The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 6, 1924 · Page 30
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 30

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1924
Page 30
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^ !*;'·'· tV y V_; - , FACE SIXTEEN. fiMi ROTARY M! T H E D E C A T U I l Thursday, February 7, 1921. Brief Serrice at the Weekly , Luncheon. ,\*«iim|Uon, I eb 7--Cl'Jie Rotary fcclil llx wci illy luncheon t HoUJ. Philip T u u m l u j A f u l l membership WMU prttuc.'iit. 'Ih4i nicotine was a n u n n e i r l i l lo UK. I n t o r:x-Preal -it VllHin A i t ' i r n e v ritzecruld iravo .1 ·hort talk on Wilson H life w h i l e all »( llto K o t u r l i n x faced tho oust for · few mliuitun In t r i b u t e . A I K i ' U illfcL'UHiUni on the Mellon Tax Mil took plixoc a f t e r which l « r f t ' l u i d t m f i \ o i o d u l t l i t w o Ilium. H'ld-Hona Mils Helen L«\*!ls ·tun i loadlnir. w h i c h wa« greatly ·nju t il M ' \ r « t h U I U niSE SISTCK On 'Jin "I y iiM-nl S «t tile regular! PHI'11 in.- i.f Ui" Euitiru Stum. Mrs l*iccl H i l t w i n *ery pleijiantly f c u r - prlxrct l \ Hi" nn minim She ms pre- k e n t M l M 'i ilf tlnxiMi k i i l \ o n and CcnUs ninl M i l l f -flf A Hhorl p r o g r a m «.i-i · H ] i \ ' i l . »'i.c hiilv thu dcbatn on · Whi» MuiiiM In* Uio lio« of til home 'mini r w oinn " '1 he w o n i i n | w o n Ilio ( M m lielnir H p u i e n t c c l t \ Mrn. I.ill i O i i n l j M i'l«« t ^ w l s .uul Wlncum ) t t i i » 'III" m R a i n t, S|K j wa» tnl.i n In I M : uulv - i l w i i i Urcy mill I't f I W I! 1 \n\t\ '1 li 1nilK«» » « i » Mr* ' lam Vlead Mrs Mini C l i i l c inul I r. il H i x m e ^ e r J.rx r i n n n i n You! ulBO fn\e a. \«.rj In- I r r M l i i v r n iiilltir Tli».« f i r m i he If. il rliiplor u h o w i l l n l t n n i l llio M c h o o l of I n s t r i K - t l o n In l u i r a i u r i M ' X t t rlilnv i r« Mrs C A Pul'oro Mri H. H f nmu»rt Mrs f M lliuul* Mr. H I' r,«wls Mrs W»ltir Sii-ln Mm 1 nor'n" I»nir Mrs J \V H M n l o j Mrti Sam Ploltor V» O I. CroiiH anil Mrs Mar* Pit- t.n TiNTnUTAlN'S CLUB Mrn I* W Illeh'. was hostess 'o (lie .rt a n I I'm* el Club Tuosdny a ' t - I » r M h l n i r « as In lieeplnic » l t l i V n l e n t l i i M I ' M Dio table w a s %*r\ lir f » « n d i f o m o d lo represent i hn{" M I ) , m i n e K \ e r % t h i n e carried out ihn i c l'n Bdienx o( r e l niul « h l i \ Inriie wlshli"n« cov"-ed w i t h w M l e m i l l I n d l n f f t" t i s l « l eindle · t l i l » u l i h led i inrtli'H c!e.corited » l t h il .Us and rod cuplds A t l n p \ n l e i n l n i w is i t "'T-h Place The l u n c h , i r - l i d "lit Hi' fnmn effect O f f l c i r» Ihe e n ^ n l n K -veir n "P eVotnl n» f u l ' o « « Mm n \ i l » f n r n l n f ohnlrmin Mrs r(a» T l m s o n \ l f i -pri'ildent Mr," r*«l« I l i f f n i i F«eerctnr Mis c C l i m n " i « N i i n t der-rcfin. 1111: ^ v t ' v I n t o r e i i l n i c P'OKrarn was ·tien r o m - U t l n i r "f M i i K l i In tlui Ilo-re-- Mrs FdlU ii 111 c , i m s t A m e r i c a n p o r t r a i t paiite- _Mi « A tiiintc 111 M In lit A r t i s t -- Mis C. J r l l v n i I T i n l i i ( t ' « t " t n t i i o made b y I I o \ \ i r -- M r ' I IlK!"