Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 15, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1973
Page 22
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n flitobun BMItW^il. (tolMfcuw, III. Ptf*tt,.JuM 11.. 1 B8 Market Reports Today Markets fully 60s higher. M p.85-$88.B0 Quotations:' &sf' $37 .00 -$38 .00 260-300 $35.25-$37.00 packing/ Sows: $3i60-$83.50 7 IS r 2pf^ Butcner 'Trend: $1-$1.5J) aras $4o .25 -$4o .65 Ko.l-4: " \9Q:M, m75 -$4Q.g$ 240-270 . 1.".'.". _ $38 .'§6 -$40 .6 (i 280-300 $37 ;60 -$3l50 Sow Trend: $1 higher. 300-fiOO .....:.-$34.50-$36.00 BoaYs: 350 Jbs. up $33.5fl-$34.25 Interior/Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - Interior hogs: 18,000;" extremely uneven. 75r 39.00-39 :25; No J-jJ 2^0-235 lb 38.00 T 39.00, few 38.25; No 1-3 23Ch 250 lb 37/.<ffi-3§.§Qj ftp 2.3 250 -27 (1 lb 37.25-38.00. lndianapo|is Livestock INpiAiNAPOLIS (UPI) - Liyestoeki Hogsl'.OOOj unevenly 5G-1.00, mostly 75 higher; gq\4 2§fHJ§§ lb, 39.7540.00; No 1-8 808-350 lb $.25-39.75; No 2-§, «70 1§ 3J.50-39.25; fto %i 270^90 lb. §7 .00-33:50. " Cattle' and calves 50; not enough; fo/test gFJees. Sheep 25; not enough to test prices: ST. LOUIS (UPl)-nLivestock S%W, Nft $M }R Cattle 25, tftpugh. |p est l.?bii§n msrHet. §heep §0, ST . L^yia (i)p|) rz Wmm\ Br #du$ej ' tecon ^ujnjrar^Ak^ 5041/ medium small 4,8; B. l§rge 4fcft, Hens tefo few to. report fa? pxt weers rjsHysry. §t. Louis produce: Eggs Wholesale, Q-raJe A large 3$4a, stat^grd, 3Qt-3j «mm unclassified. Mb Joliet LiYfftQjgk J%?BT, HI. (UPI) - Live: Cjttle 600; steers 2 &-5Q lower; n ,qf enough heiffers. to establish market; high choice and prime Sleeps 47 .75 ^8 ..?5; choice 46 .25: 47.75; ggpd an4 phpipe 45..0O- Mi 119 G8nner pu ^r pflws. Hogs 70p; §0-75, higher; No 1:2 200-235 lb 220-240 lfe 240-270 lb 35.2J. 3,9.5(W0.TjQ: No 1:3 3g,6fc3 ?^0; No 2:3 ^gH&QO; 330 }b Monday estimated receipts: g,800 cgttlg, I ,g99 fieg§. pgpria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Ljyg: ' .iftgS 2,§Q0; mostly §Qbl.0Q ? if): stances 1.50, higher; No, 1 -2 2Q8: a3p lb 40'.OOr40 :a5; v No 1 T 3 20>2J5 38.75-39.25, gSggfjQ 1}} &PPM .5; No 2-4 290-320 lb. 36.00-37.50,. FOX SERVICE CLINIC I D §«tef l» fesltef serve, rar sH§teffl§r§ we will bid a new product and service clinic on: Wednesday, June 20th nt 8:00 PM At WRESTLER'S SALES & SERVICE Pyshneli, Factory trained service rrien of the Fox Company will be in charge of the meeting. Please bring the model number and serial number of the Fox equipment you now own to enable us to better stock parts for you. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED WRESTLER'S 5MES & SERVICE PUBLIC SALE RIAL ISTATE - HOUSE and LOT In Galesburg, 560 Monmouth Blvd. Saftirdey, June 23 at 10;30 Knox County Court House m : Tl>e Real Estate Qnly. 57.75 ft. pf lot 8 ty block ?. a two etpry frame home with basement. A family home or 2 apt. A two car that needs repair. \ large, roqn}s and bath down, i large rooms and bath up. Has been used as 2 apt. House is modern, with hardivpod floors, maintenance free siding, gas fired modern boiler heating'— 22Q wiring breaker system — separate utilities. