Aberdeen Herald from Aberdeen, Washington on May 26, 1914 · Page 6
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Aberdeen Herald from Aberdeen, Washington · Page 6

Aberdeen, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1914
Page 6
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PAGE SIX PANCER! Li IN WOMAN'S BREAST BEGINS a SMALL LUMP LIKE j ÜBS and ALWAYS POISONS DEEP GLANDS •I THE ARMPIT AND KILLS QUICKLY I WILL GIVE $1000 IF I FAIL TO CURE any CANCER or TUMOR I TREAT BEFORE it Poisons Bone or Deep Glands «• KNIFE or PAIN Jo X^Ray •windli'. An island A 1 plant makes the cure J M MSOIUTt GUARANTEE^^IUUyjanp* Sonor body long h Cancer HBftfiBTML ■ Mever Pains until last aUge. 120-PAGE BOOK •esit free; testimonials of M 1 V ttanands cured at home y M L WHITE TO SOME S Any Lump In Woman's Breast Is CANCER. We refuse thousands Dying* Cane Too Late. I swear we have cured 10,000. lidress Dr. & MRS. CHAMLEY & CO. && 1436 VALENCIA ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. NIOLY MAIL THIS to Someont WITH CANCER Modern Printing at moderate trices. Aberdeen Printing Co. The Herald Is the most widely read paper in Chehalls County. Wise advertisers know it. RoureormcAu-STEEL 7?mws FROM ABERDEEN And All Points in the Pacific Northwest TO ROUND-TRIP Chicago $ 72.50 Duluth 60.00 Minneapolis or St. Paul.. 60.00 Montreal 105.00 New York 108.50 Toronto, Ont 92.00 Washington 107.50 Omaha, Council Bluffs, Kansas City & St. Joseph 60.00 Proportionately reduced fares to Many Other Point* in the East. Return may be made through California at slightly higher fares. BPECIAL BELLING DATES MAY 16, 18, 19 and 20, 1914 To CHICAGO ONLY Going Limit, 15 Days. Final Return Limit, Oct. 31, 1914 Liberal stopover privileges and choice of diverse routes offered. Two All-Steel Trains TO THE EAST DAILY "The OLYMPIAN" The Finest Train Across the Continent AND "The COLOMBIAN" MILWAUKEE TRAINS MILWAUKEE SERVICE MILWAUKEE EMPLOYES All the Way Across the Continent For additional information, call on or address C. C. TROTT, City Passenger Agent Aberdeen, Wash. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A BT. PAUL RAILWAY Low Excursion fares East TO CHICAGO—May 16, 18, 19 and 20 TO ALL PONTS EAST —Daily June 1 to September 30 Stops enroute permitted. Return limit October 31. Minneapolis, St. Paul ...| 60.80 Duluth, Superior 60.00 Chicago, Milwaukee .... 72.50 These to St. Louis 70.00 Relatively low a few Omaha, Kansas City .... 60.00 fares to all other points. Denver 55.00 Eastern points. New York, Philadelphia. 108.50 Washington 107.50 Pittsburgh 91.50 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Through Gardiner Gateway, the Northern and original entrance. Park open June 15 to September 15. FOUR TRANSCONTINENTAL TRAINS ~vA|\ Two of them to and from Chicago. Three to the Twin Cities. One to St. Louis. I E. A. McKENNA, Gen. Agent. 221 East Heron Street Aberdeen, Wash. A. D. CHARLTON, A. G. P.A., Portland Northern Pacific Railway A TRIBUTE. John A. Logan is past nil flattery. SIkiII we call hiui brave? Others hove worn that crimson badge. Great men become types. The people single them out with the ready common sense which belongs to no man. but to all men. Logan is our great volunteer. So they have named him. and so will he be known when we are forgotten. Whatever is heroic they can make classic. In calling him the great volunteer we have unwittingly done injustice to Logan. Ask those who served with him and they will answer. "Men whom Logan led never turned back." Only a comprehensive mind can take events us they come and mold them to its will as it' tlie.v had been ordered in advance. * * * It was lie who gave us the sweet observance of Memorial day. Only a poet could have thought of it: only n poet could have made it come true. It is, ai>ove nil others. our best loved holiday, our festivnl of memory, love and beauty.