegation of Chiciugo motorists and newspaper representatives, headed by -H." O. Smith, wejl known to mnorists in all parts of the country, and a reception .and luncheon was tendered ilr. Westward at the Hotel La Kalle- Mr. Westgard reports that the .roads leading through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois into Chicago are in good condition and that the route as originally Yale Freshmen vs. Andove.r .at An-t "f t»°"g' many ot the metropolitan .prisecT ·verl . . - . f e ' " ' ; ' . ' ^ »^» _? e .^ the "has been" ? h ar The out New burgr at Mereersburg. the starter to try fof Yale , Schedule. Tonjght. iDye va. Thompson, 7:30^ Frost \s Cormirs,_8 JO ___ '- CauldwelP-is -Church, 9 30 MONDAY N -Xu Arnlsson. an* J Amisson iancaster aha Gaiser; TUESDAY KIGHT. Catfiplic :I^eagu.e. SPORTING --Gossg and Comment^ 'President .August ftetiiaann of the Cincinnati club hp« prepared con- trscta-for Players Mpreh, .MeQuIllen. Grant and Bates of the Philadelphia club, -«bo will Be asked to sign them as.:part of the disputed deal by Tvhlch the Reds are willing to release ejcchange Hemuann says the protest nf Horace FpgeT, president of the Philadelphia clu, against the con- sairhatior* of the deal -which was made by Togel'a manager Dooln, with Grifflth - not hold and that f a the deal will go through. If Herr- inann signs one or all of the Philadelphia players named .aboxe. Fogel declares he will BHmj 'charires of- tampering against the . Cincinnati magnate: and will also appeal to the civil -Courts. He«njann liasjbeen readi'jto. break a lance wfih Fogel for *ome time. It was said yesterday,'and he'is anjdous to disclose the laeritlty of -the real owners of the Philadelphia club Hciiihann is also^at loggerheads with - vv Murphj, reputed owner of the Chicago Cubs and is Quoted ^g saj _ ing- that If Murphy and: Ws backer, C P Taft, have any financial interest" In the" Philadelphia club the fact will be made public before the 1s said to hai« 3nade the statement that Fogel did not object to the deal made b Manager Dooln. until Ae suadenly rec«aved a telegraphic tip from Murphy to Block the transac- -t!6n, but Fogef denies positively- that he "heard from Murphy in any -way and further Insists that Murphy and Taft ha-ve n shares In the Fhila- DEATH WASM Bftrney Manager Dreyfuss Clarke' .to shake: iBsttuoted up, the before another season It is said that Hans Wagner traded and thai ^Flrat Base- Tnan Tlvnn will Be released, also that Pitcher Cammitz is booked to go and Clarke will become fi fcench er If Wajrner is on the market isew Torir fans would applaud a deal r by which- McOraw might secure him Isn t that Giants Tn fact, there in .either big- league to . "wouldn't Jump at a chance tna famous Dutchman Klaus of PMKburg and Leo Houck of Lancaster, Pa., both aspirants for mlddte-ffeigbt honors,fwiJl box six rounds In Philadelphia tonighf. Hocfc haa come to tne front with a rush lately anfl Is so sure of -win* that he has agreed to .take on Frank Mantell for fifteen rounds the New Rhode Island A C Thornton, R. L, on Xovembeis-HT Bowling Resnlts T. *55 44S ITHACA. Oct 29--An autopsy yesterday revealed the fact that football had nothing to do with