!! The tii'mf ' i t o r o n t l n r h l s t o r u n l rlnre« of I n i . i o n t In Anicilca a «Us- cnnslon l«il by Mrn It C Tri%l«. Toll C u l l A m e r l c a r Slnc^r', fin t e n t I . M n t s A r t i s t o r siulptnrs PIERSON MINISTER IS GIVEN SURPRISE Plcrno i 1 i-'i 7--Tlic peopli of tlie \ i r l n l t v (f I ' l l rioii "nJ G it rctt c.i - | rlfii 0 1 ' a w i l l planned »tir-rlse "i. t h » l r m ' u l i t f - I1«* W a l t e r raanach | mi Htm of tho Christum church. San-, .!·· H W H H his t h i r t y - t h i r d blrtiVI ilivy n i i ' i U * rs ir anil after the morn- Inir ncrvlcs In tlm loral church he \\iis I n i ' l r d out 'or c l ' n n c r An lie wim p n » i l n i c thro igh t n o v l l a p e he «ii nllcil nilc!e for i moment ^nt *· ho »t'iod In f r o n t of tho t o u n hull t l m i | i j i » nf that b u l U l l r p were a l u i n i l r . i l f Ills pnrlshonrr« u n d j ·rlomhi i l n luiil cnlii^rcd there toi / 1 lnbrii o I 'i l l r i l u l i u u n n l \ e r s \ r v « l l h u h n m t i l f il d l T i K r 1 ililos Inul h'ctn a'-nreecl and loiwUvl w i t h K0fd thl-i£rs to eat, ind ··»cril hoiirn pnsspt happily with ·M d l n n c i »nd social pleasures fol- ForMantt. Inoalidi. Chitdrtn, AriH ··It.tlnn- -- SubititutM COAL Special! FURHACE COAL Yockahommas Screened :r $6.25 Springfield, 6 in fl»/» S)r lump . .PU.£tl 6 hi. £/? OP Imp. PU»6iO Lbicobv « In. lump Main 1211 E. 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Subscription Blank UAIEW: Please have j o u r carrier deliver The Review to my address, beginning at once, and collect fifteen cents weekly unless arranged otherwise t the office. I agree to continue same four months, provided service is satisfactory. Phone .......... Name. Address Subsetiption secured by. I Address. For my prise, deliver . or null me f Phone. Date. SibtcriptiM BlMk REVIEW: Pleaie have your carrier deliver Th* Review to ay ·ddress, b««lnnlng at once, and collect fifteen ocaU weekly anlesi arranged otherwise «t the office. I agree to continue same four month*, provided t«r vie* is Mtiifartory. ·" ·-·-«**· . . , For my prize, deliver , . or mail m* Date THE DECATUR REVIEW 1EWSP4PERS et } reoman I'oyyer* vr Pcid . Blind Tctal 415 421 4IV3 II Kh Indlv- dual score--Mi«s 1*iO h*Bh I n d t v idual average M1*I9 It 131 BRLMS / 1st 2nd 8r3 Tot H7 6« 109 ,2«« 101 115 fit T* 71 71 C4 20« «l «i 52 172 Player-Brumley BlrK. Brook! N Sneller . It Sneller . Total .. Player-- ~ G l I b b l R \V oods . Ave 81 102 OH 57 73 194 334 CRIBS lit Znd "1 09 100 S 3rd 79 «3 44 High Individual score-hull individual aveu^e MI'i Blrkr, 192 Tot 249 211 192 10! 2 HOT Blrku llo ed w h i l e t o *" p i ten the-Terrible liuts has been Manager Shollenberger of . club of the Mississippi , If S l i m s arm is O K thtt 'he should go through the Mis- 1 Vallev loop lil f wa e- games against In the fall of 1S°0 Wjlson ret i r r e d to Princeton his alma, mater as inc u m b e n t of the chair o' politics and jur'sri-udence And every day whale the Tiger team of that jear was pre- pa'lng f i r its great game against Tale Wilson. Captain Poc, Alex Mof- ett, Duncan Edwards and Tracy Harris worked upon a new schema of joxlnic the .tackle and ot breaking nterfprc-nce Wilson Is described as, following the team with a cane in ! der his arm an English fashion affected by Amer.can football oftlcia s and coaches turned up trousers, a ooso f i t t i n g pleated Jacket and red ~vater proo f shoes so po-pular in these days and a collegians cap sieve D.d vou e v e r wiio "sas riot thine hear nf a. ' ciampion o! Da.nvll e has taken Eomc- u