The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 3, 1903 · Page 6
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 6

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1903
Page 6
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THK MONDAY, Fiaa- occasion the Lake Ry- w»H tkfctts*to Sen Fr*oci»- T a*i return, July . inetashre, *t con- than'half rate*, good «til October IS For **«iars apply to ticket c write to A. J- Smith, G. A, derciand, O. Chicago A MORTGAGED CITY. «« the Baltic S«*, hunting dowa Napoleon, who at that time was terrorizing Eutop*. Th« Swedish treasury was empty, and. without consulting the riksdag, he pawn* Moctiht-Wtsttm Ry. ,,,, Chicago V io:30 P- «- AtJ - lith, for San Francisco; $SO.oo round trip, Chicago to Los and San Francisco. Corre- ilv low rates from other Three trains daily through coast without change. Daily personally conducted tourist excursions. Write for itinerary. ited folder and full particu- 19-31 A. F. CLEVELAND Superior Street, Cleveland, O. o sale Ladjes' Silk Coats. week. The Biggs . Everard -aused him to be deposed and throufh a peaceful coupdT«Ut. «**·*· ·( tli* CM! Mrik*. An imteresttmc aftwtoath of th* «oal famine last winter has recently come to Ifcht in the civil courts. Much of the buatneas of these courts consists of what are known as landlord and tenant caasa, In most of the disputes aris- ta* from broken lenses the tenants have sought to Justify theatres for ·orlnc out by claiming that there waa a lack of steam heat during- the cold weather. The landlords Invariably combated this testimony by claiming that there was no coal to be obtained tt the time. Some of the landlords of the high grade apartment houses where the leases represent a good dea of money, made the mistake of calling S, 1903-PAGE WHO WILL SUPPLY YOUR EVERY WANT + ji WATQH CHANGES IN THEeE ADS * + , their engineer* to *.orrotorate The engineers when cornered testified that they used only sufficient coal to keep the cold storage plants in the houses fron freezing. These plants are to this fact alone that many of the best apartment houses in the city were left without any heat at all--N T. A. R- Special Train to San Francisco. ~ On August 12, the Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry, will run a »p*cial train of Pullman standard ".sleeping cars, tourist sleeping cars, free reclining car, etc, through to San Francisco, conveying Memorial Post of Cleveland to the National ^ Encampment. Special tram leaves aereland at 8-30 a m., running via Jtorwalk. Less than half rates for - «·* round 1 trip. Rate for double tferth in tourist sleepers. $t6oo Everybody invited to join this tram. Write at once to A. J. Smith. G. P. Jc T. A., Cleveland, O, for itinerary rf special train or reservation m sleeping cars, or apply to Lake Bake Snore Ticket Agents 1829 Special C% A. R. Train Via. Chicago ftNorth-Western R'y- iKwefr Chicago 10:30 p m., August ttth, for San Francisco; $3000 'for the round trip, Chicago to Los Akgeles and San Francisco. Corre- aprawgngly lew rates from other points. Three trains daily through t» coast without change. Daily and ^personally conducted tourist car ex- «tn-3ions. Write for the itinerary, il- MHtrated folder and full particulars. -~ JL F. Cleveland, 234 Superior St, Cleveland, Ohio. m-8-io All KI«4« of People. In one New York city court the ather day was a longshoreman who had whipped seven policemen. In an- ather court was a woman who had been arrested for heating her husband, another longshoreman These two incidents go to show that there are different kind* of longshoremen, ou- ferent kinds of iAJlicem^ and Different kinds of women it this worM.