th/ death of Lattran B Paine nf Dulutft, who died after sustaining Bnjurv to his right S l J eceI re VW a scrimmage between the freshmen and 'varsfti- teams on October 1 -- -T-he,-dea£h ot^atne-eauscil i cancel- layon of th«-ga«e tomorrow with Wil- llami tut when_It -was learned that death resulted from natwal causes -ef- TMrt* were Carted to get In. touch with Williams and have the game played as schedules. Dr Begentz of Buffalo, whir examined the body of Paine, found that death was du* t heart trouble SnA othe? became away; ' sad JnccMerit has srcatlj -fentfrp-. university ~cdm' m unity. The lioy's father FniikRn Paine, rI T5uluth. vesterdaj wlrrd his -CftnS^ftt to art autopsy.' : w}iicW- tlie Xhj|x-ftn«lt-y'.»aVt thoritles grfistlj !··=,red to ba-v per- fojiiied Practice f »r the r«^t nf the Schedule, however, iias not bren. iTN- continued. ftnd will rnt .r Paine's InfUfy occurred, wliea '^e TniJe A Have Your Home CATHOWGrtEAOU E. LEAGUE. I 2 « DobcTfy ...... ,-I«T LMuIKn .,.,, ---- 112 fStont ., ..... ....129 ' 375 Msuee .... Kelly ...,, Connelly .. Conner ... C. Malloy . tMPJRE POTTERY TEAMS. - H.-HASSELL TEAM-- S* 78 ......... 107 ....... 103 Talbot -;;;. ,i.;v. 99 Either telephone 347 LOZIER DRIVERS LIKE RAGE COURSE There will be new records at Savannah in 'the Grand Prize race - on November 12 if the .pregnosiications of such,'(3 men In the rac- game : as Ralph Mulford. the driver of Lozier cars, and C. A. Emise, the .manager of the racing details /of the Lozler "Motor Company, . count for anything. Joe? ttorani too, -another Lozier ..driver, and probably the best known - mechanician . : identified with racing' in this country, .Agrees with Mr. Emise and Mulford in . that . If JNazarro.s «orid_,record of 7-T3 ratles an ,hour -for ; a/ long road race Is 'hot beaten, h.ext month they will be greatly "Surprised- After being "nearly kicked - to piece's;" as Mr. .Erhise; expressed, It, by th efail, eind of the southern .hurrl- cane\ .the Lozier team arrived, at safely on Friday: last anfl no", time in feoing over the new coiirae which is-to be., the scene of the. BiterrMtldrial struggle on Novein-* i -12^ Halpli__aiulford,_s\ilte8». The ne-ss- jcourse Is a wonfler and a new world's'record ^^ijl be set, or have missed _ our guess. It la six to eight" miles faster than for- merlj on account of thfr elimination ipst of the Isle bolt- .turns; of Hope and Thunder" ·With; the · impro stock - r -- r Tam . . . . _ two years longer After the inj uo "Paine retired from the game and later sent to the student infirmary, where he was treated by tr Munford. the athletic phjsician The -following daj, he appeared io be recoy- *reH and left the iiospffal. He returned to the Infirmary on the, 21st. again complaining of pain In his side and a severe headache Again lie -was treat- «i and again on the. 22d he- left, con- trarv| to tile phvslcid:n's adxice and watched the Vermont-Cornell game that afternoon. The nrxl day. Sun- I'Sr h u wa!ftred tvo a*" 1 a ''»«' ra» p * spot on the- Fiver,- 6n"fe.-nflK. talle: from -^ * % P01 ? n1 " wlth fri«nd«. 