p the course the champion of Oree.e ath and dose the panslon of the starch i may bring to athletic promotions o -p-lant ,, A movement, however lias started to erect a giga.ntic stadium la whldi wports of all kinds be held for the use of the oommumtv. o' the Staley heev cou.ld entire Thinking of atadlums giound lias been troken for the new J400.000 municipal stadium at Terr* Haute John J Cle«ry, president of the "Fans Association took part In the cere monies by u«tar* shovel. It will no ba completed for elcrit months, so that the Three Ky« league club IF HI not have use of the new field fcefore 19M Terre Haate li spending $100 000 on Us municipal athletic field Dccatur 70 n have one w'hlch -will not only soilt tho needs of baseball tout D H S ath etlcs foi le^s than J200 000 D a n e P u m o r is o i the jo-o aga n ard t h i s t me to the effect that Ralph G l a / e wj-o gave up ,his po=t at Lake Forest with a statement that tho facu ty was too stiff In Ktjholaistlc demands was to succeed Jack Cran- Bla a f St Viator. Blaybe so Maybe so S a y ^ L d u l e Jacc-uin in the Peoria Journal Onco In a while a newspaper iran cornea In handy We apprised Coach Robertson this (morning of the t'eup c-n the Traction Ho Jiad p'anncd to go to Bloomington with hla team at S o clock on the I T S He wou'd never havo made I* and there would- n t h a v e hcen a gume in Bloomington this evening ' M»ybe Robby ulslies Eddie had attended to shorts writing entirely. According to the Mollno Dispatch, Athletic Director Sw¥lberg of Augus- tana is, attempting to have Paul Sdhlss-ler transfer the Lombard- Augustana. game- from Galesburj to ·Rock Island Saturday night. Yes, Ma- Schlsslcr will be very glad not to transfer the contest. Paul Is after a cage title for the Lombardlans and from the looks of things has more than a fair chance to cop Augustann, Bradlev aml Knox are the games remaining on the Lombard ·ohedule. St. Viator has to be defeated before Ixmbard can have a clear title If they win all Two ?nune» with Wesleytn and owe with Bradley face the t VJator toasere. Captures 50, 60 and Yard Dashes. N e w a r k N J, Teb " -- T h i e e spectacular s p r i r t s victories Ly Loren Murchlson N e w a r k f i l e r and national champion featured tUe f o u r t h annual games /of the NV.yark Athletic club Wednesda. n i g h t in the first Regi- m e n t Armorv Murchlson made a clean sweep of the series of dashes at CO 60 and 70 vards, showing his heels to "Boots' Lever f o r m e r Pennsylvania track captain and Jackson V Rcholz of the New \ork A C, who finished In that order in each event WATSON WINS Hav Watson ot Chlcaijo national half rni'o champion flashed his best performance of .the Indoor season when he captured the si-y. h u n d r e d vard Nevvaik special leading V i n c e n t , Lallv ot Isevv lork to the f i n i s h b ten j arils w i t h Llovd Halm Boston star third two vards f u r t h e r back Alan Hellfrlch, n« Pennsjlvanla «;tate and Tom Campbell former Yale star were forced to w ithdraw from the race TIAY BADLY BCATEV To e Rav Chicago Etai, not onlv failed In an attempt to lower tre Talk lecord, but was decisivelv bea-ten in a handicap race at one mile one of the features of the Newark Athletic games tonight Riy finished e i \ t h in the race which was w o n bv A Mack of N f ew lork, with a handicap of 125 vards The Chl- cagoan s time 4 30 S-5, was his lowest in