-- N. Y. Press. GAS attracting for Gas, Oil and Water WeOi. Work guaranteed. Call or write ROGERS BROS. 9RAFTON, OHIO By ta* action of the Swedish riksdag the city of Wlssaar and tke surround- Eg territory ia the duchy of MecUea- burrScnwertn. Germany, ha. ju»t been oSed to Bmperor William. The city. WM Is one of the beat seaporta on th« Baltic, and during the middle age* was a powerful Hans* town, came under Swedish dominion through the Weat- phaUan peace in 1648. In 1802 the city was pledged^ MecUenbur* for 100 I years, Sweden receiving some $2,000,000, ·ays the New York Time*. The hundred years' mortgage period came to a close on June 26. but the formal cession was not to take place until August 19. The occasion will be tousw fron freezing, meae ( H»UIS a.« signalized by great festivities in the old rwy costly, and had they frozen up city which for the first time after more d ^ pipe8 burst the damage would than 250 years will be in the full en- Umve been about $25.000. It was due joyment of her ancient rights and privileges. The claim of Sweden, while only of a contingent nature, has caused much confusion and difficulty. On account of it Wismar has oeen without representation in the diet, and Emperor William himself has been compelled to issue all | edicts having reference to Wismar in the name of a foreign monarch, the king of Sweden. Many legal entanglements In connection with property titles and the record of deeds have also resulted from the peculiar situation. Although Wismar was pledged with a right of renewal for another hundred years, there has been no thought of ever taking advantage of this proviso. With the interest which has accrued the sum necessary to redeem the city is far in excess of any amount the Swedish treasury would be in a position to disburse at the present time, especially for a possession from which no commercial or political advantage could be derived. There is no doubt that Emperor William--had the renewal been seriously proposed--would have caused it to be abandoned by bringing pressure to bear which the little kingdom in the north would be in no position to resist The surrender ot Wismar was unconditional and without consideration, although the action of the riksdag was preceded by a heated debate, in the course of which many propositions were made and voted down. One of these ·was to secure in exchange for the surrender certain conc*ssions for Denmark in the territory lost in the Prussian war of 1864. This was purely sentimental and did not commend itself to the more practical members of the legislative body. Then a proposition was made with a view WEaving Germany make Wismar a free harbor for the entry of Swedish products, but this was also negatived. It goes beyond saying that the surrender has aroused a great deal of sentimental regret among all classes In Sweden. Wismar was the last of Sweden's foreign possessions, and vividly recalled to the patriot a gre^t era in the history of the country of * hich every Swede is justly proud. The city was won through the Thirty Years' war. in which Swedish arms were carried to victory against tremendous odds and for a disinterested purpose, and which ended by Sweden holding enough of German territory to be entitled to three seats In the German diet. But to offset this it is generally recognized that the generous action of the BUSINESS COLLEGES. APOTHECARY . CONFECTION Joe Crew ICE CREAM SODA, ICE CREAM BY THE PINT, QUART AND GALLON. Baker'sDrugStore ·41 UHM STUitT. NEW CLASSES AUGUST 3d. About a doMn win Mart SLYRIA BUSINESS COLLEGE COAL AND LAKE ICE. TITLES OF BEGGARS. Trade Same* tor Wfclrti Mendleamt. lM tfce Bi* Cltl*» Know Each Other. CALL ON ·JkAffe- ww man FOR riksdag has won grateful response all OTBT Germany and served to c«Mat more firmly already existing bonds of friendship. A deputation of citizens from Wismar is now visiting the Swedish capital as the nation's guests. How Wismar came to be pledged is rather an interesting story. Gustavtis Adolphus IV., a namesake of the king through whom the city was won, believed that in a vision he had been intrusted jrith the. awful mission of Mendicants are criminals, nine- tenths of'them with criminal