Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 15, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1973
Page 23
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flBlttbum. toflltfflfrMqlh felaihuM,, III, frlfly, .ium IB, JIM J3 Mm 'Siisi- Ptrsw &M' ANNABH& ffUnW Heme Addfew 810 N, Timfeif gfe Phone Swimming Classes Planned; Half •tf'Humlred Club Unites ill Officers ImtaMed The AJe*i8 JtWiflr Woman's Club installed dent; lps. j^arvin Bej?|]ears, Qjstrjct },<f new officers last night during a cercfTjpny at tife' l8aTp §Burg Hgliday'Tnn. Pipt*ur|d gbgyp •are, frorii fefb Mrs. Janet W|n »ler. new presi? eutgpjng president. Warden Nixes Mari'iage Vows SAN RAFAEL, palif. (UPI) — Twe ''legally readied" San Quieayn Fasoji inmates have sued the , warden because hie won't let mem 'ifyg p the sainje cell. Charging that thedr 14th An|ei]4raen't rights were befng violated, they fled "suit in ManJR iSounity Su.ReriQi'jSourl •skips %at" Wiarden Louis bunk togejtfiw ajaan. Anfemy Dstr#a, 89. gervjng pme year to life for grand theft, ar «d £Je» 1. Wafife/47. serving the same term for sex pejvejfigiQp, gajd. fey were legally married by rnjail-order on July 1?, 137}, by- Rey ; Ktoby *fen:§ley gf the Unjve|§al Ljfe MenmnifP MRS. GERAI$I$E HAVER CORRESPONDENT Irgss: Effg £t. Aujgustipe, III Pt*. 463 '247>? KNOXVILU3 « plans are being mgde ite provide Swim- mm w&w m Qjifidren pf the community, acc(ird |ng fo tyra. Harold of the KnojcyDfe Community Actien league. QftteS feF % few, to be given at the Oalesbupg Muqi- MPM Will ¥ m 6 §nd 19, lg and 17, gni 23 and 24. f &yrs will to? tern 1 -f p»n- and transportation will be furnished! A nominal fee w(ll tys charged. ' Parej)ts interested in enrolling fljeir children in $e'sw!pi ellss m#y do §P a(; Carlson's Hardware, Mrs. Listen, said. New pf#g§{« weje^elejptffd' ftaU-a^yndred ABINGDON rr Miss Ruth Bradway reyi§wed book, "History at ,the Amtism Revolution" by I^Uas Corey at the Flag Day program of fcqj, Jona|han Lat^ne? Chap? |er, D.A.R.j Monday. tjoeted the. chaBiain 'S; service at ithe rrieeti|i| whicji was held at; <ihe home Of-Mrs. 'AiiV ^ thony P«iP Wataga': * Mrs,' /Alfred S,ackey gaye a repwt and; M FS , Alfa Hand assisted thehostes.§. - *i Trophy to AlWood Dqn Mqtzger, left, AlWpqd High Schpql principal, accepts ^ sweepstakes trophy on behalf of the s,phopl's music department from Rich Bargstrom, cepter, ancj Debbje Epstrom. The trophy was presented after AlWopd was named winner in the Class 0 division of the Illinois High ScJlQPl Assn., music contest held earlier this spring. Bergstrom is president pf the high SP J IQO I qhgrus and Miss En §trom is band president. How Come Farm Loans Are So Easy To Get? A FARMER FRIEND af theirs was talking to them the other day about how he happened to pick their place to dp his banking, "Yoi} know why I like you guys? he says. Well, they could think of a thousand