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: The Easterly 57.75 feet of lot 8 in block two of Leonards Addn. to Pjjy of qfaloshurg- lias frp nt drive. TERMg— jp,^ paid down 9R MY of I"?* , B 5l »P c f! 4m? k ppyibly In 80.days qr on delivery of deed st which time possession win be f iven. The taxes will be pr9 *aie4 |o ^ B{R R ! pf »ltmtRJ, Silt }o e free and clear of all liens. f9R FURTHER JMThm GQIfTACT! ff HAGER « Al/Ptipneer Phone 48*4.5993 ^. 342-2150 Knoxvifle Community Sale Go v InCt KNOXVIUI, IU"W| DON'T MEET COMPETITION WE MAKE IT" Certified livestock Marketing Center. Stitt Lififnisd & Bonded fpr Yqur Protection. SALE - MON. JUNE IS, 1973 Starting At 12 O'Clock Noon 18. Purebred Aups cows and calves i to fi yesr§. 3 Mixed eow§ and calves 6 to 8 ye^rs, This is an outitanding set of cows, Ml (rem one (arm. 10 gig Angus cows and cajves \ Angus bull 20 Angys gtpers and heifers 500 lb&. 15 BJaek and black white \m steers and heifers goo lbs. 21 Hereford steers and heifers 500 lbs, 10Q Mixed eattJe 300 to 800 lbs- 90 Hamp eross pigs 45 |bs, 50 Mix§d Bhoajts 50 lbs. Arriving Thursday for private sale, 7Q choipe white face and black white face heifers 600 lbs. Roland Bell Phone 38M446 W. E. Bruniga Phone 289-4128 Day pr Night \i Y9V hive fit Sittli gr feeder «ittle, eont#ct ui for •n iMfilfll. Ayctlpneer*: Lane Hyett, pen Wolf. I Family GARAGE SALI SAT., JUNE 16 1590 MJA&^W f P. Per Silt On Black top Just Souifc lfoi)i • • »edto6m Ranch —Gai-peted; peted "ifr WaillTful tuMly $32,500, Contract available. call 4M«1gr A |l Broker, Auctioneer, Appraise* I Don't Dig Up Your Switj No Ghargo II We Nil Call 348-6913 —. or Phone 348-6430 QP A R ANTE ED WORK 6(\ dregjef, sizp W & 1J, fprmalJ, fans, mlsb. clothing, nic-naci, .iOffl'lJLl.-^tt3JUU.l^iJllljM««j <JARAW SALE WANTED 114 acres of plowed ground td' plant 2000 sw<Set potatcj plgnts, '500' 'California wonder" SwSet Man^d Efeppe-fs, 760 Banana Semi Hot Pep r msSlfiPSlg Boy Tomatoes. planted ana have very good Wfll start off good In this ^ciaio^iain^ basts. AJi plants, '..ijirnlshed free. I 9:30 In Evening ANTIQUES - FURNITURE Saturday mm The Bank of Galesburg as Conservator of the Estate of AumsM £? Jpnn §»'n( l *i ??R «P e teat. «!l *»1fi ^l |o %|«g ctjgftels. and straight ehaftV m'ahtli ? dIp(Sk, y\$m I. WfilH oval mirror, barrel top ladies \triink, monitor trunk, 6ld gw^fllsh leather" bQUhil stilt' c^fji," Seth Thomas mantle clock, several tJold taftlej, sauate oak fable "and chalsl oSR rceW*,' yiiih Wjlch; laundrV itn rugs, bedding and lln- ens L Singer sewing. miSief radio, metal beds, luggager'mrrrdfi >ntt ftlcturfs^ ^^-^ tor" gas range, laundry equipment, nqts, tjahS, d}sherf. Rardgfl inn yard s fdoIs" -aTid -"dffl'ef' mi'ScellanedU^ IrtercpaHdjsd. 