—George R. Peck. WORD 3 OF WISDOM. Every vice makes Its guilt the more conspicuous in proportion to the rank «f the offender.—Jnvenal. If It were in my power I would Dfe wiser, but a newly felt power carries me off in spite of myself. Love leads me one way, ray understanding another. I see and approve the right and yet pursue the wrong.—Ovid. Everything that thou reprovest in another thou mtis* most carefully avoid in thyself.—Cicero. No government is safe unless It he fortified by good iVlll.—N'epos. He preferred lo lie good rather than to seem ho.—Sal lust. THE RO3IN. When first the willow catkins show And water elms put on a veil Of golden glor.v and the flow Of maple sap in trough or pail With merry drip and tinkle makes The pulses leap, the fancies throng, Then robin conies at dawu and wakes And gladdens all the world with song. High on the cherry tree he tunes His voice to many a winsome lay, Or In the long, sweet afternoons TIH sunset sings bis soul away. Best bird and wise, no Idle praise Nor foolish blame disturbs bis rest; Content he weaves dlvinest lays Or tolls at humble love's behest We crown him laureate of our woods. We welcome bis returning wings. And dream of joy's beatitudes Whene'er the vernal robin sings. — Penjumin S. Parker. CHEERFULNESS. Great is a cheerful spirit All the world loves a brave man, but (he courage that is seasoned with cheerfulness is the best courage. Great is the man who can walk up to the smoking cannon without flinching; greater is he who can face the cannon with a song and a cheer. Great is the man who can bear a misfortune without trying to shirk it; greater is he who can laugh at it and carry his cross as if it were a royal banner. •RWtnWBN, WASHINGTON. TUESDAY, MAY 26, 1914. We Should Ask South America to Help Us Restore Order In Mexico By ZANE GREY, Novelist WE are confronted in Mexico with a nation of more than twelve million—some say they are as many as fifteen million —of whom nine-tenths are no more civilized than our own red men on the plains. Seven-tenths of the Mexican people are of pure Indian blood, two-tentlw, say, are of mixed Spanish and Indian descent, and the small remainder are of pure Spanish blood. I should like to emphasize the OVEUWII ELMINO PREPONDERANCE OF INDIANS IN THE POPULATION*, fur if we forget them we are apt to think of the Mexicans as a people with whom the nations can deal as they might deal with Herman.*, Englishmen or Frenchmen. And such a thing, of course is impossible. WE OWE IT TO OUR SENSE OF DECENCY AND JUSTICE TO PUT AN END TO THE CARNIVAL OF PLUNDER, BUTCHERY AND OUTRAGE THAT HAS MADE MEXICO A HELL ON EARTH DURING THE LAST YEAR. AND IN ORDER THAT THERE MAY BE NO COMPLAINT OR GROUND OF COMPLAINT ON THE PART OF OUR SOUTH AMERICAN NEIGHBORS THAT WE ARE SEEKING TERRITORY OR WEALTH IN THE AFFLICTED COUNTRY WE OUGHT TO ASK THEM TO JOIN US IN RESTORINC ORDER IN MEXICO—YES, AND IN MAINTAINING ORDER, FOR IT IS CERTAIN THAT THE MOMENT THE BTRONG HAND OF THE LAW IS WITHDRAWN REVOLUTION AND RIOT WILL BEGIN AGAIN. Photo by American Press Association. Vermont Has Equipment of Twenty-four Guns. THE Vermont Is a battleship of the Second division, Atlantic fleet. She is of 16,000 tons, 10,500 horsepower and is commanded by Captain George W K«»!ne. She has twenty-four guns. Many Men Famous In History Did Best Work After Passing Sixty By THOMAS A EDISON on Occasion of His Sixty-seventh Birthday I'M a patriotic American, I believe, but some of this patriotism is false pride. I think we could stand a little humiliation and the expense of remaining away from war. We don't want it, and President Wilton has shown himself a diplomat by avoiding it by every possible means. THE STATEMENT OF DR. 08LER THAT A