5nnh^ cousge Mulford, Tloran, caw and \\efinesday he returned and receded j meohanu-s went dterctly fro» their 6 P "*· [Savannah Inspectloa to Atlanta, to passed prrpare for ~ the . race*" there-ori: No- m the speed of cars In the last two years thgCoia Savannah" time of: 56.0S -mil*-* ftn _h_ rt ur ^-^ 2?-- ^tftd ^ "If my ." Jjozler ^stock -^ca tthifth I :worr- the ~ ·national Chassis "championship" at Elgin, etl afth..vinv the_ %'iinder.bilt I and :was iiijy beaten .by less: thaw:sljt *ecoftds in -the Fairmount ParS race--t» abje to go the route, It shduld average seventy mOea an hour, and the __, foreign racing; cars ought to beat my stock; car tihie at least" four or. flve ·miles an hour." The fcozler. headquarters for ? the Grahd Prtze'-race', will b4 *t tHs". Casino, at Thunderbolt, Automobile Events. November 3, 4 and 5 -- The fall meet of the Atlanta Automobile Association at "the two-mile motordrome at -Atlanta, Ga. : . - * November 5 arcd $r-- Track meet. ..under-- the auspices of £ha-New Orleans (Lia.) Automobile CHib: November 6-- Track meet at Mt. Ver- noti, N. T., under the auspices of "tha Mt. Vernon Automobile* Club. . .; November T^Track meet at Phoenix, Ariz., under the auspices of the Marl- copa Automobile Club. Noyember 10, 12 and 13-- San Antonio (TeJtasV Automobile Club ..track meet; Noyerjiber. 24 -- Canta Moniea road rac-e, ander th^f auspices of the .Los Angeles. (Cal:) 'Automobile "Dealers' Association. __ November 23. -- Mil* high hit! climb at RedZands, Cal.. under the auspice* of the Mile High Hill Gllmb Association. BOOK or C.MJ B1CW9I tf«IC BT OTTO HiUttS. ... MUSIC BT KARl HOSU1MA- I'HICKS Lvrrer Floor. »1 «-d *· ~l BaleboT, SO-_ 75e. ond »li JI«ttme«. W-, TSf. and (I. - -.'-'_ Taylor Opera Tuesday Evening, Nov. WagenhaOT W 'Krem^rTMCd7~predBiit: SEVEN Br Marr Roberta Rlaehart Avery Hppwood. This brilliant comedl--. which for ·400 nights has shaken 'New- laughter, will b« given her* superb cast, every me'mbsr of !T» has appeared in th«.N«w. Tork tlon. ·" . · ' . ' - . . auspices of tlie Savannah (Gai);Auto- rhbbilo Club, over roads Jn the vicinity o't Savannai. November 24, ; 25 and 26^-- Race meet at tha LOB Angeles. Cal.. motordrome. December 1 te ; 8-- rFlrst annual aero- jji'Ueal exhibition, under tlieauspica* of "the Aero ;Ci ub 6'f nilhols, to' be : field in the Chicago 'Coiiaeom. verober $,- .4:- arid Caleb'Bragg a "Fio." Cai/b S. Bragg, of Cincinnati, the famous amateOT'itFlyer: trfio defeated Rarney - ol dSeld: -t And _ Til* 208 horsed racing ear two day8j| sncces- '},,, ha-d wor , .. ,, , , 3ust t^P Ic^rap, at 3 oa ^ n Tie from the Flat. raclngr i«nr-vh to the- effect that «e 30-Tmle race at Atwill be npp*arawc* as a p« u- was adopted which srcatPor -a professional ;lf. against a professional. makes-fin fee ' faces GALLAGHER LIBELS BOAT In yesferd^v's practice and 'varsity indulged In without. scriittTOifr' Se^rr-"^ pu*. u p j ^ -ft r -»^^ a. fine game In ""j3 new positron a* rig- t! rfv,""f^' , ena teagle was in for E,rlca at. let t, J^.'T end anJ Robb mtufr hts first *Pr^r-i' TM vL/Lf ance at Jfalfbapk in a week O Rorrfc* i -^mern seems to. hAve. clncbti Champaign's place at left guantLat least until-thr latter returns to" we'r: '. TK coaches announce* last nigUt thai-.the; "varsity wfll hold-; a-"scrimmaci? "against the ·crab tnl»'aftertK»on- in place of the WnH*m* ,nune: Charles H, Slasher.