reasons, of course They're really country boys themselves in the first place. (Al \mi at heart.) And every farmer who eemes. n their door »» no matter who lie Is, no matter what 18 wants - is treated like King Tut himself, (They call farmers "6ir." They eall them "ifeu Guys,)), "Why? Why?" They ask, expeetlng all thousand, reasons, But no. All he said was that he liked them simply because it's so easy to get a farm loan at F.N.S, That's true, of course, (fleoauaa farmers are their Favorite people.) "The 'Money Store' Bank" really is, as they say ."a plane where customers are frtends," still, they kind of wish they'd at least mentioned liking their looks. (Two of them were wearing elean shifts that day.) At "The 'Money Store' Bank". Coma Sea Ui. '. , . whvrt Are Frlendi." '" The "Money" Sfort The Farmers National Bank Mtmbir F.O.I.C. Knoxvillt, lllirwif Fathers of preschool chil? fjren. )iay> beeji' yiyited to tjie cpening exercises aj Cbristian eh'ufgh s'igiday'at btim,' The Ted. gcharfenberj iam- Liyesteck 4-H Club meets at the 'Mm' '^mM^, Pawns assisting- with the ever^rmernber caHvass will jihegt; a|Hhe'6Jhfls|iianlGShurg^ Mr. an^ Mrs. Miller Hiet, Council Qrjrejv ^e, Kan., spent the past wegjt §| the homes pf Mr. and Mj$- Melvin Bufts and Mr, ari4 Mrs- Don Browp. Mr. ajid;, Mrs. Dick Babbitt of Reno, Nev., have beien guests at the home of TMjr. and Mr§ : My Jieathaferd. List Services United Methodist — Frank DeningeF, pastor, Church schoof at 9:80. Worship K at 19;45r §eFm^i: India/ First Congregational — Kenneth Schij|tz, pastor. Church school at 9:80. Worship af ^0:45. Sermqn: Our Threefqjd God. General Baptist — James A. »Tenj}ing§, pastor. Cliurgh sehpijl "at 10." Worship at 1J. First Assembly of god — Kenneth File, pastor. Chtirch school at 9:30. Worship $ 10:30. Youth at'6 Service at 7 p.m. Sacred Heart Catholic Jpgeph C. O'Connpr Hunt, pas? tor. Saturday Mass at 6 p .m. Sunday Masses at 8 and 1Q. christian-rrPonald T, Hpgan, pastor. Church school at 9:^5, Worship at 10:50. Sermon: A Question That Must Be An* swpred. fTEAD THE WANT ADS! I met fef its eighjh annual re- uriip |une 9 at tf }e I&ioxydls ymted Memodist Church. * 'Elected* w§FP W$\ z '" Wa.1- HwteRse. Gel^ng, class m.^^mmmi Hazel G§#feep England, class gf A mmsm mm** ws m$wM time fl» m&t- lllp by Rglp> Lycas. class pf 1910, fop dnb msilbejra who ^ied' during ithe past year, Members of the plass of 1023 were w^comed by preside^ Rafefl 'S|m§.rif§ 'mtro- duced Franz Wallick who pre&e|i|§d jthe 12 gradyates of his class who werg present. ' Special'rec^gitiitiph was, given t» Cora Lacy, p%s of m\ Pearl Ymst'm&i AI- berta Caulkins, 1904; Mable Terpening, 1906; Doris Wopi- 'arn and F§ye Frazaer. 