MAN OUGHT TO BE CHLOROFORMED AFTER HE IS FORTY-FIVE YEARB FOR ALL THE QOOD HE DOES IN THE WORLD IS RIDICULOUS. I'M BETTER FIT MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY FOR MY WORK TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE. I EXPECT TO DO MY GREATEST WORK IN YEARB TO COME. I'M JUBT IN THE STAGE OF LEARNING, AND MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS WILL COME LATER. GLADBTONE, BISMARCK AND OTHER NOTABLES OF HISTORY BECAME WORLD FAMED BECAUBE OF WORK DONE AFTER THEY PASSED SIXTY. I'm sixtyTseven years old. I feel like a boy. My health is good, and my mind is keen, and my appetite for work and accomplishment is keener. I expect a long term of years in my laboratory yet, working out problems of science that 1 hope may help humanity. THE ADVICE, ABOVE ALL, THAT WILL DO THE YOUNG MAN MOST GOOD MUST BEGIN AT HIS MOTHER'S KNEE WHEN HE 18 A CHILD. I STILL REMEMBER THE ADVICE AND TRAINING GIVEN ME BY MY GOOD MOTHER. ALMOST DAILY I APPLY IT 80ME WAY OR OTHER. Barely Possible to Cross , Atlantic In Air, but ' Attempt Would Be Height of Folly By ORVILLE WRIGHT. Aviator IT is a bare possibility that a one man machine without a float and favored by a wind of, say, fifteen miles an hour might succeed in getting across the Atlantic, but such an attempt would be the height of folly. When one comes to increase the size of the craft the possibility rapidly fades away. THIS IS BECAUSE OF THE DIFFICULTIES OF CARRYING SUFFICIENT FUEL. ON THE BASIS OF THE FIGURES WHICH I HAVE WORKED OUT I FIND THAT NO LESS THAN FIFTY-THREE PER CENT OF THE ENTIRE LOAD, INCLUDING THE WEIGHT OF THE MACHINE ITSELF AND ALL, WOULD HAVE TO BE FUEL. IN OTHER WORDS, IF THE AEROPLANE, LOADED AND READY TO START, WEIGHED ONE THOUSAND POUNDS WITH AVIATOR AND ALL ABOARD, OF THAT TOTAL FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY POUNDS MUST BE GASOLINE. AND THESE FIGURES ARE BASED ON THE MOST EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE OF THE MOTOR ALL THE WAY AND THE LOWEST KNOWN FUEL CONSUMPTION. IT WILL READILY BE BEEN, THEREFORE, WHY THE ATLANTIC FLIGHT IS OUT OF THE QUESTION. Aberdeen Carriage Co. PETES IBSEN, Proprietor. AUTO BODIES BUILT AMD REPAIRED GENERAL BLACKSMITHINO CARRIAGE BUILDING, ETC. HORSESHOEING A SPECIALTY 516 East Wishkah St. Phone 211 Advice Given by A Noted Engineer WAS SURPRISED AND PLEASED AT THE GOOD RESULTS OBTAINED BY USING PLANT JUICE Mr. William F. Spring, a consulting engineer, who resides in the Cumberland Apartments 011 Portland avenue, Portland, says: "I have suffered greatly with indigestion and stomach trouble for a long time. No matter how careful I was about what I ate I seemed to suffer afterward. There was a feeling of great weight and heaviness in my stomach, with a dull pain. 1 did not seem to assimilate my food or get any strength .from it, and had tried so many things I was pretty well discouraged when I heard of Plant Juice. At first I paid no attention to it, but after I had read so of many others who were being cured I thought I would tir it, too. I hare been both surprised and pleased with the results. I am feeling much better in every way, my appetite is good and I can eat anything I like with no ill efTects afterwards. I aleep well, and, in fact, feel 1* per cent better. lam going to keep on witn the treatment, until I am entirely cured, and I am very glad to recommend It to others." Plant Juice is a wonderful tonic and strengthener for all ailments of the stomach, liver and kidneys. Those who suffer from indigestion, dyspepsia, gas, bloating, sour stomach, have no appetite; hot flashes, headaches, di'«- zy spells and a general worn out feeling cannot do better than try a bottle of this great tonic. For sale at the Eaton & Swaney Drug Store. (7) IPpfTCiIEN fe46UPBOARB SALADS YOU WILL LIKE. SALADS that appeal to the e.ve and pnlnte are always popular. The appended recipes are for salads that unite these qualities, yet are also quite novel. For luncheon or supper these salads are delicious. Cottage Cheese Salad.