several seasons and about ten seconds under the track record FAIL IN CONTESTS (Galesbarc Galesburg, 111 , Feb 7 -- Members of ne Lombard basketball team return- ng from their successful Invasion of ho Wolverine state tell of the -onlj unpleasant Incident to mar tlielr trip i belligerent fans «t the Kalamazoo formal game which Lombard won, 2o o 21, swarmed upon the floor after he gama and In menacing attitude made threats to do the Olive basket men real v iclence Captain Evar Swaneon callleel his men together, ready for any even- ual tv When there were no 1 blows struck the Lomoard plavers left the 'loor and hurried to the dressing rodins Thej were determined not to e the cause of anv embarrassrrent :o tno "Western Normal college unless t was a matter of self defence The primary cause of the fuss wa" the t r i u m p h of Lombard The Kazoo r ans, who still were smarting under defeat on the football field 70 to 0 were confident tney -would balance the scales with their basketball team ?o-- two years the Teacher basketmen lad been undefeated on their own f oor Scouts w no l a d looked o v e r the Marquette-Lombard games here reported that the Olives were not so hot but thev had a wav ot breaking the hearts of anv tea-n bv a process of vivisection When the Lombard guards held the ball this scout re ported. It would be necessary |o break up t'ne five man defer-so and then, rela'ed t'ne scout three sneedy Unlversalists wou'd flash down the floor and a. field goal usually w a s the toll LOMBARD PLVTS WA.ITING GAMD * Kala-razoo the Sch =sler mer showed e n o u g u speed and skill to obtain the lead With ttvo more hard gbmcs ahead and no rest b e t w e e n they decided to plav their w a ' t i n g ' game In the Knox contest it became the stalling game Ka/otf players tried to brea c un t i e stall, and as Marquette suffered so did t lev The fans becarre enraged at the ease with wiilc'i their court pets were disorganized and r u n bled They began to h u r l epithets tit tl e Lombard p l a v e r " Captain Swnnson was made tho target ot t n e i r a b u s i v e remarks Lombard refused to acceJe to the wishes of the fans bv depart ng from t n e i r accepted mode of plaj an* the fans began to show a. more violent temper Kalamazoo had a slight rally t o w a r d the close of tlie gan^e and this TTollified the situation conslderablj BLt the final score indicated Lombard had won and once again the Western formal teacher students began to show signs of violent disteripe-. Hurt TlirtaU Over Gym Transom f i e r the derronstratlon of h a t e of the Lombard p l a y e r s on tho floor the fans ml'Ied about th« corr dom of the R y m Tho neetlnns of angry students took tb" form of c o n a p l n n i f groups all exerc K\I\K t h e i r mental processes t» conjure u p * sonic form of vi Knv Ir fie m e a n t i m e t-hG Lombard men wer» e l e n t l y dreesinK and wc-ndorlnff vl-a*- w o u l d be the t u r n of e v e n t s w h e n they reached the street THREATEN HUP TO F I V E R " There, cane a rap upon the d-O'sinK room door and one of the leaders of the ganjc in stectonon tones declared When v o u stalling R U V I cone out of hero -we a.