records, is the report of those who have investigated these wretches who are allowed to parade their simulated miseries upon our streets. Those who are in fact legless or armless may have lost those undesired and useless organs as tramps in stealing rides on railroad trains, etc., and even the few really blind of the many that pretend to be so. were made so purposely or are glad they are so, says \merican Medicine. N-ew York city is ridding itself of these impostors bv the simple expedient of showng up their frauds. In the slang of these wort-hies, "New York is jimmied." By taking the good arms out of splints or the sound legs out of casts, exposing the sham blind, and the malingering, paralytic, punishing the frauds, etc., the streets are cleared of them. Other cities are yet to take a lesson. "Chi Slim" made a large income, some $50 a week for years, in an hour or two a day in New York playing the paralytic. "British" was almost as successful. "P. P." is the name given by the fraternity to the plaster-of-paris bandage meiu The "sap" men are the crutch and cripple frauds. The "cane men" are those who go no farther than canes. The "human crab," the "human dog." the "human alligator," are other types. The "crust-thrower" is tte fellow who slyly drops a moldy enrat of farad before the yassey^y aj^ *feen seizes it as if with hiuigtfi. Tne "duckets" or ''dockets" are those who parade signs, \erses, ete., on placards. When "Florida Shfee, ·'Boston Charlie," "Toronto Peg. "The Crane," "Dutch Harris." "St. Louis Joe." or "Chi Slim" get arrest ec[ his companions of "the trust" eon- tribute and hire a lawyer for tim, or secure means for his escape. ,,*. Low Rate Excursion to Lake Chautauqua. ' July 24 will he the next and last date for special lo\v rate, thirty- day excursion tickets to Lake Chautauqua over the Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry. If yo« contemplate taking a vacation, do not fail to take advantage of the low ratej offered for this occasion. Lake Chautauqua is a most delightful place for summer vacations. Tickets will be good returning until August 25 Write A. J. Smith, G. P. T. A,. Cleveland. O., for any desired particulars and copy of Lake Chautauqua illustrated book, or apply to ticket agents. ,.... o ·-- Your Summer Vacation. As a means of completing your arrangement for a summer vacation, send 4 cents in postage to A. J. Smith, G P T. A., Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry, Cleveland, O., for the following books:-"Lake Chautauqua " "Quiet Summer Retreats, Privileges for Lake Shore Patrons" and "Lake Shore Tours." DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. Gents' Furnishing Overalls and Jackets Dress Shirts and Ties Working Shirts etc etc. TOM MONROE, 606 LodijSt. POUNDERS AND MACHINISTS. wdkr c*. LORAIN ELYRIA ICE CO. OfflMST K Brid««St. 1.1. FAUVER, «|f. BARBER SHOPS. General Machine Works. Elyria, Ohio. Steam Drills, Bolsters, Derrick* Chaanekrs, SAW Mill Machinery, Grinding Mill*, Elevator Machinery LEEDALE SHAFER, Tonsoriai Artists Hot and Cold Water Baths. Antfaeptk Toob and Brushes Uied Only Sharp Block, East Broad St Complete Power Plants, Elevators and Mills. INSURANCE. NEW COLORADO BOOK. The Chicago Northwestern Ry. has issued a beautifully illustrated new book on Colorado. Any one interested in Colorado can procure a copy by sending 4 cents in ^stamps to W B KmsKcrn, F- T. M-, Chi- DULL RAZOR? It is anything but pleasant to shave when your razor is not sharp Before you go on your outing trip let me put your razor in first-class shape. ' Chas. F. Gvth's KSSSS? Brow-Entity Btook. Cheapside, Nrar ThirtJ St. All Kln» ot Razors Cash $ I I 69.00 Paid to Widow by THE MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE at end of thirteen years on policy, No. 149664, $1,000, ao year endowment. Does your policy pay dividend* with death claims? ..Call on or address R. E. Griswold, 505 Broad St. MILLINERY. BUTTERINE. __ . Have you tried Low Rates BUTTERINE? Uniform in Quality Cheaper tnan Butter Try a Pound. Phon*24O ENWONS' BAKERY, 631 W. Broad SI OUR ENTIRE STOCK now being sold at exceptionally low prices to make room for fall goods MRS. HOUGHTLUi amf MISS ALEX AMOER. OVER FISHER STORE, BOB BROAD ST. Re*' NEAR A CHOCTAW VILLAGE. 