6ld S^ish umaa itianuc uiuuiv. aeV€rSI TjrOlu e oak cabinet, bookshelves, large CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE CO^B?"ft^WOODS, Auclloneers ? sfii9alor oflHS EliiJ» ? 6| "XUr NELSON, GO8TAF8ON and or 61 the mi M BARNYARD SAL* S rAMlLtEfl V4 Mils Eail el Xnoxvllit C\lf LUnlil on flouU 180 lhen *4 Mil* Soulh*. IAT,,^I t« QJd IBM 'rtjlf Jfli -s, old botue-, 9|d ra^ljo, insuj^tors, square oak table with f "leaves,' celling llgiit fixtures, pine pie ense, mejaj (le- t,^ctnr, aayatal o^her antique ifr^-'filf}* 1 '!?! Hqmfimade bake 9?^; LANDSCAPt GRAVEL STfFJ liNDUAPE EDGING CW hbHl JKtj Builders Supply Go 600 E MAIN STREET Phone 3 42 - 4155 BLACK TOP SEALER §§q|, $wte& end Neytify ygyr b!@s!^- tep driveway with Alljed £hemicql SeeleF -^r Th? ^'n§§t prp^LjcJ- gypjjg^lc. Just pour and spread. Complete in -r struetiQns en itritainer. PhSR« 34.2*41 SS for re mm W\v 9 for astjMpnce vyjfh your installation GALESBURG Builders m I, MAIN ST. Phone 342.4155 IN CONCRETE tmi • M*nMf«tur«fl in Geletburg • Foptinei Mitelled to Mow frost at No Exfra Charge • Delivered at No Extra Charge In Galesburg Area • Ornamental Iron •?l!)lnfl! Available All $t§R» Q fonsfructejfl |n One Piece With WpR -SlcIri Exfepflpnill Strength M 4 MATERIALS 1050 Monmouth glvg. mm ' GALESBURG A* m are tiwylftir t» Vaffiirptt.* "wi wliriaf i f rublic Alien on SATURDAY, JUNE 1$, W« f »O0 PM. at the residencg 2 fjloGks soijilli ,of (fpy/fitown in [e||ec|ltttt, Hosevllie, 111. ^ ANTIQUES A HOUSfHPIP <?PQD$ iwop] leg cwtairon table; sqtiafd tnn Wool Je* iablei btjMet & i CnaWa; pie' cupboard; 0 benf Woofl^ cftnb bbtfoirt Mc© prafffi^ plyle Sheet music 1018-40; 3 crocheted bedspTcnas; Cffifna dbpi Tiofie \d(i a ^rokaWjiSv & case; oak bpfr-oKWi' tiMn&WMl)Vmi/if ovii iVlldWi /rors;"kerose S n ^ r iflmi §i bid %§ft\g^Wlf%\ Wnttf vjl&tU iskets; WRbrfen fpjst stool; old fchalr 7WnpB' rBPHe ^g' tftsMlhi .--.-.-i _.^;T „,.« „,,„,„„. jf,, f i(„ oniwH!' davennott it d«ajn •mn n hm no » clnipote; B ^eavy salacf plates;_olHer _ r 6^ dishes^ etc. LAWN 60UIPMENT *nd TOOLS Admiral 14! APPUANGES, QMN, ETC. fjrost free refrlgera|pr dishwasher; chrome taoie oc raan«i uu,,,, „, .. __. heavy 4ufy ^uthtpHtic washer-good; mangle; Electrolux swee8g¥ ralft^h^m^d* P{5 ' Jsher; ^P??P^ r s'rlflf-real good; Walftu't iffn ? MR. i' e 'ms. ROBfRT SAWYER, Owner At the same time & place the following items will ba spld jlj ^sed ^ hlcn ' w «'e the efffecls of the; lafe Ethel Grfrrjej, (Jer boolW. nt * MRS, RAYM9H0 CARRIER, ftwgr TERMS-CASH Not RfiRoni^l* Fqr Ac 5 Jd^nl| ™ UW '* w PHIL ApjeiSSON—CltJtk Com; early & reglsle* as ye yl» u >a »Hffi &ey 5y «?