-e going- to take v o u for a trip down the r l y c r * His bravado was f o l l o w e d b a volley «f. curses froTl his Mackmen to Face Rival Pitchers witfi Only One Left Hander. BY JOHV n. FOSPEIt (CopjTight 1924) N ' w Tork, Feb 7--If the new j i l a \ - ers of the Athletics prove to be v a l i ant Knights and true with tho bat in 1924. l e f t ' h a n d pltcher» will foolc askance at that team, a." Conmo Mack. will have a straight array of right handed hitters with a single exception--Hauser at first base On the bases tiiere will be Hausei, fust, left bander. Dykes, second, right hander GaIIowa\, shortstop, rlg-ht hander Hale third, right hand- er The outfielders Simmons Strand. Welch and Miller all ar« riprht hand- erg and BO are Perkins and Brugrg" behind the bat Almost all the pitchers axe right handed INTO RIGHT FIELD Of all the Athletic batters none hi* a. particular fancy for hitting into right field | The result w i l l ba a deep left opposition from every nine in the league w h e n the Athletic* com» to towi The A s w i l l bombard all the left field fences in th% circuit, f thev t u r n out as well as Mack hopon - Cleveland will start witli one of the most f o r m i d a b l e arraxs ot batters that ever began a bisr league right handed All lettcs running- them a tight race if Coinfle Mack 8 bush«r-s come through a n \ t h i r c like they did in the minors · WATCH STRAXD Tne greatest amount of Interest w 11 center In Strand He Is a pla\- ei w 10 has been made by the environment of the Pacific Coast w h l c i betters ballplajers who f i n d t h M r way out there Strand left tho ma jors veors bick w i t h no reputation for being a f r e q u e n t hitter or any other kind of hitter. Now he Is the leader of the Coast League G-anting that he had a Ic-itger season in which to mike in!* reco-d h s average for i utindard season H as good as that of tho sluc- gers who hive their Roman noses p o r t r a j e d diilv in the big tow i shows If he can mak« his accomplishment list him in 1924 the Athletics w i l l have a stiatterlns of tli* punch w h i c h tho lacked lost season Millions Use It-Few Cents Bus Jar at Drugstore i I Bench, Fla Fob 7-- Three more recoids broken and a fourth de- c ar.ed lost because ot a. m i \ u p on the par' of timers w a s the toll taken i vosterdav hv the TV omens Association! Svv m m e i s on tho second da of t h e i r ' meet here Sll)v| Bauer IU nois A C Star m a d e I er first lecord breaking t-ip yvhen s le won the 100 metera back stroke in one m i n u t e 22 2-5 seconds Miss U a t i " r « former record w a s 3 -t !-"« G e i t t u d e Ederle, Alleen Riggin Ade laide Lambert and Helen Wajne Wright broke the w o i l d s 40» metre relay record finishing In f i v e minutes flat n i n e and one f i f t h seconds Agnes Geraghty of New 'Sork set her second brcabt Btroko mark In the meet when she swam the 200 metre cvent%in 3 34 2-5. Dorothj Waters Held the former American record 3 5S 1-5 The world's mark is Z 31 2-6 HOCKEY LEAGUE TO START NEXT YEAR Montreal, Feb T --The propoied new IntemationaJ Profesmional Hockey League, it uas seated Wednesday by Charles r Adams, director of the Boston, area, ex- REVL COMIC OPERA STLFF T i e Kalamazo^ No-mal coacli o\erheftrd the tunxult outs de the ixmibaij door and hurried to o f f e r h B protection and apolo gles Tha c-owd w a s dispersed They were ort-er^d to l e a \ e the b O l l d l n f c and report to the prejcy I n the morn ng Tlie re* d e n t coach offered hla apologies to oach bchlssle- BJbECa were provided In h ch the Lonba-d team, members were U shed, off to the Ne\* Du-cllck hotel 'here w i» q u i t * ^ iratherinf