125 COURT STREET PHONE 650 To Colordo, Utah and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. And Return -Via BIG FOUR ROUTE Round trip tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah; Coster, Deadwood, Hot Springs, and Lead, So«a Dakota; St. Patu, at* Minneapolis, Minn.; and to Ashland, Dnluth and the Superiors, are on sale daily until Sept. 30, at very low rate*. Final Return Limit, Oct. 31. I 9°3- For full information and particulars as to rates, routes, tickets, limits, stop overs, etc., call on Agents "Big Four Route,'' or address the undersigned. B.C.KELSEY, I,V/" S Clev. 93003 CHEAP SUMMER TOURS Via BIG FOUR ROUTE BAKER AND GROCER. MOVING AND TEAMING. 525 W SECOND PHONE 33* FOR QUALITX Our Candy department is made up ot Candies at ice to 4«c a pound. Chocolate Chips and Walnut Creams, two for one cent Stick Candy and everything between IDC and 400 a pound. THE WEST SIDE GROCERY 207 WEST STREET PHONE W-62 , .J. 4 TRANSFER Md Sates Specialty FOR MOVING VANS Call 35 on Either Phone. HADAWAY BROS. LIVERY. Good Storage for Household Gooda. Teaming of all Kinds. CONTRACTORS BUILDERS. HtNKSON HALPIN OONIHACTOIW *» BUH-DEBfc 30 Chestnut Street. Fln.0flk» Work* Specialty. 8tor.Fb.t-r.*. Counter., T«bl«, SheMn* Etc. O^ mate before letting Contract, for *"y Carpenter or Cabinet Work. PHYSICIANS. R. G. ANDERSON, M. D Office Hours 12 to 3 and 6 to 8 p. m. No. 6 1 2 Lodi Street. Home Phone W. 14 Bell Phone 125 DOMESTIC. The Huw Domestic Best family sewing machine in the WORLD Call, write, or'pbone for prices to _ M. N. TERRY, Garvm AveEljria O. Phone W. 88 STOVES AND TINWARE. Seethe Celebrated Detroit Smokeless Gai- oline Stove Best Made. Blue Flame when lighted E. F. WHITNEY SON, 584 Broad Street. GROCERIES. London, Ont, August ist and and. Niagara Falls, Annual Cheap Excursion, August 6th. Yellowstone National Park, Per- Columbus, O, July i3th to i7tn.- Baltimore, laU, July «**» ^ sonally conducted Excursion, August iSth. . . Hamilton, Onfc, August iS« and lit. Vemon, O., August 8th and Au Kttst ioth to igth. San Francisco, CaL, G. A. fc, Jdy 3 ita to August ustn- Columbus, O, State Fair, An** FOR HOT WEATHER LUNCHES Melrose Pate, Ham Loaf, Veal Loaf, Chicken Loaf, Shrimp, Salmon? Sardines, Lobster. B. H. STARR TOBACCO CONFECTIONERY The Choctaws are a southern tribe, residing originally in southern Mississippi and western Alabama. They were slave owners^ and at the breaking out of the civil war the 25^00 Indians of the tribe held 5.000 African slaves. They sided with the confederacy, and lost several thousand fighting men in battle lor the southern cause. At the close d[the war they surrendered * part of their lands for the benefit of their freed slaves. Since 1830 they have resided an Indian Territory, and now number about Mt Venn*, ICE CREAM Delivered to any part of the city at 36 cents a q C. F. NICHOL8, Jr. PHONE W-81 28 667 odl St., cor. W-Rlver. ELYRI Keep Well Nature's Summer Diet is Fruits and Vegetables . J. bURRELL, M^^^M flS^^f 4UP BOOTS AND SHOES , EASIEST SHOE ON EARTH. Dr. Reed's Cushion Shoe For Men anil Women. Sure cure for Coma, Bunion^ Hot. Cold, Tired and Tender Feet Exclusive Agent. ELYRIA BLOCK SHOE STORE, Wm. C. Smith Prop, ·U**l**a***"*"t w m * J . J . Ttrrt Htwie, Ind, Aug. at «d «. Baltimore, Md, Sept. it, i» and * goo* CHy, In*. Aug. ta to Sept. * Ticktta 10 tha abort points on salt * all Big Font *·*»· at half «*·· information ** to tfant Hwm, SEASON'S ·hnf* FRANblS Proprietor \n -,, i i.fPL"U£ , V * V * ·"*# *· ·*· Mi?VAi \t% o « xfl-LH'Loci

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