—Mix some cottage cheese with a tablespoouful of finely cut or grated onion, salt and pepper to taste and a tablespoouful of chopped parsley. Mis well. Line the bowl with lettuce, put the cheese in center and garnish with stuffed olives cut Into rings and finely cut parsley. Pour over one-half cupful French dressing. Nutritious Food*. Cheese and Jelly Salad.—Wash and drain some crisp white lettuce and lay It in a very cold dish. Prepare some small balls of cream chees« mixed with a little cream and salt and make a little depression like a miniature well on top of each one. In this drop any rich red jelly. Tut French dressing on the lettuce in generous quantities and on top arrange the little cream bulls. Egg Snlad.—Cut hard boded eggs in quarters nnd serve on crisp lettuce, with « boiled dressing. For the dressing mix In the following order: A tablespoonful of sugar, a tablespoonful of sulnd oil. a teaspoonful of dry mustard. the same of cornstarch. Add suit and pepper. Stir until smooth. Add three-quarters of a cup of salad oil. one-third of a cupful of tarragon vinegar. three tablespoonfuls of common vinegar and the beaten .volk* of three eggs. Boil until thick, stirring all the time. A Popular Balad. Cooked Vegetable Salad.—Take a large pickled beet, cut it into slices and then into strips. Cut three cooked potatoes Jn n similar manner. Arrange these in layers in a salad bowl containing three tablespoonfuls of best salad oil and one large tablespoonful of vinegar mixed with a hard boiled egg yolk, a little mustard, salt and pepper. Wash and trim half a small bunch of white celery and cut It into fine shreds. Mix these with the other vegetables and place three to four filleted anchovies on top, cut into small strips. Garnish the salad with a few sprigs of watercress and serve. CANNON ON WILSON. President Wilson Is engaged in smashing precedents. The president has delivered his messages from the rostrum of the speaker of the house. In that he has smashed a precedent of a hundred years. President Wilson smashed another old precedent In abolishing the New Year's reception. This abandonment of an old social custom is not of Importance, but It reminds me of an incident in the administration of Lincoln. On the morning of Jan. 1, 18Ci. the president copied the emancipation proclamation with his own hand, working at his desk until the hour for the New Year's reception to begin. Then he went to the blue room and for four hours shook hands with thousands of citizens. At 3 o'clock in the nfternoon Lincoln returned to his desk with his right hand so swollen that he could scarcely hold a pen. but after manipulating and mnssaging the fingers for a few minutes he t«mk the pen and wrote "Abraham Lincoln" to the most significant document ever issued from the White House.—Joseph G. Cannon. WHY DID NOT THE PROPOSERS OF Initiative Measures 4 to 13 Initiate them TO the Legislature and save the Tax Payers $1,068,000.00 Measures Initiated in that way have precedence over ALL Legislation. No Legislature can deprive the People of the Right to Pass on Proposed Laws Why this Haste and Waste Does any one' claim an emergency exists for TEN LAWS? rro*-LooK-umn ibaguk "EAT MORE BREAD" The best is made with fleischmaniTs Yeast 57-6t. Classified Advertisements •■'oß YOUR CONVENIENCE AND PROFIT THE WANT ADV. DE PAR I MENT OF THE HERALD HAS BEEN CREATED. NO OTHER SUCH MEDIUM EXISTS ON GRAYS HARBOR OR IN CHEHALIP COUNTY FOR MAKING YOUR REQUIREMENTS KNOWN TO B<i LARGE A NUMBER OF READERS, SOME OF. WHOM ARE SURE TO BE SEEKING WHAT YOU WISH TO DISPOSE