of angry \ t xge4 Western N o r m a l fans mil \ng eirioJt i the lo j b j o j the ho*el "When tho Kal mazoo \ o r m a l coach (ind some of ht« IILT .ar« \lsloncd n.m an escort of the Loi i · art! tca*n a d i f f e r e n t aspect ·was g n « n ho nituatlon rha* ciosed the incluerit. P U M S H M t N T TOR OFPCVDDRS The ^TVeetern f o r m a l college *uthorlt'es ndlcat*d that they would deal severe y v i li th» men who were foond responsible tho unsportstianllrce attitude t o w a r d ho MCtor'oua team Coach Echlisler already is laj iny pjan-s or In* reception of KaJamazoo Normal ic a February 23 to clo»e the Irfmbard ineketbali *ea#on The KtLzooz p-laycr^ lad no part In the demonstration Thcj eKtetted the clrcum»tajice« In equal strain ti the coach and remained -with Coafch 3chl«»ler and th* plaer« at the hot*! a« a, mark, of their good feeling: toward Ixiiu ard. DRAKE FIVE WINS FROM MISSOURI Columbil M o , Teh 7--D'ake defeated tho University of Missouri, 62 to 24 here Wednesdav night In a Missouri Valley Conference basket- bail!^ frame A pair of field goals Bill Boeltcr of Drake In an extra f l \ e tnlnute period grave the Bulldogs the vlctorv ASK COOLIDGE TO AID GAS PRICE WAR Pierre, S D, Feb 7 --Gov W H McMasters has -wired President Cooi- !dg"e asking the executive to take some action to stop the rising price of s«*jllno Th« «-overnor declared cornering of the crude oil markets by the large oil Interests has taken tha fight outside the state of South pects to get under A\ \ next season with t w o American cities. New \ork and Boston and fo.ur Canadian cities, represented Montreal, Toronto Ottawa nnd Hamilton probably TM ill represent the Dominion PICINICH SIGNS CONTRACT FOR YEAR Boston rcb 7 --Catcher Plclnlch of the Boston, American I/eagu* club Wednesdaj signed his contrac for this season Manager Lee Tohl o the Red Sox, v ho'came here for thi American League meeting, returned to Cleveland In company with Presi dent Barnard of the Cleieland club JACK FISHER TO WRESTLE MATSUDA St Louie, Fob 7 --Jack Fisher lightweight wrestling champion of the United States announced he wouild defend his title here agalns Matty Matsuda, Feb 14 WANT UNIVERSAL DATE FOR EASTER Geneia, Feb 7--Tha Federated Church of Christ In America h written the League of Nations that It Is deeply interested In the efforts of tha league to jwcure * umlveraa agreement for a fixed date for Easter Dakota, where It gun on Aug- 27 1023 originally be- BUY YOUR SPORTING GOODS --FHOM-- ED KELLHN.TON 7U North WcUr Street Sho TF«« Thirsty Toronto Coblln--Biif Bov--The inn»tc »t dances take* th« ilace of liquor Shy Young; Thins--But Its Intermission now. HAIR GROOM Keeps Hair Combed Even obstirate unrulv or ·ham hai- stajs combed «J1 dav in any you^ 1'ke 'Hair Groom' i» co nblng cream which (lre» that n»tu 3 g o-» and well rroomel affect t» youi hilr--th«.t final touch to load d-e« both In bnnlneii and on social ocaaalon* ·Hair Groom Is rrsa«*!«w, also helri grow thick, b»»vy, lustrous hair. Z« irar« or rrcisy, barrrhil Imitation* EMERSON THE ARISTQSRAT OF CIGARS AWLDAND The imported tobaccos in the Entf rson travel thousands of miles from tropical tobacco plantations before they meet in this cigar. Only Havana and Java are used. Ask for your favorite size. lOc and up. Emerson Cigar Is made by Frank P. TJ c w I « Cigar Co, Peoria, £1.

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