«*,,«· of many iruVIUfMm tTO WAUT nifftVTCOC rnnar.-boats,; has filed a libel suit-in INVIriUltSLco WAN I U U A K I b K o the United St«t»» District . Court : the~Trnl6n porcelain CUty and -- . . - · » . . ,, - _ , - . , , - - · -"Fire Brick Company,-of this city, t o * The Meicef rnvfnclbles, having- de- i J«» .rerhurrag*, Mr. Gallagher charge* ded iipon Increase* Sftrtal activities.} that defendant was slow in removing 321 i for the season, are consiftering th«;.» cargo of rjay-'friim the boat J!3. Jqaesttion.of acquiring-^ermarrent(iuar : j ,T':e uctirvn la similar'-to ~"lii*t o f j 283 tenu The matter is in the hand? of a'}-charging .demurraee- for .freight -when? 470; commntee consisting of Victor T-. 7..'cars are heW for too km*'a time. Be-! Mey»r. Dr. EdwanJ s; H»wfc* srnij C«rtl*«se of the aitmMlty" la*r», this' Adams. The commUi** win meet next i potion hat! to be brouftlit to the federaj-j 'conrrs.- - . J r | He «oyH M-tl Stem PteUt C^-) " Crmtmiu ·· Lvxe »· v ' - - " " " IUBVWFS1 INDItS PANAMA BtkMUDA December 3- to tlonal salon of- . the .autbihohfle, the cycle_,and the_ Bgort%. under, th«r_ «us pices of tfie A C, of France, December 25 and 2S -- Twenty-four ftoar Ta/re at the Los Angeles CCal tndtordroine. CHICKEN SUPPER F*r B«n«fit Hamilton Grange, GRANGER'S TTAT.T., i, TON SQUARI!, NOV. 5. Re^Jy at 5 (yaoe THOMANH'S BOWLING ALLEYS T*o-M«n Tournament Kotr--Tbr «ndl»BC« I* be Mated at tkv'zlae «T:tke: the aetloB mtmrtm l--e State Street i h^t ic of tk« * Art» ««*«.*· Royal Pianist :.~' : "^-~~ C, A- ZEI»ATAt- --· ~j"~- Son of ei-Presldeftt of mc»r-;_ ~~~ PRATT ! l±,KRL£RST~~ "~ Dog Entertainers. HAZEL AND iHT HAwjt"* "A PJirle j Tea." * ;.; The . ferfect- Woman and_ \HSr': Troupe, JTI the : AfarrelouJi. .::' ^Creation, ' i WBNT^ 5tINtJi.t3 Wli-Ji lOe. ADMISSION t«l'-i» Ik C -- h a. BnoAo ST. = RIVEH TKAJfS. C*. L»)or at. ws«t IMdBoUpa of F»r« Treatoa to Phlladelphpl*. ·"% R...4 * Except TREN VERQN*. t»E :DIO'S Class Vtuflevlirsi - aX»-»-»i;tE» is itooic CBUUT AKTJJt _ * « . 4 «. from . . m., 1 p. m. from Trtnton and m and * FAIR , A. i. E, Ib. 22 T00tl«tt» R. M. S. P. l t ^t ^AVON" Ju. 31 (27 4«r» *140'4 «,, Feb. IS (32 d.yi) »!» * R{v~Uutdl ^ - * - $83 ted op, · . J/» (rt tayi) - ««,(. ,j Feb. IS (32 d.y - $83 ted op, Crvlttvg M ffce We«t Intlet /or »«»vic« to »*« TVofSc*. BERMUDA CUBA JAMAICA SET 4 2« 8 _. «»/. by *«tt l«l»m Mill S .en *M . ·!.»«·.«. Tayldr ^)pcra IIoiisc Anernoon 4tv^^ · - " The- SoctoHst P»rtr of Coonty pr«sinU" "Card of Admission is attached t"» a." sabsCflptlon esrtf t» th» «i.^t 1 ctaH»t .w«-eKJy.-Tfc* Ap»^ml To Rcalvv . .- ~ Subscrlpllnn CaM. entltllnrbolder:to 4» weeks' s«bi«ript1OB t» t\l_- gr*«t p«p*r, .38 vemtm,. No. charg^ for admission to UcfttH* wise* *W scription blmnfc I* purchased. The** csrds nay b« o)t»t~»4 of · member o* Local M»rc«r or »t .Opar*. H(m««, afternoon of tectXir*. Hanuiierless Gnus, $16.50 loaded Bi«n«, $1.90 w«r 100. * Gni»«ing Coats, Pwnt*. . thing the gnntjer na«^» Jl here, «nrf the pttea u right. S, Of towit iNEWSPAPERl

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