1908; R§lPh kegs, WMf.Fjgpaifig @yjiem§j] and Sehjia Buown, mU'Ufo CpffTO.'S ^rLar- son, Bess Diekersiffl, Leon Pickrell and Grover Wertz, all pf tlie cla§s of }§12. Anmg tpe }3§ »pe§ent weye Marie aftd Barrett Howe, Tucson, Api?.; Mildred Young Blasio'and "imfee Hogg Thorp, both of California; EjJe ajid fel HaFSJlfeareer, Fnr* Mvers. Fla.i Leota Tars FQlt Myefs, PJa.f Leota Tar ; py Achilles., Dglfe, Tex.; Cecille Beuth Benniaffil, Fort Woptl?, Tex.; il«VB.'AWStrong." Aluscatihe, Iowa; Dj, Hals ^ea M M«fTay, Mjngten, Iowa; Bess Paft^h p?^ er_ sonf Feit "Ma4l^n. Wii- 8S d Rpp>$ vmmteTi §§ptt§ ; byrg, Ind. Past oBmf§ nl^?| ¥?H P 6 §kserved at a fmm*s Monday at § p .j |i. pi the Eastern StaF jh \M Masop.k? Temple. Mrs. Mangp BotBldy hosted $he Ejjypit Nei^biffhoocl QJub itiwsmt ?*m mms were Mrs. Lloyd Coeftran, Mrs. Nejijjje Hazen, Mr§. Yai #in Larson and Mrs. Vorace Lar- Y|^;itors at the home of Rev. and Mrs, Jphn CJarke during the past mpnth W§PP hi§ poplins, Mrg, Eveleen Hough apd Miss gmma Clarke pf Dougr las, Isle of Man, ' Pana Davidson and Angela Bliekem, high, earners during feat weekend's Walk fop Map> ra Knoxyge resi40nl« ? Mat Service*. Pilgrim eenpgattorw}-^ B ; wm, pastor, 'mm m ip. mmm\ vm®, mWmn ' GilsftitTrfimitti 0. T^npeftiflg. pastor. Worship at 9. Sermon: Fathers Feed Your Children. Giwch sjpfwol at Mgxpy chapel - Raymond Bassett', pastor. Worship at 9. Church school at 10. Orange Chanel — Carroll Qtehsner, pastoi 1 . Worship) at 10". 'Church "school at "lOl Jehovah's "Witnesses 1-Sym- iposium by' DayM Gujiter an /t Brian Dillin. Tppjc at 9:30: What the Bjibje Says Ab^>ut Death, Resurrection' and tke Kiingdom. Waitttowej:"*l at J):3Q. Wprshjfi 4. 10:^0, church j^chepi at don- .griegaiiPfial meeting at 11:80,. Grace |^tn«rah^tgiy4'Ki|^- y^»''^m~yfmki 4 W- Sermo|i: gorn. Anew." Ghurgh "V$£ Presfey|eiFiai| Dr. §tei»4 -W ^k§, paster, worship at 1J. Cjiur^i school at Ugi^d MetllPdist - Prosper Toufnear, w^p. Worship |t 8:lg and'10i4 S^enrnon: Your Guardjan. Aflgel.' Church s$m\ ai 9jgfl; Ondda Youth 9th in Class WQPPJRJLJ, ^ Cacjet Jeffrey e. Olson, sop of Mr. and ft War 0/fmi 'Osieida,, was graduatejd 13. §.' MiMtary Aoademy jjunje, p. Jn ad4t|pn Jo receiving his degree, h§ was e^njmissigne^ a gpc3 |i4 jje^l^^tr^Oison Fajikeid nifiti} ip §. graduating Pl§S§ §f ajKl 3t J» earlier as§grflf?ly, jije r^gejved itiie OrdeiF g| LaFaye'ttV for the hjgliest rgnje^g in F^nef]. A : mf^M^ AlWopd HigJl ^IQ'Sl, Olson WSS ap- Pftiflted te» Jlhe gpiajdiemy by Rjep. Iteiasf fla|ls|»ajcic, Jr> iih" Adjn, ^i^naS 8« MaoreV, c^ajriiajn pf the jodj^t chjelfe of sta|f, gave &e'^a4uatipn Attending June Week activities at the academy in Hudson, % Y., were M F . and Mrs. Olsfon. Jay ajid Joan, Miss Jean Olson of Tinley Park and Mrs. Vernon Swani son of Oneida. Fjpns for an August picnic at Gaijva were discussed when the Woman's Christian Temperance ynmn me-t at ihe homp pf Mrs, Milton Johnson recently, Mrs. Veda Peterson jwesided at Mie meeting, Mrs. Claude Rice presented His program on wedding gowns, and <irati}t4ona pf the past. Mrs, Petersen will fea im\m