§ny Read the Want Adi PRODUCTION FOREMAN f Pjrfcjf tN Work of Production Emp |oyfO$. • Reippn|ib|e for ProfJucfi>ri f Quojity, Sqffify, Tr||jnin|| f Rfcord KMPing^ P!8»!f Keeping pfi<| Employee Relofiffni In the Department. • Excellent Starting Sglory and Fringe Benefits. § Permanent Posftipn W«th Expanding Company. • Opportunity f$r A^yancement, • Night Shift Assignment. THE GATES RUBBER CO. "AN ICfWAfc IMPI-CjYMINT owojijryNjTY EMPLOYER" CAMPERS SPECIALS ^ FRIDAY, JUNE 22 PROPANE (LANTERN WineJpFoof =- Easy fo light. Exclusive fiye ^ ^ yegp feurner guarantee. m ^ TWO SIZES T0 SHOOSS FRQAA 1 $21,99 IP $16.95 |Pt M F .' .... .J . .'• JU.II.IU . muj-uuij— wr^ GAS GRILL Completely portable. No eosf In^tajlatipn. f?9Pom!cal< cheaper than char coal r— |3q§| FJar| ^ Flavor. Rep. $X ^95 $71.5p OA FIRST AID KITS Small, compact for easy storage in your R.V. or glove compartment. Contains nece§sary firs.t aid items. •W. $ 3.49 FOLD-AWAY BICYCLES Fold up into suifgase for easy storajBt F ©|ds out into fy(| size bike. Reg. $0| AC Wrap and Bag Organizer By Rubbermaid fits on any wall for convenient sterage gf «|| types of wrapping material, Reg. $A AS $3.98 4«73 TIDY TWO CLOTHES LINE Ideal for drip drying. Mgynfs ejsily over bath or laundry, Contains, twg strong lines 2§ ft. of drying §re<». $R5 ? 5 $ 4.95 FREE ACCESSORY CATALOG With $10 Purchase | The Pleasure People of Camping HOPPING'S | RECREATIONAL VEHICLE $ SERVICE AND SALES ^ 101 W. Morion 5t. - Eg it Celeiburg * ..nun Phone 342.6115 V . WI1V ,,Ai permanent Pr«M 100% Cotton? Super Comfortable Prints & Solids Great for Sportswear * 4§" Wlo> Only 99' Yd, Don't Miss This Sup^r Volue in 100% Polyester Double Knits ^ Typically Fabrificl A terrific group pf up-to-the-|| minute jaqquard stitch double knits at a unbeatable price, All 60" wide. Machine wash and tumble dry. Choice, pf colors, Cotton Prints Super light, top choice cotton in a weight thatg wonderful for summer sewing. Colorful prints in 45" wide dressmaker lengths, Machine wash ana dry. 66# Yd. UPHOHSTERY VINYL Super durable! The fuss free upholstery fsbne. Gleans with ft darnp oloth. 54" wide. Great m selection of decorator colors, Screen Print DRAPERY Buper colorful! Trendy geometric pretty floral fabrics that make env roam impressive. 5t" to 60" wide fashion lengths. Yd. Yd. POLYESTIR INTERFACING Super support for shape that really stays. 100% permanent press non woven polyester in white only, 25" wide, fteg, 49c yd 19<s Yd. BONDED CREPE Super buy! The soft look that keeps. Us shape, Hand washable, a blend of 85% acetate, 15% nylon bonded to 100% acetate. 45" wide. Yd. GREAT SCISSORS BUY! Sturdy stainless steel designed especially for cutting double knits. STORE HOURS: Jfon., Tu»»., Wed,, Thuil- k Sal. 10 AM - 5 PM Filday - 10 AM - 1 PM Sui»d «y • 12 PM - % PM 1964 N, Henderton ft. 34M331 Prietf Oood

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