OF. THE COST 18 MADE SMALL TO ENABLE ALL TO USE THESE COLUMNS FREELY. THERE BEING NO EMPLOYMENT OFFICES IN ABERDEEN, THE HERALD WILL CARRY ADVS. FREE FOR THOSE SEEKING EMPLOYMENT. EACH FREE ADV. WILL BE INSERTED THREE TIMEB. RATES FOR CLASSIFIED ADVS. Five cents a line per insertion, six words to line. Minimum charge 10c Three Insertions free for "Employment Wanted"' Advs. JSONEY TO LOAN MONEY TO LOAN ▲t lowest rates. Short or long time. Get our terms before arranging your loan. McCAW A CO. 114 % Bast Heron Street MONEY TO LOAN Installment loans, 5.38 per cent to 6.86 per cent. ONE TO TEN TEARS Loaned on Improved or to Improve any Chehalls county property. ABERDEEN INVESTMENT CO. 118 E. Heron St., Aberdeen, Wash, tt SPORTING GOODS BURGHER'S BPORTING GOODB BTORE 116 South G Street Phone 419 Anything in Sporting Goods, Hardware and Tools—lf not In stock we will order and save you money. S-1-8M . SECOND-HAND FURNITURET WANTED — Second-hand furniture. Ton can save money by selling or buying at Emertck Furniture Co. New ranges exchanged for old. Also new furniture traded for your old furniture. Phone 464, 115 So. G Street. UNION FURNITURE CO. New and Second Hand Furniture. See us before you buy or sell your Second Hand Furniture. 316 E. Wishkah St. Phone 444. 6-1-1 M CONTRACTORS & BUILDERS J. T. ENNIB Contractor and Builder Estimates furnished on all kinds of work. Let us figure with you. 124 Heron St. Phone 612 4-1-3 M MISCELLANEOUS Sheet Metal Works E. J. RICHARD, Prop. 317 South GSt Phone 841 Bky Lights-Cornices; Roofing, Etc. Boat work a specialty CITY MESSENGER GO Victor Erickson, Manager DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE E. Wishkah St. Telephone! 72-73 "rati INBURANCE JAMES A. HOOD FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FINCH BUILDING HOUSE CLEANING ABERDEEN WINDOW & HOUSE CLEANING CO. Vacuum Cleaners for rent House and ofllce. cleaning of all kindß Phone 643. Floors oiled. tf FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS unolce pigs for sale. Also black saddle mare, weight 1,000 pounds Otis Chabot, Pacific Beach. «6-2t TRANSFER COMPANIES For light or heavy hauling, call 2H A. Star Transfer Co. tf DRUGS AND SUNDRIES Toilet Boap and perfumes. Etui Drag Co. ti —I— Lowney's chocolate*. Evans Drag Co. tt" —I— Stop that eough with oar white pure cough remedy, guaranteed. Evan* Drug Co. || —I — Japanese Toothache Drops will r» , Ileve th 6 pain at once. Evans Drag Co. If —I— Bring in your prescriptions at any time, they will be properly taken cart of. Evans Drug Co. tf ■ 1 ■ We guarantee our headche If you are not satisfied with Oim gel your money back. Evans Drag Co. tf FOR THE GARDEN For good ashes for your garden,' call H. B. McNeil, 712 East Market street, Phone 2043-W. 5741 FOR SALE OR^EnT"^ - ■ Five room Bungalow, partly to nlshed, large chicken house, fine law* near Electric Park. W. S. Mende* hall, at G. H. Railway & Light Co., office. 11 CHIROPODISTS ~ ■ —H Phillips, the Chriropodlst, Is a grai> uate and can give you satisfaction in treating your feet. Taking care at the feet is essential to good health. Tired feet cause nervousness and otb> er ills. See Dr. Phillips at the Cody, and have the feet treated if they bother you. PURELY PERSONAL j We can help you finance the pw chase of that auto truck. If lnt» ested, address, Auto Finance Co., Ab> erdeen. ATTORNEYS AT LAW DAN PEARBALL "" Attorney at Law U. 8. COURT COMMISSIONER Rooms 3MO Wishkah Block UNDERTAKERS J WHITESIDE UNDERTAKIMfI COMPANY Funeral Directors » o®ce Phone Res. PhoM 136 B*6 PINNICK & KENNY Funeral Directors Aberdeen—ll6 East Wishkah M Phone 753 Hoqniam—Phone 139 Lady Attendant JOBBING HOUSES Building MntTiaU OVITI COMPANY /•Abrrdrru Washington 111. Jobbrri In Asbestos Goods ;B.

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