a potluek to July- mtim flf m Vmte Mum tains and pja^au " r, slsfl Mjan in oifcma) m$ m\m rajns ^w §r was I near m IWW H I w§ Cloudy skies preyaiile>ct oyer the" n ^i |iern pactfjc Partly pipudy sWesj goy^,.. Gulf of "^exnco "(jpait snd Tennessee Va/lley, Skies were clear from the Middle and North Atlantic coast te the upper- Mississippi Valley and frorrt'the Southern Tiains tb qalifprnia, whpre ia i)|gfi wind condition begian to dinu|iish " Warm, hunud ai? "frpni' tfw Gujf of Uwty spread ftHP <te Northern Plains, where' temper- lajuTr^'riniaihed 'tii'tim" 70s Qvirhiaht; Cool, dry air epvesed the WM ?§9t Par* West Tempe »a !|iUfe§ 9?ounfil fa nation early today Fangsd frpirj 40'"d«grees at'Bra<j|pJOi w pa.* ? ' 8^ at gel jifi, Tex/' (QgntiHHed. fponi page 14) LOUIE'S Wl UUYIOft \K% WE SUL FOR IFSS 41 South Stminiry OPfN — • A.M. 'TIL We Reserve The Right To Phone 342-4615 MIDNIGHT Limit Quantities PRICI5 GQQP FBI., IAT, <n d SUN. tmmmmwmmmmmmimmmmm SEAGRAM'S 7 GROWN '/2 Gfllion CANADIAN MIST HOUSE «f HTUART SCOTCH 5th *3.99 Imported geptch CUTTY SARK 5th H,29 CANADIAN IOR0 CALVSRT 5th M.75 OLD STYU 18 - 13 oz, Cans *2.09 ANDSCKER MICHSIOB 6 13 0* NR $| 59 SEAGRAM'S BENCHMARK Premium Boubon 5th ¥.98 FOUR ROSIS or ANTIQUE 5th *3.98 SKY LARK Light Whiskey 5th «3.59 100 Proof OLD ORANPAD OLD TAYLOR 5th '5.89 '" Imparled Heal SANORIA WINE Quart s 2.19 Showers Halt By Vnited Vtm Infepnatipn^ we mi m/Sm ?mm mm m mm early mm- mm m iwppn, Aiantte mml in m mm Wmmm & mttm and mm PABST or STAG J 12 0?. $<|38 ' NR I WOLDSCHMIDT Pure Grain VODKA 7 89 V: 24 PABST • STAG FALSTAFF 12 9h 099 Cin» v returned to their hqme In London, Ohio, tqday af{er v}Mg. fijs~ M$m> Mrs- Ethel Johnsion. The "j^icff jugh honor rpll has been released, and includes the names of students .who"have" been gfn 'thjB hjp^pr rot} &?r all ? sjwe^p^hofls. They received a certificate. ar^4 a scholarship pin, The honor roll' has been, e §tabU §hed at 4.5 oqf^f n 'PGS- si^ig 5 points (ail A'a to aga? demic subjects). Students, making all 8 sjfc- week, pefiajis were? Mi*ia Adkisson, Marcy Crosier, Linda Iwen ? Mafk" Qossetl,' Mary Kaiie, Tina Hodges, Mary Kelly, Terry Rjss, Chrjs. Br99hs, 3m Isenogli, T§ra Gina Adjt|sson, Nancy Hen- nenfenit, Ap Gossett, Cinxjy Martin, Martin and Marianne Mills. For j>" sii^wgeK periods ^ fandace garp, Diane Miller, GpeiOyji ge^, K He^ d&m> DigH Adjjjssjfi, Jody Jgejfson, QMy J§sgph§?B and SJierjy Rojs. Far • i sisweek mmfer- Qupmaji, - @ynthi§ Goor^es, Kar§R Perrme, Da^ v !4" Toriey," "gren^a Bwen, Chrj§ Hsrhey, Rjgfe Johnson, lisa VfaHav and Ed Kane. For 3 six-week periods m Greg Myers, Cindy Ross, Rpn- nJ'e'lrajeifcQnj Ti^renee and. JpylUj Finch, For 3 gix,week periods r- Kristine Rpllwinkle, Sara Hawk, Lis^ L#y, Melinda Worthtogton, Mike Rogs, Jill l^irby and Richard Warren. S^eek honor rplj ^ Lpri Torrance, Jim Lee, Davjd Hayes, tiisa Mpwen, Dpnpa Schisler, DaYid Becraft, Gayle Eairp, Barbara Livermore, Brett Singleton, Teresa Kidder, Bong Taylor, PavM Hus* ton and Les Brad ^iaw. Burglar Trap Ruled Legal SAN PRANOISGO (UP!) An appellate court has cleared a man who rigged a burglar trap and wounded a teen-ager. The court reversed the 1P71 assault with a deadly weapon conviction of Pon L. Geballos, 34, San Anselme-, Calif., who rigged the trap with a gun. The State Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Cebaljos had a right to use necessary force to protect his home against burglary. He had been found guilty in Marin County Superior Court. feiiil with x-tr out-wutt, 1 *0""' ill ~ ' ft Reader and Acjvlsor ems. $L*±teM&mil*mL W^4M H>.j»m.J.<|,|t.»|| r WK»rtn»..M>^ii)w 1,1 GHAV Brown femaiB -mtil /riftT 'KnWVlH* North oi» SOutM pM'Mm Business fff vice—? .... 7f :::::::n5 Farm - Miscellaneous ... Farms and Acreages—Rent ... Farms and Acreages—Sale ... AUctiow rf.-:.?. i i?r:i!!.:::::: Commercial Property Construction Equipment emnioirmeni wlntcrt , — Qooa^%lnVs"to"*Eat "IZ""""I:I Ip Wanted—Male ejp Wanted—Female_ Help Wartted-Male, Female Houjshqld Goods Home Improvement Hotlsjs for F— Ozark Camper Sales 301 S. Main St 2 Blocks Kait of Route 41 Abingdon, III, We will be doted from June 18 thru June 22 insurance — ---f Ltwn andJJnrden Needs ... --3 Mo»«y to Loan—WanUd ...... -.1 mint aiwtt'jpy BWt T ----«r-rrl Photbgrabhy -^-^-^i-rrTnirrrr-rS; BesflifU and'giWlgei.-------- TT| Room -»£fl-t»#rd rr -- r - ; » IS!1 ill %I8 :r :-:-::::-:::::5 Sill llpJiiTll FAJRR, Donald W. — In memory of my'hiisbana and ptfi! fitBfc'fVRR passerf away prie year ago today, June IB, 1972. • - And only God knows why. Ms work on earth Is done, His h^avAenly-proWh Is won. §HFh%¥f #'pi' wlUf ^- ipnellnejs. Our ey6s"§hea many t«ars, G^d'only^no^^OTV'rtjyctt we ^t we*ln4^k one lpnely year Mr;, t|ar}lyn Smith gnd now. IIS td. Ex- esti- mcAvrmxm — Dtfstom -maae*. win " rtllne' arttf alter in' anjr Free esiittlafes: Wtftk gtiaWnietfd.'Mary rates. P.M.;; HOUSE" Saltttlngrintcrfpr arid ex- terlof. Barns a-nd-BUfldlriBi. For ffer 'esflm*^tesBall Sik-ihw any-' time. ~ -• 1 • Cash & Carry C. J. Stoltle" -^'34j;ggBt RQOPJNG pa%«n ^ctiS8ft /||yund^on°s' Free estimates. G. A. Simpson, 343 T 'IM37. fiStal-'. •etch- r n s, Belri^eratlon & 2 AMj!3pP e ??F" lcG years All 20 a J. Mlif5 ~ Sm BasemerHs tpfcrfcWif geRtlc DYKRfS -irYBKWmCTB -SERyiCE, "ac- sur- clear soft water steam. No Ipng dry- WIEP MOWING -Gim^yiEljrEtJBBISH'BKMQVAL ; .Tff | J iPtt ?hTll«tfl*Wttt |«8M for aptsir-BUsWesiT-pfflees, 'stores i ana f acto'rle's-."l ctlhiiiylrd thru •5o-pwjiS"ififf4- -jvff r#>t |T@HA§E SPAgE AYAJLABL1 NOW! PueHettM8vingis |t9jfa CranS and Benna^Slg-Slil When a motoep fireajhej hep _ last WFewelJ, '"mofiier^s f^cet And while she lies In peaceful "'sleeg,' Her memory w« shall always keep. '• Jeanette M\m • 0fter=4 ^pnCg Of! LETSPING Sealed" bids" will "bVisceiyed by and at tfiat time ftubllcly opet\p f nd read aloud for 1—'A ton Bickun rue}?. Specifications and bid forms may be obtained at the abovesmentipn- ed pffiPB, All bids musf be wbmit- ted on the bid form. Tft? rj}.stp>pt reserves: the right to reject any and all bids and to waive technicalities. By prefer of Hdwsrd H. Dros?, President VOW W. (?Pl Wlpre t Ponald E , Johnson, Cl^rk ON AND afterth^ "date," June ^g, 1973, I will not ba responsible for any debts esnt /BBted by a.ny sUieF than mm-. „ George A. Anderson I f9nelda, IJI. SHOP WHERE THE BARGAINS ARE THE CLASSIFIED ADS DIAL 343 -7181 jjd C SK MP BASyjTOS W^tedjn East Los- ; Phone'342-2529 before 8:00 P.M A.M. -•^STOBY-BOOIC HoursTBlqtO^QO Air Conditioned • 342?3QfiO • ' years. itiireBt In * School Gall An equal Wl\ r Jlrti BoattiejgciiQ^/ 348-1112, WiWe. "Brypr &?mW f?e^6anel. FAB /?-TimiT 8*l}ve»* ma n needed. Mu§f have pap, Guarantees wage, |0c WW dejiv*ry. M>B?I8'S, 57 ^/Gheirry, ' lAR ^NBES" wanted --^rt -tim? weefgnjs. Apery H |?feVF §'j| Taco HPHse.. thea|ye'rt»nifement. Apfy in P «F ?flfl after 7|3.p E.M, a| t^e Or- pheijm Cpheatre, WE NPED tworyPUn*, neat appearing, people far direct sales; Must have' car end be dependable.' Home eyery night," FUir "or' part time.' No e#RB?ienpe necewary; we wij} trajp. Apn|y In person, 647 W. ^osey. ISaiesbUFgr'Mon­ day, June IB or TMMday, Juna 19, between 9 A.M. and; 3 P.1VJ. or call for app 't. an4 inwrvjew. 343.. ___„ OUR; h/Ufjineai ;i very |Ofl4 r= We npw need permanent men Ipr our .appliance servlpt flflt} sa[«l d«- fciHdes bonws ana hUh %pw»nt- needed, car hslpftjl. Phon« 343-- ?iofi, An equal oppprtwrtft? «m- Ptoyer. , , CRANE OBERATPBS NBEpED Piedmont Crane Services can help put ym in the drivers seat t? r A.Mh. PsylW Posltlpn as a Certmecf Crane Operator, Many, many .SPinlngs In this area, eegie tS.06 it> IU.00 per het|r, placement assistance guaranteed. If you are sjneerely ambitious and a hard workup call 817-638-8283 or write,toS Piedmont Or an a Services, 8969 Meadows EjJve, Sultfl h'h Inalls, Ind- 46208. -^^mfitm'— (partial liitipg) Diesel MePh.^NJBe fcossi Por«man---War«houw, Jt fg .ww T QO I 4 DJe—bay Shift $8,300 Maohtnest^MUTwright fo.soo TV Tech.—Bench ac Field ...-p,0O() Appliance- Rep—Uicall, , r ....|7,80O Parts Man-Farm Supply „.-|7,020 Auto.Megh.--GoQd SMiSl - W£f® Qustodlan-industriar $s,ooo Ca|l Bob Tilton. 342-1112, Wittle, Pj^QJL&JriiLth Personnel^ AT ONOJ), SuperJanccd auto body repairmen, auto body painter*. Peoria Auto Body Hepalr Co. Morton Auto Body Divisioni of PAB). dfllt collect 308.674-5158. ask for Mr. Qwenn. Imlth Person»iel_. SALES: Industrial and commercial chemicals. Gabbing territory. Established accounts, $7,800 plus i'omml*«Joni. Company car, expenses. Call Jim Scattergood, 342- Ilia, Wittle, Pryor k fmlth Per- Mjnnel. (Continued on Page 24) 4

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